Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Year of Living Dangerously with Mr. Apocalypse.

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

When you see the government acting out in an unexpected manner, depending on the situation, you can suspect there is a great deal of pressure coming up from below (and above) from society (and elsewhere) at large. We get used to presuming that if we don’t hear about something, it’s not happening. Note the comments below the article, especially the longer one. Mr. Apocalypse is shifting into over drive and this particular concern is now going to become more pressing and more visible with each passing day... as it should.

Let’s explore the job description of Mr. Apocalypse today. As of the arrival of The New Year, the range of his activity is going to become much wider and much more diversified. It has already been pointed out, he’s pressing on people from the inside to act out outside. More and more spontaneous rage is going to become the order of the day. Society is sick. Materialism and all the ills that attend it are in full force. People are being offered more and more and are able to acquire less and less of it. Meanwhile the indolent and pernicious rich are rubbing it in their faces as you scan the pages of this site through the months, as I did yesterday, you get a horrifying glimpse of ‘the other side’. I felt like I needed a shower soon enough but like some strange addictive compulsion, I couldn't stop watching. I felt terrible soon enough but kept going anyway.

As we have been saying here for some time, Mr. Apocalypse is going to get, ‘diabolically ingenious’ in setting up scenes where the irony literally puddles at the feet of the objects of demonstration. The comments show, the public is becoming more and more aware of the greed and idiocy of the carbon tax junkies. This is only the beginning.

What’s with this serial murder of homeowner’s dogs by demented police officers?!!! Here is the latest. I am at a loss for words and have to forcibly turn my mind to other things lest a great rage overtake me. I fear the incandescent anger that threatens to rise in my breast. No doubt it is directly linked to my impotence in respect of actions I cannot take but surely would take. These fiends would definitely be gone had I the power.

View Dog shootings by police officers 2011-2013 in a larger map

Unbelievable... Unbelievable.

The mass of humanity is insulated from any awareness of the extent of extreme violations taking place against the animal kingdom; chickens by the millions, pressed hard up against each other, shot full of hormones to give them massive breasts as if these were just early preliminaries for the coming chicken porn, once bestiality gets made legal. Cattle are shot full of muscle growth hormones, which melt their hooves off their feet. They collapse when they try to walk. Pigs are treated in such a way that they cannot even stand up through their life. There is horror after horror after horror and the people committing these awful crimes know full well the depravity inherent in their acts, which is why they demand that being caught filming any of them results in felony arrest. They do it for money and money has no conscience.

The in your face excesses of public servants are increasingly being made public knowledge courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse.

Everywhere the public is being aroused and awakened, they know who the enemy is and in every country where this happens, spokesdemons for the enemy trot out the same bullshit defenses and professional victim fabrications as if they were ALL READING FROM THE SAME SCRIPT, It doesn't matter where they are or what language they speak. They are all saying the same thing. Obviously it’s a world wide conspiracy and it’s all based on revisionist history and that is one thing Mr. Apocalypse has planned in coming times. Once the lid gets ripped off of certain fantasy constructs it’s going to be open season.

Here’s an amazing piece of operational karma eight years now and counting. Also in this year, furies and harpies are coming for some number of odious entities. Pneumonia is what usually gets them at this stage. No doubt she’s not going to let that trouble her beautiful mind. David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and all sorts of others are on the list of pending departures.

Certainly many of us are expecting major changes in these next couple of years. I don’t think most of us know just how sweeping those changes are going to be. My advice to everyone is to make sure you've got 3 months of food available at any time. That means bags of rice and beans, pasta, cans of tomato sauce and simple basic foodstuffs; don’t forget spices. It’s no great investment and even if push does not come to shove, you’ll still have it. If and when it really starts to go down, the descent can be incredibly fast. Recall what happens to supermarkets and stores at times of great disaster, they’re looted, pillaged and emptied in very little time. Should chaos descend, it's the first week or two that will be the most dangerous, so it would be good if one could stay shut in. remember that the water mains could go down too.

As materialism becomes ever more incrementally powerful, the desperation grasping of those with too much just goes up and up, until absurdity enters into a whole new dimension of expression. Materialism is a veritable fountain of rage and frustration. When too many people are living on the edge, outbreaks of madness will become routine and people will go over the edge as well.

