Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sidestepping the Darkness and Stilling the Reactive Mind.

Dog Poet Transmitting;

George Soros is, without a doubt, one of the most evil men on the planet at this time. We must remember that he works for someone and it has been rumored that that someone is the Rothschild banking family. The Rothschilds operate through a number of front men, preferring to remain in the shadows where they can suckle at the teats of darkness. To say that the Rothschilds are evil is to render the word evil meaningless, given that their performance of evil so dramatically outdistances our understanding of the word. It's been said that the Rothschilds have an empty chair at their dining table in Corfu for their lord and master, Satan. It is to be naturally and by simple logic assumed that George Soros serves the same agency.

All over the world today, George Soros is making war on humanity and the money is there; his patrons print it out of thin air and it was through this process that they were able to buy up all of the media, most of the publishing, the art galleries (who set the tone for what passes as art), the entertainment industries and all manner of ancillary enterprises.

Mother Rothschild said, "If my sons did not want war, there would be no war."

I used to live in a small town in Germany, not far from Basel Switzerland, the birthplace of Zionism. I used to wander around in Basel. Occasionally I would pass a memorial to his residence. It is a known fact that the Rothschilds were deep into the creation of Israel. This had nothing to do with giving a homeland to people who never lived there. It was all about setting up a sovereign nation where their criminal activities could go unpunished; putting an imprimatur upon their relentless malfeasance Malfeasance meaning, 'wrongdoing, especially by a public official.

Since their hijacking of Palestine through the propagation of a fictitious holocaust they have visited injury after injury upon the original inhabitants, driving 700,000 of them into exile through mass murder, well poisonings and assorted mayhem. Today they have them herded in the world's largest open air concentration camp, where they use them for target practice and routinely bomb the living shit out of them on certain Jewish low holy days, in order to provide blood sacrifices for demonic entities, whom they serve. They have also made war on many countries in the Middle East and also attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Through this they were able to have Homeland Insecurity created and run by one of their double agents, Michael Chertoff. They single handedly ruined air travel and caused the atmosphere of the country to descend into paranoia and gloom; all of which they blamed on Muslims who had nothing to do with it.

Just as Donald Trump was elected because the American people finally became able to see through Hillary Clinton's disingenuous and malicious bullshit; not to mention her horrific plans for the future, the world at large is going to be made more and more aware of the lies of a group of people that has held the world hostage for a considerable time. It was back stage mostly and now through unbridled arrogance they have stepped on to center stage. Their whining and conniving is no longer convincing. Mr. Apocalypse is twirling his cane. He's lifting up the covers and revealing what lies beneath. He's going in people's minds and then out of their mouths; convicting them in their own words. He's everywhere he needs to be, doing a necessary job.

The despicable creatures who run show business have populated the screens and airwaves with the most artistically challenged mutants the world has ever seen. They've blackballed the gifted from the music business and filled it with profane dumpster-mouthed, toilet heads, twerking their way to ignominy. As the level of talent and ability, limbos in the crevasses created to make it possible for them to go under the bar, a larger and larger amount of the public are waking up to it.

'They' put this odious shit out and more and more people are no longer appreciating the taste of their chips and dip.

It's true that some are violently resistant to waking up. There is a particular demographic of predators, social justice warriors, alternative sexual acrobats and stone cold materialists; not to mention the faithless, indifferent and atheistic, who are one thing on their own and at some turns antagonistic to each other but... collectively, even at cross purposes, they add up to a much more significant amount than they do individually. Nonetheless, when Mr. Apocalypse taps his stick, all kinds of people might wake up quick; like it or not.

Our job is to help spread the word with what grace and restraint is at our command. It matters not if it is rejected or scorned. Time bombs and depth charges are left in your wake. There's no harm in getting a thousand stickers that say “Israel did 9/11” and putting them up in public restrooms and wherever they may be seen. There's nothing wrong with being ingeniously clever about bringing things to the people's attention and you don't have to be around to explain anything later. It's the thought that counts. If you don't stay in command of your own consciousness, someone else is in command of you.

It really helps to see the whole spectacle of existence as a movie, a stage play or a dream. I don't mean in an abstract sense, a philosophical sense or an intellectual sense, I mean to really believe that you are living in a dream or a movie and realizing that the part you play can have everything to do with whether you awaken from it, or are seduced into a deeper sleep or a more robotic reactive pinball consciousness.

Of all the things we need to gain control over, our reactive mind is one of the biggies. Gain control of your reactive mind and you are close to Buddha mind. Supremacy in the mind being Buddha Mind and victorious in the heart being the Christ Station. Various forces war for control of the different aspects of our being and unless we are proactive we are definitely reactive. Upon deep reflection you will discover that most of your encounters are reactive. This is not to say aggressively reactive but impulse reactive. So much of what takes place in us is carried out without thought. We just do things as we are accustomed to doing them and the right or wrong of that, the efficacy or lack of it, is predicated on how we came to be that way in the first place. Much of what has been patterned into our being came about through telepathic invasion from our parents (who were not always right), our environment; as we struggled to fit in and in some cases, struggled to stay alive. Of course the educational system is devoted to programming false information into our heads.

