Thursday, August 19, 2021

"I Guess it Depends on Who You Listen to and Who Spins the Tale You Prefer to Hear."

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I was speaking with the Step-Down Transformer for the ineffable yesterday. The conversation got around to Karma and why was that the device being used, apart from the obvious physics of it. Part of the discussion centered around the fact that people don't remember from one lifetime to the next so they don't know why they are paying for something.

I was told it is all about The Soul. The Soul does remember and all these events, painful and otherwise are about The Soul growing into ever greater densities of conscious light. It's all about The Journey of the Soul. Surely the mind can forget the details of a lifetime, but the soul does not and that is why Karma moves from life to life. The soul is always the witness and the soul who listens to Heaven is informed by the angels of God and the way made easy. There is much that travels in the subconscious as well, and that is like a knapsack filled with all the details of where you have been. Eventually, this is all revealed to you when you can finally handle knowing.

The most serious problem for ALL of us is that we starve the spiritual aspect of our being and feed the material, especially in Times of Material Darkness. This leads to no good results. This is why so many of us are unaware of the finer aspects of existence.

God is within you at all times. He can transform you into a turkey or a tulip. He can transform you into a God. He can do anything with you at any moment. That he might not seem to do anything at different times is something else, he is CERTAINLY capable of it, and much much more. To KNOW this within is to be on The Fast Track to Realization.

When you KNOW that he contains everything within him and that he is within everything, as well as apart from it, you are close to understanding, in a profound way, so as to be LIVING it. This is where you want to get to; when you are LIVING it. That in which “we live and breathe and have our being”, as Paul said. God IS present at all times, therefore celebrating the presence of God takes on a deeper meaning. The idea is to be resonant with Heaven and in harmony with ALL LIFE.

I try to be VERY careful of saying anything that I don't know to be true. You can be certain that I put considerable study into everything I comment on, and sometimes that involves long periods of time. It is one of the reasons I am not challenged on much because the one doing it should know that verification WILL be coming back at them. Some of which I speak, actually, a lot of which I speak, I DO NOT KNOW but I accept as being truth because it has been echoed by illumined and realized souls over the centuries. If it is out of Vedic Teachings it has a presumed verity from me.

Often I get an echo within when I seek an answer on something. It can cause me to continue or it can cause me to bypass something that might be out of my depth. When I say out of my depth, what I mean is that it is beyond my capacity to explain.

One thing I have noticed is that even to mention Donald Trump is to set certain people off. There really is something called Trump Derangement Syndrome. In my last posting, I didn't even mention him, just the election and the administration, as in before and after. There is video proof of election tampering in Detroit, Atlanta, and other places. There are numerous whistleblowers. There were all those ballots that hadn't even been mailed and never folded. There are, literally, thousands of examples. There is the shutting down of ALL of the battleground states when the president was well ahead. Then there are all the sneaky things that were going on while the balloting area was SUPPOSEDLY closed off. There is a great deal of video. I know this because I have seen it.

There is a global shutdown on the subject of election validity because this has been demanded by those who own and police the information highways. If there were no there-there then WHY... why are they fighting tooth and nail to obfuscate and deny access to the evidence? If you are following any of what has been and is happening you would be VERY familiar with this

The computers that did the count were on the internet. This was not permitted. I could go on and on and I don't have a dog in this fight, except for concern for the welfare of the country. I guess it depends on who you listen to and who spins the tale you prefer to hear. I do not have the luxury of that. I have to study and sift the evidence. It is like someone trying to convince me that Osama Bin Laden was involved in the 9/11 attacks. I know better.

It is not even close to being a mystery to me. I can see what the agenda is. I watched the creation of this COVID hallucination, which was for the sole purpose of getting rid of the president. I saw where Biden could not draw more than a few dozen people to his events and the president was getting many tens of thousands. I saw all of this with my own eyes. People disputing that there was electoral malfeasance have some sort of an investment in The Popular Mechanics version of events. It's not even a preponderance of circumstantial evidence. It's way past that and more and more it continues to be revealed.

People look at a particular thing with an Evil perspective. Others look at the same with a Good perspective. It is THE SAME THING but it is colored by the qualities of the mechanism perceiving it. I say Evil and Good. I mean these as hypothetical poles for the explication of a dance taking place between them.

