Friday, April 10, 2020

"Good Friday on my Mind, While Choodlin with The Woo Woo Factor on the Dysentery Train."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are certain forces and conditions that are far more lasting and lethal than the ♫Yes, we have no Corona (virus). We have no Corona today!♫ These would include, but are not limited to; pandemic ignorance and FEAR, cognitive dissonance, steel-reinforced DENIAL ...and fashions when they run out of style. These fashions would include every area of human enterprise, from The Arts to The Appetites. It's been said that form is function. In that case the styles and trends of the times would be more akin to malformed is dysfunction.

There are those among us who have seized the appearance of great power, due to their manipulations of the money supply and occult knowledge. As they are of a lower order of life-form, what pleases them is ugliness and dissonance, they have no appreciation for beauty or harmony. They have, by increments, over a significant reach of time, turned the whole of life's appearance into fugly, misshapen travesties upon the original. The intent here, is to pervert our spiritual, moral and sexual nature by making wrong and depraved seem right and natural. This is visibly apparent. If you can't see this, you are either too fearful to acknowledge it, or you enjoy it. More's the pity, as far as the course of your destiny indicates.

The Dark Side cannot make light, nor beauty, They can only badly counterfeit them. They also do not possess any real power. They have only the display of seeming power. They are like toothless lions and snakes whose venom has dried up. They need for you to believe in their seeming power for it to have any effect. It is like when a witch doctor casts a curse upon a member of the tribe. Their belief in the efficacy of it is enough to cause it to have an effect. It is of no consequence unless one believes it. The same thing applies to black cats crossing your path, walking under ladders and breaking a mirror. Superstition, exercised often enough, turns into belief.

No matter what lies appearances may be telling you at any point in time, their lies are meaningless unless you begin to adapt yourself to them. There is never a time when the celestial realm is in any danger from the infernal realm. All of the powers of darkness are bad facsimiles of the powers of light. Over the course of time, agents of darkness are able to steal some amount of the secrets of the magic of light BUT... they can NEVER steal any of the more puissant secrets BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE AN AGENT OF THE LIGHT TO EXERCISE OR EMPLOY THEM... ALWAYS.

Wherever I travel on the labyrinthine highways of the internet, I hear an astonishing amount of fabrications built upon FEAR. The Woo Woo Factor is choodlin along on the Dysentery Train, leaving a trail of noxious excrement in its wake. There are two sure and certain ways to ensnare the attention of the common soul; give them panaceas of false hope on the way, or frighten them with an atavistic boogeyman, still resident in their Inner Child Subconscious. Those devoted to keeping you in harness, play upon your fears and resentments by stirring up racial antipathy and religious brain fevers. They set class against class, color against color, creed against creed and gender against gender AND... because most of the folk who wander in material darkness are not very bright (irony alert), they are able to mesmerize a sufficient amount of damaged people into ragtag armies with slogans and signs.

Never underestimate the degree of seething resentment that lurks in the minds of the left-behinds. Demagogues have long been aware of this and they appear like cockroaches in a meth-head's trailer when the times are right... like now. There's nothing like a climate of rising uncertainty to provide all the cannon fodder and collateral damage they could wish for.

It should be clear to a significant number of us, by now, that if things were left to take their present course there WILL BE Hell to pay. Luckily... it is not just we few who labor for a different outcome. There is also a great army of angels and illuminated entities, who work invisibly on all of our behalfs. We live in a culture of convenience now, where it is all too easy to believe in ONLY what you can see. What you can see... is not... by any stretch, all that there is.

This is Good Friday, though I do not understand why it is called Good Friday, it would seem, given the event celebrated that it would be more accurate to call it Bad Friday. Then again, with resurrection as the outcome... in truth I don't know. In any case, whenever there is a date celebrated by larger numbers of people, it has power and the greater the number of people believing in the meaning... the more profound is the power. I have heard from illumined souls that during the period from Good Friday to Easter, souls that have arrived at the necessary level of understanding, are transported to The New Jerusalem while sleeping, to celebrate the event on the Upper Planes. I hope to be among that number.

My friends, there are many who lack Faith and possess no belief in The Divine and his celestial hierarchy and they are preaching; yes it is a form of preaching. They are preaching Doom and Despair. Do not listen to them as they are deceived. If your Faith is not upon The Kingdom, then is must be on something. Even nihilists believe in something and do not forget, “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN.” In other words, they are pending. They are PRECIPITATING down the planes into the manifest. Coming events are like planes, stacked up over La Guardia (do they still call it that?)

