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Pizzagate is Real and True to the Depth and Degree of the Depravity.

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The world is such a strange place, even if all we get is the surface read on events that have much deeper implications. If you read the article and look at the pictures you might get what I am talking about and if you puzzle over people not being able to make it to the ground floor because the second floor is composed of pallets joined together, your mind might have crossed terrain similar to my own. You might also get the idea that people are living there and the idea that it is Oakland might reinforce that possibility. Now two Oakland professional sports teams, the Athletics and the Raiders are doing memorial statements for this event. I must say I'm puzzled. It just happened and already there's a mourning train heading down the tracks. They don't even know how many people died and no details on what happened (this part of the post was written right after it happened. For all I know, the article has been considerably fleshed out since. They tend to do that; adding as new information comes in.)

More and more information will emerge.

Some things don't change though, even if they remain consistently beneath the radar. It will not stay below the radar and that is in the hands of Mr. Apocalypse. I don't know how he is going to handle it but I know it will be ingenious and happen at the most inopportune moment for the bad guys. I know this because he told me so. How do you think the name Mr. Apocalypse came up? Of course all kinds of people hear voices in their head and only some of them are institutionalized. Then again, we're all institutionalized in one fashion or another.

It seems like certain forces want to create untenable conditions in cultures worldwide. It seems that the best way to control the public mind is to control the flow of information. Why was I left off the list again? My sites directly proclaim that Israel did 9/11 and that the Holocaust is a lie. Certainly on the latter, our sites are rare indeed. It could be we are so small that that accounts for it or it might just be one of those supernatural conditions that exist around here (grin).

It; whatever 'it' is, is coming at last in this pending and trending year. All the icons and figureheads are in place. Trump is in the wheelhouse with a pack of savvy insiders that he promised we wouldn't have and as for 'draining the swamp', the truly darkside bottom feeders are undisturbed; Mammon's Minions, it's atheist footsoldiers, it's Palestinian genociders, Middle East landgrabbers and mass murdering international banker- behind the scenes rulers of governments and nations, continue in their blood sacrifice rituals.

All of this tripping around is to bring us to a consideration of this new internet sensation, Pizzagate. The Crass Media is going berserk trying to discredit it and no doubt also has an army of drones who are posting things that can't be true in order to delegitimize that which may well be true. There are a great many dense and long winded investigatory and accusatory articles about John Podesta and his brother (who are very close associates of Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation) which delineate the associations with the Podesta Brothers with pedophilia and also exhibit associations between these people and many another who have links to pedophile groups and international traffickers of the same. I will give you one link. You read it and be the judge. Take note of the art in the Podesta home, the mention of the murder of a crusader against pedophilia and all kinds of strange connections as well as the bizarre case of Marina Abramovic.

Am I informed about this matter? No... I am not. Do I know for a fact that high level politicals, military leaders, justice and police hierarchy, the super wealthy and influential in business and entertainment are engaged in child sex, ritual murder of children and participation in Satanic ceremonies? Yes I do. If this article doesn't make you better informed then I don't know what will. Of course, this has been going on for awhile but Mr. Apocalypse has only been on the scene for a short time and active for even less time. I encountered Mr. Apocalypse about 5 or 6 years ago during a series of Ayahuasca experiments that went on for as much as a week at a time and which happened on several occasions. My experiences in these periods were of a level of intensity that has seldom been matched in my life and I have had some of the most intense spiritual and revelatory moments. Let us say that they have predominated over every other sort of experience in my life to a marked degree.

In respect of this Pizzagate thing, let me give you a couple more headsup. We'll provide this for your informed consideration or 'now informed' consideration and then this tidbit for your further informed consideration:

We'll follow it with Monica Petersen; this link is from psy-ops site, Snopes that are professional debunkers of the Truth. This is also being parroted by (as well as Pizzagate) The Washington Post, owned by Tribe Member, Jeff Bezos and The New York Times owned by Tribe member Sulzberger. You might want to check this out too. You'll note places where they say he isn't one and you will note other places that say he (Carlos Slim) is. Let's just say there are too many connections to miss between, Tribe pedophiles, compromised and privileged Gentile pedophiles and Satanic activity. You may not draw all the connections provided in this paragraph nor see all the available evidence but we've got to fill in some of the blanks on our own and the amount of dead people besides Danny Casolaro is truly impressive.

And... hmmm... this just in:

I hope you will take the trouble to read all of the Pizzagate link put into this posting. If you have any doubt of the proof of fire where there is smoke then you are a moron or worse; much worse. A far far more minuscule amount of information would still suffice.

How evil are these people? How dark indeed are their deeds? It is far worse than anything shown or discussed with these people whose currency states, 'In Satan we Trust'. Whatever evil you have gained confirmation of here, you may be sure it is greatly in excess of that. It is hard to get your head and heart around these things. If you are not like this then how can you visualize the depth and degree of the depravity?

Let us take a progressed look at that debacle in Oakland. Here is Karma fer sure. I feel sorry for this fellow because whatever his present life may show it is evidently not about that, however one can be left lingering in speculation for a considerable while, given that he went with his children that night to stay in a hotel. You will note that the buttboy (and girl) reporters who did the due inquiry discovered nothing good to say about the fellow, nor are we given any references concerning the persons giving their side of the coin, except for a single reaction from the one assailed for this unfortunate event. The point is to damn him and on that account I have nothing to say, either pro or con because I do not know this fellow. I only sense what I feel from the impact and effect of what I am being told by those known to lie as a vocation; which does not mean they are lying here; rather let me say, even if they are lying and they probably are, this only factors in to the Karma at work.

We've given you more than usual in terms of content for reflection so we will bow out a few paragraphs early. I'll close with something seen in passing and I'll be taking a look at it next month. Of course, I have nowhere near 400,000 dollars but I'll check it out anyway. I might have 400 dollars. You never know. I've been looking into churches and church properties, some of them remarkably cheap and I wonder if that is because of the zoning but there are ways around that if you know where and how to look and apparently you don't even need it in a lot of places and Oakland is certainly one of them. Why am I looking at church properties in the first place? Because you never know.

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