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The Fundie Flu and the Chosen People Too

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There’s been a certain amount of hubbub about that blank, black rectangle in Google Sky. It turns out that it was caused by a processing error in the image stitching program, used to display the Sloan survey images and that its now been fixed. Over the last several years, I’ve heard dozens of tales about anomalies in areas all over the map of human interest and concern. There’s the shifting of the magnetic poles. Various theories are coming out of this which also explains other phenomena.

I’m picking up a wide net of depression and incipient despair that has its roots in too much information, juxtaposed with too much change. People handle change differently. The smallest group embraces it for whatever their reasons may be. The larger group exercises some degree of denial concerning the meaning of change and whether it is even happening. They intensify their focus on the material end of things. They think as long as they can see familiar things that these will protect them from all the unfamiliar things that have started popping up.

This is one of the reasons that Fundie religion has become so widespread in recent times. It used to be that people were a little more easy going about the religious section of their lives; take the family to church and then it’s either football games or the golf course, where those favored by God, go to commune with what Nature is supposed to look like, once she understands the duties of a submissive bottom. Golf courses and cemeteries have a lot in common and I’ve long believed they should be combined in symbiotic interplay for the best of both worlds.

Fundie Flu is a direct result of God not behaving according to plan. When our version of the big guy in the sky stops favoring every excess we are engaged in, you have to put your attention on literal translations. You have to put your nose right up against the print in the book in order to dispel those disquieting peripheral intrusions, as well as all the bad behavior by those who explain the meaning of everything literal, to those who didn’t know what anything meant, until they were told by the people using it to control them.

The idea that religion is used to control the masses is not a new one. Before The Bible became the record of a people, who hijacked the histories of an earlier people, in order to set the stage for control of history, they knew all about this sort of thing. That is the reason they employed it. The currency value of the meaning of a ‘chosen people’ was understood. Once again, that is the reason they employed it.

Some guy named Jesus Christ is supposed to have shown up and then accused these ‘chosen people’ of being usurers and six kinds of attendant scoundrels to the disadvantage of everyone else in the neighborhood. The history manipulators noted the trend of this new religion and promptly rendered the main character into one of their own; despite mounting evidence that he was not one of their own.. You can read about this for days, if you want to. This allowed them to piggy back their chosen people scam into the following centuries, where they continued to behave as they always did.

Due to the force of The Apocalypse, uncovering so much of what has been hidden, altered and suppressed over the last age, those profiting from the herd factor of the opiate of the masses syndrome, have found it necessary to use a red highlighter to showcase all mention of Israel, as one of the cornerstones of manipulated prophecy, and to substitute the criminal banking syndicate, operating under that name, for the spiritual Israel mentioned in the much redacted, hammered, spindled folded and mutilated King Jimmy edition of The Official Manual for Crowd Control.

The chosen children of the horned adversary of the salt of the Earth, invaded this land and drove the actual people from the Bible into death, dismemberment and refugee status and have since been eliminating all record of their enduring presence, because it is their intention to supplant these people, as if they had always been these people and these people were never really even here or anywhere at any time ever and ‘we don’t need no stinking DNA’.

These people, if people they be, have been at this venture of historical revision and the suppression of damning evidence for a long, long time; despite being thrown out of every country in the world at least once for the same general reasons. This chronic repetition of bad behavior is now chalked up to an enduring victimization of the chosen issue of God by a series of unwelcoming and intolerant hosts. Despite commanding and owning a large portion of the slaving ships, they are painted as the courageous and tireless workers for civil rights in all the countries, where they caused the disparities in treatment in the first place. This is the reason for co-opting all of the civil rights organizations and every organization that deals with every new sexual predilection that comes along. This is also why they are in charge of defining art and controlling who succeeds in that area of endeavor. This, naturally, has led to controlling the majority of the media, entertainment and publishing empires of the world. All of this is proof positive that the truth is anti-Semitic, although they are not Semitic, in the main, but simply engaged in genociding and replacing the people who are. All of this was accomplished by controlling the flow of currency and charging interest for its use.