Here is something on Peaceful and Wrathful Deities. It can help with understanding the poles of Good and Evil through the positions of Peace and Wrath. It is useful in the resolution of all seeming conflicts

In this link is greater meta-scholastic detail. The first link is VERY simplistic and the second requires greater focus and concentration, but you can just skim it. I want you to get the idea that whatever the tradition you worship in, and REGARDLESS of whether you believe this, that... or nothing at all, you are in the company of invisible entities appearing in the costume of the tradition you believe in. You cannot see them now because they are out of the bandwidth of the material senses, HOWEVER... when you depart, you WILL SEE THEM. This is something to keep in mind because you have control over who will be greeting you once you pass the gate. This is a serious matter and worthy of consideration. I assure you that not having prepared for it will result in something other than a trip to Disneyland or The Beach.

Many people talk about all kinds of things that they know second-hand through the opinions of others, or who fabricate perspectives. I've been running into some of these people for decades now. Mike Adams comes to mind, as well as his sidekick Alex Jones. They have a particular technique where they will tell you something that is true and it will be wrapped in lies. This I have seen, directly, over and over and over again. They are sensationalists and they make an obscene amount of money. I don't care about money. I have what I need when I need it and I ALWAYS will. I don't want much, so what I have is plenty. This is not the case with many who simply do not know how to stop once they are comfortable. They have to get MORE... and they will, but perhaps not as they imagine it. It SELDOM is.

Call it a peculiarity about me. Call it a blind-spot or whatever pleases you. Unless a writer or a speaker has God in the forefront of their presentation, even though it may be concealed, I have little real interest in them. I already know that they are operating out of the Personality. Sometimes it is attractive and sometimes it is not. Sometimes what they say is true in a relative sense and sometimes it is not. This world is a war zone of Personalities seeking supremacy over other personalities and positive headlines. I ONLY get the unvarnished truth about material or immaterial things from The Impersonal. Everything else is colored in a dramatic or subtle fashion.

If you work at it. If you make it a part of the way you look at things, you get to where you can see who and what is speaking through whatever vehicle is being employed for the transmission. You can see if you look. Scientists do this. They look. They look deeply, but they are looking ONLY at the physical expression and not at what is outside the parameters of the visible. Of course, mathematicians, and physicists do look around corners and theoretically muse upon this or that. HOWEVER... material scientists are blind to the most important features of life because they can't even see them; not with a telescope and not with a microscope. You have to travel into the metaphysical to see what is going on. You even have instruments for this, should you bother to employ them. Hunches and premonitions move on this highway.

Some understandings are beyond my grasp, and certainly, some systems are far too left brain for me. If there is wiggle room or room for doubt, I hesitate to grant it certitude. The jury is still out. Some considerations no longer have wiggle room or doubt in me. I have verified and confirmed them to my satisfaction. This does not mean anyone else should believe what I say, only that I do or I would not say it.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This seems to be an excellent time to be dead and waiting for the body to catch up. I almost feel sorry for those who live exclusively for this realm. How confining a way to exist.

Oh well. If people like living in Maya on steroids, I suppose that's their problem. After all, I don't want them in my life for more than absolutely necessary.

Anonymous said...

There are words that trigger rational people into blinded assholes. The words today are (less now) Trump and more so Covid. Whether Trump was a good guy bad guy or something in between has nothing to do with the fact the the election was stolen. I suppose as long as it was stolen for your guy its ok. How utterly stupid , short sighted and delusional. It’s the same with Covid. There is a narrative that everyone must stick to and most do. Even when the lying CDC or Fauci or WHO or whoever come out and finally tweaks the narrative its too late ,its has already been imbedded in the mind of the sheep. This is why I fear we will not get out of this upside down looney bin we are all living in. Because there are not enough people saying NO this is all BS and we are not going to take it anymore. But they don’t. Bin Laden story was ridiculous I don't know how any one could have believed it. And they buried his body a sea to disgrace him..of course they did(NOT) I am just old enough to know for me it started with the assignation of JFK. I was s15 at the time and knew on some level the story stunk to high heaven. I will say this.I am so grateful God gave me a brain that is able to think out of The box. why I should be the beneficiary of such a gift is beyond me. Maybe I did some things right in a prior life. I don’t know but I am grateful as I can be. It comes with a price though because I realize a lot people are not capable of thinking for themselves . Anyway. Thank for all your efforts. I always say that because I look to you for some hope.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very 'soulful' posting. Thanks!

Vis: "I was told it is all about The Soul. The Soul does remember... Surely the mind can forget the details of a lifetime, but the soul does not..."

The few times I have entered my Soul (and looked around), I could 'see' immense knowledge & wisdom accumulated over multiple lifetimes. The sheer volume gave it kind of a sacred feeling. We are ALL much more than The Usual Suspects would have us know...
Vis: "Eventually, this is all revealed to you when you can finally handle knowing."

