Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chain the Exit Doors, the Party is about to Begin

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well, the party, hosted by Pinhead and the Cenobites begins today. Here’s a lively dissertation from someone with some 'interesting' influences but... then again one should keep in mind this from Zaikis who says “First of all, can astrologers finally update themselves to where the planets are in reality rather than using the tropical/outdated system that keeps us in ignorance of where the planets TRULY are? Second, a Grand Cross featuring the Moon is so temporary it is practically inconsequential. Although the day preceding and after may be driven by emotional reactions and results, they will still be temporary regardless of the eclipse. Finally, The energies set up in REALITY would be Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces opposite Saturn in Virgo square Pluto in Sagittarius. The key here being that our natural resources (Pluto in Sag) need to be redefined based on the health of the planet and humanity (Saturn in Virgo) in a way that bring our greater consciousness and human connection together in an expanding and revolutionary way (Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces). this is a T-Square that has the potential through our emotional and intuitive state to guide us to becoming more empowered the fleeting energy of the grand cross. After all, a Grand Cross 3D is a power pyramid not a “Christian” cross to bear. May the human & divine truth be revealed for all.”

Now, this from me; Pluto is just about smack on the ascendant, making it the rising power/influence and the Joker in the mix. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld is the perfect regent of the period, given that this is The Apocalypse. People are saying a lot of things but the way I read it, this means that all the hidden dirt is going to be shoveled into the public view and given the presence of certain other planets like Uranus, this revealing is going to be surprising and having a will of its own, manifesting in unpredictable (and negative for the elite) ways as it is in tandem with Jupiter, the planetary lord, adding the will of heaven to the mix in Aries ( and conjunct the ascendant) which is the sign more bikers are born under than any other; yeah, a ram’s head with the ram in rut and all the power in the world on a chopper. You throw in the conjunction with Pluto conjunct the midheaven in Capricorn and Mars and Saturn with some small soprano in the back of the choir named Venus banging at the Aries cluster and all I can say is that... it has officially begun today and no one can accurately predict the shape it will take.

Also, as far as Pluto goes it also means that those who thought he was their benefactor are in a whole lot of trouble.

I apologize for my two cents worth; I’m an esoteric astrologer and not a very useful one at that. I just wanted to give some speculative material to those who may know what I am trying to talk about without me actually knowing what I’m talking about.

My read is that TPTB are going to be a ‘chicken dancing on a hot griddle’ and they will be torn between trying to hold on to what power they think they have as it slips away or (most likely) opt out for their survival instincts but... wait a minute, their survival instincts tell them to hold on to the power but... but... it can’t get bad enough for them to suit me, all my compassion and mercy is operating in support of the dolphins and other creatures as well as the indigenous people and that small core of sensitive people scattered on the wide material prairies of a fucked up culture, filled up with violent dreamers trying to protect their toaster ovens.

Let’s think of Pluto, for the moment, as the classical devil. The basic interpretation of diabolus is, ‘slanderer’ but there is another quality of the devil that is much overlooked and that is the ‘betrayer’. Yes... that’s going to be one of the central elements of the destruction of TPTB and their minions. The operative image is of rats deserting a sinking ship and simultaneously unmasking the deeds and intentions of their former employers for all the world to see and hear in hope of leniency. Remember, my mutated Norwegian creatures, the first rats get the clemency and the rest are made examples of.

Here’s another thing for your perusal that I don’t think anyone has said anything about yet. What is that area known as where the poisons of the Gulf are not only destroying livelihoods but also threatening to kill the population as well? It’s called The Bible Belt. Why is this all sorting out like this? Those war cheerleaders and most rabid supporting cast of MagogkeNazi Nation, as well as the mass murdering of members of the other biggest religion in the world, are having their hypocrisy and violations of all they profess to believe in turned upon them with a vengeance. The image here is of John Hagee and his potato head followers being turned into steak fries; these being seriously wide potatoes.

No one has pointed this out because the irony speaks to the operations of Nature and the real divine ineffable in respect of- or lack of- those who have sent their children to die in the Rothschild banking war machine for Ersatz Israel and the Zionist imperative represented by the mass consumption, single voting block, of flexible hood ornament, bobbing flamingos on a drinking glass, glazed eyed, six hundred foot gay Jesus, mincing through the Promised Land, with all the little sheeps and chattering chipmunks whose feet can no longer touch the ground courtesy of their massive bellies. Somebody doesn’t like that section of the world, not to mention that all of the Eastern and Western seaboards are in the on deck circle facing The Big Train, Walter Johnson on his best day and... here comes the hurricanes looking to lift all those oil dispersal chemicals and rain them down like death from the skies upon the unwitting who expect to see the face of Jesus at any time. Jesus doesn’t like you. Jesus likes the people you’ve been mistreating.

As the stars so vividly portray, this is a time of rash and ill considered actions and you can count on that Crime Syndicate of a Nation, Israel to be the biggest actor from that distorted and self-destructive position. Iran is more than ready for you and you’re not the only one with a Samson option.

Lest it be thought that I am looking forward to any of this, or taking pleasure from it or engaging in shadenfreude, I am not. I’m calling them as I see them and if you’ve got a problem with that, talk to my Seeing Eye dog. I am looking forward to what comes out of all of this and I’m sorry it has to come about the way it’s going to but it is only intransigence and ignorance that demands it be so.

I would speculate that in the coming days you are going to see such unexpected actions coming out of the Gulf area and around the world that you won’t know what to make of any of it because there is so much more coming on its heels there ...and all over the planet. Meanwhile, the never ending cruise of the S&MSM is serving up its unchanging menu of tits and ass, sports, two dimensional? That’s a compliment; let’s say one dimensional acTORS and actresses ...and of course the tireless efforts of world leaders for the good of the planet.

That which so many don’t believe in or believe is supportive of their vile and indifferent behavior is walking unseen on terra firma. The ringmaster is in the center court. The clowns; I’ve never seen so many clowns in one circus, are doing what they do best. This time the clowns are not going to be funny or laughing and neither is the audience. I suspect it will be worse for the clowns than for the audience but maybe not.

All we need now is for that giant submersed whale of a methane bubble to surface in the most dramatic of ways and we’ll hear a voice audible around the world crying, “thar she blows!”

Well, I don’t know do I? I hope I’m wrong but that would mean a massive world awakening took place prior too and since that is the point of the whole affair then maybe that would preclude the noise and planetary upheaval necessary to wake them up. The odds of that as of this moment, is about the same as the odds that Jesus Christ really is what these Nimrods say he is and that he actually approves of their behavior along with those manipulating them. Those are not good odds.

The rest of you should take comfort that all of these signs and wonders, as well as fixed astrological conditions and moving aspects, are part of the program that is bringing you your new world. For you this is all a good thing, for everyone else it’s what it takes to make them see it, one way or another.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

What is that area known as where the poisons of the Gulf are not only destroying livelihoods but also threatening to kill the population as well? It’s called The Bible Belt.

Yep.The Southern Baptist Convention is now calling for the Fedral Gumment to regulate the oil drillin bidness.
Can we get an Amen?
Apparently this is not the sort of tea they were planning to serve at their party.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is bring it on and that is not like bush the stupid i mean really i live in the southern part of the world but the behaviour of most here is despicable to say the least it doesnt have to be this way in their heart everyone knows how it really should be why go with wrong?

Anonymous said...

Dear Les and fellow hitchhikers

What an oasis these pages are. I come here daily, to greet my reflection.

No matter what happens in my lifetime, I am truly grateful to have been a part of all this. After all, I chose to be here now, during this planetary constellation, which only occurs every 10thousand years. Well, that´s in the Gregorian, human being count. The ancients all knew that this time would come.

What amazing times. A mass awakening of soul and spirit, that never lost it´s connection to the source from which it came, no matter how much royal mumbo jumbo, gobble-dee-gook was thrown at it´s feet.

So many have, thanks to the world wide web of consciousness, had the privilege of discovering that this whole circus has simply been the evolution of an inhumane, power hungry ego consciousness on a 3 dimensional plane.
Fortunately, if there were no protagonists, we would be unable to discern the dualities presented for our own personal "growth". So, thank you to all those soul-less creatures, for all of our earthly lessons. Off into the ether with you!

The dawning of a new era is upon us and we can see through all the illusions. Get rid of those 3 D glasses and sharpen out your third eye kaleidoscope.

It matters not what concepts or thoughts are tossed around, they are all obstacles of the mind.
What really matters is...we are in for one helluva party!
Let the muzak begin.
Dance like a swirling dervish right until the end.
None of us get out alive anyway! * grin*

"So long and thanks for all the fish."


Visible said...