These facts are indisputable but have been hidden from the mind of the general population. Unfortunately, The Apocalypse is not permitting that to endure any longer and there is a mad scramble to contain a force of revelation that cannot be contained. These are the circumstances in which we find ourselves today. The spontaneous revolutions that are manifesting like an outbreak of acne in all the parts of the world, where they have previously ruled, from behind the scenes with an iron hand, are all evidence of the force of The Apocalypse and it will not be denied.

All of this makes for dicey possibilities in the near future, as the turning of the cosmic wheels gets ever more deeply engaged in the sorting out that is necessary for the entrance of a new age. Given the predispositions of these people, if people they be, and the bread and butter mindset of those serving them, we’re looking at all sorts of potential for mayhem and madness. Jesus’ own Michelin Tire Man, the redoubtable John Hagee, is only one of the corollary priests of disinformation who are busier than African killer bees at the moment.

If it were up to us to solve and settle the hash of this planets enduring criminal class, presently being headed up by The Rothschild banking empire, we might have cause for despair. Unlike ourselves, they possess no restraints of conscience and are deeply imbedded in the woodwork of all of the institutions of the old world. They are the driving force behind all of the Draconian laws, gratuitous wars, phony terror concerns, economic failures and just about everything that makes living here, in this moment, such an unpleasant prospect. However, it is not up to us. The cosmic wheels have got the matter in hand and will prove inexorable in respect of the needs of the time. No pun intended but, ‘you can take that to the bank’.

The personal requirements of this period are to concern ourselves only with interior efforts to reach a higher understanding and leave the external details to the forces who know what needs to be done according to that higher math and ‘mysterious workings’ of which we know very little. It’s all happening right in front of your eyes and it’s all very much about redressing ancient wrongs that have been secured against this moment from the moment they first began to happen. Alpha and Omega are about to do the tango. It may take two but there is only one.

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Anonymous said...

"These people, if people they be, have been at this venture of historical revision and the suppression of damning evidence for a long, long time . . ."

Yes, good point. I wonder which particular international crime syndicate the pyromaniacs (stress on maniacs) responsible for destroying the Great Library of Alexandria really came from.

I'm tipping "The Usual Kosher Suspects."

Avops said...

Good day, Les -

I listened to your radio show this morning, and once again was given much food for thought!

I wanted to thank you for always providing me with themes and theories that keep me focused on truth and acheivement.

Your show and your writings have opened my eyes more than a lifetime of church sermons.

Just saying thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Everything is visible... it's just that we can't seem to see what's in front of us. (c;

Hey, I am going to stand by you and beat on the same drum a bit... just because I feel like it.

The Bible tells one how to be and how not to do it. It's not a record of those who succeeded, but what failed. Israel is broken into 12 tribes and most of them are lost. Broken up... split up... tribal... lost. How plain can it be? One wonders how we can thump on that Bible and get it so bass-ackwards.

A message from heaven... written in time... written in creation. Who is it who attacked the USS Liberty?

Creation makes me smile sometimes. Creation is greater than Shakespeare even dreamed of. All who can't see what that means, should go back to the bacon. (c;

The best to Les. Thanks for the writings.


DaveS said...

I finally finished reading the comments over at Smoking Mirrors... sigh, why do the two groups of people who most need to relax, sit back and ease their minds, instead prove how queer they are? These two groups are mostly made up of the People with Small Minds Tumbling Loose in Large Heads, and Large MInds Being Squeezed into Under-Sized Skulls.

Anything (or anyone) is exactly what you believe them to be. At least in your mind... and that's where everyone lives, regardless of their body's location. The trolls are trolls because we believe them to be. And vis versa.

Something that separates Les's blogs from many a poser out there is the fact he is constantly encouraging people to think for themselves. But thinking for yourself doesn't mean you get to step all over the host either. I think Neko's response regarding porn/net bullshit was the cat's meow; "I know it when I see it"

Yeah, that's it in a nut shell. Purr.

I've been floating around the 'net enough years to see all the idiots spewing crap... they think they've learned some great secret, or they personally have the sole knowledge of the secrets of all ages, or some other freaky spiel, but what they need is a good does of xanex – mother nature's remedies would send them too far away. Yeah, I'm not sure what it is exactly, but they need something.

Life is exactly what you think/believe it is. Exactly.

If you don't agree with that, you're agreeing with it. Get it? I didn't think so.