As a by-product of my above 'visits', there was the overall knowing that "I" must have done innumerable deeds, from the darkest to the lightest. Intellectually, it is just part of the gaining of Experience - which leads to the building of Compassion, when you have Experienced both sides. However, there is a deep Sigh when you contemplate the 'darker' lifetimes which must have happened...
Vis: "...when you depart, you WILL SEE THEM. This is something to keep in mind because you have control over who will be greeting you once you pass the gate."

I have had this in the back of my mind whenever Higher Self is doing a Cleaning on some Unseen entity. Personally, I hope that these Cleanings will trickle-down to a beneficial 'background' atmosphere, Down Here. Replacement of the pain-based behavior of Unseen entities with pleasure-based behavior* can only be to the good of humanity. However, I have also wondered how these Cleaned entities will meet Ray at the Gate. Would they appreciate the Cleanings, or *ahem* otherwise? Higher Self says the former, so we will see...
On the political stuff, I keep a deeper viewpoint. My 'studies' of the Past have convinced me that there is a 'group' of long-lived (mostly physical) Beings who have been playing Humanity like a fiddle for thousands of years. They may have even 'adjusted' us to their liking. Within this 'control', any (s)election has been planned for several decades in advance. If one looks into Trump's background, one can see that he was being 'groomed' for almost his full life. The same with Obama. The same with Harris - Biden is a 'placeholder' for her. (Probably ALL 'movers-and-shakers' were on the chessboard, extending back into history.)

The above has been going-on because the original 'group' has persisted. My "Step-Down Transformer for the ineffable" (great term) says that a great 'net' has been cast, and is slowly being drawn-in. This 'group' is within that net...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
* (Using the emotion-precursors of pleasure & pain - stemming from acceptance and rejection - in the way I have previously described.)

Anonymous said...

Soul or the eighth consciousness does keep every detail of any event.
Also our past habits that make us think who we are.
Keep the good deeds and say sorry to the bad.

When the rushing energy of agony came up from my back, i learned that this person killed me some where in time. It happened twice, either he or she is right in from of my face or 12 hours flight away. Forgiveness is the knife to cut off the emotional attachments. It was a time of struggle.

We need to be very very careful with our body, speech and mind.
Be selective.

Pass on the unconditional compassion to all.

Anonymous said...

I just read someone saying "Sadhguru and Les Visible are some of the greatest living teachers". Yea, except Sadhguru has been photographed hugging Klauss Schwab and has been recorded saying "take the vax". So it kind of pisses me off that someone would put Les and Sadhguru in the same category. Anyway, I really appreciate how you've stayed true all these years Les. God will bring people to this blog who deserve the truth. Those who don't, well, God will send to false gurus like Sadhguru.

God bless Les

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

So I won't say anything about birthdays.

About Trump, TDS is real for sure. A beauty of a trigger phrase is "Trump on Rushmore!" Use with caution, or do not try this at home, or something like that.

Trump was better for the country than Hillary would have been, and the system worked inappropriately against him, are two things you can say with near certitude. Or they are getting really really good at that big time wrestling stuff. Tough to tell.

The election integrity thing is so puzzling because the solution is so simple: The paper ballots are the ballots of record, each gets a random number assigned, like 10 digits, maybe throw in some letters. The voter gets the number confidentially. The process can be designed so no special equipment other than open source software, regular computers, printers, and webcams are needed, and no step of the process reveals confidentiality. This process can occur remotely and over a time span. Once the deadline passes, the scanned votes are posted, per precinct, spread across pages, divided by leading digits of the random number, spreadsheet style, sorted by the random number, followed by the votes in the columns.

Every voter can anonymously verify that their vote counted. The data can be sliced and diced and analyzed.

On a separate set of pages, per precinct, are the government names of all the voters, along with an optional colloquial name. Any one can challenge a listed voter not being of the district, for a nominal fee, with a larger reward for fraud found.

Per precinct, it is really easy to match the number of voters with the number of votes, with full transparency of election results. And a paper ballot to back up each line on the spreadsheet.

Which makes one wonder, why would someone representing the people opt to pay out huge government contracts for specialized equipment, which has no other utilitarian purpose, and is difficult to quality check and audit?

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Maybe when the CDC rounds all the unvaxed up and puts us in those camps they’re readying we will all get meet each other.
Every cloud.......

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Evil is in the Beginning Stages of Destroying Itself as a Precursor for the Coming Age."



Joseph Brenner

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