Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Ever Winding and Tightening Gyre of Disappearing Whiffenpoofs

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

My oh my... Insanity and her whole dysfunctional brood are out on life’s metaphorical Route 66, like the Sawney Bean Family. It’s an all day, all you can eat affair, world wide. Madness and mayhem, along with an intransigent and inflexible sexual predator plague, radiating out from the pinnacle of Entrenched Religious Depravity Central. No amount of Gotcha, embarrassment, legal action or window dressing internal clean-ups has impacted on these twisted freaks at all, at all.

How crazy is crazy? I think this probably qualifies, huh? There’s another kind of crazy that makes no kind of sense but... that’s crazy for you, eh? Then there’s clueless crazy and no one does clueless crazy like the five for a dollar Z list celebrities that make up the present crop of bottom dredged non talents, being foisted off upon the Stoned Sheep Network (pretty much all channels). This kind of thing is only fitting and we need more of it and we are going to get more of it. All of what we been predicticating here for some while be coming to pass on the I and I Network, which be the new emergent focusing tech for aware entities. We be small but we be tall, eh?

Comedy and the comical, including what is definitely not funny but certainly absurd and ridiculous, are all surfing that tsunami wave of the Event Horizon in approach, all courtesy of the unveiling and uncovering force of Mr. Apocalypse.

The Koch Brothers Exposed - Full Version

All the unfunny clowns and reality show ‘ho’ downs are appearing live in their own meltdowns, as life becomes satire, becomes life, becomes lampoon, becomes the living mockery that they are in fact and soon to be realized as.

Get ready for the next stage of the play as blowhards and (non genetic- wouldn't want the PC Police showing up at my door; a division of the TSA) retards prepare for their ultimate denouement. Speaking of the TSA, they’re marching right along to the demon drummers that set the rhythm pattern for their passage. They’re marching with the Neo-Nazi Napolitanos, the pumped full of halitosis winds, John McCains, the steroid crazy policemen and the demented psycho soldiers from the Department of Defense’s Kill for College Program. They are attended by politicians and shit for brains academics, Frankenstonian scientists, child eating bankers and all that varied collective of bent and busted whiffenpoofs, in their ever tightening, winding gyres of disappearance, in search of The Primal Matter, which indeed they will find and spend a very long time in the redolent company of; rest assured.

Ouroboros has turned and try not to become terrified by the spectacle. These are necessary and unavoidable moments in the process of all that was planned eons ago by the Planetary Logos, whose ways and intentions are unknown to the mortal mind. My suggestion is to do what you can to no longer be in the possession of one. This is the time and place for that too.

The old order is breaking down and the things that were formerly allowed are having a different outcome now. This is not to say that smooth sailing is the presently predominating influence, anything but. This is to say that the corner has been turned. This is the point at which those going up and those going down, have come to a moment of level placement before the one proceeds below the one rising above. It’s some kind of higher math, dude. To paraphrase the master, Lao Tzu; ‘Keep drawing on a bow and you will repent of the pull’; something like that. Out of wack can go only so far before it swings around toward into wack.

There is a mass awakening in progress. It appears not to be actual until, all at once it manifests everywhere at once. It’s going to be an all of a sudden thing and the resulting product of that is an unknown, which we will correctly file under, “wait and see”.

Be strong and be watchful.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

To Katz,
I pulled this off the internet of public domain. First random poem I ran across from the past. I am praying for you. Be Healed !

To everyone else, Enjoy !

world aids day
the scams
the wicked play
lower nature on display
with its glories
made up stories
poisoned minds
filled with the goriest
make believe
these people deceive
its their job
they work for greed
the lower nature
enslave to lead
to cull us kill us
make us blead
till the land is red
and those left grieve
with no reprieve
serving death
no life left
slaved by the wicked witch
of the west
who detest
the living light
who rise inside
subtract lie
and open eye
to higher nature
pressence of truth
part of our maker
inner waken
higher raising
inner sun burn bright
burn through illusion
questions ignite
calculations of
the sums of life
thankyou for lessons
all of the wise
and all of those
truth seekers
who have opened their eyes


Tuesday, December 01, 2009 6:03:00 PM
Thanks Neil,
Thanks Visible !