Those who have been on the taking, milking and oppressing end of life are being fiercely outed by Mr. Apocalypse. Their greed, corruption and indifference are being displayed for the whole world to see. The mediums of their engines of crowd control are being turned against them. They can’t control their own media any more. They set out for business as usual and it, well, it doesn't look right. They are up in arms against each other and this is one of the ways evil arrives at its downfall. It turns against itself. Formerly cagey, disciplined and well concealed abusers of the public good, are behaving in all ways contrary to their own well being. They can’t help themselves and why? Mr. Apocalypse is why. As the planets move inexorably toward change in their relationship to one another, the effects of this are made visible here. You either adapt to the changing conditions and are then evolved to new planes of awareness, or you resist the irresistible and are forcibly changed. Minions of evil resist change because they are used to things as they are; the state in which they plunder and profit at will ...but as the relationship between archetypal forces alters, conditions are also altered. Things are no longer what they were.

A major false flag is in the works and close to actualization because the powers that are going down are very upset at the degree of focus being turned on them. They are well aware that the world is watching, so they have to be very careful but...whatever they do to shield themselves from being identified as the cause is going to go awry. Count on it.

For some this is going to prove to be the classic year of living dangerously. It didn't have to go like this but they give Mr. Apocalypse no choice. What must be, will be and the devil take the hindmost. He certainly will.

End Transmission.......

This last week’s radio broadcast is now up.

Still working on getting the print version of the latest novel available over the internet. Hang in there!


marilyn said...

yes, it is..<3

Anonymous said...

multiplying water patterns
coloring in streams
amplifying inward reaching
force of ever beams
cross the sky in avalanches
dreaming through a rose
opening the eyes up wide
in darkness they were closed
by colors of the dancing rain
smoke of hiawathas pipe
a thunder clap of living spirit
truth wakes all to life
fires of dynamic waves
a gust of living will
weaving motions in hearts of stone
by calm of waters still


Friday, March 09, 2012 11:33:00 PM

Ginnie said...

Irony! Look up the prophecy of Rabbi Kaduri. He was the most respected rabbi in Israel and lived to be 108 years old.

Apparently he had a final prophecy that he told before he died and insisted that no one read it until he had been dead for 1 year. In it he said he had met the messiah that all of Israel has been waiting for and the name of the messiah is...Jesus! It is all over youtube and people are falling all over themselves to believe in Jesus... in droves!
This has something to do with the death of Ariel Sharon!
The national converting of Israel is an event widely covered in the bible.
Things are getting very interesting!

Anaughty Mouser said...

"Anti-Semitism: Why Does It Exist? And Why Does it Persist?"

Fuck. These motherfucking false- 'jews' are NOT semites. What part of Khazarian proselyte Synagogue of Satanists doesn't the MSM understand?

There is no widespread anti-semitism because most people like the Palestinians who ARE semitic.

Anti-zionism exists and persists because these mofo's are printing money out of thin air and loaning it at interest to enslave the whole planet.

JerseyCynic said...

trying to decide what to watch tonight -- can't WAIT for the new 'reality show'

hmm..... TWC with Jim Cantore or -- oh here's a beaut.... "I Hate My Butt!"

any day now, Visible. any day

Visible said...

How come no one is complaining about the missing bubbles? I can't tell you how much this lack of interest annoys me.

All of us here at Visible Enterprises are very disappointed. I had every intention of replacing text completely with bubbles as a sort of intuitive thing where 'you' fill in the blanks. Now...I don't know and the poor elf is concerned he might get shipped off to the Canadian Football League for arena football and the NFL playoffs start this weekend.

What am I going to tell him? I've been offered two 3rd round picks for him in the upcoming draft. That would be the draft coming through the side window of my Touran.

Very disappointed... very, very disappointed.

the gardener said...

Reading Vis' post got me going and then coming across this line from Neil's poem (thanks walking hawk) "cross the sky in avalanches" caused a little vignette to come to my head of the Cardinal Grand Cross coming to one and all and everything in between on April 20/21 of this year.

And Ginnie! Synchronous find for you Theodore White, mundane Astrolog.sci where his discourse is about what Vis has brought forth today. {smiles}

RE: Barbara Bush, one of her generation and and power echelon, got the party started December 2013 Bronfman, Sr dies .

Over the last 50 years, the United States of America has been run by a thieving, ideological reactionary no-good, and murderous evil cabal.

A generation of vipers.

After the murder of an American president and other officials, including innocent witnesses, their five-decades in power is now coming to a certain end.
Theodore White quote from link above

It's funny how there is a cycle to everything and how "God helps those who helps themselves"... got to put some effort into shining the light. :)

the gardener

Kazz said...

