Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fire, Fire Burning Bright with the Tigers in the Night

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet.’

As soon as I heard that a young Tunisian had set himself on fire, I felt an awareness of something ominous rising up from the uncertainty of these times. It wasn’t too long before others elsewhere, had also set themselves on fire, or so I heard anyway. It looks like Egypt is going to toss Hose-me Mubarak out of office; especially once news of the massacre at Suez comes out. This isn’t about Egypt though, as important as Egypt might prove to be. This is about Saudi Arabia, where the threat of revolution has been in the air for decades.

When I heard that Putin had discounted Chechen responsibility for the Russian airport bombing, I thought, he knows it was Israel with their ICTS security that permitted and/or, planned the event. I thought that this might be that 'Israeli mistake' predicted by Clif High (the new ALTA report is out). I was very surprised to learn that they were there. It didn’t sound like Putin to allow ICTS into the country but... it could be I know very little about the man. I know what he did about the vampire oligarchs and I know they serve Israel because the western press is full of support and skewered details, concerning the oligarch that just got more prison time; his poor sainted mother, weeping in the courtroom for her blue-eyed boy.

The game is on. One place they won’t be doing the revolution shuffle is in Iran. Little Georgie Sorrows and his dance of a thousand scarves had to move on from that location. Once Putin gets to the bottom of Israeli involvement in the Russian airport bombing, I imagine there’s going to be some interesting reactions.

It could well be that the CIA and Mossad are behind all of these revolutions. They’re behind just about all of the trouble in the world at the moment, which invariably leads back to The Satanic, Lizard Clan of Corfu, which, according to all the Hasbara and Sayanim operatives, is just an affiliate of the Vatican and a forever, unnamed group of the truly powerful in the shadows. I don’t doubt that all roads of iniquity lead to the cloven hoofed one but the individual satellites of evil are all a darkness unto themselves, beneath the wide umbrella of unrelenting, atavistic evil. It’s a Baskin and Robbins kind of a thing; 38 flavors of evil with two or three of them more popular than the rest.

It’s possible that the industrious agents of The Dark Lord are at work in every country in the world, securing everything of value for the chosen few, whose pleasures come in equal measures of possession and the enjoyment of want in others. At a certain level of evil, a great deal of pleasure is taken, just in the knowing that vast amounts of humanity are suffering at your hands and being denied by your edict. When I think of Kissinger and David Rockefeller, this comes to mind.

Intrigues and backroom, provocateur actions aside, something is rising up in the people and neither the fuel nor the food shortages have gotten to any serious extreme yet. There’s an energy of unrest and compulsive change in the air. It’s radiating from the inside out. It’s unpredictable and unmanageable and we can only hope that when they go looking for targets of opportunity; a canvas upon which to express their rage, that they take that madness of an enraged and drunken Jackson Pollock and visit it upon the bankers and all their helpmates, wherever they may be.

It won’t do to have the masses turning on each other, as the vicious and venal intend. The masses have a common enemy, nearly as great as their ignorance, which is the ancient enemy of all masses over the course of time. They have a subtle and powerful foe that can be tracked and discovered, simply by following the money and its influence. You will see bloody footprints and discarded body parts, marking the tracks of the money to wherever it has gone.

We now know that banks engineer wars for the purpose of profit. They take the savings of the people and use these funds to manufacture conflicts, in which the common man is translated into canon fodder on his own dime. You won’t get very far with any new world and it won’t be new for long, if you don’t make banking (as we know it) a capital crime. Politicians and religious figures, along with the financially powerful and the celebrated across the continents, are secondary to the mind of money, which merely purchases or rents them for its needs. They’re just cigar store Indians; no offense intended. They’re lawn jockeys for the boys in the back who need them waxing industrious in the front.

I would personally have them breaking rocks on Devil’s Island for the rest of their lives. I think quarantine is the answer. I think the whole island should be a wired, reality TV show that is broadcast like Big Brother across the airwaves each day, as a reminder of what kinds of influence you used to have to live under. I think specific individuals should be interviewed about their behavior on TV and tasered when they lie. The tazer could be set up to operate in sync with a lie detector machine. Of course, sometimes the machine might not be 100% accurate but; what difference does that make?

