Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ZioNazis, Time Fugues and other Anomalies

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Things just keep getting stranger and stranger, in the world and in my house and in my life. For many this would be disconcerting. People like routine. Sadly, in too many case these days, so many people are unaware of anything going on beyond their regular entertainments. There are people in The Gulf of Mexico area that are not aware that anything has happened there. International corporations and the Zionist plague of psychopathic bankers and simpering politicos have destroyed the American infrastructure. If you don’t hear about it on TV, it didn’t happen even though the effects of it are everywhere to be seen.

Despite the wider ignorance of what is taking place, more and more people are waking up to what has been going on and it is making the ZioNazis very uneasy. This is why Mel Gibson is being pilloried. They think they’re pretty slick. They paint Gibson as a racist who is slandering the black race. The point of this is for the ZioNazis, arguably the most virulent racists on the planet, to jump to the defense of the black race as if they were the most righteous, compassionate and caring of groups. They’ve been co-opting civil rights and sundry organizations for years so as to give the impression that they are the ones who care about the downtrodden; never mind that the downtrodden are in the position they are in due to the ZioNazis.

As readers of this blog know, for about a year my blogs have been only rarely appearing at Whatreallyhappened. Before this I had sent them in to Michael Rivero and he had always linked my articles without fail. I thought we were friends and we often would exchange pleasantries or information. One day he did not post my submission and then it went to a week and then another week. I wrote him about a dozen times to inquire why this was and never got a reply. I said, “Okay, I won’t bother you anymore.” I went my way and that was that. Then I saw the other day that Michael needed donations because CBS had cancelled his participation in a Hawaiian filmed TV show. I wondered if this was something similar to the Gibson thing. Michael has been relentlessly exposing ZioNazi chicaneries for some time.

The ZioNazis are running scared because they know what is coming in this time of The Apocalypse. This is why Zio-Joe Lieberman wants to shut down the internet and why people are losing their media jobs when they say the wrong thing that the ZioNazis don’t like. I wanted to write about this but realized that I couldn’t assume that Michael’s contract was cancelled for the reasons I suspected and I wanted to help him if I could since I believe he does critical work. I was more or less forced to write him and ask and I said that despite how he might feel about me I did want to be of assistance if I could. Michael wrote back to ask me what thing I was talking about. He had no knowledge that this had been going on for a year with my posts and made a comment about how much he liked my work. How could he not have gotten my letters?

Last night I get a letter from a regular reader at Rense who wanted to tell me that the reason my work wasn’t appearing at Rense was because he had been away. I had no idea who had been putting it up. I’d never sent anything in. Then I get a warm letter from Jeff Rense telling me how much he liked my work and that I should send him my posts directly and he will put them up. The Dog Poet Transmitting dialogue box is back up again and now I have also suddenly received emails from other people showing me letters they wrote and comments they made.

I had a visitor from Texas over the last several days named Imron and he called from the airport to say that he had landed and we arranged for him to be driven here. It’s at least a half hour drive. I was just going into the shower so I went into the shower and he arrived at the door a mere few minutes after I went into the shower. There’s been a lot of this kind of thing. It’s becoming commonplace for the unexpected and inexplicable to occur. I could have said more about Whatreallyhappened and Rense which highlights the strange but I’ll leave that be. I could add a number of events that have been taking place here but I’ll leave that be too.

In the recent Visible Origami, I issued a series of commands. One of them was that “time go all funny’. That’s happening and I had to rescind the command because it was causing real problems (grin). While my visitor was here we were invited to a rave. It was announced on the internet and I was personally invited by a person connected to it. We got ready to go and were told it was cancelled. I went down to the local pub to talk to the fellow who invited me. Some of the other people who were putting it on or providing the music were there. A little while later we were told it was on again and the fellow told us the location. We went there and there was no one. We went back to the pub where all these people had returned and looked like they were waiting for us.

Susanne thought they were a Mossad hit squad. That’s not like her. They were now going to have the rave at another location. I told the fellow that I would follow him. Susanne did not want to come and was sure she would never see me again. I was following them when they floored the gas and took off at high speed up into the mountain and even though I was going very fast too, they disappeared. There’s more to this story too. There are more stories also. Something very strange is going on. Those of you who are familiar with what happened to me in Italy know that exceedingly strange things have been going on for months now. I find all this very entertaining but I can’t say I understand it.