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

This "awakening" is just happening at such a maddening slow pace.

Do you have any idea of how it will finally manifest? Are you sure it even will ever manifest in a mass awakening?

Anonymous said...

Have to say I've been feeling this sea change. Can't really put it I to words, but you were right, Vis! You said we were going to see more of the bad guys getting outed about who they really are and what they do.


Hey, did you see that fat slob umpa lumpa Chris Christie ( Governor of NJ) and his staff members (one in particular named Wildstien... More irony) had lanes to the George Washington Bridge closed down for roadwork during rush hour, causing a massive gridlock.


Because the mayor of the town didn't endorse Christie in the last election (being a former voter in NJ, I can tell you there is no such thing, btw...). Simply put, it was revenge on the mayor.

An EMS official stated that a 93 year old woman died because of a delay in treatment as the ambulance took a lot longer than usual to get to her because of the gridlock ( caused by Christie and his merry band of psychopaths). Several others with severe chest pains also suffered a delay in treatment for the same reasons.

Forget the political scandle, someone is going to prison for this! Negligent Homicide anyone? That 93 year old lady DIED because of that!

Gotta love when e-mails of the elite get published! :)


Visible said...

Yeah, I saw that about Christie and was going to put it in this article but I figured everyone saw it already.

As for that mass awakening. It will come naturally due to planetary alignments creating the necessary circumstances or it will come in a stern and unwelcome way via the same forces. What can I say, watch and see. There should be plenty of evidence already. Awareness is manifesting. It's just not massive yet.

Meanwhile, Katz is really going over the edge. Now she's masquerading as someone called Aurora. I won't post the comments. There's nothing to be gained by that. Where this all came from was the result of my rebuffing her romantic overtures, which put her in that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" category. I tried to handle it with care but apparently I didn't finesse it as well as I intended. She's been on a rampage ever since.

Anonymous said...

"Gotta love when e-mails of the elite get published!"

Jim, I just checked out and the top story is about Christie's closing that bridge which caused that old lady to die.

I thought the Jews controlled the media? In fact I have two different graphs which show that 85 percent of the mainstream media is directly owned by Jews.

Thus, why should we trust anything the mainstream Jew media says? If they are exposing the NSA and Christie, it must be for some ulterior motive. Perhaps NSA/Christie were trying to stop the jews?

Point being, why should we believe anything that comes from the Jew media?

Doug Pearson said...

I haven't read your whole post yet. Got no further than the mention of Sawney Bean..You're the only person I know who knows about Sawney and his brood. Those were some crazy Beans!! hahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

About the awakening, sure, there is a lot of evidence of it manifesting, but it is just so fucking slow. I mean, 27,000 children die every day of starvation on this planet. If God or some divine force is controlling all of this, how can they justify delaying the mass awakening by even another second? How many more children will die as a result of the lack of divine intervention?

Frankly, it seems like quite a defeatist attitude to just think "We must wait for the divine or God to save us". It is every soul's responsibility to turn towards the path of gradual liberation. Every person has a choice. They can CHOOSE to turn towards the divine path and thus stop their suffering. So in the end, people have no one to blame but themselves.

Perhaps the 'golden age' will simply manifest in the consciousness of those who have made the CHOICE to turn towards the divine plan.

Anonymous said...

Vis, maybe you should have "injected" her with some Truth ?

Ha Ha

w h

Visible said...


Now you're touching on Karma, all the kids dying and all the rest of it. It is your misfortune or, alternatively, your good fortune that you happen to be in the Kali Yuga- or the tail end of it reaching a hiatus point where this golden age will enter in. There are much larger yugas where things are infinitely better but this is the yuga where old scores are settled.

Sure, you don't feel it's fair. It defies reason but reason isn't a tenet of the mix except for higher reason. Nothing happens and no payback occurs that is not 100% justified. This concept makes people angry. How can this be fair? Well, it is and more importantly, it's how it is. The key is in accepting this and doing your best to ameliorate conditions through good works.

Comprehending the mind of the planetary logos is impossible. It has good reasons for what it does. We find that impossible to accept but that's no help to us.

Aspire higher, that's all I can say. I've come to terms with it. I know it seems to take way longer than it should but we are dealing with a vast reach of time.