For those who may wonder at my use of Aries as the house when it's disputed by Zaikis, let me say that perception has as much power in terms of the constantly changing illusion as the actual math and there are yet more forms of astrology not addressed in that clarification and... I don't know that much about the subject from the left brain point of view and finally, it screws up the imagery (grin). Well, I could change the imagery so lets go with the first disclaimers.

All in all it's going to be seriously mindblowing and...

Anonymous said...

I live here too. I grew up on the Gulf, in Florida ,Mississipp and Texas. What I see is beyond heart breaking, but not all the good ole boys and girls round here have hearts, and so I think maybe it does have to be this way for a time. As they say in The Church of the Decomposing Body of the Sacred Wrath of the Baby Jeeeezus, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

abe said...

Time to "think" outside the box:

Jewish Star: 6 points of a cube held in 3D
Christian Cross: 6 sides of a cube splayed out
Muslim Kaaba: 6 sided cube intact

Freedom: the 7th dimension
I keep thinking of the fema camps- I take no joy in the thought of White people being forced on to reservations, but the irony must be mentioned.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that perspective. I'm gonna need to personally thank the ziomonsters who orchestrated 9/11 because without that obvious set-up job I'd still be tucked into my warm bed of ignorance.

Eating from the Tree of Knowledge is full of risk, but isn't that what makes life exciting? Better to face the truth than pull the covers back over your head and hope dawn goes away.

And with Miami just a few feet above the gulf... well the ziomonsters will be drinking a massive oily cocktail delivered right to the glass doors on their 33rd story condo. Ahhhhh, how sweet a concoction it will be!

Peace to you all


vixen said...

Uranus enters the 0 degree point of Aries on May 28, 2010 for the first two and a half months of a seven year stay in that sign that will change our lives and change the world. It marks a continuation of transits that will bring about upheaval, change and transformation, and the beginning of a new world. This is the time period astrologers have been looking at for decades, and these transits will lead us into 2012, the time the Mayan calendar ends.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

DaveS -

An age old saying comes to mind...for every finger pointed at a perceived "enemy", there are 3 pointing back at you. Which of those are pointing at your own "war" within?
As much as I, on a relative level of being, am also saddened, angered, horrified and frustrated at the atrocities on the planet, I recognise that it is a vehicle used to make us forget how to love. The absolute only knows love.

Underneath the turbulent, crashing waves of emotions and thoughts, is an ocean of peace. Surf the waves, but don´t take them too seriously. They don´t last.
Nothing ever does.

"If you want what visible reality
can give, you're an employee.
If you want the unseen world,
you're not living your truth.
Both wishes are foolish,
but you'll be forgiven for forgetting
that what you really want is
love's confusing joy."

Visible said...

Reminds me of an unrecorded song by that guy Les Visible;

You say it's understood
but do you understand?
How can you see the center
When your life's so out of hand?

People talk about it
Everybody's got it clear
but there really are no words
that will ever take you there.

Easy words to say
Hard words to live by
Easy words to say
Hard words to live by.

Anonymous said...

I was in Texas once and we tried to get a tee shop guy to print up some "Don't mess with Texas it is already fucked up enough" tee shirts. He wouldn't have any part of it though.

They give those away for free in OK. What size do you need? ;).

Anonymous said...


(in my best gangster accent)Are you pointing a finger at me? If so, than I suppose there are three fingers pointing back at ya'.

As for surfing... you may think it's less turbulent under the water, but if you've been caught under a wave on a mean shore break and had your face drug thru the sand, you may rethink what you regard as peaceful.

Turning the other cheek is an expression that's most useful as a tool that assholes tell the fools who are so willing to believe in peace, love and happiness.

Honestly I can't see how my post got your skirt bunched-up? Maybe you're living in one of those condos? Maybe I've got a short fuse for posters who profess peace?

"Peace is over rated. Any slave can have peace. Just pick the cotton.
~ TheSong"

And in the vein of a really good idea here is the Axe condom, invented by a women, for women:

Nothing peaceful about that thing... but then that's the idea.


bholanath said...

Can I just weigh in on "where the planets are in reality..."?
Hard to understand the astrologer's confusion.

Way back in the day the sun at equinox time was situated with a backdrop of the "ram" constellation or the "scales".
Precession has moved on (backwards), so the backdrop has changed.
These 'constellations' are not important. It was just one way to divide space into 12 parts. (There is a reason for "12".)
What remains constant is the phenomenon of earth's cyclical relationship with the sun (and earth's axial angle) which determines the solstice and equinox moments.
That spring moment of equal night/day is just (arbitrarily?) given the position of Beginning of the Year. (As good a point-of-beginning as any?)

Everything follows naturally through the 12 divisions of space (irrespective of the backdrop) in a potent symbology of plant-growth, cycle-of-seasons, living beings' life-cycles, etc.

The 'constellations' are only shapes from our perspective. They obviously are stars and galaxies thousands of light years apart, but were given 'names' corresponding to a 12-beat cycle. Hence, since the symbology 'works', we keep the names in use. The Vedic astrologers use the same names/symbols, but don't account for the precession of the equinoxes. Nor do they use the planets Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, but give importance to the Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu).
Both systems are valid and useful in different ways, but to say Tropical Astrology needs to get up to date is a misunderstanding.

Hope this makes sense.


Josey Wales said...

Yo Les,

Brings a whole new meaning of the term "Big Bang Theory" and how its used down there.

Anonymous said...

right dublins I'm coming over,
I am completely exhuasted but I cant sleep.

Visible said...

Thank you Bholanath;

That is what I thought and why I didn't attempt to alter what I don't know much about anyway. I just figured put in the disclaimer so that, someone like you would come along and say what you said (grin)

Hoka hey

Anonymous said...

nice one dave I agree peace has been completely sabotaged by greed
bholanath I love that stuff I have absolutely no idea about things like this and I would say like dave we need to maybe all be in real peace to ever really work the whole thing out maybe that is the veil on the world as a whole....peace neil

Visible said...

Soulless psychopathic sonsofbitches'

One of humanities greatest and most sincere friends dies before an indifferent world while the politicians laugh.>

Notice the following newscast while a smiling, laughing evil president acts like everything is just okay.

I can't put into words how this hits me. I can't say what I am feeling. The ability is beyond my capacity to express it.

Dolphins are a spiritual mystery whose value is incalculable. They don't know what dolphins represent or what they do in this world and the newscaster is so ignorant he talks of predators (sharks) moving in as if he had no clue what dolphins do to sharks and... he doesn't.

The hurricane will be a fitting tribute to these wonderful creatures who perish while self centered humanity mourns over their inability to lie in a sun that wants to hide its face from such iniquity. I, like some few, know what dolphins really mean in the scheme of things and how they are favorites of the divine and the Lord of the Devic Realm.

Where are the boats to relocate these celestial creatures? It's easy enough for the Japanese to herd and slaughter them for no other purpose than tradition but to actually go out and help them is just too much trouble or BP can't afford the publicity. I have to watch my anger. It grows incandescent at shit like this. Selfish multi-millionaires and billionaires abound and any one of them could save hundreds of our closest friends.

It burns my soul. It seems sometimes to be more than I can bear. Susanne was near weeping yesterday as we spoke about it. She said, I know. I know what's happening. I can feel it. I knew right away. I can't do anything and I don't want to think about it." Seeing her face nearly broke me in half.

bholanath said...

Yeah brother,
I have the same rage reaction. Devastating.
And to think how they spend and spend to capture these non-human persons for 'entertainment' (for the brain-dead).

If you missed it, this is the subject of yesterday's blog-post. I didn't get into the meaning of dolphins on the devic level because I can't conjure up the words and it's a deep, vast subject. Maybe another time...
and somebody visited somebody with a holy cacti friend...



Anonymous said...

That is precisely correct Les the dolphins and whales are the only creatures with a human soul and their realm is the oceans. As you mentioned they will kill a shark by plowing into their rib cage at supersonic speed.

Sharks stay clear of dolphins. I know for many years when I saw dolphins swimming on the east coast I would swim out maybe a mile knowing that sharks would not linger in the area. I was never attacked either.

On the other hand they will frolic in the water with humans who they see as brothers. Unfortunately many are not their brothers.

Dave S. you are growing on me. I am all for peace and brotherhood but not to the point where I crawl up on the sacrifice alter and offer my heart and liver. Some are pretty well programmed with this egregore and some just want to stir a little (oil in the water!) Pun intended.

I am willing to call a demon a demon and I will gladly take on the consequences for it and it need not be a problem for luddites or any other cult.

Visible said...

To the tune of "There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight."

The very thing I have been thinking and someone wrote about it.>

When have you seen a year without a hurricane in the Gulf and... they've been increasing in number and fury too?

Right out of Revelations like all the other things happening that Rev. Big Hair's been talking about but can't see alongside the nose on his face.

