Friday, July 09, 2021

"The Creeping Insanity in the Hijacked Minds of the Out-to Lunch Bunch."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Day by day, you see The Creeping Insanity comes more fully into its own, in the hijacked minds of the Out-to Lunch Bunch. NO LONGER THE BOSS... Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuce Springorangadangabeerstein is going to do a podcast with Obamabananadana. He's also DEMANDING that his misguided fans have the complete series of Death-Zines. At first, he wasn't going to let Astra-Zeneca Zombies into his Bruce on Broadway thing. Is he going to sing show-tunes? I'll bet he can do a light's out “I Feel Pretty.”

Once I saw those earrings become standard cosmetic appliances for him, I knew he had caught the Metrosexual Flu. They don't have a vaccine for that. I loved 2nd Cousin Brucie's work up to and including The River. After that, he moved to Beverly Hills and went Hollywood. It was cringe-worthy for me when I saw the last two documentaries about him (OF COURSE THEY WERE ABOUT HIM!). What embarrassments! Mr. Apocalypse is at work at every level of life and Bruce is no more immune to it than anyone else.

It's getting around to the final curtain call for Brucie. Mayhap the vaccine will see to that. It's time for a whole passel of INFLUENCERS to head to the other side. I see The Pope's name on The List. I see Little Georgie Sorrows. I had seen Rumsfeld. I don't see him anymore. I remember having one of those Doors of Perception moments when I was in Italy and I SORT OF did a remote viewing on the power players of the time and two of them stood out for me. First Obama was way darker spiritually than I had expected and Rumsfeld was a black hole, just a yawning emptiness. That got my attention for a minute or two, and then I moved on through the landfill.

I see Prince Sharles on The List and Dame Elton John. I see a great deal of suicide, almost like a group-grope kind of. (Young man! Do not end your sentences with a preposition!) It's a cultural thing, where they form ad hoc collectives, and ad ham-hoc collectives as well. Rumor has it that some of these events will be catered affairs like you would see in ancient Rome when the out-of-favor flavor was told to go and kill himself in his bath. That was a mostly patrician activity. Now we've going to get large hot tub events, or they could get one of those heated coils that they use in prisons for warming up coffee, except they would need one about ten feet long. Plug it in and drop it into the Olympic size pool and call all your friends for a departure party. Yes... I am being SOMEWHAT facetious here, but only somewhat. I fully expect to see Suicide become a trend. Coming events will create the motivation.

I see Lady Gag-Me's name. She should check out soon after her final recording entitled “Died that Way”

Heaven's Gate is opening, into the fields of answered prayer. Out of the prisons of Disneyland, out of the television's eye, up through the tunnel of mortality to The Light up Ahead, the light up ahead.

They are talking about Coming for You! They are looking to hire an army of door knockers, using the Jehovah's Witness model. It's worked so well all these years. You know what they say... “if it ain't broke, steal it.” They are REALLY serious about getting everybody on The Death Train. I think a lot of it has to do with creating an organic 5G portal out of you. That's why all those magnetics are in the vaccine and people can stick spoons to their skin and impress their friends. It's a step up from lighting your farts, so that's evolution for you.

I see a lot of names on this list. Sure... they are all going to die anyway, but perhaps sooner than they think. None of them think they are going to die anyway. Otherwise, they would NOT do what they do. I seem to remember the stork of Dharma asking one of The Pandava Brothers what the greatest mystery in life is. He said, “it is that men see others dying all around them and do not think that they themselves will die”; power of The Dreamscape is what it is.

I'm not going to list any more names. Something doesn't feel right about that. Of course, I could be wrong... Nah... heh heh.

It is about time for The Pope and some number of other agents of darkness to ♫ break on through to the other side ♫ The Supernal Realm has a Destiny Clock and some of the names are in red, not black. I do realize those are the colors of the religion they all belong to. There are blocks of names in red. Most of them don't ring a bell. I'm guessing they are The Boys in the Back. No way of telling if they are still boys, or making a cross-feces transition to a lower order of being. If you don't think Heaven operates with a surgical precision, you are not paying attention.

Hey! It's The Petri Dish. Sometimes I have to get out on a limb before I saw it off. I have included a great many links, which I don't really want to comment on, but my posting them should be comment enough. There are, in fact, so many links I have to split them up for two postings. So if there are links missing that you think should be there, I'll have them up on Monday, provided I am not on The List and unable to do any further posting. Sooner or later, I am going to be asked to take an ACTUAL walk that I won't be coming back from, (not immediately anyway) and I am VERY grateful about that. Maybe I can do something like The Dread Pirate Robert did. We'll see.

