Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Lost Week Between Them and Arrivederci Pancho

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We are 'now' in the day(s) of the birth of the light. This means that every 24 hours, we will have around one minute more of daylight each day, until its opposite number arrives and we get one less minute each day, until we wind up where we are, at this moment, again. There's a lot to be said and thought about that; ways in which meaning can be derived that will impact directly on our lives, no matter how subtle it may seem at first consideration. Light is like water, it leaks into and through the cracks. One could make the same argument for darkness. One could say that relative good and evil bring their own atmosphere, to live in the alterations made in our makeup, by our life experiences and how we reacted to them.

We are the sum total of everything we went through and what we defined it all as. This means that the very same experiences might have and do result in entirely different individuals coming into being. It is all due to what we tell ourselves it is. We have convinced ourselves of something and it became true for us (relatively) and... that is all it is, until our life experiences and the meaning we give them changes. Ah life... more light... less light. It comes and goes. We come and go. In between times, we act like it all makes sense and we ride the waves or get pounded by them. Apparently it doesn't matter how good you are at anything to begin with. You had to get thrown and tumbled and roiled through the white water in order to get there. If you finally became really good at anything, you had to push the limits of the possibilities of experience placed upon you by your fears. It is one thing to overcome fear through its displacement by love, it is quite another to walk right up on it and with nothing but your confidence, go through everything necessary to master that particular physical force, which is so much greater than your own. You Tube is filled with the records of spectacular and painful failure, on the way to some level of competence or... not. You Tube is filled with examples of that as well.

AND noting that the more things change in favor of those who do not have our best interests at heart, the more the agendas stay the same. When did partisan hatchet pieces like this get def ined as journalism? They don't even pretend anymore. We need to keep in mind that there are some very angry and formerly privileged types, who are sensing that the tides have changed and there is no limit to what they might do in order to keep their Fantasy Island construct of existence alive. Many conditions and circumstances have changed in recent years. Tinker Bell was once a beautiful fairy that twitted around from one Disney Studio to another. Now she's got biker tattoos on both shoulders, teeth filed down to razor sharp points and an arsenal of weapons, only some of which are psychological. Peter Pan is trolling the Santa Monica docks with a skateboard, in a pink tutu with a Dirty Sanchez. It ain't like it was.

Goofy used to be just a cartoon dog until he got into meth and my how it has all changed since the halcyon days of yore. Goofy can be thankful for Obamacare and dentures. Given possession of both, you become almost like a super hero, minus the outfit. The only people with outfits are all friends of Peter Pan and they don't like you. Of course, there's always Orange County, Bakersfield, Fresno and parts of Big Sur. I'm guessing there's a lot more than these but I'm slow lately, what with the festivity of the times and all.

We can feel the mischief spiraling around and whenever you see manufactured bullshit like this you know they're getting ready to do something nasty. Yeah... it just all starts happening magically. Then, as if by more magic, you see this kind of 1984 assaults on the truth. How big a lie this phony holocaust was is fuzzy around the edges but that it is a lie is beyond dispute. They're working over time to turn the attention away from the evil they do across time and space. Like this last example, it makes you want to laugh out loud. It's becoming very clear to them that exposure is on the menu and they don't like it one bit. So they are calling out their big guns to stifle dissent because the daily awakening keeps pointing its finger at Israel being behind 9/11 and the Holocaust being used to guilt trip and blackmail the nations of the world. I can't help but think that all of this, everything we are encountering, is somehow connected to the presence of the Avatar. The good that is emerging and the agitated avoidance dances of the long term evil actors, are both the result of the relentless coming of the blessed one who will, in automatic fashion, elevate the better nature in our core and disintegrate the evil, as well as the hosting mechanisms, should they not surrender their evil to the light.

If anyone needs further proof of forces operating below the level of self conscious awareness, you only need to ponder this remarkable phenomena streaming across the country in this festive season, all within a certain time frame. It seems there were similar events in the UK. Is this being generated from some dark hierarchy on the astral plane? Is it the result of certain planetary forces exerting their influence upon human affairs? Is it just the ultimate, logical result, of materialism, sinking ever deeper into collective outbreaks of madness? They don't seem inclined to stop.

Well... these are the images that pass before my eyes, in that lost week (it always seems like a lost week) between Christmas and New Years. There are all those echos of things past and rumblings of things to come. I suspect that even the most world shaking events leave large areas of the world untouched and for those of us not wrapped up in the productions, we are not seduced into the drama as if it were our own.

It's been said that even in the midst of life, great change is always around us. That's not anything like the quote I'm reaching for but maybe you get the idea. I'd been feeling in a strange limbo across recent days and last night I heard from Susanne that my dear friend Pancho had passed on. She thought I would be grief-stricken by this event but I was immediately happy for him that he was free of his seizures now and I had already known that I would not see him on this plane again. I don't know why people always expect me to be sad when someone leaves here. I am nearly always glad for them. I've seen some small part of what waits on the other side and by comparison there is no comparison to here. I've also seen some part of where you might hope and pray you never find yourself and... you don't have to. That will all depend on what you did with your time here and how you treated others. That last part weighs heavily upon the outcome.

My friend Pancho was a true friend to me. He was the dog in the Tarot card, The Fool. I knew it as soon as I saw him. We were pretty inseparable for the duration, until I had to leave. I look at the losses I have experienced in recent years and I know that had I not been able to just let go entirely that these losses would have haunted me to this day and well beyond ...but my capacity to hold on to anything is gone. Every sequence is like a dreaming episode, no different than what happens each night. It's all ephemeral. How can that be when it seems so real? This is a mystery that many have pondered for a very long time. There are some who live outside this world of dreams, while still being seen to move in it. Their job is to give some small indication of what lies beyond and the effect of what lies beyond expresses itself through them and it affects people in the dream. Often it serves to make them restless for something more. It awakens a strange hunger for some indefinable something that exists outside, or beyond the dream but cannot be found in the dream land. We all know about this something beyond because it is what we are looking for, in everything we pursue here and our consistent and lasting disappointment in everything is proof positive that it is real; if that makes any sense. What we have acquired and passed on may not be real but something is.

There are large forces moving like sea monsters in the depths below in this ocean of humanity. You can see the competing trends of thought at war for predominance. There are so many people. They are pressed up against each other. They are gridlocked on the highways. They are consumed in the heat of desire for... things. Without divine intervention this cannot end well. I know that divine intervention can and does exist on an individual basis because I have experienced it. I suspect it can also exist on a much larger scale but we have yet to see it.

I don't know that I have ever been closer to anyone as much as I have been to Pancho. I knew immediately that he was in a far better place and I heard about that in no uncertain terms. I suppose all I have to say, what I really want to say, is that redemption and salvation are real and there for anyone who might seek after them, with the right amount of sincere effort. I will not meet a great many of you and some of you have been a part of my life for years. Some of you will pass before I do and I will certainly disappear, while some number of you remain ...but what I know is that those of us that share in the true resonance of the ineffable will meet again in splendorous rooms that are filled with light and we will share in such a friendship and fellowship the like of which, we have never known before.

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I will not say, “rest in peace, Pancho.” I don't know what that means. I will say, “play and cavort now in the iridescent meadows of my dear friend, Lord Ganesh, who is the regent of the land from which you came and whose company you now keep. I will see you again my friend. I will see you there.

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