Visible said...

My Dear Friend Timothy has made a beautiful one page calendar featuring the sign off gratitudes from the radio show. If any reader wants a copy just email him at this address

The calendar is available as Jpeg files in 4 sizes, so specify one of the following. All are sized in inches. 8"x10" [1.6Mb] ; 8.5"x11"; 11"x14"; 10"x15" [2.6Mb].
Also, specify if you desire the calendar to have the USA holidays in bold type, or not.

He sent me a thumbnail but I don't know how to make it appear here. Anyway, it's beautiful!!!

Visible said...

Wow! True courage.

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible:

There is an awakening and it has been going on for sometime.

When I was growing up people tended to keep homosexuality in the shadows. They knew about it but they didn't acknowledge it. Now it is trendy. I have nothing against homosexuals. Whatever consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of my business.

The people who seemingly have nice lives and live in the nice part of town in gated communities are still hiding. But what goes on behind the doors of their happy little houses? Maybe more horror than anyone can imagine. Looks can be deceiving but for how much longer?

People are also becoming aware of the the total corruption of the powers that be in spite of all the debunkers and propagandists.

Art and music are not businesses. Art and music define our world and our humanity. Hip hop is bringing to light what happens to the pursuit of beauty (imitation of the Divine Order) when music is more concerned with the bottom line.

Art has been an unintelligible mess since the turn of the last century.

I do think the revealing is beginning to accelerate.

There will be much heartbreak and loss. There will be blood in the streets. Misery and despair will dominate the emotional landscape.

But be brave! There is either a just God in heaven who loves us and is looking out for us or there is not. If there is one then there is nothing to worry about. If not, then nothing matters anyway.

Love your writing and I love the comments.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. You shoulda known that there is no such thing as “finesse” in kity-katz reality. Bottom line is you did not crumple in front of the deity’s “brains and beauty” and therefore you will pay and pay and pay. No matter tho’, becuz even if you did succumb you would pay and pay and pay. It’s that catch-22 thing or maybe better known as pilpulism. There’s a certain group of people fond of that sort of thing. All smoke and mirrors. We all saw kity-katz panties down around her ankles awhile back. Brains and beauty are suffering cuz you (well, it will be blamed on you in a twisted sense; you know… the usual) exposed the insecurity and fear that apparently looms large in kity-katz reality. It’s really hard to yawn and laugh at the same time, but I’m working on it. Love to all, Serena

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thomas Merton

Ginnie said...

"Play Misty for me!" Psychopaths always behave...psychopathically.

Visible said...

That is one of the scariest movies I ever saw, Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Yea I understand that everything is occuring for a reason. Like if someone gets molested as a child, it is because the child was a molester in their past life.

New age movements always put so much emphasis on the external world, trying to improve the world, trying to "save the world". But in reality, all we can do is save ourselves.

If one falls into this trap of thinking "Yes, I can save the world", one will engage in trying to create so many projects, organizations, etc, and this will simply serve to distract one from one's inner spiritual path. In the end it will all have been mostly useless effort as whatever organizations or projects one creates will always be taken over by less enlightened people. This principle applies mainly to the common man, not to a truly great soul who has a mission from God to do such things. Problem is we try to imitate and think that we are also great souls who have a mission from god. No, we are all simply common men. And once we realize that, it is actually a great comfort. We then no longer feel the weight of some unnecessary responsibility to save the world and just focus on saving ourselves.

Bhagavad Gita chap 12 verse 16 says to become free from all cares, free from all distress, and free from all endeavors.

Clearly, trying to "save the world" is a huge care or burden, it creates so much distress, and it is a massive endeavor.

Visible said...

There are a number of statements made concerning that, "we are here to work out our own salvation through fear and trembling" is one of them and there are tons of tales by inspired writers who tell about what happens when someone tries to help someone or use their powers to improve their lot without realizing why they are in whatever position they are in in the first place. People can often wind up resenting the hell out of you for attempting to do them good; "no good deed goes unpunished".

galen said...

Look at the 2014 calendar. August will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays. This happens only once every 823 years. The Chinese call it 'Silver Pockets Full.'

This is the only time we will see this phenomenon in our lifetime. Based on Chinese Feng Shui: Money will surprise us.

