Monday, February 14, 2011

Dream Time on the Road to Shitville

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Maybe 13 years ago or so, I saw part of one episode of MTV’s Big Brother. That’s been the extent of my exposure to reality TV, which joins the short list of great oxymorons, like ‘military intelligence’. The last time I watched network TV with any regularity would have been before I left home; that place you can’t go again and may not have had in the first place. Probably “All in the Family” was on then. I’ve seen regular news, like CNN, a half a dozen times since the stolen election of 2000 and Fox News for a couple of minutes on the night I check into my hotel room, at the halfway point between dreaming Italy and the apneic northern realms.

I left the mainland USA twenty years before I left the country entirely. I was going back to Maui in the winter (after I left the USA) and thinking it might be a trend, until they played games with my passport and I realized I was on a kind of a list from something like The Mikado. I’ve spent time with friends for a total of about two months in eight years, maybe less. I have no friends close by in Europe but I do have some too far away to drive and visit.

I get mail from all over the world and probably piss people off when I forget to answer because the page rolls up and life has moved on and I didn’t mean it. I even get mail from a military attaché kind of a guy in Mongolia. I wish he would write again. I like hearing from him. I get mail from Patagonia, Iceland and by now I’ve gotten mail from everywhere except North Korea and Greenland, I think. My world is a planet inside my head that rotates in virtual space and includes close personal friends I may never see in this life (cue Bob Marley). I compare my life to that of an astronaut whose only social life takes place over satellite communications.

I was looking at a page in the neo-Pharisee media last night and I saw some photos of people arriving at The Grammys. All of them were from reality TV shows, with names like The Fashion Police, The Jersey Shore and Laparoscopic Butt World; no musical artists, just reality TV people. Modern culture has a devastating technique that they use during the times they are not chanting ‘Hail Satan’. What it is, is they create a need and then fill it with a product. This leads to interesting speculations on my part during those times when I am not inundated with visitors or hanging out with close friends. I wonder what people did before they got cell phones.

Unreality moves in segments. This is important because by the time you get to where there is nothing real whatsoever, there is also no invisible means of support. It’s all material constructs that the divine leaves up to see how long it can remain standing. You’d be amazed at the amount of bets that go on around the divine, purely for entertainment of course.

We have been moved from one unreal station of being to another, in a gradual way, over the course of a number of years. In the process, massive portions of history have been rewritten to please the people who used the fiat/fractal currency scam to provide the funds to purchase all of the avenues through which information comes to you. The Devil is what happens to God when he gets involved in the material world. That’s what happens to you too. The Unreal burns just like anything else or they wouldn’t have lights in Las Vegas. Les Vegas.... Hmmmm.

Reality cannot be adjusted and neither can the truth. That is why they are what they are and everything else is not. Reality is a bad fart in an elevator, which is why it’s not too popular. And… because very few people have any real talent these days, unreality is necessary in order to produce the appearance that they mostly do. That’s what makes reality TV what it is and it’s all part of the grand dumbing down, pedestrianization and trivialization of existence.

It is an important feature of this world to trivialize humanity and make existence into a sick joke because it makes it much easier to kill large amounts of people and also because the whole point of manifest existence is a war for your souls. That’s one of the things they take bets on. The gods do gamble and there are odds, degrees of difficulty and all sorts of things. There are a number of tales concerning God and the Devil taking bets about the integrity of one or more people in a landscape of corruption and so forth and so on.

One of the biggest and best kept secrets is that we are gods sleeping and there is a whole side to existence that is deeply invested in keeping us sleeping and in a state of controlled dreaming. Then there’s another side that is involved in waking us up. This is the main reason for pissing on human dignity and human potential, while painting us as fucking and fighting meat puppets, strung out on crap, which the very appreciation of, stands as proof that we are hairless apes in polyester with no redeeming qualities. Everybody is waiting to go on stage, while few have put much thought and effort into what they will do once they get there.