Ha Ha.

Thought the bubbles were a nice touch over the festive season but I did get a bit sick of having to move the page to get around Bush's fat head. It would have been more festive Vis if you had a chain going off the Bush bubble to look more like a ball and chain. Ha Ha Ha, instead of Ho Ho Ho, though Ho would have been a correct description of the Bush bubble!

Cheer Kazz

Anonymous said...

HAHA thoes bubbles are funny but made my laptop sick - glad to see em gone


Visible said...

Man! That is one long astrological reading! That part in the middle (as far as I got, while skipping the Kennedy portion (grin)). It's a rush and an increase of apprehension for me, given how closely he corroborates things I've said.

This in particular "World transits are forcing that to happen"

This guy is both voluminous and precise. Typically I've never heard of him.

This makes me more and more focused on where it is I'm going to be headed in April. I'm still up in the air about it. I'd like to return to Maui. It appeals to me greatly but it is U.S. territory. I get the strangest sensation that something is going to come to me in the next three months that will provide a lasting residence for me. I've no idea where or what but I can feel it strongly. Where one is is of singular importance for many reasons.

I keep getting told, "I'll take care of it. I will take care of everything. You don't know anything yet because you're not supposed to know anything. You'd better get used to my being behind everything that happens to you. Relax, I love you. Would I take all the trouble I do with you otherwise? Would I have invested certain abilities in you if I didn't have confidence in your employment of them? I know you've had a rough and unpredictable course over the years. I was behind that too but that's in the past for the great majority of all that lies ahead for you. As the world's fortunes turn down, yours will turn up. Be confident, don't let the past cast a shadow on your present. You'll see soon enough how much I care for you. In the meantime, enjoy yourself, be creative. Your best output has yet to arrive."

This made me feel good, until the specter of former patterns intruded once again (grin). I'm trying to completely let go of all negative mindsets but such things are not easy, not for me and not for you but WE WILL get there and of course, you know, all of you that whatever I can ever do to increase your well being, I will.

JerseyCynic said...

Visible I didn't want to complain about the missing bubbles due to the complaints about how difficult it was to read the posts WITH the bubbles. It was easily solved by just clicking into 'post a comment' and then clicking on the 'show the original post' link.

The bubbles made me very happy. I miss the bubbles. There's always a way around most annoying things in life.. - no?

Visible said...

I am hoping that the reader knows that I was being sarcastic (grin)?

We will be covering that rabbi tomorrow.

missingarib said...

iNVis,the tribe is the classic black hole.
More and more going back ages their darkness is being reveled .
The event horizon for a sane life is shrinking , the awakened all looking at the same dynamic .Something is setting off the Geiger counters that measure thoughts and ideas.
Waves of hate and disruptive forces shifting the landscape with invisible toxicity.
We struggle to escape from a life embedded in the false past , to free ourselves from the constant assault against human dignity, logic ,honesty and any semblance of justice in a land constantly invoking a blessing from God.

You put it most precisely when you say--
"As materialism becomes ever more incrementally powerful, the desperation grasping of those with too much just goes up and up, until absurdity enters into a whole new dimension of expression. Materialism is a veritable fountain of rage and frustration. When too many people are living on the edge, outbreaks of madness will become routine and people will go over the edge as well."
you keep us united against the creeping crud - thank you!
may the new year find you peaceful and joyful .
live long

Anonymous said...

dang nub it Les make that Elf happy and git em dropin dem bubbles again. At first I hated em but soon found meself a luvin dodgin em. This here a world needs happy Elves and a I hope ta be one meself. Wonder if Creator can slot me in some Elf time if me Karma allows to help out with the bubble drops.

est said...


you know, for the longest time
i was seeing your screen name

as missing>arab so i'm thinking
why or what is this arab missing ?

when i was a kid, there was a shell sign
across the road, i looked at it for years >

before i saw the sign was actually
in the shape of a shell

i'm a little slow on the uptake
but i am fast on the draw - ha

be well all

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...those bubbles are gone now...I found myself reading ever so slowly with the bubbles, it sort of gave me a chance to slow down and read slowly while carefully waiting for a bubble to pass on a sentence and then the distraction.
I guess the mention was not there because perhaps we find ourselves so consumed with the busy-ness of life and are used to 10 distractions all at once? Or maybe we cope with it all in life already? It gave me some patience and I thought you had to have a purpose for the bubbles besides being festive - especially the one with Bush and his tongue...that was a deal breaker - show stopper!!! haha.

