Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Sirens of Appetite and the Doors of Perception

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings from a very tall white man. Greetings from the Sirius Cluster. You know, I've been talking about Mr. Apocalypse for a good while now and... I generally reference present and coming exposure, uncoverings, scandals and similar things as being the major elements of The Apocalypse, along with awareness and the lack thereof. There's more to all of that and I should have said something earlier but I recognize things get said when they are supposed to get said and since what is going to be mentioned is now approaching, well... there you have it. Incoming (grin).

As usual, I'll get around to it in my convoluted fashion and you'll know I've finished at that point where you can close your eyes and see a glowing golden serpent with its tale (sp?) in its mouth, hopefully.

Then again, maybe I have said it already and just need to reiterate it and flesh it out in a form of tighter containment. Something seems to have gotten into my syntax this evening; not much I can do about it (grin).

An apocalypse exists within a particular structure of operation. In other words, there are rules that attend the ongoing progression of an apocalypse. According to the main religious text, this is what comes with and after an apocalypse. That looks like some pretty stern stuff. It seems like too much actually and I suspect that either what he really said got toyed with over the millennium, or he got some bad acid. Since we know he was on mushrooms at the time when he saw all of this, it's altogether possible that the mushrooms were Amanita Muscaria and it's known, at least to those of us who have taken them, that there is a degree of poison in that strain of mushroom, something called Arsenocholine, which would be an arsenic type (I think). Most of the others (all the ones I know about), do not have poison in them. Well, if you've taken psychedelics with similar toxins in them like Hawaiian wood rose seeds, morning glory seeds and other comestibles, you are aware that depending on the degree of toxin in the shroom, to that degree you will have aspects of a bad trip. The lovely Amanita can have more or less toxin based on the time it blooms and the place it blooms in. I don't know what was growing on Patmos at the time and God knows I don't want foaming at the mouth fundies chasing me down the street with rakes and scythes. It just so happens that that is a relevant consideration.

The degree to which psychedelics have influenced religious texts and inspired writers is much more profound than is generally known. In the Vedas, the 'soma' is mushrooms. All kinds of information is routinely suppressed by those controlling the 'general' perception and thereby, perspective of the public mind. As long as they can control this, they can manipulate humanity and herd it in whatever direction they choose at the time. This is a reality, operating, of course, within an illusion. In an apocalypse, this reality is slowly and then not so slowly being shattered.

This leads to another facet of an apocalypse. An apocalypse has various progressive time zones. It starts slow and like a ball rolling down hill it picks up speed and like a snowball going down hill it picks up weight. It keeps going and increasing in speed and weight until it has completed its task.

In the early days of an apocalypse the focus is on specific things. The revealing of the pederast priesthood in the Catholic Church was one of these things. The apocalypse doesn't just reveal things. It also brings forth technologies and human capacities that provide for more rapid dissemination of information relevant to its intent. The degree to which an apocalypse is scripted and directed is far more impressive than the people who don't even consider it think it to be (grin). The good and bad news is that whether you believe in it or not, it's going on. So if you are looking for an increase in awareness and ever so much more, you came to the right place at the right time. If you were looking for anything but that; what can I say? Exposure is going to take a major uptick. And as monsters get identified and far worse- bad for business- all kinds of things happen. In the meantime, business goes on as usual.

As the apocalypse continues uncovering and revealing things, it doesn't particularly change prevailing conditions or alter the social and cultural dynamic much, at first. It might push elements of it to absurdity (and it certainly will) and it will certainly arrange ironic circumstances, which are all geared toward alerting people, with the intention of waking them up. However, for a good while, the effect of the unseen controllers is allowed to continue apace, giving people the choice, whether to opt for a greater freedom of thought and feeling, or to further immerse themselves into the awesome suck of materialism before it starts to impact on them regardless. Unfortunately, the apocalypse is not one of the better periods to pull the covers over your head.

