Sunday, January 25, 2009

What Really Happened? I Really Want to Know.

I like to think of myself as a reasonable man. I question things. I question things because not questioning things can get you into trouble. It can also leave you with faulty perceptions about what is real. As we have seen for these last decades you can also get into trouble for questioning things. This thing called holocaust denial is a good example of that. You can’t deny that this thing called, “The Holocaust” happened but... that’s not the whole story. It appears that you can’t question any of it which makes me wonder.

I wasn’t in Germany during the war so I have no idea what happened. However... there is this figure of six millions Jews being murdered in concentration camps. Strangely enough, this figure was being thrown around for decades before the war even occurred. In 1919 this figure was being discussed.

In 1934 World Jewry declared war on Germany. Here we have the Daily Express front page headline and there follows many quotes by powerful Zionist Jews about intention and policy. This is curious stuff. Then you have the official Red Cross figures about how many Jews actually died in the camps and you have all of the other information from their report. What can we make of this documentation by the Red Cross? Further... why is the Red Cross not in prison for holocaust denial? Once again, I wasn’t there but these people were. So what do we make of this? Where is the specific documentation that refutes this?

What do we make of the testimony from the senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum concerning the existence of gas chambers? You will note the specific sources that I am using in regard to claims that have been made.

I’m not going to load this essay with links. These links are merely to show that there are some valid questions about what did and didn’t happen and that brings us to the aggressive push to imprison people who question what happened. There is no other condition where a person can be thrown into prison for anything similar to this. One is not imprisoned for questioning the Ukrainian holocaust and the murder of millions in Russia yet... these events were carried out by The Cheka which was composed mostly of Zionist Jews. Their role in the horrors of this time is not in dispute. The names and dates do not lie.

What is the purpose of silencing dissent? If you are a reasonable person you would say that the presentation of awesome horrors and numbers was to the purpose of establishing the state of Israel. In fact, this can be found in the writings and statements of all of the leading Zionists prior to and after the establishment of Israel. Why would they need Israel? Why would they need a Jewish only state? It appears that they wanted a base of operations for what has followed and the protections granted by having their own sphere of influence as a sovereign nation.

Since the establishment of the nation of Israel there has been a tireless effort to make the world accept and believe something that seems to be very much in dispute and by making it a crime to consider alternative possibilities they have been able to blackmail the nations of the world. This should be obvious. If what we are told is true then it doesn’t matter if it is questioned.

The obvious conclusion that any reasonable person would come to is that it is a crime to investigate this subject because of what an impartial investigation would expose and bring to light. What other conclusion can a reasonable mind come up with? This same suppression is now rampant in terms of who actually carried out the 9/11 attacks. You will find some startling correspondences and coincidences here that apply directly back to the subject under discussion.

It appears that the prevailing impression about what happened in the holocaust is for the purpose of justifying a freedom from all criticism of Jewish activities and a justification for a presently ongoing holocaust being committed against the Palestinian people. A further benefit is the extortion of huge sums of money from the nations of the world as recompense for suffering. There seem to be more holocaust survivors now than there was at the end of the war. How is this possible?

Here is a very curious thing. It was being reported after the war that six million Jews were exterminated in the camps. This included the four million who were supposed to have been killed at Auschwitz. The number was then lowered by three million. How is it now possible that six million is still the presented number? The article cited here is loaded with strange and unusual reports. This is the sort of thing that is repressed and made into a criminal act for investigating it. When you study the information and the sources you really have to wonder and it is understandable that some would want this information suppressed.

How was it possible for Ann Frank to have written her diary with a ballpoint pen? Once again, I wasn’t there but... what are we to make of these official documents from official sources? What are we to make of actual court proceedings? Why is it a crime to note glaring disparities between what certain people claim and the evidence that refutes it?

What do we make of all the recent exposures of fraudulent holocaust memoirs? What do we make of the sudden appearance of so many holocaust films appearing in tandem with the genocide committed in Lebanon and Palestine? Wouldn’t a reasonable mind wonder at the timing of these things? What do we make of the use of illegal weapons by the Israelis upon the Palestinians? What do we make of the eyewitness accounts of the execution of innocents lured from their homes and then murdered in the streets? There are dozens of news reports on this sort of activity as well as the proven use of white phosphorus and the shelling of schools and UN centers where Palestinians fled to seek protection.

A reasonable mind would conclude that the holocaust industry exists for the purpose of justifying inexcusable behavior on the part of a people who claim to be history’s biggest victims.

Common sense reveals a common thread moving through all of the events in recent time. It is extremely hard to come up with a reasonable explanation for what seems to be a landslide of lies devoted to the suppression of any and all criticism. Once again, I wasn’t there so I don’t know. It does seem to be far beyond all reasonable doubt that there is more to what happened than we have been and are being told.

When you look at the whole picture it is impossible not to question this situation and so we have the Swiss Army knife of holocaust denial and anti-Semitic labeling to cover any and all eventualities where the truth might raise its ugly head. You tell me. Don’t jump up and down and scream about how this is anti-Semitic. Explain it to me. Be reasonable and explain it to me. Explain what all this means and explain how none of this applies. I’m a reasonable guy and I would like some answers. After all, people are dying every day because of what is assumed to be true. People are locked up in jails, including the lawyer who defended an accused, simply for defending the accused in court. How crazy is that?

Something doesn’t add up. Therefore I ask in all honesty... explain it to me so that I can understand because I don’t understand. I don’t understand at all.

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kikz said...

mornin les,

thanks for this timely piece... i've definitely passed it along.


Anonymous said...

Hi Les-good article.
Deception exists to further and make permanent the power of the purse.
Orwell wrote about something similar. About the Inner Party realizing that a hisorical pendulum existed which over time variated power between Middle and High (classes) and that the Inner Party's tactics and methods of operation was to fix permanently into place their power over all other groups.
To answer your question, that's why.
This poses another question:
What are we going to do about it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Les. The absurdities abound:

1) Most Israelis descend not from the people occupying present-day Israel, but from what is largely present-day Georgia.

According to Israeli historian Shlomo Sand (as written up in Haaretz:, 90% of world jewry are Ashkenazi, and descend from the Kingdom of the Khazars, whose rulers forced the population to convert to Judaism for expediency (so they could trade and thrive sandwiched between Orthodox Christians on one side and the Ottoman Turks on the other). Arthur Koestler said the same thing in his book, “The Thirteenth Tribe” (1976), and he was apparently murdered for his efforts.

2) The Palestinians are more "semitic" than those individuals oppressing them, starving them, building "jews-only" roads, bulldozing their homes and (generations-old) vineyards, penning them in like animals, cutting them off from medical supplies, food, water, raw materials for industry, red cross, international inspectors, etc.

3) If you criticize Israel, you get labeled "anti-semitic," which is in fact a "motive fallacy." Someone making an argument may in fact despise Jews and be highly motivated to undermine them, but such motivation has nothing to do with the quality of his/her arguments. He/she may be right or wrong, but the judgment of truth or falsity must be made solely with regard to the intrinsic quality of the arguments -- not the person’s motivation.