Thanks for ALL you do.


Anonymous said...

Regarding "Bubbles" - we were cut/paste into word pad with the links (old school style) and reading.

But we remember those times when we were building earthlodge out in the mountains, we were downloading HTML pages from a coffee shop to read it offline surrounded by mountains and read out loud. (We did not have any coverage or internet where we were building the Earthhome).
Birds stop chirping and singing at approximately 9:15pm every single night exactly. Except the nights when we were reading your posts, there was one bird which kept on until past 11pm or 11:30pm - it was magical.

Thanks Vis for ALL you do and say. If there was a video that would go across the globe and You would see so many reading your blogs from every corner of the world - what a sight to behold. Imagine the expressions of the heart - the synchronized sense of oneness we could ALL feel all at once?

Peace and Blessings to All & here's to Good prevailing over all Evil. Amen.

Putin? Are you reading this? If so, we wanted to Thank You for your courage and strength in fighting for good cause! Thank you.


the gardener said...

yeah Vis, Theodore White's site full page is long and it very much bogged down my machine...

Synopsis off the top of my head is that Sept 2015 is the start of the middling years of 2015/16/17 with a long haul of Jupiter squaring Saturn first with this summer's Jupiter into Leo (fixed fire) squaring Saturn in Scorpio (fixed water) then 2015 with Saturn already into Sag (mutable fire) and Jupiter going into Virgo for a mutable square between them going on for a few years.

He iterated and reiterated about the necessity of 'being where your going to be during some cold tough times' for the next few years by Fall of 2015.

I kept feeling like for those of us who take the first hits and brunt years ahead of the masses-that our shit times of losses and hardships have already happened so we might be the ones not disassociated in total shock being able to rise above the Illusionary waves of Neptune in Pisces opposite the transiting of Jupiter in Virgo and the squaring of Saturn in Sag (Dec 2014 eta).

BUT he didn't mention anything about the toxic life threats of either fukushima or the methane/hydrogen sulfide setting so much and so many on FIRE which is big BIG BIG to me... so much of this might be ecologically moot points but fun to dream of having a future somewhere somehow isn't it?

RE: JFK... He did do a chart on the assassination and it did, oddly enough to me, mention that JUPITER WAS IN ARIES that day when our country got taken over. (anon on other post saying he'd dreamed about "Jupiter in Aries")...

That's the cool thing about Jupiter and getting older-it is a 12 year cycle (like Chinese astrology) so it is always good to go back with specific dates given like "2015" and remember what was up with YOU in 2003. and 1991. and every 12 years back from your time here on earth.

Saturn is an almost 29ish year cycle and again, the time when being older than one Saturn return makes it interesting since you've already molted your feathers, shed first skin in regards to Saturn returns. What ever doesn't kill you makes you more savvy.

But I thought that was ... interesting about that "jupiter in aries" for the assassination chart day's transit. We're in Jupiter in Cancer right now-retrograde...

Big grand cross with cardinal signs throwing some hard balls. Baaattttterzzzzzz up!

the gardener

insiam said...

The US Congress approval rating went up from approx 40% in 2000 to 84% post 911. The current approval rating is around 12% .......

You don't need to be Edward Bernays to see what is needed :)

JerseyCynic said...

Les Visible sarcastic?? who knew!!

looking forward to the rabbi post. when I saw his pic somewhere the other day, I honestly thought it was a poster for the Hobbit Movie..... GOD KAREN!

do you know anything about the Jews of the Diaspora?


insiam said...

Dear Mr Vis,

Due to popular request i have decided to start a petition to re-apply the festive bubbles. Anyone wishing to sign the petition should simply copy and paste this comment with their username added below the previous petitioners name.

Signed: insiam



Anonymous said...

Good one, thanks, Vis.
I wish you/us a thrilling 2014.
Nice Weekend

Unknown said...

the demons are sporting the Terminal Madness of the End Times...they know deep inside they are doomed...Satan knew when he took over this dimension that it would be short lived...

well that time has come to reveal these creatures of darkness for ALL to see...they are desperate and will continue their deadly path of death and destruction, misery and pain, disease and lust, greed and power to their last days...these are the same consciousness that destroyed our spiritual Native Americans did we think they would stop there...of course not...they offer NOTHING to life...and for that deserve the HELL of their own making and it is on course to happen very SOON....they know that...and this time our Divine GOD has made sure that not one of these demons from the bowels of HELL escapes transmutation...and the robots that support this evil system are included....

