Friday, February 27, 2009

The Serious Disconnect in Modern Culture

Alcohol has ruled over human consciousness for thousands of years. It has been responsible for as much grief as ignorance and greed and that is saying something. People drink to loosen up. They drink to get free but do not consider what it is that they are setting free. Well, when you don’t know who you are to begin with, it can often be a surprise to see who shows up. I’m not inclined to let demon rum steal my soul.

In your self-considered ‘better circles’ people brag about how they can drink good whiskey as if that’s some indication of refined taste. The truth is that it tastes like shit. Even the finest Scotch whiskey, which the puerile ego consciousness believes to impart class and refinement to their, Afghan hound-like, posturing about among their fellows- tastes like shit.

Alcohol ruins your physical, emotional and mental bodies and drains your spiritual nature into the underworld. As I’ve said many other places before, more people die from alcohol each year than die from all illegal drugs in a century. Yet alcohol is legal. Why is it legal? It’s legal because it promotes guilt, which can be milked to high advantage in today’s cultures. It’s also legal because it assists in plugging the attention into the material aspects of this world and that’s good for business. It’s been called a social lubricant and it is but only certain aspects of a person can be shared under its influence. Sure... everyone has had a few bright moments on the stuff but overall... overall it is one of the most destructive things on Earth.

In these times, legal pharmaceuticals run a close second and they kill too. They kill and impair worse than illegal drugs and kill far more people. Why are some drugs illegal? They are illegal because they have the capacity to take you briefly outside the envelope of illusion that covers the world. They grant insight and often what one learns is that the world in which they live is a lie which they are compelled to participate in. Some illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are also highly toxic and very pervasive. The latter shouldn’t come as a surprise since agents of governments the world over are engaged in their proliferation. They even create wars to increase their profits... in China... in Afghanistan.

There is a serious disconnect in any society that promotes the use of the most destructive chemical agents and ruthlessly suppresses the use of more benign agents. It’s not accidental. It’s all about control and the manipulation of the human consciousness through marketed illusions which track back to life on rails and shopping as an avocation.

Another serious disconnect is in the way we react to loss in our own lives as opposed to loss in the lives of others. Some woman loses a child by accident, by disease, by some medium and engages in her public and private grief. Yet she supports the killings in Gaza where the deaths were intentional, unnecessary and gratuitously performed for political gain. She has no feeling for so many dead women and children and no remorse for her culpability in these deaths. The woman is an Israeli so there is culpability, just as all Americans who have not spoken out against the unnecessary, manufactured wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are culpable. Here is yet another serious disconnect. Your pain is all important- put it up in lights and draw a crowd- the pain of others is not important especially if you are engaged in causing it from the noble motive of personal gain.

So many people have such high hopes for President Obama. I would like to share their enthusiasm since it has been some time since there was an American leader that one could feel good about. Unfortunately for me, I remember what he said before he got elected and I am listening to what he says now. I note that he is not ending the war in Iraq and that withdrawal will not be complete until the end of next year. A lot can happen in such a long period of time and my thinking is that that is the intention. One should remember the massive, permanent military installations that were built throughout that country. It also appears that the withdrawal is a big fat lie. Many of us know what the real problem behind the other problems is- and has been- but will Obama listen?

I note the people he appointed to key positions and I note the people he left in key positions that served the previous criminal administration. I note that he’s done nothing to reduce Israel’s power over the American political scene. Is this a sign of awakening or a red herring? How can he serve American interests if he is also serving Israeli interests? He can’t. As has been shown by their attack on the U.S.S. Liberty... their involvement in 9/11 and being the major force behind the push for the Iraqi War; keeping in mind that the Afghanistan war was caused by lies about who engineered and carried out 9/11, it is clear that Israel is an enemy of the United States. I know this, Obama must know it and ergo... Obama is a servant of anti-American, Israeli policies. But he talks good. He makes sweeping speeches that people can’t seem to remember are composed only of words. Time will tell what actions follow these words. Once again...; a disconnect between what we hear and what happens and does not happen; between reality and what cross-dresses in its place.

I watched a tape of the Academy Awards without commercial interruption but still saw the Coke logo come up repeatedly. We used to pour Coke on car battery connections to clean them. People drink this shit and worse. They pour aspartame down their gullets and smile at each other like they’re in a commercial somewhere. They eat food that has been seriously messed with and think they’re living the good life as they destroy the integrity of their physical system. The truth about this can be seen in all directions and studied in national health reports and rising insurance costs. The medical treatment they receive is designed and owned by the corporations that sell the by products intended to treat the conditions and at the bottom of it all you find that ill health is big business so generation of disease through the marketplace is a win-win situation; another serious disconnect.

America is a debt based society so it will fall. Nothing is going to save it. Here’s what would now be called a prophetic look. Its demise is written into the practices that it follows to the profitable ends of those who milk it. This is why the looting is now taking place in a free for all frenzy that is the personal province of a few who ironically represent what their victims wish they could be their ignorant dreams... and who tell them the same things they told them last time they took them to the cleaners... disconnect... disconnect.

America has destroyed its manufacturing base so the only place it can get the things it used to make is from other countries how... tell me how can there be a financial recovery without a manufacturing base? And who caused this? The corporations did this in order to maximize their profits and they bought off all of the watchdog agencies along the way as we are now finding out. It is possible that the Ponzi schemes being uncovered are far more widespread than formerly believed. It truly is a house of cards. Has Obama and members of his administration come forth to state that all these high-end lawbreakers will go to jail? Meanwhile it is said that the torture and abuse at Guantanamo is more intense than at any other time because the psychopaths in their personal playground want to get their money’s worth before they have to move on to another area of industry.

Celebrities make fools of themselves, crying out for gay marriage while the nation crumbles. Banks finance luxury junkets and there is no shame. What do you get? You get great oratory made up of words you can neither spend nor eat. Does this qualify as a serious disconnect? And the shit hasn’t even hit the fan yet. What kind of madness, what epidemic panics of self interest are yet to display? And the video games continue, the television and radio play on and ghost money floods the Monopoly game, while the table beneath it smokes and burns from within.

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