Friday, December 10, 2021

"You Have To Serve Your Higher Self or Your Lower Self. That is The Single Cross We are ALL Crucified On."

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Well now... The news is in! It might be that Juicy pushing the false narrative and upping the costs for the taxpayers will get him some jail time; not for the crime itself, but for the pushing, and pushing, and relentless denial of the Prima Facie. Still... we have to give Smollett (rhymes with chalet, and Ho-lay!) credit where credit is due, he scammed not one Nigerian, but two!!! How about that? Usually, it is the other way around, as Nigeria is known for producing Nigerian Prince scam artists en masse. Sorry for those offended, due to lack of understanding. It happens to be true. Since Truth is the first casualty of living your own truth, I can see why it would be hard for the brainwashed to get this.

What most do not get is that devils and angels appear in human faces, not to mention hearts and minds. That is the point of Phrenology (according to me), which I understand in some ways different than is accepted in the tradition of the science, but it is only semantics... much as is the case with religion-centric arguments. Anyway... if you can invoke your objective seeing eye, you can see the forces expressing and being restrained in the faces of celebrities, politicians, and all ACTORS on life's stage. Where else do you think Heaven and Hell play out in the flesh? We are the hands of God or the idle hands of The Devil. Once again... you have to serve someone. You have to serve your Higher Self or your Lower Self. That is the cross we are ALL crucified on.

In 1 John 2:18-19, we learn that there are many lesser anti-Christs. By the same token, there must be lesser Avatars as well; sort of like prophets and false prophets. This is good to keep in mind, most especially so, because... with 8 billion people present here, AND this being The Age of Aquarius, defined as The Age of Universal Brotherhood, it is axiomatic that The Avatar will also appear in the individual human heart, where a place has been prepared for him.

These days we try to keep the links out of the actual post. On this account, we have to make an exception because of the incredible linking together of various vortices of Evil.

Notable in the thread is the connection between The Bronfmans and The Rothschilds. NXIVM is only one nexus point. The real story, no doubt, has to do with far older cults built on the endless facility of human ambition, greed, and twisted appetites, to provide a fertile ground from which darkness can sprout.

A former all-pro Denver Broncos wide receiver, a young man still, was found dead under mysterious medical circumstances. It is, MOST LIKELY, vaccine-caused. Word has it that Celine Dion is paralyzed from vaccination. Close sources scoff at it, but she makes no appearance to dispute it. All over The World, The Usual Suspects are killing off portions of Humanity. USUALLY... when some major evil is going down, it is when they have gone beyond all opportunities for redemption. Emperor Bokassa comes to mind, Giles De Rais, Elizabeth Bathory. There are more than a few.

Across the centuries, Humanity has been brutalized by an interlocking network of the financial elite. Now their handlers have been driven from their seats of power on the invisible plane. They know something is coming. They know that conditions are not what they were. They are now hasty little goblins, stabbing in all directions, seeking to do harm until their last breath.

One REALLY does need to keep in mind that much of what is called Evil is simply entrenched ignorance and that THEY are playing the roles appointed to them. Ignorance flowers in environments where people are too smart for their own good, and certainly are no good to anyone else. I do not know The Cosmic Details. It is not my department to know these things. It is my department to comprehend, in stages, the unbelievable power of Love to heal and transform. NOTHING is beyond repair or redemption. We are all particles in the body of God. Someone, I suppose... has to be the nether regions and places where The Sun doesn't shine.

Who is to blame and who is at fault... I care less than not at all about any of that. I see it, but I bear no rancor. I don't want revenge, for myself or for others. I have thought often, at off moments, about what I might prefer, if I had the choice, concerning my fortunes and fate. It comes to me on each occasion that I would be perfectly content to sit at the far margin of The Kingdom of God; not in The Shadow, but far from the glorious crowd near The Throne. Knowing that it is all an internal affair... in any case, The Far Margins appeal to me.

I am fond of the story about Aragorn, Strider, and the Dunedain; The Rangers who traveled the borders of peaceful environs, as agents of protection for the unsuspecting inhabitants, who often held them in suspicion, unaware of their real purpose. I think of The Rosicrucians in this way; not the external organization, but those who travel among the congregations of Humanity, in no identifiable uniform, with nothing to designate their real purpose, and whose ONLY ability is TO HEAL. I have always liked the sound of that... the cut of its jib.

Paul Foster Case, the man I consider most expert in The Tarot, is reported to have met a man called Mr. R. He was/is a Rosicrucian and had been, apparently... alive for some centuries. Such men as he, are the upside to characters like, Ahasuerus, who taunted Jesus on his way to the cross. Allegedly, Christ looked at him and said something like, “Ye shall tarry until I return.” I can assure you that MANY a strange destiny resolves itself on this plane, and of which most of us never hear a word about them.

