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The Trumpster Jumps out of the Dumpster to be Commander in Chief.

Dog Poet with Mind Blown.......
Wow! Just... Wow! . Here's an interesting consideration. I had been going around the last several days, saying to my friends, that Trump was going to win. It was just a feeling, but it was a strong one. Then last night came and I didn't think Trump was going to win at all. What I began to feel during the election coverage was that the puppetmasters had switched sides. There was no visible, monumental election fraud, like we saw in 2000. There were some strange isolated examples of legerdemain, like some unknown voting in someone else's name before they got there but... otherwise nothing and no outrage or threat from the Dems about this sort of thing or insistence on recounts. That there was no chicanery of this sort is what is very, very unusual. It is as if they knew that Trump had it in the bag and let it follow in its course.

I don't want to rain on anyone's happiness about what happened ...and Pollyanna is dancing in the new meadow of possibilities... brilliant, dew kissed, green grass ...fruit trees in bloom with the promise of fruit to come. It is a consummation that most of us most definitely would like to see come about.

That Trump could have said the inexplicable things that he said and that the airwaves could be inundated with the virulent attack ads that scrolled endlessly across the screen, with Trump, in his own words, saying what he said and... he still got elected? It is testimony to the general disgust and hatred that a greater portion of the voting public felt toward Hillary or... it was something else.

“Strange days have found us.”

I was glad that Hillary went down. Even if there is no real hope, as far as reality goes, for the future that will only find us where it always does, in the present and colored and shaped as it always is... by the past; it is very very good that Hillary is not going to get sworn in come January 20 or whenever it is. It is especially good for the Supreme Court because of the way Hillary's court would further seek to twist human sexuality beyond recognition. Presently, these nine vultures are a study in advanced depravity. It can always get worse. Of course they are Noahide junkies as well.

The true reality of our situation is that those who have the gold make the rules. The greater reality is that the ineffable is the one pulling the strings and leading people in the directions they insist on going in for the purpose of enduring examples of what is not the direction to be going in. This is a dream and the dream has a choreographer. Certainly one of the forces that set the GPS coordinates is our desires. We are all led ...and/or frustrated... through the fulfillment of our desires and thereby taught the value and meaning of our desires. This is the essence of existence, the lessons learned, via the experiences we are put through, based on the desires that drive us. Ultimately there is only one valid and meaningful desire and that is to be reunited with our true self; the god self that seeks us all through the experiences we pass through. When we begin to seek this self it exponentially increases the speed of reunion. At this point it is all regulated through sincerity and determination, as well as certitude and these loop around, creating and turning into one another as needed.

One might think of the truly desirable and eternal qualities of the ineffable as like poles that magnetize each other and then produce another pole that generates another pole and so on and so on, until you have a vibrating schematic in which these archetypes play off of one another and become the environment in which awareness moves toward that indescribable totality that we are able to come into possession of should we be driven to this to the exclusion of all other motivations.

A goodly portion of the things said by Trump are incredibly over the top. Some of it seems to be an expression of comedic satire, as if he were blowing himself out of all proportion and yet... people seemed either to miss it entirely or to dismiss it. It could be that the public is catching up to what lying swine the crass media is.

Once again I have to fall back on the understanding that the ineffable is in complete control of everything, either through permission given or impulse generated; desire is the agent of god's will. People have a certain idea of what is good and evil, without knowing that these do not even exist except in a relative sense and they are in a state of flux at all times. This is why we have the concepts of God and the Devil. These are perceptions that people have according to their ideas of good and evil. They believe there are two antagonist forces but there is only one force that has many applications and the positive or negative impact of them is determined by the perspective and intention of the person who imagines they are wielding them.

There are many stages of awareness and your stage of awareness is based in the quality of your desires and the amount of them. It is best to weave all of your desires together because all of the objects of your desires which appear to all be something different from the rest are all based on the desire for completion; regardless of what you may think it is, it is about completion and the hope that the experience or acquisition of it will bring you peace. That is what sex is about, unfortunately sex and everything else is only temporary. Sex, in a way is seeking after death. That is why the French call the orgasm- le petit morte. So, really, the whole thing is about what direction you point your sexual force in. Is it down and out or in and up? Will you wind up down and out or will you find your way in and up? It's a personal thing.