4) The point of calling people "antisemitic" is to supposedly ward off another holocaust, completely denying the holocaust that is now occurring in Gaza right under our noses by those who claimed “never again.” Gaza has been turned into a concentration camp – and Israeli soldiers are currently slaughtering unarmed civilians in this camp.

5) Was there in fact a "holocaust" of European Jewry? That's an interesting question. Do I believe the Holocaust was fake? Well, I believe the worst holocaust (death by fire and radiation) happened in Japan at the hands of the Americans. People were evaporated in mid-air, turned to shadows on the sidewalk. There was another holocaust in Dresden - firebombing civilians in their homes counts as a fiery death, too. This is terrorism - killing civilians. Lots of Jews were rounded up, many were killed. Many Jews died in the labor camps, too, but more toward the end of the war, when, sadly, supply lines were cut off by bombing, and food rations did not make it to the camps. Typhus spread (via lice), and devastated already malnourished people. The corpses shown in pictures did not die of gassing. Why delouse someone whom you're planning to gas? Why provide swimming pools, theatres, bordellos, and why issue currency to those you're going to extinguish? Why tattoo their arms? Why shave their heads? Why give them shoes and uniforms? These were work camps making munitions for the war.

All the death camps in Germany were revised officially as being work camps. So now (officially) all the death camps were supposedly in Poland - conveniently off limits to inspection until after the fall of the iron curtain. All the so-called evidence for the gassing comes from tortured confessions and biased eye-witnesses. Many of the eye-witness’ claims have since been proved false (e.g., human soap, lampshades). There are no ash-heaps, no gas chambers, only buildings for delousing. It would take properly built gas chambers to kill people - the cyclon-B supposedly used is not fast-acting and would have (if deadly) killed the workers supposedly pulling corpses out of the ovens. And those corpses would had to be buried or, even if burned, their ashes disposed of. And where could the bodies be burned? In open pits? Not possible. Too much oxygen and bodies wouldn't burn piled on top of each other. And there were fuel shortages, so why would the Nazis use fuel needed for the factories to burn humans? Allied fly-overs would have seen this activity – such photos taken at the time show nothing of the sort.

Google "David Cole interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper" - often the video has been pulled, but text or a torrent will still be available. There's no evidence of ashes or even any disturbance of the ground at Treblinka ( Auschwitz officially revised downward their death toll from 4 million to 1.5 million, still everyone talks about the 6 million.

The number of Jews who died is estimated to be closer to 700 thousand -- still a horribly high number. Why did it have to be artificially inflated? To help the cause of Israel? Perhaps. Curiously, the number of Jews in all of what was eventually Hitler-controlled territory did not even add up to 4 million, let alone 6.

The fact that anyone (political prisoners of any persuasion, communists, gays, gypsies, poles, etc.) died is wrong. Hitler was wrong to take territory. He was a slimey bastard. But inflating numbers is bad history. Truth is the cornerstone of democracy and freedom.

So yes, there was a holocaust. But a specifically Jewish Holocaust? No. Even more german soldiers were starved in camps _after_ the war by General Eisenhower. That's a war crime right there. The Allied powers and the Soviets had lots of crimes to cover up; blaming the Germans helped create a smoke-screen. The victors write history, ne c'est pas? And the Germans were so anal - they kept records of everything - why wouldn't they have kept records of some master plan to rid the world of Jews? The Catholic Church was silent on the Holocaust because there was none - no organized plan to kill Jews.

6) If there had been no (specifically Jewish) Holocaust, no one would be a bit sympathetic to the Israelis, their $3 billion in US aid would dry up immediately, and the US might even invade them in retaliation for their behavior against the US (spying, bombing, stealing nuclear secrets, infiltrating and blackmailing politicians, false-flag terrorism -- USS Liberty and 9/11).

So go ahead and call me an anti-semite – throw in all the ad hominem you’ve got. Put me in jail for failing to believe the "holocaust," too. No one can force me to believe anything. My only religion is truth. If I see evidence, I’ll change my mind.

I support the Palestinians. And I'll never forget Rachel Corrie, an American activist murdered while defending Palestinian homes. She got run over by a dc-9 caterpillar bulldozer. The driver than backed up over, just for good measure. Did the Israeli gov't indict him? Naw, they gave him a medal!

And Israel asks us to invade Iran? Iran (Persia) who's not invaded another country for 3,000 years? The Iranians signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and are building a power station. Uranium needs to be enriched only to 3% for a power station, but up to 98% for a bomb - that would take a year and it would be obvious to inspectors, who are allowed to inspect. Israel, on the other hand, has a nuclear reactor hidden under their power station at Dimona, refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, denies they have bombs, etc. Please.


nobody said...

Okay, groan, just for the sake of form, I'll do the honours shall I? You're an anti-Semite!

Well somebody had to do it. Best we just get it out of the way early (smiley winky thing).

Otherwise, how about Elie Weisel (and every other survivor it seems) at the end of the war being given the choice of sitting tight and waiting for the Russians, or following the Germans and marching off to meet the Americans? And Weisel followed the Germans! Does that make a lick of sense?

I guess it depends on whether one's brain is troubled by thoughts or not.

m_astera said...

I will hopefully be forgiven for going a little off-topic here, but truthseeker left little to be said on the Jewish holocaust subject.

The underlying theme, though, seems to be why are there certain people whose actions and essential qualities of saintliness and victimhood may not be questioned?

I'd just like to point out that there appears to me to be only one inviolable and unquestionably taboo subject in the world, as far as the progressive blogosphere goes. One can, with slight risk, criticize the Jews. One can even tell the truth about Mother Theresa, or mention how long the Dalai Lama has been on the CIA's payroll. What no "progressive' blogger, newsman, or essayist dares to do, though, is criticize or investigate Hugo Chavez. Ever. About anything. Doing so equals career suicide. Don't you find that curious? I sure do.

I await the standard response.

Anonymous said...

You have the standard response- made by blowing air out of the mouth while the tongue is protruding from and pressed against the lips.

Anonymous said...

Very relevant piece, Les, considering the recent and very real Gaza holocaust that has just happened under our noses, as it were (and which hasn't taken long to disappear from the MSM news front pages, I notice!).

William Shirer, in his brilliant (imo) and extensively researched book; 'The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich', gave the estimated number of Jews in each European country during Hitler's land grab, and the total number is nowhere near 6 million, nor even 4 million, come to that. This one small fact alone should have raised some questions about this mythical '6 million' number, or at least brought Shirer under fire.

I can actually remember the BBC reporting the number as 4 million back in the 60s, which suddenly jumped to 6 million without explanation. Also, whenever a Beeb announcer mentioned WWII, it was ALWAYS followed by the phrase 'when 6 million Jews died'. Never a mention of the 50 million (approx) Gentiles that died! Obviously those deaths didn't matter to the 'impartial' BBC! The Jews have taken over the franchise of World War II, it seems.