Visible said...

And the beat goes on.>

Josey Wales said...


Another aspect. If the evaporated portion of the oil is mixed with gases coming up from the volcano people could have a bigger problem.

Thermobaric Effect.

If the mix is volatile enough, and the oxygen content right, an ignition would set off an explosion. There would be a sudden loss of oxygen as it all rushed into the flaming fuel. A sudden pressure drop that could cause animals, people, etc. to explode.

KA BANG BOOOOOMMM ! Then if you survive the blast, explode from within due to the extreme pressure drop, if you survive that, no air left to breath, oxygen all used up in the inferno.

Look at how thermobaric weapons work, and what has happened to anyone near them.

You heard it here first.

The word for today kids is "Thermobaric"


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Josey said...


Kids, Tomorrow's new word is "BLEVE"

Can we use it in a sentence?

OK, If the resevoir of liquid natural gas comes up from the Gulf Of Mexico Oil & Gas Volcano, then when it reaches the surface we have a BLEVE.

How is the word derived you ask?

Good question Sally.

B oiling L iquid E xpanding V apor E xplosion.

We're getting ahead on our words today.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely the best writer ever...I look forward to all your posts..thankyou so much...I adore your fire...

Anonymous said...

I suppose that could happen too,I wonder what the possibility of a massive hurricane wandering off to washington would be,
I spent a small while working in the sea a long time ago,dolphins and sea critters I would say their all an equal part of life,all to be treated with the utmost respect.even sharks.
dolphins though definately send everyone to happyland,I used to see them nearly everyday for about a year or more
they would sometimes put their tails up and wave at us,but always playing on the front of the boat, the guests used to love it,me too.

..peace neil..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Visible said...

That is absolutely fucking brilliant and better than anything I have ever seen from him. It's up there with Jefferson and Voltaire but a tad more like Rousseau and Teilhard De Chardin or... is it Thomas Merton I thinking of if he had made a bend to the west at the critical moment instead of the destiny of the critical moment which led him East.

Anonymous said...
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Visible said...

At no point do they mention that he's a Russian Jew and Mossad agent.>

It took me two minutes to find that out. How many others are at work in the U.S and elsewhere?

Visible said...

He's trying to post on this site?

Morpheus calls. I'll see what there is tomorrow. My Paypal's not much better. The economy must be bad, I've got about 75 dollars but it's not something I think about. Somehow the divine ineffable takes care of everything and I never have to ask anyone else.

Today Susanne left for the weekend to visit friends and left me here with the dogs until Monday. She took the bank card out of my waist pouch and didn't tell me and was in a hurry so I was left with nothing I thought. I was making some imprecations while probing around in my waist pack and came up with a rolled up 50 Euro bill from some strange night I can't remember and then I pulled a ten Euro note out of my pocket. I could have sworn there was nothing in there but some small change. This kind of thing happens so often that it's become commonplace.

It was really a trip to be stopped in mid-imprecation with Gabrielle at my shoulder saying, "See?"

Leaving Italy I couldn't find my wonderful sunglasses that I had made a few months ago from some lenses that I had been carrying around for 15 years. I couldn't find them anywhere and neither Susanne or Valdemal had seen them in the process of packing.

I had asked Gabrielle if she would locate them for me and she winked, sort of and said, "No problem". An hour before leaving I found them laying in a chair that I had seen containing nothing about a dozen times. Commonplace.

Visible said...

World Cup-

“A stinging, tough defeat,” said Bob Bradley, who faces an uncertain future as U.S. coach.

With former President Bill Clinton watching and Mick Jagger sitting next to him, the U.S. was done in by a porous defense and forwards who failed to score a single goal in four games."

Sympathy for The Devils

Anonymous said...

Yeah dog I am a Florida State grad, how bout them Noles!

The last time I commented over there and mentioned the gulf they said I was a buzz killer! LOL

These monkeys still have not idea what the next caribbean hurricane holds for them.

"Go Watch FSU Running Back Commitment Devonta Freeman!
What Nike 7-on-7 Challenge at Miramar Regional Park (16801 Miramar Parkway).
WhereMiramar Regional Park (16801 Miramar Parkway).
When Saturday, 9AM, Field 5

Freeman's Central Rockets will square off with the American Patriots.

If you go out there, make sure to watch Freeman and report how he does! There's also no rule against giving him the Tomahawk Chop either."

Anonymous said...

I will be damed Mick Jagger is now truly running with the devil!

Anonymous said...

Never make the mistake that we don't all know each other and are figments of the world wide net, we all know each other as we are all one, most of us anyway.

There is about to be a shifting that will affect even the rocks. There is going to be a great separation and some will be separated from the infinite to become gray fragments to float in the ethers unrecognized by the cosmic mind. This is the final death.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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veritas6464 said...

Hey Swami Terton,...(grin) excellent post, no humour bro, mmm? So it goes...Anyhoo; I have been working the gemetria of Henges lately (earthen, circular, structured, stone and some kirks), in-tandem relation to the current night skies above them. I have focused on the Orkney henges the Salisbury henges, the Australian (Koori) henges and the pyramids – which IMHO are structured stone henges. Essential to these studies of course is the structured circular Dome henge in Jerusalem. The information being revealed is mind-blowing and constantly leads to that ancient Order of Druids: I wish I was cluey regards the disciplines used to discern this information. However, the net results as they are being collated totally parallel your post here, from what I can gather (grinning in humility); go figure. If there are any here that are sophisticated in the astrological disciplines we would appreciate a few links to a view of the contemporary interpretations as they relate to the planetary position in situ currently. It would appear that one can only get to certain point with research on this topic and then – dead end. TPTB? Very exciting information overload, though.

By the way recently I received this heads-up from a colleague in the UK: File this with your “It Burns My Soul” folder...

./part 2

veritas6464 said...

Hey Swami Terton,.. Part 2...

That devious german bitch that does English queen impersonations in London has requested (see; demanded) an additional £400.000 PA to assist with her ‘expenses’ (this whore thinks her presence and flash clothes is some sort of labour that generates revenue for the nation of Poms)...

Queen Elizabeth II Largest landowner on Earth:
Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.
She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made – Norway, Belgium, Denmark etc.
The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx $39,923,520,000,000 AUD ).
This makes her the richest individual on earth. However, there is no way easily to value her real estate. There is no current market in the land of entire countries. At a rough estimate of $5,000 an acre, and based on the sale of Alaska to the USA by the Tsar, and of Louisiana to the USA by France, the Queen’s land holding is worth a notional $33,000,000,000,000 (Thirty three trillion dollars or about £17,600,000,000,000). Her holding is based on the laws of the countries she owns and her land title is valid in all the countries she owns. Her main holdings are Canada, the 2nd largest country on earth, with 2,467 million acres, Australia, the 7th largest country on earth with 1,900 million acres, the Papua New Guinea with114 million acres, New Zealand with 66 million acres and the UK with 60 million acres.
She is the world’s largest landowner by a significant margin. The next largest landowner is the Russian state, with an overall ownership of 4,219 million acres, and a direct ownership comparable with the Queen’s land holding of 2,447 million acres. The 3rd largest landowner is the Chinese state, which claims all of Chinese land, about 2,365 million acres. The 4th largest landowner on earth is the Federal Government of the United States, which owns about one third of the land of the USA, 760 million acres. The fifth largest landowner on earth is the King of Saudi Arabia with 553 million acres
Co-owner of the monopolistic international narcotics franchise
Elizabeth II, as the head of the Windsor crime family, is the co-owner of the monopolistic international narcotics franchise, founded by Baghdad Jew David Sassoon, which it shares with the British Rothschild crime family.

Trillions: this evil greedy bitch has Trillions or perhaps 1.76 Squillion or Schmillion, what’s the next word after Trillion? FUUUUCCCKK!!

I can’t even calculate the food, medicine, housing, clothing, clean water etc etc, that this shit-bag could provide to a struggling world and still be a billionaire – EVIL BITCH!

Whatever it is you can see comin’ at these fuckers Les I hope it looks something like a Third world 45 seater cum 120 seat-er/standing-er/hangin‘off-er/clinging-to-the-roof-racks-of-er Public Bus! Driven by a drunken Third World bus driver, trained with IMF money.

Love Light & Peace to those that deserve it; a pox on the rest!


Major von Koningswald

Anonymous said...

I suppose
need to work the hum
learn of where the from
the living mind is one
when it is switched on
living truth of tongue
never know what come
pattern of the strum
on the ever strung
inner thoughts ignite
rumble shake recite
eagle wing on flight
chasing through the night
raw a bolt of light
charging with invinsible
absolute unstoppable
astral spinning indigo
truth outlawed
howl wind raw
nightsman of the sword
peace to living awe
the seven crested cords
living grand fours
peace to the cross
for the children that are lost
killed and then tossed
red purple mauve
totem raining blows
across the net of light
inner sacred flows
ever living grows
higher of the lows
of the knower knows
aura of the poles


Anonymous said...

