Wednesday, July 14, 2021

"The More Intensely You Love God, the More Heaven Opens for You."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... it is going off all over the place these days. South Africa is in freefall. Very strange events are going on in Academia.

There... we seem to have a merger of Virtue Signaling and Hypocrisy in equal measure. Meanwhile, ♫ the streets are alive with the sound of madness ♫ I could wonder at things like that. Is there a Manchurian Candidate Army now loose in the urban jungles? Is it random? Is it a bad reaction to toxic culture? Have the days of a Stand on Zanzibar come at last? I don't know but I think it is what happens when moral decay begins to dance on the avenues. When traditions fail at last. When religious systems are drained of all virtue. When our leaders are spiritually bankrupt and utterly corrupt, this is what you get. This is NOT how it was in King Janaka's time. Then again, we do not have a King Janaka.

Recently... Mr. Apocalypse is getting directly hands-on. I'm going to leave out the rest of the links and put them at the end. I sense that putting a lot of links in a posting tends to interrupt the natural flow and I began leaving them for the end. Today, for whatever the reason, there are a few here, in the beginning, to set the stage for what is to follow. There are interesting links concerning COVID and the Vaccines, which is a great name for a rock group. I'll put them in their own grouping. I am choosing these links carefully for your attention, or they have been sent to me by a professional. They form a real-world picture of present and EMERGENT trends. Okay... the pedestrian concerns are handled, on with the show!

You should be able to see it falling apart in slow-motion and time-lapsing sequences IF you are anywhere near the more concentrated population centers. This includes suburban enclaves as well. It can be troubling to watch people abandon their Reason and lose control of themselves. As we have mentioned any number of times, you are surrounded by invisible entities at all times, and some of them, and maybe a lot of them, depending on your behavior, are seeking to hijack your being for joyrides. This is of critical importance to us but seldom does anyone even become aware of it or show any interest in it. “It will make me look crazy!” Being crazy is a whole other animal than looking crazy, though I admit they often go together. The ones you really need to look out for are the ones who don't appear to be crazy.

I want to return again to the idea that we are ALL possessed in one fashion or another. The single most important aspect of this is that you can CHOOSE who and what it is that possesses you. Artists are possessed with their imaginations and what they envision. I once spent 24 hours in Dupont Circle Park writing a poem. I assume I was under the spell of Black Beauties. I can't remember having done anything but write the poem during that time. It came to 80-some pages and eventually became condensed, and then... I think it was forgotten (grin). My point is that we can get caught up in an idea and that is a form of Possession. There are good ideas and bad ideas. There is self-interest and selfless interest.

One MUST recognize one particular FACT about Self-Interest and Selfless-Interest. They are both roads and they both lead somewhere. You have to give serious consideration to this. Selfless-Interest is The Way of Heaven. Self-Interest goes in another direction. Many... given the choice, consciously choose the way of Self-Interest because it is directly tied to Appetites and Desires. The level of Materialism also weighs in on a person because it shapes the world around them. It takes a near superhuman effort to turn away from this path that so many others are on. Were it not for Divine Assistance, I don't think anyone would be successful at it, Furthermore, you have to want this, and wanting this involves the discipline of Not Wanting. It's not for everyone.

Why would I choose this path? Everything else has dissatisfied me. Everything else lacks a certain indefinable something that makes life worth living. Without it, my life is empty. This may not be so clear in one's youth but the older one gets the more one is made aware of this. It explains so many people in the rocking chair of regret on their front porch at the end of their life... if they have a porch. The youth-FULL are looking ahead. The elders are looking back. Neither of them is looking at NOW. This is humanity's relationship with Time. It is the tool by which we measure our suffering. What about children? Ah... yes... they are in the NOW.

It's puberty that affects the transition in children. It splits and divides the world. This leads to all the mating rituals and entanglements that follow. Some things that are very easy to get into are very hard to get out of. It took me most of my life to get back to where I was when I was free for a few brief years. After that, I continued to behave as if I were free and it pissed people off, especially girlfriends (ALERT! Hetero-normative gender explicit language in use. If you are triggered... hmm... who cares?)