It’s been two days now with no significant events. This post has been sitting on the desktop, waiting to see if there’s something more that’s supposed to go in here but it appears not for this little while.

The world appears to be hanging in a kind of gelatin suspension. It’s a time release containment gel, which lets slip certain occurrences but suppresses the activities of others until some wide reaching internal clock comes to the right moment. Meanwhile, in some places, time is moving faster. In other locations, time is moving slower and it could be that in some locales, time isn’t moving at all. Physical time and mental time are not moving at the same rate and in special situations; time is herky jerky following no pattern at all.

Somehow, a lot of things that were meant to be in sync are not and some coming events have to play catch-up and some have to wait on these laggards. It reminds me of the movie, “Mr. Nobody” cross shuffled with “Benjamin Buttons” like a canny card dealer inserting another deck inside the one in his hands. A year ago, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the possible sequencing of pending events; the year before that I had a different view. Today I have no real view at all. I’ve had to admit to myself that I haven’t got a clue as to how this is all supposed to sort out. There are any number of dimensions that have a time code much different from each other. Something happens in one place on a virtual level and then something that should have already happened or was meant to happen later is happening, or not happening according to means and methods beyond my ken.

I operate as if containing myself was the solution and the next day I act as if any containment at all is the source of the problem, at least for me. It’s not uncomfortable or angst making. It just is, or isn’t, depending on how you look at it. It could be that the new world that is emerging and which is antithetical to the old world and the New World Order is rising invisibly to one clock and the old world is falling back like dead leaves into compost according to another clock. In the interim, we have one foot in the old world and another in the world that is coming. That’s the best I can come up with at the moment; if this is the moment and not some other moment (grin).

It could be the amalgam of free will that’s the culprit or some mysterious outworking of cosmic forces that were always in charge and are now in active mode. One thing for sure, the bad guys are parading around on the world stage with huge LED screens and talking sandwich boards, announcing to us all just what sort of people they are. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason for this except to establish guilt and culpability. By the time they come before the eternal court there isn’t going to be much doubt about who is who.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, indeed Les things sure are getting strange> Strange occurrences such as sharing dreams etc. seem to be happening to people at random.

Time for me personally has speeded up exponentially - particularly over the past year or so. I know this is a common theme with those of a certain conciseness.

As for who are the good guys and the bad guys. I spent a lot of my life considering that I was a bad guy due to my vices: smoking, drinking, enjoying female company etc. Until I woke to realize that these things are mere minor infractions causing more innocent pleasure than harm. With the exception of the occasional - youthful - punch up fuelled by the additional drop of ego contained in little green bottles.

Now I am all grown up I can see who the bad guys really are so my guilt and fear subside ever more quickly. Or maybe at the same pace - just seems quicker!


Neko Kinoshita said...

Thank you,

It is important to remember that the odd nature of time and sequence is happening everywhere.

Thank you for that calm explanation.

Just riding the waves through the ifalong…


Anonymous said...

Time warp indeed!!!
All through reading your posts, this song kept repeating in my head:

We are trav'ling in the footsteps
Of those who've gone before,
And we'll all be reunited,
On a new and sunlit shore,

Oh, when the saints go marching in
Oh, when the saints go marching in
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching in

And when the sun refuse to shine
And when the sun refuse to shine
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the sun refuse to shine

And when the moon turns red with blood
And when the moon turns red with blood
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the moon turns red with blood

Oh, when the trumpet sounds its call
Oh, when the trumpet sounds its call
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the trumpet sounds its call

Some say this world of trouble,
Is the only one we need,
But I'm waiting for that morning,
When the new world is revealed.

Oh When the new world is revealed
Oh When the new world is revealed
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the new world is revealed

Oh, when the saints go marching in
Oh, when the saints go marching in
Lord, how I want to be in that number
When the saints go marching in

There are many versions of this song. I like this one best. Besides, its MY movie which I am playing in MY vacuum!

Les, I hope your sandpit stays on my lei line as we free-fall sans parachutes ,-)

Liz said...

..one foot in the old world and another in the world that is coming..I have said this very thing a lot lately. I am reasonably sure some people of my acquaintance think I am quite mad, but it ain't business as usual, even though there are people who are still swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Annsie said...