One of the things that are going to manifest shortly is cannibalism. That’s one of the big demarcation points along the road to Shitville. It’s going to manifest out of desperation but it’s also going to morph into a hip thing to do. There are a few things that are evidence of how close to Shitville we might be. Another one of the things is the rape of innocence and the torture of children as a means of promotion through the ranks. Making life pointless is a protracted affair. It was already in motion before Jean Paul Sartre got his dick caught in his zipper because he was paying too much attention to Jean Genet’s ass. Had he been able to penetrate the matter, instead of toying with it as a philosophical masturbation, pregnancy might have ensued and Andy Warhol would have been born in France. I’ve linked this recently but it is such an important work that it needs to be mentioned again and... it is another sign of proximity to Shitville. Dr. Lasha Darkmoon is proof that not all of us are going to Shitville because we’ve already been there through the coming attractions.

In a better world, in a better time, heroes would be slaying dragons (metaphorically speaking) to lay at the feet of this splendid lady. (bankers will do) These, however, are not better times. These are the days of Reality TV. These are the days when we can watch someone who is tone deaf sing an aria to Taco Bell and scratch his ass while the critics parse the deeper meaning of it. These are the days when you are invited to watch the odious and execrable commercials from Super Bowl, after the fact and then vote on your favorite. You can download the whole package for future viewing. These are the days when an adult with arrested development can have eight kids at one time like a brood sow and get on TV …and where Michelle Bachmann is not pelted with vegetables and jailed for the crime of being who she is. She’s seriously thinking of running for president and other people are seriously thinking about supporting her.

These are the times when lies become truth the moment they are spoken and the providers are celebrated for their candor. It makes you very tired and saps your will and… that’s the point. I see it all around me. I feel its hands trying to pull me down and we have no strength to fight. We do have strength but the weariness is the point. Perhaps we do not have the strength but someone does and you can get a loan from his/her bank any time. Your following efforts are the repayment …and the interest on the loan is your interest.

All you have to do is pay attention to the authentic reality TV, which is broadcast in your head all day long and which you can fine tune into a visual, once you discover that concentration is the secret of the magical art. It’s not up to you and me to save the world. It’s up to you and me to become someone true and beautiful, according to the ancient standard, that makes the world appear worth saving. Our job is to strive to be a better person and to make others wish they were. Our job is not to dazzle but to lead and that becomes both effective and possible when we know who we are following. All of a sudden this posting has come to an end but the inspiration for it will continue to echo in my head because of all that empty space; the result of throwing everything else away.

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis speaks one of the first pieces from the upcoming Sacred and Profane CD:

Mystic Musing

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Songwriter by Les Visible

How many of you actually looked up the word 'apneic'?

Last night’s radio show is now available for download.


Neko Kinoshita said...

I didn't have to look that one up.

Las Vegas, Hmmmm.

There are unsmiling faces in fetters and chains
On a wheel of perpetual motion
Who belong to all races and answer all names
With no show of outward emotion

And they think it will make their lives easier
But the doorway before them is barred
And the game never ends when your whole world depends
On the turn of a friendly card


DaveR said...

Have you got a larger version of TEZCATLIPOCA. I'd like to paint one like 3' square, but can't really see much detail on this web size thingy...

BTW, you've become a daily stop for my wandering brain.


nina said...

Oh Visible, this now takes precedence over Waves as the most perfectly descriptive observational transmission yet on this zeitgeist and all zeitgeists past and to come. Although you know I love Waves, this particular work today, on Love Day, is a two fingered touch to the pulse. Are we still alive? Maybe ...

Visible said...

I don't have any graphics but I would think you would be able to come across one because there is a wealth of graphics from that culture around.

Nina! Tell me what you don't have from those files. I'm glad you liked this piece. There are little things I did in it that I feared would just go by but apparently not and I thought not mentioning Valentine's Day would have more impact than mentioning it.

Visible said...


Email me.

Anonymous said...

pig eyed discord
intensional unkind
will starve a whole community
or practice genoside
rupturing the harmony
sacrifice its self
in artificial rituals
only serving hell
but life is life is living
compassionate profound
express's on a moment
synchronising all around
lifting ground to sky
hum the living earth
reaching higher essences
lifts the livings worth


Martin said...



DaveR said...

I did do a search but only found the little one. Whoever put up that disappearing link found just what I needed. Thanks!

DaveR said...


Thanks, perfect.

Jody Paulsono said...

For some reason I feel compelled to post this link of Cas Haley auditioning for America's Got Talent. I do hope you'll listen to it, Les. Some voices sound very familiar.

I'll admit the one type of reality show I'm a sucker for are the ones that give the "average Joe" a chance to share their gifts with the world. Not everybody is so gifted, but the ones that are eventually come to stand out. And some are very difficult to explain. Have you ever heard of Jackie Evancho?

