Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Coronation of Trivia and the Headsman's Axe

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet”

What we are seeing in the world at present and especially in that Reality TV show of a nation, America... is injustice writ large. We are being gifted with a hearty fuck you from TPTB. We are seeing it in this Matt Tabbi article. We are seeing it in the Countrywide whitewash. Possibly the only one who will go to jail in that matter will be Angelo Mozilo’s plastic surgeon, “they made me look like a pig”! Well, it wasn’t plastic surgery after all was natural character development.

We’ve seen millions die from the policies of the nation that runs America through the AIPAC/ADL matrix; what Israel wants, Israel gets. We’ve seen tens of millions bankrupted by the actions of AIG and Goldman Sachs. The nations of the world are saddled with unbearable debt so that the bankers and corporate lampreys might live in baronial splendor.

Around the world we see those unable to buy food, rioting before the guns of corrupt monarchies. Whatever they are calling themselves, they are all monarchies.

Still, ignorance is its own reward and those celebrating the nuptials of well bred Kardashians like William and Kate, are celebrating the perpetuation of enslavement and penury at the hands of people whose sole talent lies in having been born in line to a reptile throne. They only wish it was them and something deep within tells them that day will come, in some far distant, future time, in a world as jaundiced and dark as the one they find themselves in today; it would have to be.

Everyone rioting around the world did not miss a meal today. Some are hungering for other things. All of them are living under the bootheels of the bankers and their favored instruments.

It’s no accident that Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne did a commercial at the Super Bowl. It’s no accident that Justin Bieber is world famous. It’s no accident that the Kardashians are either; or Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton or the rest of them. We are viewing the world wide coronation of Trivia. What church do you think Sharon Osbourne and Kris Jenner attend? The ‘why’ of it all runs a little deeper than the general attention span can accommodate but that’s showbiz! The whole thing is scripted and it’s all as sensational and glitter driven as it is, to take your attention off the most important consideration there ever was or ever will be.

Of course they’re playing with you. They were playing with you when they got you to vote for someone called Barack Obama (rhymes with Osama) just to show their level of control. They were playing with you when they brought down all those towers with controlled demolition and gave you absurd explanations for how it happened. They were playing with you when they destroyed The Gulf of Mexico and with all of the other efforts they have engaged in. So long as nearly half of you can’t chew gum and pat your heads at the same time, it shouldn’t matter what the rest of you think. Paris Hilton wasn’t an accident, none of these things are. They are tactical engagements where all that is good and noble within you is sacrificed on the altar of Trivial Pursuit. That wasn’t an accident either.

Once you can see that everything that is thrown in front of your attention is scripted, you are on the way to getting a clue. Keep in mind that the one who rules this world is merely one mask worn by the one who rules it all and that everything going on here, has to do with a single commodity, the fate of which, is the sole purpose for existence. The whole drama and your place in it have to do with how you react and adapt- or do not react and adapt- to the script.

Yes, you truly would be screwed it what you see is what you get. You would be screwed if the ones in power were the sole arbiters of the use and possession of power. You would be screwed if the ones who had the money and guns were the determinant of what happens. On occasion and for certain periods, this impression is very much maintained but these times are different. The masks are going to come off to reveal what lies beneath.

I can understand the concern of those who are very much a part of the ‘what you see is what you get world’ but who also hunger for change and a new world. I can see your concern that all of these revolutions are just more orchestrations on the behalf of TPTB. Nothing, at any time, is solely due to the directives of TPTB. They are herded just like they herd you and that’s going to come out shortly. It’s been a long dry spell as far as truth and justice go but the rains are on the way.

The Lord of the Rings was a great analogy for what’s taking place (up to a point). The betrayal of Boromir, Saruman and Denethor are well reflected in our present day. The one thing the rings trilogy didn’t bring out was that there is only one power with two main applications. Both the fellowship of the ring and the servants of Mordor serve the same force based on their understanding of what is desirable, otherwise, the good guys wouldn’t ever win. It hasn’t seemed like the good guys have won for awhile but that is because you are never seeing more than half of the equation. Half of The Mobius Strip is hidden from the physical eyes. A lot of that is about to change for this dramatic portion of human history.

