Thursday, December 23, 2021

"The Sun Gives Life. It Is what The Sun Does. The Sun is Also the Source Channel for All Love Expressed Here."

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Serious spiritual warfare is taking place at this very moment. Part of it is a psychological war directed at killing all sense of Christmas Spirit and related affairs. They are seeking to kill Human Spirituality. It is a subtle thing but YOU MUST have God in your life or your life will turn into an entropic swamp of ignorance... big slow wheels of Tamas turning... turning and turning, and going nowhere... except deeper into the Pool of Stupid. God is the light and the life, without God there is no life AND no intelligence.

The main physical expression of the Love of God on this planet is The Sun. The Sun gives life. It is what The Sun does. The Sun is also the source channel for all Love expressed here. There is another sun whose light is so bright it appears as darkness because other eyes are required to see it. The source of it all is Lord Krishna-Christ. These are just words, inadequate to the job. They are terms we use to describe the physical appearance of God on this plane. You might think it a rare event, given that it happens so infrequently. In that SPECIFIC regard, this is true. God as Avatar is a rare event, BUT... God is ALWAYS present here in several representations that either continues for long periods of time or are changed as The Archetypes are changed each time God shines through a particular window.

The Avatar is a World Savior. This is a different job description than other tasks he performs here through various persona. He comes as a variety of personalities for certain innovations he intends to demonstrate... or problems he comes to fix. He's always around. One of his more perpetual personas is that of Babaji, the seldom-seen Hindu holy man. Sightings occur at rare intervals. Many decades ago he appeared as a common laborer at a farm in India. Then he was sighted at another time, long before... somewhere else. There are vast gaps of time between his appearances. He has been corporate for thousands of years and is accompanied by his sister, Mataji.

In the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, he shows up in a tale recounted by the author.

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Perhaps it was more than once. I can't remember. In the tale I do remember, there was a pilgrim who had been seeking him all through the Himalayas; no mean feat. As destiny would have it, he came upon Babaji and his merry band, which includes 2 Americans, as they congregated around a fire. The man burst upon the scene and implored Babaji to take him with them. Babaji told him he could not take him in his present condition. The man said something like, his life being worth nothing then, and if Babaji would not take him he would jump off of the nearby cliff. Babaji told him to go ahead, and... he did. Then Babaji floated down to the man's dead body and brought him back to life, and he joined The Band.

I shared this tale to point out that such events take place on a regular basis, you just don't hear about them. What we hear about is what is given us by the media outlets owned and operated by The Usual Suspects. They have no love for God whatsoever, and their persistent message is that what you see is all there is, and if something seems mysterious and arcane, you should trust The Science; their science.

They are liars, just like their father. This is what one of The World Savior Avatars said on several occasions while interacting with those who would, later on, arrange his execution. The savvy among us KNOW that this was all prearranged, BUT... as the historical record shows, the enemies of Christ are of a devoted mercantile persuasion. They don't get this... this... “go then and sell all you have and give it to the poor. Then pick up your cross and follow me.” That makes no sense to them whatsoever. They are about the here and now, and all they can profit from in the moment and the long term. When Christmas comes, they go to the movies and laugh about it.

Christ said that when you do good works you should do them quietly with no thought of reward. He also said you should pray in private. They prefer to parade in the public thoroughfares and rend their garments for all the world to see their theatrical piety. This is why you see their names on all the hospital wings, at the museums, and wherever they can get some PR out of it. As The Lord said, “they have their reward.” Interestingly...the Bhagavad Gita says much the same thing in a different way.

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What do you know? They ALL say the same thing in a different way, except for The Usual Suspects who are ALWAYS on the con.

This is not to say there are not decent souls among that demographic, like the Neturei Karta. I have met a few... but they are rare birds of their flock. They might almost be called The Ugly Ducklings. As a student of Occult History, which tells a much different story than our fabricated version, you see many a name among the illuminated scholars of certain time periods. These days you see none at all for there are no illuminated scholars in these times.

Tomorrow will be our last posting for a while. This is just a head's up. May the joy of the season come swiftly upon you and may it be most extremely tardy in its departure!

