Monday, August 09, 2021

"Even if They Rise to Parity with Solomon. They MUST Return Again to Walk The Path of Love.

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Sometimes I think of MOMA in NYC and the absolutely ridiculous travesties on Art that they display. A certain group of people owns nearly all of the art galleries in The World and they determine what is and is not Art and what does and does not sell. It is the same with the music business, publishing, films; anything that has to do with shaping human consciousness is under their control, or... so it would seem. They have NO CONTROL over the Creative Principle itself. They REALLY have no control over anything and are simply pawns for The Purpose of Demonstration, and we are about to see that demonstration in the near term.

It is the same group of people who sell and distribute the vaccines which are not vaccines AND run the CDC. One of the features of The Apocalypse is that the monster predators WILL BE exposed to the eyes of The World. You can hear and feel it humming in the comments sections of MANY sites. Some particular group of people has finally succeeded in pissing off a larger segment of The World; give it time and a nursery rhyme. “Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad.”

Some things have been a LONG TIME COMING. They will NOT be a long time going. We live in a world of Cowboys, Indians and bent politicians, liars, and the occasional truthteller. We live in herds and apart from herds. We live in cities, and suburbs, and as recluses. Some of us are drunks or on our way to be. Some of us are drug addicts or on our way to be. Some of us are insane or on our way to be. Some of us are cellphone junkies, with the primary stages of AI Zombieland, vaccine resonance coursing through their systems. Some of us are doomed.

Here is one of the areas of enterprise, people get down to. This all takes place in a location called, Hoxton Dungeon Suite in the UK. Of course, there are many other locations that serve similar appetites. We are in a time of relentless depravity. It is ALL available now. Why have Sodom and Gomorrah reincarnated into the modern world at this time? It is a direct extension of Materialism. When you twist human sexuality, you create Hell. I marvel sometimes at the levels of torment in this world. What is it called... man's inhumanity to man? (and himself) Certainly, women feature as well.

My sexual reality is intercourse with Heaven. Yes! It is a real super-sensual reality. The Hermit card relates to this, and the sense of touch.

Bota Deck The Hermit

The Hermit is pictured as alone on a mountain height, but The Hermit is NOT ALONE. He is engaged in an intense ecstasy as continuous as the mountain stream running nearby. Within us is the union we truly seek. If the feminine aspect is debased then you get some permutation of Hell, confinement, and suffering. If the feminine aspect is revered and exalted, some permutation of Heaven, freedom, and the absence of suffering is what you get.

At the ground level of your being is the Muladhara Chakra which contains a pool called The Kunda. Asleep (most of the time) in this pool is a serpent. In times of Material Darkness, it rises only to the next two stations above it, the sexual force, outlets through the svadhisthana chakra, and it runs until it is out of juice. This would be the state of The Foolish Virgins. After this, you get the Manipura Chakra which is located at The Solar Plexus. Then you arrive at the central clearing house between the lower 3 and the upper 3 chakras, which is the Anahata HEART Chakra. I'll leave off continuing on because very few of us access these.

Although The Kundalini is a simple process having to do with The Sun, The Moon, and Mercury, it can result in a complexity of expression that is far beyond the parameters of a simple blog posting. Mercury or Hermes (Trismegistus) is what you become when The Sun and Moon are in order within. You have a central channel called The Sushumna. To the left and right of this channel are two smaller channels called Ida and Pingala. They are the courses of The Moon and The Sun. They are the Port and Starboard of your being. EVERYTHING you could ever imagine becoming or experiencing arises from a harmonious accord between The Sun and The Moon in you. You don't need ANYTHING outside of yourself to attain Liberation. Even your guide and mentor is within you.

For those of you with the necessary understanding of arcane lore, here is a short treatise that is actually quite good, given that the deeper aspects can NEVER be written down. I apologize for the author who is being cute, by placing the color of the top chakra into the text upon the next chakra below as the background; violet and indigo.

Color and Sound are POWERFUL aspects of expression for one who is informed about their collaboration. I'm not going into any greater detail here about any of this. It would be of no interest to the unmotivated, and for those already so motivated let them discover it on their own. That is the only way it imprints with any lasting effect. I suggest a study of the caduceus.

I am NOT a Mason. I am not a Christian. I have some idea of WHAT I am but it is not a subject for discussion. As often as I have said these things, there are those who insist I am one or the other or both. I am NEITHER. I am a seeker and nothing more. The truth is that there are many frightened and angry people running about these days. It is the Fear which ignites the Anger, though Lust ignites Anger as well. There are people who consider themselves Well-Informed. What they are is an amalgam of Opinion and other people's theories which they found compatible with their own.

