Saturday, February 08, 2020

"We Probably Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda Said what We Said Better, BUT we Did Not."

Dog Poet Transmitting......

Well, this is difficult so... let's jump right into a controversial statement and maybe then the rest will be easy. I hate it when I am right. No! Really! I hate it when I am right. It is much easier to be wrong. You can apologize, in all humility; take the left hand side of the bargain and move on but... when you are right, it give birth to resentment. We've all seen the anger that can be generated when a person's ego is injured. I'm surprised, given the nature of the things I sometimes say and the frequency of my postings that I don't offend more people than I do. This is even more so the case when we consider HOW EASILY PEOPLE ARE OFFENDED THESE DAYS.

Yesterday... I think it was yesterday, I 'casually' grouped The Theosophical Society in with a small listing of secret societies. I don't actually think of them as a secret society but I will now CLARIFY why I tossed them in with a handful of examples. This organization, LIKE ALL OF THEM, have a PUBLIC PERSONA and a PRIVATE PERSONA. ALL OF THESE SOCIETIES have a backroom area where the movers and shakers set policy and this is true of The Theosophical Society as well. I NEVER indicated that this was a bad thing. I like The Theosophical Society, even though many do not. They've had their share of scandals through the years; accusations that H.P. Blavatsky was a trickster and a con artist, That C.W. Leadbeater was a gay (and a con artist) and that slept with his students, that Annie Besant was a fraud and a woo woo peddler, who twisted the teachings of Blavatsky to suit her own preferences. Here is a short and sweet statement from a man whose acumen and truthfulness I hold in high regard.

I've nothing against Secret Societies. If there are bad ones then there must be good ones. Logic... friends. I myself belong to a Secret Society. Ironically (and I am being serious) I do not even know which society that is. Numbers of times I have heard in internal discourse about The Brotherhood to which I belong but it has NEVER been identified (to me) yet. I'm not surprised, given that I have yet to discover the identity of my spiritual master, whom I met on the beach in Big Sur, decades ago. Secrecy and Mystery are at the core of all that I do not know about myself.

There are many sources I could draw from to make my case, which is that EVERY SOCIETY with a public side has also a SECRET SIDE; a pecking order of those who know and those who do not know. The result is likely that none of them know but we can take that up at another time.

Yesterday... a fellow who has been reading my work for some time, took offense via his perception that I was maligning one of his sacred cows. I don't mind people disagreeing with me. Often it is not that what I said was wrong but that I presented it in a way they did not like. THAT HAPPENS. However... this fellow went overboard and down-voted me as well, without even a cursory inquiry of polite concern, such as, “Well, Visible, could you explain why you said that?” The thing is that this fellow has been coming round my sites for years, well before my appearance at Pocketnet. We'd exchanged emails. He had invited me to come and live with him in the land where he resides AND... I ALMOST DID. That would have been a serious error, however... God sent a true friend to intercede and bring me instead to another location, which has proven to be THE BEST LIVING SITUATION OF MY LIFE.

I commented to the fellow that I was sorry for having to block him but I did not want to be at his mercy in future times, every time I said something he didn't like. He is FAR TOO ATTACHED to personal icons and has a great deal of himself invested in them. I don't have these affinities to material infrastructures. I am very familiar with what happens when people find they have made a mistake and they can't admit to it. They get quite enraged and you wind up paying far beyond whatever the non existent insult amounted to in real money.

He is also a big fan of Ramana Maharshi (as am I). I have been to the temple constructed to celebrate Maharshi in Tiruvannamalai Arunachala. There I learned that FOR SOME TIME the Jesuits have been in possession of and operate this shrine. I found out because... while I was walking round the place, I kept getting this DEAD AND OPPRESSIVE vibration. There was no life in the place. It so happened that I was living next door to a fellow who knew, pretty much, all about everything that happened in the area and he gave me chapter and verse. THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY APPEAR. APPEARANCES LIE!!!

I did not want to fall out with this fellow. Even before this happened, I sensed, as I often do, that somehow... some amount of static, might be generated by my posting, so I even inserted a term I have coined; MINUTIAE POLICE. These are those who cherry pick and scrutinize every word for something they can jump on. It turns out that I was, unfortunately, prescient.