I think humanity would learn a great deal, watching these types interact with each other. They’d learn which characteristics to weed out of their children. I also think there ought to be a traveling exhibit of the very worst of them that goes around the world in cages, with a legend printed on the cage, describing the occupant, just like you see at the zoos. It could list their propensities and crimes and the various dangers of contact. They are as unlike that which they prey upon as a flamingo is from a crocodile.

Still, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s some kind of a cosmic ray; some kind of high tech spiritual weapon that is going to beam across the surface of the Earth and have two distinct effects on two distinct types of people. As I’ve said a time or two, I believe the fire that the wicked allegedly burn in, is the very same fire that the saints rejoice in, it’s just a matter of your relationship to it.

I also believe that with all of the dramatic social and political changes, actually in progress right now, that the most dramatic of them all is going to be Mother Nature and whatever she intends. I suspect she’s going to upset a whole lot of apple carts. I think about those islands for the rich off of Abu Dhabi, sinking back into the sea, and all the cloistered and gated communities that will suddenly become prisons, for those who’ll expire in their lock boxes... in their safe rooms. I’ve been reading about the enormous expenses the rich are engaged in, in order to survive the coming depredations caused by their behavior.

I imagine there is going to be thousands upon thousands of events that out picture an amazing irony in times to come because, after all, this is a scripted event. Everything that’s been happening has been scripted; the pedophile priests, the genocide of the Palestinians, the wars and false terror, the behavior of the bankers and their house pet politicians, the dreary entertainments and the pandering of the marketplace to every excess and indulgence. It’s all scripted. It’s all according to an eternal plot from which few escape in any given time.

Day by day, the revelations around the world, about what the bad guys have been up to, keep increasing in number and intensity. It gets more and more irrefutable and indefensible and when people start setting themselves on fire, you know that the main act has begun and that the train has left the station. There’s something about people setting themselves on fire that galvanizes a whole lot of other things, e cosi.

There’s nothing particularly revelatory in this posting. It’s just a screen capture of the way the river ran through my mind as I was writing it. It’s just the way the landscape looked and whatever was happening in the sky and in the Earth; all according to the summation of my eyes which, no doubt, might have looked entirely different to someone else. If you’ve made no effort to this point, you had better get a move on.

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(based on a true story)
Visible sings: Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire by Les Visible♫ Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire ♫

The New Shangri-La.


Neko Kinoshita said...

"The fire that the wicked allegedly burn in, is the very same fire that the saints rejoice in."

It still burns, but you can rejoice in the cleansing effect.

Just a cat's perspective, after all, some fur will singe.


Rebel 4E said...

Earthquakes, Floods, Volcanoes, Dead Animals, Global Revolutions...Oh My!

We certainly do live in interesting times.

Time to grab your popcorn, it's gonna be a wild show.

Peace, Love & Respect
To those that deserve it (-____-)

Erik said...


You crack me up ... I am picturing a cat holding it's burned tail.

Good to see your sense of humor back ;)

bholanath said...

Aaaah, such a pleasure to read/view the 'screen capture', sir.
I think the self-deluded 'elite' think they got this revolution-thing dialed-in, and that they can just install their waiting-in-the-wings 'strong men' when the chaos gets to the right level. But it ain't gonna work that way this time. This ain't the 18th century or pick-a-century.
Agree with the Devil's Island/zoo proposal, but also feel the 'high tech spiritual weapon' is also a possibility, given the many multilevel indicators apparent to those with somewhat advanced awareness. Even Clif believes a big 2x4 is immanent. By end of Feb. Mars and Merc will combine with the Neptune-Chiron at Full Moon, and that's a perfect psychic storm.

Anonymous said...

I like the reality tv idea. It came to me a few years back we should put bush and co on mars and set them to meaningful work terraforming the place. maybe we could throw the bankers in with that crew too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Les!

Always a pleasure.

Anonymous said...

That'high tech spiritual weapon' just might turn out to be a two edged sword..

Visible said...

Then it's probably not a spiritual weapon because they don't work like that.

Odin's Raven said...

Fire or fire.

Recall T.S.Eliot's great poem Little Gidding, section4.

The dove descending breaks the air
With flame of incandescent terror
Of which the tongues declare
The one discharge from sin and error.
The only hope, or else despair
Lies in the choice of pyre of pyre—
To be redeemed from fire by fire.