Osho built an empire out of sexual license. If you want to get a larger following then you must appeal to the lowest common denominator. If you really are speaking the truth it will be to a small audience. This has ALWAYS been the case. You will also be reviled and slandered by frightened and angry people. The Truth is NOT WELCOME most places and wiser souls know when to pass bad opportunities by.

Though I am not a Mason, I KNOW there are good souls involved in those traditions. The reason a certain group hijacked and reverse engineered Masonry does not mean that there is no good teachings in it. The same people also hijacked and reverse engineered The Kabbalah. These are the same people who have reversed their own kundalini, for the purpose of gratuitous and perverted sex. Fundie Christians will object to the idea that anything which is not in their reverse-engineered Bible is profane. They are duped. Even though the Bible has been messed with, there is still much of wonder and beauty in it, especially in The New Testament. The Old Testament is a work of Gematria and if you don't understand Gematria you will not understand it. Period!

I use WHAT WORKS, and what appeals to my nature, shaped by the Ray I am on and informed by The Intuition. Most people are in a sad state because of the dysfunction between The Will and The Imagination. When you pervert your imagination you are in real trouble. I can't go into this any further either. However, just mentioning it will set prepared minds into further inquiry.

I know already that there are those who will howl like scalded cats because I made a positive mention of Masonry. Masonry and whatever else you might come up with, are SOLELY DEFINED by your own character. It is the same with venturing into The Unknown. You bring all that is dangerous with you, and it finds whatever misfortune is resonant with it. Like attracts like. I don't read Masonic lore, nor much of anything else these days. I read enough to know it was not my path. It is our character and the force of our lower and higher nature that account for what we encounter in occult applications. You will be drawn to those areas that appeal to your desires and appetites. It IS NOT an area one should even engage to begin with unless they are of sound character and have mastered The Beast Force within. That is symbolized by the Strength card.

Bota Deck Strength

It is enough to desire and aspire after The Divine to accomplish ALL that you seek. Agents of The Heavenly Hierarchy will guide and teach you as you progress. You can just presume this. You WILL have to show the qualities and character NECESSARY to continue or you WILL NOT continue. There is many a disappointed soul, now filled with anger and seething resentment from believing they have been shunned by The Higher Mind. It is not the fault of The Higher Mind. Either you measure up or you do not. No one has to fail who is sincere and persistent.

Love alone is ALL THAT IS NEEDED. The rest is “added unto you.” As you are purified by the force of Love within, you become capable of ever more refined expressions of Love. You don't have to be smart. You don't have to be powerful or rich. You don't have to have good connections, because NONE OF THOSE connections will avail you. You ALREADY have the connection within you. It is said that those who follow the path of knowledge, even if they rise to parity with Solomon, MUST return again to walk The Path of Love. However, if you walk The Path of Love to begin with, ALL of those other aspects WILL BE added into you AUTOMATICALLY.

End Transmission.......

A small disclaimer; I know it seems that I glossed over important details and left a great deal hanging here. In any case, I don't have thousands of pages available in a single posting. I include these commentaries in an abbreviated format in order to pique the curiosity. Hopefully, that has been accomplished.

Anyway... here are some links having to do with just how crazy it is getting to be= Mr. APOCALYPSE IS REALLY GOING TO TOWN!!! You can see him forcing people to say things they would NEVER have said if they were in command of themselves at all.

Via The Washington Times
I was never fond of this fellow. Now I know why=
Ben Shapiro: Jan. 6 rioters ‘will end up rotting in prison, as they should’

Here is someone else I have never been fond of
Quentin Tarantino vowed as a kid never to share a ‘penny’ with his mom


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Damn, it's expensive to be a pervert. Glad I'm only into nose pets and sorflin'. And I get plenty of that at home.

Nostrils up!

Gandalf Carlin said...

Greetings El Vee!

It is crazy times seven in circus circus land.
I'ts a big circus and be glad you aren't in it. (with apologies to George Carlin)
Seeing lots of signs such as shooting stars the past few nights and this is the magic soil suburbia with a moat to fend of reality. (sarc)
I love how you combined the best of East and West disciplines, like you said use what you can and discard the rest.
Those people with the ((( around everything are wrong too, not everyone of them is a Zionist.
Know them by their works and the ones causing the trouble are a small over represented minority with way too much of the Devil's Excrement or money.
The south side of Chicago shindig for Sobama (snark) was a great revealing and I still call Trump the Revelator as there is no excuse for not being awake by now.
Carry on and be well.