What you visualize, what you place attention upon, what you ruminate on, you are forming into being. This is the outworking of cosmic law and what you see in the world all around you is the evidence of this. Visualize and create wisely. Do not permit your fears to come upon you.

There are a few basic realities that you must embrace or employ, for maximum effectiveness in life. You must KNOW VISCERALLY that God is real. You must stand guard at The Gateway of the Mind. You must act through the vehicles of The Qualities of God. You must surrender your will to The Higher Will. Many people balk at this because they don't understand what it means. That Higher Will IS YOUR WILL. You have two natures; your Lower Nature and your Higher Nature. Whichever of these you act through becomes the arbiter of your fate.

Unless, through the lens of love, you are focused upon The Divine, God cannot see you. You are not on his TV screen. You might say that 'the senses of God', those mediums of his perception, are his angels. Come out of the darkness and into the light. There is no profit in the things of darkness. There is only pain and suffering. Unfortunately... for far too many of us, in Times of Material Darkness, the world is lit with a false light. This is not the true light in which all things are revealed in their true nature. Instead, you wander through a landscape of deception.

I write about nothing except what I have direct experience of or that which The Intuition tells me is true. As for The Intuition, I base my great faith in that agency upon the results of that which it has informed me of over the years. If the information I have received, constantly proves out, I am secure in accepting its guidance.

We are all crucified in this life upon the cross of the four elements, which are at war with one another and of which we are composed. We must harmonize them and that can only be accomplished by divine agency, which has been invited to the task. We are crucified upon the cross of time. There is a timeless mystery at work here and if we do not understand it; how can we profit from it? The conditions of manifest life are conditions of suffering but... what if our suffering results in a positive outcome? This is the result when one's objectives are in harmony with the divine plan. We suffer WHEN WE GO OUTSIDE THE LINES and the suffering is like a goad to drive us back upon the narrow path, back upon the lonely road of The King's Highway.

Yes... there are many naysayers and those disseminating ridiculous fantasies, which time and time again they are proven wrong about, yet they continue, like the experts who educate us on the economy and who are usually wrong. I do not concern myself with 5G, or Bill Gates or George Soros. I do not concern myself with Israel's intention to enslave humanity, or any of 'the press and shove' of the predators and vampires, who feed on human misery and the attendant suffering. I am not drunk upon the tears of the afflicted. GOD DECIDES MY DESTINY AND INTO HIS HANDS I HAVE PLACED MY DESTINY. All the rest of the phantasmagoria that parades about on the movie screen of life is only a distraction and not my concern. The Kingdom is my concern. The company of angels is my concern. The fellowship of illumined souls is my concern.

I have observed the ancient admonition to 'STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN'. This has, over time, informed me of what is and is not important. I've made more mistakes than I can remember BUT... I have learned from them. I do not repeat them. The ears of God are ALWAYS tuned to the sincere prayers of the humble and contrite heart.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

End Transmission.......

What? I was supposed to go on? (grin)... next time.

Today's Song is;

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled Pocketnetters who got drunk on bad information that rinsed and repeated as if we needed to be reminded of how terribly blinded we have become by mistaking The Moon for The Sun. In any case... Pocketnet is waiting and The Star Chamber salivating.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL post!!!!!!! Total euphoriant!

Stephen said...

Hello Mr Visible,

Thank you for your article, it has synchronistic qualities for me this Morning.

Couple of things: in mediation this morning I saw humans 'walking across into light.
Then I read your post after and you discuss Good Friday and people moving into light areas. The other day I was in mediation and I discussed with the supreme my concern with Gates and faucci trying to force vaccines with chips in them. I got an instant reply saying ' I will never allow this to happen'

So strange times indeed

Anyway wish you the best


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Visible,
On this day of crucifixition we should seriously and deeply consider what is going on in the world. What has happened and what is comming our way. Should we just end this shit show now and be reborn on Monday? Or keep it going for another few thousand years. It is our collective choice I think. Everyone should default, refuse to participate in the shit show because if we don't we accept it. I for one will not accept another lie, period. Sell your soul for 20 pieces of silver so it can continue for awhile longer? Get your covo-19 money here, wtf. Lock down!
Do not venture out of the cave, or as the Hobitt once said: its dangerous business leaving your front door! Thanks for all your work Visible.

