Saturday, February 14, 2009

Riding to the Killing Floor with Stupid by my Side

I often wonder how people can be so stupid and sometimes I wonder if I am not just as stupid by comparison to someone observing me from a higher platform. When I say ‘stupid’ I’m also saying ‘uninformed’ and ‘blind’ as well as ‘intentionally self abusive’ and ‘in full support of all agencies with intent to ruin the subject under discussion’. You can add in anything you think I may have left out because these have probably occurred to me too at some point or another.

When I say “stupid”, I’m talking about bone deep stupid hitting every branch on the stupid tree as they fall into the consciousness of a drunken rock at the bottom of a barrel of rotgut whiskey. This is the kind of stupid that can watch a video of themselves being humiliated in all of the ways of an imagination possessed by someone marginally stupid enough to have one who will... laugh at the person in the video while exclaiming, “Look at that stupid fool. How can he let them do that to him? He hasn’t got a clue.”

Here’s a form of stupid that I don’t get. I don’t know how long this race track is because I’m not stupid enough to want to go and find out but let’s say it’s a mile around. At the Daytona 500 that would mean the audience would sit in their seats watching human billboards drive their cars around the ring 500 times as if there were some point to the affair. You have to add in the hope and expectation of most of the spectators that at some point a car will go out of control and land in the stands where it will kill and/or injure a few dozen people and they will feel like, “it just doesn’t get any better than this”.

There is an impressive segment of the American public who is riveted on this enterprise and will actually watch it on TV if they can’t manage to attend the activity in person. The patrician end of this kind of stupid will watch golf on TV. I don’t have to wonder too hard how the psychopaths have accomplished the looting and destruction of the country. I don’t have to wonder too hard how these people are willing to accept anything that they are told as they worship Jesus in a Jumpsuit with advertising from his toes to his nose.

Then there are things like this. Parents don’t want their kids to see water pipes in a shop window but they have no concern at all about liquor advertisements or the presence of liquor in the shops and on shelves in their homes. More people die from alcohol abuse in one year than die from drugs in a century but... when you’re stupid, this kind of thing slips right under the Radio Shack radar that they use for awareness. Tens of thousands of people are killed on the highway every year from drunken drivers and you are as hard pressed to find an example of a marijuana highway slaughter as you are to find an actual child suicide bomber but they’re sure they are out there. Stupid doesn’t need evidence. All stupid needs is to be told it is so.

Stupid thinks Paris Hilton is hot. Stupid tells their pinheaded offspring that they could be on American Idol. Stupid watches network TV and network news and though it is always the same shit, stupid thinks it’s a different day. Here’s an example of the kind of stupid that thinks poor taste is high art. This is the kind of person that will film themselves masturbating with a hair brush and then put it up on youtube thinking Hollywood will call. This is the same kind of stupid that will call the truth anti-Semitic while they drive with their eyes closed into bankruptcy and enslavement.

As part of a calculated dumbing down which didn’t even seem to be required, Disney decided to create a plague of performing Mouseketeer stupids about a decade ago who would become role models for the kind of stupid they wanted en masse in order to give you the conditions you see in the America of today. They’re hand in glove with the collective putsch to morph humanity into the beasts of the field; not that a whole lot was required at the time. Then they took the bimbo offspring of the world’s worst country western fashion-bot and turned her into the latest chicken on a griddle celebrity to light up the text messaging nitwits into an even lower spark of high heeled boys. All the sexual energy looking for sublimation into something higher got flushed down the toilet into a recycling septic tank that is used as the raw material for the products in the shops and the people on the screen; a nation of lumbering shit-golems gibbering nonsense in abbreviated tongues. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

So... it isn’t a bad thing that they’re losing their jobs and their homes. It isn’t a bad thing that their savings have disappeared and that the education system has turned into a disinformation process. It isn’t a bad thing that they are too stupid to live because even the possibility that their collective dreams might ever see the light of day is too terrible to contemplate. They’re living the Formica life with two faceless children and one nameless dog where despairs not a threat it’s the law.

