Thursday, July 27, 2017

Slicker and Quicker than any Metaphorical Liquor at The Chimera Cafe.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

They're coming out of the woodwork with power and force and a whole lot of subtlety. They closed down one Dark Web market, then they closed another and before they did that they took over the logical next location that the vendors and buyer were most likely to migrate to and then they ran the show as buyers and seller went about their business. I picked the right time to stop sniffing glue.

Something about the Fentanyl epidemic smells bad. I had some of the patches once and recently I had a bad experience, health wise and the doctor slapped one of the 3 day patches on my arm. I tore it off after I left the clinic. I really don't like that stuff. I had revelation concerning it about five years ago. It struck me as a 'prepare for death' easement chemical. I think this Fentanyl crisis is like the CIA engineered crack plague in South Central LA back in the day. Of course the black ops side of government is involved at some level in the proliferation. Someone once said something to the effect that, “every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.”

They really don't want people to get high on anything, which is obvious, given how they fight tooth and nail about marijuana. In part it's the liquor and tobacco industry lobbies. In part it is that when people get high; not stoned stupid or wasted, but high, they see through things and become a problem for the Slave Master Overlords. It's the same thing with crypto currencies and vaping. It's the same thing with holding a valid opinion on cultural memes being shoved down our throats. Control is what they are all about. Power is one of the ultimate highs. Didn't someone once say something about Power being the ultimate aphrodisiac? This is how it is. They are the most real, chronic and dangerous junkies ever to lurch and stumble up and down the sidewalks of life; nodding out on overdoses of blood, destruction and greed in various stalls in the corporate bathrooms.

And Oh My! are the going after Trump. I have never seen the like before and I think we can be pretty sure that come the fall the Deep State will pull one of their programmed, deranged assassins from the rotating automated dry cleaner hanger apparatus, where they are hanging on hooks in an environmentally controlled humidor-type room and they will send their Manchurian Candidate out to do his business. It could be a tranny in wolfs clothing. It could be a documented radical who hangs out at the Virginia gun shows. It could be anyone with the right labels sewn into their clothes and all the necessary evidence in their pockets and apartment, with diagrams and raving polemics written in small print on the walls of every room in their living space. They got plenty of them. Now that Jeff Bezos is the richest man on the planet you can be sure you will be able to order your own assassin and get free shipping if you have a Prime account. Ain't life grand?

Given that the American public has a problem making their way from Point A to Point C, it is an unfortunate truth that most of them do not look at who owns the media and then conclude that the Fake News Masters of the Universe are the ones going Gotterdammerung on Trumpledee and Trumpledumb. Maybe he's slicker and quicker than any metaphorical liquor and I don't see it. I'm guessing it's the White House Tweet's for Twits program that makes me think he's dumber than a bag of prophylactic socks, which we know would not be effective birth control tech., but that's how government works, especially when it is no longer a government but simply a business arm of Zio-Globoctopus Corp. As smart as these demons think they are there is a reason that military intelligence is an oxymoron.

There are some, literally 'ungodly' forces at work these days. We've got high ranking military officers coming out in support of transgender rights, as well as Republicans who don't want to lose their jobs, since Israel controls the purse strings and media perception of them and they are the ones behind this agenda, same as the migrant agenda and so much more. We're hearing ludicrous statements like, there are 15,000 transgender benders presently serving in the American military. WHY IS ALL THIS SEXUAL NONSENSE the primary obsession in all the corridors of power? It is because when you can mutate the general sexual mores of the public you can control the level of dysfunction necessary to manipulate it. It's something like 'grab them by the balls and the rest of the body will follow.' Sexual energy is the basic ubiquitous force that exists and expresses everywhere. Sexual force is the medium that when properly transformed and channeled leads to spiritual enlightenment. When you consider the archetypal bull that when harnessed pulls the plow that furrows the world and that it is an icon of sexual power translated into all the forms of industry and enterprise that exist, you can get an idea of what it means to force deviation upon the general public. By the way, everything is generated by the sun and the sun is generated by the spiritual sun and that is generated by the ineffable who powers everything under the sun. All force is borrowed force.

Let me be very clear about something. Guilt is the most powerful prison app for the control of humanity that exists on this planet. It is why alcohol is the drug of choice around the world and has been since whenever. People do things when they are drinking that they regret later on and the guilt that generates is a control panel for everything you see around you. It is the singular daily depravity that whips and drives the populations toward enslavement and it all takes place in the mind.

Yes, we have been talking about Sex and its applications on a regular basis around here and that is because, ONCE AGAIN, sex is the primal force. The various permutations of it account for everything that takes place here and most especially within the bandwidth of the senses that the majority of people believe are the actual parameters of existence which it is not. The sex force operates well outside of that bandwidth. It is what drives one into perdition and which also leads to liberation. It's what gets used by Lord Ganesh with the snare in one hand and the ax in the other. It is what confines us and what also sets us free. Once again I speak from personal experience and had not my sexual force, under the aegis of my master/teacher, led to my Kundalini awakening, it wouldn't have happened. I saw the results first hand. My getting dumped back into the cauldron of fire has nothing to do with it. That was simply rubbing my nose in certain things so that I would never forget the cost of them.