Unknown said...

If you were an artist I’d say this piece was beautiful

Eamon said...

Great stuff! Pax tecum :)

Hereticdrummer said...

Beautiful, Vis. It made me think of the late, great, Pastor Bob Miles who said that from the first breath we take as new born babies, a war commences inside of us and continues until we take our last. The spirit is battling the flesh that encases it. Only we can decide which one wins this war. All the best to you and yours.

tasmith said...

Thanks, Vis! Light always, darkness flees.

Best regards,


Eric M. said...

Frater Visible,

I'm with Stephen, above. This was just what I needed for today! Sometimes, the Path of Return gets very dim. Thanks for shining a little light on it!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"The Missing Hours Between Crucifixion and Rising from the Dead with The Certainty of Reincarnation"

Le Rocher said...

Hey Les -

"Unseen Substance" What a ko-winky-dink - Perhaps impressionable enough to evoke such a writing ???

Was never trying to figure you out - just thought you may have similarities to a more FAITHFUL time of past existences.
Very Interesting that some evidence is accepted as gospel and others evidence of ancient occurrence is so readily dismissed.

Ah, the beauty of four-part harmony........

So, with my reverence for Ms. Anna from the time beyond beyond, Micheal directed the sending of this gift for the purposeful color of heart and soul; a resurrection of Gabriel's Vision, to enhance your roll with all for whom the bell tolls.
The document is well read in context, outline headers: The Psalm39 of Simeon - Just for you to go there. A finer example of humanity not easily found; Just imagine, just imagine, "Appearing out of nowhere" -

The first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Perhaps a great deal more to this timing than 'Just another Day'.
Oh, What I could tell you about the Keys Of Peter - The 'Corner Stone' of my namesake.

Happy Easter All.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Feeling the joy behind these words!

We must put down the plate of lies we have been consuming, as our humanimal mind is programmed to consume in order to live, or so we have been programmed to believe.

How to make the tension between the carnal and the divine will dissolve into union, we ask?

How do we do this with a human partner, if we have ever committed and went all in?
When conflict arises, we stop and love with more attention.

When pain arises, we share it together and find the meaning which allows us to reset our sights to our higher vision together.

The Passion of willingly stooping down from higher to lower, to reach us, will ring forever in hearts which are open to Love.

Imagine the Christed, anointed being, sacrificing personal for the eternal, the joy of being free to do ANYTHING human and choosing to show us courage, faith and Love in the biggest way imaginable.

WWe cry for joy if we can see this shining example, living forever in the timeless eternity of joy!

Thank You, brother!

Andy said...

Happy Easter Brother. Just stopping by. Wanted to say hi. Love ya man. What a wonderful afternoon here in the California desert. I always hope I'm wrong when I see things. I would much rather my reputation be ruined a thousand times if it saves just one life. A single life is worth a million times more than me ever being right. Everytime I make a prediction I pray I'm wrong. I pray about the solution not the problem. Besides, if I'm always right???! How will I ever learn. So, I'm glad I'm wrong. THANK GOD I DONT KNOW IT ALL but ALL knows me!

I been seeing this alot. "Knowledge is power." All over the web.

Knowledge is NOT power.


You can have a A rocket scientist, An astro physicist and a Lineman stand there staring at a golf cart with a dead battery intensely concentrating with all their cumulative knowledge, screaming out math computations about Volts, amps, watts and ohms and how lithium batteries where made, the history of electricity and molecular science until they are blue in the face. You can focus their minds together with Spock in a 4 way Vulcan mind meld and it wont make a damn bit of difference to charge that battery.

However, a 4 year old little girl who still wets the bed and thinks cookie monster on sesame street is a real person can walk up to papa's golf cart and plug the thing-a-ma-jig into the whatchmacalet and the golf cart battery will start charging.

Ya see, Knowledge makes ya smart, but it's not power until you are plugged into a power source. You can be a complete dingbat and if you are plugged into the power source????? It dont matter how smart everyone else is. You got the power they are all just standing around with dead batteries.


See ya around brother. I am taking a break from the web for a while again. Oh you know I will be back when I'm back. I just prefer to be plugged in with the Humming birds, Bumble bees, butterflies and blossoming growth that doesnt give a flying fuck about the Political agendas of powerless dead battery know it all dipshits doorknobs.

Love ya



Joseph Brenner

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