Men and women in search of sensation are burned up in it. That fire will consume you and it does consume most. The problem is not that you will not get what you want. You will get what you want at some point but... will you still want it after you get it? The soul. Your real being, cannot be satisfied with anything but reunion with its source and however many disappointing and agonizingly painful lives you may have to experience before you discover the truth of this is what it is. That is how it is. We must all come to terms with this and we will come to terms with it sooner or later. Later, to me, does not seem like the best option.

Is the best option for America and the world Donald Trump? This is not my concern. I did not promote or support him and I did not oppose him either. I don't know him well enough to have a formed opinion. I've seen a few things and having lived in New York I have been familiar with Trump for a long time. To me he was one of those mega business men with a massive ego. This is certainly how he presented himself. I knew that he loved the company of women. He bought the Miss America pageant and used to have the contestants to his compound at Mar a Lago for dinner. I don't find women of that type to be attractive according to my tastes but... to each their own. I'm passing no judgment on these women. It is just that their personalities and life goals are at a great variance from my own.

I don't think Donald and I would have a great deal in common but that makes neither of us wrong or right. For all I know he might accomplish some good and useful things. His reign has not even begun yet. Time will tell and we shall see. I do presume that under no circumstances would he be worse than Hillary. I know that a good portion of the country is relieved that he won and all the celebrities and gender neutral bathroom Nazis, social justice warriors and strange creatures from another dimension are not pleased and that pleases me. I suspect that all this gender bending madness is going to move into slow motion. That is a very, very good thing.

I believe that the Tranny bathroom issue and the brain washing of elementary school children about alternative sexual mores and the fascist aggressions of these sexual provocateurs has simply pissed off a large percentage of the American public. The endless wars and the bizarre security nightmares created by Michael Chertoff and his Israeli henchmen who did 9/11 has also pissed off a lot of people. Maybe they hope Trump will change the way things are. I hope he does.

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Visible's reads from "The Way to The Kingdom"
Chapter 10


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The next couple of months might be very dangerous because what will the 'wounded beast' (wrong side of history) do between now and January 20?

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
In the simplicity of expression associated with the truth spoken through the words that have been spoken long ago. Time times and the times and the times have filled. verbal game that lasts.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

It's a push back against that tsunami of twisters, but one wonders about all that other power they use and abuse and what to do, what to do. 911 Inquiry, end the Fed, inspect Dimona to start with. Do we want a MCarthy era, and won't that be twisted too?
Schaff taking me through all these dark age popes, many just buying the position.
We'd best not look to Trump for too much morality.
But my little boy optimism says that the Holy Ghost got Trump elected, via them, the USA people.
Thank you voters there, and we shall see.
Australia will probably get all the Tribe's refugees if Trump Trumps. "they have no guns, no crime"... and we shall see.
(PS Brendon O'Connell has fled to Iran and is seeking assylum from the Assylum)

Eudoxia said...

What is the main reason the President elect doesn't take office for 2 months? That's still a long enough time for the tribe to try to pull off more of it's evil tricks. However, in saying that it has become blatantly obvious they aren't pulling off their tricks successfully these days - there is a big black fly in their chardonay. They were doing their same media bullshit and continued to show the American people they are full of shit. The tabloid press over here was delighting in printing the same tactics despite the votes in map clearly showing the opposite so their psyop failed there too. It seems impossible these days for them to pull off their bastardry with aplomb like they used to. Now they corner themselves like shit house rats every time they open their mouths. It's a real joy to watch. They might as well just plead guilty and be done with it. The million dollar question now is - what about Soros????

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

This helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if instead of outer space exploration Trump would be interested on " inner earth" exploration and we could explore all those underground hidey-holes from our ancient to very recent history. Ferret out a bunch of "truth" ! We have been told to look to the stars. by master magicians so long I just have to believe that that sort of mis- direction should be taken seriously and we should diligently look right beneath our feet... being earthlings and all!