I get as much from many comments here who expound upon les as I do les.

thank you all..


Anonymous said...

Grand Cross has come and gone.

Not that it's effects aren't still out there somewhere

m_astera said...

The ignorant so-called christians and other fools who believed what their preachers, leaders, and TVs told them are not going to hell. They will just be dumped back in the soup pot. Nothing worth preserving there, nothing worth punishing.

And now a word about those who have been telling us that we are all guilty because it's just human nature:

“Imagine – if you can – not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken.

And pretend that the concept of responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools.

Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly effortless.

You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so completely outside of their personal experience, that they seldom even guess at your condition.

In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world.

You can do anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences will most likely remain undiscovered.

How will you live your life?

What will you do with your huge and secret advantage, and with the corresponding handicap of other people (conscience)?

Provided you are not forcibly stopped, you can do anything at all.


Most of us feel mildly guilty if we eat the last piece of cake in the kitchen, let alone what we would feel if we intentionally and methodically set about to hurt another person.

Those who have no conscience at all are a group unto themselves, whether they be homicidal tyrants or merely ruthless social snipers.

The presence or absence of conscience is a deep human division, arguably more significant than intelligence, race, or even gender.

What differentiates a sociopath who lives off the labors of others from one who occasionally robs convenience stores, or from one who is a contemporary robber baron – or what makes the difference between an ordinary bully and a sociopathic murderer – is nothing more than social status, drive, intellect, blood lust, or simple opportunity.

What distinguishes all of these people from the rest of us is an utterly empty hole in the psyche, where there should be the most evolved of all humanizing functions.”
[Martha Stout The Sociopath Next Door]

So enough of this crap about how love is all you need. Enough about "we all know what's right in our hearts". You can love that weasel in the henhouse as much as you wish to, appeal to his conscience and better nature, but that won't stop him from killing all the chickens, licking up a few drops of blood, and slinking out through a crack to go and look for some other easy prey.

The weasels are who wrote the part about turning the other cheek and sold you on the saintliness of that lie, and all of the other self-serving lies that keep you from becoming a real threat to them. Do the weasels follow those rules? No, they run non-violent protesters over with a bulldozer, back up and do it again. Just how effective do you expect to be following the rules they gave you, the ones they are not stupid enough to follow themselves?

Peaceably marching and carrying little signs has only and ever worked when what the marchers were asking for was what the weasels had already decided they wanted to do.

kikz said...

the dolphins...

my meager understanding...
frm the kybalion...

...they are compensated.

even though i like to 'believe' it is truth...

it doesn't make it any less painful for us to watch.

hubz called round 9:30CST...
his daddy finally passed. the family was there w/him.

i'm so very sad and glad its over for his daddy, and the family.

godspeed jack, you're free.

Nayon said...

Dublin Mick, thanks a lot for the Kaminsky piece.

Les, I am so very glad that your work around us is not over yet. You are a gatherer of great souls and it is a blessing for us to be able to savor your inspirations, and the lovely words brought by your readers.


estebanfolsom said...

i see someone
invoked rumi

here's one
i've had in my
wallet for 20 years:
'the milk of millennia'

"i am part of the load
not rightly balanced
i drop off in the grass,
like the old cave- sleepers,to browse
wherever i fall.

for hundreds of thousands
of years i have been
dust grains floating and flying the in the will of the air,
often forgetting ever being in that state,

but in sleep i migrate
back. i sprang loose
from the four- branched,
time-and-space cross,

this waiting room

i walk into a huge pasture

i nurse the milk of millennia

everyone does this in different ways.

knowing that conscious decisions and personal memory
are much too small
a place to live,

every human being
streams at night
into the loving nowhere,

or during the day,
in some absorbing work."

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, Rumi and dolphins and that piece by Martha Stout "The Sociopath Next Door" and John Kaminski and all others.....they soothe an aching heart.

Such exquisite messages. Thank you for posting them.

Inbetween the depths of unspeakable sorrow for the dolphins, I am overwhelmed with an abundance of love and compassion for these celestial entities, who are perhaps playing a huge part in the universal trans-formation.


Anonymous said...

to the goodening of the afternoon to your gracious of the lovinness of the peoples, you was thinking them thoughts again last night I when I arised there were them strange clouds again.different ones
so with the greatness of the loving the more we huff and puff me thinks. that we may generate more wind which according to the upside down back to front inside out outer in,we may get more wind in them sails if we all huff and puff together,
and then off she blows we'll have her sailing again,the finest ship on the sea,with the loving greatness
.the good ship free.


Anonymous said...

m-astera perhaps your right and people don't know in their hearts whats right or wrong seems a black viewpoint to me but they say theres those who walk amongst us who are not of us as for turning the other cheek and love is all you need well it sounds nice but too much has happened also i think you'll find down the years people of irish blood have been known to stand up and be counted once or twice

DaveS said...

Yesterday there was a carnival as part of Carbondale's Lobsterfest, which is one of those summer festivals that the world honestly could probably do without. I'm not a party pooper, but some parties are celebrations, others are just excuses for people to litter, waste and act like spoiled children.

So, back to the carnival, one of the festival's bright spots. I think carnivals are pretty cool. Seeing one takes me back to my youth and I remember the childhood joy of riding those big machines.

My buddy's tit got in a bunch because the carnival has a giant generator housed in a semi trailer they use to power the whole shebang. He wonders why they can't just plug into the town's power, why they need to have a generator chugging away, spewing smoke? He hates those sorts of things. Yet, even after moaning about the generator, he starts contemplating his next raft trip. I don't know how much you know about rafting, but it certainly isn't a green sport. First there is the raft. Most, if not all, professional grade rafts are manufactured in Korea because Koreans aren't as worried as Americans about the pollution associated with making rafts. I know the chemicals I use to repair the thing are nasty shit. I can't imagine what the factory must smell/look like.

Then when you've got your raft (Just think of the fuel used to get it to you) and you're ready to float, there is the shuttle with your vehicles that needs to be done before you're floating.

Once on the river, yeah, rafters are a pretty green group, making sure their litter and feces are taken off the river for disposal. And this is why rafter types get sucked into believing they're some sort of environmental goon squad whose purpose in life becomes telling the rest of the world's people how they need to live. What these folks are mostly concerned with is the cleanliness of the river bottoms they float thru. They don't even pause to think how much cleaner the world would be if they took-up a hobby like bird watching rather than rafting.

I was a newspaper photographer for a few years and I realized I could never be an 'environmentalist' because I enjoyed taking photos so much. Back in the days of film, photography was a damn awful polluting industry – and I'm guessing digital is probably only slightly less polluting. I'd rather be an honest polluter than a lying one

The only true environmentalist commit suicide.

The rest of us are still polluting the planet with every breath (if al gore is to believed) and because we're all guilty, I find it hard to point fingers at carnivals with smoking generators, especially when I see so many smiling kids there.

As for dolphins... first wave I caught surfing I didn't stand-up, but I rode the thing gripping the board's sides and the wave tubed. I was inside the wave, seeing the beach thru a curtain of water, feeling apprehensive, until I realized was a pod of dolphins and the critters were surfing on either side of me. Does it get any better than that? I don't think so.

I guess I lost my point...



DaveS said...

I missed a lot yesterday when I was out and about. What a fabulous day in the Rocky Mountains where I live. Summer rain showers to cool the air and amazing cloud formations to take my mind off all the friggin' assholes I'm forced to share the roads with.

I can tell a lot about a person by how they drive. Good drivers are the folks who realize their vehicle isn't the sole vehicle on the roadway and who are inclined to facilitate the journeys of others. I can't believe how often I try and pass some slow rubbernecker looking at the amazing mountains and he/she speeds up. Why?

Why can't my fellow humans pull over, slow down or otherwise help make a pass safer? Why are they oblivious to all the others traveling the roads? Why do some of my fellow humans let cars stack-up behind them while they creep along mountain roads?

I figure it's a combination of selfishness and obliviousness. And these assholes carry these same feeling from the roadway into every aspect of their life, which is a big part of our problem.

Even my friends fall into this group who believe the whole world would be a better place if everyone lived exactly like them. And I suppose for them, this is true. But at the same time I wonder about their motivation?

I've a friend, really quite a good friend I love rafting with, but...


Anonymous said...

Hi Les 'n' all,

Don't know where to start here - nearly every comment has so much in it that I'd like to reply to.

