Wednesday, August 04, 2021

"Something Truly Momentous is Taking Place, but The Minds of the Populace are Focused on Material Concerns."

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Perhaps you have heard that the 4th policeman that was present at the January 6th Domestic Intelligence Operation at The Capitol committed suicide. In very short order, four of them have now, allegedly, killed themselves. They weren't working for or against The Clinton's (I don't think). It would be interesting to know what their politics WERE, and their perspective on the event. Nonetheless, four policemen have killed themselves!?! (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) I wonder what is up with that?

As a result of including Dr. Gilbert's prophecy on vaccines in the last two postings, we were sent articles of greater explanation, and you can find them here, and you can find them here. They go into some detail about Rwanda. I had no idea such a thing had happened. This makes me ponder all the rest of the things I don't know about. How can I ponder them if I don't know about them? That's a good question.

Obviously, and not so obviously, there is much going on here that we do not know about. This does not stop a good portion of us from having an opinion on these matters. Last night, I watched a documentary film on the Woodstock Festival; not the original festival but the Woodstock 99: Peace Love and Rage Festival, which featured all the nihilistic cretins that were performing at the time. If you have not seen this film, I HIGHLY recommend that you do so.

I played at the Woodstock 20 event, which had none of the sorts of entertainers that later appeared at this concert, which took place at an abandoned military base. There were also more than ten times as many attendees. I lived in Woodstock when Michael Lang, Peter Goodrich, and one other fellow whose name I can't remember were planning the original concert. I wanted no part of it and went to Kalifornia instead. At the time, I was actually living at a commune on Ohayo Mountain Road that was financed by this club owner, Jerry Schultz from NYC. He owned Slugs, which was the premier jazz venue of the time. All the greats passed through there. I knew Jerry Schultz, and my friends and I sometimes stayed at his apartment in The City. He was a Gurdjieff follower.

A number of groups and people came through the commune during that time who were all involved in some aspect of the coming festival. There was The Hog Farm and The Rainbow Family. I had just gotten out of 22 months of confinement, which took up the last couple of months of 67, all of 68, and half of 69. I had spent most of that time meditating and reflecting, only to find myself in this free love zone of depraved and carnal know-it-alls. There was also a selection of self-appointed gurus with their harems. I was so put off by these people that I wanted nothing to do with their concert. I wound up, instead, at (Irony Alert!) Altamont, which had a crowd equal to the original Woodstock Festival, and the Woodstock 99 festival. It went South in a big way, just like the 99 concert.

I try to shy away from criticizing people I have met but in this instance, telling the truth is imperative. I had met Michael Lang on several occasions, just as I had met Albert Grossman and sundry rock stars. For whatever the reason, I had become friends with members of certain musical groups and name entertainers. This led, inevitably, to my running into most of the other self-important types by the process of being in particular company. Right from the start, I did not like Michael Lang. I had met people who were full of themselves now and again, BUT... he was an exception even among them. This little Prince of the Tribes had all the mannerisms of a sociopath and I watched him the way an entomologist watches bugs.

What most people do not know is how Lang became seriously rich. Yes... the concerts had been a source of revenue for him but he made the real money another way. He had some kind of arrangement with a major record label to discover talent. So it was that he heard Billy Joel in a club and signed him to a 7-year contract. Lang's end of the affair was to get 25% of every dime Joel made in those 7 years. You understand that that was also the period of Billy Joel's greatest earnings. I never met Billy Joel so I don't know what his feelings were about the matter.

Therefore, it came as no surprise to me that Lang put on a concert like this and did it as badly as he did. Any fool would have known there was going to be trouble with Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the Machine, and Metallica playing one after the other. You will see what these buffoons got up to on stage. Mind you, I was front and center for Mick Jagger's Satanic dance at Altamont. You could say that Mick was motivated, given that some lout had punched him in the mouth on his way to the stage.

The American Intelligence community, which was responsible for sending poisoned LSD into the crowd at Altamont, in bottles of cheap wine, as well as pills, got what they were looking for. It was the drugs that opened the eyes of so many of us, and the CIA decided that chemically altering those Doors of Perception would open the Gates of Hell. They also flooded the culture with hard stuff as well, in the following times. People can seek to argue with me about this, and it will have the usual result of my not being present for it. I know what I saw and what I HAVE SEEN SINCE.

If you want to understand a part of why life has become so twisted in these times, watching this film will help you. The people at that concert are now in middle age, and have risen to places of authority since; some of them anyway. The music of the nineties; what little I heard of it, was rich with whining, and angst, despair, and indifference to the plights of anyone but themselves; having grown up through The Me Generation.