Keep at it Les. Les is more, more or less ;)


wv:linvides– the invisible line that divides people's beliefs. Who gets to steal the money is the linvides between Republicans and Democrats ;)

Anonymous said...

Very well said Sir.

With sincere appreciation,


Anonymous said...

DNA. A DNA gun, or a hand held DNA identifier device for those too blind to see who or what these reptilians really are. You should have seen the Baptists like Haggee falling all over themselves to IDOLIZE these snakes. One huge eyeopener for me was when the good faith tanks working for the ADL/ATF & ADL/FBI drove into my neighbors church which was across the road from a satanic cult/drug smuggling/child sacrifice "LOCATION"..and not one single hemp plant was shooting at my neighbors or working for the "CHOSEN" media. Anyway, sometimes a man is known by who his enemies are. Poison Ivy and certain cactus plants can be less than friendly. G O F I G U R E ..laus deo.

Annsie said...

Thanks Les, Each time I begin to believe that a majority of people are absolutely clueless to what is going on in the world and we are going to be dragged along by the masses you post something like this which gives me hope. You are an inspiration. Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

old man of the flowers
hum bumble bees
nightingale feathers
grandmother weaves
harmonys wander
scented of stars
rythms and patterns
reach from afar
charge through the winter
warming the cold
trails of deep essences
open and hold
unfolding living
whispering green
springtime revolving
life bringing beam


Anonymous said...

Another home run Les.

Yes and mother SUN is none too happy of late either.

But we won't hear of these events because the money changers can tax the sun for farting....yet.


GTRman said...

Good comment DaveS! No special hats are required , the ones who know , know that they dont know , and if they do , they know not to push it on others.

"Let sleepers sleep" as Neil Kramer is fond of saying. Lord knows Ive done my share of "Youve got to read this!!", spraying like a dropped fire-hose.
None of that is what I wanted to say, so here it is : Les , I usually rush in with my comments and often forget to " sign the guest book".
So , THANKYOU for what you do , I really love it.
I know many people here who can procure some of your favourite low-calorie breakfast cereal , but I have ZERO income at the moment and , you know how it is.
When I gat a spare twenty quid or so
Ill let you Know. GTRman

Visible said...


I was planing on paying for it myself.

bholanath said...

Hillareptile is calling all her ambassadors home from 180 countries to a 'meeting' today, to "discuss wiki" and other things. I doubt it. Could they be going to discuss the Apocalypse ya think? And the ongoing increasing loss of 'control' (grin)?
Sounds slightly ominous.
Love the "Official Manual for Crowd Control"!

Unonymous said...

Hillary calling back all the stooges for a meeting?

Unprecedented one might well think.

Many a precedent being set of late....Ominously, for some who remain unawares, due to either ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, sadistic gluttony, slothful righteouness or any such inertial guidance systems.

siamsam said...

Yes indeed, these people (to be confirmed as people - we'll leave that open) were expelled from Britain by Edward the 1st around 1290 AD. Alleged usury.

Did you know that during the 'open' slave trade one could not purchase a slave on particular days. Jewish holidays no less. Even the boss needs his days off!

Re. Hilary recalling so many rats for a big pow wow. Can't help thinking that they are getting ready to go underground.

Kindest to all

Anonymous said...

You ahve to wonder about that recall. What is hillary up too? Well, we will see, one way or another.

Trouble brews.


GTRman said...

I put this on the other thread by mistake. Kaminski's latest fits well with these themes :

The harbor pilot

Dedicated to Vincent vanGogh and the 2011 graduating class of every school at every level everywhere in the known world.

3rd February 2011

The captain and first mate were chatting on the bridge, miles from nowhere, and a fog bank up ahead, still low on the portside horizon.

“Religion is such a waste of time,” the captain whined, biting the end of his smoldering pipe, and causing a sharp pang in the throat of his much younger, somewhat evangelical first mate. “All it does is keep you from seeing God how He really is, because they tell you who they say he is, and if you’ve spent any time out in the real world, you know for sure that’s not who He really is.”

The first mate adjusted his microphone. “I’m not so sure the good book doesn’t have some good examples of how people can be good,” he offered timidly, adding, “not to mention it does have good news.”