We are adrift upon the angry seas of Materialism. As the condition worsens... so do the storm conditions. We have gotten fat... lazy... and stupid. This is in evidence EVERYWHERE. I have little to say to the man and woman in the streets. They would not stop to listen in any case. Since I choose not to speak of anything but God, I speak seldom, if at all. Yes... of course, I have conversations about ordinary affairs, but even those are at a minimum. What's the point? God is all I see in whatever direction I look, though I do not see him, I sense him... in every living thing, even those who have closed all portals of access to him. This is a difficult perspective to gain any ability at because of The Unruly Mind. If you need a definition for The Devil... it is The Carnal Mind... The Separated Mind. The Illumined Mind is another creature altogether. This is why it is said that The Mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy.

Your mind and your emotions are undisciplined animals and they MUST be trained and leashed... until they are trained. They will then serve you well indeed. This is not the labor of an afternoon, a week, a month, a year... or in most cases... of a lifetime. The level of one's determination commands the speediness of one's success. Few can play the guitar like Mark Knopfler, Al Dimeola or Carlos Santana. One lifetime does not account for their ability, and... how much practice do you think went into their mastery of The Art in this life? One day I was with John Hall (before Orleans) and he took me to a house in Georgetown to see Teddy Speleos. At the time, Teddy was 13 years old. I stayed in the room while he and John riffed. I was told he spent nearly every waking hour playing.

Not much went right for Teddy in following years, His social skills were not as developed as his guitar playing. So... you can be extremely gifted, BUT... fate is another matter. Consider the lot of Mozart at the end, where all that awaited him was a pauper's grave. Having fame and losing fame, is not the same as never having it at all. Knowing my own passion for God, it is clear to me this is not the work of a lifetime but of some number of lifetimes. Knowing this makes me even more determined. I would be at it with a will... if will were still a useful feature. I have been informed, in no uncertain terms, to back off on all that. I have been told I can proceed no further on my own, and... I am good with that, however... it is much work to convince those parts of myself that seem incapable of pause.

A time comes when one has processed into Jivanmukti. The Mind still spins and spins and one cannot stop it. Eventually... it runs out of steam and that is that. It might stop spinning sooner, or it might continue for some time. One has to wait it out. The time comes when there is nothing further that one can do except... wait.

Everything you do, be it good, bad, or neither... is made possible through 'borrowed force'. Everything comes from God and how we use it is the arbiter of our fate. You find this out sooner or you find it out much later, BUT... you WILL find this out. You can serve God. You can oppose God. That is ALL you got as far as options go. Most oppose God in an unconscious fashion. Some do it intentionally and join forces with The Prince of Darkness, who is God in disguise, as he appears to The Wicked. There is ONLY God. You may argue about this or resent hearing it, BUT... IT IS SO. It all comes down to your relationship, Prodigal sons and daughters.

Dedicate EVERYTHING you do to The Divine; every thought you think, everything you feel, everything you do and do not do, every breath you take and expel... WILL serve you well. Bless every function of the body that takes place. Bless everything reported to you by the senses. Be a blessing machine that dedicates all to The All.

On Saturday we celebrate The Birth of the Light. This is not the date he actually arrived. It is simply a date set aside for the festivities. Jesus was not a Jew, nor was he a Capricorn, however... it is The Solstice we are actually celebrating, as the darkness turns from the shortest day of the year, on its way to the longest. Whenever humanity congregates, together or apart, to celebrate spiritual events, there is a collective joining of mind and heart, and this opens a channel for JOY (to The World) and the celebration of it through... GIVING and SHARING.

This is something we often forget in Times of Material Darkness. May you be among those who are not deterred from doing so by Satanic Intervention. Why not celebrate it every minute of every day? How I do this is by consecrating all of my thoughts, words, deeds, bodily functions, and aspirations to The Divine Ineffable, who personalizes himself in human form out of the goodness of his heart and at NO SMALL COST. I will not delve into the implications of that.

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Guy Reid-Brown said...

Well, now you need not post up another one 'til after Christmas- awesome, and so much to digest -

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, and I'll miss you. Then again, I do work at a very popular restaurant at one of the busiest times of the year, so. . .

I'll miss you when I have time to think.

Visible said...

Actually, tomorrow is the last one and I won't be back until January.

A Chinese restaurant during the holidays? I can imagine the clientele.

brian boru said...

Happy Christmas Les and all the best for the New Year.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Christmas at the Supermarkets and Satan at the Movies, and a Farewell for Now."



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