Thursday, August 26, 2021

"More and More, People are Becoming Depersonalized and Begin to Orbit Around The Death Star."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The results actually being sought in the whole vaccine scam have nothing to do with the stated intents. It's not even all about Zombie Control of the populations that remain. It's also about creating violent interplay between militant vaxxers and anti-vaxxers. Surely you have noted the outbreaks of violence on planes, and at sporting events, at social gatherings, and nightspots.

The Deep State Satanic cabal is in Overdrive and desperate for success. They are racing (and raging) against the coming of The Light in The Event Horizon. It doesn't matter how many times the present-day villain has attempted to take over The World, they ALWAYS fail. This does not mean there is not a lot of collateral violence and death. There certainly is. In the Dance of the Rubbernecking Stupids, there is always a crowd pressing to get closer to the ambulance chasers up at the front. They NEED to see every gruesome detail, and that is how they become a gruesome detail.

Obviously, on their way to total ruin, they can cause a lot of injury and pain. Witness 9/11 and the Draconian fallout of security restrictions based on NOTHING. The ones who orchestrated the event are the ones that sold the airports the scanning machines and ran many of the industries that profited from the false flag. The present-day villain changes from time to time, going back millions and millions of years. Earth is a perpetual staging of Tragi-Comic episodes. Sometimes there are long periods of peace. Sometimes, out of the chaos and strife, great art is accomplished. Goya and others dealt in the horrors of war. Bosch dealt with the horrors inside.

There are periods of human engagement that are much like the films done about them, although the films are a lie. They do not capture anywhere near the authenticity of the period. Karma is the arbiter of Fate. Karma put you in Rwanda when it was Tut Tut Tutsi Goodbye. Karma put you in Cambodia with the Khmer Rouge. Karma puts you in the trenches at The Battle of the Somme. Karma puts you in St. Peter's Seat, and in The Bastille. Karma puts you wherever you are, and Karma gets you out of it too. So does Grace, an oft-misunderstood quality from The Supernal Realm.

This is The World of Temporary Shit. Certain ever repeating dramas are woven about the struggle to own and control Temporary Shit. Lawyers were created to protect, and also to take your Temporary Shit. Doctors are empowered to tinker with your Temporary Shit. Very few of these know what they are doing. They avoid entirely first doing no harm. Lawyers... well... heh heh... what can I say? A politician is someone who promises you things and then takes what you already have while you are still thanking him/her/it for all the Temporary Shit they will not deliver on.

People are fascinated by Temporary Shit. It glitters and it glows. It sings songs and dances naked in front of you at an impassible distance. Warehouses are filled with Temporary Shit. Factories churn it out endlessly. Many of us are Temporary Shit, mummy-wrapped around an everlasting light, seemingly waiting on the other side of an abyss called The Daath.

Some of us suspect the temporary nature of existence. A few of us are viscerally aware of it. Those who have trusted and verified know better than to spend their time telling everyone about it or else they learn not to, in some traumatic fashion.

Now... we find ourselves at one of those CRITICAL junctures where life as we know it can soon become life as we do not know it, and do not want to know it. It seems LIKELY that a lot of people are going to go down with The Ship because The Dancing Sugar Plums of Temporary Shit have them in a death grip. It's an actual force inside their minds, and it is also generated by agents of The Infernos. These people seem impossible to awaken, and have no desire for it. It is a truly sad affair, and out of mine and everyone's hands except for the ineffable. Grace again; we can only hope.

People in the same blood families are attacking each other over the vaccines. How is it that all these terrible health problems are coming to the vaccinated and these people do not see it? Members of their own families die, and they are relentless in the fabrication of lies to explain it to them. Television Orcs are screaming invectives at the unvaccinated, and the entire operation is a Put-Up Job. Is it any wonder people are going crazy? A pandemic of suicide is on the horizon as despair sets in.

That's one side of the equation, and it has to do with attachments to Temporary Shit. Life is both temporary and eternal. You get different results depending on which of these perspectives you adopt. Temporary Shit can have no effect on you if you are not magnetized by it. It gives a whole new meaning to people sticking spoons on their arms. Some of them think it is cool that this happens. Some who see it then race down to Vaccination-land. They want to be magnetic too! This probably is the result of possessing very little magnetism to begin with.

