Monday, August 16, 2021

"Civilization is Humanity's Reaction to Pain, and the All Consuming Drive for Comfort."

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A terrible sickness roams the Earth, but it is not COVID. There is no COVID. It's just another stage in the regularly mutating forms of the common flu. Whoever is behind this FABRICATION has a great deal of MONEY and INFLUENCE. If you study the matter, you find that the same demographic of The Usual Suspects is behind it. All of the mass media is behind it, and they own the mass media. They give the appearance of being at odds with each other but they are not.

They are behind the transgender insanities. They are behind the push for supremacy of Freak Culture. I consider Freak Culture to be that which seeks to disenfranchise NORMAL. Normal, within particular parameters, is a good thing. It makes it possible for abnormal to even be around. Abnormal could not survive without Normal. Abnormal makes war on its own nature. It WILL NOT survive for any length of time. It is contrary to orderly living.

As something on the order of a Hippie-Mystic sort, I am indebted to Normal for making it possible for me to be a niche dweller. I am not at war with Normal, given that Nature is a living force of God within me... and you, if it is still present in a positive manner.

As I said, there is a terrible sickness roaming the Earth and it is not a small parasite that cannot reproduce itself. It is a Mind Parasite that does reproduce itself in human consciousness. It is a soul sickness and Material Culture is its breeding ground. The more that Material Culture thrives, the more this sickness propagates and migrates into whatever consciousness is unable to defend itself. It presents in an infinite number of forms of behavior. It is masked and camouflaged in all kinds of concealments. It is the same sickness taking different routes toward the destruction of the host body, whether that is a single individual or an entire society.

Our culture has mutated from a Can-Do success story to a rapidly collapsing and fragmenting split into warring factions. Neither the infected individual nor the infected society will survive unless this sickness is treated.

We already know who most of the main players are. They are the people with the money and those who serve them for a paycheck. Their hosts and serving army are The Stupids, misshapen by FEAR, perverse appetites, and twisted sexual hungers. The whole of manifest existence is a perpetual sex act. So... perverting the natural sex drive of humanity is Job One for The Dark Side. Civilization is humanity's reaction to Pain and the all-consuming drive for comfort.

The persistent enemies of humanity have been around for a long time, but the preponderance of Normal and Near Normal has frustrated their efforts to take over the whole of the planet. However, according to one of the inflexible laws of physics, whenever certain locations turn to shit, there will ALWAYS be other locations that rise to a more golden form of living. The more that Abnormal expands across certain areas of human concentration, Normal will do the same somewhere else. Good and Evil counterbalance each other. Sometimes there is more of the one than of the other, but when Evil goes past a specific point in the pursuit of dominance, The Cosmos, perforce, is compelled by its own nature to step in and return Balance.

In urban America, at present, there is a wildfire of depravity and license acting out; “If it feels good, do it!” “We should all be free to live our own truth.” Conversely, in Afghanistan, you have the other extreme of Sharia and Fundamentalism, which presents as a Forced Normal. Neither of these is ideal living environments. Too much in either direction is terminal, sooner or later. Both of these are the result of a breakdown in traditions, or a pathological drive to maintain a tradition. This breakdown and recycling of traditions and infrastructure is a NATURAL event, and comes with the changing of an age. In the beginning, there is a great deal of Chaos, Uncertainty and Fear. Hardly anyone knows what is around the corner. This is the preliminary period of breaking eggs to make an omelet.

We cannot see what is invisibly guiding and shaping events, nor to what end they are being shaped and guided. One has to either rely upon the strength of their character to lead them through the times of transition or a kind of lassitude and fatalism sets in, especially where the character is not centered and strong. Behind this character, in all cases, is the invisible force which is shaping it toward some unknown destiny. Your character is your destiny. Your character is either being shaped by your faith in something ineffable, or it is shaped by carnal appetite and desire. Each of these has a definite end result.

Think of a wall too high to jump over and upon which are drawn lines. It is similar to the lines drawn on a door frame to measure the growth of a child. The human race has a kind of Oklahoma Land Rush where everyone runs at the wall to make their mark among the lines. Some get confused and run in the wrong direction, never even getting to the wall. Some fall down. Some get trampled, and some... have a superior drive and intention that allows them to hit the high points of the wall. Drive a golden spike where that cat wailed! No one jumps over the wall. It doesn't work like that. HOWEVER, there are those who pass the wall by spiritual means. There are those who can walk right through the wall, and have no interest in what the wall stands for, which is to measure human accomplishment.