This brings me to something I am loathe to state because, no doubt, someone will take it the wrong way but here goes anyway;

Even when I was a child, I was drawn to the invisible side of life. After my Kundalini Awakening, I developed a passionate attraction for Occult and Hermetic teachings. It was so strong that I even got a bookstore in Woodstock, New York JUST SO I COULD READ THE BOOKS. I had prayed, previously (on a bench in Palm Springs, outside a bookstore) that I might get just such a bookstore and God responded by dropping it in my lap. I named it the Ajna Bookstore and it became a source for occult and spiritual literature in Upstate New York. Later a friend bought into it and we ran it together.

If I wanted to learn about something, I bought the book. I had the bookstore for several years. Then... once the internet came around and with the bookstore long gone, I was able to read The Alchemists, like Thomas Flamel, Basel Valentine, Thomas Vaughn, Cornelius Agrippa, Jacob Boehme, Paracelsus, Hermes Trismegistus and many... many others. I have an enormous PDF library of these works. I've been reading in this area of study for a LONG TIME. Even so... I make no claims to be informed but I do suspect I am better informed than those who do make such claims. I am not usually challenged on things I say and that is for a couple of reasons. I thoroughly research whatever I do say AND... I don't say anything unless I am convinced of its authenticity and have proven it out to my satisfaction. When I am not convinced, I say that I do not know. AND... when I am wrong... and it does happen... I promptly admit it and engage in whatever bowing and scraping may be required (grin).

I have devoted the larger portion of my life to metaphysical inquiry, via informational resources and DIRECT EXPERIENCE. Perhaps I have been aware of a particular thing all along BUT... it was more peripheral than central. It is only in the last couple of decades that it has come central and this has caused me to put much less value on what others have written, what others have said and do say. The whole of it has become inconsequential, because I have discovered THE MAIN ISSUE. I have found what was hidden in plain sight... Gnothi Seauton! (know thyself). This is the TRUE FOUNTAIN of all ENDURING WISDOM. I contain within myself (as do all of you) the whole of the wisdom of the ages and ALL SECRET TEACHINGS. ACCESSING THIS IS THE KEY and for that...? For that... YOU NEED THE GOOD OFFICES AND MINISTRATIONS OF THE ANGEL. You WILL NOT get it otherwise.

I am no stranger to people contending with me. It comes with the territory. At this point it is 'water off a ducks back' with me. I DON”T ARGUE. If you don't like what I have to say... move along; no harm done. There is no gain to be had in disputing with people. The most furious of arguments are generated with people who do not know what they are talking about... so... how can any good come of that?

What sort of person tosses another... (someone they have known in a positive fashion for several years) upon the rubbish heap, over a simple misunderstanding as to the meaning of a term? This, my friends, is the nature of the world and it is especially the nature of the world at this time. People are seething with anger and resentment over... over... well they don't even know what they are angry and resentful about. THEY JUST ARE. The Devil has gotten into them and all sense of fraternity and decorum have gone right out the window. These are perilous times. I AM NOT JUST SAYING THIS. All over the world people are losing their shit, picking up weapons and blowing others away. They are killing their 'perceived' enemies, their families, their work associates. It is a daily thing. The stress in the atmosphere is palpable. People are going gonzo over the most trivial things. OF COURSE, ALL OF THESE SOCIETIES HAVE BOTH A PUBLIC AND A PRIVATE FACE. I cannot parse and tailor my syntax to the satisfaction of all. Please one side and YOU WILL offend the other. It is how it is.

I don't expect everyone to like me. I would be offended if that were so. I can't tell you how many times someone has come along seeking my friendship and then turning on me the minute I don't behave as they would prefer. Unlike most people, I have no hostages to fortune. I have no job or fortune to lose. There is little anyone can take away from me. I PURPOSELY DESIGNED MY LIFE THIS WAY, knowing the consequences of stating unpopular truths AND running counter to conventional wisdom and conventional mores.

I'm a niche player. I am not fitted or empowered to communicate with the masses. Much of what I hold to be true, runs directly counter to the prevailing fashions of the times. I see big trouble down the road. Those committed to the fashions and styles of the times do not see this, do not care to see this and MOST EMPHATICALLY do not want to see this.

