Wednesday, May 26, 2021

"It is HIS JOB to GUIDE YOU Through the Collapsing Archetypes of the Passing Age."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am gratified that all of what Mr. Apocalypse said to me, near ten years ago, is transpiring. On the other hand, I am not pleased that people have to go through the Suffering they have created for themselves. I am gratified because Mr. Apocalypse is an agent of Heaven, and that means he has the imprimatur of God. This means that LIFE-EXISTENCE is to be set in order. When conditions are what they have become, it is VERY difficult to make this omelet without breaking any eggs.

One of the mechanisms being employed for setting it in order is a general insanity high and low. It is the insanity in high places that we shall explore today. Also... because the people at the bottom are generally taking their cues from the people on top. They seem to think if you are at the top of the dung-heap, you can see a lot further. The persistent problem for them is that they are looking in the wrong direction, and that is why they are losing their minds. They are losing their grip on reality because it was NEVER real in the first place. Now it has moved up to a critical gradient. It has moved from False... to Absurd. Next comes Ridiculous.

This little gem caught my eye. Le Flop... as he is known among the informed, pulled another flop special recently, so he had to do another public relations stunt to offset the previous public relations disaster; not to mention his also recent Michael Jackson routine in honor of his liege lord, China (it's a form of kowtowing genuflection). I use this example to illustrate how they are losing their grip on their identities BECAUSE the public is being made more and more aware of the truth BEHIND the crap they have been buying into. It is going to take some wickedly funny turns soon. You can literally see the residents of Famous Land, tuning up for their part in the Cacophony Symphonic in G#-Dissonant. I should point out that I haven't seen a basketball game in a long time. This just happened to be in the news.

Yet another recent miscue has the Usual Suspects working the con from another angle. From the Land of Batshit and Buggery, comes their own version of how to put up a credible front. This is what passes for credible in the State of Fruitcake. Then, we have an example of what has become common in these times. Here you see the Purpose of Demonstration in full flower. They are DETERMINED to lose their shit in spectacular fashion in what I am beginning to call, Earthquake Deliverance Land. This is what happens when the fix is in and the nation's most populous state commits La La Land Hari Kiri. I'm pretty sure you can get the traditional seppuku knife on eBay.

These are all random conditions and happenings, taken from a MUCH LARGER collection of recent events. A literal, infernal cornucopia of tumbling, Stupid and Malicious, are set to worship their Enslaver (that is the opposite of Savior) by acting out in stupid and malicious ways. Well... they have their space to do it in, AND they have the fixed destiny that awaits the conclusion of their Teaching Moment. Speaking of teachers, the Teacher's Union head, also a member of the Usual Suspects, said the following at the urging of Mr. Apocalypse. As you probably know, the teachers have been on paid leave for a year, except for a little Zoom action toward the end. They are mostly pissed because the medical workers got the rock star status.

The public is SLOWLY catching on to the strange preponderance of a particular group of people, represented at every level of command in most industries. Yet... something more is taking place too. Every international corporation and The Media, The Education System, The Political Area, AND sundry are mostly all in harness to Wokeness, Sexual Depravity, and Surgical Nightmare. This has to be coming as some sort of Divine Imperative for the Purpose of Demonstration.

One of the next pandemics is Suicide, but that's just one of the centipede's legs. Guru Bawa once said, “Toward the end, cannibalism will be a norm.” Crazy doesn't just go into remission. Crazy gets CRAZIER! And... the possessed demonstrate their craziness in a unique and personal manner. The BIG DEAL here is that YOU should not be laid low by the fear of uncertainty, which is our present climate. YOU should not become overwhelmed by any despairing state of mind.

I notice among certain readers that Doubt and other afflictions are resident. I notice it even more so in the evidence I get of the outside world. YOU do not have to be concerned with any of this. What YOU have to be concerned about is keeping your focus upon The Indwelling Ineffable. It is HIS JOB to GUIDE YOU through the collapsing archetypes of the passing age. If YOU have problems acclimatizing yourself to that, then you do not have enough Faith. This is understandable, given the conditions of these times, BUT... all of this is APPEARANCES and much of it is not relevant to you. Are you among the Crazy as a kindred spirit? No... YOU are not! IF it does not pertain to you then it is not something for you to be concerned with. The Judgment of Heaven is PRECISE, accurate, and meticulous.

God is NOT like other people that you know; the ones who have let you down, or betrayed you, or committed crimes on you... whatever the offense of weakness that was visited upon you by those who KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO, that is NOT the case with God. God... The Divine... The Ineffable... God as we dimly perceive him is NOT like anyone else. God is understood, to some degree, by his QUALITIES. God's qualities are the definer of his nature.

Do not confuse God with Religion. Religion is the material celebration of the clothes God ONCE wore. It celebrates the statements made a LONG TIME AGO by The Divine, suitably altered for the profit of The Clergy. It is really just a business for the profit of priests who use Human Guilt to fill their coffers. When I say 'priests', I mean those of every form of Religion who do not walk in the footsteps of the one who founded their faith. Unless you do as Christ said... about forsaking all and taking him utterly, you are NOT a Christian in the way I understand it.

