Friday, May 14, 2021

"And Ready to be Poached on the Fiery Sidewalks of Happenstance Armageddon."

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The whole facade is crinkling, crumbling, and beginning to scorch at the edges. The main players are like the anthropomorphic card-creatures in Alice and Wonderland. When coincidence gets chronic and Irony gets top billing, you know that the characters, intended for the cosmic Purpose of Demonstration, have been groomed to the destiny of their kind. You can expect The Fates will not hold the discontent until Winter.

It is amazing to see what happens when the incompetent, who also do not care about anyone or anything but themselves, come into states of temporary power, far beyond the normal reach of their Peter Principle. It all falls apart, and there is no long reach of waiting before it begins to happen in real-time; Inflation is going through the roof. George Soreass has an army of workers in all the Latin American countries, promoting and funding human caravans, complete with t-shirt banners. Georgie-Boy is one of the main frontmen for the Rothschild, Satanic cabal. The destruction of America is the driving impetus behind the efforts. Loot and pillage and then move somewhere else. That is a tactic they have employed for centuries.

The streets of the blue cities are battlegrounds for the Armies of Antifa and the Armies of the Insane. They are joined in a coalition of sexual degenerates and reincarnated Jacobins, hysterical females and men in fear of them, Flat Earth numskulls and ambulatory (once human) tattooed graffiti skins, pierced, and ready to be poached on the fiery sidewalks of happenstance Armageddon. In the broken-heartland, where Faith and Sanity still walk the Earth, they wait, and they wonder, and they prepare, as the assault on Christianity, Sanity, and Well-Being mounts.

It NEVER fails to amuse me when those driven mad, imagine that they will assault Heaven and rule in its stead. The Divine has more power in the dirt under his fingernails than all the armies that have EVER been combined. It's not a contest.

♫ We are standing on an endless horizon,

with our faces turned into the blazing sun,

and we have come to Armageddon,

just to find the battle won ♫


They have been waiting and preparing for the day, around The Middle East, to deal with the interlopers who hijacked Palestine, and who possessed no ancestral rights to the land. The DNA tells the tale. Sooner or later Justice will come. I am no fan of wild-eyed fanatics of any stripe, whether they be those driven mad from oppression, or those mad with a blood-lust for the whole of humanity, of which they are not a part. As history has proven, again and again, those leading the push for equality, so that they can be first among equals, as Bolshevism has already proven to the tune of tens of millions murdered, are the first to be sacrificed once the revolution has been accomplished, and The Revolution NEVER turns out the way the revolutionaries intended. They are remembered as the ink stains on the pages of history, when the inkwell was spilled to remind us that blood looks black under the moonlight. For some reason they need to remind or be reminded of this, the author said with a metaphorical twist.

Meanwhile, the obsessed and possessed move from one party favor to the next. Some sad and unfortunate number of them move from appetite to appetite, until they manifestly resemble what they have consumed.

I have discovered much darker hungers (no... not personally), in the form of entities who come into human residence to experience their passion. They are the ones who hung the Vacancy sign in the windows of their stolen eyes, seeking the final, candied fossils from the Roach Motel at the End of the World. They've been marinating in sugar substitutes for a long time.

Heroes are still busy being born and inspired to speak the truth. I love what he had to say about the Common Cold and COVID. I liked him when he played for Dallas, now I like him a whole lot more.

All across this country, people are wondering what to do in the face of the epidemic insanity that is a far greater threat than the COVID Hoax was ever dreamed of being by Dr. Falsie, who was part and party to the orchestration and financing of the whole thing to begin with. They sure love rubbing your noses in it, don't they?

What is it about that atavistic cowardice in the human heart, which convinces the fearful to lick the boots of their oppressors? It really is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, unless you are on your knees before the rightful king. Hostages to Fortune... Hostages to Fortune, whether it is kindred, or wealth, one's celebrity or community standing. Whatever renders you into the role of one defeated and seeking succor from the psychopaths who threaten you, it is enough to bring upon you extended misfortune beyond what you can presently imagine. You don't know who you're dealing with!!!

Your fear and fealty are literal intoxicants to them. It sends them into killing frenzies, JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN. Any INFORMED revolutionary KNOWS that you cannot have a successful revolution without the Middle Class. You either gain their support (by ANY MEANS necessary) or manipulate their fear and confusion. You threaten what they have. You must have their tacit (or otherwise gained) approval. This is what the War on Christianity is all about. This is what the Inflation and unruly streets are all about. This is what the perversion of the culture and the arts and the sexual dynamics of the people are all about. Terrify and then subjugate and pacify. You must destroy the village to save it, or simply destroy it because it makes you feel good. They love the smell of rotting corpses in the noonday sun. UNDERSTAND THIS; they do evil for the sheer joy of it.

