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The Art of Camouflaged Agendas and Other Things.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

C'mere. I want to to take a look in the electron microscope. Tell me what you see there in The Petri Dish. I just want to make sure it's not an hallucination. What I saw, first off, was an ocher colored phlegm like matter, with a greenish tinge outlining it. The green was radiant. It looked radioactive. Among all sorts of suspended flotsam and jetsam, I zeroed in on a small spot that seemed to be pulsing over in the right hand quadrant. As I increased the magnification it came clearly into view as the face of Obama. He was speaking. This microscope of mine is a construct of alien intelligence and I go into how I come by things like this in the radio broadcast this evening. So... my microscope has features you just can't find in terrestrial technology. There's a sound enhancer that can extract any audio that might be present in whatever toxic slime I might be looking at in any given moment. So it was that I was able to hear what Obama was saying.

You see him too? Good. Let's listen to the audio playback, "... as your president of the same old same old, it is my job to provide the same thing only different. As you know, Edward Snowden has done a massive injustice to our great nation and we've alerted our people in the security services around the world to terminate him on sight". It was at this point that I realized he wasn't speaking to the public but maybe to his cabinet or it was a Senate briefing or something. Let's listen to the rest, "as you know, we are all empowered by our masters in Israel to do whatever is necessary, by any means necessary, to protect the interests of the nation of Israel, otherwise, otherwise we will all be hung out to dry and on video. Let me repeat that classic phrase from The Revolution, 'We must hang together, gentlemen...else, we shall most assuredly hang separately', Hobson, would you bring us all another round of that consomme of Christian children? Thank you". Hmmm looks like he was actually addressing a gathering of dual nationals. Well, enough of that.

I'm guessing some number of you saw this genuflecting sycophant, discussing the non changes that would be applied to The NSA. I've noted one benefit of the NSA listening in on everything everywhere. I know a lot of you probably imagine being a performer in some manner and maybe you've even managed an open mic event or gone down to the Karaoke Club on occasion. Well, you can be confident that you now have an audience on tap any time you need one. Just pick up your phone and pretend it's a microphone. If you're out and about you can use your cellphone. Maybe you've always wanted to do interviews. Now you can hit that man in the street thing and be confident that there is an interested and attentive audience, waiting for whatever incisive questions you may have to ask. Remember, as long as it doesn't have to do with things like Cryptolocker, actual criminal enterprises or terror plotting, you can be sure that the focus is on you. It seems they don't pay any attention to those other things, given their non existent track record lacking even a single example so... don't go talking about anything like that because it's likely they'll just tune you out. They are not employed to be engaged in any of these pursuits. Their job is to watch you.

On the cultural front (given that this is Petri Dish), let's see what we got going on. They caught the Swiss Cheese Pervert so it's going to be hard cheese for him now. How about the police? How about those boys in blue? There's nothing they won't get engaged in. If they're not electrocuting children, they are pounding on deaf old men whose offspring are cops. Yes, they are right where you need them when you don't need them  and when they screw up, which is most of the time, they are not shy about pushing the envelope and violating your civil rights left and right and center.

By now... we have to assume. We have to make the hard assumption that there is more going on with this police state behavior than may be visible on the surface. Of course, the Israelis came over and led countrywide seminars on their idea of police enforcement. That certainly counted in a Stasi kind of a way. Then there's the steroid thing. This sesame seed testicle contingent are seriously enraged. I could have pulled up dozens of events today but I didn't. You can find them if you want that. Another thing is the massive stink of fear coming off of them and the certainty that they are behaving badly. The resistance set off between what remains of their conscience and the brutal escapades they get up to each day, is making them even more angry than they were already. There's nothing like being wrong and insisting on your right to be wrong, to fuel self loathing to the point that it's open season on every defenseless grandmother and grandchild. They slammed some old lady up against a wall the other day. The level of abuse is amazing and nothing is getting done about it. My theory is that there is a metaphysical side to it. In other words, infernal forces and intelligences are afoot. A lot of police officers are not very bright. Many of the new recruits are just back from the casual murder of men, women, children, in Middle Eastern countries designated as targets by the Israeli controlled State Department and Department of Defense. They bring this mindset back with them.

The police ranks are also being selectively swelled by specific types, those with known capacities toward violence and a lower IQ doesn't hurt either. The psych tests single out those desirable for the overlords. You have to look at this as calculated, the same way as the present purging of command officers in the military is.