Visible said...

Jackie Evancho is amazing!!!!

Raven said...

"I wonder what people did before they got cell phones."

Hahaha!! Indeed... Seems most have forgotten:( The damn things are attached to people's heads now, like some freak cyborg show. Reality TV??? Who the hell needs it when you have the borg all around?

Something like this comes to mind.

On to better things...Happy V Day, when it comes...We come in Peace..Always ...hehehe

Anonymous said...

You certainly have a way with words Les.
The combining of your words and the Patrick Willis voice is an excellent combination too; I like the visuals (Mystical Musing).

Josey said...

Hi Les,

Just wanted you to know I feel the weight and the pulling downward also. It's like gravity and fairly constant.

I have received help and loans from the source. My credit is good there and will be for most readers here.

Thanks Les,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Mr. Visible.

Happy Saint Valentine's day to one and all.

Sincerely, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Yours is a harmony that elucidates the entirety of our Great Song.

Thanks for the Love, Les...

You make the world go round, thy fine eye's twinkle the nudge in mine, the lightened step a worthy product.

Anonymous said...

I liked that guy from Mongolia.
His one posting was memorable.

Very potent words so as to almost bring you to where he was.

It was unusually real.

He only posted that one time, I believe. I remember hearing the bird's wings, seeing them fly more so than ordinary.

I'd like very much to hear from him again, as well.

As for Lasha Darkmoon, wow!
Double wow!
She's a modern day wonder woman.

What a heart!

She sent me a Christmas card!

Did you know she was born in India?

(Hi Xanadu!)


dogismyth said...

LFMAO!! Man that was good and it made me wonder again.

I been wondering a lot lately. There are too many "truths" that I question on a daily basis, so I wonder if truthness is just a commodity sold to us in any form we find more acceptable. When times are tough, people seek the truth. I'm not sure why. I guess we re-examine the truths each time we get misled and fall headfirst into a well.

Hmmm...that truth didn't work. I guess I'll try another! Before long you realize you're damn close to being "shit out of luck" and you'd better examine a little more seriously.

IMO, the only reality is life and death. And the truths of those realities will not be realized until the next life, or until your dead...depending on your beliefs.

Supposedly, some truths are so great that museums are built around the "holocaust". Imagine that truth as it is revered sanctimoniously in every part of the world and is defined as a historical milestone for many. If that is revered as the truth for the indignities forced upon humans, why is it that such indignities still occur...and even more frequently than in the past. Genocide and innocent murdering happens on a daily basis throughout our world. Where is the outcry? Yet we memorialized the holocaust and spend billions on supposed education of the masses?

I choose to live in my own world, and that is in my head for the most part. Yeah I have to deal with life because that's the ugly truth of the matter, but I find solitude within myself with my heart and spirit propped up by my own little truths.

There are no truths beyond life and death. The rest are beliefs and predictions predicated on beliefs. That defines your reality.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for saying this...

"It’s not up to you and me to save the world."

I used to think I had a duty to try to make people 'see' whats goin on,(over 10 realized a couple of yrs.ago, even if you Rip Their Eyelids Off,most are still blind.I'm sure alot of your readers/commentors know how it is.I say "How can you Not see?"
They say "Are you crazy?" Well,you all know.

When you said this...

"It’s up to you and me to become someone true and beautiful, according to the ancient standard, that makes the world appear worth saving. Our job is to strive to be a better person and to make others wish they were."

When I realized a couple years ago that we can't 'save the world', that the best thing I can do is to help each person on a daily basis as we meet/see each other.I found much peace.

Thank You for the reasuring words that gave me much more.....

Walking Hawk

GTRman said...

Les , will do.

Ive been listening to / reading Neil Kramer a lot today , I come here and read your latest , and its an almost seamless transition. I do hope you and him have some sort of meeting one day.

"...The seasonal shifting of energetic densities is underway, naturally enfolding the customary provinces of our temporal 3D experience, affecting us with increasing depth as each day passes. The solar wind permeates every particle of our being… cleansing, destroying, resurrecting. The hidden and the untold have reached their terminus.

We are now in a phase where ignorance of one’s own inner knowing no longer provides exemption from engaging with dharma, one’s authentic path. There is no place for being unaware of what we know we should be doing – and ignorance of this principle is no defence against contravening it. Ignorantia juris non excusat.

