Monday, November 28, 2016

A Temporary Hiatus from the Usual Petri Dish.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Welcome dear friends to The Petri Dish, that steaming and shallow bowl of excrescence. It is here that we poke at certain noxious compounds and seek to isolate and define the elements. Today and for the past week we have been limping along because Blogger/Google has gone after those of us foolish enough to use their system. The Elf has been working overtime to migrate us to our own island in the sun and we should be there soon. Once he gives me the go ahead I will be working out of that format exclusively. This is a temporary setback and I and the elves thank you for your patience and kindness to us. Christmas is coming and we hope to make a new era of excellence our gift to you. In the meantime let us remember that all things pass and one day I will actually be 'les visible'. You have no idea how much I look forward to that. It's been no picnic here with all these metaphorical ants, bears and predatory anti life entities who are in turbo mode due to our passage in this apocalypse. NEVER has there been a time of greater 'spiritual' trial because of this being the time of the harvesting of souls.

It is the great harvesting of souls that accounts for the enormous population of humankind at this time. It is as if every soul that has ever been is putting in an appearance. We know internally and we certainly knew prior to our arrival, that this is a truly momentous period of time. The opportunity for quantum leap evolution has never been greater and I draw your attention to the great portal that has opened due to our geographical position in the Milky Way. Many conditions are aligned as they have not been in God knows when or shall be again aligned as only God knows when.

What has the vast majority of humanity done about this opportunity? They have immediately immersed themselves in the largest hog wallow of materialism that has been since God knows when.

I will speak here only of myself at the moment. No one who comes here can doubt that whether I really love the ineffable or not, I certainly talk a good game and it is transparently and painfully obvious that combining a 'professed' love for the ineffable is not a good move materially, unless you are milking the lumpen proles for their nickels and dimes. Talking about God has never been a profitable exercise in the manifest because the ineffable is antithetical to the tyranny of the manifest, as it is demonstrated through the persona of Mammon, who is the manifest shadow self of the divine. In other words, Mammon is the funhouse mirror image of the divine. It is the imperfect presentation of that which cannot be presented, only experienced.

People who come here don't know much about my financial state. I don't imagine that anyone thinks I am rich. The truth is that I get a 350 dollars a month pension and whatever comes in donation wise. Sometimes that amounts to nothing at all and sometimes it might be more than my pension but not often. There are no paid ads on my sites. I do not use Google Sense, or any other regular income generator and that- given the traffic- would probably be more than I get now and there are other mechanisms that, if I were into that sort of thing would boot the take even higher. However, as a result of my doing it the way I do it, I don't make lists like this. I don't feel like this list is an authentic expression of what is true. I just notice I'm not on it (grin).

The reason I mention what I did in the last paragraph is that I took a stand with myself about how I would conduct myself in this life. I've made many an error in judgment and been reckless a few times when I could have been more circumspect. That's something we all deal with to a greater or lesser degree during our time here ...but one thing I can be confident about and even pat myself on the back about is that I am not about the money.

Somewhere along the line I made the decision to leave my fate and fortunes in the hands of the ineffable and... you know what? Every time I have been anywhere near extremity, the almighty stepped in and provided what I needed. I look at my available finances at various points in my life and I cannot see how it was that I made it through, when the actual numbers said I should not have but I did. There was some sort of gestalt that occurred and you can't find it on paper. It isn't there when you add up the numbers. Something magical happened.

Whenever I needed to leave somewhere and go somewhere else, a doorway appeared. Sometimes that doorway led to trauma and trial but another door always opened and it led into something wonderful, as my present situation affirms as so. I attribute this, entirely, to having left my fate and fortunes in the hands of the ineffable. It was a leap of faith and initially it looked like a fool's gambit but... the more I stuck with it the more trustworthy it became and now... years past whenever it was that the decision got made, it has become easier and easier as it goes. Sure, I got smacked around and jerked around, stolen from, slandered (when the truth would have served better in all respects). Irrespective of all of this, the dogs may bark but the caravan moves on. People can have whatever theories they wish about how it has inexplicably worked out for me. The truth is that God is real and in order to experience this as a living reality, you must PROVE IT by living it. If you don't put your money or lack of money where your literal or figurative mouth is you will never know.

You can tell yourself that this is true but if you do not prove it to be true it will not be true for you. You can write and say all kinds of things about what is real and what is not. You can proclaim whatever you wish to the world at large but if you do not live it, it will not live in you.

I come here today to say these things because the trends of the times in which we find ourselves are telling me that the day will come when all of us will wish we had paid more attention to the rock solid reality of the existence of the almighty and paid less attention to our fears and apprehensions concerning the appearances of this constantly changing material world. “Where your heart is, there will be your treasures also”

I want the reader to know that I have proven certain things to be true in my life and so have others across the centuries. I have not demonstrated this in any way to the extent that many others have but I have demonstrated it enough to convince myself and this is what we must all do. We must convince ourselves because that is who generates all the doubt that there may be in our life. Fear comes out of doubt and fear is the Love killer and without Love one cannot interact with the ineffable who is Love entire in all of its inexplicable components. Love is the womb of all the qualities of God. Love is the birth canal of Wisdom and Understating. Love is the shining and single diadem in the crown of the divine. Love is the ever expanding, indefinable and interpenetrating particles of light that exist between every other particle that is manifest and unmanifest. Love is what splits itself into countless expressions of itself, for the purpose of experiencing itself and in the never ending pursuit of itself, can only be known in the unity of all and which gathers together every one of these expressions for the celebration of that unity.

Love is not only what exists between every particle of existence and which transmits the resonance between all of them but is also the light within every particle and without which there would be no life in any of them. You cannot prove any of this to yourself unless you give yourself away for the express purpose of seeing if the ineffable will give yourself back. You can't prove omniscience of the ineffable and the benevolence of the ineffable, unless you put your visible and invisible being completely in the hands of the ineffable, with no regard for your well being or safety. Unless you do, the ineffable cannot prove it to you. I am telling you it works and that is why I have not pursued material security and that is why I have not relied on any personally constructed safety net because the ineffable is my safety net.

There will always be difficulty in the beginning and you might wind up broke and homeless and you might not but... even if you do you will not stay there. There is no telling in which manner the ineffable may test you and to what degree the ineffable will test you. Every case is different. It all depends on how long it takes for the ineffable to believe that you are sincere and unshakable in your reliance. As soon as that is established you are good to go or to not move at all.

You don't have to do any of this the way I did it (and given the mistakes I have made, I hope you don't) but... you do have to do it. You don't have to give away everything you own; quit your job and walk out on the highway and hitch the nowhere highway like Quixote in Spain. What you have to do is let go of all these things in your mind, as if they were not there at all and recognize that wherever you are is where you are supposed to be, until you are somewhere else. You have to recognize that no matter where you go or what you do, you will take yourself with you and that whoever you are, you are no one at all until the ineffable illuminates your being with his own presence. Until the ineffable lights you up you will be in darkness and so long as you carry any attachment to the things of the world with you, that attachment will cast a shadow over your ability to truly see. Regardless, so long as your heart is suffused with the love of the ineffable, you will be led, you will be guided and angels will mark your passage and protect you through it all.

Death has no meaning and is of no account whatsoever by comparison with the suffering you experience on your way to it. You die thousands of times in any life. Death is liberation from whatever particular manifestation of the false self you may find yourself trapped in when there is no other possible exit.

I hope in this hiatus period that some portion of these words may serve you on your way. Given that we are sitting here in limbo at the moment, I thought we would temporarily depart from any discussion of temporal shit and Shinola. Godspeed to you one and all.

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Joseph Brenner

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