Kind of reminds me of Naria in C.S. Lewis's books..They spent years in Narnia growing up and when they return to earth no time has passed at all...

Rebel 4E said...

'I see the sunstruck forest,
In green it stands complete.
There soon we all are going,
The summertime to meet'

Anonymous said...

Another corker, Les!

Yep,it is seriously difficult, sometimes, to keep up with the "wtf" moments.

Logic is like a boomerang in this moment of time and space. One throws thoughts and ideas out there and sometimes logic comes back in an AHA moment, but often times, it all seems so extremely surreal and logic doesn´t come back because it disappeared in some wormhole or another dimension.

Often times, awareness shifts and there is a pause. Trying to make sense of all the mumbo jumbo gobbeldy gook.
Realisations that many happenings are not of this world.
Like a Disney story of a time that stood still.
All pretend and "play-play", eliminating all things "real", horrid and gory.
Fluffy pink unicorns and the occasional Ka-ching!
Lindsay Lohans in jail but BP executives not.
The phony ponies loud and in your face.

It is easy to get lost in the reverie and become a part time extra in this panopticon.

In times like these, it does the soul good to go out and talk to nature. It never lies and is very forgiving. ;)

Much love

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les, My perception of a RAVE party is a bunch of spoiled jewish kids tripping on ecstacy dancing irreverently on a beach all night long. Sounds like a set up. Be careful out there.

Visible said...

There aren't any of those in this area.

A.Mouser said...

Greetings Les,
McDonald's in Canada has gone away from "I'm lovin' it" to a retro down-home we make an old fashioned burger.
Obama is certainly a TPTB plant with a dominatrix wife, unclear sexual orientation and an Indonesian birth certificate to keep him fully in line.
We are the joker in the court of life who is now revealed to be the most sane.
We shall wait to see what is to come apart next, time - space?
Please keep up your great insights into this theater called "life".
Rivero and Rense know and respect your advertising free truth.


Anonymous said...

time fugues anomalies
wierd clouded times
zionanizis demented
cant let go of their lies
government propagandas
prepared for each day
evil intentions
with fine suits displayed
appocolypse shifts
is it back or is it forth
no one really knows
but everybody still reports
israhell killing things
for some insain excuse
out to prove they're the chosen
well I suppose evil pollute
it flows in streams killing things it dont even know why
with extreme provocation
and never ending lies
what happens when the whole thing
tumbles to the floor
like it always does from within
like a crumbly old whore.


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"One thing for sure, the bad guys are parading around on the world stage with huge LED screens..."

This might be part of the situation with "time" or it might be all of it.
LED (light-emitting diodes) flash on and off so fast that it can't be detected. That's why I refuse to drive at night because they're increasing in use for headlights and taillights.

They affect the brain somehow; put it to sleep or a state of half-sleep or something.

And they use them on soldiers during training.

m_astera said...

As an example of two different worlds co-existing, I spent the day Sunday on a shake-out cruise of a new 58' catamaran yacht owned by a wealthy lawyer. There were eight of us on board, seven Americans and a Peruvian crewman. The cast of characters were the lawyer, his young stripper girlfriend from Reno, a man and wife who were ships crew with a lot of sailing experience, the owner of a security guard company, a neighbor from the yacht marina, the Peruvian and me.

One could not tell from that day's events that anything unusual or different was going on in the world. Not a mention was made of the Gulf oil disaster, the real situation in the US, Israel's actions, the wars, the real economy, nothing. When I alluded to some of these things out of sheer boredom with small talk, I was either met with a blank look or some obvious disinfo picked up from the MSM. I would say that to a very minor extent this was denial, but by far the major factor was sheer and absolutely determined ignorance. They have managed to know nothing, nothing at all of what is going on and have not even the vaguest sense of curiosity.

So, in this case one in eight had a clue. If I extrapolate out to a larger group of people that I interact with in everyday life, it is closer to one in fifty, maybe one in a hundred.

I'm wondering what that means and portends, if based on my experience only one or two percent of the people have any clue at all about the changes in process. If there is some sort of criteria that favors survival through these changes, what is it? If the criteria should turn out to be even a vague sense of curiosity or desire for awareness, much less an active interest in change for the better, things don't look promising for most.

wiggins said...