The organic light of knowing can almost be unremembered by adorning oneself with the culpable phosphorescence of the construct, that is, its deliciously smooth images, plastics and metals, luxuriously bent into sensual curves that usurp the human form itself. Proximity to media-saturated artefacts channels away the psychic core of the dupes, the marks and all the spaghetti of biological human cabling, until nothing remains but despiritualized zombie corpses. And still, the humans are loved from a distance; though admittedly, this now stretches into light years of disengagement, where the source and the object cannot be spoken of in the same breath. Deliverance is a delicate thing..."

GTRman said...

He writes very well about our so-called culture ,too :

"Reality, Simulation & Culture"

" Wiki-Phantoms

The faces of the real enemies of the Empire do not appear on the cover of Time Magazine and Forbes Magazine. There is no such thing as a massive intelligence leak. There have been no paradigm-cracking triumphs of liberty that have compromised international political and military figures or organizations. For those outside the loop, it certainly looks like there have been. But it ain’t real. No-one is exposing the diktats of the Control System. On the contrary, figures like Michael Moore, Bianca Jagger, Ken Loach, Jemima Khan and even the venerable John Pilger, despite their good intent, succeed only in amplifying an elaborate Psyop and helping to assemble a false, albeit very neat, polarity on a very old chessboard.

What is in question here, is not the A-to-Z content and veracity of Wikileaks’ data, but rather the unprecedented exposure it has been receiving and the media’s curious contextualization of it. Indeed, it is the sheer volume of column inches that have been lavished on Wikileaks that really gives the game away. At any point, the routine military-industrial habits of pulling the plug, gagging the media and sequestering information as a military asset (that was ostensibly in the public interest), could’ve been executed. They weren’t. There has been an intelligence community stand-down of 911 proportions.."

Anonymous said...

Oh Ya,

Walking Hawk

GTRman said...

"..For example, watching television can cause the viewer to slip from the accustomed Beta state (12-26Hz), through a passive Alpha mind state (8-12 Hz) and into the highly programmable Theta state (4-8 Hz). In Theta, assimilation of incoming data on the screen is deeply seeded into the psyche. What you watch is permanently burned in. This is frequency control. Or, if you prefer, mind control.

A coordinated barrage of fluoride, aluminium, barium, cellphone and wi-fi signals, television, aspartame, MSG, mood stabilizing drugs, fear, depression and stress – all combine most effectively to block specific frequencies of incoming data. The human animal is isolated from the C-field and cut off from the principles of divine creative collaboration. No upgrades will be possible or even desired by folk who have a steady daily diet of such government approved toxins. Sounds conspiratorial? It is. The natural human state is one of being able to smoothly modulate high frequency, low resistance (suppleness) and conscious presence. What the old hierarchy seeks to implement in its subjects is the exact opposite: low frequency, high resistance (rigidity), unconscious absence. There is no coincidence, no accident and no gross incompetence here. This is an intentional and meticulous strategy to severely corrupt the efficacy of the next upgrade in consciousness."

Unknown said...

Les, I've been following your blog for the last couple of months, and I must say that this is your best one yet. I don't know if I'll ever meet you in the physical, but tonight, I raise my glass to you sir, for putting "it" in better words than I ever could have myself.

Peace, Love, and Happiness,

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir. Anytime I suggest that we are gods to people they act like I am fucking stupid. However, being that i am perfect and have created life in my image I am a god.

zazz said...

'It’s up to you and me to become someone true and beautiful, according to the ancient standard, that makes the world appear worth saving.'

Be the wheat in the field that makes the harvester's effort worthwhile.

You are destined not to be worn down, but to move mountains; all that is required is faith the size of a mustard seed.

awake human said...

Les, might be 2 years since I last made a habit of visiting your mind space here.
and this post made me feel like I came back home again. and welcome as always to climb aboard
a raft of real humanity floating on a vast sea of engineered emptimess all around us.

I find it funny how many times through surfing my basic counterculture web sites,I stumble on an article with a perfectly peculiar heading that always hits me in the brilliant vision part of my mind,like nothing else ever does....and I always say "I'll bet this post is from Les Visable... It has to be..." and it always is.