Prior to arrival here, everyone was informed, 'more or less' what awaited them here and also informed about what they were likely to go through and what they could do about it. That's Karma for you. Anyone who is even slightly tuned in to the obvious; which manages to hide quite effectively in plain sight, should have been able to suss out that this is a very, very significant period in human history. Otherwise, why would such a large number of people be making their way here? Why would there be so many billions of people on the planet?

Now, I know there are plenty of people that don't believe in this form of 'nonsense'. These are the same people that can't connect the advances of physics with its role in proving enduring spiritual truths, such as everything is thought born and made out of the same thing but existing at different vibrationary rates. If you, by coincidence or intention, are actually seeking the truth, well, you're surrounded by examples, that is, unless you are in a somnambulistic and mesmerized state, which is the case for a great many people. The surrounding clatter and confusion goes a long way toward compromising and dulling the senses, not to mention closing off access to higher sensibilities. It should come as no surprise that manners are more and more less visible, though I am not referring to manners when I mention higher senses.

Hermetic and occult training can stimulate, does stimulate the higher senses, so does yoga and of course, psychedelics will do this in turbo speed but it's got a time limit, except for those rare instances where they get opened and stay open.

If you are such a person who is actively seeking illumination and truly wants to ascend into a higher state of consciousness, you are in the right time and place. Of course, conditions may not be optimum but progress can be speedy indeed, should one be militant against distraction. In earlier times I have mentioned certain techniques that can have a marvelous and salutary effect on getting you into the proper frame for advancement. If you don't perform basic disciplines, instead of achieving certain states, certain states achieve you. One is desirable and the other is not.

All of the complexity of distractions, the marvels of technology that captivate people in their social networking circles, all those myriad of allurements, not to mention the attractions of fortune and the pull of the temporary promise of fame, which is what reality TV is all about... oh I could make an enormous list that would go on for pages and pages but surely you are aware of the vast multiplicity of potential delights which are present here at this time and... if you have the bread and connections, whoa baby! Of course, everything is upside down here. What looks like wonderful and serendipitous circumstances is anything but in the long term. Being surrounded by protective details grants an impression of security. It is anything but.

I'm guessing most people think they are a good judge of appearances and probably think they hold no sway over them. This is something that every individual should pay closer attention to. How much am I influenced by appearances? Appearances are a blind that leave you blind. They are very powerful and insidious as well. They form emotional patterns and reflex perspectives. As much as we believe we are immune to them, very often we are not. A good example is what happens when you take psychedelics. All of a sudden you can see, with impressive clarity, a whole lot of things you weren't seeing before. Your sense of time is greatly, or can be, greatly altered. Your awareness of the unseen can become highly magnified and higher sensory organs can go into active operation. Some of us can see interdimensionally and etherically. I've had that happen too many times to recall. Auras can often be easily seen and it's possible to hear at a level generally denied us. Many, many other wonders and possibilities can occur as well. I noticed at one point that not everyone was having similar experiences. In fact there was a whole section of the public, whose main thing was to groove on the colors and who sought out a variety of physical experiences because of the enhancement factor. I found it very peculiar at the time and I also didn't much associate with these people. After years following and now in present time, I understand why that was, a lot better now than I did then.

Some of us are just constructed in a more limited fashion, due to the aggregate of our lifetimes, based on what we spent our energies on. So it is that a good number of us came here for no more than the physical experiences and that's about what they get. It is imperative upon the seeker to recognize that there is a large body of the public that is deaf to the alternate realms. Strangely enough, the apocalypse is what it is for the purpose of shaking people out of their deep slumbers. The universe has that, 'you never know' attitude and the collective compassion of many great souls, all come to bear upon the hour, in the hope of positive result. The whole dynamic is so intricately complex that no one really understands it fully and that's just fine because a certain amount of mystery makes it all so much more intriguing and holds out the promise of there always being more to learn. It doesn't end and neither does suffering, in the other direction. So it is that it can take a very, very, very long time for some individuals to come around. It doesn't have to be that way but in many cases it is. Some people return only to go to prison over and over again, or to fight in one war after another for centuries, or are born with conditions and a person observing all of this, within their own so limited perspective would find it to be totally unfair and senseless. So it might seem but... it's all a tapestry of unimaginable beauty, a perfectly woven and unspeakable poem. For those who have had no more than a brief glimpse, it changes them forever. It's something to shoot for, other than all the rest. So it appears to me but I pick my appearances.