Who then devised the torment? Love.
Love is the unfamiliar Name
Behind the hands that wove
The intolerable shirt of flame
Which human power cannot remove.
We only live, only suspire
Consumed by either fire or fire.

A.Mouser said...

Dear Sir Les,

Now that was a superb blog post! Any better and you'd have to charge (grin).

I'm waiting on the woo against zionist israel and KA's (known associates). Let's hope Putin flips the switch to start a whole lotta whoopass on all of them.

Anaughty Mouser

Anonymous said...

revolution fever
atmosphere ripe
wild fire raging
turmoil and strife
life in unequal
systematic chains
societal breakdowns
hell up in flames
for claims of insanity
stealing from the poor
poisoning their minds
said lies for war
disharmony useless
unbalanced unfree
achieving no good
only violence disease


Neko Kinoshita said...

Every time it comes up,

My favorite Les Visible song is still "Walk through the fire or burn"

Thanks Erik, When I read that comment, I had the funniest picture in my head.(It's still there too.)

I'm trying to find some time to write, so I'll stop cluttering up comments now... ;)



wv: bameter - The length of the 2X4 the divine is swinging as we speak

Anonymous said...

How do you scare the bejesus out of a man who sets himself on fire? That is why the rats are running for cover. And where are the rats going? To Saudi Arabia and to London. Now you can see whose beaches they were all along. So Great Britons and you people in the "Land of the Brave" what the hell are you waiting for, an invitation? The party has begun, and Satan lives in your midst. Here is a clue, they are the supper, supper, supper rich.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for the leading criminals of 911 being sentenced to be booted out the side door of helicopters 1000 yards above the WTC site, starting with Lucky Larry, Bush, Cheney and Netanyahoo.

Anonymous said...

For all the trouble, it's a great time to be alive. And it's a lot of trouble.

The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

We're YHVH's first string army. The last of his host to be born of water. Let's live up to it.

Exciting times, maybe even sporting.

They can just stand the fuck by.

siamsam said...

I think the whole island should be a wired, reality TV show that is broadcast like Big Brother across the airwaves each day, as a reminder of what kinds of influence you used to have to live under...............

To have an insight into the minds of these creatures all one has to do is view the first episode of a program named 'Seven Up'. It was fist aired in the UK during the 1960s. It followed the lives of a group of seven year old children form various social backgrounds - revisiting them every 7 years - right up until quite recently when the were 49.

During the first program they interviewed a little girl from a very poor 'working class' family from Liverpool, asking her what she would do if she came into some money. She replied ' oh, like - I would help the poor people that don't have much like'.

They then interviewed a little boy form a very 'upper class' family from London and asked the same question. The little boy (whom was reading the times during the interview) replied without hesitation that he would 'invest in the markets.' The interviewer asked what about less fortunate poor people. The boy answered,'oh, no they are disgusting and ignorant - and often very dirty.'

The final program was made with out most of the 'upper class' subjects taking part due to their unwillingness to be interviewed. They had all become lawyers, or politicians or bankers.

Peace, love and truth :)

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Tyger Tyger Burning Bright
by William Blake

Anonymous said...

I had a small spark of hope earlier in the week when Ill proclaimed Rahm could not run. Wow maybe it's possible the sheeple are waking up but alas, roll over and continue snoring. It was not meant to be..Rahm is indeed back in the running.
The only thing that can stop these monsters is an act of the ALmighty whatever THAT may be.
I hope your right Les,because I am so tired of everything that is going on and it seems to be reaching a pitch that is beyond enduring.
Can we possible deliver ourselves from HELL? I wonder.

amarynth said...

We're flying on this rock that is flying into a spatial sphere of other rocks that may either rock us into oblivion or rock us into awakening and renaissance, depending on who one listens to. These issues are becoming the 'chemtrails of the mind' and the trailing poison clouds sink into the hearts of the newly awakening humankind. So the cycle continues.

What then do we do?
We, humankind, our communities and ourselves need to step out of this cycle. We have to create a phase shift or become one with creator so that we shift phase. To this, I am committed.

Anonymous said...

London failing in the Jewish Century


Anonymous said...

A solution to the eternal problem by Les Visible: I think quarantine is the answer.