None of these things matter, not really. It doesn't matter if Bruuuuuuuuuuuuuce stays around or checks out. He has all the lasting capacity of an automobile hood ornament from one of his early songs. History is not kind to most artists, especially the really successful ones who bend a trend or two and... having bent themselves appropriately (or inappropriately) they last for a few seasons and then it's as if they were never here. I feel truly sorry for Brucie. I feel sadder than I might have after seeing those last two documentaries. Bob Dylan and some others are going to be in the human memory for a much longer time.

I'm guessing there are people out there who don't like Bob Dylan. Someone was raging at me in ALL CAPS over at The Truthseeker about the last Origami (I think that was the one). He was slathering on, in virtual red-face, about Phoenician Jews. He took exception to my mention of The Beatles being visited briefly by angels. This is a COMMON event for INSPIRED artists, whether they are aware of it or not. We don't SEE THEM so, certainly, it isn't happening. Materialists don't believe in angels. I have direct evidence of them, so they can wail out of the back winds of the atmosphere they weave in their passing. I probably won't notice. Somehow he connected The Beatles with Phoenician Jews. I am guessing he is one of those people that read certain writers, like Zecharia Sitchin and get all their talking points from them, rather than engaging in tedious Self-Inquiry.

People... I don't know anything about Phoenician Jews, or Annunaki, or Reptile shapeshifters, or those people in the volcanoes that L. Ron Hubbard conjured up for the Science Fiction crowd. L Ron was a really terrible writer but that's beside the point. He took his fantasies and wove them into a facsimile of reality, appropriate to his poisoned imagination. He used to sail around on his Big Boat with a slew of vacuous but superficially pretty women. ALL OF THEM had signed Billion Year Soul Contracts to serve The Man in the afterlife, like the servants killed when a Pharaoh dies, so they can serve him in the world beyond. I think they killed the pets too. I don't think L. Ron iced the ladies.

There was a BIG earthquake near Lake Tahoe. Interestingly, I have been getting internal readings that concern the Lake Tahoe area for some time. Hmm... no one thinks too much about Lake Tahoe when they think about big quakes (or do they?). Dutchsinse says that the next rumble will be down San Diego Way.

I didn't say much about God today, did I? Well... if we make God Real, we become real also. Let's leave it at that for the moment. We'll have Origami on Monday and that will be a stadium full of words about God.

Planetary rainbows break upon the shore. I see a mysterious island, rising from the mist, rising like a curtain, halfway across the ocean of life and death. Moving out of the darkness, a spiraling stairway around a column of light. Easy does it, steady as she goes, Easy does it, you are very close to The Light Up Ahead...

End Transmission.......

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I get the strangest feelings when I see a picture like this one of Bloomberg. He looks like his soul has been sucked out of him=


Anonymous said...

You stuck around until 'The River'?
I ran away after 'Born to Run'. Lolol....


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, you have out done yourself on this one.
Best one yet. Keep em coming. LMAF.
Bruce Springstein, was he riding his Harley?
Who paid to make him famous?
'That's why all those magnetics are in the vaccine and people can stick spoons to their skin and impress their friends. It's a step up from lighting your farts, so that's evolution for you.'
What do you think about poor old Eric Clapton?
Life just isn't fair is it?
Maybe you should start a 'late night' show, I'd watch for sure.

Anonymous said...

"...I don't know anything about Phoenician Jews, or Annunaki, or Reptile shapeshifters, or those people in the volcanoes that L. Ron Hubbard conjured up..."
Thank God for that, Visible. Wasn't what I was looking for prior to 2006.
There was plenty of frog-kissing prior to my finding your blog.
So gratefully happy for these wonderful posts of yours! And the comments, too.

Much love,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Quite an amusing piece. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

The devil is gonna hang from his own gallows.

Ray B. said...

Since this is a Petri Dish, an excellent short article by Miles Mathis on who is really pulling the strings...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Whole of Existence is a Case of Possession. All the Way to Kingdom Come."

Asil said...

Bob Dylan lyrics are extraordinarily beautiful poetry. The only other lyrics that have that exceptional beauty are yours. I do wonder what your impression was of the old interview with Ed Bradley and Dylan. Dylan states that he is tired of performing and Ed asks why he continues. Dylan then states because he made a deal with the devil.



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