Thursday, July 01, 2010

I'm Free and Freedom is Reality

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I have the strangest life, I live in my heart and my imagination. As strange as I am and there are several personalities to choose from, I am not as strange as the people I meet and hear about. I was standing with a woman that I had been talking to for some hours. We were standing on the street and she had shown me a place where I could wait for the dawn. I saw hundreds of people. I had seen very few people for months. So I studied people’s body language and their faces.

Often I was doing this while this woman talked to me. I was in a bar area that is only open on Tuesday. There was a big park and people were standing there and sitting there and not dancing. It was Switzerland and Switzerland is about the money, no matter where you are. It’s the reason that most of them don’t have any fun. They have their pension and their latter years but life is gone by then. Some of them are friendly and some are not and it’s about half and half. Usually the women are much friendlier. Most people speak English. I don’t go to Basel much because it depresses me.

When I dance people stare because they are not doing it. In Italy you can sing in the street and I do, and people laugh. In Switzerland they just look at me like I’m crazy. I walk through the malls and traffic-less streets and I sing loud and I smile and I look in their eyes. The foreigners understand. This woman was a foreigner from Ost bloc. She had been through a lot and it had changed her but she had a confidence and drive that was infectious.

A crazy person came into the park and everyone got tense. There were a hundred people there. The woman said that there were some Spaniards and Portuguese who were angry with each other, she was apprehensive and said, “I hope he doesn’t come over here.” I saw another guy. He looked like he was high on speed. It was at a carnival and he was intimidating the people around him. For some reason I didn’t go over there. He was a big guy in good shape but he was crazy. I would see the person yelling in the park wasn’t coming over to us and I told her so. I’ve seen this several times. They let these people do their thing but everyone seems to be afraid. When it rains only a little bit, thousands of umbrellas bloom; it’s the money.

She said, “I hope so” and I could see she had experiences. Once I was locked up in the Nogales jail for smuggling. I wasn’t smuggling, the guys with me had left their pot and pills on the other side of the border. After tearing the van apart for six hours they let us go, followed us and lost us and then got a car in front that braked fast. I told the guy to drop it out the window. He waited for the car to stop and then he did.

So I was in the Nogales jail with a couple of other people. One was a white guy who had been around but was small. Another guy was one of those genial Mexicans that you always see in jail. They let this black guy in. He was big and for all I know he was frightened, crazy sure. We were sitting at a table and he was standing and yelling about kicking people’s asses and then looking at us and glaring and daring us to say something. This was a period where I had two altercations and wasn’t afraid of anything. It isn’t always like that.

This guy was getting menacing and it was a matter of time before he called for either fealty which might have gone anywhere or submission. No one was going to do anything if I didn’t. He was moving on the white guy who was cringing in his chair. Like I often do I acted without thought and I jumped up and told he if he didn’t shut up I was going to shut him up and I walked around the table and then said, “Cut your losses, no one’s going to bother you.” Like the Fonze said when Richie asked him why no one ever challenged him He said, "At some point you have to back it up. He started yelling and swelling up and I just looked at him and he went away and there was no further problem. There could have been but often there is not. I got moved to the Maricopa County jail and there was this white trash, southern boy who keyed on me. Part of it had to do with meditating on my bunk and part of it was personality.

He kept on taunting me and I ignored it. The fellow I was sitting with said, “You’re going to have to deal with it sooner or later. I nodded and went on with my business and he did something and I said, “The next time you do anything to me I am going to fight you. Stop now and you won’t be sorry.” I didn’t know what he knew but bullies are mostly hot air; not all of them though. Later I was sitting on my bed and a roll of toilet paper sailed in front of my nose. “Okay, that’s it I said, I walked down the aisle to him. He has backed up and was holding his hands in a way that didn’t inspire confidence and he had a gleam in his eye like he knew me and owned me. I said, “We can end it right here, I’m giving you a chance. Otherwise I have to kick your ass.”

He sneered and I went into a boxing stance. I had won several medals as a kid mostly because my hands have always been fast. Susanne remarked on it the other day. No, we don’t spar but I do stay in some kind of shape. Rick Glover is always out there and fixated on me. Anyway, he threw a punch, I blocked it and hit him with a three punch combination and he went down with a bloody mouth. I stood over him and said don’t get up. If you fuck with me again I’ll give you to one of these guys as a sex toy and I meant it.

I never heard from him again.

When I was young people used to pick on me all the time and sit on my chest and torment me for hours. Eventually they would do something and I would get angry and beat them up but I always forgot and people would be sitting on my chest again. The Kundalini changed it and the instant martial arts, which didn’t get fluid until recently.