I am not here to tell people what they want to hear. Far from it. However... from the deepest regions of my heart, I have no desire to be in conflict with anyone. That some will make exception to that, I suspect will occur, but it is not my desire that it does. However imperfectly I may perform it, my consuming passion is to serve God and this I will do to the last breath and beyond as well. God's opinion alone is my concern. So long as I acquit myself in God's eyes, all will be well with me. Should I err at any point, I will be informed of this immediately and whatever adjustment may be necessary, will follow accordingly, directly after.

We take ourselves FAR TOO SERIOUSLY. We are not nearly as important as we think we are. We could become very important, if we come to terms with that. GOD IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR HANDS OF SERVICE. There are never enough willing and dutiful servants, not by half. We shall find ourselves in The Kingdom, the moment we switch from SELF SERVICE TO SELFLESS SERVICE. The Kingdom of God is a State of Mind. It is also WITHIN and ACCESSIBLE AT ALL TIMES. The waters of the spirit are freely given and run from everlasting to everlasting. Give yourself away at every opportunity and see what happens. I can say no more than that.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
There is the ancient Sufi saying, the more enemies you have closer to the Divine you are, and when you get to 100 enemies, a Dervish you may be..... (slight paraphrase)
May you find yourself in the company of the Friends of the Divine.... or re-descover the same through the enemies... such are the times
Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Your light cuts through the transitory stuff and restores mindful awareness to our flickering consciousness.


Unstable is the spirit ruled by the little self...

This authoritative post carries the weight of experience, lifetimes of it!

Your calm, logical and large-hearted perspective in resolving this virtual conflict is proof in itself of your intention.

It is characteristic of putting Soul above ego, and love of Truth above any clingy belief, that what remains after dialog is clear choices and illusion-free options.

In human marriage to human, this skill, to leave the persona on the floor, while bridging the gap between perspectives, is one of the most essential to preserve the union.

Wise perspectives see the farthest and the deepest, while sense-based beliefs are stuck in the phenomena of the lifeless things made by man!

Since humanity and all creation is by way of a unified source, the One, we are all bathed in the same bathwater.

Whereever this experiment on planet Earth is going, the planetary awakening affects everyone, regardless of final destination.

We are here to love each other to life!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Mr. Visible,
I believe it was W.C. Fields that said ‘he didn’t want to be in any club that would have him as a member.’ Oh the ‘secret societies’ what a joke these people are. I doubt any of these Masters ever had to work for a living, just more parasites that believe themselves superior to ticks or tape worms. As I said once before, they profess to be ‘Masters of the Craft’. What is that craft they speak of? Stone masons? Maybe once upon a time long long ago in a different galaxy. Now its governance of the serfs/slaves. Wow, esoteric knowledge, how to hide being a parasite, that’s the ‘Craft’. Weak minded people get sucked into their ‘parlour tricks’ because they ‘want to believe’. Worst part is they expect others to believe too. Stick a gun to my head and say ‘do you believe now?’
Since nothing lasts here on this earth why would you expect friendships to? Hey everyone is way smarter than me, (probably why I don’t have any real friends, they think I’m an idiot) they can read cards with stupid images on them that only they know what it means. Man, I’m just so dumb I just can’t see it or even try to understand that ‘Secret Society’ and Carrot Card stuff. So that’s why I don’t worry my pretty little head anymore.
I guess its like partial differential equations, but hey I do understand them so what’s my problem? It must be like money, I’m to stupid to understand, its all very complicated you know. Yet I do know one basic fact and that is ‘money only comes from banks’ period. People say dumb shit like ‘you can make money working, bullshit, someone needs to go to the bank for it first cause they make the money at the bank. Plain enough to understand? Or not?
God says to us, his children ‘there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed’. He also said he would not be ‘mocked’. Oh Oh.
That’s my boss talking, so take heed of his words! Else you are in big trouble from papa. Maybe you can fool Mother Nature cause she is so generous and forgiving, but when papa sees what you’ve done the shit gets real and fast. Lightning bolts, thunder, hail, locusts, whirlwinds, plagues, you get the idea. ‘Why did you fuck around with my creation, do you for one second think I don’t know what I’m doing?’ He’d probably say something like: I gave strict easily understood instructions and you did it anyway. Here are your consequences...
I have read many books too, but the spirtual nonsense is out of hand now, its probably all satanic or atheistic. I’ll stick to real knowledge now, you know stuff like how to stack fire wood or how to repair your motorcycle yourself. There is lots to know that is actually useful. No time to waste my friend. And BTW, have a fun time doing stuff for God the real creator.
God’s pencil.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another definite NOSTRILS UP!