The real and compelling evidence which the Synagogue of Satan has left as bleeding teeth marks all over their bodies goes unrecognized as they eat their own shit because they were told it was ice cream. The reptiles who ruined their country now vacuum up whatever is left in the broad light of day and they believe they’re finally going to turn the corner on that abandoned lot where the promise of a better world got bulldozed while they were on their way to Fat City. Well... they got to Fat City alright. Now the only sounds they can hear are their thighs rubbing together on their way to the icebox and the butcher’s knife on the whetstone.

The yardstick disappears when you try to measure this kind of stupid but there are things even worse than stupid. There is the legion of almost stupid and not quite bright that have worked intentionally to bring this all about because they believed that no matter what happened that the demons they served would take care of them. Sometimes they did it out of the fear of losing their positions and prosperity. They conspired to come up with new ways to enslave their fellows in the hope that the demons would reward them for their industry. Someone doesn’t seem to understand what comprises a demon. Of course... demons are but angels in disguise (after a manner of speaking) ...still... I wouldn’t want to have my destiny decided by the darkness that conceals the liberating light. When the human mind perverts reality then what really is becomes antithesis while stupid pats itself on the back.

An uncle of mine used to say, “Those who cannot hear must feel”. This got said when I was misbehaving. You might consider it a motto for these times. Those who cannot and will not hear and see will certainly feel.

I am sorry for these people. All of my personal industry is directed at some awakening that I am stupid enough to believe is possible. I make sure to use some portion of that to wake myself up too because I fear that I am also dreaming to some degree. I cry out in my dreams for an opening door; for some greater strength in the hand that shakes the shoulder... mine as well as everyone else. I hope that it won’t hurt too much and maybe that is the problem. What we see of civilization is humanity’s reaction to pain. Somehow they confused comfort with security just as they have confused notoriety with fame.

It doesn’t look good. Life has become a casual hookup with the escort service from Hell. Fools dine and dance in a cobwebbed banquet hall surrounded by grinning corpses in the light of accommodating lamps. You can see it all in real time as the moment approaches when another light goes on and they see where it is that they are.

All that effort... all the centuries of industry and faith... all the trials and sacrifice has led to this. What a terrible waste of such great potential. Crack another beer and celebrate your stupidity that brought you here.

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Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration but, is writing about this adding to your life, or taking from it--
I also understand that you have a compass that directs what you write if you don't stand too close to an object that will distort the natural direction of the needle--


Anonymous said...

Human nature seems to have a tendency toward the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately it takes effort to fare otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Stupid is someone who enjoys auto racing. Ya Betcha.

What a dumb shit like you doesn't understand is that auto racing is a team sport and the MOST of the team consists of HIGHLY educated people with skills in aerodynamics, organic chemistry, metallurgy, and a bunch of other specialties you couldn't learn in ten lifetimes.

Finding stupid in USA is astonishingly easy. In fact, the most likely place to find it is among folks who write uniformed essays about stupid.

Visible said...

I want to thank you for giving me a real chuckle with that highly educated remark. Since I've been around some of these geniuses I'm going to have to tell you that you're full of shit. The main key to how stupid these people are is that they run around in circles at high speeds going nowhere dressed like human billboards indicating that everything about them is for sale to corporations that profit from an amusement designed for people even stupider than the one's who participate in it which, it's evident, you are a member of.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:09 AM
All this effort designed to sell something that wrecks people, environment, non-renewable resources, countries... need I go on?
Only in America; no wonder you are all about to self destruct- deservedly so.

Word verification - imend, Ha!

m_astera said...

Even though I keep writing and saying that the time is past for throwing pearls before swine and suffering fools gladly, I have to admit that I still spend most of my time trying to wake people up. Guess I just don't know what else to do, as I take little pleasure in watching them getting what they have begged for.

It's interesting to note that those who are the most impossible to wake up are those who think that they are already awake.

I'd suggest that everyone go look in a mirror and contemplate that, then take a good look at what they have so far avoided putting to the question.

But then I've been suggesting that for a while with not much to show for results.

Try this: Assume that everything you know is wrong. Assume that everything you have been told is true is a lie, everything you have been told is important is not, everything you have been told is worthwhile is worthless. And vice-versa. Allow no exceptions. Prove it or discard it.