I realized what I saw in people’s faces was fear. Fear of intimacy, fear of others and fear of social situations. I saw all sorts of people who wanted to have sex and all they had to do was announce it and they didn’t. Back in the past I would just get up sometimes and say, “Look, I see all of you people looking at each other and you want to be naked in a room. Tell someone and get it on. You’re pinging in my head and I’m trying to enjoy my high.

Most of the time what we fear is bogus but if we face it, even if it kicks our ass, for some reason it goes away. I looked at this lady and she was genuinely afraid of this screaming guy. I said “don’t worry about it, I’ll take care of it.” “How” she asked. “I’ll just be louder and more crazy.” You see it in prison all the time and there’s nowhere to go either. The guy quieted down and that was the end of it.

She walked down the street to a place that wasn’t open (I’ll tell the rest of the tale at Smoking Mirrors comments today). Then she said, could she hug me and she would have that even if I didn’t communicate like I said I would. I hugged her and looked down the street and I said, “I’m free. That’s the one thing I’ve got. I can go anywhere and I don’t have this thing lurking over me like most people.” It was profound at the moment and I expanded on it but couldn’t remember what I had said.

Some of us have friends as our wealth and some of us are free too because that’s how we lived. It isn’t easy in the beginning that’s why few do it. They opt for the job and the security. I was in my forties and the producer of the dinner theatre I was acting in said, “Visible, you have to get it together. You have no savings, no insurance and no pension. What are you going to do?” “God will provide”, I said and he always has. He’s fed me and sheltered me and been the courage inside me when I didn’t have any of my own. God can kick anyone’s ass and he’s inside us. You have to go through a lot of shit but at least you get out of it instead of deeper into it.

I said yesterday when I was ragged, “You know Susanne, I didn’t do too bad. I’m free like few people are and I have friends. If it all fell down, I have dozens of places to go where people will take me in and help me up. How many people can say that? I gave myself away and I put my hope and trust in God and people. All the shit I went through and it worked out in the end; just like it can for anyone who puts their effort and coin into the human experience. Sure I’m crazy and I do things that may not be safe or wise but I’m not afraid of that screaming man and you don’t read in my face what I was reading in all those people’s faces. You can question my judgment but I jumped right in and I’m not afraid of being close to others or loving the human race. That’s why I’m singing when I go down the street. I’m letting people know that they didn’t get me. There’s one of us still loose and I suspect there’s more.

I run into bullies of all types all the time but I sing to them too and they go around me to find someone that’s afraid of them, just like anyone does. That other night, I told this lady, “I could go anywhere from here” and I meant it. There were no borders or boundaries, I was free.

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Anonymous said...

This is definetly not Les Les always says...just pay attention to the syntax. This blog has been hijacked.

Anonymous said...

This writing is the Colombians say.."una papa sin sal"...a potato without salt.
Not LV's writing...who the hell are you and what have you done with Visible?

Nick said...

Thanks LV this message is helpful for me.

I wish I had more courage but I know I have more than some.

Often I don't know when I'm being wisely cautious or if I'm justifying my fear or cowardice.


Regarding my recent comment over at Smoking mirrors, his essay is re-assuring and I will read your next comment over there more attentively.

Chiron said...

The more elite fighters are determined by the strength and depth of their heart, not the size of their muscles. Coincidentally the depth of the heart also determines the degree to which one is free.

Some hints and examples:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing Les.

Have you read the trilogy 'Millennium' from the (deceased) Swedish author Steig Larsson? He uses a character named Lisbeth Salander in the crime novels you would most certainly enjoy. She's extraordinarily intelligent, a computer whiz, an amateur boxer, unaffected by societies morals and 150 cm tall. The books are available in English.

Are you going to release a sequel to the Dark Splendor? I really enjoyed your book.


Visible said...

Look, this is me in a phase. I saw a lot of frightened confused people a couple of days ago and I am assuming they are everywhere. I didn't do something and as a result I got this state of nights of light alone walking ,all by myself and looking into it and this is what's coming out. It will all come back in a day or two.

This is my way of being personal and empathetic with everyone's private life without, except in the SM comments zone where a few years of a host of weird situations came to a head. I was told this would happen and it did.

I'm inclined to write about some of the things that happened with me and people when I sat in a bar and gradually talked and what happened with them and other people.

Sometimes i would walk until I caught someone's eyes. man or woman and if they were sitting i would sit with them and if they looked up again I would introduce myself and get them to tell me about their life. You'd be surprised at what people will reveal or risk when its unknown to anyone.

I never did anything with any of these people sometimes they might kiss me goodbye. Sometimes they would write me and suggestions would fly around. People can be amazing apart from their personality constructs and i want to pass on what I've been doing in case there are others that can do it. I'm talking about something amazing that the new age touches on but only makes money from. We haven't really talked about a lot of things I've been up to.