The good news is that this '6 million' number is being vociferously questioned by various other bloggers. Which reminds me, have you any news about Mike James? There have not been any recent articles by him on the truthseeker site. I hope he's ok.

I'm still waiting for Spielberg to make 'Shabra and Chatilla'! Or 'Gaza: The Defiance'!

Stay well, Les. (I'm about a quarter of the way through your book, and I think I've worked out who's doing it.)


Visible said...

Hey Landers;

You raise some interesting points. There's still that big mystery for me. All sorts of people must know what bullshit these fabricated numbers are and also how many other 'human beings' perished so... why does this myth persist and how can they keep throwing people in jail for it?

Something more is going on with the people at the top and never discount the occult powers at work. History is really just a battle between the forces of light and darkness being performed from less visible spaces. What we see down here is only the physical evidence. it isn't generated from here.

As for the book. if you are a quarter of the way through it then I am sure you have not figured it out (grin).

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami essay up this morning.

Dreaming of Personal Splendor in a Chicken Coop.

kikz said...


i'll give your smarmy dig at noby a non standard response.

you and noby have done this dance round chavez b4, and i don't remb noby lobbying for chaves' sainthood...
noby doesn't do dogma. >:)

but, you are obviously itching for another pasa doble.

if you expect 'the standard response'
then why bother bringing it the fuk up?

that would imply you believe; repeating this action again would produce a different outcome?

isn't that a hallmark of mental instability?

tsk, tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

This is rather interesting, too.


the Silverfish said...

Answer is simple, Jews Lie, Jews have always lied. Jews are simply incapable of telling the truth. However they don't Lie well, their Lies are always so fucking transparent.

Problem with this is that so many believe unbelievable Jew Lies because they are told by Lying Jews that it’s the truth.

rosie said...

Hello Les

Been away for a week and found this very true article waiting to be read.
Excellent and I couldn't agree more.
A couple of links - both from Rense today.
Professor Faurisson - facing prison yet again...
And now we see a moment of truth - the facts about Israel's 200 nukes.
Little doubt they are to blackmail the world into submission. Forget the Arabs - they are aimed at us!!!!!.
You vill do as ve tell you......
Gaza yesterday, London, Paris tomorrow - if sufficient tribute is not extorted.

Anonymous said...

Les, what is and what was are not so far apart here. Thank you for your clean read on this. Problem, the past is only used a tool to define the present and few look to the past as a world anew to us today. The reasons for action are surely the same as then, but the view of the human may have been different and thus the actions of the past have diferent outcomes than todays actions based on intent. To link Gaza with the old war crimes of the Germans may in fact be to different to even group. What is happening in Gaza is of the same nature but not a tool for future uses as the "gas chambers" where. Look to the larger story of the Jews, a people by right of one solar God, rulers of this earth. Many see the one "male God" was the first wrong step for the Jews. Today they must, with all the powers of the subconscious mind walk the worlds conscious to this story of a merciless God. To kill childern and women and lie about its true nature is to spilt the mind of any thinking man. Fear, control, and a need for a father figure becomes clear here. A father that takes and only gives to the chosen few. Hollywood is, as you have said, a outlet for this story.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les just looked at bbc news on web. Main article reported EU minister blaming Hamas for the horror in Gaza. At foot of report in middle column picture of nazi concentration camp child and article relating to Auschitz. Just in case we get our "victims" confused.

Anonymous said...

When asked if he believed that the 6 million figure was accurate, a prominent UK "far-right" leader said (paraphrasing):"of course I's the law!"

Passive resistance is powerful and if crafted correctly, devastating.

Skye said...

I've copied this post along with all your links to a word document. I sincerely hope you don't mind, there's just too much information to absorb for me to get it all in one go. Besides, Silverfish has me reading "Hitler Born At Versailles" (sp?) This info you've posted is a great addition to it, thank you!

Visible said...

Everything here is free for the taking.

nobody said...

No Kikz, m_'s question is fair. The reason no blogger covers it is because the media is already doing a slap up job. Chavez is right up there with Mugabe, Ahmadinejad, Putin, Hu Jintao and every other person the bankers would have us shaking our fist at. He, like all the others, is inevitably portrayed as mad, bad, and dangerous to know. He is one of 'those we must hate'.

And here you are perpetually more media than the media. You're happy to tell us stories of wickedness that the media wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Kidney theft, for Christ's sake. And all the while telling us that you know what's what.

If you want to make a counter proposition on the media's one-note portrayal of Chavez, I'll make a bet with you. I'll bet I could grab any punter in the street here, and provided they'd have heard of him at all, their opinion would be that he's some crazy froot loop. And when the US military goes and bombs the shanty towns in Venezuela (à la Panama way back when) and kills thousands (and the black monkey too) the punters here will think 'Well, that's what happens to crazy froot loops'.

You seem unhappy m_ that the bloggers don't echo the media's all-sing-from-the-same-songbook message. But never mind that, this declaration of yours that bloggers are doing this is belied by you being perpetual off-topic on the subject. And it's not that we don't admire your double-pike-with-twist to swing the topic (the holocaust for chrissakes) around to Chavez. Hats off, that ain't easy. But your acrobatics are telling. You have to do that, and you have to be off-topic because these blogs that are perpetually singing Chavez's praises, ain't. Can you dig the obviousness of this?

We've all got bigger fish to fry. There's a global 'sanctity of banking' campaign going on. The shit that Venezuela is being subjected to will be our lot too soon enough. And within that big picture Chavez fits in how? Well, let's put it this way, he's no servant of the people our leaders are servants to. The villain!

I recall you telling us that you were cool, smoking joints down at the corner with whomever. Can I ask you some other questions along this line?

Would I be right in thinking that you live with, are friends with, and smoke joints with the 20% of the Venezuelan population that owns 80% of everything?

Do you have a maid? How many of your friends have maids? Nannies? Chauffeurs? Gardeners? How about a security guy at the door? Do you live behind a wall, with or without broken bottles cemented to the top? Do you live a life of fear there? Fear of the unwashed masses?

If you do, that's fine. I ain't going to hold it against you. But you crashing in here, there, and everywhere, and telling us how everyone you know in Venezuela hates Chavez is what? - proof that the people you live with lead lives of fear that their privileged lifestyles are going to disappear? God forbid their lives should resemble those in the slums.

And otherwise, yeah, this fearful 'middle' class, rather than re-distribute the wealth, would rather pile in with the banks and corporations and bring the whole fucking thing down. Starvation, you name it, they'll do it. We've seen it all before. It's precisely what happened in Nicaragua with the Sandanistas. Eventually no one cares whose fault the chaos is, as long as it ends.

And so it will go in Venezuela. The Americans will bring Chavez down, install a Venezuelan Uribe, and the death squads will start up and ensure that the fear now belonging to the minority is rightfully restored to the majority. And then the bankers, the corporations, and you and your buddies can all go high fives. Yay.

And don't forget to lob back in here and tell us (off topic sure enough) how great it all is. We look forward to it.

m_astera said...