I can promise you that there is a wonderful secret prize and reward awaiting those with the guts to do that. The reward is called freedom and the secret prize is owning your own life.

"I got a sixty-nine Chevy with a 396, fuellie heads and a Hurst on the floor,

She's waitin' tonight down in the parking lot beside the seven-eleven store..."

Nothing wrong with that. Just don't confuse it with anything important.

Visible said...


It's unlikely you could pull a line from a Springsteen song from The River on back and my not catch it immediately (grin). After that he's written as much crap (maybe more) than anything good.

Anonymous said...

CLASSIC. Laff so you don't cry.
LV, you are Nadya Suleman's octet all rolled
in one -- what did she name them?
Noah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel...
all those other Muslim names giving
the Hebrews their wake up call?
The remarks about NASCAR burning up
millions of tons of fossil fuel
reminds me of George Carlin's routine
on the game of golf and the land and
time waste....the Romans amusing themselves with the extinction of
North African mammals in their Colosseum...

Anonymous said...

Industrial society has always struck me as a bit stupid, and the endgame of this shit will be horrendous. Even as a child and more so as an adolescent, there just didn't seem to be any point in training for service to the megamachine. Kinda like roundy-round racing.

Imagine if marijuana use was a sacrament in the Assembly of God church. Like snake hand'lin, or speakin' in tongues. The shit would be everywhere.

kikz said...

aftn les,

well said..

and i'll borrow a contemporary metahpor from 'Coraline'

and tell stupid, hey! "button your eyes".

its amazing... the hollywood thing...they take pride in telling us, how the trick is done . cripes, there's a term for that..
and i can't recall it, nor find it in the depths of my 'library of alexandria" bookmarks :P)

Kevenj said...

Funny Les. One thing you don't want to do is piss of a die-hard racer! It's kind of like going to the biker bar down the street on a Saterday night and kicking a few bikes over then trying to casually walk away while calling them fags.

Anonymous said...

For those who have taken the “red” pill, the world will never be the same, but what does this mean. Our lives can only be committed to trying to awaken others, or experience the frustration of knowing it could be better, only to watch as the world falls into the tighter grip of a fascist dictatorship. While much of your writing targets the Zionists and their agenda, it is their ability to control, through the use of the monopoly on the issuance, and value of currency, that enslaves the common man. If we are to be FREE this monopoly must be destroyed, and this can only be accomplished when enough people focus on this issue. Trying to tell people they are in a cult, is often fruitless. What I have found to be more productive is to simply plant a seed, in the form of a question. If the government can print all the money it needs to operate, why do we have a national debt? Why do we need taxes? This leaves the people to wrestle with their own cognitive dissonance. People have to “seek” in order to find. Perhaps this is how to awaken “stupid”.
Please keep up your great efforts, as they are an inspiration, to people such as myself, who may not have your talent for writing, and research.

Visible said...

Yes, Kevin... and others, I am well aware of the implications of opinion. However, this is Reflections in a Petri Dish and as regular readers know, that is the sort of thing that gets said here.

the only questions anyone should ask is whether what I say is true. The delivery could be softened but then so would be the impact. There are other blogs for that.

Only ask yourself if what I say is true. You might ask if it needs to be said and at least one of you is suggesting that and, in every case, you are speaking for yourself. Perhaps you would not say these things but I do and I am not shy about it nor ashamed.

It could well be argued that there is no point to my saying anything. I certainly don't have to. I've worked out my own direction according to my intentions and I don't need to write another word. It may soon come to that. I've surely written a collected works just at these blogs and they are by no means the majority of my efforts.

It could be that the voice in my head is deluding me. I tend to think otherwise given how many times it has saved not only my life but things of far more importance. It bids me write and I do. Often I do not want to and if I had my way I might well have become Les Visible already as I am well entertained at other occupations in other worlds.

I am quite certain that I have not reached what I am seeking yet but I do know what it is and have some idea of the road markers and enough restraint to ask for direction at any point where it seems required. When the way is clear one does not ask. When the way is not clear I am likely to pause.