I recognize that some of the scenery at mirrors can be a little racy but I run into that a lot. The kundalini is the sex energy and it sets up an attraction matrix. Most people use it for their desires. Not everyone.
You only have to walk around with me for a day to see what I'm talking about.

Visible said...

Hi Glenn;

Thank you for writing i knew i was supposed to call you and almost did yesterday but its been interesting.

My second novel is finished except for the last quarter rewrites and it's been sitting there. Roy who is also an author kept asking me about it so at the solstice I said, "Roy, I'll tell you what, I'm sending you the first 2w8 chapters and when you are done I will owe you two chapters a week until it is done.

I expect to publish in PDF at beginning of August for ten euro a copy. I gave away four hundred plus copies and i think I ought to at least be paid for my books and music and maybe even some of people's bar conversations.

As i said, there is one thing that screws people up more than anything else and when they talk about it in the presence of the awakened kundalini sometimes it fixes itself. Its done some surprising things which is why i do it.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this doesn't read like visible. He's always been meticulous about spelling, grammar, syntax. the whole tenor is changed since his absence and 'revelations'

I tried to post a comment like this on mirrors but it was removed

FromBeyondOmega said...

The myriads-minded manifold of ineffableness produces produces produces. The lost is lost the seeking seek the found is found. A good place to be, to be from, to again become part of. The whole of it having always been this way once seen and heard touched by and known. Where it is ever good to return from where one has been gone. Where darkness ever fades one way as light encompasses the other; where the child is sage, the servant master, the all is the one. Thank you for having me where you are my guest, where we are the same, strangers to none.

Anonymous said...

I say we give him a couple of days to come back to his dominant personality. I hope to God nothing happened to the guy and if this is being highjacked, how would we know anyway until Les returns.
I guess we'll find out when his next radio archive comes out.

Zoner said...

"This doesn't read like Visible"

That should be the first clue right there if your expectations are not being met.

Seems to me that anonymous has been somewhat inconsistent as well.

Carry on.


Olive Farmer said...

Urgent Warning here

repost link where you can

Anonymous said...

I think there maybe a powerful message behind all this peoples,it maybe better for us to explore with an open mind.a lot of people are ruled by base desires...neil

Visible said...

I'm not going to mess with this any more. I told you it's me. My password is so complex no one could hack it. The misspellings were because I didn't sleep and I am coming from another place that addresses something, if people could only see it, that is at the root cause of our distress.

We are entering an age where the feminine principles are going to be preeminent, intuition, wisdom and ect; The yobs and the military can't dance hard cases don't have it and the profligate giving in and excesses of the others don't have it either. It really is the awakened Goddess within.

Personally I am taking her out and letting her fly. This causes some misperceptions because of how people view rhythmm and grace.

I just don't get all these wasted lives. It has always been clear to me that the material world takes care of itself and that we are here to celebrate the divine. We are here to give the divine a vehicle to say I love you to the whole world. We aren't here for any other reason. Why is it so fucking hard?

For decades I have been acting out on this and have been arrested abused and left with little in the way of return because so few people seem to understand that the power and life of God is inside us. I have no problem with this because I can feel it but for some reason most people can't. In the 60's and 70's there were some of us around but we're all in the outback now or we stated acting like old people such as a certain blues musician that I know and others.

I am saying this for a reason and writing this way for a reason and bringing certain things up for a reason. Only certain things have ever been important to us and to God.

Nothing else is important. Our job is to love and serve each other and we are all being watched and the sand is moving through the hour glass.

nina said...

I think it rather cruel and shallow to insist a person must be only the way you want them to be or think them to be when the complexity of the human mind is the one thing that cannot be hijacked.
There is a reason why medical science knows something like, heh, 10% about the human brain.
Any great writer speaks in many voices or he isn't so great. This is true for all artists.
I would not be so quick to pigeonhole Visible's versatility.
How many readers here have read his Tookie Williams works? Hmmmm, this is the same person who brought us Lord Ganesha, the Wheel of Life and Tara. While you check those out, also see Football, Some Campari and a Hand-rolled Smoke ... in which a commenter complains it isn't Visible's work.

He is extraordinarily talented. And so are we, when we get around to it, but our lives have been undergoing the long hot process of derealization, a term coined by Charles Hugh Smith, also a remarkably versatile contemporary writer, in observing the lethargy and redundancy of living fenced-in under the corporate state.

There is great mystery and excitement to be found among those who slowly unfold their cards. We should never cheat ourselves by jumping to conclusions just so we can say we said something.

DaveS said...


I get it.