Maybe it is just Cosmic Energy having a bit of fun at our expense, bit like crop circles, but of course they are more serious in their content.(I think.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Have you seen this?


I can't believe this militaristic madness. Is the Costa Rican Legislature really so stupid as to hand the country over to the USraeli Empire, or are they just completely corrupt?


Anonymous said...

Very interesting Les, nothing that exciting has happened to me other than the breaking news section of my blog being erased for the third time. I brought most of it back from word press though. Fun and games!

Les I offer a caution about partying with people you don't know, just a thought! I want you to know your work will always be carried on my blog, half of my small readership I am sure is the company.

One thing I am sure of here in regard to once in awhile someone will mention you might be a computer somewhere. I have read you for awhile and I can honestly say you have demonstrated enough knowledge of spirit and the one law, that should convince anyone you know the consequences of trying of mislead.

So people if my opinion is worth anything, Les knows too much about karma to ever lie to you. He is speaking from the heart. I can spot these things.

You know what the Navajo say, we can be forgiven for our wrongs but those who know and try to mislead will never be forgiven.

Always go toward the light, always

Bless you

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Geobiology is a study of the influence of "earth energies" on all forms of life. The earth is threaded with energy lines or meridians of electromagnetic energy which have a powerful influence on living things. Scientists have proven this invisible energy passes through all matter, affecting every living system on the planet, in either a negative or positive way. Man is an electromagnetic creature with every cell in the living system an electrical battery. The electrical system is reflected even more subtly as the human aura which is a photographable and measurable electrical field."

Much more at:
Geobiology/Geopathic Stress and its effect on Human Health Problems and Solutions

Anonymous said...

Thank you , Les!

I thought I was the only one experiencing dimensional shifts (well, my husband sometimes does, too). It's kind of like the weird feeling when a earthquake happens, but a little more unbalancing. Your statement that physical and mental time are not moving at the same pace may explain the unbalanced feeling - - we are just not familiar enough with it yet. And it's not going to lessen anytime (so to speak) soon.

BTW, the missed communications with Rivero and Rense may be due to the fact that the NSA outright owns many ISPs and certainly monitors the rest. I've been hearing about A LOT of emails not reaching their destination, particularly when the subject was, shall we say, not mainstream. For example, it is fairly common knowledge that the NSA owns EarthLink, which is my ISP - - mentioning this probably means my browser and maybe my computer will crash any moment. I love it when they get so obvious. Hopefully this comment gets to you first.

peace and love,

Anonymous said...

well yahoo news completely deny any funny goings on with the crop circles just blame the usual old pranksters.
if they had said anything else,I would of been suspicious.
everyone over on the cropcircle site
are all on cloud nine all sorts of interpretations comming out.
I dont think anyone really knowswhat is going on,but interesting stuff without a doubt.neil

Anonymous said...

"Hey Les, I tried to post on your blog but for some reason the URI is too long according to http://www.facebook.com/l/cd930;blogger.com, it's crazy. So I do it here:

Wonderful post Les, from the Heart, strait from intuitive knowledge. Knowing without knowing why, as the old farmer overlooking his life and micro-business and exactly knowing when to sow or harvest.

About your strange coincidences and apparent time-distortion it could make sense, not from a scientific point of view. We are heading to a new era. Unsuspected things are happening around us. It happens that people like you are more aware about it and thus are more awake to the mystery of it all.

I remember something that Blavatsky wrote: 'nothing in Nature happens instantly' In other words all needs time to grow from one thing to another. And Blavatsky is not really a person I take for granted, for she has a dark side. Apart from the splinters of wisdom she spread on paper (example: 'there is no greater religion than Truth')

As thus: these apparent strange coincidences are simply two worlds coming together. In which way you want to assimilate this is up to you. It always has been.

The old Shamans have for 1000's of years known that there are an infinite number of realities surrounding us, it is our focal point that decides which reality we experience. Some circumstances like disease or psy-drugs can temporarily shift or even move this focal point and that makes us experience another 'reality'.

A word about Mike Rivero. Although he does a lot himself, I have the impression that communication mainly goes through others. In some cases people who want to advertise on WRH didn't get an answer too, even after several attempts. The reader letter section is getting smaller by the months ergo it's not such a surprise answers on emails are not easily coming.