It is so very hard to resist the pull of the houris of appetite and desire. Imagine yourself strapped to the mast of a sailing ship and sailing past the Islands of Sirenum scopuli and hearing the sirens singing. This is a selective thing, meaning not everyone is affected. It's one of those odd things about life and odd things about people. Some thing have an irresistible effect on certain people and none at all on others. Big cities are Siren Islands. the internet is a Siren Island. The mind is a Siren Island. Since any Siren Island is surrounded by rocky reefs that cause ships to sink and the people on them to drown, we can assume that Sirens do not have our best interests at heart. Sirens are shapeshifters. They can take all sorts of different forms, 'appearing' to be something other than what they are but... without real objective awareness it's hard to tell. Think about any of the really attractive people you met at some point that turned out not to be attractive at all; things you wanted so very, very badly that brought nothing but heartache, conflicts that occurred with others over things neither of you care about anymore but that doesn't change what happened as a result. You can hear Sirens and not be affected by them. I remember freebasing for a few days once and not particularly liking or disliking it but... several of the other people there were transfixed by the pipe. I would see them get up to do something, walk several steps and, as if an invisible wire were tied around their necks they would be snapped back to the pipe. I thought it was funny at the time. Now, lest I give a false impression, I am not immune across the board to everything, or, rather, I wasn't at one time or another. This is just an example of a situation I was in and how we were differently affected by it.

So... even though we can't understand why people get sucked into different things, it happens and it happens because certain things have a very powerful effect on them that it does not have on some of the rest of us. I try to remind myself of this so that I don't judge others too harshly but since their actions lead to terrible consequences, something is judging them, something provided those consequences; set the system up the way it is set up. Actions have consequences but... then again, there seem to be no consequences for some. Of course, that's just more appearances. It's a difficult thing to understand; about making judgments. I was told we are what we are for the purpose we serve and that adds to the complexity of the appropriateness of blanketing rules of moral conduct applied across the board to everyone. It's all about dispensation or the lack of it. The same rules of conduct don't apply to everyone. In the end, none of us knows. We're walking on faith. We're walking blind. We're enamored by Sirens or we aren't. I'm of the glass darkly school. We'll see.

So here we are at a particular pivoting of the apocalypse and the scene is about to shift into hyper drive, just another logical progression of the whole affair. You can expect to hear a lot more about aliens now, as well as all kinds of strange and curious things not brought forth previously. It's either a very good or a very bad time to be alive. Both of these courses are a matter of personal choice.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Almost A Capella by Les Visible♫ I Am Alive ♫
'I Am Alive' is track no. 8 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Almost A Capella'
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Almost A Capella by Les Visible


Anonymous said...

universal unifying
unity in union
revolving momentary
engaging in solution
fusing atmospherical
touch within the vital
revitalising chords
impressed within the cycle
in a presence of invigorating
inspired on a moment
on the living now
through the gates of ever open
everlasting everything
lifting so it seems
beam the waves of higher
through the inner be.


Sunday, December 19, 2010 12:11:00 PM
Anonymous said...
I'm just so weary of being told, 'things are at the edge; they're about to happen; just you wait and see....'.



Sunday, December 19, 2010 12:55:00 PM
Anonymous said...
london lass,the change comes through you... neil

Sunday, December 19, 2010 3:05:00 PM

I just happened to catch the following comment and Neil's comment and had to post this also. Good response from neil.