The humans that are blindly following 'rules' can live a fine and dandy life as long as the phony social constraints that define the 'rules' are met. Once the world begins operating outside those 'rules' these people are fucked.

Like a boxer who does well in the ring but suddenly, in a back alley, has to face an unknown opponent who isn't so inclined to follow the 'rules'. The boxer better start improvising quick, because there isn't a ref there to enforce the penalties for fouls. Life and death hang in the balance and such a moment requires a mind more flexible than a 12 year-old gymnast.

Rules are fine as long as everyone is driving the right way down the freeway. What do you do when you see someone driving right at you going the wrong way? Most will freak-out and wonder why such and idiot isn't following the rules rather than taking proper evasive action.

That's where the world is right now.


Anonymous said...

It's so f'cking hard because we are raised, inundated with the opposite of love. We spend our lives struggling against what we innately know and what society, the world is telling us, showing us. Not until we get fed up and turn are backs, or others turn their back on us, do we start to open to the Divine. And then we grieve over the lost years and our ignorant ways. But then the Sun rises and the birds come flocking looking for seed and the squirrel wants its morning pecan and life is good again. Nature is God's gift to us. When we become intimate with Nature's gifts, we become one with the Divine, without even realizing it. Now we are to awaken to this realization.

WV: Hange

simon said...

given what's going on in the world, especially since 911, and visible's commentary on it, and the sort of people 'they' are, and what we know 'they' are capable of, I don't think it's unreasonable to point out a sudden and major change of "character" in the writing and to be mighty suspicious of it. It was only a few weeks ago (if that) that les said he wasn't going to do this anymore. Les, if that is you, get some sleep and come back please. If it's not then fuck you for a ghoul.

Dammerung said...

I like this one. You're right about a room full of people with those eyes. But you know, we've all got something to lose here. Our jobs, our homes, our loved ones, our standard of living.

I was thinking the other day about what the world would be like if FORCE no longer worked. If you could shoot somebody in the face and they just regenerated like Wolverine. Man, the world would be different. So many more people would speak up. So many more people would take off all their clothes and walk like Lady Godiva through the streets. There'd be spontaneous paintball tournaments with real guns. People would stop going to work.

It wouldn't happen all at once. The activists would have to get shot a few times. But think of how embarassing it would be when they tried to execute a Falun Gong protester and they refused to stay dead? Without FORCE, their mechanism of control would just deflate like a poked balloon.

If anything is going to get better, it is going to be through a singular Black Swan event outside of our understanding or imagination. You can guess at it all day but you won't quite grasp it. It will happen or it won't and I hope it does but I despair of eve seeing it.

Burnie said...

Nina, that was astute. It is always a crime to be boxed in, whether by onself or others, I say this because I experience it, and probably so do a lot of you.

I am so glad to find others who are on the road.

Anonymous said...

peoples I got a cold,having an early night be round tomorrow with a poem..neil

Anonymous said...

"Most of the time what we fear is bogus but if we face it, even if it kicks our ass, for some reason it goes away"

So true Les, so true.

You seem to be matching up the interself with the "outer action taking body", thats super cool and Im happy and thankful!!!

You are a protector of souls and a friend of the light and love, dont stop man.

Love You and Your Life

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the lesson in freedom. I too walk that path and get much ridicule and abuse. We are living a spiritual experience. There isn't a separation like this is our world and the spiritual world is over there. They are one.

On that plane I join you in song and laughter.

Yes, many are in fear these days. They hide their fear in layers of denial but it is there. Life does not feel real because it is not like on TV anymore. Reality strikes.

Hey, one day will take a walk.



Anonymous said...

as a totally left-brained, in my head engineer i love reading the accounts of anyone who has broken through to any higher level. 20 years of seeking, reading the sites and books of the awakened and trying to follow the 'pointers' have me spinning my wheels in the sand getting nowhere. most depressing. but when i read "We are here to give the divine a vehicle to say I love you to the whole world." i scream a silent YES! perhaps in the next life (or tomorrow) i'll get to know and live a little of it.

blessings to all


m_astera said...

I've been seeing the depth of fear in people more and more over the last while. Fear is the ruling emotion of society, gut deep bone deep fear, lifelong fear. It's not that I don't know fear, hell yes I know fear. What I don't know is how one lets fear control them, their lives, every choice, every action, every moment of every day. What's the point? Are you going to die if people disapprove of you? Is someone going to kill you if you displease them or don't follow their orders or wishes? Perhaps they will, so what? It's your life, and you only get to be you in this body one time. The bonus is that you get a million fresh chances to be you every day.