Hi kikz-

Couldn't for a moment figure out why you thought my post was aimed at Nobody. I guess because it got posted afterward?

Noby did not cross my mind when writing that. If it's aimed at anyone here it's aimed at Les, but he's not being singled out. WRH, AntiWar, Rense, SOTT, CounterPunch, whatever list of "progressive" blogs you would like to make, not one of them will touch Chavez with a ten-foot pole except to repeat the denials penned by Petras and Lendman.

I've lived in Venezuela for a while, but it only took me a few days after arriving to figure out that the whole Bolivarian populist thing was utter bullshit. The first clue was when I realized that the majority of people were scared, and who they were scared of was the chavistas.

The little spat with Noby didn't even register. The standard response is to accuse me of being a Bush-loving capitalist elitist racist pig who hates poor people etc. That is if my comment even gets published. Second response is to ban me.

Here's some news from Venz if anyone's interested: With oil at $35/bbl and gov't oil income down 80% plus, Hugo just withdrew $12 billion, about a third of the FX reserves, to finance his campaign for the illegal constitutional amendment that would allow him to run for president for life. This is not good in a country that imports 80% or so of its food; they are going to need that money to buy food real soon. He also went on nat'l TV and urged the police to use "strong" gas against those protesting the amendment.

But let's forget all that and go watch that cool "Revolution" video from 1992. Anyone ever wonder how there just happened to be a camera crew on hand and they were allowed to keep filming through the whole episode?

I'm just still trying to figure out why Hugo is untouchable. It's at least as strange as the six million Jews figure. And even more strange, I'm beginning to see the connection.

Probably because I hate poor people.

Visible said...

Well Michael,

The primary reason I don't much discuss Chavez is that he's second or third tier. I tend to go for the primary villains who are responsible for the spawning of all the rest of them either by installation or natural reflex.

If I thought it would fly here I would talk more about the real source of the Zionist's power but most people can't handle that and at Origami I only refer to it tangentially. In any case...surviving and thriving is less about the bugaboos and shadows than it is recognizing the power within.

As I see it, Chavez is in the mold of Castro if he is in the mold of anyone and there's some Che in there too (you might disagree with this. Orverall I think Castro did more good than evil within the context of what politicians do. I was on his side of the argument more than United Fruit and the imperialists. I'm sure he had people killed and he may be a bad guy... I don't know but I've read a lot.

I don't care for politicians or religious leaders at all. That's not my path. Chavez is far less a danger to the world than the Zionists and Israelis. They are the Nazis of the hour even if they are only a cloak for 'The' shadow which is only a cloak for something else.

As I have been at pains to say... I am limited in my understanding. Heck, if I wasn't I wouldn't even be writing this blog. I make errors of judgment and I miss things. I also catch shit on a regular basis as you can see from the present responses to this article where I have posted it at The Best of the Fray... comes with the territory. Chavez just isn't in my windshield at the moment. If he starts to behave in an expansionist manner like those I am speaking of he will come up.

nobody said...

Sorry, say that again. $12 Billion for a campaign? They don't even spend that sort of money in the US. Do you seriously believe that? I don't.

As for his wickedness in seeking more than two terms, save it for someone who doesn't already have this. We have it. A PM can serve as many terms as he can be elected to. Same same UK. Same same NZ. No one wigs out or runs amok or any other thing. In all the argy bargy we have here, the concept of unlimited terms has never scored a mention. It's as uncontroversial as motherhood.

But somehow with Chavez it's proof of his satanic nature. I guess that's how it is with those we must hate.

rosie said...

I hate double standards.
The BBC can't 'take sides' over Gaza
Well we know why - the top man is married to a rabid zionist and went to Israel and swore fealty.

Remember the bombing of Serbia 'back to the stoneage' on a pack of neocon lies about 'mass graves'. Faked up to protect the drug cartels in Kosovo and oil pipelines. The BBC couldn't do enough to side against the poor defenceless Serbs, blitzed unmercifully for 78 days and nights. And the mainstream charities screaming blue murder - where they they when white christian Serbs were killed by the hundred?
Good question. (Thats not to say I disagree with the Gaza appeal - made my donation to Christian Aid days ago).
Anyway Chavez?
Double double double standards.
This is on WRH today.,25197,24955339-5013404,00.html

This is not Venezuela where a man can be imprisoned for 5 years for questioning a fraudulent event.
Its Germany and Toben is going to challenge this tyranny and pay dearly for it.
The kool aid suckers who attack countries and leaders like Chavez & Venezuela instead of getting off their gross backsides and looking at the so-called free west and its abominations are actually complicit, they are the ones who allow Gazan children to be stricken with untreatable burns, who allow Serb villagers to be raped and beheaded, who allow the poor of this planet to be plundered like dark age Europe, who allow the Zionist scum to enact their own vile religious beliefs which reduce all non Jews to no more than Animals.
Vive Chavez, Vive Putin, Vive, Hamas, Hezbullah, Vive anyone that will fight back against the NWO and its fourth reich of total enslavement of the peoples of the world.

kikz said...


'Couldn't for a moment figure out why you thought my post was aimed at Nobody. I guess because it got posted afterward?'

you and noby had done the chavez dance b4, and yes, your comments posted after his.

my bad :)

Visible said...

You can now listen to my latest radio show. Just click on the latest link at the bottom; listed by date. hint; the read me file is not the show.

Visble on the Radio

Anonymous said...

Common sense tells me the Holocaust did not happen. Over the years I've notice many problems with this story, and the only conclusion is that it is a monstrous lie created by evil people to further decades long plans.

Talk to people who lived during the war and none of them will remember any news of these camps during the war. Why would the allies not use this news as propaganda to further embolden their populations as to the evil Nazis. POW's in Germany similarly did not know that this was happening. The German population also professed to be ignorant of it, and they were, because it didn't happen. All of the so called death camps, it now helpfully turns out, were located in Poland, and areas under Russian control after the war.
It's a monstrous lie, but it served it's purpose, the creation of the terror state of Israel. Now the lies are being exposed, and they will have to control the internet to stop the flood of truth about this despicable deception.
We've seen in Gaza what they are capable of in full view of the world's media, so why do we think for a second that they are incapable of a deception seventy years ago, when they controlled the flow of information more comprehensively even than they do now.

Doug Plumb said...


rosie said...

Hello Les

Just listened to your radio broadcast.
Really as good as I could have imagined it to be. Great!
Don't miss it all and do post it on.
However I do think you were soft on Barry Soetoro. The man is an 'impostor' under the US constitution. The fluff up at the swearing in was anything other than accidental.
Chief Justice Roberts knew full well he was about to commit an act of treason and Obama had no wish to swear anything on a Christian bible.
They hoped the whole thing would fudge its way through - no luck - they were held to account and a new swearing in ceremony performed.
Read about it here
Sans bible and under the portrait of the great freemason who designed Washington DC and who was, of course, illumunati.
Soetoro is being protected by the SCOTUS who is refusing to hear all cases.
Need I say 2 of the justices are Israeli/US dual citizens.
Just one other thing at a higher level.
If you believe in astrology, and I am open on this, do take a look at the new planetary configuration that places Pluto in Capricorn.
Not good for the likes of us - authoritarianism writ large blah blah...
However the dawn, as you describe Les, is coming. After some 15 years or so we go into Pluto in Aquarius. The age of revolution and rebirth.
God knows if I have 15 years left but I will be up there fingers crossed for the lot of you.
Worth a google, if for nothing else than the acquiring of 'useless information', but it is rather interesting.