The interesting thing about Ahasuerus is that his story emerged and began to travel at THE SAME TIME as Christian Rosenkreuz was around. In The Law of Polarities and Similarities, it is said that events occurring at the same time have a hidden synchronicity. There's more to that. I can't remember all the parallels that were drawn when I read about it. As I said... once having discovered Higher Love, there is no other objective I can imagine as being any of my business otherwise. Geez, I hope that last sentence made sense. Of course, it doesn't matter either way. I found what I was looking for or it found me, which of these is not important either. Its happening is what is important.

The further I go in this go-round, the more I feel sorry, even for the most despicable characters. I know what awaits them. God has many faces and none of them is his real face. HOWEVER... some of them you would not want to meet in a dark alley at night. Does it matter if your fate or your footsteps brought you there? No! There you jolly well (or otherwise) are. We shape the face of The Creator in our own minds. The visage is formed by our thoughts, words, and deeds. I have seen things in my psychedelic voyages that would have driven many another insane. However... I was already mad. It is a requirement of The Road to Truth. I knew they were only Chimera brought up from The Subconscious.

We all find what we are looking for in the shape we have given it, whether it be The Hound of Heaven or the incredible beauty of an angel's face, which few can look upon; I assure you of that. Once venturing on The Road to Truth, one realizes it will take EVERYTHING one has. It WILL sweep you up entirely. Those coming near the shores of that terrible ocean of Revelation can hear and see from afar the transformative force and fury of it, which is a precursor to The Sweet Sands of Serenity, some distance off-shore; a mysterious island as it were (and is). As a result, nearly everyone turns away. As Stephen Crane said in his poem, “The Wayfarer”..."Doubtless there are other roads." No... my friends, there are not. Even though there are many roads up the mountain, they ALL come with severe tests and challenges, and... you REALLY have to want it more than anything else, BECAUSE... that WILL BE demonstrated. Oh yes, my friends. So it is, has been, and shall be.

I've heard all of the arguments, seen the lures, the traps, and pitfalls. I care less than not at all about any of them. Find the source of Love. It is a given that you can find anything you are looking for. The moment your search begins, the road to it appears. If you are persistent, even if the only one of its kind is to be found in a remote cave in The Andes, you WILL be led there. It may be the journey of a lifetime or many lifetimes, but you will find it. The resonance between you and what you seek acts as a homing medium to take you there.

One of the things I have learned to this point is that the closer you get to your objective (if it be a positive objective) the more serendipity and synchronicity manifest. The oddest coincidences begin to occur. It is evidence that you are on the right track. If you are not on the right track, you WILL get evidence of that as well.

Just as The Sun will vaporize the dew on any given morning, it will also evaporate the tears on your face, and the sorrow in your heart. It's not only The Sun, my friends. It is a living conscious being with whom you can communicate, if... you are of a heart and mind to do so. I know this from direct experience, and if he will talk to me, who am no one in particular and of no great account, I presume the same can also be true of you.

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Though I am not doing it today, I shall... in future postings, link films to be found at IMDB that I would recommend as worth seeing for one reason or another, and... I will elaborate on the reasons I consider it worth seeing. Not all of them are sweet or funny or revelatory. Some are brutish, but so well done that you are left to marvel at what the filmmakers and actors did. “Kalifornia”, with Brad Pitt and others comes to mind.

It is, by far... the best acting he ever did, but... it is a dark film about the regions of twisted psyche that we have seen and heard about in this world. Now, I've gone and recommended something anyway. It is not for the timid, be forewarned, but... it is a rip-snorting odyssey and VERY well done (for what it is). I continue to be amazed that it is seldom referenced by those in the business or reviews and commentary.

Some links for your consideration=

Rare reactions

Via The Observer
I don't know how comprehensive this article is. I DOUBT that they go into what was really going on. I offer it as a small primer=
Poor Little Rich Girls:
The Ballad of Sara and Clare Bronfman

Via Breitbart
This is what Biden has been doing, ESPECIALLY in states that oppose his policies. There is also another Phrenology lesson here=
DeSantis Will Issue Emergency Order Barring State Licenses for Florida Facilities that House Illegal Alien Children from Biden Border Crisis

Yery Noel Medina Ulloa

Via AP News
Helicopter parents first turn their children alt-sex (It is not Born that Way. It is Made that Way) and then mold them into self-adulating narcissistic sociopaths. Here's your classic example=
Jussie Smollett strikes emotional chord:
Attackers won’t win


Via Jon Rappoport
Here is another reason I am staying away from the medical profession. I KEEP GETTING new information for previous hesitations. If something goes wrong, The Lord God and Lady Nature will fix it for me=
Lord Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw;
confession from the “beloved” expert of experts

Via Fox News
The outcome of this, whichever way it goes, should prove interesting given the new climate we are in but which has not registered on most minds=
Kim Potter trial:
Daunte Wright victim shares impact statement that she never got to deliver to him

Via Fox News
I am really looking forward to this film. I loved that woman very much!=
Lucille Ball’s pal says Nicole Kidman ‘embodied’ the late star in 'Being the Ricardos’: She ‘got her down’

Via The Market Ticker ®
This bears thinking about=
In A Word: "Bull****"


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Amen to this post.

