Tuesday, July 27, 2021

"The Mark of the Beast is Written into the Fabric of their Being. Otherwise, So Is The Mark of Heaven."

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We will do something different today. A friend sent me this video.

I see something now and then that stops me in my tracks. This can be disconcerting if I wasn't moving in the first place (grin). I had such an event watching this video. There was an odd parallel to this. Last night, I was talking with my friend about The Mark of God and The Mark of the Beast. We are ALL the property of something, and the owner does mark his possessions. I suppose it is like your mother sewing your name into your underwear before you go to summer camp or Bohemian Grove for that matter.

The lady who created this video has seen behind the veil to some extent, although she misses the real connection to the iconography of Tibetan Buddhism; Buddhism and Hinduism generally. In those traditions, they have benefic deities and wrathful deities. They radiate according to the plane that is specific to them, be it Carnal, or Higher Mind. Perhaps you have seen the cover to one of my albums, “Almost A Capella”. It shows a similar presence to her Totem images.

Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Most importantly one must remember that EVERY plane of action in the manifest has GUARDIANS, watchmen, doormen, and the female equivalent as well. As The Avatar comes down the planes into material presence, he DRIVES all the long-entrenched villains DOWN into The Material Plane for JUDGMENT. This is why many public figures, celebrities, and hoi poloi film extras are losing their minds because the one who was operating them got evicted from his Place of Power. This soon gets remedied for the now homeless entities who then take up residence in whatever form is AVAILABLE, and suitable for their purposes. Since this leaves a great many others rudderless, you are seeing people losing it in all manner of ways.

Again, I have to mention the Battle of the Morannon in the Lord of the Rings. This was the final battle of this particular war and it served as a distraction to take The Eye of Sauron off of his kingdom and to focus it on the conflict at hand. Then The Ring went into the flaming lava, accompanied by Gollum. This DEFINITELY got Sauron's attention and his mind left the battle immediately. Once this happened, the armies that Gandalf, Aragorn and Sundry were facing, LITERALLY lost their minds and went running off in all directions because no one was at the helm any longer. Something very similar to this is taking place now, here.

Any reader who has come here with any frequency is familiar with my appreciation for Phrenology. Once you have seen this video you will know why. Also... coincidentally, but not a coincidence, I don't believe in coincidence; EVERYTHING is connected... anyway... I received an aura camera, and here too, I have been able to see more similarities and associations. Several different modalities for seeing beyond the temporal have come to my attention in the same space in time. This can be no accident.

The lady who presents this video shows inarguable evidence of this POSSESSION that I have been writing about. She doesn't go very far with it at all, but the point is still made that 'there is more to Heaven and Earth than has been dreamed of in our philosophies' to paraphrase The Bard.

When I had my Kundalini experience at a cabin in the Virginia woods, I saw many similar images, although they were not menacing. The one controlling the experience for me had total command of all the elements of the event. You can think of Benefic and Wrathful Deities as a force operating at a particular frequency. If you were able to dial UP the vibration of a Wrathful Deity, it would turn into a Benefic Deity.

Wrathful deities and demons are how the force expresses itself at that level. It is the same with angels. You communicate with that which is relevant to your level of awareness. It seems imperative for all to raise their level of awareness, so as to be able to take advantage of the incredible bounty of Heaven. Heaven is a cornucopia of blessings flowing endlessly. One must be in tune with Heaven to be able to profit from this.

I'm not going any further with this now. I prefer that you see this video and reach your own conclusions. I don't doubt it at all because I have already seen these at other times in altered states. I AM NOT promoting this. I am leaving it to you to come to your own conclusions. Thank you for your time.

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Now, I have some links for you. Yes, I know that some of the images are disturbing but they indicate Trends and Intentions and I try to be aware of what they imply;


Via The Patel Patriot Newsletter
This has five parts but for those of you who have an interest in such things this is RIVETING
Devolution Part 1 - How did we get here?


Then there is the USUAL batshit insane stuff that has now become routine=
Costa Rican Gymnast Does Black Lives Matter Tribute... During Olympic Routine

Via Amazon
The Fat Girl's Guide to Being #Brave and Not a Dejected, Melancholy, Down-in-the-Dumps Weeping Fat Girl in a Bikini

Paperback, Slim Edition

Very Fat Very Brave, slim paperback edition


Todd Ethier said...

Well, Les , that Totem video is just creepy as Hell ...

Anonymous said...

Well I managed to get the dreaded virus or whatever it is last Wed. Its been 6 days and I feel like crap. No jab for me . I got a doc who gave me ivermectin . I hope it works. After reading todays post and see the attending photos and links I am overwhelmed at the
Evil that has overtaken so many and it’s so vast and powerful. We need some help soon. As for me. I’ll let you know when I recover
God Bless you all

Ray B. said...

Vis, one of your best 'going beyond the veil' postings. Thanks!

Vis: "In those traditions [Tibetan Buddhism; Buddhism and Hinduism generally], they have benefic deities and wrathful deities. They radiate according to the plane that is specific to them, be it Carnal, or Higher Mind."

In my venturings courtesy of Higher Self, I observe something similar. There are various Consciousness Levels, and good-guys & bad-guys 'populating' each Level. (This was surprising to me; I expected that bad-guys would 'fade out' past certain levels.) The good news here is that - while you have some bad-to-the-bone types which can only be 'banished' - most of the baddies act that way due to old, held pain from ancient encounters. Remove/force-through those old traumas, and they become neutral or even act to resolve their negative actions of the past. Repeat this enough times, and it gets interesting Down Here...
Vis: "Once this happened, the armies that Gandalf, Aragorn and Sundry were facing, LITERALLY lost their minds and went running off in all directions because no one was at the helm any longer."

This brings-up a question: How much of the wigged-out behavior that we have Down Here is because of a hive mind effect? By that, I mean that many humans may never have truly 'occupied' his/her collective bodies. I remember that I had to 'push-out' the Collective Consciousness in many areas, so that I could occupy myself, so to speak. If that Collective Consciousness is only 'neutral', that is bad enough. If that Collective Consciousness is ultimately 'anchored' to our equivalent of Sauron, that raises some interesting questions of what will happen when that influence is gone...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Your last link. Wonder if Krispy Kreme is hiring? Or do they have to wait for December for the calendar photoshoot. Gods, they have some of the worst doughnuts on the planet. I never went there, but a former boss used to go there to give us. . .uh. . .I hesitate to call 'em treats.

Visible said...

If you are going to be making comments here about how innocent Georgie Soros and Nancy Pelosi are and then casting aspersions on me as if I had made a judgment call, WHEN I HAD NOT, then you are going to need to identify yourself because otherwise, you are only a troll. I am ALSO going to stop posting nonsensical comments that point to nothing and are the sort of thing an unskilled and uninformed person would do to cause distraction.

ANONYMOUS... you are hereby reinformed that you DO NOT have the same rights here as do identified posters. Head off to Disquis where you can spout and prance about inside your head to your heart's content.

Furthermore, the person who made the video DID it right in front of you and you CLEARLY saw which elements she brought to bear on the image. I'm not trying to convince you because I already KNOW what you are up to.

Anonymous said...

The dystopian future ain’t what it used to be.
Bless you my child.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Billions March in Slavery to their Appetites, and Then They are Gone. STOP WANTING!"



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