Anonymous said...

Man made CO2 is negligible with regards to absorbing solar energy in the Earth's atmosphere, and the tax man wants my money for it anyway. Electrons and protons have spatial extension, and quantum and relativity theories are patches that ignore this physical fact. Marijuana is one of the Infinite Creator's gifts to humanity, and it is a crime to grow it.

There are many other lies, and almost no truths, but what can you do?

m_astera said...

Well now, can't say I'm at all disappointed. I got every single standard response I could have expected, including attack the messenger, accuse him of being a capitalist elitist pig, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and last but not least, the standard fall back, Chavez isn't really important and that's why I don't really know or care about the details.

Guess it depends on which punter one grabs off the street. Grab a liberal/progressive punter and get Noby's line, complete with ad hominem abuse against anyone daring to criticize or question, generally with the "US is going to attack Venezuela" fear tactic that Chavez uses over and over. Grab someone of equal punterhood from the MSM info line and get some variation from the other pole. Point out the facts on the ground, get told that Chavez really isn't that important.

Never varies. Predictable as clockwork. You all haven't let me down.

Anyway, as to the $12 billion figure (one local said $10 billion yesterday, but I read $12): Oil payments are what Venezuela depends on for around 90% of its foreign exchange, and Venz imports 80% or more of food and manufactured goods (up from around 60% in 1999 when Hugo took office). Oil payments come in 90 days after the oil was shipped. December's income was from September's sales, when oil was still in the $100 range. February's payments will be from November, with oil in the $30-$40 range. Cost of production figures vary from $12-$29 depending on whether one believes the government or the newspapers, but essentially the gross profit has fallen at least 80%.

The Venz. government has recently taken a huge hit on Argentinian bonds, Ecuadorian bonds, and lost a big chunk with the Lehman Bros. collapse as well. They are claiming that they have $42 billion in cash reserves, about enough to pay for imports and run the gov't for six months. Other estimates put that number at a realistic $24-30 billion.

Chavez has at most three months before the economy collapses completely due to lack of oil revenue, unless oil miraculously rises again to at least the $60/bbl level, which doesn't look likely. By March, or April at the latest, the grocery store shelves will likely be empty. There are always shortages but they are getting chronic already. Chavez will use the $12 billion not just to illegally and unconstitutionally fund his bid for permanent re-election (not even in Venezuela is it legal for the president to use State funds for personal political campaigns) but also to prop up the food imports, to give the appearance of normality, until after the vote on Feb 15th. After that it's anyone's guess.

As this amendment benefits no one at all except Chavez, it is unlikely it will pass; people vote their own interests here just like anywhere, and no one who isn't getting a piece of the pie will vote for it. What will happen if he loses, quien sabe? (who knows?).

Regardless of the outcome, the economy, based entirely on oil revenue, will tank, and there will be a lot of hungry people. Even if oil rose to $60/bbl, that's a lot less than $100+ and there will be hungry people.

As for my character and resume, I am a craftsman/designer, writer, and agricultural consultant. None of those are high-paying jobs, and no I don't have any money nor a maid nor even a car; I ride a bicycle or take the bus. I have never "invested" in any corporate stock, I don't have a retirement plan, and I don't accept money or assistance that the government has stolen from my fellow human beings who actually produce things of value.

I hardly hang out with the elite. It is to laugh, especially because the "elite" in Venezuela for the past ten years have all been Chavez' cronies; the corruption simply shifted to another group.

Everyone in Latin America lives behind walls with broken bottles set into the top (or the modern version, electric fence wires). Yes, even in the poor barrios. It's cultural, as anyone who has spent time in Latin America would know. People here do not set their houses in the middle of an open lawn; they build a wall around their property and enclose it.

As one who actually questions all information and especially info that comes from any sort of claimed authority, and one who lived most of his life in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, with the last 2+ years in Venezuela, here is my considered and informed take on reality:

Every single accusation of criminality, corruption, and pure evil that has been made against the government, corporations, and establishment in the USA is 100% true and then some. It is likely way worse than we can imagine.

And at the same time, every single accusation of evil, repression, and corruption that you have read against the government of Hugo Chavez is equally true. Every speck of it; and then some that you don't even want to know.

This isn't opinion; this is what I have seen well documented and observed with my own eyes.

The same goes for Israel, and then some. And Britain. And China. ad nauseam. And let's not leave out Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, or Mohandas Gandhi. All lies that have been carefully crafted by the same evil sons of bitches and shoved down your throat so sweetly that you think you swallowed them willingly.

Here are some real heroes: William Albrecht. Weston A. Price. Nikola Tesla. Charles Walters Jr. Kary Mullis. Linus Pauling. Sally Fallon. The list could be much longer but what they all have in common is that they dedicated their lives to the betterment of humanity and knowledge. And with the partial exception of Pauling, one will never hear their names mentioned in government, media, or academia.

There are no heroes in the high levels of government, military, law, academia, or corporations; there never have been and never will be because those are all self-serving occupations, despite the lies you have believed. Get over it.

Or don't. I don't give a rat's ass. Those I am addressing have already proven their ignorance and knee jerk reaction by giving me the standard responses I expected and predicted. And proven themselves fools, in my view anyway.

And finally, if one doesn't understand the difference between a parliamentary system where a vote of no confidence can be taken at any time and a presidential executive with fixed term of office, one needs a civics lesson. Try wikipedia.

Visible said...

Try Wikipedia... right (grin); good ole Jimmy Wales.

I notice one glaring omission in your Teflon Chavez scenario and that is that he is excoriated in the western press all the time.

You seem to think he's a bigger problem than the Zionists but I just can't see that. I'm going to have to stick with my m.o. of going after the most immediate problems before I go after secondary problems; not that I have any impact on any problems. I noticed you left me off the good guys list(grin).

You've really made Chavez into a major concern of yours but he doesn't seem to be much of a concern beyond his borders except that he won't play ball with this years version of United Fruit. You might as well ask why I or anyone don't go after some of the dictators in the former Soviet block who boil people alive or after African dictators who are killing people in large numbers or militias of whathaveyou. There's too much to go after so- for me- and that's all I can answer for... I go after the main problems. I figure if the world will only address the main problems then the other problems might well get adjustment too. Maybe my math is too simplistic but so are my tools and furthermore... my influence is about as great as a fart in a windstorm.

Anonymous said...

Search for "Jim Condit: Hitler and the Jews" on youtube and you will find (possibly in many parts) a 2.5 hour video detailing evidence of Hitler's collaboration with the elite Zionists (at the expense of the "regular jews").