Once you have seen the beauty and learned the meaning of living an Impersonal Life, you are past the wall. Once you learn that all human accomplishment is vain, you are on the road to success. I marvel at the lengths some will go to, to make their mark on The World, only for that mark to fade, as will all evidence of their ever having been here, sooner or later. Still... it makes The World a colorful place and one can REALLY get caught up in it. That's the easy part. Getting out of it is not so easy. Fortunately, there are those who are most often unseen who WILL LEAD YOU OUT, should you be so inclined.

This does not mean that you suffer less, though that is often the case. This does not mean that you evade aging, disease, and death, though there have been examples of this, and some of them are present here at this very time. I have met a few. Like Gurdjieff, I was fortunate to have Meetings with Remarkable Men. We don't get very far unless we do. Thinking you will get there on your own is a folly of youth. Life soon teaches you this, unless you are so arrogant and obstinate that you have convinced yourself of it.

The Divine LITERALLY directs certain souls into delusion for the purpose of epiphany, and also punishment. Those of evil intent are often helped to get to wherever they are being routed, for The Purpose of Demonstration, to become a life lesson for others. That is taking place RIGHT NOW!

If you had the right amount of Faith, you would ALSO have the necessary Certitude to SEE THROUGH what APPEARS to be taking place. If you were less constrained by Time, you would be able to see the entrances and exits, as EVERYTHING conforms to its Nature, sooner or later. Even when one is consumed by the deviant and unnatural, they will STILL be returned to Balance, albeit with a great deal of pain.

Ah... the sheer futility of human ambition. It makes me think of The Tower of Babel. Once you KNOW that personal ambitions end in failure, you will see the priceless value of Impersonality. Unseen and unnoticed, you can move through The World without opposition. To paraphrase Lao Tzu; “for blocking no one's way no one blames him.”

You can't tell people what to think. You can't force them to think as you do, though there have been periods in human life where lockstep was the rule, all minds were NOT in agreement. People are improved by example. People do not improve until understanding dawns on their minds. It can take a great deal of suffering to bring this about, but it doesn't have to. One can avoid suffering by ceasing to want. It is wanting that causes you to suffer, most especially wrong wanting.

There is no call for anyone to become a moral policeman or a social reformer. All the greatest mass murderers were social reformers. There are inflexible rules that absolutely control outcomes. People are invariably taught, whether they like it or not, that certain courses of action are harmful, and especially to those committing them. We are not here to save The World. We are here to seek salvation for ourselves and that is ALWAYS available and it leads to Impersonality.

Yes... an organized gang of psychopaths is causing havoc and mass suffering. Shouldn't we band together and stop them? Good luck with that. They won't get far. They will not get nearly so far as they think they will. The Avatar WILL settle their hash, believe it or not. Having had the extreme good fortune to understand this, I have no conflicts with anyone. Certainly, all of it comes up in discussion here, but IT IS NOT MY JOB to attend to it, except in myself.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for this 'ambitious' blog. Appreciated!

Thinking about our circumstances in terms of Deep Time (and beyond SpaceTime), I see our current state as more of a 'withdrawal' of access to higher states, not a strengthening of lower states. If one goes-back millennia or more, our ancestors could (routinely) do remarkable things. Just study the few-remaining mega-builder sites. Just study the myths/tales/arcane-knowledge that comes down to us from ancient times. We are not diminished in the 'lower' states; we are diminished in the 'higher' states.

If one thinks of it in terms of a Chakra analogy, it is like keeping the input-energy to the lower Chakras at full-on, while slowly reducing the input-energy to the higher Chakras. Inevitably, the society/planet will 'adapt' to the changed circumstances. (Improper usage, but oh well.)

I suspect that some 'decision' was made way-high-up to start this process. We might call those folks The Bad-Guys, although the responsibility ultimately-rests-with all-God. The folks who stood-back from this process we might call The Good-Guys.

Now, after millennia upon millennia of blood-stained 'descent', we may be catching a break. If my 'discussions' with Higher Self and Others are real, something has shifted. A fresh wind is blowing from high to low. The baddie-style folk who embraced (and guided) our descent are being Cleaned. Our 'skies' are more-filled with goodie-style folk than baddie-style folk than in a long, long time.

What remains to be seen is how our long-waterlogged ship responds to efforts to re-float her...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Yukon Cornelius said...

Dog P I love your last paragraph keep writing your words mean a lot to us.


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

Speaking of "They", I finally watched the movie "They Live". I found it campy, cheesy, completely cliched, and utterly recommendable. Not for date nights though.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Visible. Always a tonic. Finally got a hold of some Master Aïvanhov. Thank you for that, too.

Great summation from Catherine Austin Fitts with Del Bigtree -

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"EVERYTHING that Happens Here was Blueprinted for Construction at a Previous Time."



Joseph Brenner

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