So... that's one side or various perspectives all from the same side. There is another side and that is the one where God reigns victorious, should you be fortunate enough to permit him to reign victorious within you. You are EITHER utterly reliant upon the divinity within, or you are subject to the despot without. “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world!” “If God be for us, who can be against us?” “For thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever."

That happens to be true if YOU are TRUE. Let us return to Alice and Wonderland; “'Who cares for you?” said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) 'You're nothing but a pack of cards!' That is The Personality, as far as OUR WORLD is concerned. Everything that is wrong here, or goes wrong here is due to The Personality, divorced in its thoughts and understanding from The Individuality. The holy self-righteous will tell you that Lewis Carroll was a pedophile, with no shred of evidence except some photographs. Certainly, there would be a smoking musket? There is not. This is what comes of history in the hands of the revisionists, who change history to suit their agendas. A certain demographic among us are masters at this, though you have to be an incurious fool to believe them. Only God knows the intentions of the heart.

Meanwhile, a bloodthirsty murderer, Che Guevara is made into a hero, and Michel Foucault is idolized by the shrunken heads, seeking validation for their outrages. Then we have, Allen Ginsburg, Jacques Derrida, and a host of others from the same human septic tank, presently influencing the youth from beyond the grave. They are the rightful replacements for Socrates. I could go on about this, chapter and verse, but it is not my nature to spend too much time categorizing animated fecal matter.

We... are better than this. Set your standards high and embrace seemingly impossible ideals, holding them ever before the mind's eye, as you slog through the trenches of this deluded and blinded world. You WILL realize that ideal! I assure you of this. However far off or impossible it might appear at this time, it is a certainty for the determined heart. The power of The Ineffable is LIMITLESS and it expresses IN and THROUGH us, IF we PERMIT it to. You do not need to jockey for a place at the trough. There is finer dining available to you. Heaven has set the table and you are invited to the feast, should you prove victorious over The Personality.

The journey of millions of miles, and many lifetimes, begins with the first step and there are STATIONS all along the route, to reassure and guide you. I KNOW this from personal experience. Be it on my head if I lie. I do not lie. I am, it is true, woefully ignorant and no one at all in the trendlines of the time. I have no ambition to be anyone significant in this carnival of carnality. Why diminish my place and fortunes ELSEWHERE, by taking a mess of pottage as my due? I am not inspired or driven to feed with the buzzards and jackals. They have their cuisine and I have mine. I prefer to be nourished in the secret oases in the wilderness that is this world. Faith can do much more than move mountains.

It's a funny thing about hindsight, how we can see so clearly what we should have been and done. Foresight seems to be running a distant second to hindsight in these times. If we only knew that the easy way IS the hard way, we'd make better choices.

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Patrick Willis narrates:


robert said...

Visible One,

Like a Hendrix riff, your wordplay wails!
Thank you again brother, for the warm wind from heaven's gate!

UNDERSTAND THIS; they do evil for the sheer joy of it

Let us not let the hounds of hell hijack yet another word to confuse the contrast we crave to steer our minds to heart's home!

Why call it joy when those possessed by the dark hole pole are driven mad with pleasure inverted ?

Their hijacked nervous system wired by mental absence to feel pleasure from other's pain and pained by human joy
CANNOT access any form of joy for themselves, only the cheap thrill of being rung out by the thriller, using up life force in reckless abandon, running out of time double time!

Crank up the intensity of cheap nervous system excesses and a faux form of ecstasy is extracted, but not for the host, only for the hosting hell spawn riding herd on a helpless will.

It's a funny thing about hindsight, how we can see so clearly what we should have been and done. Foresight seems to be running a distant second to hindsight in these times. If we only knew that the easy way IS the hard way, we'd make better choices.

The game of thrills pales before the profound nature of our being.
Our local brain pan offers the illusion of endless distraction from our purpose.
Until we exhaust our lamp oil and face the darkness with which we smother our light in willful ignorance.

After we ty it our way long enough to know better, THEN we turn and listen to the only voice which loves us, quietly speaking in overtones to our discordant dismal self-story of life.

The simplicity of the solution to dissolve our accumulated bondage escapes our attention, as long we listen to what is familiar and habitual in our own mind.
To seek outside our perception and inside our will demands more desire than chasing phantom feelings.

So we dally while the time train leaves us alone at the station of the cross.

Where is our heart today?
Where is the love we wasted in worship of our false foolish notions?
Where is the One unchanging love which holds the life in us in the highest esteem?

We are here now for a purpose beyond our reckoning, just outside the shadow of our lonely self.
Someone is welcoming us home from our journey through the land of broken dreams.
Turn into who we are or die trying on other costumes....

G said...

Hindsight is 20/20?




-Japan Boy, Apophenio

Anonymous said...

Les, this vrindavan place, it awakens divine love in the heart. It just can't be described

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It Amounts to No More than Idiot Winds Blowing Off of the Shores of the Sea of Uncertainty."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks again so very much Dear Les.



Joseph Brenner

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