Les, I hope you get that song published soon. I've sent you a gmail about your songs before; my old comp wouldn't access them but my new laptop does. Love your voice, Les. Really!
BTW, the dolphin link you provided just leads to that Zio-shit Harper spewing the usual lies about leaving the world in a better condition (cough!) or some such crap.
About Penpal, you and I have exchanged emails about this before - I tried to get an account recently so I could send you some dosh, but the barsturds still won't accept my card - I live in the wrong country, apparently. And yet the cretins were still sending me really dumb emails ('We notice you haven't used your account yet' etc); this being the account they refused to give me! All of this necessitated a rather stern email from me asking them to cease and desist and telling them in very polite language what I thought of their company. Also means I can't get the latest ALTA report, of course.

Dublin Mick, like to add my thanks as well for posting the Kaminsky piece. Next time I'm in Dublin, I'll buy you a Guiness! Then you can buy me one! Metaphorically speaking.

m astera - I was familiar with the Martha Stout quote, having read it on, along with most of their other articles they've written about psychopaths. was the first time I had come across the true meaning of the word, and it chilled my blood, I can tell you. It all makes for fascinating reading and explains a hell of a lot about the state of the world in general and the mind-set of our dear leaders in particular, but don't look for it to be taught in schools any time soon. The more it, and similar quotes, are posted online the better. Thanks.

Finally, Gudrun (3:41) has encapsulated my thoughts exactly. Thanks for that.

Stay strong, Les and everybody.


TheSparkle said...

DublinMick: Isn't Jack's wife named Rexella? Great entertainment.

DaveS: Some of those people at the head of the line of cars on the mountain road are just slow terrified mountain drivers. Trust me. I felt terrible, guilty remorse that I wasn't confident or competent enough to drive fast enough to keep the cars from piling up behind me. I guess maybe I have a soul.
Carbondale? The coke ovens! And what a scenic spot when looking at the ovens, just turn to your left to a beautiful mountain vista.

wv: mancon

m_astera said...

But Tony, are the Irish Irish standing up today, or have their brains been turned to quivering Jell-o as thoroughly as everyone else's? My Grandparents migrated to Florida from Donegal. Perhaps I should visit Letter Kinney on the Donegal coast and see if those left behind are more awake and ready to fight than the Usanians or the Venezolanos, or whether they too spend their lives in front of the TV.

John K says that we must not fear to use the Jew word, at least I think that's the word he means. Well shoot John, there you go. The Jews aren't nearly the problem the psychopaths are. Let's not be afraid to use the P-word. I'll take a Jew with a conscience any day as opposed to an Irish (or Polish) Catholic without one.

I submit that the tribe of Levi forbid outmarrying in order to preserve the dominant trait of psychopathy, and that the same applies to the crowned heads of Europe and the Khazars.

How to get the word verification to show up on (in firefox, similar in IE):

At the top of the screen, go to Tools.
Choose Options, then click on the Privacy tab.

From the top dropdown menu, choose "use custom settings for history", click the buttons to allow cookies, then under the Keep Until dropdown choose "ask me every time" and then "exceptions". At the top of the exceptions screen, type in and click 'allow'.

You may have to go back and click OK on an earlier screen. With these settings no site can set a cookie without asking you first.

You might have to restart firefox to get the changes to work.

m_astera said...


I copied the Martha Stout quote from Laura K-Z's essay "Political Ponerology" at here:

Whatever complaints I have aired about SOTT and Laura, she was the one who enlightened me to the reality of psychopaths, and for that I bless her and will always be grateful. Anyone who hasn't read the essay linked above needs to.

Anonymous said...

Very disturbing footage from the Gulf Oil Disaster.

We won't be seeing this on the mainstream media anytime soon.

Don't know how much longer we'll be seeing it on YouTube either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les and all - 'sme again.

Michael (if I may call you that), the next time you (or anyone else)are/is in the Sott site, do a search for 'Greenbaum'. It seems that ordinary people can be turned into psychos temporarily by being brainwashed/programmed without them knowing it using drugs and hypnosis. So some world 'leaders' don't necessarily have to be psychopaths, just 'Greenbaumed' on their obligatory trip to the USA. At least, this is what comes through in the article. Was it you who was talking about 'souled' and 'non-souled' humans? Have you read Laura K-J's essay; 'The Other Race'? That's another must-read, imo, for anyone who really wants to know why the world is the way it is.

The reason I'm back is one of the other posters (American Gulag?) on another thread said that the only country that the Jews have never been kicked out of was Egypt. This is not the case; when they were kicked out of Egypt they were called the Hyksos - the Shepherd Kings. Tradition has it that a small group of them escaped to Feyyoum Oasis to the west of Giza. One supposition (not mine) is that this is the group Moses came from. It is even in the Bible that when the 'Hebrews' left, they were loaded down with gold and jewels which they had liberated from the Egyptians on Pharaoh's orders (cough!). I don't have the exact chapter and verse is not at hand, unfortunately. Doesn't take a big leap of imagination to attribute that to the Hyksos burning and pillaging as they were driven forth, at least not to me. Also, I think that in more recent times, Gamal Abdul Nasser 'encouraged' them to leave.

About the word verification thing not being there, I've found that if I leave the site and come back in again, it is there.

wv : enism. That sounds as though it should be a proper word!


nina said...

After sifting through 61 comments and various links, it must be said ..neil..'s poetry is a perfect balance and welcome contrast to the screeching horrors of our collective journey. His works are like an acoustic guitar in a room full of Marshalls. I wonder if he might not be one of Visible's angels who somehow picked up the hang of posting.

Vanguard said...

“Never speak out against the Jews unless you do it anonymously.”

Yes, to some it is given to speak plainly, and use their names. For others — myself included, for though I am not at ground zero, I am within 100 meters, and am increasingly and mostly completely surrounded by members of the tribe, literally, overwhelmingly — it is wisdom to remain anonymous.

(I know that the “Light of Christ” with me causes those around me to react with either love or hate — some extremely, but all fall at least somewhat to one side or the other of the midpoint. Thus are the innermost desires of all I meet revealed to those with discernment.)

Use one of the many anonymous Web surfing tools, being careful to consider the hosting country, and many have free options.

It won’t protect against criminal activity, but soon enough — if not already — writing against or visiting sites that denounce Zionism, is/will be criminal, and your ISP/IP address will be handed to the “authorities”. Criminal proceedings, extradition, etc. (potentially just outright assassination) will follow.

There are even anonymous email services.

Remember that registering with an anonymous service makes it easier to hand over your identity. Also, any HTTPS URL’s are encrypted tunnels and both ends are clearly identified without significant tech know-how.

Beware of what you say on the phone, especially wirelessly. VoIP. Etc.

Pidgin IM client accepts an Off The Record (OTR) plug-in that allows encrypted communications. Be sure to turn off the chat logging feature. Clients need to verify each other with agreed upon hints and passwords. You can force the encryption requirement so as not to forget.

Firefox has an add-on that allows you to generate private certificates that you can securely deliver to trusted others for secure email communications with no third party escrowed keys for back door access.

Never perform any personal communications from work systems. They are almost always highly, automatically monitored and proxied for full comm analysis.

Never use unencrypted wireless computer comm.

Watch out for key-loggers on your systems, for it renders all of the above moot since your every keystroke is monitored. This is true for heavily encrypted data too. At some point — in memory, in temp files, etc. — it is in an unencrypted state and thus vulnerable to eavesdropping.

Good security software will catch the illegal monitors. However, note well: the various gov’t and intelligence monitors are IGNORED by commercial software, and considered necessary, so there is no warning to the user.

It’s all a range of measures. At the higher end, your screen can be examined through open windows. The radiation from the monitor might even be detected. The vibrations of nearby windows can be read and interpreted. Low-tech devices can be placed near your system so there’s not even a direct system compromise.

Clear your mind of the mis/disinformation fed to you from TV and movies regarding computer and SigInt.

Be wise in your use of technology and communication these days. It is so very important that you communicate with others, just like it is important that you communicate with God. Use discernment, given of the Spirit, to know with whom you speak, whether in your heart, or in the world. “By their fruits you shall know them…” Indeed.

Vanguard said...

Every good thing comes from God. And every good thing is assaulted by evil and the servants thereof.



Just leaders/rulers.

Numerous other foundational concepts and practices. Such are both from the beginning, and also revealed throughout time.

They are never completely eradicated. The servants of God can hold to that which is pure in each major gift to mankind.

The Internet is a gift from God. Inspired of Him. And consequently turned to purposes both good and evil. It is a tool.

It caught evil off guard, as always. They become angry, and froth and conspire. Then move forward openly and sneakily to pervert it.

Know this: the Internet cannot be completely compromised, as with the above examples. But many aspects will become corrupted and it will become far more perilous.

As with all things, trust in the Lord with your whole being, and proceed forward in faith and knowledge.