There is a quotation in The Bible that they are trying to phrase out (pun intended). It goes something like this, “Be not deceived, even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment”. A study of how this line has been changed and/or eliminated over time will reap certain rewards.

Many of the religious texts have met the same fate as such temporal documents as The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is why a literal interpretation of scripture plays right into the hands of those who think they are running the show. Religious texts meet the same fate as any text, when they pass through the official filters of meaning, whether it is by way of those dressed in coffin bound glitter suits or the black robes of The Supreme Court. Those who set these principles into motion warned against the very state you presently find yourself in. This is why the Tea Party was created to co-opt the natural revolution that is inevitable when corruption has reached a certain point.

The Muslim Brotherhood is reputed to be as much of an Israeli creation as Hamas was but things change as do priorities and ones level of perception in a time of awakening.

They’re attempting to do the same thing around the world, in order to take control of what will replace the old order of things. This is why it has to be pulled to the ground and why certain terrible judgments upon the darkness in the human heart must come to pass.

It’s all going to be sorted and there must be no question about who is who and what they intend, as a prelude to what follows. The hypocrisy has to be irrefutably evident, as in the case of Roy McGovern and Hillary Clinton. It’s also got to get really bad or most people would never be motivated to change the conditions. Because humanity has gotten wide and complacent and lost touch with what it important, they must be shown how truly bankrupt all of their institutions have become. Help is on the way in that regard.

When you can’t make sense out of something it is, most likely, because it doesn’t make sense. Our, lost in the woods on the way to nowhere good, day to day, has to come up against reality and it’s going to do just that. Everything you see happening is all a part of this. The reality shows and their talentless goons; the endless commercials for useless crap, the horrible acts of government, the indifferent postures of your sold out religions, are all a part of the evidence accumulation for a moment in approach. Injustice cannot go on forever, it only feels like it.

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Anonymous said...

Les !
You are most eloquent and entertaining for those with a discerning eye.

Neko Kinoshita said...

"Injustice cannot go on forever, it only feels like it."

Right there with you.

The rocks are rolling up near the top. Time remains to move out of the way, but only if you are already moving. (Or is that remaining still, I get those two confused sometimes *grin*)

Divine is telling me "garden," so there is still something for me to do.

Examining a spot in the corner of the alley,


wv: enright - get enright with the love, or burn.

reenie said...

Imagine Peace 2011 Yoko Ono Lennon


John Ball said...

Help is on the way!
I truly hope and try to believe in my heart this is true. Your writings help me believe.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

What i find most distressing is the acquiring of the corrupt,degenerate,devil take the hindmost values of the plutocratic elite by ordinary folk.
Rather than a nations wealth trickling down to its citizens,it seems that this has been usurped by instilling vociferous greed,mendacity and moral bankruptcy into the habits of the general populace.It's a get what you can by any means necessary philosophy probably best summed up by musician 50 cents in his album entitled'get rich or die tryin'.
You know... i could sit and weep.

Anonymous said...

Here in Utah all popular talk radio is right wing. They are universally against the people out on the streets in Wisconsin. Without thinking they fall into the "divide and conquer" plan of TPTB. Sure, public workers generally get paid worse during the working life-but get much better benefits come retirement. Should we focus on bringing those folks down? All these problems stem from the massive debt that can not be paid-so it must be defaulted on and cleared. Let's focus on the financial elite and not fight about people who have it a little better than us. Better to live through hard times now than requiring our children and grandchildren to do it. For those who are better off consider the positive Karma of "dispensing resources downward to those who are less fortunate" (attempt at paraphrasing the I Ching). When TSHTF we will only have each other.


Anonymous said...

Monarch programmers like to practice sorcery/saucery. Adulteration confounds what would otherwise be pure. Addicted generations require ever stronger "spices" be added. But apparently First Love didn't want to be alone. So then things got complicated and dizziness faded to black. One simple fact needs to rise from the live center of That which alone IS. We are all in love with First Love but deliberately choose to forget, in order to experience our drama queen-ness. Isn't reunion wonderful? Do not worry the future. It's sure to come and soon enough. Just receive First love LOVE! Let First Love be The god and stop messing around with exterior organized change, it only ends up being more Big Government. Que sera, sera. Let it be.

GTRman said...

