Tuesday, August 31, 2021

"We are Come Upon the Threshold of The Dawning Age. Turn the Page."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As you can see from recent events, and some of the links below, a change has come upon the usual order of things, where the predators win in every engagement. Suddenly, that has stopped happening. I mentioned the unbelievable lightning storm I saw, that existed over 4 evenings in an unprecedented display. Yesterday, my friend called me outside to tell me there was a rainbow. It hadn't rained in a fortnight and there were few cloud tracers in the sky. Yet... there was a half rainbow, full and radiant. I wonder where the other half was? I am seeing and experiencing things of a supernatural order; things that just don't happen.

In forums around this particular county, they talk about everything, including the weather. Not a single mention was made about either of these events. That is more than a little uncanny. Whatever it is that I call The Avatar has made land. I suggest you watch for inexplicable events in The World. This is REALLY going to be something!

Those who have been spreading Doom and Gloom, Confusion, Fear, Lies and more lies... always the lies, are soon to find their webs cleared away, burned away, as the dew is from the morning grass, and the mist from the hillsides and valleys. Most have been expecting Gotterdammerung and Chaos. Many, I expect, will find it, BUT... a golden age is coming for some and WILL NOT BE DENIED.

I want to jump for joy but it is contained. I can thank my guidance system for that. However, I will be dancing for joy at the appropriate moment. (grin)

There is so little faith in the masses. This comes from a relentless onslaught of Material Culture. No matter... the power of what is coming will ignite the heart of Humanity beyond its entrenched doubt and resistance. There will be some, I do not know how many, who will persist in their schemes and heavy-handed oppression, and they WILL BE swept away. The true disinfecting light of The Spiritual Sun is going to purify the landscape.

I imagine that the curmudgeons and cynics will be flushed with scorn when they read this. The heat will rise in them. Some have grown old in their iniquities and obstinance. Their hearts have become hardened. They want no part of redemption and liberation and perhaps The Cosmos will honor their wishes.

In this time of Apocalypse, we are all revealing ourselves to the eyes of The World, and The Invisible Kingdoms. I suspect that most do not know this is happening. We are in a rare and unusual time. The evil ones WILL BE compelled to come forward, already... people are behaving in very strange ways that do not seem strange to them. God directs us to the destiny appropriate to our intentions and acts. If we are of malefic intent, we are led by diver's means to the resolution of it. It is the same with those of benefic intent. The Divine SCHOOLS everyone in the consequences of their thoughts, words, and deeds.

I know that there are people who find Karma to be an inconvenient reality. They are especially incensed that we come into each life unknowing of what brought us to that particular life episode. Unlike the pundits and well-informed, when I encounter a Cosmic Law, I do not argue with it. I embrace it, irrespective of understanding it. I KNOW it is right BECAUSE it is Cosmic Law. I implicitly trust the words of previous avatars and shepherds of humanity. I have directly experienced the truth in them. There definitely is a bottomless well called, Ageless Wisdom.

I was not always so equanimous. It took trauma and compassion to open my eyes, even after I was made able to see through appearances, I had yet to see through myself. Once that came forth for me, I became more able to see The Divine in EVERY LIVING THING. Then, I also became able to see all of the flaws abounding in manifest life as reflections in me. Lao Tzu once said, “before I set out to fix the nature of a bad man, I first heal the condition in me.” That is not verbatim but it will do.

Most of the people running around and finding fault with others are really calling attention to those failings within themselves. In these days of anonymous, it has never been easier to take one's inner hurt and direct it out on others.

I remember a tale of two monks. They had come to a river and there was a woman standing there, afraid to cross. One of the monks put her on his shoulders and ferried her over. The monks continued on their way. Finally, the one said to the other, “Why did you touch that woman? You know that members of our order are not permitted to fraternize with women.” The other replied, “I did not see a woman. I saw another person. Once across the water, I sent that person down and walked on. You, it seems, are still carrying that person.” I updated that to my preference. You will still get the point.

It is in the mind where we come up with all our judgments and observations, aided by the emotions, and whatever we have allowed to influence our thoughts. The World in which we live is a projection of what happens in our minds. When you know this, people's motives for their actions become transparent. Most especially you can see what is so with others by looking within yourself. When you no longer play the blame game, there are few that will blame you, nor will their words have any effect. You are already committed to the pursuit of perfection. You ARE The Great Work.

“For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” This is the Body of Glory, a form of incandescent and living light. What is it that you wish from life? You are promised to gain, at some point, whatever it is you desire most. This is an enormous feature of The Law of Attraction. As someone said, “Be careful what you wish for.” You can easily see where you are headed by observing the direction of your thoughts, the quality of your emotions, and the nature of your actions. You are investing in more of the same.

The wand of evil has been broken, and the thousand years are at an end. For no given reason, the vaccine mandates are falling away. Consider with what an intensity they brought it; the lives lost and the freedoms curtailed. Poof! Very big and very transformative changes are IN PROGRESS. You don't have to believe me. You are free to believe your lying eyes. The difference, my friends, between intellectual and visceral awareness is... considerable.

I wrestle daily with what I should and should not say. It has to conform to my inflexible drive to be resonant with Heaven, and in Harmony with all life. At the same time, parallels need to be drawn and can be a cause for dissension. There is much to be said about, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” How do you make a point while leaving out the details that make the point relevant? Then you are no better than The Woke, who... if anything, are having a nightmare.

I tell you in all sincerity and concern, get your house in order. In these times, a little effort goes a long way, and you will find that the effort is not nearly so egregious as it was previously. A new wind is blowing over the world, a new song is singing in the human heart, and it is all directed toward the manifestation of Universal Brotherhood. The good guys won. They ALWAYS do; perhaps not every battle, but certainly The War.