The time is soon at hand where there will be a great reckoning. Look forward with joy to the time of the judgment and renewing of all things.

Seek ye actively through prayer and inspired activities to further the fellowship of man and the belief in God, as individuals, members of communities and organizations, citizens, and brothers and sisters upon this earth.

Vanguard said...

By the way, be careful when following links to monitored sites such as YouTube.

I typically refuse to go there for certain subject matter vids, because of the login requirement. Any vids embedded in Web pages I don’t mind, getting to them anonymously.

Ditto for FaceBook.

Did you know that Twitter communications are now public record and stored?

Also, note that search terms, especially in Zionist-owned search engine Google, or Bing, etc., are stored WITH identifying info for years. Such practices required by governments of the world are in place, or soon will be, everywhere.

Consequently, I don’t search for terms unless anonymous again.

Why make it easy for the enemy to locate and marginalize or outright eliminate us?

...I’m thankful that you posted my comments even though you disagreed with some/all of them. This is heartening, as I’ve mentioned before.

The freedom to speak and disagree is a blessed condition inspired of God. Please note that I regularly seek to improve my understanding and convictions, and I do listen to what you and others say.

I accept what you say, that all should proclaim with their real identities against Zionism.

However, I still maintain that for some it is wise to remain anonymous. I would lose my job — at a minimum — in a heartbeat if my name was made known. I would be blacklisted from my career field. How then could I support my family, friends and neighbors?

I don’t fear destruction of my “modern life” as a citizen. I just am biding my time so that the sacrifice, even unto death, is worth it. It is not of fear in this world. It is of love of God, and the desire to do His will, without question.

I will stand before God and the world and state my name and uncompromising belief in the Messiah and Savior, Jesus Christ, when it is asked of me. Even though I am persecuted and even slain. For ever have been the potential consequences, as the Lord stated.

At this time, there are not enough people to flood the system and render evil persecution ineffective. Nor are the individual examples widely known enough to shake a critical mass of sleepers awake. The control of media, and soon the Internet, does not help matters.

I will join others openly when the time is right for me, as the Lord wills.

Please consider in closing, that early Christians needed to practice their faith quietly, secretly lest they be immediately slain.

Martyrdom is a blessing. So is life. Who knows when which is required? Are all required to do one or the other? We should seek to understand the purposes of God, and His timing for individuals, movements, nations, and the world.

Also consider that under various tyrannies, gun registration records and other means were used to easily identify, render perhaps harmless, and even outright “disappear” (murder), seizing in the middle of the night like unholy beasts who prey upon the flesh of human beings.

Also consider the “Oath Keepers” or even those who openly agree they will fire upon U.S. citizens if ordered, yet who in their hearts are true patriots and await the moment to strike for justice if the situation requires it.

I disagree that all must openly reveal to the enemy who they are before the right moment arrives.

I pray for us all in these increasingly perilous times.

Vanguard said...

Thank you for the compelling counterpoint...

I still stand by my words, though.

It could be stated that the Zionist cooperation, for all intents and purposes, and for the vast majority of the world, is hidden…anonymous…except among their own, and even at different levels.

Were it not so, all leaders and writers/news-people would clearly state their identities and purposes. Is there not massive mis/disinformation? Is there not increasing secrecy of all of these doings? Is it not increasingly a crime to point out Zionist control/collaboration?

So, if you are asserting/alleging that my purpose is to prevent cooperation by faithful-to-God, anti-Zionists, by encouraging anonymity in certain venues, especially, public (incl. or esp. the Internet), that would be false.

I wonder at someone who would insinuate such? Do you think battered wives or witnesses under protection programs should not have anonymity?

I have not said everyone should be anonymous. And yet I am told anyone who seeks anonymity is suspect.

Revealing people who speak against the increasingly evil system under tyrannical measures is a type of (or literal) death sentence. Good works cut short. I accept that such happens. But we must not throw our lives away. We must seek to promote good. To everything its season.

Think of the “blue baby” in Gaza who needed to be flown to Turkey because the Israelis were dithering as usual, trying to ascertain (maybe) whether the parents or others were Hamas sympathizers.

And to use a perhaps shocking analogy, who would claim that a husband or wife should reveal pictures, audio and/or video of their sacred lovemaking?

Lastly, if all should be revealed, why did Jesus Christ state that it was not for the masses assembled to know all of the truths plainly. Those He spoke to his apostles plainly, but to the gathered people in general, often using parables.

Please do not ascribe evil intent to the cautioning of revealing all, especially in public. It is wisdom in countless circumstances to keep one’s own counsel.

For some, you should feel in person of the Spirit to whom you should reveal your innermost, sacred beliefs. What you tell or reveal to the world should be good, and some may tell all. But nobody should require it of all. It is far too easily abused.

Should strangers reveal their personal details to each other? We are almost overwhelmingly all, strangers, on the Internet, to a complete or lesser degree.

All shall be revealed in time…yea, even shouted from the rooftops!

Vanguard said...

Peace campaigner, 85, classified by police as ‘domestic extremist’

John Catt and his daughter were placed under surveillance at more than 80 lawful protests.

[Thus we see, that cooperation (and monitoring) can lead to both just and unjust outcomes.

If such violations can occur to the most harmless and innocuous — requiring so many expensive resources (instead of against the real criminals, hm?) — then how much worse will it be for those who more clearly state or act to oppose Zionist/Satanic rule of the world?

Who will still state that all individuals must use their real identities on the Internet?]

Vanguard said...


Just as we should beware those calling that which is evil, good: We should also beware those claiming secrecy/anonymity is always bad or suspect.

The truth is: For some things it is good and right to be hidden and sacred. For other things, it is good and right to be transparent, recorded, publicly available, and revealed to all–without question.

The Zionists seek to reverse which belongs in which category for their own uninformed, and for the worldwide mass of goyim.

Yet again, “By their fruits ye shall know them…”

Vanguard said...

"Vanguard: Look at 11 closely my friend -

I just have to share this with you from Luke:

Luke 12
Jesus Gives Words of Warning and Hope"

Thank you...for that scriptural reference.

I do agree that I should be willing to stand before the enemy, and I feel it is inevitable at some point.

And I do proclaim the divinity of the Christ, though judiciously. Again, in far too many places (work, even public), Christianity is becoming taboo, anathema, because of the lies, perversions, and mind-control visited by the modern Pharisees.

Please know, that I will NEVER deny the Christ. I’ve told trusted friends that the day I’m required to state such to enter my place of work, is the day I turn around and walk away.

In all areas of life, if denial of Christ become necessary to live (comfortably)–for ready access to food, etc.–then I will strive to survive without such, but will also willingly go down a painful slow path of death by starvation.

And I do know that God is far more aware of me than a sparrow, as with you all.

As I look over my previous words, I do see the inadequacies. As with us all, I pray that the Lord reveal His eternal truths to me, and that anything I share, in humility, will be valid.

Please remember that the called Apostles were thus instructed to go forth, to the low and the high, in faith and boldness. Each person was commanded different things. All are worthy examples, even if it’s Peter asking forgiveness for denying the Christ.

When Jesus said to this or that Gentile that He did not come for them (though He still often blessed them according to their great faith), does that invalidate later teachings that His sacrifice unto death, and Resurrection, in glory, was for all mankind?

I’d like to reassure you that I’m willing to stand before earthly courts, and I do fear God in Heaven, not worldly death.

One last thing that came into my heart to share: it has been said that nowadays, with the increasingly continuous recording of every and all personal and public detail of the masses, who are nevertheless individuals, something sacred is being perverted.

Some things are beautiful to record for history and posterity.

Other things, however, are part of our journey in sin, seeking ever to come closer to God, through repentance, renewal, and a stronger walk.

The Lord God above knows all things. And He will forgive us as many times as we ask in faith. “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God…”

Man is not God. Men are not perfectly just and also merciful. It should not be given to them to know all about our entire lives to use it against us, demoralize us, and try to trap us in the depths of sorrow, shame and darkness.

May the Lord God above testify to each and every one of you in your hearts, that you can truly be forgiven of your sins, and washed clean, made ready to be received of the Messiah and Savior, back into heaven, into the presence of God the Father, and the full splendor of the sacred Holy Spirit.


Anonymous said...

The indifference and utter ignorance of my immediate neighbors and most anyone I talk to here in Central Florida about the unfolding, obviously cataclysmic events in the Gulf of Mexico, absolutely boggles the mind.

I hear nobody, literally no one that even mentions, let alone warns or panics about the inevitable, at the very least, devastating consequences of epic proportions, this catastrophic “human error” has unleashed on every living creature and plant-live, not only in the Southern hemisphere of the US, but on our planet as a whole.