I don't know if what I am saying makes sense to the reader but it makes sense to me and perhaps I am the chief audience in this moment.

In any case, I value the comments and none go by without reflection... be it in a petri dish or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

great work.Stupid is forever where ignorance can be medicated,Stupid is wasting good wine spewing it on people instead of enjoying the artwork of wine making, then too make it worst they have adds made with wasted milk slopped on their face PLEASE!!
Stupid is believing in special people, there are no special people just the same old nasty dirty greedy gonifs. This american stupidity list goes on and on ,one more:Stupid is paying state universities our tax money to eduicate our replacements from the third world!

Anonymous said...

Do I stress you out
My sweater is on backwards and inside out
And you say how appropriate
I don’t want to dissect everything today
I don’t mean to pick you apart you see
But I cant help it
There I go jumping before the gunshot has gone off
Slap me with a splintered ruler
And it would knock me to the floor if I wasn’t there already
If only I could hunt the hunter

And all I really want is some patience
A way to calm the angry voice
And all I really want is deliverance

Do I wear you out
You must wonder why I’m relentless and all strung out
I’m consumed by the chill of solitary
I’m like estella
I like to reel it in and spit it out
I’m frustrated by your apathy
And I am frightened by the corrupted ways of this land
If only I could meet the maker
And I’m fascinated by the spiritual man
I am humbled by his humble nature

What I wouldn’t give to find a soul mate
Someone else to catch this drift
And what I wouldn’t give to meet a kindred

Enough about me, lets talk about you for a minute
Enough about you, lets talk about life for a while
The conflicts, the craziness and the sound of pretenses
Falling all around... all around

Why are you so petrified of silence
Here can you handle this?
Did you think about your bills, your ex, your deadlines
Or when you think you’re gonna die
Or did you long for the next distraction
And all I need now is intellectual intercourse
A should to dig the hole much deeper
And I have no concept of time other an it is flying
If only I could kill the killer

All I really want is some peace man
A place to find a common ground
And all I really want is a wavelength
All I really want is some comfort
A way to get my hands untied
And all I really want is some justice

Alanis Morisette
"All I Really Want"


m_astera said...

So Racin' in the Street didn't slip by you, eh V?

One of my favorites, that one. Sitting on a picnic table in a park in Portland OR playing that song on an old Guild acoustic led to a nine-year marriage and three kids.

"She sits on the porch of her daddy's house, but all her pretty dreams are torn,
She stares off alone into the night, with the eyes of one who hates for just bein' born.

For all the shut-down strangers and hot-rod angels, rumblin' through this promised land,
Tonight my baby and me we're gonna ride to the sea, and wash these sins off our hands...

Tonight, tonight, the highway's bright, I'm gonna blow 'em all outta their seats,
'Cause summer's here and the time is right
For Racin' in the Street"

Just don't confuse it with anything important (like driving around in circles for 500 miles wearing corporate logos.)

Anonymous said...

"Stupid In The USA" Hey, I thought Paris Hilton was dumb until this week when it dawned on me that she spent more time in jail than Bernard Madoff. Was it 45 minutes +/- ? Paris Hilton did the crime and did the time, Paris Hilton is more of a real man than Madoff ever will be. And add Martha Stewart; Mel Gibson apologized for drunken words about Jewish bankers, that guy from "Seinfeld" apologized. Show me an apology from Congress or Wall Street or the Fortune 500. The Daytona 500 fits right in, it goes around in circles without getting anywhere. Paris Hilton = my hero!
Bill (oh look finally a "word verification" that makes sense: 'jugga')

Anonymous said...

You wanna know if its real?

Its real!

This is about an actual person I know of

I made a similar comment about roundy round right after we met and it struck a nerve with this psycho semper fi sack a shit!

I deal with this a s a spiritual exercise in tolerance. Its true!

Ok the first thing this moron did when he got trapped by his fat ass bride is to run out and go into debt for the biggest pickup he couldn't afford.

Every year stoopid blows thousands on the latest crotch rockets. Always the newest fastest most expensive. He knows hes got a serious problem but he spreads it to everyone in his family. . .how?