“It’s bogus,” the skipper sputtered. “It passes itself off as an authority on attributes that people already possess, fetishizes the practice of reminding them of it, and then charges them for doing it.

“Not to mention turning your brain to mush by preventing you from even considering any other frame of reference, most of which are far more relevant and beneficial to your life than the homey, mind-control homilies like ‘render unto Caesar’ that priests are fond of laying on you. Given any thought to the relevance of Jesus on one of Jupiter’s moons lately?”
continues here:

Origen the heretic said...

Yo Les! You really drove a lot of nails in with this one; definitely one of your best.

Depression? Incipient despair? None of that here, in fact my tongue's hanging out with anticipation; it's how I keep my nose cold and wet. Bring it on!

"Fundie Flu is a direct result of God not behaving according to plan." Yeah, how dare this God person step outside the boundaries we so graciously laid down for Him? Nice dig at that Tele-tubby Hagee, but couldn't you have slung some of CUFI's shit back on their heads?

"Golf courses and cemeteries..." See George Carlin's "Golf Courses for the Homeless" from his "Jammin' in New York" album.

Thanks Les, for this and all you do.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

The sun is just following orders.

a GrebBear said...

Great post, toeP goD )

The math comment, " ... the forces who know what needs to be done according to that higher math and ‘mysterious workings’ of which we know very little."

From my perspective, the 'higher math' is the one to nine code = from one (separate) to n-in-e (completion = one + Infinity = 9)
... the 'real' DaVinci CO-de ))

This idea has been storming my consciousness and the integration has been en-LIGHT-en-IN-g, to say the least ...
Up-dated Continuously

Thanks again,
WE're real-ly co-mi-n-g together NOW ))

... i hope this helps )

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)

GTRman said...

Speaking of 'holy' books , this one's had more upgrades than Windows!

The word “holocaust” to be removed from Catholic Bibles

Political Correctness gone wild!

God’s Word cannot be allowed to compete with the word used for Judaic suffering in World War II. Now even God is subject to editing by human decree. This is nothing less than Talmudic praxis. Notice that this censored Bible will be published at the start of Lent; clearly a ritual affront. Michael Hoffman

Revised Bible provides 'more clarity, more detail' for today's Catholic

By Patricia Zapor, Feb. 3, 2011
Catholic News Service

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The revised New American Bible that will be released on Ash Wednesday, March 9, may seem most notably different to casual readers for its efforts at providing context and clarity in how the passages fit together, according to the coordinator of its publication.

"It will be like going from regular TV to high-definition," said Mary Elizabeth Sperry, associate director of New American Bible utilization for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. "You'll have the same programs but more clarity, more detail."

What is being called the New American Bible Revised Edition, or NABRE, will include the first revised translation since 1970 of the Old Testament. The New Testament translation is the same as in 1986 and later editions of the New American Bible.

GTRman said...

This is good.
A rabbi tells the truth - accidentally!

Suzanne said...

Unbelievable. I went to see a friend yesterday and told her all the things that are in this blog, which I read when I got home.

Obviously I was tapping into the same source and it was also prompting me to say it out loud. It is quite possible that I was speaking at the same time you were writing. The magic field is getting stronger.

I read your blogs but rarely comment - just had to mention this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Re: Change

Back in the late 60's and early
70's the University of Maryland had a theme;namely that the rate of change in the world will go parabolic and to be prepared for it. This has been true for the past 40 years. There is a problem with parabulas...once they lose momentum they tend to crash.

Your fiend,


Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

The Love and How to Reach it.

Anonymous said...

Openmindedness is all well and good, except when it's used as an excuse for indecisiveness, confusion and procrastination.

Ezekiel 7:14
They have blown the trumpet and made all ready, but there is none that goes to battle; for my wrath is upon all their substance.

Isaiah 18:1
WOE to the land of shadowing wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.

Ezekiel 7:26
... but the law shall perish from the priests, and counsel from the elders. (Hello, image of the beast TV)

Anonymous said...

Brill, Dude!
You're right on the money!

European American said...

"As the Landfill Burbles with the toxic wastes of a disintegrating culture..."

Ahh, I can see the screen now, about to present the forth and final installment, when Max arrives from Oz to stalk the ruthless Z....

Nice ambiance here.

Journey said...

