Friday, July 30, 2021

"It's Nature's Way of Helping Us Out by Remembering Which Way we Came In."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Something VERY odd is taking place in the Dis-United States of America. Everywhere you turn, there are talking heads with shrill and strident voices, panicked eyes, and bad hair, who are speaking from a hidden teleprompter, and they all say the same things, and they are all provably WRONG!

The NEW mask-hysteria is operating in an automatic clamp-down fashion. These are people who are told what to say and told what to do. They are not leaders and legislators. They are people who are told what to say and do. If you EVER doubted the existence of a Deep State, doubt it no more. You might not be able to see them but you can see what they say and do, through their agents on the ground.

The Mindless Babbler, hard-ridin' Biden has been put away wet-brain style. If ever there were someone who needed to forget the things they did, he's on the shortlist. He is also on The Short Bus. It's Nature's Way of helping us out by remembering which way we came in.

We now know, conclusively, that the past presidential election was out and out fraud. Have you not wondered why it is that so many bright minds on The Other Side have stepped back and self-muted? There are people at every level of government and cultural prestige. There are MANY souls now imprisoned for having gotten caught up in a Deep State operation at The Capitol, which was being run by FOREIGN and DOMESTIC intelligence services, in tandem with The FBI and local law enforcement. We also now know this conclusively. Federal law enforcement is CRIMINAL

The MAIN PROBLEM is Stupid People. Materialism makes people stupid AND selfish, and you can see it in operation any day, especially in urban settings. Let's say you have a kitchen at your place in the city. The sink is loaded with dishes and fast food containers. It's been like that for some time. As a result, an entire culture (and I do mean... Petri Dish culture) has risen within the ruins of recent, and not-so-recent feasts. They get VERY busy when the lights are off, BUT... when you turn the lights on you see them scurry and scramble for safe harbor. American Culture is like that kitchen sink.

An apocalypse is like the kitchen lightcoming on. You didn't realize the trouble you were in until you wereable to see it. Times of Apocalypse are times of SEEING. You don't have to work at seeing it. The seeing comes as an accessory of The Apocalypse. Unless you have been in an apocalypse at some previous time (and you have not, not in THIS life) then you are unaware that The Apocalypse comes IN STAGES. Each one is more powerful and comprehensive than the stage preceding it. Apocalypses are Cosmic Events, they are not of human construct. They arrive at appointed times. Every so often, but not very often, A Grand Apocalypse occurs, and it doesn't back off until its work is done.


So it is that a cabal of different, loosely affiliated, gangster coalitions, banded together to orchestrate a series of events, in order to perpetuate the state of Stupid. One thing you can know about Stupid is that it is EASILY LED. This explains the COVID NONSENSE and The Killer Vaccines. The chemistry of the vaccines is like time bombs, set to GO OFF at a later date. The migrant surge, also orchestrated by these gangster coalitions are a part of the scheme and the blatant arrangement of dropping migrants off at different parts of the country, who have been PROVEN to be affected by COVID, are left untreated (not that it actually needs treatment) and can be compared to LAUGHING IN YOUR FACE.

There is NO sane nor reasonable justification for the deranged and mentally ill to be permitted to camp on public beaches for THE PURPOSE of intimidating the people who come there, or have businesses beach-side. Billions are poured into this rank Stupidity, and there are NO IMPROVEMENTS and no end in sight. Except for those few victims of The System who couldn't manage through these trying times, the REST OF THEM are drug and alcohol crazed, or just crazy or lazy. This ENTIRE nation-wide drama is being INTENTIONALLY caused and arranged by Low Satanists in High Places, with compromised Powers and Principalities.

Okay... enough with The Bad News. Considering what I have viewed in recent times, I have included VERY LITTLE of it here. From sociopathic gender-bending to the pressure of social media to conform to the unconformable, and from sorrow to despair; from dark to darker, THEY have and continue to be active like the denizens of that culture in the sink.

I am becoming more and more sure that certain forces are letting the present administration bury itself in the fecal tracks of history. It's an Ali rope-a-dope, going on out of view, just as do the machinations of The Dark Side. They are going to let it get worse and worser (nice syntax, visible) until someone, or several someones' come riding in on a (racist) white horse (Like Kalki).