It’s just like I have woken up from my worst nightmare ever, and am now relieved that it all is not real. It all is well and nothing to worry about, if I could trust the demeanor and the mood of my fellows in my area.

I smell barbeque in the air and I hear the racing by of bikes and four-wheelies, as ever tearing up the dirt-roads, avoiding slow prowling beige mini-vans filled with Jehovah’s Witnesses in Sunday-state looking for victims. – Do they know something -?

You know, before I moved to the US, I never knew that they made cartoons for adults.
Years ago, before September 2001 when I too was still flipping through the channels,
I often was wondering why they were showing cartoons after midnight, when decent children go to bed before the evening news. But I soon found out that these cartoons and the Simpsons were aimed at adults for entertainment. Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and more of such mind numbing trash, right out of and true to the script of the protocols, must have really held, what the “ingenious” reptile morlock architects of that evil piece of lecture, had planned for the rest of us. Because now you can’t even warn them from what is really real.

I can’t reach my Children nor their families, not because they have no phones or computers, but because they are not listening. I just wanted to tell them, to prepare for what is on the horizon, just wanted to let them know that it might be a good idea to spend
some valuable time together as long as we are still able to. But… maybe next weekend or the weekend after might be just as good. No hope! Just like there is no hope for all these other people as I described them here and who are oblivious to the lurking danger to their very existence.

I am desperate, desperate to get the word out in time to maybe have an impact on my immediate, closest circle. Move out of the crosshair, away from “ground zero” at least.
Not saying that it eventually will not catch up with all of us, but at least stick around for the comforting of your own and so many others when they need it most.

Sad…. sob.

R. Zuercher

Visible said...


That's massive overkill and is going to draw a lot of heat down on you. The worst part is sticking in tedious scripture that no one wants to see. Just and observation, I don't really have and opinion.

Vanguard said...


Well, I apologize for that.

People around here are often referencing this or that. Speaking their convictions. Ripping (justifiably) on big hair fundies.

Is only a generic, vanilla filter on what is happening now acceptable?

My main intention was to help those who desire anonymity for whatever reason to have some more info.

Another intention was to caution people against giving their every thought to the Zionist-owned Web communities/services.

Others freely talk about changes in consciousness, moving to higher planes. Apocalypse. Etc.

I really don't just rant only about scripture. Is everyone so sensitive?

I don't screw up my face when someone quotes Aristotle, one of the Gita's, occult/esoteric references, poems of personal construction.

I wasn't trying to provide overkill, just a complete thought.

And I did note that others in this very thread have made multi-post contributions of various subject matter.

People can just collapse my entries.

I'm not telling anyone to become a Christian.

I understand there are some Christians here and I just hoped to provide something positive. To let people know that true Christianity is not evil.

As you said, it doesn't matter to you. I've followed your posts and you do have some positive things to say about Christ.

I'd think that unless I was telling everyone they were wrong, that people would be happy we're trying to encourage each other, in each path, in these perilous times.

presence said...

BP Blues...
Connected to the

so many thanks to all of you...
love + light

wv: litte

Copernicus Kidd said...

here they come - - - - the good the bad and the UGLY

presence said...

Something a bit different...
the Forgotten Whales, by that 1 guy...

wv: joilisms

Visible said...


That kind of cherry picking doesn't reinforce your case. Big Hair Preachers are not being associated with the message of Christ.

Zionists are not being associated with all Jews, though I'll have to admit that the number of those tolerable to me keeps dropping.

It seems the height of rambling paranoia to encourage everyone to go looking under their bed and hiding in all things from nasty little parasites with no power but what one gives them. I thought the point was "if god is with me who can stand against me?" or "greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world." I don't get this cowering as if they were something to be afraid of. They don't frighten me and I could care less what they think.

This series of posts has little connection among the parts to any central theme that I can find. It seems to be addressed to someone but I can't figure out who it is nor do I think anyone else will. People do have multiple posts but not 7 of them, usually 3 at the most.

I don't care if you're widely tolerant of everything else and feel that dispenses a certain container full of reverse tolerance. The listing of justifications and assumed latitudes makes my head spin.

I suppose my real concern was a lack of cohesion and well... I didn't get any of it and didn't finish it either. I probably should have been more clear about what my reaction was.

I personally don't care and you have full rights to post as much as you want. It doesn't matter to me and I'm not telling you what to do or how to do it. I was just mentioning that the manner of presentation and the bulk as well as the general weirdness might attract reactions other than what you 'may' desire.

Rebel 4E said...

Those 'nasty little parasites'..
they're here now (+___+)
I can see them...
I can hear them...
They're watching me NOW!!

They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha a ha ah ha aarghhhhhhh!!


Anonymous said...

I live on the SW Gulf coast of Florida.
I was rushed to the emergency room 4 days ago.

My heart was beating out of chest and I could not breathe. I felt like I was suffocating.

I was hooked up to the EKG, heart monitor, and had blood work and other testing.
In the end - I was told I am having massive anxiety and panic attacks. I was sent on my way with 2 valium pills.

I have no idea how much $ this emergency room visit will cost.
I still feel the panic each morning. I feel the suffocation on a daily basis.

The moving van comes in 14 days, if I can hold on to my sanity for the next 2 weeks - I think I might survive.

I pray to the creator each day to help me get through this. I signed up for this - but I want to see some fucking *light* NOW.

Enough with the endless darkness. I need something beautiful now! Not down the road, "at some point"

When you are hooked up to an oxygen source at 47 years old, and watch your heartbeat on a monitor. It becomes real. Your demise becomes a reality.

I can honestly say I now know what it feels like moments before you die.
I love you all. My light is flashing + my time is short. See you on the other side.

Visible said...

Hang in there Liz;

This kind of thing is hitting everyone on some level. I suspect you will get away. From there the world is a much wider place.

The hammer is about to come down very soon now. It is not coming down on us.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

awww nina,I'm all shy again you've made me knees go all wobbly,well they was a bit wobbly before I suppose,.
thankyou nina
you already know you are a very rare flower of exquisite beauty
holding every essence of nature with in your scented petals.

peoples now I'm not sure what people are reading through the poem,it was written in a creative state of awareness,people should not really be looking at interpretations of literal value its more the feeling that resonates within yourself thats if it does at all.
..everloving love to all neil..

Anonymous said...

hello their liz,it seems we may be being prepared possibly for some sort of massive emotional shift,thus all the commotion in the world at this point,I would really like to help you
things happen for a reason you are obviously one of the good people
other wise you wouldnt be over here
like all you peoples chances are you're
heart may lift suddenly and all that love inside of yourself will come flowing out.
the greatness of the loving has no bounds it is infinate and expresses through ourselves
if we allow it too.peace neil

Anonymous said...

A search engine, IXquick does not record IP addresses. "As of January 28, 2009, Ixquick no longer records users' IP addresses at all." Wikipedia.

One can down load it and use it as one's main Search Engine.

Louis Malle, in his 13-part documentary on the topic, said that the kingdoms in the Indian subcontinent were the only ones which did not drive away the Jewish merchants who settled there. Though most of them left in 1948, after Indian independence, there are still some left there.
Then in 1951 or so, the Indians who had gone to Israel, took out ads in Indian papers, asking the Indian Govt to help them return to India, because they were being treated badly there. Independent India, which, along with Pakistan was carved out of British India, had no diplomatic relations with Israel until 1972. Now it is their biggest arms customer.

(There was no "India" until the 19th Century when the kingdoms the East India Company had taken over, were in turn taken over by the British Govt, and Queen Victoria, proclaimed Empress of India, with British India being the jewel in her crown.)

Like many here, I feel ill, thinking about what the birds, dolphins, sea-turtles, and other forms of life are going through.

I wonder what purpose in the larger scheme is served by those humans who have no feeling or compassion - soulless, psychologically damaged, or whatever their make-up is. Here's an article on ice-age cannibalism in Britain. Who knows the whys and wherefores?

Anonymous said...

peoples I will explain about the poems,I write them in a sort of really light sort of creative mood that works really well if I'm overcome with empathy or compassion ,I write them to release the essences
that I feel maybe from yourselves.
so take a literal interpretation if you like but if it doesnt do anything for yourself then put it down and find something that does
you may sort of get the same things through meditations,deep prayer or just thinking fine thoughts,so peoples wether you like the poem a lot or you dont like at all I'm happy either way.
now your all good peoples,you all have your own ways and creations bubling away inside yourselves,dont be afraid to express them.
soon I should imagine it maybe us that has to clean all of this stinking mess up in this world,
and we are going to need them creative juices flowing.
..everloving love to all neil

estebanfolsom said...

yeah i played chess with jesus
he had a pretty good game
if it wasn't for that eternal
i could've caught him lame
as it was we went round
and back and forth again
i said to him and he to me
when will this ever end

not until all men are free
and every sister too
just the fact your back on
means you/we still got work to do


by the way
if your man
had remained
how the hell
would you
know 'his'
name today ?

just asking

and which
are you guarding
exactly ?

and yes
my life
has already
been threatened
and the lives of my

i am easily found
and will -never-
hide - either my
or my thoughts

only liars
and cowards
are afraid
of the

which is it
with you -
cowardice ?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vanguard said...

