Tuesday, December 07, 2021

"Some Have no Pen, and Some Have no Ink, Imagination or Inspiration. We Live in the Celebration of Mediocrity."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; the dosage alone makes the poison.” There isn't anything that is essentially poisonous. It is the concentration of it that makes it poisonous. Paracelsus said that in the 16th century. There are real scientists whose work is worth reading. There may even be such scientists now, but we don't know about them because that is an area with a concentration that has made it a poison, and that poison is MONEY and POWER. It is the same thing with poets and painters, and all the rest of the culture of the arts, that makes culture vital and is itself not poisonous. Here too, look what we have... another poisonous concentration, and nothing else is admitted.

Sometimes it is far better not to succeed because the times themselves contain many more concentrations of poison that you can just run into; like a cloud of confusion, say... This is why it is better not to live in a city because the karma of that level of concentration of humanity is creating a lot of poison. You find much more of certain poisons in a city. They have their own celebrated places to congregate. Nature has a much more restorative capacity in Nature itself because... UNLIKE IN THE CITIES... it is not twisted out of shape until it is permanently twisted and bent out of shape... in its capacities to express the qualities of God.

I am not condemning cities. There are good people about, and CERTAIN PEOPLE can go anywhere. It is simply that the odds are stacked against your humanity in certain places. Also... Karma is everywhere on the manifest plane. Hmm... “If it's all fixed then nothing matters anyway, right?” That is an argument that the criminal mind uses to explain or justify any offense. Well... it's not all fixed. Here it is that the grace of Heaven intrudes. It sends us Avatars, Buddhas, Buddhas that are Avatars, luminous beings who shed Grace the way some vaccines are alleged to do on the downside. You always have a choice, some say that is Karma too because of your innate propensities. No... it's more than that.

What is the single thing that connects almost all of the avatars that we have some record of, even if it's only anecdotal? Some rumors are true. The avatar sacrifices himself or passes in some fashion... for the good of humanity. He is a World Savior, and he comes around at certain times. For some reason, a great many people have a much different perception of what is real. That might come from assumption. There is VERY LITTLE that I assume. I check things out. I must have direct experience if such a thing is possible. What do you know? It is.

This means that The Avatar brings a tremendous amount of Grace and Forgiveness, BUT... you have to avail yourself of it. You have to put yourself in the way of it. Much of The World has come under the sway of pernicious forces that feed their depravities, pressing them on others, and constantly pushing the margins to go further and further; full-on porn instruction, and gender choices... to where a parent can surmise by looking at their child that they are not one but the other. Such is the madness of the hour. God and Nature do not make mistakes. They may create anomalies, cautions, exceptions, and excellence, but they aren't the ones who are mistaken, no... that is you.

You have to understand that LITERALLY, mad scientists are trying to take over The World. They won't actually be able to do it, but they can leave a mess on their way to leaving here. They are selling toxic reinterpretations of Nature's Laws so that they can play God with every aspect of life. It doesn't matter what you do or it's a biological process, that becomes like a handshake; might be why they call it, 'hooking-up'. They are trying to rewrite laws and codes of behavior until they become so arbitrary that they can be hard-wired with a whim. Only God gets to be that whimsical because he is the ONLY one who knows what he is doing. I've met him a time or two. Splendid fellow!

I guess my point is that The Avatar is coming and he's bringing goodies and a paddle, metaphorically AND literally. Why not be on the right side of it? All you have to do is be a decent human being. He likes that. He REALLY likes that. Some of us have walked very hard roads to get to this moment, and... most of us probably think like that... even when it isn't true. Oh! I see it often, people trying to make a legend out of themselves. Some have no ink. Some have no pen, and some have no imagination or inspiration. We live in the age of The Celebration of Mediocrity. I can see a producer saying to someone, “Yes, she's quite good. The question is, is she too good? Will she make the others look bad? We don't want that.”

Then there are the portals of opportunity that one can walk through, but... at a cost. The juice has to be worth the squeeze. Otherwise, why squeeze it? I guess, sometimes... you are like a dog with a chew-toy. I stopped abusing myself awhile ago. Part of that arrangement is to not abuse others because 'others' are myself. That is a literal truth with ever-deepening levels of wonder and surprise. This is what regenerated innocence will bring. Immortality is not held on the side only for the few. It is there for ANYONE who will abide by what they discover. There is a code for the possession of it. One might say it IS the code.

People would be very surprised to discover what is going on with them. Most, basically, live in a dream. The truth is... we are gods in the microcosm if we behave in the right fashion. Otherwise, you are serving a lower agency. God or demon... you are serving.

A whole lot of world-shaking shit is about to hit... the fan. This apocalypse, the attendant awakening, and the immanence of The Avatar proceeds in stages. There is a real Battle of the Wills taking place on the planet at this time. You may not be hearing about it. That means nothing. Of course, there is ONLY ONE will that counts in the matter, and its will is a foregone conclusion; at least to that will it is, and... to some of us. You need not trouble yourself. If God is located in your heart, he tends to radiate an aura of protection so that you can make it through The Valley of the Shadow of Death. If there's a way in, then there is a way out, even if that is only the way you came in. Ergo... reincarnation.

This is Petri Dish and I did not talk about temporal affairs, today, except to refer to conditions for the mind to frame with The Imagination. I don't really enjoy talking about that massive Restless Leg Syndrome that is going on. To be on the world's stage at this time, you have to be... pretty much, a sold-out whore, someone who is tolerated for the contrast or... on a mission that gets you a pass. I prefer talking about God. The first blog was Origami and that was its area of enterprise. The rest resulted in brief skirmishes with The World, until... I am back talking about God on all 3 of them, with lapses into the sinkholes of materialism. Since I am doing this virtually, I can be apart from it.