In this awful alienated soul starving world ,where most of our connecting is done through these messages in a bottle.... being able to touch people in this way that you do.... I hope you understand how much it means to me,to receive this gift that you give to us ,all the time ,like you do.
I think this is the same thing I said 2 years ago too.

your artistry is very precious.

Gordie said...

Brilliant Les Visible - brilliant and I thought you were losing your touch a few days back !! Thank you and a big hug. Gordie

Visible said...

Well, you're only as good as the last time you were any good in the eyes of whoever thought so and probably somebody else thought that very post was and example of your losing it (grin). There's good news; I never had it. It doesn't belong to me.

muser said...

How do you write this stuff? It just blows me away. Once again the insights in one of your essays have been precisely what I need at this moment. The synchronicity is peculiar, to say the least.

Is it odd, or is it God?


wv: muser (and so it goes on)

est said...

reminds me of jam'n
with a full accordion
player in a small town
for supper and drinks

somebody said something
and that dude said

'shush' we're lucky
to have him

that's how i feel
about les

Visible said...

The first Profiles in Evil is up-

His Face and his Posture says it All; Kenneth Feinberg.

Anonymous said...

"You’d be amazed at the amount of bets that go on around the divine, purely for entertainment of course..."

Dear Les,

Can you expand on this thought? If I were a betting man, which I am, I'd bet on the Devine. There is just one true God. It doesn't matter what you call the Creator of all things.

Up to my tits in snow,

Tom Frum

PS: I remember when I bought my first condom It was in 1963 at a bus station in Elgin, IL. It was labeled "For the Prevention of Disease ONLY." Hmmm..not purely for entertainment? two for a quarter. I wore them out in my wallet.

Greg Bacon said...

One needs to watch a some TalmudVision to keep up on the lies, BS and psyops coming out of the mouths of those clownish 'news' anchors.

That gives you small clues as to what false flag or inside job is heading our way.

For comic relief, turn to C-span and watch our sold-out, corrupted Congress give eloquent speeches about how patriotic they are or watch them fight over mic time to loudly proclaim they are Israel's best friend.

Other than that, too much TV can give one drain bamage.

Myself, I like watching the old film noir detective dramas from the 1940's and 1950's.

Dick Powell in "Murder my Sweet" is a must and Bogie's "The Maltese Falcon" is also highly recommended.
Those and other fine movies, made back before studios substituted CGI of exploding bodies, nudity and soft core porn for skillful directing, talented acting and good screen play writers were the days.

Anonymous said...


Ahh, yes, the Holocaust....

How nice that we've been conditioned to believe that it was unique to human history. Not ony was it not the only genocide in the 20th century, it was by far not even the largest. But let us not even entertain such antt- Semitic thoughts.

Feb. 13th-14th marked the 66th aniversary of the immolation of Dresden. In one day more died than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. Probably a half million in all.

In one day.

Just a side show in a war already won, for all practical purposes.

And perpetrated simply, in effect, as a means for Churchill to assuage his ego.

To the victors go the spoils....

Thomas said...

wow, Les, this one really nails it. I can't quite put my finger on it, but your workings seem closer and closer to someting... Somehow, more precise? Painting with massively broad strokes while the details turn out crystal-clear? It's a wonder to behold, I think. Thanks.

One small thing I want to point out is that fractals have nothing to do with currencies (maybe you meant "fractional" (reserve banking)). Fractals are infinitely recurring mathematical patterns, and, to me, very beatiful. (personally, my guess is that most natural forms that we experience in our reality is "written" partly in the language of fractals - trees especially seem almost perfectly fractal in some cases)

check out, e.g.

anyways, I apologize for clouding your space. It was one of the most solid (in the good sense!) posts of yours so far, IMHO.

all the best, to all :)

Anonymous said...

You people really are stuck in your world of faux awareness that amounts to spinning your wheels in bacon grease. I suppose if it makes you feel smart and like you're making any kind of difference, then, rock on, as it were.:)

Anonymous said...

OK.......after seeing them for a possums age I finally read one of the host's blurbs, and I must admit I kind of liked it, to my somewhat surprise!
Since I dislike most things "hippy" (because I happen to be one of the folks who actually was hip, and I resent the phony anal, drug soaked, adolescent, pseudo intellectual, deadbeat, Kierkegaardian bullshitters, who commandeered my movement) I was kind of put off by the uniform, WHERE'S THE TIE-DYED DUDE?!
Anyway, question I have is, since I'm posting from "Ixquick" I'm thinking my tracks are covered, but I'll wait for a confirmation on that before I get into the fray. Can anyone give me a yay or nay on the Ixquick?

abe said...