Pretty horrifying how much everyone was fooled. If only we had had "the internets" back then!

p.s. I know nothing about Chavez but right now I kinda feel like anyone who doesn't let the central bankers into their country is a friend of mine!

Anonymous said...

I'm really pleased to read your list of good guys/gals: Weston Price (fantastic!), Kary Mullis (are you hip to the HIV-AIDS scam? wow, I now think you're pretty cool), and Sally Fallon (in the Weston Price category).

So many lies - can I list them all? Here's a go:

The top myths Americans believe:

Part I: Medical Myths
Circumcision is medically beneficial and sexually insignificant;
Vaccines prevent disease and have no serious side-effects (autism-mercury link, etc.);
Co-sleeping is bad for your baby;
Formula is as good as breast-milk (or is at least not harmful);
Pasteurization is beneficial (industrial milk is safe and nutritious);
The meat industry is safe;
Prescription drugs are safe;
HIV causes AIDS (HIV is sexually transmitted, etc.);
Dental myths (bacteria cause dental decay);
Assorted dietary myths (e.g., restricted calories is the best way to lose weight; dietary fat and cholesterol cause heart disease and diabetes);

Part II: Religious/Historical/Political Myths
Jesus Christ was a real person;
Religion is benign;
Israel is a democracy;
The US has a free press (and other assorted civil rights, like freedom to assemble);
US Voting is genuine;
Slavery has been abolished (that's what jails are for now);
FBI are good guys (maybe some are);
CIA are good guys (maybe some are);
Federal reserve & income tax are legal;
Jews are descended from the people living in modern-day Israel;
The 9/11 attacks were carried out by muslim extremists;
The War on Terror is genuine;
Al Quaeda are muslim terrorists;
The Holocaust was real;
Men walked on the Moon;


Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot global warming - there's another myth with two parts: the earth aint warming and if it were, it's not due to co-2 or any influence of humans.

Any other myths I've left out? 9/11 ought to be part of a larger section on false-flag terror.

Here are more heroes: Peter Duesberg & Rachel Corrie.


m_astera said...

Les, FWIW, you are on my heroes list. What I was doing there was addressing the Chavez myth in the same sort of way that you address the Zionist myth. It's all a lie, and I have no doubt that the reason Chavez is where he is and remains there is because he is a useful tool of the same bastards, just as Castro is and has been.

I actually considered putting you on the list but I could hardly list you there and also on my list of those who gave the standard responses.

I have to laugh about the comment that Chavez doesn't let the central bankers into the country. Who do you think runs the country, same as every other country of the Americas? Jew bankers. The only thing more plentiful than the lies is the gullibility. Any time they wanted Chavez gone they would just cut him off from the money. And any time the US wanted him gone they could just quit buying oil. There is no other significant market for Venz oil.

And no, Chavez is not a threat. He's an incompetent small-time thug who got lucky for the last ten years with the oil boom, and his luck has now run out along with the oil money. He picked up the populist/marxist schtick while in prison in the early 1990s for attempting a military coup, including trying to machine-gun the elected president and his family. Likely Hugo learned the marxist cant from Colombian FARC fellow prisoners. It is well known that the FARC funded him while in prison. He got out of prison and was clever enough to figure out that in a one person one vote democracy, with 75% of the population in poverty, the populist thing was a sure bet and it was. So he got elected and threw the poor a few bones and promised a whole lot more that was never delivered and never will be. Ho hum.

Even if Hugo wanted to invade other countries, he doesn't have an army to do it with and the Venezuelan people aren't even vaguely interested. They want a condo in Miami and a Hummer and BMW in the garage. That is the Venezuelan dream from the poorest barrio to the penthouse dweller. Hugo is no threat to anyone outside Venezuela, especially with no oil money coming in from the Evil Capitalist Empire.

My original question remains: Why is he sacrosanct on all progressive web sites, to the extent that it appears to me it would be career suicide for any progressive blogger to tell the truth about him? And the corollary question: What exactly do James Petras and Steven Lendman, both Jews I'm sure, have to do with that status and who pays them and why? No, I don't think it's Hugo.

Visible said...

Jeez Michael I was joking about the list. Now I feel like an idiot; nothing new for me. I see your point about where you are coming from with Chavez, I just don't have your 'up close' perceptions to go by.

m_astera said...


I like your lists. Here are a couple more:

There is no evidence at all for the existence of black holes. None. Or dark matter. Even the math is a joke.

The sun is not a thermonuclear fusion "furnace". Its light and heat come from electrical arc phenomena. Interstellar space is filled with charged plasma; the sun is positive, interstellar space is negative. Ever seen an arc welder? Lots of light and radiant heat, too bright to look at?

Yes, Duesberg is a hero for exposing the AIDS scam, but Kary Mullis is on my list for discovering and developing the Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR, which is the tool used to sequence and study DNA. Without his work, there would be no modern science of genetic sequencing.

Rather curious that his name is left out of all of the textbooks on molecular biology and genetics, don't you think? Just like Tesla is left out of the history of the development of electrical power?

For those who aren't aware, Edison didn't do squat towards the development of electric power. Tesla gave us every single thing we rely on to power the world electrically, from AC power generation and distribution to the three-phase motor to fluorescent lighting and a whole lot more. He was also the inventor and developer of radio, not Marconi. Tesla's sin that caused him to be buried by the gatekeepers of history was developing a system of free power that could be broadcast through the atmosphere or the Earth.

It is quite safe to assume that everything you have been told is the truth is actually a lie.

Don't even get me going on Gandhi and MLK Jr. I've had enough of attack the messenger for today. :)

Anonymous at 7:56 am:

"Electrons and protons have spatial extension, and quantum and relativity theories are patches that ignore this physical fact."

Hmm. Spatial extension as in they are more like strings than points?

nobody said...

If a dog snaps at you every time you whap it with a stick (and always apropos nothing), who's being predictable? You to dog - "Ha, stupid dog! Every time I whap you, you always do that."

Neat dancing around the questions there. I pitched you some really easy-knockdown questions about the people you hang with and whether they might not represent the 20%, and you chose to tell us that you're a designer who catches the bus. How very reassuring. And excellent waffle about the billions for the 'campaign'. Did anyone figure that out? And the story changes now. He's not using the money solely to campaign with, he's also going to use it feed the population. What a scumbag. But only until the campaign is over, you say. How the fuck would you know that? If I said you're inventing sins he hasn't committed yet, would I be wrong?

So Venezuela is about to run out of money because the arse fell out of their single export. That differs from every other country how precisely? The UK is on the verge of collapse and they have no exports at all apart from weapons systems. And Venezuela took a hit on assorted bonds? That fucking Chavez! Only an arch villain like him would get burned in such a fashion. Grab a punter any punter? What liberal progressives? Where are these mythical creatures? On the street demonstrating? Wow. All ten thousand of them. The fat majority, I'd say over 95% of the population, buy what they see on the TV, particularly re buffoonish coloured people. And the TV tells them what you tell us. Well nearly. You make them look shy.