Looks like 2014 will be a good time to open to abundance. May this benefit all in need, especially those who suffer the consequences of an intentional false scarcity.

Ginnie said...

Amen! I am where I am right now because I saved a psychopath's life after a lethal fall in Maui.

He will never rest until I am dead I believe.

Long story.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've experienced that directly. For actually wanting to help someone, they turn around and stab me in the back.

People have to suffer and experience fear as you said, until they are motivated enough to save themselves. There's really nothing we can do to help them evolve. But, perhaps the Luciferian idea that we should intentionally create havoc and increase people's sufferings might not be such a bad idea.

The Illuminati is treating people like animals. And people are behaving like animals. Can you really blame the Illuminati for treating people the way they deserve to be treated?

Anyway I'll try to remember what you said the next time my stupid mind thinks "I would like to show compassion to others". This tendency to "show compassion" needs to be destroyed. I think Nietzsche said as much.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 -

The media is successfully fomenting a race war here in the USA. I see its effectiveness daily, just walking down the street, or whenever I'm doing business in public. Remember Manson and his crew? Helter Skelter? That was just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of the heavy hand of the social engineers, and what they are capable of doing, and what they intend to make happen. They have already been very successful at turning blacks into raging killers here in the States (black-on-white crime is off the charts, to a degree that you are simply unaware of, be you an MSM lapdog or a "truther site" lapdog). So you can bet on this race war exploding; it has been happening behind the scenes, and out of view of the general public, for a long, long time. And it is escalating by the minute. These crimes are deliberately held away from public view by the media. If a black person commits a crime, they are referred to as "perpetrators" in the MSM, and their race is almost never divulged. They receive ridiculously light sentences, in most cases, if the crime has been committed against a white person. Whites who are aware of this phenomenon (and most of them are, especially if they live in big cities), are sick and tired of it. And of course, this has all been deliberately planned. Eventually, open warfare will be declared against non-Jewish whites, by urban blacks. It's getting to the point where, if you are a white WASP, and you are unfortunate enough to be around impoverished blacks (and, there really isn't any other kind, in the cities, pretty much, when you boil it all down, despite what you may or may not have been led to believe), you will be lucky to escape with your life during the encounter. The MSM has been deliberately hiding the sheer tidal wave of black-on-white crime, in its publications, and TV programs, for decades. It is at epidemic proportions now. Blacks make up over 50% of the prison population, while making up less than 17% of the population at large. Despite what people have been led to believe, the plight of the urban black is NOT due to the machinations of white people in general. It's much more sinister than that. But blacks now believe that all white people are responsible for their plight. Watch any Hollywood TV show or movie, and blacks are portrayed, by and large, as being uber-talented, smart, strong, the victims of oppression by all "whiteys", and, unless it's a TV program or movie dealing with "gangstas" (all of whom are "Ice Cube"' and appear clean, well-dressed, and articulate), you will only see crimes being committed by non-Jewish white men. It happens over and over. And it's all deliberate. It affects all who are subjected to it, even the most "awake" individuals. There are myriad levels to the scam, but basically, for a very long time, whites have been characterized as being evil, while blacks have been portrayed as their unfortunate victims. (In reality, the reverse is true, blacks commit most crime here in the States, and they victimize whites with a fury that is mind-boggling.)

Anonymous said...

Part 2 -

This deliberate MSM programming has led to a boiling rage among black people (who are very susceptible to MSM programming; i.e., bullshit TV shows and movies, and, most especially, rap music). We all know who brought the slaves to the USA. And we all know who owns the MSM. So think about it. Uh-huh. You know it's true. The whites here who live in their gated communities, and hang out at the country clubs, have nothing to fear (in other words, the very people who are orchestrating the race wars are immune). The rest of us are in serious shit. Still, I am seeing people waking up, including black people. People whom I had never thought in the past were capable of waking up, are starting to demonstrate that they are. And yet, I fear that this might be choreographed as well. (As the old saying goes, "He who thinks he has arrived, has only just begun.") This whole thing has been so well planned, that I believe much of the oncoming "awakening" is going to be yet another choreographed waltz down the primrose path, to an even ruder awakening. We will see what we will see, but it's getting ugly over here, and it's gonna get worse. The other day (New Year's Day, in fact), I was walking down the street, and two black children, about four and five years old, were walking in front of their mother, right toward me. I said "Happy New Year", to all three of them, and smiled. The two children scowled, scoffed, and looked at me with only what I can describe as being a murderous rage (and I'm dead serious), like I was "da evil white man" (just as they've been programmed to do). Their mother was cool, yet polite, and said, "You, too", but I could see in her eyes where her children's behavior toward me had come from. The media, and its overseers, are behind all this.

