Thursday, January 16, 2014

From Poleaxed Steers to Sold Out Whores.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

So... another day, another slew of embarrassments in the form of scandals, exposed corruptions, random shootings, international banker malfeasance and odious loads of crap like this stunner from the redoubtable Michele Obama, "I have so much more that I should do. I don’t have the right to just sit on my talents or blessings,” Does she mean she's actually sitting on her talents? Does she mean that the ending port of call for her spinal column occurs there? Now that's what I call reversed Kundalini. She also lets us know that Botox and fillers are fashionland killers. You go girl! Michele and her cardboard cutout, alter ego, are presiding over the steepest drop in intellectual capacity ever before seen in the western world. While King Stupid is being crowned with a poison ivy laurel wreath, for exhibiting the greatest tandem of artistic talent and kingly acumen since Henry the Eight, the former salt of the Earth are dedicating their time in this Apocalypse to the same sort of thing that their counterparts in high office and at the top of the ceremonial religious carnivals get up to, only for them, it's illegal. Those who aren't living it up on the age sensitive, down escalator, are expressing their sexual frustrations in other ways. There's a lot of sexually frustrated people out there and they express it through different mediums.

Some people with a layman's awareness of the vagaries of the sexual force might question my associating acts of violence with an expression of one's sexual nature but everything, everything has sexual connotations and that is where the priests and evangelists and so many who present themselves as lovers of the divine, fail in their desired interplay; precisely because that is not what they desire and it gets exposed to them through their lack of capacity to control their impulses. It's no easy ride to draw that force up the stairway to Heaven. I speak from experience but... perseverance furthers. One who sets out to be a lover of the divine had better be just that because any insincerity on your part is going to find its way into your becoming an example of the purpose of demonstration.

The collapse of western culture is blatantly obvious, all the way from the totally sold out whores at the top of the pyramid to the peons at the bottom. People are going through the motions of their life like poleaxed steers. On the other hand they are grasping with insatiable appetite for more and more and... a never ending more; seeking security and serenity in the seeming freedom of economic independence but there's no independence there. All these places people are looking for stability and peace of mind are poorly advertised blinds. Whether it is the avalanche of trivia which exists for the purpose of distracting the mind from its perilous state or some particular obsession... there is no there, there.

Some people are doing very well in these times and that is an indication of something. I won't specify because there are different intentions going on but... in many cases it's just more purpose of demonstration. There are global tests taking place on an individually particularized level. Most people are unaware of or indifferent in respect of this. Heh? respect has nothing to do with it. Let's see if an illustration might help. At this time there are a certain amount of avenues of expression in operation. They are all magnetic and what happens is that each and every one of us are pulled into the one most like whatever our most prominent and willful attractions are. For most, this is sufficient. For those favored with the attentions of the unseen, satisfaction in anything is elusive and so, one is shuttled through the carnival until the appropriate exit appears. This is also a matter of magnetism.

What this all means in a cosmic sense, is that everyone is finding their place in the scheme of things because... we are (as has been stated over and over again) in a time of summing up. That is the essential nature of The Apocalypse. WE are in the cusp transition zone of a 26,000 year cycle. Ponder that for just a moment. Think of the weighty significance of it all. Consider the seriously powerful draw of the world in all its fascination of the moment, in this late hour. For those with the coin, the multiplicity of choices are uncountable. There's nothing you can't buy and even have delivered to your door AND... if you know the right people (actually, the wrong people) there's nothing you can't do and get away with too. This is all designed to be as it is. That seems difficult for 'most people' to get their heads around. My perspective make it the only possibility, simply by the process of elimination.

Some people spent their lives making money and they know a great deal about how to do that. Those who make war are knowledgeable about how to do it. If you have spent a lifetime at anything in particular, it is to be presumed that you have some proficiency at it, given especially that your relationship to whatever it may be is one of genuine affection. Love, as we know, causes both people and things to give up their secrets. So, for me, one thing I have gained from what I have put the majority of my time into, is a certain manner of seeing. There's a control involved in that. Let's use a further illustration. Take a man who has been operating complex systems, either mechanical or electrical. He's got a familiarity with it that allows him a certain confident assurance in his actions, as he goes about making changes or fixing and replacing components, which are an operating part of the system. You take someone with little knowledge of the system and they are immediately out of their depth and also in grave danger of screwing up, should they attempt to put the system through its paces. Flying an airplane is a good example.