Turns out he and his wife and children all live with her parents and her sisters whole family as well, yup. . .all under the same roof.

So if any of you doubt where Les gets this from and if its real

ITS REAL, and more stupid than you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

Wow Les,

Takin' on "Bubba", huh? Look out, he might come after you with his metallurgists, organic chemists, and billboard artists waving their China-made Amerikan flags...

What's a "uniformed" essay. At least learn how to spell, Mr. HIGHLY EDUCATED. How does anyone come about that in the Land of the Sheep?

kikz said...

been havin fun in da fray, taday!

unsavory & ho tat, i'm their huckleberry >:)

Anonymous said...

I've been a reader of for years Les. I only occasionally read your pieces cos they seemed a bit up yourself smug. The one day I read a piece and enjoyed it, answered it and got an intelligent response back from you. I liked you bro. and dug your groove, even commended you on your lyrical ability. I still think you write many things when you're brain is cooking on whatever you've got handy, and say fuck to us all.....but man you went overboard on your overweight lover song. You obviously have a great natural metabolism. Like I had when I was a bricklayer, aged 30, before I slipped a disc, before I had 3 operations and lost mobility due to chronic pain and gained 6 stones and deep depression. My beautiful daughter has weight problems, in my opinion due to growth hormones in every natural fuckin food we're allowed to purchase in this bastard system. One of my associates is like you, blessed with skinnyness, and never fuckin stops to point out the fat lazy bastards that share his fuckin planet. You've just lost my respect Les. I know you'll answer my comment with something sarcastic but did you ever think how many of your supporters were poisoned by hormone growth shit in their illuminati produced food? I hate my weight, and my chronic pain but for fuck's sake man, have you any brains in your skinny fuckin brain man?

Anonymous said...

come on les, post mine, cat got your tongue skinny?

psychegram said...

It's easy to poke fun at the stupidity of Americans. Especially up here in Canada, where we fancy ourselves better educated and more cultured than our dumb Southern cousins. Sure, we have car racing and hockey and all the other spectator sports, our 'rich' play golf and our proles spend their allotted time in front of the telescreen idolizing Canadian Dance Idols and ... well, I could go on. But we're smarter than those fat idiot Yanks, right? Sure, we are.

I've given up on that kind of stupid. It can't be argued with, not rationally at least, and its doom slouches towards Babylon, late in the third trimester.

What frustrates me these days is when smart people believe dumb things. Otherwise intelligent folk who think al'Qaeda is a real organization, who think the terrorists behind 9/11 were Muslims and plaster the yellow ribbon Support Our Troops stickers all over their PT cruisers ... people who still think CO2 causes global warming, and react to any suggestion that the media is controlled (without even mentioning Zionists) with charges of being a Holocaust denier. People who, like Michael says, think they're awake. Sometimes it's the smart ones who can be truly stupid: so besotted with their own intelligence that they don't even try to see the gaping plot holes in their reality, stubbornly imagining that they (in stark contrast to the rest of humanity, now or at any time in the past) have some sort of lock on what reality is. Refusing to admit the possibility that they, too, might have been programmed against their own best interests. That's the kind of dumb that leaves me dumbfounded.

And what about us? Are we so right? How much of what we believe is true? We think we've got a handle on things, and maybe we do but ... maybe we don't. I've spent a lot of my short life fervently believing in things that just aren't so; I'm very conscious of the possibility that I might be wrong about some things. And so I try to temper my vehemence with some measure of humility, but then ... then someone says something that I know (there's that word again) to be bullshit, and off I go again on one of my rants. It pisses off my family, especially ("Why are you so negative, all the time?"), and I find myself wondering if maybe I haven't adopted certain beliefs as a sort of post-adolescent rebellion. My grandfather's a rich banker, after all, and my father, an ex-cop and retired soldier. And so they think when I argue against the institutions they've given their lives to that I'm arguing against them ... when the truth is, I love them, but abhor the lies that have infected their minds. Though they can't see that, of course ... and that's part of the programming, to identify personally with the lie, thus sheltering it from any contact with the truth behind the thick shield of the ego.