Anonymous said...

Part 3 -

Man, I hate these character limitations for comments at Google Blogger, not to mention the unreadable CAPTCHA characters, don't you. It really cramps a person's style when it comes to writing, resulting in lost time, squinting eyes, numerous rewrites to fit your post into the space allowed, etc. (No doubt this has all been planned as well.) But enough about that...

So yesterday, I walked to the store again, and two black teenagers, who I did not know at all, started screaming at me, from across the street, "You white piece of shit! You cracker! You fucking retarded white asshole!" I was stunned. I was talking on my cell phone and was oblivious to much of it; when they crossed the street and started screaming at me from about 20 feet away, it caught my attention. (I held my ground, shut the phone off, and walked right toward them - they turned and walked away, in case you were wondering how it played out.) But, I mean, Jesus Christ. I didn't know these kids. I've never owned slaves. I've been a supporter of equality for a long time (at least, I had been; to be honest, I am rethinking my views lately). My sin was, I was a random white man out in public. It is as if a switch has been thrown (and it has, by the media and their handlers). There have now been at least five such incidents that I have experienced, all in the last few weeks, at the hands of raging blacks, just while walking down the street. As a means of protecting myself, I have recently taken a solemn vow to minimize the number of times that I walk, even though I dearly love the exercise. Ironically, I do not live in an area where there is a high density of black people. Blacks are seen very infrequently where I live and work. So do the math there; if these things are happening, even where there is a low density of black people, what do you think is happening where there is a high density? Blacks now teach their children that all whites are evil; that all black people are in poverty because of whites in general. And this is all the result of deliberate, MSM programming. So, cheers to all of you, and if you live in the USA, believe me when I tell you, most sincerely, watch your backs (or is that your blacks?). Most black people these days are NOT like you think they are, no matter from what source you derive your overall impressions of them as a group. They have been programmed to rob, brutalize and kill white people - and if you are indeed white, there is going to come a time when, no matter what they might do to you, it will be encouraged, portrayed as being justified, covered up by the media, and in some cases, funded by shadowy intelligence agencies, whether you want to believe it or not.

Visible said...

Hmmm... that's not what I said.

Anonymous said...

Damn bro, that's intense. I read your 3 part story about how racial tensions are getting very high in America nowadays.

Kind of makes me glad I live in Asia, where there are NO black people. In Asia, people aren't brainwashed by political correctness, and so if blacks came here and tried that shit, the Asians would hang their ass from a tree.

Anyway, I don't feel much pity for Americans. Americans have been terrorizing other countries for decades (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan), but oh, it's only a tragedy when it happens to Americans.

The Zionists murder 3000 Americans on 9-11 and it's a huge tragedy. Americans drop bombs on other countries and kill tens of millions of people. And do Americans give a shit? No. They are too busy watching Paris Hilton fuck Britney Spears with a strap on to give a shit that THEIR TAX DOLLARS are supporting massive genocides, aka "war".

Fuck America and fuck the 90 percent of useless ignorant brainwashed Americans.

I kind of enjoy watching them suffer, actually. So the Jews are using blacks as agents of karma to wage a war against whites? Fine.

Anonymous said...

PS. Whites make up the majority of tax payers. And as I mentioned, their tax dollars are used to inflict TERROR and MURDER on people in 3rd world countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc.

So the whites are now experiencing a taste of the same TERROR and FEAR and MURDER that they inflicted on the rest of the world?

Cry me a river, white man!

Visible said...

Thank your lucky stars that you're not one of these people.