This happens to everyone but differently in each case. Some knuckle right under from the get-go. Some fight the good fight all life long. Most make whatever degree of compromises life forces on them, or that is how they imagine it, that life did it to them. They did it to themselves. We all do, but it takes a level of bravery to acknowledge it and take responsibility for it. I don't see it as being noble and it certainly doesn't get treated that way. I see it as an essential survival skill. How can I ever get out of what I've gotten into unless I understand that it is I who got me here? Also... it makes your cry for help from Heaven sincere.

The World is going to get VERY rocky for a time. It is possible that places will disappear or become unlivable, except for those who can survive there. Buzzards and eagles, cockroaches, and honey bees have different priorities and flourish in different environs. In some places the jackals get fat. In the Iran-Iraq war, hundreds of thousands, millions even (over time) died and there was no way to deal with the corpses in places where one could well become a corpse. As a result, rats grew to as much as 27 pounds. That is nature responding to opportunity. Very hard and very bad things have happened on this planet and they may happen again in this transition period. Tamerlane used to build concrete walls with people trapped in them. They cried and screamed until they died. I could tell you horrible tales but I will stop here.

It does not mean any of these things are going to happen to you, but they could well happen to someone. These are uncertain times and certain demonstrations are called for. This will involve those committed to the experience, either by Karma or Desire. Make yourself a friend of Heaven, NOW! How does one do this? It is a simple matter. Behave as if you were in The Kingdom of Heaven and carry it wherever you go. If you need a literal guidebook then take the life of Jesus Christ as a model, or Buddha, or any number of examples that are to be had. Paramhansa Yogananda is a good example and he has had a marked influence on my life, as has Mikhail Aivanhov and Swami Vivekananda. You MUST have an Ideal. This is what inspires your spiritual evolution. Act as if you are in Heaven and you will be in Heaven, following the mandatory probation periods, which... again... vary according to the Karma of the person.

I am putting in the links that I include because they are snapshots of the times, and they are INDICATORS of the direction of the culture. Think of it as signposts and directional guides. Avoid places that are trouble zones, unless you have a Samara appointment and you won't know about that until you get there. If I had the funds, I would build a completely self-sufficient living space with Geothermal and other energy sources, in some rural zone backed up against national parklands. In the meantime, I carry with me all that I will need wherever I may be, as I am also carried by the one I follow, like a VW Bug in the slipstream of a tractor-trailer. Everyone sees their lives through the lens of whatever authority they have put in charge of it. Usually... this is themselves, and God is perfectly okay with letting people do this. How else are they going to find out?

I choose to leave my life COMPLETELY in the hands of the ineffable, come what may. At the same time, I try not to be stupid. It is an act of teamwork, this Dancing with the Divine. Certain things are in our court. Life is testing, which leads to refinement, which leads to ever greater and greater refinements, and it is shaped by what you love. In some cases, uninspired refinements lead to Pretense and self-importance. I advise against these states. One should NEVER lose the sane perspective that they are nothing in the scheme of things, while... at the same time, being a harmonious part of it all.

It is always a good idea to be Mindful. There are certain times when it is a necessity and the difference between suffering and sanctuary. We give lip service to The Divine but this does not impress God. I suspect, though I do not know, but... I STRONGLY suspect that what impresses God is Purity, Humility and Gratitude. Above all is LOVE, of course, and the more intensely you love God the more Heaven opens for you.

End Transmission.......

Some links in sections=

Covid and the Vaccines
(now appearing in The Hollywood Toilet Bowl)

South Africa

Here are various items, some might be vaccine or South African centric but most of them are EVIDENCE of Wack=


Ray B. said...

Vis, a very 'explanatory' column. Thanks! Thoughts brought-up by this column:

Vis: "Everything else lacks a certain indefinable something that makes life worth living."

One can actually find different ways to follow that sixth sense. The 'beacons' will be different for each person. In effect, it is re-training the brain to use a known physical sense to hop-onto non-physical phenomena. In my case, it has to do with "depth." I will look at someone or something, and have an intuitive sense of an invisible depth (or not); of 'something' receding into-the-distance about them (or not). This sense-of-depth (or not) is the brain's makeshift-equivalent for spiritual advancement or higher happenings. Call it the brain placing an additional 'dimension' onto an object/person. It is probably another variation of Synesthesia. It is very useful in finding "a certain indefinable something that makes life worth living..."
Vis: "It's puberty that affects the transition in children. It splits and divides the world. This leads to all the mating rituals and entanglements that follow. Some things that are very easy to get into are very hard to get out of."

