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"We are Miniature Replications of The Ineffable (in potential), Though We are Not Nearly so Good at It."

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Hmm... now I see that the comment from Anonymous, which I included as an example of The Madness of the Times, in the last Visible Origami must have confused a number of people. As soon as I finish this I will return there and IMPROVE the presentation (grin). Hopefully, one learns something new every day. I TRY to learn from everything now. I've been watching the HBO series, “Entourage”.

I am not recommending that the reader see it. There is NOTHING Spiritual about it. It is a great teaching device if you are unfamiliar with what goes on in LA, and it can be WICKEDLY funny.

The view given to women by the players in the series is about as profane as I have seen, reducing them to mere disposable sex objects. Unfortunately, MANY of them see themselves in This Way these days. It's a kind of mutual user syndrome, with more than a tad of Stockholm Syndrome. Some of it is VERY darkly humorous and Jeremy Piven's role as a sociopathic super-agent is SPOT ON, and well done. I am now toward the latter period of the series. Now... my contempt and disinterest rise with every episode. It makes your humanity numb. Still... I see it through. That's my nature.

No. I am not going to become a film critic. One could say, since life is a dream, and dreams flow like movies, there is no way of avoiding this in an ancillary fashion. The great Indian saint, Ramakrishna once said:

“He who has merely heard of Fire has ajnana (ignorance).

He who has seen Fire has Jnana (Wisdom).

But he who has actually built a fire and cooked on it has Vijnana.”

I would identify Vijnana as Divine Luminous Wisdom.

Guru Bawa used to have the television running in his room all day long. Every now and then he would look at it and laugh. I became friendly with this fellow, Michael Quinn. He was a real go-getter type; houses, construction, remodeling, etc. I came across a small article in the magazine Philadelphia about a year ago that featured him. He is now remodeling kitchens for rich people. You could tell that Michael was meant to be a success on the material plane. We had a falling out some time later over a particular young lady who preferred me. He never got over that.

Anyway... prior to that he happened to be at my apartment in Overbrook PA. I was playing some of my songs and he flipped out over them, comparing me to Dylan. He wanted to go to Guru Bawa and get him to approve my going commercial. Bawa was not fond of singing and dancing, which I always thought was a little strange because that is one of the things that separate Sufism from traditional Islam. He had his reasons though, and the American culture at the time was filled with certain trends and patterns, all of which he saw while the TV rolled on.

He didn't want his followers getting caught up in the mechanics of showbiz. He saw that as a spiritually doomed enterprise. Regardless, Michael insisted we go over there and ask him. We came into the room and Michael went into his sales pitch, telling Bawa how wonderful my songs were. At the VERY MOMENT it was happening, the TV went to commercial and Sergio Franchi's Greatest Hits began to scroll by on the screen. Bawa looked at me and smiled. He didn't miss much.

When Michael was done, Bawa sat for a moment, he did that Inner Reflection thing. Then he looked at me and said, “Okay, you go and do it and then you come back.” This was a VERY UNEXPECTED result. I kinda thought my career was a done deal at that point. There were no secrets at The Fellowship and word of this spread like wildfire. It's hard to beat the ashram environment for Gossip, both good and bad (mostly bad). There were a lot of wannabe entertainers there. The result was that quite a few people then went to Bawa to plead their own case. He shut them down one and all. Nobody much liked me after that. It got so bad that Bawa had to do a discourse about it.

He told the tale about a king who sent out a message throughout his realm for the best musicians to come to the court and perform something or other. The result was utter cacophony as they all played at once. This was his message. They liked me even less after this.

My life has been one long series of destiny blocks, in relation to the music. Still... I'm not gone yet, though I don't think about it much anymore. I still play and record, but it's not important now. I've found another kind of success within. Since everything on the outside is a projection of the inside, there are MUCH finer possibilities of another kind. God created The World and maintains it in the same way. We are miniature replications of The Ineffable (in potential), though we are not nearly so good at it.