I always used to do shrooms or sid for the buzz but always had a Spiritual experiance under the influence. Now I've been saving the last of something to wait for the proper Time to do this again with the intent to connect to Spirit. (should be a trip)

May The Spirit find All who Seek.

walking hawk

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Otherwise, why would such a large number of people be making their way here? Why would there be so many billions of people on the planet?

We are a bunch of sado-masochistic idiots who were bored out of our minds and had to come here now just to say we've done it? Sounds like we still have ego issues on the Otherside. And for those you speak of who are into the Physicallity of the place, they're still addicted to it, I suppose. And I've detoxed prematurely, I suppose. To do that when you still have a few years ahead of you is TORTURE!

Well, on the other hand I do get a satisfaction of seeing the system I hate fall apart, so I suppose I can't complain.

Things ought to get real interesting January 31, with the pending China default.

China Default

Man, these are the longest 9 days of my life coming up here. This should be real interesting.

Anonymous said...

And greetings to you, too Tall White Alien! Lol! :)

Speaking of psychedelics, I did that once in Virginia Beach like 30 years ago. Wow! I saw the colors on people , kind of like their faces were blotched in purple. I also thought everyone was a girl, unless I took the time to look closer. And the weirdest thing about that trip was I constantly kept hearing "Under Pressure" by ZZ Top playing over over again the whole time. If someone spoke to me, it was like the volume got turned down on the radio so I could hear them and then just as they were finishing what they were saying, the volume would turn right back up again and the song went on.

To coin a term, "Freaky." :)

Considering the experiences you've had, Vis, I guess that one was a bit disappointing. No spiritual breakthroughs, unfortunately. However, a few years later, I did Robitussin DM, yes the full 8 ou bottle (yuk!). This blew away the acid!

I remember wanting to crunch up every muscle in my body ( you spoke of such things in the UK video and I immediately thought of this). There was a massive telepathic window that opened up as well. The friend I was with would later describe the exact internal and auditory experience ( thank you Mr. Hendrix) at exactly the same time that I had mine. Wow!

Getting long winded here, sorry, but this next experience topped them all! I was on a military base at the time. Drank the Robitussin and we went to a club where a hypnotist was. 6 chairs on a stage and my friends demanded I get one of them when he called for volunteers. I was just begging to trip when the call came and got the last seat.

He told us to clasp our hands together as tightly as we could. Just pretend there is a diamond in your hands and youre trying to crush it. Then he says, "Right there! You just felt the diamond crack!" We all felt it crack BEFORE he said it... Whoa!

He counted down from 10 and then he said we are now unable to separate our hands. We couldn't! The audience laughed hysterically as all of us desperately tried to pull our hands apart and couldn't.

I then kind of went inside myself and said,"Just relax." And slowly my hands parted. I waved at the hypnotist and he asked me to step down from the stage. Have to say that this guy was the real deal with what he did to the other 5 guys the rest of the night... They escorted 5 other guys around and introduced them as their dates to everyone else in the club while he went on break. They were in quite a reverie like state.

I went to the hypnotist and asked what happened with me and he said I must have just lost my concentration. I think I just shifted it to something else, but what do I know.

Anyway, thanks for the warning on the Apocalyptic Acceleration. Time to get my helmet on ! :)


Unknown said...

Hometown boy does good!

My state representative, Andy Holt, is actually representing the people's long term best interest. Hope nobody shoots him.

Anonymous said...

Sh*t, Vis!

You're a genius (grin) !

David Alan McBride said...

I Am Alive is an excellent song. Great vocal harmonies. Beautifully performed and executed. Seriously folks, this one is worth a few minutes. Thanks again Mr. Visible.

Anonymous said...