I don't respect Rense anymore as I did in the past years. He's a little bit too (right-)extreme in my honest opinion. Extremes are never a good idea if truth is what one is seeking.

@paolocaruso: don't worry about the Israeli influence on the European rave-scene. This is practically non-existing. As a matter of fact: it is mainly the left-minded people that organize these kind of events. Europe is not Goa, Cape Town or Haadrin Beach.

Les, keep up the good work and thanks a lot for your inspiration!

Warm Greetings from the Philippines,


Anonymous said...

I use earthlink also, or maybe it uses me one or the other. They are so criminal it is hilarious. About every six months I get a letter from them saying comeback we miss you even though their fee is taken out with the brighthouse payment. It is always we will give you a discount.

I call them up and say hey I never left but give me the discount! They actually did the first few times. When I ask them which server I am on if not theirs they never have much of an answer.

From what I am told earthlink is the scientology part of the pyaramid. Awhile back they gave me a static IP number also, no more dynamics for you bud! The router doesn't work either.

Earthlink is standing by to help you!

Franz said...


I'm not a bit surprised you're the only one with the cojones to mention Mel Gibson.

Because of a freak series of events in the 60s I was in the US Navy when various EM research was going on. At the time we were not told mind control was part of the research.

The electromagnetic devices they were playing with then were primitive and almost unshielded. After a really odd session involving "aircraft parts" I wanted to go out and kill somebody, my head was that botched up. Lucky I was a drinker (hehe) because alcohol is the downer of choice when that happens.

Since then I've discovered they now have sophisticated devices and a whole range of frequencies, they can even transmit diseases.

The classic EM side-effect of depression/suicidal tendencies intersperced with periods of almost matchless high remain their favorite. When I see somebody like Gibson, who is rich and successful beyond doubt, fly off I know he's being controlled.

Zapping Mel would take almost nothing. They could bath his whole house in EM waves that would only effect him, and be SHOCKED, SHOCKED at the results.

Right now at the Internet Movie Data Base there's a forum discussion being led by an article by a rabbi on why we must NEVER FORGIVE Mel because that's how the Holocaust started.

People believe that stuff, amazing.

Visible said...

Yeah, they're keying on him for telling the truth, such as they start all the wars which, damned if it doesn't appear that they do. And he indicated in a movie that the Jews killed Jesus. That's no big news, they've killed tens of millions just for entertainment and profit. It now seems to me that there is no group so small and vicious on Earth anywhere at any time.

It's all right there to be seen. The vast majority of the group are inhuman psychopaths. Some small portion might be human but it's a small portion to be sure.

Visible said...

You should put in a link to that conversation so that any of us can comment if we want to. I know I do.

Anonymous said...

Hi les.. bob here.. I did send you back a few responses.. I sent a second set on yahoo now that I know there is a problem I will just use that.. Sigh.. the way things work now ON EMAIL is not that great.. One way of several I get cut off from communicating with people.. My email must be being eaten by a carnivore of something.

Anonymous said...

But... but... but.. Noam Chomsky said the Romans crucified Jesus for oil!

Anonymous said...

Ok I have not read the whole comment but i have to say I know where this is going. During the time I was active in opposing the evil ones and their wars etc, I started to have dreams of a political nature and strange things started to happen. i got a repeated dream that they were trying to get into my house and this happened whenever i made a random post. In fact i was so tuned in to what they were up to next and then they started on my kids. Yep there is more to this world than we k#care to know.

Peter said...

Mr Visible,
I appreciate yur writings immensely. I can only repay you with pieces of music I find soulful and up lifting.
Spontaneity seems to be my watchword. It's not far from your vibe either.
Maybe this blog is not the place for summer drumming(and sponataneous kundalini dancing) but 2 pieces of music crossed my path this last week, in a spaontaneous and synchronistic manner, that warrants sharing with you and your cosmically conscious readers.
*** Since time out of mind, drumming has been both a musical practice and a social magnet; in the warm zone cultures of the Caribbean, Africa, the Indo-Pacific, and Latin America, drumming music is king. When the temperature rises, the blood seems to thin and the body wants to move. For most, it's a time for dancing, but for others, it's an invitation to the hypnotic state of dynamic stillness: the use of rhythm to achieve deeper levels of concentration.***
(that was from the web site Hearts of Space [hos.com] )
summer drum 1
summer drum 2

bholanath said...