As above so below... let's start digging! Especially in places they have said we just aren't allowed! Might just be even more interesting than
We could imagine.

We have the right to know. And the public gets to see first. Maybe we can force the Smithsonian to cough up the goods!

Just my fantasy!

David Fiske said...

 "Ultimately there is only one valid and meaningful desire and that is to be reunited with our true self; the god self that seeks us all through the experiences we pass through.  "

So true Vis.

I've been reading some Rumi gain.

"In the heavens I see your eyes,
In your eyes I see the heavens."

'Everything you touch
will reach it's goal
and fly with the wings of an angel...
But the wings can not carry you to god.
Like the mule that carried the Prophet,
Only love can carry you there."

Rumi translated by Jonathan Star
In the Arms of the Beloved"

"You confound the doubting heart,
You intoxicate the faithful head"...

All roses fall prey to December,
All intellect falls prey to love's glory

Let me know your secrets--
Only the ones that last forever.

Set your sights on a place
Higher than your eyes can see.
For it it was a higher aim
that brought you here
in the first place.

Now be silent
Let the One who creates the words speak.
He made the door,
He made the lock.
He also made the key."

Love Vis,

Visible said...

Yes... that should be a real concern for The Donald and if they take the VP with them it puts Paul Ryan in the White House.

Terrance said...

Hello Visible. ......for all of those who are curious about how this plays out, go to ......
Thrasybulus eventually defeated the army of the oligarchs and he came to terms with Sparta, and so restored democracy to Athens.

Nostradamus and the Age of Dsolation, G. A. Stewart, Page 448

So, here is the point where the book transitions from the past and present into the future. This period may see a confluence of many events: a NATO invasion of Syria, followed quickly by a nuclear attack on Iran by Israel, a global economic collapse, the sinking of the United States’ 5th Fleet, and a military coup d'état in the United States.

Obama is probably our last president and Trump may never actually be the leader of the so called freeworld.

Unknown said...

This year has been a time of The Revealing (Apocalypse). Scales have fallen from many eyes loosened by the sheer audacity of the absurdities done by people in power. From Men in the Ladies Room to near WWIII.

It morphed into a time of Redemption. Many people stepped up to make a stand and by virtue of where they were in the Darkness, were in a perfect position to make a move towards the Light. So here we are.

We will soon be in the Time of Judgement when the Choices made inspired by The Revealing yield their fruit. Now, in the Time of Redemption, is the time to accept the Grace being offered and make personal navigational course corrections in one's life and in area's of authority while the Winds of Theopneustos still blow.

Smyrna said...

9/11 enquiries and Dimona inspections are not something to be expected from this Trump victory. That will be stuff for further down the track if at all. If he can change the course a few degrees in a few years that would be a start. There are some serious badass globo-zionist foundations to be jackhammered and removed here.

Anyway, what odds was Trump for the presidency when he first declared? 100/1?

There have been some outrageous sporting results this year, which in a way reflect a changing order on a deeper mystical level no doubt.

Leicester in the soccer 1500/1 to start off. Cubs in the baseball 100 odd years. I have some old American MAD Magazines from the '70s where they hang shit on the Cubs for being perennial losers.

In my part of the world the Bulldogs won at 66/1 before the finals (play-offs) after a 62 year drought. The Sharks won the rugby after 50 fruitless years. Bangladesh beat England in a test match. Strange shit.

Smyrna said...

Mr. Apocalypse is in the room, rest assuredly.

Some savant or soothsayer says this; another says that. Trump will start WW3, Trump will prevent WW3! and so forth.

No man knows the day of the Lord.

Start practicing what ol' man Vis keeps preaching. Get yourselves right internally.

Found God? If not keep searching, keep scratching. Keep inhaling.

Ray B. said...

via Homer, thanks for the great interview with Scott Adams. Much wisdom there. I'm going to have to look-into Adams further.

As a follow-on, this is how Adams recommends for Trump supporters to act in the days to come...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

jay said...

Indeed, it is the disconnection from God that drives our needs. Ironically the more you try and fill the gulf the further you push yourself from Him....