But, like surrender to the spirit, how does one teach the idea of moving past fear? How does one transfer the feeling of "Maybe I'm going to suffer or die, but I am NOT going to put up with this shit" or, alternatively, "I am not going to give up my dreams because someone will disapprove of me if I follow them".

Can that be taught?

There is a subtle security in living your dreams and living up to your own highest ideals, whatever those may be. Day by day. That small voice inside is there for a reason. If you listen and follow where it leads it will become stronger. There's a chance that voice is who you really are.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this is true but it is definitely worth reading.


long john said...


i just sent you a concise email with all the info about that important rare book i'd like you to have.

i'm sorry about the delay. i've had some business to take care of the last few days.

to make my email easy for you to identify, it will say in the subject line: *long john - rare book*

i sent it from my omsatnam address.

let me know when you receive it. tnx

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bholanath said...

Lesji -
Immensely enjoying the latest offerings. Thank you. Can only say "no shit, man!"
Especially like the 'shit getting fixed in the presence of awakened kundalini' phenomenon. Seems that's where the 'battle' is happening. The power (Her) is within, and 'they' have no way to stop it, really.

nina said...

Thank you, Burnie.

Michael A: how does one teach the idea of moving past fear?

It can't be taught. No one can take someone else there. It must be learned soley through personal experience. Time and again we face our own mortality, these are tests and trials. After some widely variable amount of suffering, the realization comes, "Hey, if I lived through that and that and that, geeze, I can deal with anything."

When one is most afraid, if you have Divine love inside of you, surrendering to the experience of the moment is the highest lesson you can learn in this body on this journey, whether one survives or not doesn't matter. All that matters is you crossed into a higher plane leaving forever the destructive baggage of self-perpetuating fear.

The other side of fear is love: surrender, trust and most importantly allowing God to intercede. In its most popular form, fear is the primary, perhaps the only, tool of evil, there is no greater murderer of good. As Visible often says, each is the opposite side of the same coin.

We've talked about these things among ourselves in roundabout ways for many years, but in translation, this is all we talk about. Since overcoming fear cannot be taught, you have to already be there to understand and I know you do.

Anonymous said...

Les you are killing me that is absolutely profound. I can't simply go on the net and announce my misgivings and wrong paths because they are much worse than anything you fess up to.

I have a tendency to look into peoples eyes and they interpret it as an attempt to see their very soul, and it is absolutely that. I make people nervous. I can't help it as it is just me.

It is one reason I love flea markets, it is the down trodden trying to survive. If you want to surprise them give them more than what they say something is worth. It usually is.

You cannot be one with everything if you consider some beneath you, as they are not, they are simply you, perhaps a bit behind the learning curve but you still.

Flea markets are hard for me here lately however as I see so much sadness as people sell things very dear to them.

Anonymous said...

Dublin Mick said:
"It is one reason I love flea markets, it is the down trodden trying to survive."

Hey, watch it. I've sold a lot of stuff at flea markets and I'm far from down trodden. I try to do most of my shopping at flea markets, yard sales, craigslist, ebay, farmers markets etc.
It's a game for me. I plan ahead and look for what I need. I buy as little as possible from the big box stores. I don't play the game. As a matter of fact I stick it to them every chance I get. I have had some interesting conversations with people lately.


Bob H N.Y. said...

The article has merit, but the style is strange. I have never known Les to use the word "God". Not offended, but confused.

TheSparkle said...



Dammerung said...

If it makes you feel any better Les, I believe it's you and these other folks are paranoid sillies.

I'm glad you're finally coming around on the sex thing. It's not just the hated lizard people who like to have wild sex, which is what I've been saying all along. Sure you can go wrong with it if you really try; but you can also drink so much water that you go into hydrostatic shock and die.

The world is FULL of people giving each other the sex eyes, and I think it's a good thing. I think society would be a better place if we felt free to indulge it. The same elite bastard filth who threaten us with jail for seeing one another naked are the ones going to the Bohemian Grove and doing really nasty things. Personally, I can't walk through a decent sized room without seeing it in someones' eyes that all they really want to do is get naked and show off a little. But, who's gonna pay our rent when we get punished for allowing these feelings to manifest?

You talk about trusting the divine and I frankly don't. I've seen too much suffering in the world heaped on the heads of innocent people. I am afraid, I admit it clearly. I don't think my rent will get paid up unless I pay the Rothschild guild for the priviledge of working a job I don't love. But maybe my beloved Black Swan will fly over the horizon and plunge the social order into a new level of happiness and freedom. But until that day, I'm exactly the person you don't represent - the frightened one clinging to a life ring for survival in a cold and stormy ocean.

m_astera said...

Thank you, nina. Love you too.


Visible said...