Going off on a tangent here, regarding Visible's comment concerning the pederasts in the Catholic Church: If gays are "just born that way", why are they now teaching school children as young as age 4, in graphic detail, about explicit homosexual acts? If they are "just born that way", there would be no need to indoctrinate them into the lifestyle, nor would there be any need to teach them about the sexual aspects of that lifestyle. Run that by your local gay advocate, and watch them squirm. They will invetibly call you an idiot, or a moron, or sling other vitriolic arrows in your direction, but the smarter ones won't try to attack the message (only the messenger). And if they do try to attack the message, they will wind up looking even more foolish than they already look. The one thing you can always count on, when it comes to fervent believers in just about anything, is that they will cling to their arguments no matter how large the avalanche of proof is, which conclusively contradicts their position. There really aren't any exceptions to that rule. Not among human beings, anyway.

JLOC said...

Awe inspiring song. Nice work

zepheri said...

What does the Chinese year of the horse, 911 truthers and the denver broncos have in common? The next 2 weeks.

Australian soldier on leave decided his best alternative for the new year was flying to New York climbing a mountain named Scarface and freezing to death.
Paul Mckay, full story @ Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Anonymous said...

Robitussin DM. Oh yes! I was king of the trip in my circle of friends. The guy who could make the cactus juice, the guy who would do the most of whatever it was, and the guy who would be sure to freak you out by reading your mind or other such normality. I have taken massive doses of San Pedro, mushrooms, datura, morning glory - and I seemed to be touched in such a profound way every time.
Now, I can "hallucinate" at will. I had been wondering if that is what is meant by the term 'flashback.' I can look up at a spot on my textured ceiling and the whole thing will begin to move over itself in undulating forms. It is classic mushroom visuals, but I ain't on mushrooms! Not sure what to make of it, but it is very interesting. I seem to have had an 'experience' with a cloud or some intelligence in a cloud a few years ago like the day after a mushroom trip.


Anonymous said...

The harder they yell, the smaller their little pee-pees are. And Mr Apocalypse can't change that one. But someday, their little pee-pees will grow up straight and tall. And then, the little peenie boys will be vindicated...

Anonymous said...

Don't you ever get tired of just "thinking" and analyzing and intellectualizing as if it is the ultimate in perception and truth?? Don't you ...??

It gets so tiresome, and lacks the full spectrum feel of Reality.

One can get so wrapped up in his own words and thoughts that he may become tied and bound in some subtle way ...

John Haughton said...

As Einstein put it - E= mC2.
As Bill Hicks put it - " all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration – that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."
As I see it -
Light is vibration at the sub-atomic octave.
Heat is vibration at the atomic octave.
Scent, taste and many drugs are vibration at the molecular octave.
Sound is vibration at the physical octave.
Note that the evolution of our senses from the highest vibration down to the lowest follow the steps of creation, down through the octaves and increasing in density, from a universe of pure energy / hydrogen / stars / physical planets.
The world we perceive around us is a projection by our consciousness of these senses made manifest.

Visible said...

9:47 Don't you ever get tired of being a fear bound anonymous snark machine, or tired of not getting that if I didn't intellectualize and such there would be no post?

Doesn't it bother you that near everyone else gets it but you don't? That's either something to do with intelligence or a disconnect in your ability to feel. Don't you think that is evidence of some kind of less than subtle damage?

If you have come here so many times that you were able to develop this perspective, which is actually just a construct for the purpose of trying to diminish or offend me; good luck with that. Isn't it obvious that you are coming here for a reason? Are you missing that? Cause otherwise you would say "this isn't for me" and be done with it. No one knows your here or who you are so what difference does it make anyway?

You sound awfully prissy and effete. that might be the reason you are unable to relax and get whatever benefit there might be here. I realize I'm wasting my time because your intent and what you say are two different things but... I had few moment. Try to have a good day.

Visible said...

I too have that seeming hallucination thing but I look at it as an actual level of perception. One of the things I'm able to do is to think of a particular substance and I can imagine myself right into a small experience of it.