I want those feeble minded axes overthrown
I'm not into your passport picture I just like your nose
You welcome me with open arms and open legs
I know only fools have needs but this one never begs...

Now as for Trump...Where we not saying all these things back in Oct 2008???

There's nothing in the streets
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Are now parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

You can't beat Christ

Anonymous said...

"We are all led ...and/or frustrated... through the fulfillment of our desires and thereby taught the value and meaning of our desires. This is the essence of existence, the lessons learned, via the experiences we are put through, based on the desires that drive us."

Even though the deeds of 'good' and 'evil' are opposites, reality and circumstance are the factors that will define what is right and wrong in the eyes of the beholder.

James Arthur Jancik said...

For some reason, It is not accepting my login and posting me "Unknown" Not trying to "hide" ;-)

Anonymous said...

There is a whole new situation right now, Wikileaks; Anonymous, Infowars and 50% of alt. media all merged together to get Trump elected, basicaly they are mainstream now. This deception just become much more subtle and complicated, at the end you will be the last man standing in 'alternative media' Vis. Unless something like this is still in play: (summary: financial crash before inauguration, martial law)

Visible said...

James; I am sorry to hear this but... you found a work around (grin).



Hereticdrummer said...

If for no other reason, it is great Trump won because it removes the immediate threat of thermonuclear war with Russia. Trump and Vladimir Putin like and respect each other and Trump has repeatedly stated that he wants to defuse the tensions between the two nations and normalize relations, exactly what Putin wants. The Hildebeast on the other hand frequently denounced Putin and Russia and represented the neocon psychopaths that want to antagonize Russia and ultimately draw that country into war with the U.S. Criminally stupid considering that the Russians have more than enough firepower to turn America into a radioactive wasteland. That dire threat eclipses all others, and we should all be thankful that it is now passed. (unless traitors under Trump do something imbecilic without his knowledge and consent). Be well Brother Vis.

Visible said...

Here is-

The Way to the Kingdom; chapter 10.

Visible said...

Here Be-

The Kybalion; chapter Two.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he appreciates you calling him an old man.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
I was in Poland on vacation. My grandmother is very ill. Her life is sustained by chemical drugs. Tell me whether life in the material world is worth purchasing medicine for thousands of money? If drugs cost more than food and bills. I tried to explain this to my brother, that life on this planet is just a transition period. Sustaining it with the chemistry is nonsense. Instead, visualize it that awaits us something better, again I was called a heretic. He lunged at me with his fists because he had no verbal arguments. Once again I ended up as homeless. Jesus well said. If you will not have to hate your brother, you can not be my disciple. Although that was the whole world against me, I will always keep his mind. :). This is really happening
Nobody said it would be easy. For the study Jesus I am able to endure everything. The way justice and the truth is hard in a world where people are no rules. The easiest way is to die. But is it a choice? Who then able to defend the word? I know exactly what Jesus felt as he carried his cross. I'm bloody and I fell for the second time under the weight. The time is approaching, and for this I will be glad. Les explore the stories of the Prophet Daniel from the Septuagint when he killed the dragon. Read the stories later find the dragon of Wawel in Krakow. You will know the probability. The truth is only one. I do not have the strength to explain. I lay bloodied and do not believe that once again this happening to me. People are worse than animals killed for the truth, believing in a lie. Longer wants to die, I'm tired of crying. Believe what you want.

Anonymous said...

You are not at all surprised that Jesus was crucified for the truth. I am 33 years old and also I was just waiting in another little differently. Just one fall. Not mine! The world.

Anonymous said...