Fred Durst was one of the most repulsive characters I have seen. He's another chickenshit coward doing his public dance on Safe Street. The entertainment industry has moved on from mere selfish regard in all things to pure sociopathy in the present. These people live in a bubble of sycophants and Nodwells. Conditions are even worse now than they appear to be.

I don't think about any of it much. I see it taking place at a distance. I see the trends and the patterns that are what I pay attention to. I thank Heaven and the Illuminated for their presence here at this time and I leave all of it in their hands. Details are not my concern. I don't handle the details. As a result, my problems are non-existent by comparison to what was once the case.

There is a greater point to all of this that I am trying to get to. Anything could happen in these times. We've already had the country locked down for a year for NO REAL REASON AT ALL. They did it because they could, and it is a part of their pattern to achieve absolute control over the lives of everyone else.

There is this subtle tremor in the Aethers that Trump might be returning sooner than expected. Perhaps the whole of the preposterous nonsense we have been witnessing is all part of an extremely complex plot. It could be time for the rise of The Benevolent Dictator, who is FORCED to do what he must to bring circumstances to a better state. By this point, much of the country would welcome him with open arms. Might that have been the idea in the first place?

I am not inclined to trust the former president these days because of his support for the vaccines. How could he not have known, even though the jury is still out for many? He did recommend Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine initially, and he might have had bad advisors. Certainly, he trusted people he should not have trusted, BUT... something is off about it all. I don't know what that is but I do know that it is.

My friends, The Divine is VERY REAL. So is the Invisible Hierarchy. Because we cannot always see the positive forces in action, we need Faith. Indeed, difficult situations are a testing ground for your faith. Heaven is not for wimps and whiners. You must be stalwart and enduring. That is how you are tempered in the fires of Heaven. That is how your metal is forged. These are assuredly times that try our souls. Something truly momentous is taking place, but the minds of the populace are focused on material concerns.

It doesn't matter if fighting the good fight costs you your life. Your life is ALREADY forfeit, and you get another, and another, and another, and so on, anyway. I was reading Master Aivanhov the other night. I read him every night before I retire. He taught in the years between the '40s and the '80s. A couple of nights ago, I came upon a statement by him. He said;

“Whereas, as things stand at present, amongst all the spirits that incarnate these days, only a handful comes from Heaven. All the others come straight from Hell. This is because the doors are closed to Heavenly Spirits: they cannot incarnate in bodies that have been prepared in conditions of evil and chaos.”

This is from the last chapter in “Spiritual Alchemy, Book 2” (he made this statement in 1969. Consider how much it must have progressed since.)

Consider what he said as it may apply to this music festival, and to the events that have transpired in the last several decades.

In the previous chapter on Spiritual Galvanoplasty, he noted that people who are around each other grow to look like each other. This also applies to dogs and their masters. Whatever images you focus on, you will come to resemble. This is why I have pictures of the masters all through my studio workplace, and in my heart and mind. Imagine this goes deeper, so that the qualities that compose the image of what you most focus on will come to be present in you as well. There is more value to be had in this single chapter than in a library of books.

Do NOT complain that no one listens, or cares about you. You have no idea what forces and entities surround you, AND THE NATURE and QUALITY of those forces, and entities, are directly related to your mental and emotional processes, and the acts you commit. At one point, Jesus Christ said, “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” He WAS NOT talking about two or three other people. He was talking about your will, your heart, and your mind. Wherever they are gathered in a united resonance, there the spirit of God is present. This also was said by Master Aivanhov.

May the light of God shine upon you, and may you be ever drawn to The Blessed Spheres.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, thank you for walking us through parts of your past. Wild times...

That Master Aivanhov quote jives with what Higher Self and I initially experienced. The 'local' unseen bad-guys appreciably outnumbered the 'local' unseen good-guys. As such, some unseen bad-guys could 'tie up' the unseen good-guys, leaving the field free for the remainder of the unseen bad-guys to cavort at will. This, of course, is a recipe for a falling/failing 'seen' culture. Perfect for incarnating bad-guy spirits...

As many here may know, the energetic/spiritual conditions at conception tend to 'precondition' who wants to come-in, on average. It is kind of a 'matching'. So, we have been getting a bunch of iffy incarnations. (On the other hand, if someone is on a 'mission' - good or bad - he/she/it may just take the hits and incarnate with whomever is available.)

The good news is that the number of 'local' unseen bad-guys has been whittled-way-down over the last decade or so by a massive group of unseen good-guys, who finally decided a supportive 'alliance' was better than random works. The local æthers are now basically under the control of good-guys, in a reversal of what had been. (Even better, lots of the bad-guys are now good-guys, thanks to the Cleaning process.)