Michael here's the post from Smoking Mirrors

as it turns out she had her only decent hand of the night she had three threes and he had a pair of queens. I've been in a lot of poker games. I never win big or lose big but I have noticed some incredible synchronicity in big hands. I've seen a straight and flush and two full houses in a six player game. I've seen nothing but pairs and two pairs for ten hands and then two people with trips and a flush.

I don't play any games very often and everything that had a interest doesn't anymore.

I was sitting in a pub this evening and there were about forty people there outside. I was a table with a lot of young guys that I've met over the years.

We were chatting and I was having these kundalini jolts that made me shake but these guys were used to it. It was subtle but then I noticed that everyone else at all the tables was picking up on it.

All of a sudden we were talking about the world and what was real and what was worth having and I said, the kicker is that god is real and everything else is a heartbreak. I never wanted anything else but god and here's what I've found out nothing is more important than that presence from which comes health and feeling good and everything worth having.

There was a table full of Christians because there are two large missionary churches here and one of them is jantz Brothers. they are very fundamentalist and they are very aware of me because I act out.

It doesn't matter where I go, seems like the only person who brings god up is me. Just like when I sit down to eat. I haven't seen anyone besides Susanne and I say grace in twenty years

I said, people write me all the time about how to find God and I tell them all they have to do is go into a room with nothing but water and call out until God comes and I know that not a single person has done this because they really don't want to find him. I never wanted to find anything else and that does make me unique. So I discarded everything but that and found God. You don't find him going to church on Sunday. You don't find him playing by the rules. You find him by relentless persistence and everyone who finds him is crazy.

You have to bang on God's door and make a racket. Sooner or later he's going to say, What's all that noise about, cut that out. You don't want me to come down there do you?" But that is exactly what you want.

The whole place was silent and I knew they got it and I realized why everyone looks worried and afraid and lost and why I just feel so free that it's scary right now.


Greg Bacon said...

After reading this, I know that Ragnarok is approaching.

Ragnarok ("Doom of the Gods"), also called Gotterdammerung, means the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology. It will be preceded by Fimbulvetr, the winter of winters. Conflicts and feuds will break out, even between families, and all morality will disappear. This is the beginning of the end.

Which I won't fight, because this is one thing the rich can't buy their way out of!

Anonymous said...

We all got it coming kid,
and deserve has nothing to do with it.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I can pretty much relate to where you're at in regard to fear seeing as how in many ways my background is a lot like yours. I never did any jail time but I had a lot of other experiences similar to yours. I was picked on as a child but I grew up to be a 200 lb. badass who was too stupid to have very much fear. Then I found the Lord when I was 23 years old, or I should say he found me,(I'm 63 years old now) which relationship over time erased most of what fears remained, i.e. the real fears, like fear of not being provided for, fear of not being loved, fear of dying and going to hell, etc.

Anyway, after reading your article and most of the comments people wrote I had the idea of posting this letter I wrote to Christopher Bollyn in response to his article titled "The Coming American Revolution" that is currently posted on The Truth Seeker website.

Dear Christopher,

I would say I agree with you 100% if it wasn't for the fact that the Jooz who own our government also own most of our media, and as long as the U.S. citizenry continue in their addiction to it there can never be any sort of revolution. I see it as an exercise in futility to be encouraging people to 'think revolution' without first striking at the root of the whole problem, which is the Synagogue of Satan media control over the national mind (which rules via deception, fear, and manipulation, i.e. witchcraft). If we're ever going to see a revolution it will be AFTER people have been awakened out of the media stupor, out of what the psalmist referred to as 'sleeping the sleep of death.'

Anonymous said...

“God will provide”, I said and he always has. He’s fed me and sheltered me and been the courage inside me when I didn’t have any of my own. God can kick anyone’s ass and he’s inside us. You have to go through a lot of shit but at least you get out of it instead of deeper into it.
I'm 60 and I've never yet saved a cent. Yet I grow More Rich with each passing day. I recognized as a chid, the ARTISTIC TALENT that was in my hands. I thank God for each day and blessings I find in them. When I find myself in DEEP SHIT (NOW VERY RARE), I start yelling at Him, "What the Hell did I do to deserve this SHIT?, and get me out of here, NOW. Sometimes I think He just does things do gain my attention. Don't resist making sacrifices along the way. It's how I have shown my faithfulness and trust. The payback has always been far greater than the sacrifice.
And finally the way I tell who are not FREE SPIRITS in the crowd, is to look (THEM) straight in the eyes. (THEY) all cringe and look away.

Shaolinlite said...

