Saturday, February 14, 2009

Riding to the Killing Floor with Stupid by my Side

I often wonder how people can be so stupid and sometimes I wonder if I am not just as stupid by comparison to someone observing me from a higher platform. When I say ‘stupid’ I’m also saying ‘uninformed’ and ‘blind’ as well as ‘intentionally self abusive’ and ‘in full support of all agencies with intent to ruin the subject under discussion’. You can add in anything you think I may have left out because these have probably occurred to me too at some point or another.

When I say “stupid”, I’m talking about bone deep stupid hitting every branch on the stupid tree as they fall into the consciousness of a drunken rock at the bottom of a barrel of rotgut whiskey. This is the kind of stupid that can watch a video of themselves being humiliated in all of the ways of an imagination possessed by someone marginally stupid enough to have one who will... laugh at the person in the video while exclaiming, “Look at that stupid fool. How can he let them do that to him? He hasn’t got a clue.”

Here’s a form of stupid that I don’t get. I don’t know how long this race track is because I’m not stupid enough to want to go and find out but let’s say it’s a mile around. At the Daytona 500 that would mean the audience would sit in their seats watching human billboards drive their cars around the ring 500 times as if there were some point to the affair. You have to add in the hope and expectation of most of the spectators that at some point a car will go out of control and land in the stands where it will kill and/or injure a few dozen people and they will feel like, “it just doesn’t get any better than this”.

There is an impressive segment of the American public who is riveted on this enterprise and will actually watch it on TV if they can’t manage to attend the activity in person. The patrician end of this kind of stupid will watch golf on TV. I don’t have to wonder too hard how the psychopaths have accomplished the looting and destruction of the country. I don’t have to wonder too hard how these people are willing to accept anything that they are told as they worship Jesus in a Jumpsuit with advertising from his toes to his nose.

Then there are things like this. Parents don’t want their kids to see water pipes in a shop window but they have no concern at all about liquor advertisements or the presence of liquor in the shops and on shelves in their homes. More people die from alcohol abuse in one year than die from drugs in a century but... when you’re stupid, this kind of thing slips right under the Radio Shack radar that they use for awareness. Tens of thousands of people are killed on the highway every year from drunken drivers and you are as hard pressed to find an example of a marijuana highway slaughter as you are to find an actual child suicide bomber but they’re sure they are out there. Stupid doesn’t need evidence. All stupid needs is to be told it is so.

Stupid thinks Paris Hilton is hot. Stupid tells their pinheaded offspring that they could be on American Idol. Stupid watches network TV and network news and though it is always the same shit, stupid thinks it’s a different day. Here’s an example of the kind of stupid that thinks poor taste is high art. This is the kind of person that will film themselves masturbating with a hair brush and then put it up on youtube thinking Hollywood will call. This is the same kind of stupid that will call the truth anti-Semitic while they drive with their eyes closed into bankruptcy and enslavement.

As part of a calculated dumbing down which didn’t even seem to be required, Disney decided to create a plague of performing Mouseketeer stupids about a decade ago who would become role models for the kind of stupid they wanted en masse in order to give you the conditions you see in the America of today. They’re hand in glove with the collective putsch to morph humanity into the beasts of the field; not that a whole lot was required at the time. Then they took the bimbo offspring of the world’s worst country western fashion-bot and turned her into the latest chicken on a griddle celebrity to light up the text messaging nitwits into an even lower spark of high heeled boys. All the sexual energy looking for sublimation into something higher got flushed down the toilet into a recycling septic tank that is used as the raw material for the products in the shops and the people on the screen; a nation of lumbering shit-golems gibbering nonsense in abbreviated tongues. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

So... it isn’t a bad thing that they’re losing their jobs and their homes. It isn’t a bad thing that their savings have disappeared and that the education system has turned into a disinformation process. It isn’t a bad thing that they are too stupid to live because even the possibility that their collective dreams might ever see the light of day is too terrible to contemplate. They’re living the Formica life with two faceless children and one nameless dog where despairs not a threat it’s the law.

The real and compelling evidence which the Synagogue of Satan has left as bleeding teeth marks all over their bodies goes unrecognized as they eat their own shit because they were told it was ice cream. The reptiles who ruined their country now vacuum up whatever is left in the broad light of day and they believe they’re finally going to turn the corner on that abandoned lot where the promise of a better world got bulldozed while they were on their way to Fat City. Well... they got to Fat City alright. Now the only sounds they can hear are their thighs rubbing together on their way to the icebox and the butcher’s knife on the whetstone.

The yardstick disappears when you try to measure this kind of stupid but there are things even worse than stupid. There is the legion of almost stupid and not quite bright that have worked intentionally to bring this all about because they believed that no matter what happened that the demons they served would take care of them. Sometimes they did it out of the fear of losing their positions and prosperity. They conspired to come up with new ways to enslave their fellows in the hope that the demons would reward them for their industry. Someone doesn’t seem to understand what comprises a demon. Of course... demons are but angels in disguise (after a manner of speaking) ...still... I wouldn’t want to have my destiny decided by the darkness that conceals the liberating light. When the human mind perverts reality then what really is becomes antithesis while stupid pats itself on the back.

An uncle of mine used to say, “Those who cannot hear must feel”. This got said when I was misbehaving. You might consider it a motto for these times. Those who cannot and will not hear and see will certainly feel.

I am sorry for these people. All of my personal industry is directed at some awakening that I am stupid enough to believe is possible. I make sure to use some portion of that to wake myself up too because I fear that I am also dreaming to some degree. I cry out in my dreams for an opening door; for some greater strength in the hand that shakes the shoulder... mine as well as everyone else. I hope that it won’t hurt too much and maybe that is the problem. What we see of civilization is humanity’s reaction to pain. Somehow they confused comfort with security just as they have confused notoriety with fame.

It doesn’t look good. Life has become a casual hookup with the escort service from Hell. Fools dine and dance in a cobwebbed banquet hall surrounded by grinning corpses in the light of accommodating lamps. You can see it all in real time as the moment approaches when another light goes on and they see where it is that they are.

All that effort... all the centuries of industry and faith... all the trials and sacrifice has led to this. What a terrible waste of such great potential. Crack another beer and celebrate your stupidity that brought you here.

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