Egyptian Stolen Treasures

Aliens are COOL. Christians are STOOPID. Swearing is COOL. Aliens smoke
weed and “get down” to Marvin Gaye. Swearing is FUNNY. Christians are NOT.
Aliens are bi-sexual and are HUNG. Christians are sexless and repressed.
Fucking is COOL. Swearing is COMEDY. Darwin’s a GOD. There is no GOD, stoopid. Aliens are jews , jews are COOL. Seth Rogen’s a GOD. There is no GOD, stoopid. Swearing is titty-fuckin-ass-bashingly , ball -suckingly, spunk-splashingly ,mother-flippin HILARIOUS ! Aliens are cool.There is no GOD !

I forgot : White Americans are all : Hostile violent rednecks / Fanatical stoopid
bible-thumpers / Uptight officials / bumbling beaurocrats.

The movie cost $ 50 million….

( Capsule review of “Paul” )

A good example of what happens to once very funny Englishmen who get lured to Hollywood and have their work pushed through the jew-grinder.
( I watched it to the end just to see the credits , I couldnt believe that Pegg and Frost wrote this. But they did. It smacks of “studio interference” )
Another example of kids entertainment passed off as adult fodder , simply through non-stop and usually un -necessary swearing and sexual /scat references : which has never been Pegg and Frosts style.

Visible said...

GTRman; Send me an email.

Anonymous said...

discord and chaos
artificialy inseminated
disharmonious repercussions
disrespectfully instigated
institutional corruption
and cultural insanity
communities in turmoil
practising calamity
with hell bound principles
backward thought processes
images of death
focus of hopelessness
seems the minds indefinable
unobservable and dumbfound
in hearts insecurity
to disrespect when bound



ajnabeamer said...

Oh boy Les. You are a delight. I was reading your latest posting to my beloved (who is my litmus test) this morning for the first time. And she glowed Yes. Increasing immeasurably the heartwarmth of my enjoyment of your unique heraldic manners. Am writing here because I realized from scanning Shangri La a little while ago that I am useless to even new definitional formatting of energy.
I was born with depth-perception and a soul-tendency to goodness. As a combination this has been an extreme liability in general fate. So now the 'fact' of being in mere existence is a great privilege ... unearned in terms of the S&M circus which climaxes with a dead rabbit in a mouldy top hat.
The Irish have a great expression about 'killing dead things' and the tang of its Guinness flavours a sense now of doing the done in a personal knowing that fate is grace.

Anonymous said...

lift of sanctifying
electrifying touch
lift a falling heart
wipe away the dust
blow a breath of living
hum the the living breeze
reaching through the moment
inner essence weaves
of rumbling of buffalo
dynamic inner light
activating processes
cosmicly aligned
universal harmonys
equilibrium afloat
swirl the grains of goodness
lift a man awoke


pauline said...

Hate the new graphics - totally noxious colours, and layout very confusing - get a designer with logic and market-orientated forces in the brief. The beloved site has not been transmogrified into beautiousness - but just been MOGRIFIED (my cat would have squirted on it) Harumphhhh :-(

Visible said...

This isn't Disney World. If you don't like the appearance then copy and paste it into Word. I'm not going to undo all of someone's hard work for a style over substance issue. I've noted an odd trend of late; people telling me to change words in posts, correct their errors in the comments and all sorts of strange, indulgent requests.

The work is as it is. The place is as it is and that is how it is.

abe said...

Bless you cousin les!! It really looks like every passing day gives more credence to Kaminsky's Neanderthal hypothesis.

Also looks like the apocalypse just claimed another pair of pants:

WV: Juno - Juno who's really racist? The neanderthals molesting the human race!!

Anonymous said...

stagnated turmoil
systematic chains
confused ideals
vibration strains
institutional greed
delusionary actions
frustrated conditions
of divisional factors
frequencys fractured
deceptions administered
communal destruction
by unequal conditioner
disturbance's perpetrated
disharmonious discord
obstucting creativity
with unnatural laws


Anonymous said...

TPTB? How about TPTW (The Powers That Was)? "Was" is appropriate, for there ain't too much left of 'em except for a handful of scales.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les
The late Bill Hicks used to do a really funny routine about the reality wannabes of his day, like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, called "Sucking Satan's Cock". If you can find it on YouTube it's worth a listen.
As for the princess who doesn't like the new curtains - sorry dear, maybe you'd prefer something a little more Ozzie Osbourne or Gene Simmons. No accounting for taste but really we're here for the content and I like what they've done with the place by the way.
Super graphics Les.