Pest Control's answer in the daily newspaper The Final Solution:

To get rid of the mice and rats
You need couple of nimble cats
How do we get rid of the Katz?
Hot oven, if you have the guts!

Anonymous said...

This was a work of art here. It is strange as I was wondering also why Putin would have ICT working their airports.

I have noticed the uprisings also in Tunisia and Egypt. It would seem the plan would be for Mubarak's son to take over but he fled the area to "London." I will be watching this one myself to see who takes over. It might be more of the same and it might be something they can't control.

Everyone who matters has talked about more light on the way and like the old movies, vampires don't seem to like it too well.

TravisBaskerfield said...

"As I’ve said a time or two, I believe the fire that the wicked allegedly burn in, is the very same fire that the saints rejoice in, it’s just a matter of your relationship to it."

My own take exactly. Supernal bliss for some utter agony for the evil-minded.

If only they would wake up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Two things;

1) Cynthia McKinney, black Congresswoman, spoke of nearly 5,000 people killed (single gunshot wounds to the back of the head) during Hurricane Katrina. Possibly prisoners, executed, outright?

2) Sorry, i forgot the second one.


siamsam said...

In my home town back in soviet Britain most of the pubs have gone. The leisure facilities are now being axed. However, 2 new pubs have opened (1 in my town and 1 in the very next town). They are painted grey and black - externally - and both called 'The Tavistoc'. Now wtf is that about!!

The north of England was built up to power the old empire. It is now being ruthlesly demolished.

Peace, love, truth :)

Unknown said...

Hi Les;
While reading your post, this came on the radio. Great timing!

BROKEN BARRICADES (1971) by Procol Harum.

It was all once bright jewels
And glittering sand
The oceans have ravaged
And strangled the land
Waste fills the temples,
Dead daughters are born
The presses are empty
The editors torn

Whose husband was the first to fall?
Who died the worst death of them all?
How many splinters in each separate band?
How many stations in the final hand?

Now gather up sea shells,
And write down brave words
Your prayers are unanswered,
Your idols absurd
The seaweed and the cobweb,
Have rotted your sword
Your barricades broken,
Your enemies lord.

(Keith Reid/Gary Brooker)

Anonymous said...

Holocaust debate is a Gordian Knot
Did it happen indeed, or did it not?
Let's heat the oven till it gets hot
In bold preparation for a final cut!

Sauros said...

The arcs of crises are spreading, which makes for more creative destruction. Chaos begets Order. Order begets Chaos. A sweet societal symphonic Ouroboros of cosmic proportions. And it's only going to get better. Frankly, I can't wait. Paranoid ramblings aside, the new world order is the next phase of human evolution. My advice: you'd best get used to it or fade away.

abe said...

"When we die we travel alone on a road leading to an uneding sea of churning foam. Two fires burn before it as a warning. This is a warning unexplained"
- California Native Ohlone take on the after life.

It looks like our rain drop now has the weight to leave it's inertial enclave.

That spiritual weapon you mentioned Les - it's called orgone, and it's only one of many suppressed technical and medical innovations that the likes of Wilhelm reich and Tesla had censored by the allopathic jews running the bankers sasoon-style apothecaries.

Speaking of the sasoons, amazing how many people in China have yet to learn the truth of their "British occupation" and how exactly it is that went from being the middle kingdom to other people's property.

After the smoke is clear we'll find out whether we bathe or boil.

Pstonie said...

Ho-ho, Sauros, what a clear-minded young man. The peasants just don't hold the same respect for life the ruling classes do. They should work themselves to death or be shot.

Spot of tea?

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami-

We've Made our Bed and we're Sleeping in it.

GTRman said...

Siamsam : There was a funky little pub in Brighton called the Dragon , it used to have character and was full of characters .
It got sold , refurbed and re-opened
as " The Office ".

wv : picoma ( pie - coma )

What most of britain is in.

Anonymous said...

Please do not leave out of the causative players -- the notorious (historic & current) clandestine machinations of the Rothschilds & BRITISH financial elites/aristocracy (served by MI5, MI6 & British Crown Corporations) and other EUROPEAN & ASIAN OLIGARCHY cronies.

Visible said...

everything gets covered sooner or later or already has been and then...

something new shows up.



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