these demons and robots have been given upteen chances over the life of this dimension to turn to the LIGHT and NEVER WILL...they have no internal divine energy for they were designed by Satan...this is why they are energy vampires for they need the energy to survive...we all is the sleeping sheep that continue to give these morally bankrupt demons their energy...for they do not have an ounce of creativity in them...all they know is death, destruction they are of PURE EVIL...and they are showing their true character...for ALL to see...

soon could be this year...ALL will understand why this dimension has been condemned...and those of the divine will finally be liberated from this HELL HOLE and i have been told will be within the next decade...sooner than most think...

preparation is a must for those awakened are more than likely prepared in more than one way...but spiritually is by far the most important... for these demons of darkness will take any and all with them if you don't cleanse and protect in this darkness of HELL...without hesitation they will spiritually assignate anyone they can in this process...for it is the energy they need to continue their rampage...

Disconnect as much as possible the destruction will be overwhelming if you don't (right now the animal kingdom is going and rather quickly for many species are near extinction)...think of it as these demonic fcks last stand...ALL souls will be leaving this dimension in one way or the other...the great dividing of souls has already begun...i stand proudly with my brothers and sisters of divine LIGHT WORKERS amongst us...

Lots of LOVE

JerseyCynic said...

We are no longer the knights who say ni!

We are now the knights who say "ekki-ekki-ekki-bubbles-bubbles-bubbles!


(we'll settle for a burning bush?)

JerseyCynic said...

Shrub! Shrub! Shrub!

JerseyCynic said...

how about a few pop-up coffins with Airel, Barb & George, The Queen, and....Jerry Lewis?

JerseyCynic said...

well there goes my slap happy mood today -

is this for real?

Anonymous said...

If this BBC Comedy Sketch The Israeli Embassy's Extension really aired on TV then times really are a-changin.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

People get Ready for the Changes Coming.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Well, I for one liked the bubbles. When they first appeared, I read them as Visible’s unique answer to a certain post. It started my day with a laugh. Further, the bubbles almost force you to concentrate a bit harder. (A test; don’t let minor distractions foil your intent) I see that as a positive. On another note, specifically the animals, or as I prefer to think of them; beings we share the earth with that we are able to perceive and interact with – intentionally harming them is equivalent to harming a child. One’s ability to treat all beings with love and respect could be considered a mark of spiritual growth/level. Love to all, Serena

Visible said...

Like Gandhi said, I think it was Gandhi, "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. ... a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" I amen that at the top of my lungs and with all my heart.

Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff, Gardener. Thanks. I'm going to listen to you from now on.

I took Jupiter in Aries to mean that the old ways wouldn't work any more. Saturation has been reached. The law of diminishing returns says you won't get back even what you put into it anymore. It's time for new ways and long awaited.

His word distills as the dew. I take this to mean that whatever forces the Almighty unleashes in the supernatural manifest in the natural in a lot of ways. The farmland has also reached the point of diminishing returns so as to be an exercise in futility. They (we) were supposed to give the land a Sabbath 1 year in 7. Now, it won't produce anything unless it's amped up on fertilizers and that won't work much longer either. The usury capital system has reached it's deathbed. The dungbread served up by the false prophets in the pulpits is matched by the bread on the table. Cockroaches in the corn, missing children in the mystery meats, pork in everything called 'meat'. And NO NUTRITION. We're starving on full bellies. The old ways are finished. The devourer is loosed.

She should date her blog, because I thought Jupiter in Aries was now. The time is NOW, it sure feels like.

I like the speed of astronomy. It's not too fast or too slow. As perfectly tempo'd as the day is long. It's therapeutic to watch. Better than the image of the beast. I'll be looking at Jupiter again tonight.

Speaking of tempos, I believe that a handicap has been instilled in us all and that handicap is haste. They want you hurrying to the next thing so you will never see the elements they've put in to poison it all. Subtil is the way of that creature and subtlety is in the elements. Haste makes waste. Nothing ever gets done faster for it. I identify it as conditioning by the beast and I'll be working to burn it out of myself. I'll take a lesson in that from the speed of the Universe. The old ways have haste and avarice written all over them.

Does that apply to Jupiter in Aries in any way?

the gardener said...

"His word distills as the dew."

reminded me of the guest Robert Phoenix had on his "Friday Farcast" show a few Fridays ago. Many of us in his very cool chat club got into doing distilled water and a few even got going with 'oran therapy' works.