There is a massive killing spree in progress. They haven't had a war to speak of in some time. They are now approaching it from another angle. They're up to really bad things and they sorta, kinda, believe that they are untouchable. They are even doing it in your face and threatening you with all sorts of mayhem for not acceding to their other threatening postures previously. Unfortunately... for them, the information moves even faster than they do, even though they believe they are manipulating it... it will prove to be their undoing. They will expose and destroy themselves; in progress, this very moment, coming soon... to a theater inside your mind.

One cannot here (as Shakespeare said) “take arms against a sea of troubles”. Then he gets around to “devoutly to be wished” and “what dreams may come...” It seems pretty clear to me that I can't see very far ahead at all. I can see far... far ahead, but that doesn't do a whole lot of good, does it? Now... what was I talking about? Some permutation of evil destroying itself, I think.

At a certain stage of consciousness, one sees that Evil does not exist. One must have some facility with The Subconscious first. One must be able to see and know The Concentrations of Poison, and... have The Antidote, which... in all cases, is some modification or transformation of Love. Everything gets here by Adaptation, as The Operation of the Sun reveals. If you haven't figured certain things out by now, you are not paying attention. Distractions can be fatal; just look at The Cellphone.

Well... The Same Old Same Old is still (no surprise there) The Same Old Same Old. At least that is what I experienced in The Toxic Media today; speaking of concentrations of poison. You should only go to certain places for limited amounts of time. Some websites get my attention more than others, but... I have to look at it all under the scope in the Petri dish, but not for too long because those things like to crawl. The Sun, on the other hand, is broadcasting a message of Love and Positivity all day long. ACTUAL broadcasts come out of The Sun, and The Sun is the principal reservoir and presentation portal for Love on this plane, reinterpreted by Adaptation; probably best to go right to The Source.

End Transmission.......

Some links. Some of which are references=

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This is pretty transparently obvious.
It certainly indicates it won't be happening=

Democrats increasingly view homosexual Pete Buttigieg as best bet to retain White House in 2024

(Just some background about Pete Buttigieg)

Via BibleBelievers.org.au
As we have been saying=
JESUS was NOT a Jew

Via Fox News
Like I said, there is more going on here than might appear=
Texas plumber who found cash in Lakewood wall 'upset' with Joel Osteen:
'Should have heard something'

Via Breitbart
Well... this is a piece of Israeli mind-conditioning here. This website is a tool of Israel. It is interesting to study the shape of his lies. He imagines he is convincing the reader.
Some of us are not as stupid as that=

Coronavirus Death Rate in Trump Counties Many Times Higher than Biden Counties

Via Fox News
What a remarkable act of denial in the face of overwhelming hard evidence!=
Jussie Smollett trial:
Actor also fighting battle in the court of public opinion


robert said...

Visible One for Many,

Humans are sleeping gods, talking ourselves out of our Divinity at the suggestion of superficial stooges.

We live in the age of The Celebration of Mediocrity. I can see a producer saying to someone, “Yes, she's quite good. The question is, is she too good? Will she make the others look bad? We don't want that.”

The most pernicious demoralization psyop playing throughout the media Matrix is to hold up the mediocre (and below) for the death cult to model.

How did we get here?
The highest of humanity torn down by the cancel cult, supposedly in service of the self-esteem of the docile domesticated drones: we must not disturb the sleep of slaves with brilliance, true passion or creativity.

Performers must be "relatable", permitting the vain to rationalize that they could do that, they could have that attention and money, if they deigned.
Performers may only traffick in the faux passion perfected by the poseurs, NEVER moving people out of their shrinking bubble with the power of love!
Performers must NEVER show true joy or any sign of a higher spirit shining through their persona!
The chosen puppets du jour must always acknowledge the verities of the death cult, sell the downward spiral ride as the only way to pass the time without meaning.

No one must be allowed to disturb the industrial hypnosis before the biological lockdown achieves irresistable momentum wet-dreamed by demented demons!

All mass advertizing has devolved into sophisticated spin-down spindling of spirit:
It's OK to be stupid and smiling
It's OK to be mindless and meddling
It's OK to be spineless and judgmental

Stay in your groove or face the fear driving you crazy

The message is no longer subliminal:
Stay in your lane or be exiled, bullied and economically executed
Line up for your mercy killing or expect no mercy from the zombie horde
Turn off your critical mind or be subject to massive criticism from hypocrites

Naked tyranny strides without shame on parade, pressing everyone up against the wall.

The very dramatic ramp up of the totalitarian train ride is the clue to its futility.
When the whips come out, the slaves begin to see

Whether the courage to awaken will rise and shine is a matter of time, but not on the schedule of the usurpers, not anymore.

Our choices in Armageddon:

Intuition versus indoctrination
Following inner guidance as opposed to following the herd being led to slaughter by lazy predators

If you cannot discern what is moral and fair from your own thought pursued to source, you were parented by media not loving parents
If you cannot reason your way out of a state of fear, no one loved you enough to tell you the truth no matter what you felt to be true

The division?
An objective, operational pattern recognition:
Those who willingly accept lies and believe the governing corporate narrative
Those who are critical of the media Matrix and do not believe the governing corporate narrative

The only side to be on is the inside

Inside out not outside in

Love expressing not fear ingressing

Letting the tension go not tightening the thunb screw on our hearts!

We are here to know the love of the One, intimately yet impersonally, thoroughly but not exhaustively

We ride near the bosom on our own two feet, beloved beyond our faint imaginings

Duntoirab said...

From on Robert to another, that was a fantastic addition to Visible's post, thank you.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It Is a Heavy Pressing Down. It Lives in the Worm-Eaten Commentaries Born from the Minds of the Sexually Repressed."



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