Well, mustn't grumble. The struggle continues, as it must, and despite what you say, Les, I know you'll be here, until ... until you don't have to be, I guess.

Don't ever give up.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes the controlled existance, it doesn't quite qualify to be called a life. The controlled options menu is very limited, often with only a few channels, the off switch is not seen as an option as it equates to nothingness. Is this not the goyim being shaped into the herd of cattle to be stampeaded of a cliff or into the enemy camp. They provide the profit and proof of the choosen's agenda and its aim to control all the herds on all the lands. The zionutters
most of all enjoy controlling the harlet psychopaths of power and prestige for in that persuit are the rewards multiplied.
The simpelton polly parrots are all squarking in unison for a new global world financial order. They to are no doubt conned by the success of the global warming scam for carbon tax to believe that a new global finance and control tax will also increase their control over the peasants when infact they will loose control to the global world domination by zionutter banksters . The reward for the polly parrots will of course be the scorn of the peasants for selling out there country to the demon possessed zionutters.

Anonymous said...

Is not the fact that the zionutters are prepared to pretend the sacrifice their almost sacred cash cow in the USa for the quest for the whole world's surrender evidence of the demonic intensions of those choosen by evil to decieve the world. Many of the polly parrot have surrendered already in fear that thier country will be targeted with financial ruin by the global zionutter mobsters. Say it a billion times "The global financial con job for world domination is the Zionutters trump card", the biggest shell game gamble ever, that is the be all and end all of their schemes, the making of their third temple which they want the world to worship.

Visible said...


as I have told you many times before, I have to sleep sometimes and I'm seldom 'hopped up on shit'. I take Ketamine for depression and insight and nothing else except very rare Ayahuasca journeys.

As for the song Overweight Lover, it is about the culture not about fat people, although the comment about thighs rubbing together can be taken as such. I've nothing against heavy people per se but the choice to eat certain foods certainly is a part of the culture I'm talking about. This is rant blog and it is bound to offend someone every time. I'll be after something else my next visit and you won't have the same reaction.

rosie said...


You say it for me!
Its the intelligent 'stupid' that really get to me as well.
The stupid - are - well - stupid.
They really cannot help a lot of it!!They have an average IQ of what? 90?. 85?
The question we should be asking is why so many 'stupid'?
Who is, through social engineeering and appalling educational standards, creating this utterly stupid population?. And why?
Its the same here in England.
We are rewarding fecklessness and stupidity by handing free homes and large pensions called benefits to single girls - some as young as 15 - for producing children they cannot support. I believe its the same in the US.
For every child they have the money goes up and the housing gets bigger. Whilst the old who have paid taxes all their lives go cold and hungry.
The 'underclass' being created by this dangerous social policy is awful to look at. Feral, stupid, out of control, workshy - you get my drift.
At the same time responsible young couples cannot afford children because of huge taxes and mortgage payments not to mention school fees as the state system is at breaking point.
What we are watching is an organised and , I believe, a deliberate dumbing down of the population.
Stupid is as stupid does. Stupid people are easier to control and scare.
Now who makes the laws that has created its situation in the two worse 'infected' countries?
I guess we know the answer.
And here at least they have their own schools.

Anonymous said...

Those that say stop being negative.
Those that say "see the negative and you create the negative"
Those that say "I only see positive" and then deny an obvious truth calling it negative and "its not in my world"
Those that would only want to see half a reflection.
My world contains it all with no self-fear.
I love the deceptions that hide truths.
I love Truths that expose deceptions.
I will see them all and still exist as "I am".
When I can see the source of light clearly I will rush to it relishing the shedding of our shadows behind us.
Because thats what shadows are for, they show the way to the light.
Should we really be that scared of our own shadows that we deny that we can see them.

I ramble with no sense and sometimes perfect clarity.
I think I shall return to polishing the mirror, after all Truth and Deceptions are reflections of each other. All become one in the infinite.

Thank you Visble for love and inspiration.

m_astera said...

I read an interesting observation a while back. The writer was pointing out that humans are the only animals that hide in the light. All other animals hide in the darkness.