This ain't Les. At the risk of sounding like a stuffy old english professor, this guy's technique is fundamentally unlike that of the Dog Poet. The basic architecture of the sentences(syntax), thier types, and t-unit counts all make this obvious. Perhaps the simplest way of defining this phenomenon might be to say the mind that authored the recent postings is not the same mind that was posting prior to the, shall we say, "lost weekend". It may very well be that Les is the author of the most recent articles, albiet a chemically enhanced one. I am unconvinced by this line of reasoning. Something is very wrong here.
Good luck Les, wherever you are.

Anonymous said...

you know its weird
somethings are never quite clear
I suppose in our individuality
we are taught to surpress fear
follow the crowd
who are going no where
round and round
being led
led by wolves
who mug and rape
by suppremacists who degenerate
led by marketeers
liars and theives
who cant think clear
only decieve
working off of base desire
the bottom line
manipulating the higher
vibrational cords
inside each man
from the day of birth
to death it span
I understand
I have been their too
with a stagnant mind
and no point of truth
the base of fear
delusional views
consumed in nothingness
energies unfused
I have played the part of being a bully
made many mistakes
had uncontrollable fury
but then sat back
thought it through
tried to understand
open the truth
I got to admit its nicer hear
maybe if each man sat
and acted sincere
we may get the truth all together
let the thought trails entwine
in this paradise heaven


Anonymous said...

hey les you alright,...neil

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lukiftian said...

That's better, delightful in fact.

An excellent post Les, artfully composed and it was even entertaining.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lantern star
summer breeze
rushing river
rustle trees
humming flow
sprinkle essence
come to life
rumble feather
living light
recite a flower
of insight
on wind blow
across the sea
wind does take
flow on free


Anonymous said...

humming flower
waken bird
sprinkle inner
sparkle word
flowing river
rustle leaves
swirling color
summer breeze
living life
spin around
rushing essence
rainbow sound
flowing love
round the tree
stirring peace
inner be


Anonymous said...

Apropos of psychopaths and sociopaths, this article focusses on three physical (bodily) features associated with pathological behaviour (nature) , and points out the difference nurture can make.
"A Neuroscientist Uncovers A Dark Secret"

There seems to have been an uncanny prefiguring of McChrystal's undiplomatic comments in Clif Hugh's Web Bot report in March:

Has anyone been in email contact with Visible?

Anonymous said...

@Greg Bacon

from the Ragnarok link -

"The sea will rear up because Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, is twisting and writhing in fury as he makes his way toward the land. With every breath, Jormungand will stain the soil and the sky with his poison. "

-- -- --

Sounds like the Gulf Well From Hell with its toxic oil/Corexit combo.


Anonymous said...

good morning mr visibles,
a beautiful day here so I thought I would send some of them ever living loves your way for the great service of your loving kindness...neil

Anonymous said...

living goodness
ever be
inspire heart
with blues and greens
and yellow flowers
essence flow
fly the sky
like arrow
across the mind
rainbow weaves
atuning heart
with the trees
mighty love
go to work
living peace
clean the hurt
all day long
every day
in their hearts
go to play
inspire loves
that never rest
dress them with
your love essence.


Nick said...

Les Visible, ladies and gentlemen, is achieving a truly incredible thing. I no longer have the slightest doubt it is he and shall soon be confirmed. He is doing in the comments what I only now have realised is something of tremendous generosity and importance. An opportunity for us to see through the conditioning that has been perpetuated by our unwitting leaders. It is ALL there in LV's descriptions I believe that even the trolls benefit from coming here, so what am I to say about the others? many of whom love him and like me have done since the start.
I have aways felt no need for me to post a comment on his blogs and have done so only very rarely. I have read almost all the other people's comments for years. They expressed my thoughts and feelings in words far better than I could have done and for which I am grateful.
I was worried about LV, I worry for all the truly courageous individuals who seek and speak real truth.
I now believe this is LV operating on an advanced plane as One with Lady Nature. It is indescribable because it is but I have an inkling at this time that the effect of his/their work is evident all around and more physical that before. It is experience like he told us it would be "I'm going to lay it down right in front of them and they aren't even going to see it" and that is true.

Les Visible: you mentioned a while back that you was down to your last 75 bucks, I shall be glad to send you some euros tomorrow am or could go into town to one of the 'Moneygram' agencies and send some today.

shaolinlite: something is very RIGHT here!!

My personal message to all is: don't worry, be happy! It's Les alright, a few light years ahead of everyone, even from himself of a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

something has changed.

Visible said...


Thank you for the kind offer and words, I am not down to my last $75.00 I said that my Paypal account was down to that.

You are correct about something, after a fashion. I had to stop telling the tale because it was making me weary.

A lot has happened in the last three days and the cat is also out of the bag because of some events that went on around a pretty large group of people so I guess it will all explain itself shortly.

I don't need people sending me money. In certain cases those with too much should have sent me money but it might be too late for them now since some things just got set loose.