Here's a question - You differ from a limited hangout mockingbird contractor how, precisely? And sure, between your relentless, unasked-for, off topic anti-Chavez refrains you fill the gaps with innocuous metaphysical verses. Why don't I rephrase the question - You differ from a limited hangout mockingbird contractor, who isn't clumsy and obvious, how, precisely?

"Okay, we just want you to stick to the Chavez theme. You can write whatever you want in between, but nothing too specific. The soil thing is perfect and all that other stuff, no problems. I don't get it myself but the blogs you'll be assigned to will eat it up. Sorry, but you're going to have to live there. It'll give you the perfect don't-argue. 'I'm here, you're not, what the fuck would you know', kind of thing. And no you can't pretend because people can see you in the hitcounter. The main thing is to keep at it. If the topic is the holocaust, talk about Chavez. If it's the ignorance of the masses, Chavez. Chavez, Chavez, Chavez. Just keep hammering away. It's a slow process. It took twenty years to convince everyone that Muslims are villains. So just keep at it. You'll get there."

There's no way that's you, sure. But it may as well be. Mockingbird never died. It's still out there and the media is proof positive. And with the media dying and the blogs taking off, it's an absolute certainty that mockingbird people will turn up. And here? Sure, of course. Mind you, there's no real need for them here because you're doing such a slap up job. Hell, why don't you give the CIA a call? They'd throw money at guys like you. No sputtering - they hate Chavez, you hate Chavez, so why would you have any objections? That's the beauty of limited hangout. All you'd have to do is bag out Chavez. And you do that anyway. No problems. And besides with the money, you could get yourself a maid.

m_astera said...


Obviously you have never been in a Latin American country, possibly never even in Spain or Portugal.

What essentially happened over the past ten years is that the wealth WAS redistributed. To Chavez' cronies. Some of them were quite poor before, now they are the ones driving Hummers and BMWs and owning condos in Miami. The percentage of the population controlling the majority of the wealth hasn't changed, it only changed hands.

Any improvement in the lives of the 80% has been due to the trickle-down effect of the oil money, emphasis on trickle. As the oil money dries up they will be worse off than they were ten years ago, as there is much less food production, manufacturing, or productive employment available now than there was then. These are simple statistical facts, not opinions. Add in the increased population for more fun.

My posts on Chavez, you may notice, consist of assertions of what I have actually heard, observed, and read in the local papers and blogs, along with my interpretation of its significance. I am always ready and willing to list sources and links, and to discuss my interpretations.

Your posts consist almost entirely of ad hominem attacks on me.

It is also transparently obvious that you have spent zero time reading anything about Venezuela other than mainstream progressive blog articles praising Chavez. (see Lendman and Petras) You do not know whereof you speak, yet you continue to attack me personally.

You are so incensed and outraged that I, who live, work, eat, and sleep in Venezuela, would have a negative view of your infallible populist hero, that you can't even stop at attacking my view of your hero, you find it necessary to attack my knowledge of my profession and my spirituality as well, and then go on to accuse me of being a government agent.

Truly pathetic. And you can't be bothered to even read the local news from here.

One thing I have learned in my life is that those who tell the truth tend to think others are also truthful until shown otherwise. Liars assume everyone else is a liar as well.

Here's my ad hominem: You are an ignorant twit. One of the useful idiots from the herd of useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

Venezuela Ranks Second in Higher Education Enrollment

The Bolivarian government has installed 2,127 computer centers all around the country. Over 1,500 university villages were created, and 108,708 new students were pre-registered in 2008.

Venezuela is the second country in Latin America with the highest higher education enrollment (83 percent), after Cuba, which ranks first with 88 percent according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.

Venezuela Soars: Food Sovereignty, Second Highest Enrollment in Higher Education and Venesat1 Now Operational

By News Bulletin
Jan 22, 2009, 17:29

Venezuela’s Corn and Rice Production Steps Up

President Hugo Chávez ratified that in spite of the world crisis, the agricultural revolution will not stop. Four corn-processing plants have been installed; the goal is to build 10 of them.

The corn production in Venezuela has grown by 205 percent and the rice production by 94 percent over the last 10 years, said President Hugo Chávez last Sunday as he inaugurated the corn-processing plant in Guanare, Portuguesa state’s capital city, in Venezuela’s west.

“Between 1988 and 1998, the corn production fell 23 percent. The increase between 2007 and 2008 was 17 percent, and the continuous growth has increased 205 percent during the Bolivarian Revolution. The rice production has grown 94 percent.”

psychegram said...

Before things degenerate further (and for all I know they will, before this gets posted, and might well continue to after), let me just step in and say that I think the issue, here, is that ultimately it doesn't much matter what country you're in, if you are a human being anywhere on the planet at this time your situation can be summed up as: the bottom is falling out of your economy to the degree that you're not entirely sure if you'll have food or a roof over your head a few months down the line, your 'leaders' are a mixture of bloated hogs in a feeding frenzy devouring whatever the packs of rabid jackals haven't picked clean, and you're starting to realize (or, if fortunate, have long since come to the conclusion) that everything you're being told, more or less, is a lie. That Chavez is a thug is really just par for the course, and if he stands out from the pack it's that he's a more flamboyant thug than most, but still a third-rate player with a smart mouth and so not too popular with the other thugs. Which is more or less why the people getting bullied by the other thugs are tempted to view him with a little charity. What tweaks Michael's nose, I think, is that in the end the guy's just another thug, and one of the lessons we're here to learn is that you can't let thugs do the leading. Anywhere.

Of course, breaking the black spell that holds the population entrained to the will of these thugs can't be done by attacking lower-tier members like Chavez, or Putin or Hu Jintao or Obama. Take one of those down - and at great effort and expense at that - and another thug, worse than the last, will be presented before the public and, with the spell unbroken, things will continue as before. Look to the Bush presidency for example: look at the amount of emotional energy that went into hating that one man, and yet still he served out two full terms. And even if he had been impeached? Dick Cheney would have become President.

The spell's the thing. Ultimately you have to face up to that glowing eye at the top of the pyramid, the Great Lie that radiates like a twisted dark tree through the minds of the spellbound, warping their perceptions. You have to venture into Mordor, confront Sauron and there break his spell by renouncing it in the most final way possible. It's a long, hard, dark journey, but it's one everyone has to take within themselves as they live through these ... interesting times, and at the end? With the spell broken for enough people - as it must be and will be - anything will be possible.

You can add Jews to the list of powers whose removal will not equal victory in this struggle. There is no doubt the Jewish race is used as a front for an unimaginably ancient and wicked power, one that sits at the right hand of the Lie itself. As such it is an enemy that must be engaged, and Les gives it a good thrashing here, however, as Les alluded to earlier, the Jewish people are ultimately in service to a dark principle much worse than any mere mad god. One way or another, it's the ultimate target here, and let's not anyone lose sight of that.