One of the ironic curiosities that I encounter is when someone with no experience in certain matters presumes to have an insiders knowledge of something they know nothing about. That kind of hubris always frightens me. I do not want to be someone like that. I have always sought to immerse myself in that which attracts me to any degree that I would have anything to do with it in the first place. I insist. I demand that whatever it is reveal itself to me to the extent of my capacity to understand. I don't factor in concern for life or limb in this regard. If you're not fully committed, as far as I am concerned and as far as I have seen, you're only going to get so much and for me, that's not enough. I want it all. I mean to say, within whatever the parameters of whatever limitations are a part of my being. There are some who will get more from it than me and some less. I try to only speak out of experience except where intuition plays a part. The latter seems to be, according to my experience (grin), far more accurate and precise than my end of it.

We are all finding our way but... what are we finding our way to? We're all going to get what we think we want and the tragedy in that regard is we shall surely find out if it was what we really wanted. For so many people, it seldom happens that they will step back and look with true objectivity at the condition and location they have arrived in. The idea that all they have amassed might be not only worthless but seriously dangerous does not enter into their minds. That would be counterproductive as they see it.

I spend my days persistently knocking on doors in pursuit of greater perception. I am annoyingly insistent that they open for me. I'm not going to go away. I've seen the writing on the wall in the world around me. I do not know in what manner it will sort itself out. There are so many possibilities, so many potential twists and turns it might take. If this happens then that might happen. If this doesn't happen, then that might happen instead, or maybe not. No matter which of the myriad of potential circumstances may come to pass there is one thing we can manage and that is ourselves. If we have conquered the evil within, then the evil without is of no consequence. Everything external has an internal over ride. Everything external is potentially under the control of the internal, in the same way that the mind controls the hands that control the steering on a car.

I'll close with a further illustration, since we started off talking about sex. Some of us are accomplished lovers and most of us are not. Concerning those that are, there is more involved than just any particular formula of technique because... the same technique does not apply to every individual. So... one must be cognizant of what does apply and to whom or... one seeks out only those who are most affected by their particular technique. This group might seem to have the reputation of a skilled lover and they may well be but... it's only within the demographic of those susceptible and their real gift is in spotting the ones it applies to. Furthermore, Love, once operational at a certain level, possesses consciousness so... the wise practitioner allows for guidance. The wise practitioner is not a goat. He does not piss all over himself and the thing he loves. In the ultimate sense, there is only one thing which we truly love (whether we know what that is or not) but we continuously mistake it through the deceptions of appearances. Until that gets worked out it's "here we go round the Mulberry bush", coming and going, coming and going; all that "exits and entrances" thing.

A certain variety of choice has been provided, so as to appeal to most tastes and options otherwise are always to be found. We are not all the same in that regard. If you find you are unhappy in a certain atmosphere of expression, investigate another. My preference is to investigate them all. It's a kind of comparison shopping and- especially in this case- you are the currency.

We'll see.

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Skepticfrog said...

"I have so much more that I should do. I don’t have the right to just sit on my talents or blessings,”

Haha; she must have defecated into her panties...

Jenny said...

Vis- The mind controls the hands, that hold the steering wheel. I remember this thought in my I was "feeling" the steering wheel in my hand. That was several years ago. Thanks for bringing that memory right back up to me. I really like where I have "gone" since that moment. I am free- love you vis, thanks for your writings-jen

maya seri said...


This one is summation it sums it all up for me.
It explains everything for me.
Thank you my friend and teacher.


Ginnie said...

I was thinking about "false flags" and it occurred to me that the American flag...started out with 13 stars. Then it morphed into what it is now. Adding a "new star" for every conquest. Like notches in a whores bedpost or a killers gun butt! And we salute these atrocities. No other country has a morphing flag
and it seems the field is pretty full! Unless it was all leading up to ONE BIG STAR! Kind of like Israel. Hmmm....these things must be done delicately!

Thomas said...

But, Visible, how do you know it's the summing up of a 26.000 year cycle? I mean, I don't know. I thought I did, I really, really thought that 21/12/2012 was the DATE, but that turned out to be wrong. So now I'm really conscious of not knowing. According to Sri Yukteswar, Yogananadas guru, the Kali Yuga ended about A.D. 1700 (see chapter 16 of Autobiography of a Yogi). I don't know, seriously, I don't. Is it because the Age of Aquarius began? (didn't it?)

I sort of hope that you're right, but a part of me is cynical and thinks "why should THIS be the kali yuga, and the ending of the age? Things can get a lot worse yet". But I don't know. I know the unexplainable conscious something we call "God" is real, and I know there is a purpose to it all, and somehow that's enough for me. I am doing my own small things to try and get closer to the realization of the divine, but it's a slow process, and that's allright, too.

Anyways, thank you for writing. You are really an inspiration.

Hopes of divine visits to you all

Visible said...

