Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Temporary Trends and Story Lines of a Never Ending Tale.

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If you want to see where the world is headed, you have only to look at the Story Lines, which could also be called Trends. You might look at Story Lines and Trends as snapshots of the whole; series of images captured from a segment of the whole. The real whole, the real entire, extends beyond every Story Line and Trend and that is what makes it so hard for so many people to comprehend the idea of a divine being who is compassionate and caring; given that terrible things can happen in a life, in a particular Story line and certainly in most stories but that would never be the whole story because over the long haul, in and out of view, every story is connected to the whole.

A recent Story Line has to do with a marginally talented, former quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers named Colin Kaepernick. What seems clear to me is that he knew he was steps away from being dismissed from his position so he took hold of a Trend that was... well, trending and started kneeling for the national anthem in protest of the treatment of black people in the United States. He matriculated from that into wearing socks that depicted cops as pigs. Then he came out in support of Fidel Castro and did a number of things highly disturbing to the majority of mouth breathers that make up a significant portion of the football watching public. If you go to Pro Football Talk, which is operated by a lawyer named Mike Florio, who is a foaming at the nostrils sycophant for every marginal cause that comes along, you will find Kaepernick prominently mentioned most of the time. Today there is only a brief mention of him by another football player. Meanwhile, Spike Lee is mustering an all out protest for this Kaepernick in NYC. Florio talks about this poor abused fellow nearly every day. When you read the comments after the articles you get a picture of what the rest of the world thinks, running 20 to 1 against Kaepernick.

You don't hear anything from Kaepernick who met some militant girlfriend who has transformed him into a vegan so he lost a lot of weight. The truth of the matter is that NFL defenses figured this one dimensional player out and for him to play for any team the whole offense has to be tailored to his capacities. No team wants to do this. The usual small minority of screeching social justice warriors cry 'racism'. It doesn't have to do with racism. It could well have to do with no team wanting this kind of a distraction, where large numbers of fans are saying they won't attend the games and sundry. Tim Tebow went through the same thing for different reasons.

A couple of gay guys went to a small rural town in Oklahoma with an adopted black child and what might be expected, occurred. In San Francisco we find this Story Line and Trend. At colleges around the country, an actual war is in progress as the existing culture is being harassed by certain Trends. This is an international Trend that is being exploited all over and now they are being pushed back on Christian forces. You may be sure that it is conservative Christian alliances who are behind the opposition.

The alternative sex forces and color war forces are heavily financed by Satanist George Soros and others whose interest is in the creation of total chaos and the destruction of life, as we once might have known it. They have brought corporations to heel as well as professional sports. High level entertainers have been coerced into going public with their support, including artists like Bruce Springsteen. This took place in North Carolina a year or so ago when boycotts occurred throughout the state, involving sporting events and large entertainment venues. This is no small matter.

Story Lines and Trends of our time, they say it all ...and we are in just one screen capture in this moment. Also behind the scenes is a relentless push for global military conflict; the next world war. You see glimpses of this in the actions of the dual national neo-cons and we know where their agenda originated from. These are the same people who were involved in the plotting for 9/11. There is a lot of info out there and certain tireless warriors for truth keep the story being told. There are all kinds of stories out there. Whether they are true I do not know but they make for interesting study. One thing we know for sure, there is a form of corruption that is loose in the halls of wealth and power that is beyond the reach of the usual imaginations of the general public, who are lashed on the one hand by Fear and beguiled on the other with chimerical desires that are always out of reach, except eventually when whatever the price may be has been paid. How long then does it last? It lasts for the lifetime it is conferred in and often less than that and the cost of it often outweighs the positives. We need only peruse the lives of the rich and famous over the course of their existence and much of what they may and do suffer is concealed, lest the majority of us lose the lust for similar status.

I do not know what shape the future will take. I do know that the dark side is very serious about its goals and intentions. I'm pretty sure that, come this fall, there are going to be all kinds of economic hi-jinks. One thing I am also sure of is that the ineffable's hand is invisibly at work all of the time, working to bring about the larger Story Line. What it comes down to is ...where do you place your faith? That is the whole of everything and the point of the larger Story Line. There is a never ending war that takes place here on this plane and it is a war for souls. Disabuse yourself of any nonsense to the contrary. The good, the bad and the indifferent are here for one unending shadow play. Will you walk into darkness or will you walk into the light? Whatever direction you take or are deceived into taking, you will have help and guidance to take you there.

