Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's a Long Hard Highway and I don't know Where it Ends

Planetary awakening; the shifting of poles, the catastrophes of a generation of vipers, indifferent to the needs of others, it’s all here in some form but no one knows what shape it will take. There’s a lot of humor too, though it’s bitter and ironic a lot of the time; Sarah Palin and her dumb parrot act about ‘blood libel’, even though it’s not libel anymore than Leo Frank was innocent. Now there’s a wonder of vicious disinfo, turned inside out on itself and birthing the ADL.

People are saying that violence is the result of right wing rhetoric, of course it is but, it’s also because the left and right are two wings on the body of the same vulture who pretend to argue against each other but are both necessary for the bird to fly. Like the cartoon says, “Screw patience, I’m going to go kill something” and, that’s what they do.

It’s a source of sad amusement to me that Bill O’Reilly gets all incensed about the New York Times and that hack, Krugman ...and they both work for the same bank. I saw O’Reilly doing a caricature of his bombastic, all knowing self in a movie recently. Was it Red? Or Iron Man 2? How could he not know he was making fun of himself and making a mockery of all the things he’s so hypocritically passionate about? He has to know. He has to know.

I’ve heard Michael Savage and no one can tell me that that vicious demagogue, like Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Bachmann and so many others aren’t stoking the hate fires of the people stupid enough to listen to them. They pander to the lowest common denominator and don’t give a shit about anyone or anything except their imagined self importance and the millions they rake in, raking everyone else over the coals. Beck and Bachmann are especially loathsome, although I still can’t tell if Bachmann is real or some kind of Bride of ‘Leo’ Frankenstein. Somebody is going to start shooting these people soon. It’s only a matter of time. O’Reilly whines about having to have 24 hour security. Does anyone see any reason why this shouldn’t be the case? Bill thinks it’s because he’s a man of principle. Some of us are just made differently. That’s all there is to it.

They want to make laws that you can’t have a gun within 1,000 yards of a politician. What kind of sense does that make in these times? (grin). It’s pretty clear that someone staged this latest caper because you can always tell by the follow up and direction taken by the people who spend all their time abusing the public and expect to be protected from the inevitable fallout. Goldman Sachs employees can all carry guns but not the people seeking to protect themselves from them. The governments are crime syndicates, so is the media and most religions. They get caught at it every day but it’s not wrong, you’re just misinformed and you will stay that way if you keep listening to them.

Bachmann talks about revolution and quotes Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson would have pointed her out as one of the reasons for revolution. This is why the liars, shills and demagogues all seize the high ground and co-opt all the slogans, quotes and rhetoric because they are the one’s doing all the things that no decent person would engage in.

I told myself I wasn’t going to put advertising on my sites or charge people money because I don’t want to be like them. They got no problem with it. If we could see them in real life they’d all be dressed up like Payton Manning in NASCAR suits, as if commercial success were somehow the measure of integrity, when it is just the reverse.

I’m not going to suggest that there should be a bounty on these people but it makes a lot of sense from the point of survival. I’m not going to suggest that the international banking cartel and all those Wall Street scum should be strung up on lamp posts but it makes sense from the point of survival. If someone started giving BP execs what they have been giving everyone who is suffering from what they did, there would be Biden and Obama, perched on the gutted skull of the culture they slew, talking about reasonable discourse. Sometimes revolution is the only answer and these are one of those times.

In a reasonable world there would be a game preserve with Bush, Cheney and all the other ass clowns that killed a million people or more, acting out in a modern version of The Deadliest Game. That makes perfect sense and that is why they talk like they do and make criminals out of everyone else. These are the people that keep making new laws so that the private prison industry doesn’t run out of fresh fish, like all the Gulf residents. BP has a new commercial out about how the seafood is fine, so come on down and get some shrimp. It’s uncanny. It’s unheimlich. It’s strango. It’s business as usual with you on the business end.

In a sane world, the last argument anyone can make with a straight face is that justice applies only to those who practice injustice and its open season on everyone else. Bullshit!!! To the 10th power. You can’t keep doing this and keep getting away with it and if the human race is too stupid to do something, well, Mother Nature isn’t. It’s like Velikovsky said; “expect the unexpected”. You are definitely looking at ‘worlds in collision’.

I don’t want to play Savonarola or H. Rap Brown but if you haven’t heard some of Eldridge Cleaver’s great quotes, maybe you’re watching too much TV. If you never heard Huey Newton speak, or don’t know who he was, then; what can I tell you? I can’t tell you much because history happened while you were jerking off to Brittany Spears or Marie Osmond.

This is the year of dynamic change. You will not know your world when 2012 arrives but what you will know is how much you did about it. Just because they have all the guns and money which they stole from the rest of you; are you going to let them tell you what to do? (grin) I’d rather be dead to this world and back in my bright home than to know I was a coward who thought I could protect my place by giving in over and over to maintain it, until there was only about a square foot of ground to stand on. Obama and all the rest of your leaders, with very few exceptions, are lying psychopaths and I would rather spend my life like Bahá'u'lláh than the shit for brains killers of women and children who, along with their husbands in the hills, at least had the sand to show you where empire winds up.

I guess it’s just easier this way isn’t it? I guess you go along to get along until there’s nowhere to go and then you can shake your fist at the razor wire, knowing you put your ass and your loved ones behind it. It’s not for me. I can’t do that. Homey don’t play that shit; sorry, I couldn’t resist.

In the end, you are the ones who did it to the rest of us because you just had to protect everything you were guaranteed to lose, by bending over and dying by inches. That’s no kind of life. That’s not life at all and a whole lot of people that you held in contempt for holding on to the dream of freedom, died on your behalf. The annoying people that wouldn’t shut up just made you bristle and blush. The bristle I have seen little of but I know why you blush.

I don’t have the words to give these carrion crows that you serve, out of fear, the treatment they deserve but as long as I’m here I’m going to give it my best shot. I don’t have much but I got one thing and that’s the certain knowledge and satisfaction that I’m not you. I couldn’t wake up in the morning and see myself in the mirror if I were you; much less in the eyes of those I love. I’d get rid of myself first before I even went looking for the rest of them.

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