Layth Shusha said...

Hey i hope you dont mind me jumping on to your flow of qi and plugging my oracle:

Prince William was 5555 days old on Princess Diana's funeral - read about the strange omens in prince William's life:

Thanks my man!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your thoughts. I have been searching for meaning to this experience for quite some time. I lost my brother and best friend to suicide and I always attributed that to my participation in a war for TPTB. I killed some people and knew I had failed at something important. I did it because I wanted to be a "real soldier". Ha! What a joke. Something deep inside my mind told me it was wrong before I did it but my ego overrode those thoughts. I am sorry for the pain I caused those people and their loved ones. I hope all this proves to be an illusion and I too, can become an "Angel of Light".

Martin said...



Possibly you are right - particularly regards the overwhelming complexity of the layout within this new design...

If you yearn for simplicity - and why shouldn't you(!) - then I'm sure you'll find plenty to keep you amazed, amused, entertained and informed at this site.

Happy surfing.


Anonymous said...

I commented earlier re "First Love". Thesis and anti thesis, only engenders a nullity. How can sub consciousness [after-mind] create The heaven. It cannot because it's only a mirror. Daddy never fed me platitudes because I was an apt pupil and he IS my friend. Love starts, finishes and remains, Love. Wake up Sleeper. You don't want to believe that you are asleep now do you? Trust me. When you do wake up you will be shocked and mortified. And GLAD. Les is Wisdom and Les is Love. Love you MAN.

Billy said...

It's been a while since you specifically mentioned the theory (fact?) that, as more and more of us become aware of the awakening the more things will start to happen. Is the quickening upon us? I think so. Apparently it is a global phenomenon. It is starting, and rightly so, in the middle/central east and Africa. Our brothers and sisters there have taken the brunt of our oppressor's abuses more than others in recent times. But... spread it must and spread it will, much to the chagrin of those who would hold our heads under water. I believe that the global mind's eye of the oppressed classes is becoming ever more focused on the nature of the evil that has tormented them for centuries. By the way, the new blog is especially apt considering how the times they are achangin'.

kikz said...

can't think of anything much to say...
amen.. isn't a phrase i use.



is apt?

Anonymous said...

unethical consumption
corporation greed
unnaturaly propagated
multiplying greed
deeds of delusional
deceptively reflect
projecting insecurity
fear and hate inject
wrapped around reality
shadows in us all
interfering in existance
imaginary wall
division within purpose
unconcerning tastes
of detached morality
repititions of mistakes


Anonymous said...

Um, it is NOT John Kaminsky's hypothesis that these people who call themselves jews are part "caveman".

From Strong's concordance:

2752 Choriy, kho-ree, from 2356; cave dweller or troglodyte; a Chorite or aboriginal Idumean - Horims, Horites

2356, chor, khore, the same as 2352; a cavity, socket , den. - cave, hole

Gen 14:6
And the Horites in the mountains of Seir, as far as the oak of Paran, which is in the wilderness.

Gen 36:1
Now, these are the generations of Esau, who is Edom.

Gen 36:8
Thus Esau dwelt in mount Seir. Esau is Edom.

further down in the generatioins of Esau...

Gen 36:20
These are the sons of Seir, the Horite, the inhabitants of the land: Lotan, Shobal, Zibeon, Anah.

Esau's brother Jacob didn't mix with Canaanites (hook noses) and Horites.

They're not Israel, They're Idumea and Canaanites, but what would you expect liars to say?

Those geneologies are there for a reason.

Visible said...


Before I let that comment pass, you have to provide some context. Taking your ball and going home is fine. I don't think anyone knows you were here in the first place but you can't just sort of have a mental patient moment and then think this is the right graffiti wall. You have to explain which of your sacred cows got gored or give some kind of a reason or your leaving, like your presence up till this point, will go unnoticed.

Dammerung said...

Right now it looks like the Libyan regime will fall within hours, and this reminds me of nothing but the fall of the Soviet Union. First fall the satellites and satraps, then it gathers enough momentum and topples a superpower. So much for the end of history, right you fucker Fukuyama? So much for your "golden straightjacket," Thomas Friedman you Devos reptilian hack.

