Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bwak!!! Obama is on his Way to the Gay St. Tropez of Palm Springs.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings my dear and beloved friends, known and unknown and welcome as ever to Dog Poet Transmitting, where we like to let the thoughts and feelings, the ideas and inspirations, that come from those cloisters of eternity, where the ineffable invests the sweeter portions of his being, in a kaleidoscopic holding pattern, for those so inclined to seek after the hidden joys of our dear author, who made us precisely to see if we possess sufficient interest to inquire into the camouflaged beauties that lie beneath the superficial shit lagoons, where the masses cry, 'feed me! ...and let slip the dogs of Microcephaly.

It should be apparent by now that, for whatever the reason, we are caught somewhere between Lil' Wayne's iliocecal valve and Shakespeare's IBS, or Wayne Madsen and the broken hinges of Pizzagate. As you can see, we are all about precision here.

They are going after Trump in a way I have never seen before and I sincerely hope he's got some kind of platinum security service. Between the delusional retards of the entertainment industry and the stool sample Baal worshipers who run it, there is a whole lot of rocks and hard places getting sand polished in a tumbler, the way Elisha's biographer must have whitewashed the way he had those bears tear forty two children to pieces.

Ordinarily Trump would have been slandered into a TMZ coma by now but this is an apocalypse, so all the Zio-bots have been able to accomplish is to expose themselves for what they are before an ever increasing audience. At this juncture, I would like to point out that Mr. Slip Sliding Away, Bwak! Obama will be on his way to the Gay St Tropez that is Palm Springs, where he intends to hang out for around two weeks, while whatever his handlers have set up following the inauguration in Washington DC goes down. I don't know what that is going to be but I do know that they hate Trump with a passion I have never seen before.

The Zio-owned press simply can't control themselves and their pitiful efforts to smear Trump make them look like ten year olds riding the short bus. Given the madness afoot, there is no telling how dark and dangerous it might come to be. One thing is certain, if they succeed in harming Trump it will tear the country apart.

News Flash; if you have been coming around here for awhile, you will get this remarkable association, coincidence, what have you. A few moments before I saw this, I was lying in my bed having a conversation with the ineffable about promises made and its arrival, or the promise of the arrival. I arose and went to look at this house. I like to look at houses, especially in Arizona and there I am looking at the photos when I come upon this one. Upon seeing the poster on the wall, I broke into laughter; all the more so, given what I had been engaged in while lying on my bed. Wow!

Some extremely strange events are taking place these days. I am sure there is a connection between them all, or not. Maybe they thought they were bombing a Nigerian Email operation.

The more things change, the more they don't change. This one thing disturbs me about Trump more than anything else and that is affiliation with the usual vampire predators who get into particular money making schemes and reduce the quality of life across the board, such as is the case with Jared Kushner. When you look into slumlords, for whatever the reason, the majority are always representative of a particular group of people. I believe that public perception is about to meet up with serial wrongdoing and create a nightmare for those who took over every relevant industry to both control and manufacture the spin. After all, it is an apocalypse. That is the key thing for us not to be forgetful of. What might have worked manageably and predictably, via various patterns as they have played out in the past, is not going to work this time. In fact, this time this is what it is all about; cockblocking the predators.

The fury afoot is incandescent. The Hillary camp of pedo-lesbo-gay Hollyweird is furious and also cornered by the gluetrap of Pizzagate. I'm guessing they've been using inferior cheese or what isn't even cheese, pass the Velveeta, Senorita...

I must say, you never place yourself at such a disadvantage as when you lie to yourself and refuse to believe what is right in front of you. This world encourages and enforces subjectivity. That doesn't work for me. I'm going to see it as it is, regardless of the consequences and sometimes that can be very impactful, like when you say that the Holocaust is a fabrication, or that Israel did 9/11. Something of this order could be considered suicidal at any other time but... like we were saying, this is an apocalypse.

Yes, the Amalgamated Hillary, Hollywood Perversion Machine is in full press mode, for being hard pressed. This is why lame films like La La Land are pushing more worthy efforts aside and why Moonlight, possessing the preferred agenda of gay and black is running alongside. We've said it before and we'll say it again, we are not usually concerned with people's sexual practices, or as I like to describe it; the ways they put themselves in bondage. When it gets politicized its nearly the same thing as being weaponized. Inclusiveness is divisiveness, those invested in it don't get that and those behind it know what they're up to and... into. In order to progress in your Satanic rankings you have to go contrary to the norm. That's how you get upside down crucifixes and pentagrams and spitting on the host and all the tedious backwards rituals by which you achieve damnation. This is not what it is externally represented as. The playing field is actually your mind and the circles drawn in ceremonial magic are inside your mind. You are playing the game to lose because you can't hope to win but you have convinced yourself you can. “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.” That's the handicap with denial as well; when you refuse to see things as they are, you wind up on a playing field where things are not as they are. Do I really need to further explain this?

Thing is... you can't explain things to people who refuse to accept the truth and who may actually be engaged in producing untruth for their own profit. The ineffable assists them in their endeavors by allowing them to be successful at bad things. This impresses them with their supposed impunity. What is actually happening is that they are being led toward their own destruction and they are walking every step of the way. I guess you would call that informed consent, although I would say they are not very well informed (grin).

Everything in life is arranged around what you are after; things you want to get, things you want to get rid of, prisons you wish to escape and freedoms you wish to embrace but the place where freedom is exercised is in the mind. Some of us know this, not just intellectually ...but viscerally. Some of us live by this understanding and know the profit to be found therein. If the ineffable wants to shower us with blessings, so be it. If the ineffable wishes to withhold them, so be it. It will all turn right once his requirements have been met.

They are literally, “all a pack of cards.” Alice in Wonderland, like the Bible, can be understood from different points of view. The dramas of the world will continue because the larger body of the living and the dead subscribe to these goings on. However, if you are free in your mind, you can leave all that behind, just as I am now going to leave this posting behind and send it on to you.

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Joseph Brenner

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