There are people for whom every hour of every day is devoted to The LIVING God. You are not likely to run into them very often because they are not engaged in self-promotion and personal gain. They do not publicize what they do in the public thoroughfares because that is not the reward they are after. They are after The Lord rewarding them in private. Religions are, for the most part, the worship of a dead God.

God, the single and almighty, is a LIVING GOD. He is present RIGHT NOW, but if your attention is on OTHER INTERESTS, God is not likely to drop in for tea. ONLY the sincere need apply and believe me, He knows. He will try you severely to temper your metal. Remember the pruning of the metaphorical grape vines? Getting into constant contact with the Master of All Things is not the same as responding to a wedding invitation, even though it is about a wedding; a chymical wedding. Any of us could get an ordinary wedding invitation unless we are one of Lord Shiva's personifications. He's always around, but he doesn't get invited to celebrations because of what he is a reminder of.

No one wants to be reminded of their mortality when they are in a celebration. Shiva usually sits on the hillside and WATCHES the festivities. Why did I make that digression? It will apply where it applies.

Pedestrian entertainers celebrate their craziness:

Of course, that's only the fascia, the false-front. The real motive is to be in the public eye and generate SYMPATHY. The Hollywood Royals are doing that this minute. This is a craziness that is moving like a wildfire through the pedestrian mind. As you have probably seen, people will do almost anything to get in front of the camera. I have always thought one should develop their talent(s) first before they step into the public eye, but that's just me. Apparently... and The Kardashians have proven it to be so, one can be internationally famous with no talent whatsoever. Now it seems one can be a singer, a dancer, anything they wish, and they don't have to be able to sing, or dance. They simply have to exercise their terminal cuteness and remember, they are victims.

If one cannot see what is going on in front of them and what is brewing for the morrow, this would have to be intentional (for some reason). The World is a large magnet. There's something for everyone, whether they want it or not, whether they like it or not, and it ALWAYS ends in disappointment and regret. This is NOT THE CASE with Heaven and Heaven can hear you. The TRUE POWER of Prayer, and The Imagination, and so many other qualities are FAR, FAR beyond what is generally known about them; just like the power of Thought and The Mind. Understood and used correctly, there is little they are not capable of.

If you see people losing their minds all around you, you do not have to lose yours as well (reminds me of a Kipling poem). Yes... it is a complex and disordered picture, BUT... YOU are NOT in the picture.

If you take God at his word and aspire, and desire The Presence ONLY... more than everything else, which is temporary anyway, and loses its savor after a while, you will have fulfilled the primary requirement to be onward and inward bound. Quite simply, Desire the presence and counsel of God MORE THAN anything else and it WILL come to the attention of the angels, who are on the lookout for EXACTLY THAT. The rest is merely the process of becoming. God has you covered (he's got you surrounded) on every side, from the inside to the outside. All you have to do is let him do his work, and for you that means; don't be a hindrance. Don't block the light. ♫ this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine ♫

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Thomas said...

Good post!

I thought about earlier today how wonderful it is that God, in fact, desires a *romance* with the soul - and that we can (and He loves it!) pour all the longing of a deeply felt enamouration into our relationship with Him, and oh! He responds!

Again, how lucky we are that God is real ! ! !

Visible said...

Amen to that! How rich we are and yet so many do not see.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

When cannibalism goes vogue, I'd recommend NOT eating anything in the U.S.. GMO-free is a small minority.

Being aligned with the Cathars, watching the decrepit state I live in fall apart doesn't bother me. I just see it as slum clearance, and leaving it for the next realm is welcomed in this household; though I hope the transition won't be too unpleasant. A Ground Zero nuke would be good. So would a 12.6 of the Richter Scale when at home, or a headshot from 2 feet; but we shall see.

Religion. Me thinks the Abrahamic god is Saklas/Samael/Yaltabaoth/Demiurge. Wondering if John Lash's 'Sophia's Correction' is now, and if that abomination will be gotten rid of in the next few years; Terran Time. The First Nations had it right for those who called Source, The Great Unknowable. Wakan Tanka. The Lakota ate people, by the way. I remember a line from "Black Elk Speaks". "He was fat and looked good to eat, but I didn't eat him." or something like that.

Life can be pretty tolerable right now if you disassociate yourself from the status quo. Work, shop, credit union, back to nose cave. A couple of walks on the back streets a week is cool, since you're not likely to be detained by anyone. No TV or radio helps, too.

This small part of the Nose-iverse says this post is a 10 nostril post on a 1-5 scale.

Laurie said...

Vis, I just want to express my infinite gratitude for this post, among so many great posts. But this one, today, pulled me back from "the world" once again as a perfect reminder of what matters.

I thank you and credit you for helping me see what is important and to hear the symphony above the noise. The Presence of God within. That's all.

Thanks again, dear Vis, for your prolific and divine presence in a sea of internet shite. Love, love, love

SD said...

This was wonderful and timely, for me... just, thank you.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Set Your Sights on the Glory and Splendor of The One who Lights the Heavens."



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