Good word Les, nothing to add to this one. Short and to the point.

Anonymous said...

I don't know... I kinda like 'deadbeats.'

In a good sorta way, they're on the front line of dissent.

(without even trying)

Neko Kinoshita said...

As Tom also quoted:
"You’d be amazed at the amount of bets that go on around the divine, purely for entertainment of course..."

I'm just always amazed at the divine sense of humor, since I'm so often the butt of the joke.

And then sometimes, the flaming ember misses the tail. And I'm left garking at the unsinged fur in amazement.


Visible said...


It might be a good idea to establish someone's bonafides before forming an opinion. Then you could travel back in time with me to The Stone Circle and the LSD trips with the former members of Leary's bunch or through time, through the communes and lifestyle that wouldn't change even when everyone else did, my macrobiotic restaurant and spiritual occult bookstore (that I had for years) before people knew what macrobiotics were; all the newspapers we put out about the counter culture and the national magazine, the Woodstock Acquarian, of which I was the editor at the time the owner decided to embrace his neo-Pharisee destiny as a successful slum lord.

However, hippies, so far as I know and I would surely know, did not wear headwraps of the type I have on which was given to me by a member of The Crips. My tie-dyed t-shirt is a common shirt found all over the Hawaiian Islands. One thing I don't do is make immediate superficial judgments on people. I believe everyone has three faces; the one they show you first, which is the one they want you to accept as them, the one that emerges over time and the one that appears when danger threatens. You hope the first two are the same so that if you ever see the third, it will be too.

TheSparkle said...

Les, at least he didn't think it was a baseball cap on backward.

Anonymous said...

Anony-mouse 7:37 --

Sir, I can assure you that Bacon would like nothing more than to "grease" you for stealing the lifeblood of this once great land.

As for thinking we're smart you are quite wrong. We actually just think you are dumb. Only an ass-f**CKING Pharisee like yourself would ascribe to "smarts" to a degenerate like Solo-Man --

I would much prefer to roll in the arms of Sophia... She knows how to really "dew" it --

The DJ from rennes d'jew

Anonymous said...

To anon 7:37 and 12:50;

So now your are seeding and answering your own provocateur drivel?

What a pathetic circumsized troll you are!

Anonymous said...

Hello Les.

This is the post; the one where I finally see where you are really coming from.

I was very frustrated with you a little while back; and posted a reply as anon (but only because I couldn't work out how to select the option of being me, without somehow losing my post when trying to log into Word press whilst in preview, over and over again) which you answered and I then became even more frustrated.

One of your regulars was 'impressed' by my ability to write long posts (smile).

You (I think) thought I was some sort of troll (whatever that means)or had an agenda, I didn't, well not a malevolent one anyway. get to the point, on the road to Shitville is a brilliant post; my will is not sapped, but I am tired of trying to inform others to no avail and at the same time trying to stop the top of my head from blowing off; and I have started asking myself are we really supposed to?

Isn't there an element of service to self in doing so? When I really look inside myself. I think perhaps there is.

What you said is very important, regardless of whether any of us are truly service to others rather than service to self; to continue to strive to be a much better person is perhaps the strongest defence mechanism we all have.

I think I expected you to come up with some sort of an instant answer as to how to save the world a while ago… the truth is, not one of us are worthy, or able to do so at this time. All we can do is try to be incorruptable and hope it rubs off.

Anonymous said...

"It’s not up to you and me to save the world. It’s up to you and me to become someone true and beautiful, according to the ancient standard, that makes the world appear worth saving. Our job is to strive to be a better person and to make others wish they were."

I love those words up there. This behooves every child of God.

I've ceased to become weary with the failing circus that is 'modern culture' because I stopped paying attention to it ages ago. Certainly, there are still great artists making great art, it's just that they've become harder to locate. One has to search the nooks and hidden places if they want to find those people(looks at Visible.)

It's funny when I think of the divide that's happening; between those who still live in the land of deteriorating reality, and those who are, in a sense, creating their own society/culture/reality, and one of substance no less!!