You're sort of confusing event with period. Just because nothing seems to have happened has nothing to with the mathematical reality of the astrological signs going through a complete cycle or that our solar system is at the center of the Milky way in its course. That aspect is not debatable.

Now... every moment is significant if one makes it so, or treats it as such and certainly the moment in any life where, rather than the past seeming to recede in one direction and the future to extend into another, they both pour into the eternal present, rendering both meaningless in all the right ways is a profound moment indeed.

As for Sri Yukteswar, I love him and have a large picture of him next to one of Lahiri Mahasaya, next to one of Paramahansa Yogananda, next to one of Babaji However, obviously something was off in his computations because the last 300 hundred years do not, to my perspective and observations account for a segment of a golden age.

One possible solution to that is that the dates are off because the measurement of time is off, concerning 12/12 anyway... as for the 300 years,that's harder to explain.

I've been told to the extent that it is fully accepted by me that a golden age is on the doorstep so, despite all the awful shit that must go down here and there, I believe it will come to pass.

People latch on to that Yukteswar thing because they desperately want to believe it's true. That is never the right approach if reality is of any value to a person.

Personally, I don't know. I feel a near unshakable confidence and I've no idea what the cause of that is, especially given that I'll soon be off somewhere ( in about 80 days) and don't even know where that is yet. Something just feels right.

Thanks for the good words but anything useful that I am fortunate enough to be able to facilitate in its passage is simply passing through from somewhere else. People can debate the legitimacy of my source but I do have one. That is the proper direction of one's thanks

In any case, according to the movement of all twelve sigs of the zodiac having moved in a complete circle and given that each sign takes about 2200 years to go through it's age cycle (presuming that that means two hundred years at each end as a transitioning cusp) you get 26,000 years or thereabouts. It's the 'why isn't something dramatic happening factor' that you're concerned with. In fact, huge transformations are taking place. You can see them. I can. It's that none of them look very desirable that is the problem, (if there is a problem). But... it's been know that the whole world can suddenly be changed in a very short period of time and many of the forces bringing it about are hidden from view; doesn't mean it can't go warp speed at any time.

Visible said...

Well that went over my head.

Visible said...

Hmmm... no, what confused me was "that fine fellow I would call brother if he would let me" *I didn't understand that or who it was directed at. Nothing negative and certainly not with you where there is no memory of such a thing ever.

Anonymous said...

ahh that good good place
in the vastness of existance
that binds the whole circumferance
resonating truths persistance
the winding of the whole
a well of evers goodness
a passage through the horrors
bright the torch of fullness
the energizing principle
depth of strong foundation
guiding allways forward
at the root of concentration
the timelessness beyond
embrace of ancient feilds
the union of the universe
lifes medicine always heal


Sunday, August 14, 2011 3:06:00 PM

First random
(is it really random ?)
Thanks All Ways Neil.

I Thank Spirit for You too Vis.

w h

Anonymous said...

Do you want a context?
I do not want to impose a specific deadline because I do not have any information.
But also I want to prioritize this meeting and I was trying also under duress I must add to put a word that make you think.

Also consider this:

I am one person who can not physically ham you in any way.

Where as you have the means to do it and a history to back it up.

So do not try to even compare.

I have not done anything to harm you intentionally. As I can remember Jon who is paid by you encourage that.
I don't know whether he had your approval or not.
I did not do any thing that is not consistent with my representations.

I don't know why your fear is directed at me.

I don't have an ax to grind and whatever happened in the past I already said forgiven and forgotten.

Trust building is a different thing you have a responsibility too.

Last 13 months I did whatever I could to build trust.
I did not get any trust in return?

In the absence of trust and also under duress, I can not be of any effective help.

However to free your self of your feat that I might do something, I have no intention to cause harm to anyone especially you.

But this is not in my hands.

I cant give any input without information. So you add mistrust and duress to it. Helps no one especially you.

The best I can do is do nothing because the representations you made appear to be not correct.

This is what I am trying to address.
Without any further delay.
So two way conversation is the only way we can work if you work together.

If you do not want to work together then I will not work with anyone.

For al your consideration treat the deadline to be any date you consider appropriate for what you know.

And there is also room for a messenger to mediate a conversation (face to face). So why the duress. Because you see my msg from your perspective only which I do not know.

Your scores of my work is complete representation of what I did.

I did not write any books or essays. So there is nothing to burn. So don't worry.

There is the logo and the mind map that's it. Other records you have it.

So don't worry.

But I am dysfunctional under duress. And that means you will have to look at how to move forward.

I also have other responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

Re Jon's post and comments

I did not engage with you.