More and more, people are becoming depersonalized and begin to orbit around The Death Star. It is taking place for The Purpose of Demonstration, as does everything that happens here. It is all very sad and another opportunity for Unbearable Compassion. I don't know what to say about it. Nothing that I could say will have any impact on the matter. I comfort myself with the certitude that The Light is going to concentrate somewhere, as an offset to The Darkness, and I expect to know where that will be. Of course, one does not have to concern themselves with the location of luminous living spaces, if one is carrying that light with them already. The Light is present in all life, even if it has been reduced to a tiny spark that seems so very far away. It is the recognition of this light that is missing. It is the resonance that is missing.

One can come to the recognition and resonance by placing the attention on them and holding it there in an unrelenting fashion. You HAVE TO keep knocking at the door. The World is a projection of The Mind and can be controlled from there if the control is directed at The Mind so engaged. Self Mastery attends to every other condition, no matter what.

You DO NOT have to see The World the way The Deceivers are pressing you to. They are on their way out. As we have mentioned before, an apocalypse always brings a Cosmic Harvesting of Souls. It also brings an Awakening, so that the formerly sleeping can participate in their own salvation. Salvation is also at hand in an apocalypse, as is Damnation. I should mention that it is you who will be passing judgment on yourself, once The Real You sees what The False You was up to.

Nothing is what it seems to be on Fata Morgana Island. Scripts are being written every day for scenes that are created out of previous actions. You can see what is coming if you have been watching where you were going. The People enthralled with Temporary Shit are blindfolded and moving at speed. It happens in time-lapse fashion. You don't actually see a bud open into a flower but it does. You don't see the green shoots appear out of the ground but it happens. You are an integral part of what happens to you, and will continue to happen to you, for so long as you chase Temporary Shit; for as long as selfish interest is enthroned in your mind.

Either you are managing your life or someone else is. You have a choice in the matter as to whom you allow to run the show. This all gets sorted by your intentions and your objectives. There are specific drivers for every intention and objective. They'll get you there. Let's hope you will like it when they do. Obviously, many people are in some stage of Crazy. This is ubiquitously demonstrated by The Fever of Temporary Shit. This is far worse than COVID and there is no vaccine for it. That is probably a good thing about a bad thing. Only disinterest will handle the fixation on Temporary Shit. Become disinterested and Impersonal. That doesn't sound like fun though, does it?

One's first impression on a posture of disinterest and becoming Impersonal is usually not a positive one. It is very hard for Temporary Shit Junkies to process. It appears you have to develop a Divine Weltschmerz, and that often implies a state of perpetual grave disappointment in Temporary Shit. It's like falling out of Love. It also comes from seeing through it all to the light beyond appearances, which makes The Light seem Impersonal too. I can tell you it doesn't actually feel like that. All things in time.

End Transmission.......

I know I said I am a One Man Band here but that is not true. The Elf is responsible for all kinds of conditions that appear on the blogs. I was ONLY referring to staying on top of The Comments.

A few links for the curious; having much to do with vaccines and other Temporary Shit.

Via Fox News
What a load of concentrated essence of bullshit!! Thank you Faux News!
Taliban spokesman claims no proof bin Laden behind Sept. 11 terror attacks; ‘There is no evidence’

Via Fox News
He's in trouble now. The Professional Victim Coalition is after him=
Fauci blamed measles outbreak on Hasidic Jews; Orthodox leaders set the record straight


Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old...

LV: "Nothing that I could say will have any impact on the matter."

I don't think I agree with that. Judging from what I read, and the responses in the comments, I would say that you are having a de-depersonalization effect on many.

What it means to be a good person is something that each of us should be striving to understand. Again, that is a topic that is covered here with frequency in wording that stimulates contemplation. Speaking strictly for myself, of course, and presuming it's true for others.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

I meant that, of course, in the larger sense. In any case, thank you for the kind words. It is my intention to be useful.

You used to come around here years ago.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Doesn't mean I haven't been lurking some.

Things are getting interesting, and this is good place to find out what is really going on.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

I should mention that it is you who will be passing judgment on yourself, once The Real You sees what The False You was up to. (Yes, Indeed)

for as long as selfish interest is enthroned in your mind. (I thank GOD that He revealed this problem to me and helped me to remedy it. As George MacDonald points out: Subjegation of our will to GOD is not enough. It must be subjugation to GOD by GOD. Working in harmony with the Father to bring my will in alignment with His will. This was a struggle of epic proportions for me at the outset of when I became determined to be obedient to Him. This left me with only one way out/in. That was to constantly pound on His door pleading with Him to help me overcome my old self centered disgusting personal will. The beauty of it is that through my constant conscious contact with Him as I pleaded with Him to help me against my "self" that a true live relationship was fomented with Him. So what was in the beginning being driven by a sense of duty soon turned into me being driven by my love for Him and for what He desires of me. A freely choosing decision to be obedient, to do the right thing. Having gotten to know Him on a very personal and deep level I fell head over heels in love with Him. Now I freely choose to serve Him not from a sense of duty but from love. I love Him so terribly much Les and I choose His way over my old selfish way freely out of my love for Him. It's such a remarkable and beautiful thing. The more I ponder it the more I am in awe of it Les. HALLELUJAH!!!!