Anyway, I'm about to look into making a poster using some of the words I quoted up there. Words worth quoting and remembering as we all go into free fall, landing on the side of our choosing. Who was it that said, "Love is perfect kindess"? Rumi, I think. Practice being kind to one another, folks. No better time than the present.

Anonymous said...

Just watched war child, a film about the suffering of Gazan children. Pretty painful to watch, the neo pharisees have no compassion for these unfortunates. They have to live in squalor and deprivation, many of their relatives slaughtered by the id f. Yet only the previous evening some excuse for a labour mp on newsnight, tried to blame hamas for the killing of gazan children, saying they used them for suicide bombing. No evidence was provided, but she was aloud by paxman to repeat the lie, without reproach.
It was as if she had been tutored by an isreali apologist. The blatant bias was similar to american tv propaganda. Zionists definitely control the bbc, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

"Our job is to strive to be a better person and to make others wish they were."

That's a definition of "class."

Josh said...

I think about the working on oneself/becoming a better person and helping others/saving the world issue often as well. It seems to me that for most of us here on planet earth working on oneself/becoming a better person is the primary goal for us; it takes first place over all others. Service to others is necessary, wonderful, beautiful, and a fine thing to do but it seems to be secondary to working on oneself and becoming a better person. I would imagine the better person you become the stronger your ability grows to give service to others. As for saving the world, we do what we can do and the rest is up to the gods. These are my thoughts. Flood

Anonymous said...

Here is a good article on what the Uranus/Neptune conjunction which we last experienced during '92/'93... but which was loosely conjoined from 1985 through 2001... which is what is in the living charts of all born during that time.

One of the things about astrology I like the most is that there is a historical documentation of what manifested through these cyclical transits and aspects.

Those born from '85-2001 will be the ones to invent those able to do so into the larger creative world. What we are experiencing right now are the greedy hands grabbing whatever they can out of what remains of the old dark times.

I personally have thought that the wholesale slaughter of all the children in the middle east has been done as prevention to all the great souls engendered in those children who were born of this incredibly creative Uranus/Neptune conjunction. "Kill 'em before they could create their selves out of this reality"...

The Uranus Neptune transits are very interesting cycles as far as creative humans go. The Uranus/Neptune opposition of the late 1800s gave us people who were high caliber creators like all the artists, inventors and writers of the early 20th century.

Strength through conscious creation
the gardener

Ghana said...


This is the dilemma that tosses fitful seas into my life. I want to quicken the saving of the world only to be brought back into line; not my job title. You are a Piece of Source ;{) (smiling Italian dude for ya) and have been such a rock of unwavering truth, direction and example. You are the dude that keeps it real and points out the details where the Devil and God lives. Each day you provide me and my little merry band of loved ones a lesson to be planted into our fertile hearts and minds. I so hope to see you and be with you face to face in 2012 brother.

Today's lesson:

"It’s not up to you and me to save the world. It’s up to you and me to become someone true and beautiful, according to the ancient standard, that makes the world appear worth saving. Our job is to strive to be a better person and to make others wish they were. Our job is not to dazzle but to lead and that becomes both effective and possible when we know who we are following."

I will continue to shift my perception of UnReality to the real deal and concentrate on becoming my true self, an Ancient, Immortal, Angel, Watcher or whatever contract I struck with Source in the beginning. Please keep pulling the sheets off of us while we try to sleep comfortably in a bed that's on fire!

I just freaking LOVE you man!



Hernia Update?

Visible said...


Thanks for your good words. They mean a great deal to me.

I'm bearing up. It looks like I'm going to have to get it fixed but I've found a minimally invasive method in a quiet and pristine setting. Meanwhile the Hernease has arrived and I started that today. Who knows how well it will work?

In any case, another week or so regardless.

ajnabeamer said...

a few phrases:
not a predictable animation of moronic novelty brought to you by The Juice of voodoo-vaudeville
not a suffocating sentimental big blobby playpen video-monitored for the Oracle
not sn existentially cool generation of tone from the tuning of angst with ennui
but the spinning bone of space odyssey, dog-gnawed to brilliance and whirly-trashing the pros and the cons of meeting meat as medium .... only.
just had coffee with a friend and talked about you
and enjoyed the backbeat of tumblers clicking

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Looking for a Smack-Down on the Road to Damascus.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Love in the Time of the Hadron Collider.



Joseph Brenner

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