We are on that stage in this very moment and continuously shaped and defined by the choices we make and the efforts that express what we are; “by their works ye shall know them.” If anyone is confused about anyone or what their intentions may be, you have only to watch how they go and what the fruits of their actions display.

A person can feel incredibly handicapped and helpless before the 'seeming' might of the forces of darkness but... as we have said, this is all a shadow play. The battle has been won from the beginning and the forces of light are always triumphant, no matter what appearances may show. Surely you may die in the process but most everyone does, with only a few exceptions; “we shall not all die but we shall all be changed.” What matters most is what you die for and, more importantly, what you lived for. We shall all stand before the timeless throne of God to answer for what we have and have not done and the second of these is not less important than the first.

We seek to exhort everyone who passes through here to seize the moment at hand and transform into a new creature. It does not matter what one might have done or not done to this point because of the great and mysterious power of Grace. Salvation is always at hand with each new day. The tragedy of so many lives is that they do not seize the moment for lasting personal change. It is always there, just as is evil... or rather, the appearance of Evil. We see the negative at every turn but we often do not see the positive which is also present but often veiled in this world at this time.

Sooner or later we must rise to the occasion and allow our life to be defined by the hand of the ineffable or we will become mere pawns and victims of circumstance and fate. Or we may take a darker turn as is the case more and more often in these times. It is one thing to be consciously evil, there are fewer of these, though the number has increased from what it was but... then there is all that conscious evil where people are influenced in their thoughts and speech and actions by the consciously evil but more precisely by the source of it through the mediums at its disposal. As we have maintained, ad infinitum here, this is all a shadow play of seeming evil and seeming good, where the parameters of all have been set by the will of the ineffable for his own purposes. In the Lord's Prayer there is that curious phrase, “lead us not into temptation.” Here I take the meaning that the ineffable is behind everything and both the light and the dark serve his will. The devil is an employee and the way the wicked see God. Others would see an angel. Finally, desire is the agent of God's will. I say this for the hopeful enlightenment of the advaita types who often fail to see what is being said here. This is because an imperious nature and 'above it all' perspective is often their hallmark. We've no quarrel with dualists or advaitists. They are both right and both wrong in an absolute sense. There is always more to the whole of it than can be defined or spoken of. The proper commentary upon the entire dynamic is silence. That is total of what one can say about it.

Take a moment of thought about the moment in which you find yourself. In a moment, dynamic and lasting change can come about and in these times, the possibility for tremendous spiritual progress is present. Why else would so many people be here? Even though the majority forgot why they came soon after they arrived, the opportunity remains. Where there is life there is hope.

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dave1010 said...

Thanks Mr. Visible.


Jan said...

Dearest Poet,

Your missives are the highlight of my day. Today I was twice blessed. Thank you for your discernment, your faith, your humor. Onward and Upward, dear friend.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this and so many of your other posts.

I find a great deal of soul-food in your words.

Unknown said...

It is good to see you writing again after a break, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see you writing again after a break, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Shaking it here boss
Mv ca

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another 'Nostrils Up'!

Anonymous said...

"...'by their works ye shall know them.' If anyone is confused about anyone or what their intentions may be, you have only to watch how they go and what the fruits of their actions display."

This was published last fall. I believe it provides insight into Putin's intentions and actions, for example, why he never seems to take offence at the outrageous charges frequently made against him. Short video at the end worth watching too.


Anonymous said...

tymeflyz says
it is always a pleasure Les.
thanks again

\ \
___> \
(__O) \
(____@) \
(____@) \
(__o)_ \
\ \

Anaughty Mouser said...

Ho ho ho !
Fine post Sir Visible!
You know it and I know it.
Bless you in your work.
Peace and love,

Brian Crossland said...

Just what I needed.


mike m said...

That was some eye opening shit concerning Thompson, I grew up on his books

Laura Smithson said...

The devil is how the wicked see God. BRILLIANT!!


Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Sorry les i write on Polish.
Z protokołów idiotów ( mędrców ) syjonu na temat kobiet.
Kobiety w ręku Syjonu stanowią przynętę dla tych mężczyzn, którzy dzięki kobietą zawsze potrzebują pieniędzy i wskutek tego handlują sumieniem, by za wszelką cenę zdobyć pieniądze. Ściśle mówiąc, pieniądze te stanowią jedynie rodzaj pożyczki, szybko bowiem wracają za pośrednictwem tych samych kobiet, a tymczasem niewolnik Syjonu jest już kupiony. Wiadomo że Freud był pedofilem oraz jednym z idiotów Syjonu i wszyscy idioci Syjonu są pedofilami. Książka Kobiety Freuda autorstwa Lisa Appignanesi i John Forrester opowiada o waszym zniewoleniu KOBIETY. Wszystko co robicie, robicie dla pedofilów by dziecko mogło im possać. Zastanówcie się nad tym. Dlatego każcie nam płacić alimenty. Dlatego nas upakażacie, dlatego jesteście bez sumienia, dlatego nie możemy się dogadać, dlatego was nienawidzę, dlatego nie wiecie co znaczy kochać, dlatego ten świat jest jaki jest. Ten plan powstał 928 lat przed narodzinami Chrystusa. To oni go zamordowali. W księgach z 1772 - 1776 Kaia Korneliusza Tacyta jest opisane dokładnie morderstwo Jezusa i kto to zrobił te same osoby które kobiety nasłały przeciwko mężczyzną ( wojna damsko męska ).
That what i know no one never know on this time. I find all old tech and how use this now. Popatrz księga Izajasza 11 i spróbuj rozwiązać dlaczego - szczerze.
Iś - Iśa - Iśana
Jesse - Jasz (yassa) - Yesse - Ysay - Yassa
Jasność/blask- władza/panowanie - Bóg - Władca/Król
Księga Izajasza 11 Gałązka Jessego
And you all have problem

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Translation via bing translator of Polish script:

diots protocols (wise men) of Zion on women.
Women in the hand of Zion are bait for these men, who with a woman always need money and consequently trade conscience to get money at any cost. Strictly speaking, this money is only the type of loan, quickly, in fact, go back through the same women, and meanwhile, the slave of Zion is already purchased. It is known that Freud was a pedophile, and one of the idiots of Zion and all idiots of Zion are pedophiles. Freud's Women book by Lisa Appignanesi and John Forrester tells the story of your enslavement of women. All you do, you are making for paedophiles to child them suck his. Think about this. So tell us to pay child support. That's why us upakażacie, therefore, are without conscience, because we can't work it out, because you hate, so do not know what it means to love, that's why this world is what it is. This plan was 928 years before the birth of Christ. They killed it. In the books of 1772-1776 Kaia Cornelius Tacitus is described exactly the murder of Jesus and who did the same people that women nasłały against a guy (male war for men).
That what i know no one never know it this time. I find all old tech and how to use this now. Look at Isaiah 11 and try to solve the why-to be honest.
The Brand-Iśa-Iśana
Jesse-Jasz (yassa)-Yesse-Ysay-Yassa
Isaiah 11 Twig Jesse

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #11. I dropped the I in the first word: Idiot, but y'all prob'ly ken that. Just in case, I do this post. Solly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,

The reason you don't "hear" from most of us most of the time:

We read your blogs and say to ourselves "Well, what could I add to THAT !" Or, we read your post and it sends us off into reverie of either the subject matter or the ineffable or a mixture of both with a dash of Visibleness thrown in (smile). Or, you simply leave us breathless and we CAN'T say anything.

Regardless, you portray such a perfect dichotomy of human and divine, telling your stories so as to connect with any part of us that you can gain attention from in order to get us to look and listen, seek and find. You, Sir, are perfect for a certain group of souls who are tuned into you and well, quite frankly, hang on your every word. I know you hate compliments, and this really isn't simply a compliment. It's a fact. We love you. We are so grateful to have you for a friend in the wilderness of life. Pointing out this and warning about that and showing us what can and will happen if we don't wake the f up.

Keep on keeping on and know that we love you Dear Visible.

Visible said...

That is literally the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I second that Emotion...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @5:20,

You nailed it.

Anonymous said...

indeed, the proper commentary on the entire dynamic of your postings seems to be silence.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

We Have Established that You are a Whore. The Question Now is How Much do You Cost?



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