Seriously, scroll down the page and check out the personalities who will be performing for you and what it is they do. I thank my lucky stars that I've been able to so far manage to avoid being this kind of a tom fool. Some of these people are quite amusing. One of them is selling a book that looks a little like a Bible called "Scriptures of Love" for only 70 bucks.

Then there's the lady who is a celebrity pet psychic. It's well worth the amusement factor. Either some people have zero self respect or the pull of currency in the face of so many stupid sheep is just overwhelming.

Ginnie said...

They must be running the hadron collider today!

Anonymous said...

3 part Anon:

Most of those knockout game attacks in NYC have been black-on-Jewish


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking a lot about social engineering. Pre-history humans just did what came natural in order to survive. They didn't get head fucked nearly as much as today's modern counterparts.

Now we have churches, schools and the media to program us to adhere to societal tenets.

In the old days there was the gentry and the peasants. The lower classes didn't really need to be programmed. It was a matter of survival that they should obey the Lord of the Manor.

Much of the revelation to come will be to show us that we are different than what we have been told.

I swear I am turning into a luddite.


galen said...

Re the Enlightenment Cruise. . . Only thing missing is Eckhart Tolle, but he'll probably materialize at the final grand-buffet-firewalk-levitation-ascension. How brave they are; just think of the danger involved; someone might break a fingernail. And the risk: they may see poor people. This has got to be where consciousness took a wrong turn and ended up on the empty side of nowhere. If enlightenment looks like that, I prefer the dark. Harsh, I know, but these are likely they who would disarm me, or accuse me of negativity if I bring up some of today's horrors, preferring instead that I just think happy thoughts. They are more dangerous to me than than those who bring the police state, for their enslaving comes with a hug and a smile. Sorry, low tolerance here. Issue too close to home.

Anonymous said...

"Even as passing time inevitably degrades the East into a Kali yuga miasma as well.."

India has already become a complete hell. The modern indians have a demoniac mentality, all they care about is money, and the men are lusty as hell, hence all the rapes.

India is no longer a fit place for a gentleman and is quickly becoming not even a fit place for bhajan.

I sometimes wonder if the only way that India could be saved is if a large number of modern indians were killed off in a nuclear exchange with Pakistan. After all, those indians do not deserve to live in India. India is for the civilized spiritual man. Most indians are not even human, they are animals. Perhaps the Illuminati will do God's will by exterminating these subhumans.

@Les, that spiritual cruise is hilarious! 5 days of enlightenment at sea! LOL! You're right, it could always be worse. We could be one of those morons.

It'd be nice to hear Les talk more about his experiences in India, and also how he sees modern India, at least on a material level.

Visible said...

I was very disappointed in India. the materialism was ugly but the westerners were worse. Of course, I was only in one place and I will not judge India by that but... what I did realize is that whatever it is we are seeking is not provided through environment but comes from within and that can occur anywhere. Some of the highest moments of my life were in prison and when I got out, for some time, it looked to me like everyone else was locked up and I alone was free. It was eerie.

I'm done thinking I'll find something going somewhere just as I am sure I will find, or more likely, uncover, exactly what I seek. I believe that is an absolute given. I am 100% confident that I will realize the sought after state and not simply because I have been told that. it's a sensation I can't shake nor want to. I think some number of us are inline for that.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it was like that for me too. I would get disgusted with India, so I would go to the West, and then I would be even more disgusted with the westerners. America and india are basically two opposites of the same extreme.

Yes, the thing we seek is a state of mind or realization. Sure, living in a holy place might be more conducive to that goal but frankly it is ultimate a realization in the consciousness and thus it can occur anywhere, as you said.

Thanks man, you said exactly what I needed to hear.

Visible said...

Good, because that's exactly how it is (grin).

Anonymous said...

I gotta agree with 3 part anon about being serenaded to a worse hell by the internet. The alternative media has taken the form of abcnnbcbsnbc fox news for hens. Wherever they set up, apathy follows and then stagnation. They are truly the anti-life of the party. Even houseplants die in their presence.

These blogs are full of self righteous blowhards woofing untested bravado and the most conspicuous thing: Never a mea culpa. You're positively stunned to hear how intelligent they think they are. The hours they've spent in front of the boob tube would add up to years, but somehow, there has just never been anyone smarter in the history of the whole world. And then they prune the ranks until it's just an ivory tower mental masturbatorium. Stroking eachother all day long.