Dear aggressive truth,
You brother attacked you only because you verbalized his own thoughts...
And because it is Mother he doesn't wish to have those "horrible" thoughts.
He needs to speak to a hospice nurse who will mediate between his desires and the Mothers wishes!
People are afraid to depart because they are first afraid and also they feel the clinging need of the family to not let her go. It is torment for her and he needs to realize dying is " hard work". If he can get to a point of telling her he loves her so much that he wants her to have no worries/ attachments here that prevent her departure it will release them both. I have have the privilege of holding the hands of the dying and giving them "permission to go and validation of a job well done"! Usually they aren't able to speak but the love that wells up in their eyes and a sigh of relief is what follows! They want to know it's ok to go and that they aren't hurting their loved ones by leaving. I have had the privilege to help several people to feel good about leaving and watched a beautiful "un- aging" effect happen and be with them when their spirit leaves this planet. It is an indescribable feeling to help them bridge to the other side and they are truly grateful for a hand to hold and actually wish to discuss their death... if possible! Closure is all they want... I love you mom you were the best and please don't worry about us because you did such a great job you can please now be free! And when you see their relief and the sigh you know that all they wanted was to be acknowledged as having fulfilled their job as Mom. I know this to be a fact!

God bless you both!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
thanks Homer (via), for Dilbert's Dad. his analysis reminded me of Trump as Hitler, or Asimov's Foundation's Mule (Hypnotist).
so Trump = EvilBert?, Adams doesn't live in an Office Cubicle in real life?

Nice to know now that the Dilbert creator is not Jewish btw, as I would have suspected, too rational.

Anonymous said...


Leonard Cohen passed on this day.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, let me try this here since it seems to have either disappeared from youtube, or I forgot to hit enter.

I'm reading the Kybalion, and on chapter 8, and still listening to the videos in case something didn't sink in. It makes existence seem like a video game where one moves up a pyramid until they get to the top to be resorbed by THE ALL. Now what I wonder, is that despite there being no time, and everything being NOW outside of the illusion we live in, what is the difference between THE ALL before it split itself up into a gazillion parts, and after all parts are ONE again (Stairway to Heaven lyrics come to mind.), and the state us mortal flotsam are currently experiencing where all exists is still in a gazillion pieces?

Or can we just assume THE ALL is the most prolific artist that ever was who just let its canvass run wild?

Now where is that aspirin?

Anonymous said...

Leonard Cohen...a man who had the searchers soul! He had trouble with depression and relationships because he was a true seeker.
He's my man!
I can't wait to meet him! I don't believe he knew how many hearts he touched... I love him for eternity!
I don't believe for a second that he would want God to " rest his soul"... he is in full flight mode!
You blessed the world Leonard... my life is richer for having fallen in love with you and your music ever since " Susanne"
And everything that came after!
Fly in full spectrum singer of our era...

Visible said...

I wish I could answer that question but I cannot (grin).

Anonymous said...

I've followed Dilbert "religiously" for years and Scott Adams ranks up there with Visible as A Modern-Day Folk-Hero!

Scott backed Trump from day-one. Now we see Trump's views on 911 and they are most refreshing:

If indeed The Donals is about to blow the lid off of 911 then Mr. Apocalypse will have a fine running mate... exciting times ahead!


Anonymous said...

I learned through this election that much of what I thought was true turned out to be dead wrong! Apparently, voting really does matter, the Clinton cabal isn't all powerful, and a seemingly benevolent force guided events their conclusion which was not total disaster as all were predicting. Well, not all... Most.

What happened to the NYPD and they're imminent release of the stomach turning information on Hillary? What's up with Huma and Weinsr? That just seemed to completely go away. Was all of it fake??? I don't know.

and the whole Steve Piecinik thing about the counter coup from the good guys in the intelligence agencies leaking Hillarys secrets to Wikileaks looked legit at first. Piecinik lost me when he came with the Nibiru video and claiming Hillary knows about it and won't tell the public. There is one thing that makes me wonder if he was truly for real and that is how the election ended... Just like he said it would... That Hillary would not be allowed to steal the election and there would be a peaceful change in power. It seemed like both Trump and Hillary were on their best behavior after it ended, all saying the right things. Almost like they had to and if they didn't, itvwS going to be a problem for them..
Maybe Piecinik actually got it done. He does have the credentials...

Who knows...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Stifling Hypocrisy of Obama-Clinton and the Soros Funded Social Warriors..

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, I have the same kind of questions. Too rational, I guess. At the moment, my signature-question about splitting-up only to re-unite is "Why bother?"

I suspect that this is the finite looking at the infinite. I sure hope we know "Why bother?" before being re-absorbed...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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