When we are capable of reaching a non reactive consciousness, we come into the neighborhood of that alchemical state of motionless Mercury (my particular paraphrasing there) and that leads to other states and the mind can become a perfect reflective device. Reflective of what? I suppose of anything but for me it would be the ineffable, or rather an extension of the ineffable; an intermediary, lest I get burned to a cinder for presumption (grin).

So... despite the presence of psychopathic, blood drinking demons like Soros and his overlords, we are only in harm's way if we put ourselves there. When we can be deceived by their transparent and fatuous lies, then we can be manipulated and drafted into their army of dupes, to fight or protest or be used in whatever devious manner they want to use you in. Their power comes directly from a center that can be neutralized from within your own being.

I'm hearing that Trump plans on reopening the 9/11 inquiry. Since we know that Israel did 9/11, hopefully he knows the danger he puts himself in if he does this. That is, unless he simply plans on running a diversionary course in some direction of deceit. Far too many know that the official report is a lie. Fewer of us know that it was Israel but the number is still significant. He will define himself by this. Meanwhile, Israel will pull out all stops to silence him. It all depends on what the ineffable wants out of it. I'm guessing this is all riding in a sidecar, along with the ever rising general awareness that we have been lied to and preyed upon and been our own worst enemies in the bargain.

Regardless... don't let where everyone else is at and what everyone else does be your guide in this life. The world is always at a departure from truth, simply because it is a world of appearances to begin with. The deeper you look within, the more conscious you become of something, or someone, looking back at you.

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Radio Broadcast this evening. Program starts at 7:00 Central. That seems to me to be an hour earlier than usual but... I don't know.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...
Israel is their form of Duck and Cover *.... knowing with their Group Evolutionary Strategy that even in merry 'ol England they would sooner or later be unwelcome (like previously), but the inevitably forces of globalism (and this internet thingy) dictate an increasingly desperate situation (sans off planet solutions) if they cannot get their NWO down pat before the awakening. They are possibly at that point now.

* 50's US instructional videos on how to protect yourself from thermonuclear war by.... hiding under the classroom table, and noting that Russia and China have shelters in place for their citizens, the West has Shelter In Place as in stay home and Duck and Cover.

Madame R's corollary : If my sons want war, there will be war.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (afterthought)
If Trump's 911 investigation happens, it will have to explain how those buildings came down, all 3 of them (and the others around them) given Trumps clear opinion about it ... so the Arabs planted nukes throughout the building would surely be not feasible. blaming the Mexicans for mixing the wrong cement wont cut it with a stell building either, and the steel was made in the USA back then, though carted off to China as scrap to get rid of the evidence.
It would have to involve a high level of cover up and an inside job. Then again, I've always said, ultimately Israel or any truth doesn't matter to their survival as long as their show goes on in the longer run and new tricks are in play to distract and re-reactivate us.

John Haughton said...

I hope you are right - Giuliani's appointment leaves me wondering on this one.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visibe.... thank you for your vision..Lord work your will in and on me to the glory of your presence!

Visible said...

I got plenty of questions about Trump and Guiliani is not the least of them; given that he is right there in the midst of 9/11 but I am going to wait and see. It won't take long to see what's what.

Anonymous said...

What if Trump becomes Baalam's ass? Like the scene in Beetlejuice... daylight come and he wanna
tell the truth? Mr. Apocalypse has a looooong stick and probing might occur in the deepest of places!
" Oh! Sweet mystery of life at last I' ve found yoooou!!!!!"

Why don't we take Switzerland and end all the Rothschild shit? Enough for everyone.... and cheese and watches!
And then we can dance "The Vatican Rag" to Spike Jones band.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Great couple of posts.
Hillary did not win as I predicted.
Will wait and see what Trump does an does not do.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Tom Lehrer did the original but Spike would add " that extra dimension"!

Anonymous said...

Mr. T certainly did neuter Barnacle Bill Clinton, already to his eternal credit!
(they said it couldn't be done)
Not to mention, according to a Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Kremlin news release, Mr. T has also already prevented WW3.5 simply by being elected.
Two monumental Herculean tasks, and he hasn't even punched the clock yet!
C'mon man! Tough crowd!

There's also a little matter of realism to contend with and endure..