I retract some very few things of all that I have said.

In your hearts, you know whereof I speak.

God be with us in our current, world-wide plight.

long john said...

Dear Liz,

you will be alright. doubt not. trust and have faith in the love of God within, and the universe. believe this. no matter how dark it seems or how anxious you feel at the moment, help is already with you now.

i have something for you. i posted this the other day, but i think i should do it again now, just for you. please accept this heart-felt gift. its may seem simplistic, but its not. its powerful good medicine.

please watch and listen to this simple song on video, and contemplate it a few times thoughout your day. a few times in the morning, and again in the evening, and maybe just before you rest. imbibe the message. feel the light of love and joy shining. and shine the love too. give the love. pass it on.

and you will know that everything will be alright for you. and ever more so, every passing minute and hour and day. and soon, very soon, you in turn will begin to help and inspire others towards love and light.

you are not alone. we are all with you, and God is within you.

so listen to ole Doctor John here: you take this medicine - this little song called...


...and listen to it seven times a day until you start to feel better. maybe even sing along with it. and soon, soon you will forget your anxieties and you'll begin dancing with wings of light and joy... knowing that darkness has NO power, and that the light of love is ALL and infinite power. it is God shining within us.

ever yours in the truth...

doctor long john

"Give Love" url:

Zellie said...

HI, Liz, I wonder if you have heard of George Ure, and his website - ? He keeps a daily blog and also writes reports...for a small fee $40/yr, you can read these more indepth Peoplenomics reports. In the last week, he has put together 2 reports to warn people living on the gulf coast, and to help them make their decisions to 'bug out.' It is time now for people to begin to make their exit plans from the coastal regions. If you subscribe, you will get in-depth guidance, and recommendations of what to do, where to go, which routes to go, and when to go...he basically states, the time to go is past now...but he is just trying to urge people to action. For some reason, YOU have taken action, to book a moving van, without giving us details about how you can do this so fast, give up your job? What about family/friends? Where will you go? Etc., is very very COURAGEOUS in my opinion AND George Ure basically states that it is important to leave NOW ahead of any sanctions (so to speak) on all gulf coast residents fleeing the gulf....So YOU are ahead of the crowd. Good luck...check out his site, there is a LOT of good free information. It is too bad, that our country has decided to 1) Keep people in the dark about the true impact of this societal/environmental/economic/multi-generational disaster occurring right under their noses, that 2) news reports are blocked, solutions are blocked, 3) that there isn't ONE damm 'GENERAL' on U.S. soil that has the guts to put together a multi-layer response to this spill, that it is still being treated like a swimming pool chemical spill that will ALL be cleaned up and taken care WHEN the RELIEF WELLS COME IN (old oil company double speak for more oil producing wells)....and that once again the EPA is telling people there is no hazard....I could go on, but everyone on this blog KNOWS more than I do, and can 'envison' the rest.....Once you read up on George Ure, you can't help but find your way to the 1/2 past human material....basically the latest General McChrystal..... firing by Obama was a very significant temporal marker...this material said that when that firing happened, it was a warning to all once again, you have my compassion but YOU are WAAAAY ahead of the curve...keep us posted, good luck, and one more thing...Rick Jeeves (streeves, can't remember, anyway the guy who travels around the world and shows his travels on PBS)...he asked a guy in Iran, on one of his travel programs, if they have a word for good-bye...and he said, not that word specifically, but they say GOD GO WITH YOU OR GOD BE WITH YOU, when they part company...well, for me, that was such a GEM moment...GOoDBye...Godbewithyou... sounds like where it came from if you ask me....

long john said...


the greeting phrase is: "ah-salaam alaikim". it means: "may the peace of god be upon you."

the parting phrase is: "alaikim ah-salaam". it means: "and may the peace of god be upon you too."

Anonymous said...

Judaics invented the Concentration Camp.

They first used them in South Africa, with their Shabbos Goy useful idiots, the English, implementing them for their masters to genocide their fellow Dutch Men.

Birobijan anyone?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
m_astera said...

Hi S.Cat-

You or anyone else are welcome to call me Michael. I've posted as m_astera since I first started posting on the internet but I've never made a secret of that being short for Michael Astera.

I spent a few hundred hours reading at the cassiopaea site in early 2007 so I'm familiar with the Organic Portals and the Greenbaum tape and transcript. The psychologist who gave that lecture quickly denied and distanced himself from it; there also seems to be some disinfo involved with the Dr Green or Greenbaum title. Regardless, the creation of multiple personalities as well as socio-psychopaths seems to be old knowledge on planet Earth; it has only been made easier with modern technology.

The work I did over a few years with the hemi/holosync technology surprised me by bringing up repressed memories of my own; if someone had previously suggested to me that I had suppressed memories I would have laughed at them.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Oil for the Lamps of Heaven and Hell.>

Anonymous said...

with all the goodness and respect
turn on light
up with will and project
with the grandmothers net of light
colors harmony
rainbow recite
weave with
the power of the wind
love and truth immediately spring
move always
fill the light net with the power
each hour
with the essence of the flower
of sacred love flow
through the soil the sands
with the light that grow
through the air
on the wings of the breeze
from the tree's
to help all the fishys.


Anonymous said...

kikz, 10:46 PM
Sorry for your hubz and family’s loss kikz
I left this with my wife and wish the same for your hubz dad
‘May your soul rest in peace and your spirit find oneness with the universe’

Anonymous said...

"ah-salaam alaikim"

Some Iraqi told me it means "may you/we be with God's will." "ah-salaam" is used to say "with God's will" too?

Love Your Life

Zellie said...

Beautiful poem, thanks!

kikz said...


thanks hon...

very nice sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I don't know.

Although there's been gnashing of teeth and rending of garments over this new and improved GoM disaster (bigger and better than the exact same GoM oil disaster in 1979), I have to wonder whether it's just another elaborate illusion as were planes slicing through steel & concrete buildings on 9/11 or is it the real McCoy.

I don't know 'cause I'm far away and because I viewed dozens of vids of what's 'down there' such as the BLACK SMOKERS or HYDROTHERMAL VENTS etc. and of the extraordinary activity on the alien planet we call the ocean floor ie. thousands of miles of fissures and asphalt volcanoes and they've been there since time immemorial so, I don't know.

Apparently, Congress demanded (if you can believe it) BP be forthright about its 'diaaster,' hence, the multiple cameras filming 24/7 for the sheeples' viewing pleasure. However, BP ordered a no-fly zone (not less than 3,000 feet) and has exclusive rights of film and photos of its disaster. (Last I heard)

People are glued to screens, hours on end, staring at the so-called BOP scared shitless each time it jiggles or winks. There may be some Psychic Driving going on here on the part of PTB, but I don't know.

On 9/11 millions were subjected to Psychic Driving techniques. Over and over we heard and saw "planes hit the Towers" until even those who were in Timbuktu and became aware 2 days after the fact were chanting, "I saw de planes!"

There's been a quite a bit of that going on with the GoM. I think I know when I'm being manipulated. I know the COREXIT Chemtrails over the Gulf are pure poison. I also know our new "reality" for the most part is photoshop and CGI. It's not what it once was ... but, hey, what do I know?

Thanks, Les.

Best Regards,

Michigan Party Rentals said...

That was the amazing celebrations of party. We all must be celebrating party in this way.

long john said...

To: Anonymous 7:48 AM / Love Your Life

no, that is incorrect, it does NOT mean "may you/we be with God's will"

"salaam" means peace, not will.

"as-salaam alaikim" is a greeting. it does not mean "with God's will".

"as-salaam alaikim" means: "may the PEACE of god be with you (or upon you)".

insha'allah means: "(if it be) in the will of god"

the islamic greeting is only about the peace of god, not the will of god.

so therefore, your Iraqi friend is incorrect and/or confused.

Anonymous said...

Long John

Right, thanks for correcting that, my bad. I didnt mean to make things worse, ooops.

Not to defend a mistake of understanding, but westerns have not idea what "may the PEACE of god be with you (or upon you" means in this case?

Im pretty sure a dictionary can tell you that "insha'allah" means gods will, yes. This too is a greeting used.

I was trying to point out that the "peace of god" means his will to many? Thats what this Hajj was trying to say I think?

Still my bad, thanks man

Love Your Life

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