Entourage is about a group of young friends whose lives circle around the one who makes it. Then, in their own way, the rest of them succeed too, or so it seems, but... at what cost? TV is one thing. Real-life is another. This posting is all about ajnana, jnana, and vijnana. All of the rest is just color commentary. You could make an argument that intellectual and visceral can be found in this. Ajnana is Intellectual Apprehension. Jnana is Visceral Understanding, and Vijnana is BEYOND THEM; considerably beyond them.

There are levels to existence. The Entertainment World is at the surface. It is a superficial expression of life. It is a world where, as Gibran said, “they do not laugh all of their laughter nor cry all of their tears.” A little deeper in are the thinkers and scholars. They are the blind men groping the elephant. Deeper still are the poets and mystics. Deeper still are the saints and prophets. Deeper still is... well, I suppose we will find that out if we are DETERMINED and PERSISTENT. It's that spiral staircase again or call it The Elevator into Light. This... to me... is one of the most exquisite payoffs that life has on offer. Why do people spend their time flailing in the mosh pits of sensation...? Yeah... I guess it's an acquired taste. I've been there and done that, BUT... I kept going. Karma... maybe. It's all Karma of some sort.

I watch people make Karma every day, mostly from a distance. Some of it breaks my heart but there is nothing one can do but Pray. If you start interfering with them, they will turn upon and rend you. They are panicked souls in a nightmare scramble. Somehow it all works out. That's what I have heard from reliable sources anyway.

I am moved to include the Shankara quote again;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods-

the human birth,

the desire for salvation

and the company of the great-souled ones."

This is something else you can pray for. Prayers of this sort are USUALLY heard. Then it is a matter of continuance.

Each night, before retiring, I go out to the back area of the yard to speak to The Mother. I've noticed a strange condition that keeps repeating each time. While speaking to her, something will distract me. If I am not careful I will forget why I am even there. This is her doing. It is the nature of The Divine to throw, distractions and toys at the one who seeks to communicate with her. It is a matter of whether you are serious or not. This will be tested over a period of time. It is not the same for everyone. Karma again, I suppose. If you can get by this, something wonderful can happen.

The Mother is much more accessible than is The Father. However, it is no easy progress either way.

All manner of events and conditions take place here that are Karmic. Once again, we could say it is ALL Karma. Often one pays with abstinence in one life for excessive indulgence previously. Such is the case with many who are nuns and others involved in spiritual penance. Some who are locked up were formerly responsible for people being locked up. Some who railed against the unfairness of The World are born to be politicians and social reformers, given the chance to do something about all their complaining. If you take a little time to think about it, you will come up with all sorts of life ironies.

I could have done better with my life. We all could have done better. That isn't the issue. The issue is whether or not you develop Faith, Certitude, and Determination, which will cause you to be persistent. Heaven notices these things. As for whether or not anyone becomes a big-name entertainer, I should point out that we are on any number of off-world television stations. It is quite likely that we are seen by audiences far off who watch us like I am watching Entourage. REGARDLESS... we are ALL being watched; Cave! Cave! Deus Videt.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Objectify Women (Picture)

This floored me. Thought it was hilarious.

Anonymous said...


Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the column - and autobiographical info.

Vis: "Each night, before retiring, I go out to the back area of the yard to speak to The Mother. I've noticed a strange condition that keeps repeating each time. While speaking to her, something will distract me. If I am not careful I will forget why I am even there. This is her doing."

This sounds familiar. It happens a lot when I am endeavoring to be in high places or 'meet' high folks. It probably has to do with what higher brain-states we can hold while still being conscious (i.e., not falling into reverie or sleep). It is an 'acquired' ability, much like the monks/shamans/saints who have mastered being high and low at the same time (delta brainwave state co-mingled with beta brainwave state). It is a moving limit, with practice.

Joseph Campbell wrote about the Hero's Journey (Heroine's Journey, if you prefer). The concept is to go out beyond the limits of one's culture, learn something new, and - most crucial for the HJ - have the ability to return and share it with the culture. Applied into the higher realms, this means that we must not only gain access to the higher states but must also retain a conscious memory of what went-on there (to later share). No conscious memory, no HJ...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"All You Can Do is To Go the Right Way Yourself and LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS!!!."



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