We are about to see lightning quick changes go down so fast it could well take your breath away. What I am hearing is that come the fall the economy is going to do just that. I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time but all of the trends that I observe in the day to day speak to this. It has something to do with the attempt that is going to be made on Trump's existence and a lot to do with banker mechanics toward that end. Savvy individuals will clearly see what this means for the value of crypto currencies. I must add into the general ingredients of this shit souffle, the possibilities of action from Lady Nature and especially the ineffable as he turns everything to the ends that his will has determined they shall go. Everything is under control and always will be. Do not let the chaos of the carnival be the determinant of your destiny. Sound and fury is as Shakespeare said, something that is signifying nothing.

I am no prophet, as T.S, Eliot once said in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock...

“But though I have wept and fasted, wept and prayed,
Though I have seen my head (grown slightly bald) brought in upon a platter,
I am no prophet — and here’s no great matter;
I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker,
And in short, I was afraid.”

Well... I'm not afraid and you shouldn't be either; rely on the ineffable. Take the reins! Everything is under control. Think on this... if... and physicists have already presented this as a mathematical fact, the universe is created by and composed of the ineffable and everything is made by him and without him nothing is made and he permeates every particle of existence with his consciousness and he rules it absolutely then... the only problem is us. Our faith falls short of what is necessary to be made immune to appearances. We shudder and shake at apparitions. We tremble at the invisible presence of ghosts. We let chimera dictate our movements and lack of movement. Here is one of the definitions of chimera, “a horrible or unreal creature of the imagination; a vain or idle fancy.” Uh huh.

The things is that it is routine that makes us routine victims. We have made certain things so familiar that we do not question them. Our subconsciousness is programmed and one really needs to study what the subconscious is and what it does. The dark side knows all about it and has an army at work on the collective and individual unconscious. Meanwhile the dark side works for the light. It has no choice. So... though on one hand it looks like we are up against one force on one side and deaf Heaven on the other. It's really only a performance stage with two masks above the door. One is smiling and one is sad. That is the dual persona of life, going from one to the other, as satisfaction comes in through one door and disappointment enters through the other. There is a place where one does not have to live in the hope of the one and the fear of the other. One can transcend duality by making themselves whole, or rather permitting it to be done by... wait for it (drum roll)... relying on the ineffable.

Rely on the ineffable.

End Transmission.......

Last week's radio transmission is now belatedly there to be seen. I keep forgetting for some reason but not today.


Voltman said...

Les wrote:

"I'm guessing it's the White House Tweet's for Twits program that makes me think Trump's dumber than a bag of prophylactic socks, which we know would not be effective birth control tech., but that's how government works, especially when it is no longer a government but simply a business arm of Zio-Globoctopus Corp."

The Government should change its emblem to that of a condom because it more clearly reflects the government’s political stance:

A condom stands up to inflation,
halts production,
destroys the next generation,
protects a bunch of pricks,
and gives you a sense of security
while you’re actually being screwed.

Les wrote:
"As smart as these demons think they are there is a reason that military intelligence is an oxymoron."

I think Trump is a "proxymoron" for IsraHell and (((AIPAC)))...{{{smiles}}}

Love To Push Those Muttons


Anonymous said...

I have been pondering the fact that instead of taking all this 'universe is thought -born', double slit experiment stuff to mean god is real, people are wrestling with the idea of a simulated reality. So, the most high would be some kind of computer. A machine. Then again, sounds awfully close to the Coptic perspective. The nihilists and say, Guru Bawa could argue both of their cases with the same data sets. Much of this reality seems too perfect a test to be what Stephen Hawking says it is. Like how our body starts to convert more ALA into DHA if we stop eating fish. Not sure what I'm saying or why, the more I see the more am perplexed. Trying to get a handle on this 'rely on the ineffable.' Guess that's why the heart must swallow the mind. Anyway, these transmissions are much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

re: Bezos...
Made me think of this story, Can't find it online but if you get a chance to read it you should.

This description by Wikipedia...

"We Can Get Them for You Wholesale" is a short story by Neil Gaiman written in 1989. The story was first published in the British magazine Knave,[1] and has also been included in his short story collections Angels and Visitations (1993) and Smoke and Mirrors (1998), and in the anthology Bangs & Whimpers: Stories About the End of the World.[1] It is a lighthearted tale of morbid irony and one man's weakness for a bargain.
The story is about Peter Pinter, a mild-mannered city-dweller who finds his fiancée unfaithful, and so, in the spirit of revenge, searches the phone book for an assassin. To his surprise, he finds just what he is looking for, and, to his curiosity, the company offers special deals and discounts for large orders. Of course Peter happens to be a sucker for bargains, and soon finds himself in over his head.

Appreciate your comments re: Alcohol. Did I access this from your sites? But if so, still bears reposting
Lots of wisdom there.

Thanks, again.

Visible said...

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Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Ernst Zundel, a Man of Truth, Conviction and Courage.



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