These Les Visible blogs are the only ones I ever see a little sparkle through the smoke anymore, and for a long time.

As for those black people, you better get with your own. I read the first hand testimonies of what really happened during Katrina. They're putting themselves in a vulnerable position. Remembering Reginald Denny, what if the truckers just decide not to deliver to their hoods anymo'?

Things are going to get really weird.

This is the 5th trump and this internet is the smoke from the bottomless pit.

Anonymous said...

Katz seems to be ignorant of the fact that Neil looked up to Visible as a spiritual teacher and went out of his way to say it also addressing him as Lords Visible. He considered him to be an inspiration and one of the finest poets he had ever read. He said it was an honor to put his poems up on the site. While he was around he was one of the mans most visible supporters

Anonymous said...

Neil's still around...

just not in physical.

w h

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

This world is no fit place for a gentleman, period. I've heard this said by a Vaishnava Acharya.

I'm no gentleman, no Vaishnava, and I apologize if I've given any impression or hint that I might be.

I certainly do desire to be such a person. Aspire by honestly striving to act like a human being so that I might come to be a human being fit to receive Krishna's mercy.

I remember what Srila Prabhupada called Indians who came to the US to wallow in materialism..
'New crows.' I'm just an old crow..

Visible said...

That's one of my compelling aspirations as well. I have been inconsistent at it on occasion but I'm somewhat better now (grin). The only real failure is the failure to try.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les, you ever met Syd Barrett in person?

I sometimes forget you are a baby boomer hippie, you only look like a dude who's 35. I guess you must be vegan or something. How the fuck do you look so young?

Anonymous said...


go to


Anonymous said...



galen said...

"Everything is nothing with a twist."
-- Kurt Vonnegut, "Slaughterhouse Five"

Visible said...

That Hasbara sop to Sharon is near sickening. I knew it would be off from the moment I saw the photo. Sharon is looking up in the imagined direction of his enemy instead of down at the source of his faith, like they usually do.

Visible said...

I have no idea who Syd Barrett is but I often don't know who someone is. I'll look into it.

I can look to be various ages depending on whether I slept the night before. Otherwise anything not generally normal about me has to do with my invisible friends. Before I came so near to death in Italy and lost so much weight, most of which I have yet to recover I actually did look that age and most people around here thought I was. Afterwards not so much. I was really on another planet for awhile.

Visible said...

that 4channel site is uh.......something else. What is the relationship of it to West Virginia?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse is Going to get You, One way or the Other.

Anonymous said...

"that 4channel site is uh.......something else. What is the relationship of it to West Virginia?"

Hahahaha. the /pol/, Politically Incorrect forum on 4chan, is the greatest fucking site on the internet. It is a total freedom of speech zone. There are a shitload of pro-hitler and anti-jew threads there. And these are not white supremacist types or anything, these are just normal young men who are completely sick of the modern liberal society. most men there either fall into the category of national socialist or libertarian.

The West Virginia incident was being talked about on there, that is how I saw it.

Syd Barrett is the guy who started Pink Floyd but the faggots kicked him out after the first album because he was doing too much acid. "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" is their first album, you can see what a huge difference there is between that album and the later albums.

Visible said...

Right! I know who he is, he's the guy that took a whole gram of liquid acid, about 4,000 hits. the most I ever took was something over a hundred and that was something else. I wonder what that was like (grin), hmmm.

Anonymous said...

The Knockout Game is a psyop; just more scripted reality TV to foment racial tensions. It's as real as the Boston Smoke Bombing, or Sandy Hook, Line & Sinker...

Anonymous said...

jesus, i did not realize he took that much. I guess that explains why he pretty much dropped out of the band.

we are no vaisnava or gentleman either. but what is the qualification for getting that highest mercy?

galen said...

How does one come to lose so much weight in (of all places) Italy!?

Just curious. There must be a distressing story.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Krishna’s mercy is always there. It is your misuse of free will. You are given the opportunity – that is fortune. However you do not accept the fortune. That is your misfortune."

"Krishna can be known only by the causeless mercy of the pure devotee and by no other way."

- Srila Prabhupada

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

And sincerity.



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