While the subject here is Time, I thought I'd bring up the fact that this coming Sunday July 25th happens to be the last day of the Mayan Calendar Year - actually the "Day Out of Time" - as described by Arguelles:

July 25, the Gregorian Calendar date of the Day Out of Time, is the 365th day of the year of the Thirteen Moon Calendar. This harmonic timing standard measures the year in thirteen even months of 28 days each, a perpetual calendar of 52 perfect weeks, making a total of 364 days. The 365th day, the Day Out of Time' is no day of the week or month at all, but truly a Day Out of Time. For this reason, this special day is observed as the day to cancel debts, to pardon and forgive, and to celebrate life through art and culture."

July 25th is also the Full Moon, known in the Hindu calendar as Guru Purnima - the lunar calendar celebration of the Guru, both the outer preceptor, master, friend; and the inner One connected to Source and perfect guide.


Zel said...

"Susanne thought they were a Mossad hit squad."
Har,har, har... Susanne's no fool. You've been the pebble in their shoe for a long time. She's got good instincts. You should listen to her.

"I was following them when they floored the gas and took off at high speed up into the mountain and even though I was going very fast too, they disappeared."
This is classic also--your "friends" get paid to drive you past a certain point, past an already enplaced hit squad, then your "friends" take off so they can truthfully say they saw nothing.

Of course since you're still alive, I'll assume this was all some kind of wacky mixup, unless it truly was a genuine attempt to put you to sleep, and other forces twarted their plans... hmmm.

abe said...

Interesting stuff Les, but I just don't know. Rense and Rivero have indeed done great things with their website, including stuff on Waco and OKC that are hard to find elsewhere. But that said, some things still rub me the wrong way. This may go a bit off topic, but I feel it's important enough to share on an uncensored blog.

Forgive me for speaking ill of others but this Paul Drockton character that Rense in particular seems to be promoting sets my alarm off big time, plain and simple.The dude's endorsement of the LDS church, despite knowing of it's Masonic origins and CURRENT satanic/sexual mischief in Utah was and is, incomprehensible.

Also a while back, the dude had a post on how to start a survival group/gun club and set out some rules his readers could follow to keep it safe. Nothing wrong with that, but it felt like the kind of thing a fed would encourage people to do, and the "rules" were totally open to infiltration.

The following are some common sense rules not included in the post that are absolutely essential to preventing infiltration and subversion:

1. Admit no jews, law enforcement agents, or federal employees. I know it sounds harsh, but this IS how they do it. If you aren't politically incorrect enough to do a survival group right, then don't do it at all, you'll get a lot of people killed or arrested for no reason. The reason for this is that over 90% of jews, according to any and all surveys, are admitted zionists, that's not a chance to take when survival is on the line. And any federal/LEO types that care for their careers(all of them) can be compromised by their higher ups.

2. Admit no spouses of jews, federal employees, or law enforcement types. For the same listed reasons of zionist loyalties and the ability to be compromised.

3. Have everyone pre-submit to a policy of automatic expulsion from the group if found to be agitating for violence, or making violent threats, whether in public or private.

Having said all that, I hope things work out well for the blogs and that your readership continue to expand in numbers to large to ever be admitted to by those in power. In fact, I command that it be so. Command that it be so.

Anonymous said...

The signs are all around us, only for me its the little things that stand out. Whether they do it for money, shock value, or to break the routine, alot of the information sites can and do have an ulterior motive. A kind of spaced out IG-88 character.
Only they are more like the stupid idiots who create robotic assassins in the lab.
(Nope. Not a pro-zionist troll trying to stir bad feelings, just a passer by)

They understand that We know the media knows that part of the control game plan is up. I don't think those who are playing with the minds of lost people realize that posing as right-wing helpers, in the end you will be found out and (the reasons for your motives too,) are attached next to the left wing of the same back.

The sites you mentioned , even David Icke, don't have the answers. They may get the reader thinking in the right direction, that is nice, only just enough stuff to keep the doors from rusting.