I don't mean to be cryptic but I've got to do a few things now and probably get the radio show together so I'll just address these things in the next post.

Anonymous said...

Am just grateful that nothing untoward has happened and LV is all right. The prospect is no longer bleak, though I don't understand the the meaning of recent posts.
Looking forward to the broadcast and further posts.
Best wishes and thanks to LV and the community here.

Mouser said...

May God bless your heart and your soul Les.
You bring sanity, hope and even humour to the lives of all who read here.

estebanfolsom said...

from the sufi mystic
[mosque just bombed]

"he who
says that he finds no pleasure in sounds and melodies and
music is either a liar and a hypocrite or he is not in his right
senses, and is outside of the category of men and beasts. Those
who prohibit music do so in order that they may keep the
Divine commandment, but theologians are agreed that it is
permissible to hear musical instruments if they are not used for
diversion, and if the mind is not led to wickedness through
hearing them. Many traditions are cited in support of this
You must know that the principles of audition vary with the
variety of temperaments, just as there are different desires in
various hearts, and it is tyranny to lay down one law for all.
Auditors (mustami anjmay be divided into two classes: (i) those
who hear the spiritual meaning, (2) those who hear the material
sound. There are good and evil results in each case. Listening
to sweet sounds produces an effervescence (jrhalaydri) of the
substance moulded in Man : true (Jwqq) if the substance be
true, false (bdtil) if the substance be false. When the stuff of
a man s temperament is evil, that which he hears will be evil
too. The whole of this topic is illustrated by the story of
David, whom God made His vicegerent and gave him a sweet
voice and caused his throat to be a melodious pipe, so that
wild beasts and birds came from mountain and plain to hear
him, and the water ceased to flow and the birds fell from the
air. It is related that during a month s space the people who
were gathered round him in the desert ate no food, and the
children neither wept nor asked for milk ; and whenever the
folk departed it was found that many had died of the rapture
that seized them as they listened to his voice : one time, it is
said, the tale of the dead amounted to seven hundred maidens
and twelve thousand old men. Then God, wishing to separate
those who listened to the voice and followed their temperament
from the followers of the truth (ahl-i haqq) who listened to the
spiritual reality, permitted Iblis to work his will and display
his wiles. Iblis fashioned a mandoline and a flute and took
up a station opposite to the place where David was singing.


estebanfolsom said...

David s audience became divided into two parties : the blest and
the damned. Those who were destined to damnation lent ear
to the music of Iblis, while those who were destined to felicity
remained listening to the voice of David. The spiritualists
(ahl-i mctnf) were conscious of nothing except David s voice,
for they saw God alone ; if they heard the Devil s music, they
regarded it as a temptation proceeding from God, and if they
heard David s voice, they recognized it as being a direction from
God ; wherefore they abandoned all things that are merely
subsidiary and saw both right and wrong as they really are.
When a man has audition of this kind, whatever he hears is
lawful to him. Some impostors, however, say that their audition
is contrary to the reality. This is absurd, for the perfection of
saintship consists in seeing everything as it really is, that the
vision may be right ; if you see otherwise, the vision is wrong.
The Apostle said : " O God, let us see things as they are."
Similarly, right audition consists in hearing everything as it is
in quality and predicament. The reason why men are seduced
and their passions excited by musical instruments is that they
hear unreally : if their audition corresponded with the reality,
they would escape from all evil consequences. The people of
error heard the word of God, and their error waxed greater
than before. Some of them quoted " The eyes attain not unto
Him" (Kor. vi, 103) as a demonstration that there shall be no
vision of God ; some cited " Then He settled Himself on the
throne" (Kor. vii, 52) to prove that position and direction may
be affirmed of Him ; and some argued that God actually
"comes", since He has said, "And thy Lord shall come and
the angels rank by rank" (Kor. Ixxxix, 23). Inasmuch as error
was implanted in their minds, it profited them nothing to hear
the Word of God. The Unitarian, on the other hand, when
he peruses a poem, regards the Creator of the poet s nature
and the Disposer of his thoughts, and drawing an admonition
therefrom, sees in the act an evidence of the Agent. Thus he
finds the right way even in falsehood, while those whom we have
mentioned above lose the way in the midst of truth.

Anonymous said...

thankyou for that.
may the stregnth of our combined humanity put right the wrongs that have overcome this earth.

..everlasting peace.neil

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The World of Most People and the Power of the Unseen.>

Unknown said...

Well, despite others feeling about this Les post I found it real and it's up on my website as a leason on fear and using God within.
by the way Les, I used to be on very slow dialup and couldn't listen to your music and am enjoying a Les fest today. Take care Candace



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