Either you are managing your life or someone else is. You have a choice in the matter as to whom you allow to run the show.
Harmony with the FATHER, HALLELUJAH!!!

Justin Virden

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I see this as slum clearance, and I think I'm supposed to go out with this era. I wanted to see it crash and burn, and then I can transition whilst giving this cesspit the raspberry; at least.

Bein' disinterested in temporary shoite is quite liberating, actually. That's a lot of fun, statistically. And the only thing I really want is not available to me here.

That would be the Akashic Library Card. Growin' a tail and gettin' a red nose hair coat are just icin' on da cake.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very 'pertinent' column. Appreciated!

Vis: "Obviously, on their way to total ruin, they [the Deep State Satanic cabal] can cause a lot of injury and pain."

I have wondered about how the Cleaning of different Unseen individuals has affected Loosh availability. The minute an entity is Cleaned, it no longer works on the Loosh 'production line'. Given enough Cleanings, the supply of Loosh would dramatically diminish. Starvation for some entities...

Given that situation, I regard the amping-up of every possible division - a source of Loosh - as a positive sign. It likely means that we (the good-guy side) are having a substantial impact on Loosh production. In turn, it means that the bad-guys are having to go more and more 'over the top' on promoting strife.

If one is trapped-within the Division game, it is going to get worse for a time. The baddies have no choice but to up-their-game or starve. And with more and more Cleanings, there are fewer and fewer Unseen Beings willing to 'promote' the strife necessary for Loosh.

The circle is tightening around the Loosh consumers. Soon, it will be evident who these consumers really are. Then, the bovine excretion will really hit the fan for a while. And then, it will get much better, Down Here...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Always read don’t always comment. Things are speeded up in real time . One can count on sheet hitting the fan just abut every day in one form or another but it all stinks. It’s hard to imagine a way out of this but then again I am not in a position to second guess God or his Plans .
I do think that things will change drastically by next year. It seems it can simply not go on like this without either resolve or an end.
So I would say next year at this time we will either be toast as a society even if some of us make it through or the Avatar will have made an appearance and gotten many of us to take a firm stand on the side of Good and we will be in healing mode.
I can only hope for the latter. I may be delusional but there does not have to be bloodshed and fighting ; if the majority just said enough and stopped going along with all this absurdity it would just end maybe not quietly but mostly peacefully.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #6

Ray, I am totally convinced of the same. Me thinks I'm here to see the turning point, then leave. . .or get 'removed', rather. Can't wait. Got comets to ride, the Nose-iverse to explore, an Akashic Library Card to get, a tail to grow, a nose hair coat to prance around in, and psychopomps to meet; who will hopefully pet my nose.

Anonymous said...

Well stated as always sir, I have found that age is actually a beautiful blessing, what was apparent to me, in my 20's, did me no good, because I did not know how to apply the knowledge. Now in my 60's the added time(and by my actions, some will say I did not deserve that time) allowed me to address the area's of my Being that I was self sabotaging, as well as forgiving myself for my temporary insanity. Understanding and the Wisdom that comes with it trumps knowledge every day of the week. Thank You for being here.


Visible said...


I have known for some time that I get a flawed report on my traffic and that the major search engines have done a number on me. The good news is that it doesn't matter, what God wills is unopposable and performs as he wished regardless of anything set against it.

oldmaninthedesert said...

Indeed sir..."no weapon formed against me shall prosper", always liked that one...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have links to the letters that have been sent out by the USDA??? I don't doubt the government would pull this shit but why can't I find any pictures/scans of these letters? I live right in the middle of Corn/Soybean country in downstate Illinois. I have yet to find any of the farmers around here who are aware of this. If someone has a link or copies of these letters please point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Justin Virden

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Another gem. I too always read, always look forward to, and always count on your inimitable voice to nudge me back onto the path, . Rarely comment but am deeply grateful for your years of work and generosity to us all. Be well, my friend.

anon said...

PDF of FDA letter

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"They are Captured in the Thrall of Maya, Out of Which God has Woven The World."



Joseph Brenner

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