Like I say, its 'the little things' that speak volumes and override everything. The people running alot of the sites (mentioned) may not know it, are in lock-step with (here we go)satans very bright system. Often defend and help promote; fallen angels/aliens (Sons of Belial) as mankinds DNA (tree of life) splicers and takers / homosexuality / dark arts / allow controlled government files and trojans to help keep an eye on things.. etc. It's the tiny little flickers who are still a crucial and well hidden part of the illuminati deflection policy.

Billy G.

Anonymous said...

@ bolanath

Thank you for the snippet concerning July 25th.

Quite a big day, in many traditions, including a meeting of all the bum-chums at the Bohemian Grove.
I wonder how much forgiving, cancelling of debt and pardoning they will be doing. ;)
Which leads me to this next huuuuuge "coincidence". The EU want to host a meeting between atheists and freemasons soon.
Go figure!

I see that The Dragon of China is fuming too. Anyone else heard about the oil spill/explosion in the Yellow Sea, off Dalian?

Interesting times.

I will be doing my own "the guru is within" dance on the 25th, shaking the noisy media monkey off my back.


abe said...

Before dismissing the mossad possibility you might want to look up Antwerp, raves, and GHB.

Interesting stuff out there....

faithful forever said...

In regards to July 25th, it is also interesting to note that it is within the 15-day timeframe of 15 days after the total solar eclipse which followed a previous 15-day cycle of a lunar eclipse. Seems that there is some kind of history to a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse 15 days later and then wars being waged within 15 days of the solar eclipse.

As always, time will tell, but we are in for a most interesting time of it.

bholanath said...

An addendum to the Full Moon weekend of the 24-25 July:
1)Saturn-Uranus&Jupiter opposition peaks
2)Mercury-Neptune opposition peaks
3)Jupiter square Pluto peaks
= big-ass T-square.
Then the following weekend (wait for it!) MARS joins the fray (conjunct Saturn)!
Mars is in this instance considered a 'malefic' trigger for the larger configuration of slower planets.
Holey moley!
Keep clear of the collective madness.

Anonymous said...

To Abe and Billy G:

None of the sites out there are absolutes. It's up to each of us to look at a number of info sources and sort it out for ourselves (note: this requires independent thinking, which the media knows most people aren't capable of).

Important to remember in these times of disinfo is that disinfo usually contains about 50% truth - the trick is to figure out which 50%. Though I think Les tends to bat close to 100%.

A Zen Guide once told me:
Constantly question everything - the beliefs of others and especially your own beliefs, because your never know when the others might be wrong and you never know when you might be wrong.


Erik said...

Hi All,

I would like to share a small quote from Philip K. Dick's (PKD) 'In pursuit of Valis: Selections from the Exegis'
I am currently reading, or better trying to read because it is 'mindblowing' stuff.

What PKD writes about is more or less similar to Les' recent 'outrageous' kundalini experiences :-)
This small excerpt describes the strange time-phenomena as reported by Les and other commenters.

Note: UBIK is a PKD term, Les would call it 'Real'

Now I believe that time, at this
point in the expansion of the universe (or for some
other reason(s» has in fact actually begun to weaken,at least in relation to certain other fields. Therefore,
this being true, a measure of the UBIK-experience could be anticipated. I have indeed had that experience,or a measure thereof. That is, time still drives
on, but counter forces have surfaced and impinge, laying bare the UBIK landscape-only for a few
moments, that is temporarily. Then time resumes its sovereignty.
What one would expect is two-fold: (one) Material (e.g., information, images, weak energy fields, etc.)
from the future leaking or bleeding back to us, while we continue on. (two) Abrupt lurches back on our part
to recent time periods, like a needle on a record being
anti-skated back to a prior groove, which it has already played, and then playing on from there as if
nothing happened. The latter we would not be consciously
aware of, although subcortical responses, and perhaps vague sense of amnesia, dreams, etc., would
tell us that something was "wrong. " But the leakage back to us from the future, not by us but to us, that we
would be aware of (calling it esp, etc.), and yet be unable to account for it.
---end quote

pdf of the book:http://www.divshare.com/download/7667443-9c6

Greg Bacon said...

The last time Mel Gibson was catching hell, Israel was having a smart bomb picnic in Lebanon, blasting away to their heart's content, and as usual, screaming they were the victim.