I engaged with an artist called dog poet on a confidential basis. You interfered with it and initially coerced in engaging and later made representations which now appeared to be totally false.

My motivation, creativity and imagination is a result of the goodness of the deed of which you had ample evidence and meticulous records (which even I did not keep)

If the good deed is absent there is nothing left. For your information it's already dead.

Little trust I managed to maintain is also dead.

I always had the suspicion of the deals done in dark rooms. Hence the mandatory requirement of total oversight.

I did not engage with anyone for personal gain. Money or fame or position.

In hindsight I am glad that I forced the issue the way I did today because otherwise we would not have engaged in this discussion.

I don't want anything. And I suffer the last 13 month loss. Do nothing. Which means you will have to resort to Plan B.

In any case building trust with this kind of background is very difficult. For your peace of mind, what I have disclosed to other parties is nothing. Even that I did with the right intention to build trust which is an essential ingredient of the system you said you want to build with me.

Best I can do is do nothing disclose nothing. I know this may not be the best reassurance you like. But the best I can offer now.

I have no desire to engage in any capacity other than what was made to believe.

Even having said that the trust is a big problem.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "For those favored with the attentions of the unseen, satisfaction in anything is elusive and so, one is shuttled through the carnival until the appropriate exit appears. This is also a matter of magnetism."

I am reminded once again of the Celtic tales where a villager interacts with one or more of the biggies from the Other Side. If the Happening is strong enough or long enough, the human is left with an terrible longing to be back in the Presence (i.e., higher vibes). In many of the tales, the villager no longer has any attraction to human things, and may even lay down and waste away. Man, I hope it turns out better than that...
Vis: "We're all going to get what we think we want and the tragedy in that regard is we shall surely find out if it was what we really wanted."

Spock: "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true." (grin)
Vis: "Everything external has an internal over ride. Everything external is potentially under the control of the internal..."

This is a logical extension of the 'popping in' or 'popping out' of various things that you and I have observed. I hope it will 'broaden' over time. It's just that most people will refuse to consider the ramifications, because it makes their world too 'unstable' at its root.

Yoda: "You must unlearn what you have learned."
Luke: "I don't, I don't believe it."
Yoda: "That is why you fail."

Or, my old favorite from Matrix I:

Spoon boy: "Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth... There is no spoon... Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself." (Wow)

The last quote is why we truly need to clear the Within, because the Without manifests in consequence of the Within: Good, Bad, or Ugly... (to stay with a movie theme - grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Girl from down under said...

I had read your refections for a long time but not commented before. I enjoy most of what I read here.

The universe is really cracking up and I have been wrapped over the knuckles lately. Could have looked at it negatively but of course out of what appears to be negative comes the positive. This is all to keep me on the path. What I read in your blogs confirms I am not alone.

Girl from down under (oz)

galen said...

Chris Bollyn joins Ken O'Keefe at the 1:23 mark:


Visible said...

Hmmm,God I love a good mystery. Well, this is also, most likely some kind of a leg pulling stunt. I don't know anyone named Jon, except for the Don Jon guy in that stupid movie and I don't know him either just 'of him,

So either you are looking to get some kind of a rise out of the residents here or someone has sold you a false bill of goods.

Skepticfrog said...

The "great lover" vs. "lousy lover" is interesting.
Most men don't know, that 90% of the grading/evaluation will be done (by the woman) before(!) entry/coitus. So most men go around mumbling about size and endurance (and whatever else) not knowing, that by then they've been already firmly judged and categorized of their prowess - or lack thereof.

Women of course, know exactly what I'm talking about...

Most men are seriously lousy lovers, and women only find this out, if they are a bit promiscuous and stumble into one of the good ones...

Visible said...

Amen to that. In fact, you can't fool women about much of anything except temporarily. Sometimes they will suspend their good sense out of a desire to believe but it's not like they don't know. they're just hopeful.

As for that particular issue, you can tell by the way a man dances and moves. It speaks to how he processes that energy and that directly translates,.

Unknown said...

Hello Les...

its obvious that those controlling the masses are certainly Terminally Mad...

so then will the masses accepting their brainwashing go Terminally Mad...that we will see more viciousness, creulty, perverseness, cannablistic tendencies, these are creatures of the DARK...pure is important to understand how EVIL and callus these creatures are...

as this notches up a level the insanity will be very frightening unless one is spiritually prepared and the understanding this is about the destruction of EVIL...

a cutting out of this evil sickness like a must be done to avoid any further contamination of creation...all souls will be leaving this dimension one way or the other...

that is why the great divide is taking seeking like and those awake are repulsed by these creatures of Dark and their support robots...

a sickening display of morally and spirtually bankrupt consciousness soon to be NO MORE...Satan's world is coming to its final whore down...he knew when he took over this dimension it would be short lived...

they will self destruct...they know no other way to exist and are showing their true nature and how sick they are...