It is easy to doubt the powers of Heaven when you see Hell on Earth, gestating like those pods in the film, Alien. It's easy to lose your faith and your way in these slippery times. You SHOULD know better. Yes... this is an intense drama, and when you are only out for yourself to begin with, the future looks increasingly grim. Don't let it get you down. There is more than enough power in YOU ALONE to banish ALL of the forces of darkness closing in, at least in your own auric envelope.

Here we see the essential nature of Karma and the densities of Samskara that inhabit your consciousness. For some, it is their Karma to be blind and oblivious and Materialism greatly affects this state of mind. Some eyes, and hearts, WILL NOT open. The complexities and intricacies of WHY are beyond my ability to expand on here. It might be very hard to imagine a Golden Age appearing out of this climate of confusion, BUT... it will. Certainly, not everyone will be present for this. They are not present for it now, nor shall be in these times. They are headed for The Wardrobe Department on The Moon. They will be meta-scientifically suited up for a series of lives in the age to come. It is The Way of Things.

People can argue about these issues till the breath leaves their bodies. So many of us are caught up in our own arguments with ourselves, BEFORE we begin to argue with others. We can't hear The Still Silent Voice Within. The clamor is too much. Many do not care one way or the other. They want what they are after and THEY WANT IT NOW! Parts of the country are becoming uninhabitable by anyone still sane. An intelligent mind might think it UNWISE to be there. They've shut down The World so there is nowhere to flee to, UNLESS... you have MONEY. That's no guarantee of a good outcome either.

Underground warrens are being built in this country and around The World for the wealthy to hide in when the time comes, as it SURELY WILL for them. That is Karma too. You can't escape your Karma but you can meet it ahead of time, and there is ALWAYS the chance that some compassionate being might release you from your obligations as such. This has happened many times already but you don't hear about it on the news.

There ARE portals to other planes of existence. There ARE real sanctuaries. There ARE powerful agencies working on our behalf RIGHT NOW. A sane person would seek to align themselves with one of these agencies whose sources are all the same. People, generally, are becoming less sane by the day. There are people so Stupid that they trust the government to look out for them. What we have is an intrusive, malign, and incompetent government. The titular head of this government says it all while saying nothing at all. He... and the randy porn-shop-Indian that plays backup to him, speak volumes about their credibility and ability. They are, as a cockney might put it, 'off their tits'.

I sincerely wish for it all to work out for everyone. This I KNOW cannot happen. Go the way of Heaven and Heaven WILL BE with you. As Lao Tzu said, though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.” Wherever you are being LED TO is where you will arrive at. The destination varies widely depending on who is doing the leading. It is IN YOUR HANDS to secure sanctuary if you choose. This may not include saving your life, but your life is far less important than you think. You pop in and out of existence for eternity, until you are able to opt-out of popping in.

The Christ said;

“Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the Law until all is accomplished.”

That's Karma! If in Christ you find the answer (and you can) then that is good. If... in The Amitabha Buddha, or Krishna, or another, you find the answer (and you can) then that is ALSO good. Each of them is a portal into an enduring Heaven, a place for you to get your ongoing priorities aligned. You will have done much good work simply to get there. If your intention is righteousness, it is there to be found, AND all of it... the cosmos itself, in miniature, IS WITHIN YOU RIGHT NOW!!!

People have a truly hard time accepting and understanding that they have ONLY themselves to blame. The good news is that once you are no longer wrong, you are right. We are, en masse, caught up in a Bad Magic Show. We can step away at any time. If one door closes, another one opens.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Here is my refusal to participate in the madness.

I had a happy day yesterday.
One bank teller gave me a smile.
A smile was absent for a while.
A while ago, I handed him a hand towel with the supplements on it for the shots.

Helping one person at a time.

Anonymous said...

Be Not Afraid said...

LV a fam member who works at local religious hospital is allegedly contaminated from a vaxxed patient but she doesn't believe in the Jonestown COV-LARP or the depopulation vax.
She thinks it is punishment for not being vaxxed.
Read earlier that New Zealand is the best place for bolting out and I laughed out loud.
Not with that tranny freak PM or whatever it is.
Satan is the original hermaphrodite and he gets mad when you don't get scared.
Opened up the beautiful family Bible the other night to random passage and it said be not afraid.
Like you stated before there are cosmic guard rails and evil will always overplay its hand and consume itself.
The sanctuary is the mind and the gift from God of being able to see through the veil of evil selfish materialism madness.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Weeeeell, nothing I want can be obtained here, so I guess I'm good. I WANT MY DAYAM AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD!!!!!!!!!! NOT THE LIMITED ACCESS I HAVE, but that's better than nuthin'. A red nose hair coat would be icing on the cake.