Hey Les,
Love the new look of the site.
Glad to see you are back in the saddle again. (Steven Tyler Grin)
It seemed you have been a bit off in the recent past ... but hit this one right on the head.
Thankx for all ya do and maybe if you like I can send a copy of my CD to ya ... it's the least I could do eh ?


Charles said...

Brilliant, Les. Bloody brilliant. Thank you from a regular reader / irregular commenter.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Great post, one of your best so far in my humble opinion :0) . It's too bad that the people who most need to read it will never visit this site. You wrote:

"Fundie Flu is a direct result of God not behaving according to plan."

This may sound like it's off the subject but it's not. I have a friend who is an old Christian prophet and one time back in the mid-90's I sought him for advice about a relationship I was in. I told him about some of the things I had recently said to the woman and he made this statement:

"Whenever you challenge someone's idol usually all you succeed in doing is to drive them further into the idol. When they hear any statement that has the potential to discredit their idol they'll immediately run to protect the idol."

As I see, it what you've been saying about the apocalypse is right on, especially in regard to the fundamentalist Christian denominations, in that the truth about all things is slowly coming out in the open and people are scrambling to legitimize their idols. It's just like you say, that people are taking their religion a lot more seriously than they used to, which as I see it is an outplaying of them running to protect their idols. What is most ironic about it is that they've been duped into believing that their idols are an integral part of their relationship with the Lord when nothing could be further from the truth. You wrote:

"Jesus’ own Michelin Tire Man, the redoubtable John Hagee, is only one of the corollary priests of disinformation who are busier than African killer bees at the moment."

John Hagee has about as much to do with Jesus as Rush Limbaugh or the Pope do. But it's like you say, that they're as busy as killer bees (and every bit as poisonous). The televangelists were propped up by the Illuminati think tank scientists for a dual purpose, first, to function as gatekeepers, and second, to offend the intelligentsia and to chase them away from anything having to do with anything with the name 'Christ' associated with it. If there's anything TPTB DON'T want it's a bunch of intellectual Christians running around outside the corral and always throwing wrenches into their takeover apparatus.

Steve De'ak said...

Hi Les,

This observation is priceless:

"Golf courses and cemeteries have a lot in common and I’ve long believed they should be combined in symbiotic interplay for the best of both worlds."

A comedian could do a whole "shtick" on that observational morsel.

With regards to waiting for a higher power to enact change though, I wanted to point out that doing so smacks of Fundies of both the religious and political types. What I see as part of the control mechanism is the meme that tells us to wait for a savior or a leader to enact change.

I agree this is a revolution of awareness, one that must begin inside, but I also firmly believe that once that awareness starts to grow, it must manifest itself on the outside. Waiting for someone else to fix things only keeps us waiting.

Waiting for a savior suits the oppressors, and I know that many visitors to your blogs are grateful you haven't kept silent while waiting for the other shoe to drop. Through your writing you accelerate the process of awareness for many; an inspirational leader to follow if ever there was one.

If we all spoke out like you do, we could quite possibly enact the change ourselves...and maybe that is the best evidence of the machinations of whatever higher power you are referring to.

Thanks all your work.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Jai Saraswati Devi - may the blessings of Goddess Saraswati enrich all that she commands - the arts, music and learning.

This is me kissing your eyelids and sending tons of healing love and removal of all obtacles. We shall not refere to your troubles, since you can command yours to leave your body.

Just some cute perspective for those that walk around (or visit you) with a bizarre opinion of Hinduism and India and the relative importance of
the Middle East vis a vis the real History of the world -

DO get your hands on - Dr. David Frawley's - In Search of the Cradle of Civilization.

And the very skewed behavior of the Abrhamics (all in their manifestation as national vitriol and international hindu-bashing here, peruse)

You are one of our true spiritual guides here, and I send you all the benfits of dharma (cosmic correct duty), artha (prosperity), kama (love to Suzanne) and moksha (spiritual liberation) to you.

Much love and oh by the way need your thoughts on David Icke's "Piso family wrote the bible and invented the whoel Jesus thing) - me thinks, no matter what the spin, the ideals and personality still stand - so goodfor you Piso, minus the whole I am going to be a worldbeater from the Vatican pulpit.




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