Stay focused, cleanse and protect in this lowly dimension of darkness...know something far greater than this sickness is coming soon and liberating those divine spirits...

Lots of LOVE

Smyrna said...

The last couple of times when I was awake I had women eating out of the palm of my hand. They can sense it.
It all got a bit much, although it is how I found my present companion and mother of my child.

Others with more of an earthly carnal intent could well have used the energy to become members of the 'ton up' club, but I wasn't in the zone for that reason, it was just a by-product.

I'm really enjoying some of these Anonymous comments you have been putting up Vis. That nasty, shouty, jealous rage one yesterday was especially entertaining.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Culture of Greed and the Suicide of Evil.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon #12 & #13 2:40 & 4:51AM

These posts make no sense. They allude to some kind of disagreement/betrayal (misunderstanding?) possibly with Vis.
Looks like a subtle mindfuck for the benefit of the readers in particular, i.e. to sow a seed; to discredit Vis, as the poster portrays (or alludes to) himself as the, or some kind of victim.

This is my hunch, as it is sufficiently non-specific, yet it aims for and seeks sympathy.
I think its aim it to seed doubt.
If I'm right, it's quite subtle and sophisticated...hmmm...

The time stamps are curious, 8:40 & 10:51pm EST(US).

I'm curious for other opinions and evaluations.

Ginnie said...

Skepticfrog...I agree! Definitely
a psyop.

Again...."Psychopaths ALWAYS behave psychopathically!"

And they are usually morons on top of that. Very low IQ. But think they are clever.

Not today anonymous! Or any day for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Opinion ?

One of tribe that hasn't quite figured out the way English works.

w h

(is this a test?) humor again

Anonymous said...

With all the bad press (deservedly so) police are attracting worldwide I stumbled across this - an Aussie cop. I thought you might appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Hannah Wright says...

Just wondering why so many images of Les Visible show a subtle devil horn gesture in the hands....

Visible said...

Just wondering why, after all the times it's been explained that there are still people who don't get it. Go to Google and google 'ramakrishna' photos and you will see the explanation. It is an expression of kundalini. there is only ONE FORCE in the world and it expresses itself in two different ways according to the intent of the actor. This would speak to visible's motivation in putting such a picture up, to make a point that people don't grasp fundamental truths and often mistake good guys for bad guys, leaving them at the mercy of bad guys.

The idea that visible would be in league with the devil is deserved by those who believe it.

Visible said...

Just wondering why, after all the times it's been explained that there are still people who don't get it. Go to Google and google 'ramakrishna' photos and you will see the explanation. It is an expression of kundalini. there is only ONE FORCE in the world and it expresses itself in two different ways according to the intent of the actor. This would speak to visible's motivation in putting such a picture up, to make a point that people don't grasp fundamental truths and often mistake good guys for bad guys, leaving them at the mercy of bad guys.

The idea that visible would be in league with the devil is deserved by those who believe it.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Of Devil Signs and the Singularity of Force.

Unknown said...

The thing is, the collapse of our culture is only obvious in the media. Most folks are still indelibly good. The propaganda machine runs on and on. Drugs have always been sold, there have always been good people and a few bad ones. Eventually enough will lose their inhibitions and state emphatically we have had enough. Majority of PO'd citizens with pitchforks, axes, bats and so on always win.

Visible said...

From what I can see it looks like they are gearing up for that all over the place.

Thomas said...

Thanks for clearing that up... :)

Anonymous said...

Hannah Wright again..

Your response didn't seem very friendly. I don't believe in devils actually. I've noticed this hand gesture being shown by many politicians and other such illuminati suspect types... Your response is concerning. I looked around the internet extensively and saw no question answer feed anywhere regarding you and this issue. So i don't understand this surprising ongoing question. Thank you for posting my comment and responding in general through- And aloha from Hawaii

Visible said...

Give it a rest. What do you want from me? You're taking this all way too seriously. there's no need to be so affected., Look... the hit I got from both comment and email was not friendly. There was no warmup, no humanity expressed and, "I'm quite curious and I hope it won't offend you". No, it was direct and blunt. Why should you be offended to receive something in the same tone as it was delivered?

I'm getting a strong hit that you have a trust fund and an idyllic life and you're not used to people being direct with you. I didn't call you any names. There were all kinds of levels of aggressive I could have gone to and didn't. You're blowing this all out of proportion. Stop it while there's opportunity.

Visible said...

Boy, the agents are out in force these days.



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