Glad I don't have anything further vested in this disgusting realm. Just waitin' for parole from my 'life sentence'.

Sukh said...

Clif High's channel on bitchute:

The latest (July 30th) entry is pretty compelling.

Anonymous said...

As always, an uplifting read.

I miss Robert’s riffing...

robert said...

Visible One,

People have a truly hard time accepting and understanding that they have ONLY themselves to blame. The good news is that once you are no longer wrong, you are right. We are, en masse, caught up in a Bad Magic Show. We can step away at any time. If one door closes, another one opens.

We have the power and we are holding it back against our will!

How does the hookah-smoking caterpillar give us the cause?

The cause to linger in our seed form and delay the blossoming into who we are?

We may be granted the occasional vision which proves to our mind that there is infinitely more to existence than can be experienced through a limited self.

We may KNOW that the mathematical perfection of the manifest creation is proof of the essential Oneness and unity of all energy of Love in motion.

We grasp that though our personal experience of existence may be fractured, the shards can be reintegrated into an original idea of beauty.

Our stuck static moment:

Our mind divided against our best interest
Our emotional momentum, carrying so much baggage out of fear
Our physical limitations we create with every poisoned thought

These elements of friction delay our spirit's rising to meet the new day coming.

We stand on the small hill of our adult awareness and gaze at the grand illusion going down the drain while our spirit calls us to see with deeper intensity.

Beyond our projected phantom fears
Transcending our personal experience
Foregoing playing out yet another tragedy just to prove our unworthiness

Giving away our daily bread in obedience to a higher order of intelligence than our human intellect in bondage...

We hesitate in doubt at our peril.

When we jump off the diving board, launch ourselves down the hill on skis or snowboard, jump out of a perfectly good airplane, we have committed ourselves to a flow that CANNOT be stopped without dire consequences.

Our physical life is just like that.

But civilized abundance and leisure has built up habits in our automatic processing of our day.

We have been rewarded and trained to hold back.
Hold back the free flow of emotion
Hold back the free flow of thought
Hold back the free flow of spirit aiming us toward a true convergence of sovereign being into One

We have been programmed to serve the dictates of enslaved spirits, satisfied with a meager existence which is predictable all the way to the end.

What are we doing here that we can love with our single eye in eternity?
Who are we kidding with our pretentious play of deferred passion?

Will we embrace the absurdity of the Matrix of fear or the universal law of Love?

Every effort we expend to deepen our connection to our true self at the expense of our caterpillar shell helps lift creation into harmony with heaven.

Free our spirit first and then walk the way the Child of the One walks, for the harmonious outcome of all!

What other purpose can we find worth pursuing?

No more ignoring the call of our Spirit to be free of the madness of matter!

Relating to the Being beyond our limited sense of order is the loving thing to do.
Imagine the joy of awakened humanity returning to the scene of the crime, to solve it once and for all!

Is there any reason to stay imprisoned in the grand delusion when the ride home is waiting?

When we stop kicking and screaming long enough to pay calm attention to our inner guide, we know again the purpose of getting tangled up in blue, only to Houdini ourselves into the light of all colors.

This waiting on the awakening of a critical mass is getting old.
Se we renew our mind with a larger, higher, deeper perspective and see right through the projection of the ages.

Pop goes the weasel words of the deceiving drones!
On goes the power of love to reunite the pieces of the One dream held by many
Out goes the darkness, flushed into farther reaches of backwater, to be cleaned up in due time.

We are here to love our emotional nature out of bondage, with a mind to heal the pain and raise joy from the dead.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robert,
That was beautiful

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Either They go Down like Butchered Sheep, or They Rise at the Lifting of an Invisible Baton."

Anonymous said...

Thanks as always, Visible. A fine post and a tonic. You have done us a great service over these years. Much love to you, sir.



Joseph Brenner

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