Anonymous said...

pierre said (forum mode)..
I call him Guliani The Rat, as I shall never forget him scurrying out from his Nuke Proof Bunker in WTC7 moments before it collapsed, erhum , was 'pulled'. Though one wonders why he wasnt told not to turn up to work that day, like the other 20,000 Jews (only 2 innocent inadvertent Jews were killed that day). something like the original plan was of a lesser magnitude and someone else did the whole shebang, someone who was kind to Jews... none of all that makes sense, but the official one doesnt either. Hitler was kind to some Jews, Nazi International, Zionism Hun Style, Viper of Venice educated since the 15th century..makes sense, we are going to crash planes into the towers , dont turn up to work just in case, WTC7 will be safe as these twin towers are built (cue Trump) 'like soupcans'. maybe Jewliani just isn't in the closest loops. maybe jewliani did get the orders earlier but clung to all the stuff that was conveniently destroyed then (like Fagan and his superannuation chest of loot). then 'don't worry mate, get out, we'll pull it for you, we'll need you later for higher things.

Ray B. said...

Soros has always seemed like a public figure, hiding the deeper string-pullers. In secret societies, there is the 'public-access' rank. This fronts-for and conceals the 'hidden masters'. Even in the Bilderbergers, there is the public-group and the tiny, decision-making inner-order. Soros is an important player, but is not one of the Players...
Vis: "...and realizing that the part you play can have everything to do with whether you awaken from it, or are seduced into a deeper sleep or a more robotic reactive pinball consciousness."

The Architect of The Matrix: "As I was saying, [The Oracle] stumbled upon a solution whereby nearly 99% of all test subjects accepted the program as long as they were given a choice, even if they were only aware of the choice at a near-unconscious level."
Vis: "Upon deep reflection you will discover that most of your encounters are reactive. This is not to say aggressively reactive but impulse reactive. So much of what takes place in us is carried out without thought."

The Architect of The Matrix: "But we already know what you are going to do, don't we? Already I can see the chain reaction. The chemical precursors that signal the onset of an emotion designed specifically to overwhelm logic and reason. An emotion that is already blinding you... Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion. Simultaneously, the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness."
Vis: "Much of what has been patterned into our being came about through telepathic invasion from our parents..."

From my personal experiences, there is a literal 'overlay' of parental beingness upon/into us. It is an unseen aspect, much as water is to fish. Indeed, it is deeply patterning. That is the bad news. The good news is, if we psychologically & emotionally 'dig' enough and raise our energies enough, we actually pop-out of that bubble and begin living "an authentic life" (Carlos Castaneda version).

I remember when that 'awareness' happened, for each parent. You experience 'yourself' and the 'bath' both separately and pervasive. It is probably how a flying-fish views the water. (Or, how Neo walked-within the Matrix at the end of the first movie.) The initial-experience is both cool and oh, blank at the same time...

The same thing exists, of course, with the 'consciousness bubble' of society...
Vis: "Reflective of what? I suppose of anything but for me it would be the ineffable, or rather an extension of the ineffable; an intermediary, lest I get burned to a cinder for presumption (grin)."

Long ago, when I did an internship at Seattle Mental Health Center, there was a group of 'clients' whom I called the Zen Masters. Rather than just being overwhelmed by the dark-side of parents and society, these folks (in my opinion) had gone too far into the ineffable. Some 'venture' had taken them in so-far that their minds were overwhelmed. They were 'burned'. I think of them as "Joan of Arc" figures. They would be mangled, stream-of-thought personalities at one point, and then deeply-impressive in their wisdom and capabilities at another point. It was both cautionary and enticing. I consider myself fortunate to have met them...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This is a good post to blog far and wide. With an added, highlighted 'ISRAEL DID 9/11', of course!

The 3rd Elf said...

Here is Visible's Sunday 13th November 2016 radio show.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (shameless promotion though not of self)

cross linking (like my cartilage fibre matrix probably isn't)

Anonymous said...

Here we go, Trump's first interview; On Special Prosecutor For Hillary Clinton: “I Don’t Want To Hurt Them, They’re Good People”

Hereticdrummer said...

Excellent Vis, "the deeper you look within ..." The extraordinarily wise, ancient Druids would feel that divine presence when they were communing with nature, especially in their sacred Oak groves. They termed it, "That which watches."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#15: Tell it to Vince Foster, Paula Jones, Cathy O'Brien, Juanita Broaddrick, oh, just copy/paste this!

Takes too long for me to hotlink.

Visible said...

Here is last Sunday's Radio Broadcast.

Eudoxia said...

Trump is beginning to fill his cabinet with neocons - I'm starting to get alarmed. We know with Killary it was a dead certainty but there was a feint glimmer of hope with Trump. He is also IsraHell friendly, and I don't know where I saw it so can't paste link but it was a Utube of Netanyaho sitting at a desk talking with a broken statue of Trump in front of him. I tell you what there they are so BLATANTLY IN OUR FACE NOW you'd have to be blind Freddy living under a rock NOT to see it. Yet there are still those who don't. I just refuse to give these people any energy of any kind now because they are just a waste of space -sigh-

As Viz always says time will tell and we shall see but I've got a funny feeling we already do see it. I'm going to put my energy into Mr Apocalypse and try to keep my despair to a minimum.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up for your perusal-

Red Flags Rising, 9/11 Lies and the Holocaust Fantasy Hoax.



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