Right this moment, something new is to be noticed within each of us. Most will not be aware of it in the beginning, but as the force of it grows, no one will be left unaware of it. As has been previously stated, not everyone will be on board, but each of us will come to the appropriate resolution.

Something has shifted in the tide of events. We have passed The Rubicon, each in our own fashion. For some, the fashion is not to approach The Rubicon at all. Not in a VERY long time has the potential for a spiritual quantum leap been available to us; carpe sempiternus diem! Or... something to that effect.

Every moment in your life is important. It is a continuing statement of what you are, and it writes the coming chapters of the book of your life. This will be read entirely at the close of your residence in this incarnation, and you WILL be present for that. I'm sure you have heard the line; “You can't fight City Hall.” Well, the real City Hall is invisible, eternal, and truly all-powerful. Whine and complain, exercise your scorn and contempt as you will. It all goes in the book.

What have you made of yourself until now? Are you light, effervescent, and perpetually youthful in heart and mind, or are you tired and weary, nasty and unpleasant, and filled with resentment? One gravitates in one direction or the other, depending on whether it is The Blessed Sphere or The World that holds your attention. By now, even a troglodyte should have some idea of what Materialism does to the human spirit, and what qualities of being emerge from the union. Very soon now, certain things will be made much more clear to everyone.

Tread lightly, grasp lightly, let go all bounds that hold the spirit down. We are come upon the of The Dawning Age. Turn the page.

End Transmission.......

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the rich can afford intricate lies and endless lawyers. Even celebrities with no money can do this-
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Visible said...

I've said it before, if all you intend to do here is to be an obnoxious troll then there are many other sites where you can do this. These spaces are not that place. I've no problem with criticism. I do know the difference between criticism and being the prisoner of bad attitude. None of us here have any use for people who have no other objective than a snarling contempt for all things. Go where you are welcome. There have never been so many of you as there are now, looking for argument and dissension.

I am sorry your life took the turn it did, but it is YOU who keep projecting your inner turmoil and disappointment on others. Those who come here are seeking a higher and more harmonious mindset. We are not looking for someone to drag us down into the hole that they are in, surely there are formats where you can engage the like-minded. Peddle your venom elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Biden said, "... turn the page." after this posting was up.

Nice call. It's official. Not only did he declare the end of the Afghani mission, he also announced the end of nation building wars. Wow.

Everybody take a deep breath, look outside, and do that Buddha toe tap thing.

Mr. Nah

P.S. Only moderated forums are worth anything nowadays. Thanks for the effort.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful uplifting post full of hope and promise

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am assuming the next five months are gonna be 'Waring blender' time for the wrong side of history. It's already started.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading you for the past 10 years and this is the greatest post I've ever read from you. A very uplifting message at the exact point many people need to hear it. Thank you

Radhe Radhe, and greetings from Vrindavan

robert said...

Visible One,

Thank you for the timely reminder, brother!

Beautiful expression is the real fruit of the Spirit free to turn us around.

A tour of the force of Love allowed to move without restriction!

I was not always so equanimous. It took trauma and compassion to open my eyes, even after I was made able to see through appearances, I had yet to see through myself

To the core and beyond!

We do not see through our selves only because we have habits of choosing NOT to.

To know our true self is divine but to ignore is human.

We may excuse ourselves because the buffeting by human betrayal has made us shy of trusting.

When we finally tweak to the insight to trust, not ourselves, nor other humans but the force of Consciousness authoring IT ALL, we start to see through appearances, ESPECIALLY the appearance that our local carnal mind is on our side, instead of blocking our way home!

We cause our own pain, we stand in our own way, we make ourselves miserable to avoid responsibility.

If only we handed responsibility over to the Author instead of allowing groupthink to steer us into slaughterhouse street or rewriting our own story into a dim down view of life!

These days, since cancel culture is going to trash even the faithless minions who follow every cone-headed fear, why not bear the negative feedback from the outside, tapping just enough inner joy to keep breathing in rapt wonder at the mercy which embraces all our lost efforts?

How to get out of our way?
Stop driving ourselves into unbalance with stupid inner conflict with our souls and the Great Spirit.
We contest our own will!
We confound the desire to live with obselete concepts of life....

Every day we are given an infinite playbook yet we settle for zero-sum games we know how to lose!

See the mind lurking around the outskirts of our Gracious Lady and place the crosshairs of full attention upon it!

To crucify the self, we pay attention right THROUGH the delusions and illusions which mar our vision.
We find a purpose in every moment that pierces the passive aggressive poseur who has occupied our being for too many ages!

Conquer our errant will with loving attention that sees right through the flimsy veil of excuses right on into the multi-dimensional manifest.

Is this all there is, the stuck on superficial self decries.

Not at all Horatio!

There is ALWAYS more to the story and we must show up simply to experience it.

Thank you brothers and sisters and confused for being here now, to witness the wonder of yonder intentions coming closer from the inside AND the outside!

Visible said...

Well said, Robert!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the joy that you have conveyed.

I will keep laughing and smiling.

Early wee hours on Aug 30, we had thunder and lighting until the afternoon.

I was wondering who brought the show.

jamesC said...

Wonderful, timely post, thank you.
Thanks too for fighting off the trolls and maintaining this oasis on the Internet.

Unknown said...

I've been seeing a lot of rainbows around the place here in South Australia, for about the last 6 months. Far more than normal I'd say & had been making me wonder to myself if there may be a connection.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

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Joseph Brenner

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