What do they know that we don't know?

Visible said...

which immediately made me think of the ostrich.

Anonymous said...

Don't humans hide "from" the light? It's almost an avoid at all costs type of thing--
Was picking my son up from work last night--he works at a Subway sandwich shop in Wal-Mart--As I sat there at 11:30 at night, I was noticing that almost every single person was overweight and limping, also breathing hard-no matter their age-and almost every one of them had on clothes that they wore 40 lbs ago--It was just really sad--When I have picked him up during the day, I wander around if he's not off yet and it amazes me the number of people at the pharmacy counter picking up prescriptions-milling about like dazed rats in a maze-after they get the pills, you can see them heading to the checkout counter all with those 24 can packs of Coke, Mountain Dew, Energy Drinks---These people can barely move--it's painful to watch--Grateful that there are no meds in the house for us other than what Juli cooks up in the cauldron--tinctures, teas, etc.
There will be so much agony when folks get the lack of aspartame monkeys at the same time they can't afford their meds any more---fucking scary---


m_astera said...

Ostriches are a handy metaphor, but they don't actually stick their heads in the sand when frightened or threatened. Not from what I have read, anyway.

Please allow me to clarify what I meant:

If an animal is frightened, it will find the darkest corner or nook or cave to hide in. When humans are frightened, they will turn on every light in the house and sit in the middle of the brightest room.

Perhaps that goes back to more primitive times when fire was a human's best protection. If one is in danger, though, sitting in the middle of a brightly lit room doesn't seem too wise.

The point I was trying to make was that light does not equal good and safety, nor does dark equal danger and evil. There is plenty of evil to be found in the light. Those who don't know this will eventually discover it.

As a somewhat esoteric example that hopefully some will get, the electromagnetic spectrum goes in two directions relative to visible light: towards lower frequencies, e.g. infra-red and radio waves, and towards higher frequencies, e.g. ultraviolet and x-ray.

I know of no universal law that consigns negative energy strictly to lower frequencies, though perhaps such a thing exists.

Anonymous said...

Sent link for Overweight Lover to my ex obese ex as a VD present & she loved it! Said she laffed until tears. Been there done that, lost 100 lbs. since! Toxic marriage or toxic food.... or Glenn Beck cramming chocolates down his throat after Gerald Celente upsets him with his gloom and doom talk on fauxnoise....
To paraphrase what Bill Maher told a caller on Larry King about health care -- stay out of supermarkets and don't eat anything processed that comes in a box, can or sack. Dont take the flu shots... (And stay out of pharmacies and allopaths' offices)

Randall said...

Hell yeah jJ,
my Mom drinks diet pepsi with that neurotoxin aspartame in it.
I told her YEARS ago (15) that it would cause cognitive degeneration,
at the least.
Just recently I gave her a small test.
I wrote the words Radar, and Redder
down on a peice of paper, and asked for the relationship between the two words, and she couldn't get it.
She used to be a good crossword puzzle person.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Every Master had a Life of Secret Shame.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that my last comment was either trashed or accidentally left off. My anger hasn't yet built up to it's original furor as of last night, but give me a couple and I'll warm right up. For fear of repeating msyself I have to say I was one of "them" for quite some time. I spent many sleepless nights wondering about the "crazy' people who didn't believe in the bible. Thank God I had a mother who set the record straight and provided me with some books that I would never have read before, and an open mind to field my questions. Ever since then my life has opened up a billion fold. I have tried to impart some of my findings to my "good christian" friends but am always met with a chilly reception. They feel sorry for me for falling off the path, as it were. I feel sorry for them for staying on it and missing what the world has to offer, not the least of which is that psychopaths rule our nations and our worlds. Yeah, sure they say. Bush is a Christian he wouldn't harm others. Wow I'd better hook my horse up to his and pronto! Obama is even better, spouting Lincoln phrases left and right, he must be the ONE. I'm thinking about my 5 fully furnished backpacks in my closet. Tha only thing left is to buy a gun and ammo. I used to be a naive girl who said use your words but now I teach my son, if they shoot at you, you shoot back until noone is standing, never let them take you alive or else you will be their lackeys forever. Stay with me baby and we will make a run for the hills or die trying.