Anonymous said...

Another whole ball of wax post to wrap up the week; food for thought spoon-fed to us a la LV. Nice.

It is becoming more and more difficult to process the level and extent of evil proliferating our existence
in these interesting times. Mother Nature could clean this mess up in an instant if need be. Heed the
warnings 'cause you know what they say about Her! We are surely blessed by the Rising Sun every morning
and there is great joy to be felt in a brand new day of living. Why am I preaching to the choir? (smile) I'm
simply sharing my gratitude for being here now.

Love, Priscilla

Duntoirab said...

I don't know how but clicking a linky led me hear

and it made me very happy

robert said...

Visible One For Many

One REALLY does need to keep in mind that much of what is called Evil is simply entrenched ignorance and that THEY are playing the roles appointed to them. Ignorance flowers in environments where people are too smart for their own good, and certainly are no good to anyone else

Note that the most ritualized, preening their own superiority pinned to mental miasmas, are most prone to being dominated by doctrines of ignorance, however detailed, ornate and ancient!

Is life as simple as keeping the outflow going overall?

We breath in and out, in human and divine being.

But the overall balance is of radiance; the black hole metaphor only punctuates creation.

We observe our habitual creature and monitor the flow

Is there stuckness in the secular religion of fear?
Can reason unblock the logjam of emotional baggage clogging the highway of Heaven?

Is our mind's eye veiled by layers of want and need, requiring a pin point focus?

Or so we believe?

Hypnosis directs the suggestible mind to continually narrow focus to a seemingly static, solid state detail.
The entranced state can disconnect us from our pain, a convenient fact which aids the ignorance of our ongoing suffering.
It just so happens that this facilitates the consumer aquisition of perceived goods even in war time, to serve the slavemasters.

Self-observation reverses the funnel of attention and opens up a two way channel into our deep, under-awareness.
We, the partial perception, peer into our fathomless depth of being and wonder we ever believed our fears!

We have heard of the strategy of being here now, in the moment, facing our emotional intransigence and our clinging identity.

Then follows a moment of distraction to test our awareness and cut it down to a comfortable size we can control.

Just as counting your beers as you attend a college bash can tell you when to stop before puking, as when you lose count, you stop drinking:

So do we watch ourselves flow in and out and when we can't tell which way we are flowing, we must remind ourselves to flow outward.

Not spiky outbursts from pent up emotions long on hold for no reason
Not calling in piteous attention from other partials of the harmony, to join us in dirge
Not tentative, conditional squirts of retained reactions, offered to the mass mind in sacrifice.

The humble flow of life less impeded
The glow that remains when our shine is exhausted
The flow that is sustainable regardless of circumstance, for as long as we are breathing and aware that breathing is a sign of infinite love coming to abide

In pain, we breathe deeper with a will to continue until the pain gives way to healing
In joy, we breathe deeper with a will to share the abundance of life

What are we producing in this world?
Are we consuming more than we are given, as if we believe the fearful limits our blindered bond servant carries?

Thoughts in error constrict the flow
Minds in spasms of clutching control restrict the flow
Bodies in bondage to fear gate the flow down to nearly nothing

Watch the water of our being flow
Release the damming which makes the overall tide flow down the drain

To be simply here in the flow of life from inside out is our contribution in service to Love.
Ego hollowed out and fully open permits the Great Spirit to flow in unseen dimensions
Fear has no hold, cannot grip the heart when the mind is dedicated to minding the flow from inside out

Reason cuts the knots, with sword or with gentle guidance, to open our awareness wider than the narrative can coerce.
Then we flow outward.....

no one said...

The whole world has become like the Bosch painting of Christ proceeding to Golgotha and they all have hideous pinched monstrous faces except for Christ and a few others.
I am just a simple FU myself and lay no claim to great intelligence, most thankful just for average/above average.
Bellyfeel has never failed and it never will. First take comments can get hasty but it works as well.
The leap of faith to get to the Cave in the Andes is coming soon and I no longer fear it for God put me on the conveyor belt and it is the greatest thing that has ever happened.
Another moment of greatness was finding Smoking Mirrors and it was meant to happen.
Earlier today made new friend from a potential Craiglist sell of antiques/collectibles for some grocery money that was totally out of the blue.
There is nothing in this world worthwhile besides truth and love and stop all the wanting is an astute profound observation just as the appetites and desires are what the darkness harvests.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Dancing in The Light of God, Whose Rays are love and We are The Prism it Will Shine Through."



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