It's nice to be reverse programmed in this fecked up world. It eliminates a lot of problems. ;O)

Visible said...


This Fecal Fondue Ingester has created dummy identities to downvote me at Pocketnet. He is really incensed about my comment on The Theosophical Society. A few years ago he invited me to live with him and his wife in Puerto Rico. He said they were both professors on Comparative Religions at the local university. Recently when I mentioned this he said he had never said it and that he was a mere janitor (probably at the university). However... I still have the emails where he mentioned all of that. Thank God that God tapped someone else to hijack my plans, which has worked out remarkably, otherwise I might be a Rent Boy of the streets of San Juan.

Anonymous said...

Picture of the chinese doctor that died trying to tell the truth about the man made virus.
The hand of the beast over his mouth, red claws of governance like a fucking N95 face mask.
Description because I cant post the picture, look it up. The caption should read:

vitam impendere vero
'to pay his life for the truth'

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'contentious' column (the topic). Appreciated.

Vis: "People are seething with anger and resentment over... over... well they don't even know what they are angry and resentful about. THEY JUST ARE."

The world has been rising in vibration. (Cool!) One consequence of this is that anything not of the new vibrational-level is 'squeezed out' of a person. Most times, it is Pain-side sensations which are not previously felt-through. Rage, anger, fear, and sadness are all pain-side emotions. The 'civilized' way to shed these would be to ask what was the core of the emotion and to track it back to the original Pain - and then feel-that-through. Unfortunately, most (untrained) folks are triggered by something and then act-out these emotions on others.

I suspect that part of all-God's task is to raise vibrations at a pace so as to not cause the world to go insane (literally)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Robert in Scotland said...


I'd like to know more please. It was a reference to Ramana a decade ago, that led to Robert Adams and Papaji. I need things to be simple. And keeping a silent mind is the perfect way for me. I'm not very good at it but I keep trying.

Anonymous said...

"Comparative religions" it seems ultimately boils down to its essence within a relatively short period of time. And its essence is this - Jews lecturing everyone else.

Visible said...

All I can say about that is having gone to the shrine, memorial, whatever it is, I was struck by the complete absence of any spiritual flavor to the atmosphere whatsoever. There was the usual presence of Western exhibitionists with their Pharisee like public displays of devotion that were embarrassingly transparent. I asked Abu about it. He was the fellow who lived near me and he said... "You don't know?" I asked, "Know what?" He answered, "That the Jesuits have controlled this place for a long time." He then added. "Everyone here knows." I didn't inquire further, which is unlike me. I had other things to worry about at the time.

Anyway... I can say there was something VERY... VERY, off about the place and that would surely explain it. I'd advise against anyone going there if visiting that location is their reason for it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Glad you're not in Puerto Rico, Vis. The place is a royal mess, from what I read.

Visible said...

LTPTB- yes... and that fellow, Guillermo Rodríguez-Rey is probably one of the reasons. I should probably thank him. I was losing the attraction for Poceketnet and he sealed the deal so I'll be moving to a new location shortly.

This person sought me out and had all these positive things to say to me about my work. He invited me to come live at his house and I had considered it. My angel jumped in and found another, better location for me. I made one small comment that he didn't like and now he follows my every posting and within minutes and sometimes even seconds, he goes to down vote me. That is a noteworthy obsession I must say. He, meanwhile, has me as the only person he follows and sings the praises of individuals who would have nothing to do with him in real life, given his behavior. I have never seen the level of vindictive pettiness that I now see. People of little breeding are being possessed right and left these days and are doing things that the rational side of them would have never previously countenanced. That part of them has been suppressed and the beast unleashed. We are in for some interesting times shortly.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

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