DaveR said...

I'm sorry I took the time to read your comment. If you don't like the decor check into another hotel. Please.

Nice find on the site! Good for a laugh!

"The work is as it is. The place is as it is and that is how it is."

True, and thanks again for all you do. BTW, did Pauline send in some money for a new can of paint? I doubt it very much. I am always amazed that people complain about something they get for free.

I don't have anything important to say, so follow this link to a nice music performance.

Sui Juris 249 said...

Greetings and Salutations Brother Les,

As we gather closer to the coming harvest of souls I thought I would toss out a few bones so to speak for all my fellow dogs.

Each of us right now has a choice. We can improve on or service to self or we can improve on our service to other-self. Sitting on the fence is just going to get you plowed under and you get to do it all over again.

The Christos was a service to other-self entity while Stalin or Mao would be service to self types. Nothing wrong with either all will go Home eventually to the I Am but each has their own path to walk its not walking that path that gets you another chance here in this wonderful 3rd dimention.

Now the path of service to other-self does not mean that we forsake self either. For no man can help his brother until he can stand on his own two feet. Or can see with both eyes. Hence you tell your brother you see a sliver in his eye but fail to remove the log from yours.

I do not know what the rest of you plan to do but I plan on working more on realizing who I AM and where I come from and what my own path is. Sue I will also be doing the C.Y.A. or Be Prepared thing.

So here is to each of you find your path in the love/light light/love.

I am sure we will all have a great laugh in the down time between now and out next play.

SuiJuris... Out!!

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Revolution on the Water, Revolution in the Air.

dogismyth said...

Very entertaining, and heart warming for those who believe in hope. Even your feelings are being conjured up within the matrix of manipulation and just don't realize it.

I wonder why all the rush to emotional tributes occur when "things happen" in the world. Things have been happening for a long time yet the hearts of most Americans are as hard as rock.

Millions have lost their lives since the late 90s in the Mideast (esp Iraq civilians) and elsewhere in the world due to US foreign policy and their big brothers to back them up.

So what's so different today? People seem to get in touch with their reasoning side just as it is reaching extinction.

I don't see anything changing. I see words. I see hot air. I see inaction. Americans could end the suffering worldwide if they were to put their government to task on the myriad of blatantly corrupt and evil "policies". Americans are quite selfish and demand their luxurious lifestyle to continue. A life of waste and arrogance.

And you expect the righteous to stream forth from American soil? How theatrical!! Americans are cursed for their lack of concern and willful blindness to misdeed of their government and business leaders. 100s of millions have perished because we sit in warm and well stocked homes and are fed constant bullshit through our media sources.

Not sure what you are looking at, but maybe you should look in a mirror. You might see some horns growing. America is doomed in your god's eyes because they continue to do nothing when many are suffering and dying around the world so Americans can have a comfortable lifestyle. One that must not be interrupted otherwise we would have to start another war and kill a few million more to satisfy our thirst for bloodsport.

As usual the truth goes like a whisper in the wind. The truth is ugly as your sin. Try preaching the truth of the matter and maybe more will feel repentant and looking for forgiveness. That is what is needed for things to change....YOU need to change your arrogant opinion about yourself!!

Visible said...


If you feel more comfortable tossing off some tired platitudes or bankrupt scripture (might I suggest something from Paul?) or launching into one of those soul destroying hymns like Faith of our Fathers, go right ahead. One doesn't have to look too far to see who is controlling your religion and ergo, you.

Anonymous said...

dogismyth, 7:11 PM

I think you might be an automated letter/comments writing programme.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

The Law of Return, Again and Again and Again.

laurel said...

but dogismyth, arrogance is the new navy. it goes so well with everything :)

Mr. Mcgranor said...

The reason why capitalism is the way it is--is because the bulk of the people made it that way. Wanting to destroy the system for the countercultural ode was finally achieved by the wigger generation. Such an achievment was a mission they recieved from their hippie parents. Televisin culture is another example of a toppled culture now defined by such commercialism and media. Monarchies are what the rest of the world would have if they did not mock us to no avail. Though the majority of this country is steeped in the dismantling of a former character, have broke the shackles of self-government and its Republic.



Joseph Brenner

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