As I mentioned in a recent PD comment, Joseph Chilton Pearce's The Magical Child mentions that each person is meant to have 'modeling' available for that individual to expand into his/her next Stage. Right now, our society basically 'dumps' a person into puberty and leaves them there for the rest of their life. Higher 'modeling' is more-or-less not available not available for the average person; much searching is required. Hence, 'mature' people may still be stuck in the "mating rituals" Stage. Maybe, Mr Apocalypse will remedy that...
Vis: "You MUST have an Ideal. This is what inspires your spiritual evolution."

Yes, very true. I would add that it is most 'useful' to have both a far-off Ideal and some Teacher who is only a few levels above you in Consciousness. (It is hard to teach calculus to a third grader.) Ask for the Universe/Source/God/etc. to send you the Teacher most appropriate for you Now, and be aware of the 'hints' that this is the person you asked-for. And, check your Intuition for fakes/bad-guys; they can 'hear' your Call, too. (Note that the Teacher may be invisible to you - but very Present - if you require a 'specialized' Teacher. Act accordingly.) Learn as much as that Teacher can develop-in-you. (Note that a lot of this is just Remembering what you previously Knew.) Then, when you have reached his/her/its 'level', give thanks to them and ask again... (And, be aware that You may be asked to be a Teacher to others just 'behind' you.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
I have been thinking about the vaccine, it could be that those who show signs of magnetism were given jabs that were not stored at the correct temperature. This means they formed clumps that stayed in place at the injection site. Those that dont show signs of magnetism have had the (particles? whatever?) spread all over. just a thought

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Love, PROPERLY EMPLOYED, is an Absolute Defense Against Them. It is Their Kryptonite."

Anonymous said...

Visible I am grateful for your site and the comments section. I feel it is a place of solidarity. We may all come away with something slightly different from your writings but it seems we are never too far apart. I received a book in the mail yesterday from a family member. American Marxism by Mark Levin. Its a heartbreaking read. You always say one of the greatest privileges is to be born in a human body. Well here we all are, many of us are from the USA. Those of us that are not are experiencing the same situation in their own countries. On the surface it is a terrible evil that is attempting to steal away life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and under the surface it is a scheme to steal our very souls. The Avatar is desperately needed to help us. I pray the time is now because I do no think the country or the world can last until another election. The entire world looks to US as a bastion of freedom , a world that God Himself has created for us.
We are loosing that world and this country daily due to the evil that is spreading so quickly. All I can do is urge your readers to pray . I feel I can do that here because of who you are and your beliefs. Its wonderful as Chris said in the last Smoking Mirrors comment to be able to shut this off and live in pure Faith but many of us are not wired that way or perhaps we feel we cannot stand idly by and just let God take care of it all. After all He works through us. Please continue to give us Faith and Hope as I see not other way. Evil seems to hold all the powers and all the cards. Divine Leadership is needed with no time to waste.

Visible said...

Mark Levin is one of the smartest and most courageous of people. He tells the truth, like it or not. He's about as sharp as they come and on the right side of the issue, whatever issue it may be. I will hear about this from someone; praising a Jew... but I have met more of them than most people and what I have experienced is that they represent some of the best and the worst among us. Unfortunately, it is mostly the worst, but I chalk that up to Materialism. It acts on them like Catnip-Crack and they can't help themselves. When this single feature is not in the equation they can be a marvel. There's a reason for this but it's occult, and those who try to explicate it get tied up in knots.

Jolly Roger said...

I can haez Wakanda and a pony if mommygov loves me?
Here is my arm please jab me. (not)
El Vee have you seen the photos of those who got the kill shot err I mean jab and celebrated it with a tatoo?
Bwahaha! Mr Apocalypse just take a bow, bravo Kind Sir, Jolly good Show!



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