Friday, January 06, 2017

On the Verge of an Approaching Epiphany.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... it is the New Year and the dead zone continues; meaning that somber aftermath, while the holidays put their tinsel and false hopes aside and the gray atmosphere; fifty days of gray? Goes on apace. It's not me. I'm in a good mood, I just happen to notice what goes on around me. Everyone here is in a good mood but step outside! & Uh huh... there really is a downside, once the disappointment of the material expectations do what they always do and that is to leave you on the outside looking in when you should have been on the inside all along. This is what occurs. Materialism sucks you outside yourself and then forces you to look back in on what you lost as a result. Am I making sense? Only if you know that real love only manifests from the place where true love is always resident in the place it originates from.

Yes... I am just filling space momentarily. The truth of this matter or any matter, or matter in general is that only LOVE will take you where you really want to go and only LOVE will maintain you where you are.

I don't know where you will go with this from here, or what you brought with you or will take away from this but … the one thing that I know among all the things I do not know is that LOVE rules the universe and every star contained within it. You may search and search (but you still can't find) through every populated and abandoned sector in all of the places found and yet to find but... only LOVE is real. Everything else is a distraction or a cul de sac. Everything but LOVE is a lie.

I ask you dear reader to consider one piece of information from me and put it at the top of everything I have ever said, at any time ever... Love is the supreme expression of the supreme. It is not only the originator source of all our heartbreak and disappointment but the lack of it it is the source tragedy of every mistake we have ever made.

I've been thinking a great deal lately and my biggest concern is that I might wind up mailing it in, here in the doldrums of this new year. I have to send out an appeal to the readers in the United Kingdom. The Elf, it seems, is in a bit of a fix and has to relocate to somewhere in the same environs and I'd like to ask if anyone out there in that part of the planet is informed of any available living situation? It looks like conditions roll along in the fashion we have become accustomed to in these days... rolling... rolling sideways... (grin). Usually I can always find something to say but the days are passing and I find I am erasing more than I am writing. This could all be about the way this year is shaping up... fits and starts, fits and starts.

I'm trying to help The Elf in any way that I can but there are definite limits to what I can do and so I hope this appeal comes at the right time and there is someone in reach around there who might have a solution. As it so happens, I am watching a film called “Cardboard Boxer”, which seems destined not to improve my mood.

So it seems that I might take a break from doing this sort of work. I know there are those of you who have grown accustomed to my being a routine, with commentary and color concerning the goings on of the world around me and often enough, inside me as well. For whatever the reason is and... I can't think of what the reason might be, beyond the sense that I have come to a terminus in my efforts here, I am guessing I should take a breather. It seems like I should finish this book I have been working on and possibly record all those albums that are waiting to see the light of day.

I say what I am saying as a 'by the way', should you happen to see less of me than was formerly the case. For myself, I'm doing fine. My situation is stable and I deal with all the things that we deal with as we march on across the years. I suspect I am less troubled by them than most of us are. Even with all that I have suffered in the time it has taken to get to this point, I seem to be in pretty good shape, all round.

I know people are struggling out there and I pray for them as I am made aware of these things. I need really to remind all of the readers to be grateful for what you have, in these times when so many of us are among the less fortunate. I didn't get the sense of Christmas this year that I have sometimes gotten in the past. Oh... I was happy enough among my friends here and there were good moments to be sure but the idea for me, of all the people suffering out there, has been a hard one to shake. Earlier I had written near two pages of a post and then simply deleted it all because it felt like I was just going round in circles. I don't want to turn into some formulaic robot. I want to deliver what is real and sincere every day and I have tried to do that. If I find that I cannot then I fear I must stop.

I don't know if this is only for a few days or even longer. All that I know is that I was writing and then erasing what I had written. It looked to me as if I was just flying in lazy circles round a cloud strewn sky. I know in the passage of what years I have been doing this that some numbers of people have come and gone. Some numbers have even passed on, as will each and all of us at the appointed hour.

I will fall back into the cloister of my thoughts for a spell but I will be thinking of you, one and all and I will be coming around regular. As I have said, maybe this is just a short hiatus, a time to recharge the batteries for the climb up ahead. I can keenly feel the hearts of the souls around me and at a distance, these days. It is all so formless and yet present at the same time. There is a starker edge to existence, the way I see it from the window here and from the car window in passing. Perhaps some kind of summing up is coming. Perhaps it is a calling to epiphany, as the great planets rub their shoulders against one another and create the space for the workings out that are an expression of our collective press in the ebb and flow.

It is seriously important that I let the reader know I am in good spirits, though very reflective. It is not as if I am trying to figure out what it all means. I think I have done that. The wheel is ever in spin and it brings to us the sum of what our faith has demanded out of the form making machinery. To each according to our faith and works, by some mysterious fashion, which we do not need to understand to make it real. We only have to believe it to be.

My faith and hopes go out to The Elf this day and I hope that somewhere in the UK there is someone who has a solution to his needs. He has some money, this I know ...but as for the totality of the details, these I do not have. What I do know is that he needs to relocate some time this month and I am rendering as I can in my own way ...but I am not in a position to do more. I pray that somewhere out there there may be someone who can be of some help in this regard. He's a good fellow and I have known him long enough to know this.

In closing, let me thank you for the level of support I have received from so many of you. It has helped to sustain me in these waning days of empire as we wait upon what is coming to take its place. I have made no plans to stay away for any long stretch. You may know that I will be working at my tasks through each given day. It might be that there is no interruption of service here (grin). It may be short and it may be of a longer duration but I won't have gone anywhere and I am certainly here if anyone needs to communicate with me.

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