Visible said...


It's an odd thing with making a comment because often it isn't read the way it was written. I had no thought about ostriches being any kind of exception. I mentioned it only because they popped into my head as I read your comment and I was thinking about the hiding the head in the sand thing (doesn't matter if it's true or not) and how though they may think they are hidden they are actually in full view AND defenseless. I probably should have elaborated but I didn't.

Personally I don't hide at all. I may be hard to find but that's always been a feature of mine; happens without much thought given. I've never considered the value of hiding but rather the acquisition of protections that do away with these concerns in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Animals head for the higher ground--best place to be to defend ones self as well from numerous perspectives--don't stand on the ridge line though--too easy to spot--just below, perfect.
The light that they turn on is actually a glow from the TV set--to soon be improved upon by the new "digital" signal--I see gov't checks being sent to anyone who buys a plasma screen in order to complete the mind fuck and of course "stimulate the economy"--must be for the children.
Neonurse--may I recommend a Springfiled XD if you are looking for a handgun--they come in 3 flavors 9mm--.40--.45 and hold between 13+1 and 17+1--very reliable and easy to clean--sweetest ones to shoot--
Remember that if you bury your head in the sand your ass is exposed--


Anonymous said...

wow, 38 comments on a petri--perhaps there is something in the kool-aid

keep stirring....


Visible said...

It's an aspartame free zone (grin).

I think the gay post had more; can't remember.

m_astera said...

Well, no, I wasn't sure just what you meant, V, nor that my point was clear either.

So it's good that we got that cleared up.

Invisibility is a goal of mine; been working on it for years, on a lot of levels.


Mice don't head for the higher ground. :)

kikz said...

mornin les :)

speakin of stupid..

da fray petri dish is in a nervous twitter....

there've been meetings called...strategies planned..

"things have been said! something must be done!" "if only we had an editor to banish them all!" hahahahaaha.

such whining in the gallery..:)

and a fangdripping 'welcome to the new posters' frm shaden...

thought you might it as funny as i did :)


Anonymous said...

Most people, including myself, are stupid.

But what really chaps me the most, is that whomever is calling the shots is really really stupid.

That's the part that really gets me.... the total and absolute incompetence of the global elite.

I mean, if you are going to go thru all the trouble,to rule the world, and get off on some kind of ego trip, what the heck?

Read, once in a while?
Did anybody read "The Art of War"?
I mean, it's not illegal to read it, anymore, so what gives?

And, these bankers?? Did they want to own all the houses, as some kind of megalandlord?

What are they going to do with all those houses that they forclose on?

and, all those people? If they rent to them, don't they think that their renters are going to trash the property????

Plus, who's gonna pay their rent on time??? Jobs are gone, so with what?

And, these government shills? What on earth are they taxing people who are broke to death, for?

And, the car companies?? WTF? Didn't they figure out that renewable energy would sell cars? What did they push all those gas guzzlers on people for, knowing that gas is too much of a rip off??

They could have sold millions of electric cars, or solar cars, or air cars, or magnetic energy cars, or even hydrogen cars.....millions@ But, no, they are too stupid, now they whine....oh me...nobody wants their stupid gas guzzling BS overpriced bunch of foriegn made any rebate price.

Plus, the credit card companies?? Where they stupid, or what?? They ran around, signing college students up, promising them a free towel, or fancy water bottle...then whined about bad accounts??? How stupid! Did they think by changing the bankruptcy code that they could get paid?? Certainly not, they just wanted more...more....more.....until they couldn't control the pig within.

Stupid is the Iraq war. Stupid is the Afghanisti war...stupid is the Lebanese bombing...and the height of stupid is the bombing of civilians in GAZA....

No, they are stupid. They got all the money, and they are still stupid...and they are breeding even stupider models of themselves, like GWB.

That what bugs me the most.....I lost my faith that the elite were smarter, or somehow had some ability to long term plan....

NOPE.....they are just stupid. I think they prob drink too much.



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