Sometimes when I feel I should be more loving, I think of myself on Ecstasy and it works. Interestingly, on occasions when I have had that or something else awaiting ingestion, I can feel myself coming on to it while it is just sitting there due to its proximity.

Brian Crossland said...

I have a confession..never taken hallucinogenics, (probably will!)but I can see auras, funnily enough more strongly in plats than humans/animals although a perceptionis there.
More significantly what I also do at will is look at a ceiling or wall in diffused light and "unfocus" the solid becomes movementand patterns wave like, sometimes colour sometimes opaque.
It is different from the Aura.
Stuart Wilde described a phenomena he called the "Morph" which seems to fit. After witnessing this nothing appears as quite so solid again.
You can try this effect by by forming a C shape between thumb and forefinger leaving a gap of about 2 inches and in subtle light and lighter background focus on this space. A wavy/moving energy can be observed against the solid background, it is not the Aura of the body though you may see this also.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Six Flag Waving Nations over Fundieland and Elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I can't hallucinate at will, but it happens at various times and I never know when it will happen. So, it makes life very interesting for me. :) All good.

Anon 9:47 am ,
Some of Us NEVER quench our THIRST for TRUTH.

John Haughton,
I think, first there was the Word,
sound viberation.(co-create)
Sound viberation manifests into physical in this dimension.
Viberate higher and it turns into heat.
Higher yet and you reach Light.

Kinda goes along with what your saying.

We Can Change This World with Our Higher Vibs. I start with voice and intent. Everything follows. Some of my prayers,
I Am happy, I Am.
I Am healthy, I Am.
I Am a healer, I Am.
ETC... (fill in our own word(s))

Thanks for this place Visible.

walking hawk

p.s. Create well :)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#16---I can't see plant auras, too. In fact, I can't avoid them. One time I freaked myself out when I saw the aura, but a truck was in the way of the tree, and I could have drawn the outline without seeing the plant from the aura, for when the truck moved, it was the same. My flat mate can see them too, along with periodic lights that are of the same type as auroras are, sporadically. When driving home from Santa Cruz, we always had fluorescenty blues and purple clouds of light staying ahead of the car, or beside the car, and they would show up in different places. During the day, I see them most often as turquoise, though I've seen red, yellow, orange, green, and sometimes right in front of me, though if my hand is in the light, it doesn't feel like anything. I'd love to know what they are. I have the gut feeling they are a protective energy.

We never saw them before we started going to Santa Cruz. . .Soquel, really. . .to see Alexander 'Skip' Spence (WHO WAS KILLED WITH A COMBINATION OF MORPHINE OVERDOSE AND HAVING LIFE SUPPORT YANKED. I SAW THE OVERDOSE HAPPEN.).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

AAAAAAAACK! Stupid typo in first sentence. I CAN see plant auras, I meant. Wish this damn google crap would let me edit comments.

Anonymous said...

yes, yes, that "morph" seems to be the same thing I experience. I guess I need to read more Stuart Wilde. His fear of yoga kinda turned me off when I read a little from him a few years ago.

Just imagine yourself on ecstasy, lol! The cure for any arshole. Man, that was some powerful medicine too. My brother pulled out an old bit of mushroom in a bag he had saved for who knows how long and why? It couldn't have been more than a gram but holding it in my hand I couldn't help but notice my heart picking up a little pace. Awesome!

John Haughton said...

Walking Hawk
As you say, In the beginning was the word.
Words ( Wyrds ) are Spell-ed.
Words carry in-Form-ation in the form of vibration. We use our words to create worlds for others - one reason we should not lie, for if we do our truth it shall die.
We must choose our words wisely.


Anonymous said...

Agree with you John.

Very deep and heavy,
but yet so simple, eh.

w h

Anonymous said...

"The nearest to me are the abstinent, whoever they are, wherever they are."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

All these Things: in the Context of The Apocalypse.

Visible said...




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