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for another VO in PD clothing. One of your best postings. Appreciated!

Vis: "One of the features of The Apocalypse is that the monster predators WILL BE exposed to the eyes of The World."

This is why I believe that one aspect of "The Apocalypse" will be some form of mass telepathy/empathy. (Otherwise, the 'monster predators' are just too good at ducking and weaving.) How this mass telepathy/empathy comes-about is the thing. It could be a 'poof'. It could be because rising frequencies cause anyone who is not able to 'bear' this knowledge to take themselves out; the remainder have the 'gifts'. My favorite scenario is a jump in human consciousness-level; the 'gifts' are just a by-product...
Vis: "Some particular group of people has finally succeeded in pissing off a larger segment of The World..."

Here, we get into "Morphogenetic Field" consequences (Rupert Sheldrake). Everything we do feeds into some Field. This includes building Fields around emotions. Think of it like a giant thundercloud invisibly building-up. It has Power. The more people pissed-off, the more Power it gains. And just like a real-world thundercloud, it eventually needs to Discharge. Again, it will be interesting to see the form of that Discharge...
Vis: "Within us is the union we truly seek."

Every once in a while, Higher Self (or some Higher Being) just 'embraces' me. There are all kinds of energy/light/love moving through me. The effect reminds me of that statue of a lady being 'blissed out' by an angel. It is wonderful while it is happening, and slightly devastating when the 'embracing' stops (usually, because it is all my system can bear at that time). Out of curiosity, I often ask whether that energy/light/love stays within 'me', or whether it is re-transmitted out to others. Most of the time, I get the response from HS that it is retained. Over the years, that must have interesting 'effects' on our different energy bodies...
Vis: "You don't need ANYTHING outside of yourself to attain Liberation. Even your guide and mentor is within you."

Yep. Although, it is important to note how the 'inner guide' is linked to the 'outer guide', aka all-God. In this regard, there is the classic tale of the 'man in a flood', aka 'God Will Save Me' (the story is in the center of the article). Ultimately, we are All One...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

A small synchronicity: I just watched a "Gillian Anderson's Birthday" marathon on TV, which celebrated her Dana Scully character in The X-Files. One episode ("All Things" - S7, E17) directly referenced the Chakra System (particularly the Heart Chakra) and Divine Femininity (via Kwan Yuen or Quan Yin or Guan Yin). It was written by Chris Carter & Gillian Anderson, and directed by Gillian Anderson. Very cool. Recommended...

Anonymous said...

Cuomo resigns.
Lions 4. Christians 1
We finally scored a goal

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Succor, Safety, Sanctuary and The Like are ALL Available if You Know Where to Look."

MogwaiHunter said...

I keep using my old brain to think. I need to practice yoga and the other tools you try so hard to give me. I did some ad hoc in my garden just now and tried to breath as if I was meditating in my limited understanding way. started seeing things but they fade too fash to really see properly. Feeling a lot of changes in attitude. I think now I need to try to move out of this house that has been a hole for me to hide in and a cave to hybernate in most of my childhood and adult life. Its hurting both me and my parents and we are hurting each other. This is going to fun to figure out but think things are looking really good. They will probably spring back to life or at least I wont cause harm in trying too hard to protect them. sounds better huh? God has em covered.

Visible said...


What I have found that works... is that whenever I feel I need personal change, I begin on the plane of thought and work at thinking it into being, energized by emotion which takes the shape of inflexible certitude.

They did a study using basketball shots and had three groups. One group shot baskets for an hour every day. Another group shot baskets once a week and the last group shot no baskets but imagined themselves shooting baskets for periods of time each day. Then they all went on to a court and took their shots. The ones who imagined they were shooting and had done no shooting were the winners.

The problem is that we think and then act impulsively. We REACT! Instead, if we are thoughtful and focused; sleep on it... take a moment. Work at CAREFUL visualization of what we would like to see occur, we can be confident that thinking will make it so.

I could embellish here but I am sure you get what I am saying. ANYTHING that you can clearly and with detail imagine (the more precisely you imagine, the more fully it comes into manifestation) WILL become an actuality. You cannot be impatient or conflicted. You simply fill the image with confidence and it will be realized. More difficult images take LONGER, but... nonetheless... they come about. Everything we see... came about as a thought that precipitated into form.

MogwaiHunter said...

Thank you so much.



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