To the list of popularly believed things that just aren't true, let me add: global warming (even if real) would be bad for the planet; that we have not reached the end of the interglacial maximum; that our civilization is the first to attain the technological heights and global reach that we have; Moses was a real person; the Earth has always occupied the current orbit it now follows, and has always been the same size; and that the self is a personal thing that can be located within the confines of one's own skin or mind.

nobody said...

Pathetic. Chavez is out to enrich himself and his cronies, eh? Fucking hell mate, you didn't think about that one at all did you?

If he wanted to enrich himself why would he nationalise the oil industry? Why not leave it as it was and simply turn around and say to the motherfuckers, 'Now you deal with me. Don't argue, I've got the army and you need them and you need me to control them. Don't worry we won't leave you poor. I'm just one guy and a few of my mates. We'll hardly put a dent in the swag of loot you're hauling out of here. Besides somebody has to be the corrupt leader so why not me?'

But he didn't do that did he? Instead he goes against the oligarchs, the bankers, the corporations, the media, the CIA, and then subjects himself to the indignities of elections. Mate, that's the weirdest most idiotic corruption I ever heard of. You're really desperate aren't you?

Fuck poncing about. I'll say it flat out. You're a spook. Go fuck yourself.

Hell, why don't I say that at full volume? Cop this.

m_astera said...


You are not only an ignorant twit, but a determinedly ignorant twit. Noted that you have yet to ask for or show any interest in documentation or facts, being content to speculate based on your personal beliefs and opinions.

Not for you, but for others who might actually have a use for information: Chavez nationalized the oil industry, and a number of others, so that he could control the income from them and direct it to the State coffers, which he and his cronies control completely.

Personal control is the name of the game for all narcissistic psychopaths, regardless of which ideology they are fronting. Example: "The Decider"

Any source of wealth or income in private non-state-controlled hands is (rightly) perceived as a potential threat to complete control.

PDVSA's production fell dramatically (from 3.3 to 2.5 or less mbd), exploration, development, and infrastructure maintenance all tanked. This dropoff was largely camouflaged by the rapid rise in oil prices, but no longer. As of two weeks ago, Chavez is begging the big oil corporations to come back and pull his ass out of a crack.

All readily referenced by anyone who reads.

m_astera said...

Guess I feel I should give a few more details for those who care about such things.

Chavez, living in Miraflores Palace, controls all of the branches of government in Venezuela; the legislative and judicial branches rubber-stamp any decree he makes. His "personal wealth" is the entire country, in his demonstrated opinion, and that is effectively true. I he wants a new law, he decrees it and it is done. Any money in the national treasury is his to do with as he pleases. What more does he need? Well, the security of being in charge forever, of course, which is why he is illegally pushing the amendment to the constitution that would allow his own indefinite re-election.

Chavez' accomplices and supporters have no such personal control, so they have to fill their own bank accounts as they can. That's fine by Hugo, simply the price of buying their loyalty and support.

Chavez' parents, both former high-school teachers (no, Hugo did not grow up poor, but in a solidly middle class family) recently bought a ranch in Barinas State that is the size of the US State of Delaware. His brother was elected Governor of Barinas State last December amid much outcry of vote fraud, a la Ohio USA in 2004.

And again, all of this is easily referenced from multiple sources.

I really have no desire to go over this, to me. old and boring "news". All I originally wanted to point out was that Chavez is and has been sacrosanct in the progressive blogosphere, and I wonder how this can be.

I pointed out the prime defenders, Petras and Lendman, that they are likely both Jews, and wondered who funds them and why. Over the last couple of days, prompted by the erroneous comment about Venezuela not being controlled by the central bankers, I have come up with a possible explanation, though it is at this point pure speculation:

It is well known that a significant part of the South American cocaine trade passes through Venezuela. Estimates I have read are one-third to one-half. I do know that coke is readily available and cheaper than pot where I live, despite the fact that it is not grown in Venezuela.

So I'm wondering: What if the reason behind the support for Chavez is because a significant part of the world's drug money is laundered through Venezuelan banks?

Let's dismiss, for the moment, what Les described as the excoriation of Chavez in the mainstream media. True as much of it is and has been, it is ignored and discounted by the majority of those who consider themselves politically enlightened. I for one came to the conclusion long ago that both sides were equally manipulated, and by the usual suspects. Those readers who are unable to entertain such an idea, well, that's your choice and your blind spot, IMO.

The MSM attacks on Chavez are no threat to him; the oil and money still flow freely, and the Zionist NWO poodles assigned that side of the propaganda continue their ineffective tirades. However, if the progressive blogosphere and its readers, who do have a conscience and will take action given the right information, if these were to actually become convinced that Chavez and his ilk were not really the populist Robin Hoods they have been portrayed as, their support could evaporate. A lot of uncomfortable questions might be asked, and a lot of rocks turned over, disclosing who and what had been hiding under them.

Hence the immediate and strident denial of any hint of impropriety on the part of Chavez and his Bolivarian Robolution, combined with rabid attacks against anyone questioning their essential saintliness.

If my speculation is true, that the Venezuelan banks are major money launderers for the global drug trade, this all finally begins to make sense.

But it doesn't begin to explain why the overwhelming majority of readers on this and other "progressive" sites willingly and unquestioningly accept the propaganda and denial pumped out by Lendman and Petras. What's with that?

Anonymous said...

Michael- we're not interested.
This' your agenda; the agenda of a spook! Who wants to know!!??

m_astera said...


Your mother dresses you funny.

nobody said...

Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah.

Mate, I don't know if you noticed, but I just called you a paid disinfo merchant for the CIA. Right to your face. And you have nothing to say on the subject. And that's not weird?

Sure, just keep talking and hope no one notices.

I ain't even going to bother reading you anymore. I've said everything I have to say on the matter. But don't mind me, keep piling in here and elsewhere spouting your fatuous spook shit, and if others groove on it, then fine. I'll leave them to it.

Otherwise, go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

We all know that the figure of 6 million jews being killed is incorrect. The real figure is 6 hundred bajillion quadrillion gazillion katrillion perishing in the holyhoax-forgive me-I meant "holocaust".

pentos said...

Having read this from start to finish, two thoughts strike me. First, Mastera appears to have omitted to mention that Chavez is jut about the only head of state to expel the Israeli ambassador in response to the Jewish state's current round of slaughter of the Palestinians in Gaza. And second, wasn't this thread about "the Holocaust"? How the hell did we end up discussing Chavez?? Way to derail the discussion fella.

Visible said...

Good Morning everyone.

There's a new Visible Origami up The Truth Remains

Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I like Hugo Chavez for these reasons.
1-He stood up to Bush. That takes courage
2-He's standing up to Zionists, that also tkes courage
3-He helped poor Americans by providing heating fuel to them at a lower cost than US and other Western oil companies charge. This shows compassion.
4-He's making effort to end the international banker's control over Venezuela. This shows courage as well as compassion for the Venezuelans who could be put into a worse situation with the banks having influence over what social programs the Venezuelan government can and cannot implement
5-He's a good example. Of how a nation can make things better for the majority of a nation,and, it's poor, by taking a different path other than communism or capitalism.

I wish President Chavez luck



Joseph Brenner

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