Robert's radio shows are at the far right on his site-they're blue 'blogtalkradio' and it's the last Friday Farcast show on that lineup. Great way to start cleaning up all the extraneous minerals and metals in our bodies so that light can better get into us and our light can better shine out and about. *coal miner headlamps* come to mind.

I was surprised to see that Jupiter was in Aries when JFK got sniped in THE HEAD... Aries rules the head-key words are: I AM, first sign in the zodiac, the ram, warrior, surgeons, knives, Mars, martians, Vernal Equinox degree which is many culture's signal for the New Year.

Jupiter to me just means it makes things bigger. Whatever needs to be. Bigger.

Anyone interested can go to for a free chart-just need your birth data of: time, place, location and enter it in and see what your natal chart looks like and where the transiting planets are too. In your chart-affecting your life.

It can really get you there though I remember memorizing a sheet I had with the planet glyphs and the sign glyphs until it got to be a natural communication writing device. All those numbers can take you there. Out there.

I really love today's poem by Neil... 'dreaming through a rose'... grateful he left us so much of his work to always be reminded of him. Thank you walking hawk for doing this. *sniff*

the gardener

For anyone interested I can relay this visionary work I did in the 90s when "2017" seemed so impossibly far away. When Pluto in Capricorn hits the same numbers as the Uranus/Neptune conjunction that ushered out the last energies of that same conjunction which resulted in the Industrial Revolution and were to usher in our new Revolution... a spiritual one this time. So the switcheroo already happened back in 1992. We just had to go through a lot before we were ready for it when it was triggered. These Revolutions of this level do take time to work up to.

All children born of that era of the conjunction - late 80s through mid 90s have that 'spiritual revolution' aspect in their natal energies. Coupled with most of them being of the Pluto in Scorpio generation means an entirely different crew working here now.

Best for us to stand back and keep out of their way to do what they need to be and have done. For them.

So when Pluto in Capricorn hits that 19 degree of that incredible Uranus/Neptune conjunction is when the lights go on and hopefully somebody will still be home.

Visible said...

Yes, Jupiter is about expansion, which is why he represents the 10th Trump, Wheel of Fortune.

Truly, big changes coming, for some, changes in consciousness, for others, changes in circumstances which became necessary to force changes in consciousness. You move or you get moved. In either case you move but one is decidedly less painful.

♫You gotta move. You gotta move, you gotta move, you gotta move, you gotta move. Cause when the Lord gets ready, you gotta move♫

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Cosmic Laundry Day... slip Sliding Away.

messianicdruid said...

Doors,doors, opened doorsOur ceilings now becoming floors!Glory shining brighter stillThe hungry ones will all be filled!! Angels breaking through to thoseWho’ve spoken words that they were toldFrom the holy of holies, the mercy seatThese words in earth they did repeat! Like arrows flying toward their markGod sending them into the darkTo speak the words heard in the nightWords that bring love, words that bring light! Yes Angels going to bring to pass!The word made flesh alas, alas!Spoken from the prophet’s lipsWith glory and with heavenly bliss! Gold, gold that is coming throughFrom all the trials that they’ve been through!Bowls being poured upon the earthOf the prayers that my people brought forth in birth! You’ll see lightnings and thunders and winds will blowBecause of these prayers of the saints of oldTogether with the saints on earthThey’ve filled up the vial, through the prayers they’ve birthed! And no one able to denyTheir God is able to bring the supply!To do the works that are born of loveThey’ll know, yes they’ll know it’s from above! Bringing life to those in needSpreading seed and the poorest feed.With hearts like His they’ll share the loveAnd know that it was from the dove! Yes, Holy Spirit will again ariseAnd gifts will emerge in the church’s eyes!Miracles, signs and wonders againBringing forth His royal kids! Yes, the rain of His Spirit upon us once moreEarly and latter together will pour!Reaper overtaking the sower ’twill beAs soon as you speak it coming to be! Yes, harvest begins in 2014So let us begin to train them to glean,The ones who’ll bring the greatest catchThe most glorious harvest we’ve ever seen yet! Assemble together, it will take unityTo usher in the age of the kingdom to beThe day of Christ in you is near!So arise and shine the glory is here!! The Kingdom age has now begunThe awakening of my manifest sonsThe sons of love and peace are hereReformation drawing near!! So hear the prophets of my heartAnd so shall you prosper and never depart!This is my word for 2014We’ve only started ,and begun to see!!



Joseph Brenner

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