Maybe another Zionist F-16 rave is getting ready to turn Beirut into dust.

As for the Internet, even though I have a fairly new computer, I still have trouble accessing pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist blogs, but can reach the viper pit NYT easy and other Zionist controlled sites.

Paranoia or just reality?

Rebel 4E said...

How strange!

“Mr. Nobody” cross shuffled with “Benjamin Buttons”.

I eventually decided (after passing over it many times)to watch 'Mr.Nobody' yesterday after Vis mentioned it in his post, (great film!).
One particular scene in the film stuck in my mind, the scene with the 'bicycles floating around in space'.

I just finished reading Philip K Dick's novel 'Martian Time Slip' late last night and realised the book must be the inspiration for 'Mr. Nobody',especially since it features 'bicycles floating around in space'(as well as many other obvious similarities).

Syncromystical...love it!

W-V- Gubble! Gubble! (+__-)

estebanfolsom said...


like a

add time




'that's it'

[as janis
would say]
reminds me
of the time '75
me and a bud
were hitchin'
out west

a benz pulled up
and wasn't she
the cutest girl
we'd ever seen

she was of the
orange/red shirts
up oregon way

we talked gurdjieff

and if i was alone...
you know the rest

Kevenj said...

Les, excellent, but above all, I agree with others who have expressed the same:

Be careful out there.Party on, but know whom you party with.
We {could, of course} do without you, but we would miss you, and you are loved beyond measure.

"Those that are given more, will be given more, but will be called to account.." (parapharase)
my 2 cents.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Falling into The Pit with Ben Stein and The Tribe.

Odin's Raven said...

According to this report, the Gulf of Mexico oil leak is now threathening the Gulf Stream. It may be a long cold winter.


Copernicus Kidd said...

Strange things here too. Just recently, the delightful site, jewishfaces.com had enlightened me to the very obvious differences among people I had always just considered "white." How obvious! Now my eyes are keener, since they are all around us. Not in any malicious way - just a quiet preparatory identification.

Now fast forward, after picking up a nail in my tire and taking it to the local mega garage . . . in the waiting room while the idiot box droned . . . suddenly, as if in a waking dream . . . a new england version of bibi 666 netanyahu starts up pleasant conversation with me. We were talking cars of course. (He drove an Infiniti.) In any case, he seemed strangely pleading as we chatted idly. The workers were slow, and we watched them through the waiting room glass. He complained about the time, and there was an unspoken assumption on his part that we had some sort of racial unity against these slow, brown grease monkeys. Of course, I have grown patient with the realities of corporate "convenience" and comfortable with american post immigration demographics. So he didn't have the goyish partner he was looking for, although I remained pleasantly consensual in distaste for the extra long wait. All the while, I was sensing a deep unease in this man, something far beyond his infiniti or the unwashed workingmen lallygagging. He seemed spooked, and especially longing for my trust approval and most importantly, validation. Sorry bub, none of that here . . . I know too much. I left the poor joey with as much sympathy as a gentile could muster . . . a sort of "I forgive, but good luck with the rest."

A few days later, I was walking my small dog in the cemetery, enjoying solitude, when a luxury sedan pulls up. "Ohhhhhh muyyyyyy gawwwwwdddd - your dog is preciouuuuuuusss." And this woman, who looks as if she could be Bibi 666's mother starts gushing over my dog. (It is a cute dog, so I'm used to this but her episode was downright obscene.) She goes on and on - expensive old lady perfume wafting - about the dog asking questions and emitting high pitched shrieking noises similar to the Skeksis from Jim Hensons "Dark Crystal." I was somewhat concerned that she might try to devour my pup, so much was her excitement. The woman even turned her car around as I tried to escape, so the she could gush even more. Again, like with the garage . . . I had the strangest sensation that this person was lobbying for my favor. And again, it was so surprising because it was from someone ostensibly above my class, and quite chosen with their general in-group nature. I left the woman as pleasantly as the first, but still with the "I know what you're up to" assumption foremost.

There has been no third incident, but seeing that "They Live" with my new eyes makes the whole world so different and strangely, more comprehensible than before. Its good to know who's who and especially who I myself em.

Keep up the good work, gentleman.



Joseph Brenner

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