Expect a lot of higher-consciousness incarnations over the coming years, as conditions switch to favor their 'matching'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot going on, both seen and unseen.
If the FDA approves this vaccine and makes it official then Humanity is in dire trouble. If enough people have awakened and say NO we may stand a chance. I have no clue where the masses are on this but I do know this could be the end. The Evil ones are pushing for the FDA to hurry up and not wait , the campaigns have been stepped up rigorously so maybe just maybe its a race against time. They are injecting the military now. So we will have either dead people or zombies trying to kill us or both .God Help US.

Anonymous said...

The Rwanda thing reminded me of the Zombie Preparedness page on the CDC's website complete with a "Graphic Novel" at the bottom. Predictive programming?

Anonymous said...

I've been watching nature lately, not too much different or out of the ordinary. Mostly heat and drought related.
As another anonymous poster said somewhere else at another time on another blog. So why worry? If I were to 'panic' what should I do? Grab my ankles? Or buy toilet paper?
Ever hear this music?
Seemingly out of nowhere...
BTW, the zombies are always trying to kill us ever since 'Night of the Living Dead' movie was produced.

Anonymous said...

Night of the living dead...
current state of affairs.
They are coming...

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

"Obviously, and not so obviously, there is much going on here that we do not know about. This does not stop a good portion of us from having an opinion on these matters."

"My friends, The Divine is VERY REAL. So is the Invisible Hierarchy. Because we cannot always see the positive forces in action, we need Faith."

Nice assessment.

I'm actually liking what is not being seen, also that we are not seeing what is universally unlikable: WWIII. Some keep trying though, and thus give themselves away.

Mr. Nah

No longer a Trump supporter said...

Trump is a Jew and an evil bastard working for the bad guys. I 100% believe that after looking at everything. You sound like you are on the fence about Trump but you should not have anything to do with Donald J. Trump. He should only be condemned. Trump is just a Jewish puppet on the Jewish stage doing what he is told to do. He is no different than Biden. He just wears a different color of tie. I have done many exposures of Trump on my Blog, including the one below. If you trust me then you will want totally abandon Donald J. Trump. He is not and never has been one of the good guys.

Visible said...

Look! You just got here No longer a Trump supporter. You've also been aggressive about cueing your work into my spaces. I don't know what your agenda is, but DON'T try to groom me to your way of thinking and certainly NEVER presume what is in my mind about ANYTHING OR ANYONE. You have no idea what goes on in my head except for what you read here. I have been very gracious to you. I extended you a courtesy I do not often extend. You probably didn't even see it. It has been removed and no longer exists. Do not tell me what to think and most especially do not put words in my mouth. I'm not on the fence about ANYTHING. I see the world and humanity differently than you and that is what you SHOULD be aware of.

This is all about promoting yourself here. I am going to ask you to cease and desist at this and try to be a little more circumspect before you come into someone's virtual lodges and start throwing your weight around. I made a fool mistake promoting you. It won't happen again.

It is starting to piss me off how people are on and on again about Trump and me. If you want to harass Trump supporters go to a Trump site. There are PLENTY of them. I am a God supporter. I have been to EXCRUCIATING pains here to inform people of my position about Trump and the alternatives. People are not allowed to stir shit here, nor to ride roughshod over me. I've been in some dangerous places in this world and no one has been able to do that yet.

brian boru said...

Hi Les,
Thanks again for your insights. I have been rereading 'Autobiography of a Yogi'. I found it interesting that a guru as far advanced as Mahasaya still had karma to work out ie when Babaji manifested the palace for him. I also was wondering if Yogananda, Babaji and those other advanced beings foresaw what would become of our world in the 21st century despite the spread of their message and of Kriya Yoga. When Yogananda went to the US in the 1920s it seems that the world was a more civilised place than it is now. I wonder if he and his message would be received now as well as they were then.
It certainly requires a lot of faith to keep the goal of self realisation to the centre of ones life in these times.
Best regards.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Brotherhood of Light and The Fellowship of the Initiates DOES EXIST."

Anonymous said...

To Brian boru



vegetarian, holding great compassion mantra and wanting to improve one self
will survive.

Anonymous said...

Another version:

”The mighty rivers will flood and lose harmony with their natural cycles, yet people will not take notice or feel concern. Extremes of climate will soon be taken for granted. Beings of all races will mix together at random, without regard for the noble and the mean. Their births and rebirths will cause them to sink and float, like feeding aquatic creatures.

Anonymous said...

Nilakantha Dharani (Great Compassion Mantra) in Sanaskrit.

Jamie Wave said...

I love you Les Visible. Thank you so much.



Joseph Brenner

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