Does a day go by without some new outrage from Crime Syndicate Nation? No, it does not. Does a day go by when one Tribe member or another isn't caught out in one seedy enterprise or another? It does not. Does a day go by when some sociopath, empty headed celebrity doesn't step forward to embarrass themselves with a demonstration of treasonous support for the money changers? It does not.

Does a day go by without some mention of a widespread sex scandal or pedophile ring? It does not. Does a day go by without an outbreak of inexplicable violence? Does a day go by without a random highway, sidewalk or domestic dwelling shooting? No it does not. Does a day go by without a comically embarrassing celebrity incident? It hasn't lately.

I've mentioned before that I'm a trends guy. I watch trends. I watch for the manipulation of trends and genuinely emergent trends. I watch short term trends and long term trends and, as always, I try to look behind them because often, trends are agenda driven. In life it is always more than meets the eye. In my business, if business it is, people show up out of the blue and occasionally but consistently, turn out to be something other than originally presented as. These are times of material darkness, so these are times of camouflaged identities and calculated misdirections for the purpose of self interest or targeted harm for a specific purpose or just for the Hell of it.

In this crowded and confusing world, one of the first things to be in possession of is spatial awareness; knowing someone is behind or to the side of you. I can't tell you how many times I have to spin around toreador like, to escape a collision with someone who isn't paying attention to where they are going. Often I am met with a blank look but I can see past that blank look into an area where the person's mind is completely occupied with some expression of self interest. Once in possession of spatial awareness, it's not a hard leap to the possession of objective awareness. I talk about that a lot but I'm not always sure that people understand what I mean by objective awareness. For me, it means the capacity to suspend all previous judgments on anything, in order to see whatever it is, isolated as itself and then in it's relationship to whatever is in play around it. We are intellectually lazy a lot of the time, so we tell ourselves, if this has been the outcome most of the time with this particular element, one feels they can predict the same outcome again. However, everything is changed when the things around it changes. Thing do not always have a specific predictable nature, or course they will take. It's hard to train the mind so that it holds to an objective posture.

Quite often I will do something at these blogs that will appear controversial; something I say in a posting or a comment. Much of the time I am doing it to see what it results in. I am trolling. I guess that is an applicable term. It's not a very romantic or attractive term but it applies. I am looking to set someone up and see what manner of strings they dance on. I'm only doing this because I don't know one way or the other. Sometimes, I still don't afterward (grin) but at least I tried. I've gotten used to things not being what they seem. This last week I have come up against that multiple times. Someone is trying to point something out to me to me and it has my full attention. I know to give it my full attention because these teaching moments are always in anticipation of something up ahead that I can easily circumvent, if I absorb the point and intent of the lesson. I have 'a very good reason' for pointing this out. When we are spatially aware and objectively aware, we can see things coming. Every life has recurrent challenges headed in its direction. Most people are cognitively dissonant about this. People do not go forward with the awareness that, count on it, something is going to try to knock them off center today; something is coming at me from any number of directions, short term and long term AND- whatever things are being brought to your or my attention are directly connected to events upcoming. We are always getting prepped and warned ahead of time, should we choose to PAY ATTENTION. It's all scripted. You may not think so but it is.

It may be that you can't control what is coming in your direction but you can certainly control your response and your response can make all the difference in the world in respect of 'outcome'. There is no test or challenge before you that cannot be successfully met with the proper mindset and the proper mindset is being formed for the willing, in advance of the need, every time. Do yourself an enormous favor, recognize that conscious efforts are going on in your behalf. Quite often the positive end is hidden and the negative end is visible. Seek out the hidden good and always walk in the assurance of its presence.

End Transmission.......

There will be an interplanetary transmission this evening in the guise of a radio broadcast.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If you want a huge list of 'caged gerbil shooter' (Cop) misconduct, key in: BAD COP NO DONUT. It will be on the (controlled opposition) REDDIT site. Reddit at least has kept this. INFORMATION LIBERATION is another one, though they don't update much, and what's on there is often on bad cop no donut, but hey. There's also COP WATCH and COP BLOCK, and PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME, and maybe you can make a list of these sites and visit them several times a day, AND SPREAD THEM AND THE STORIES.

Visible said...

Not to stir the pot or anything but I've noticed certain agendas coming out of the wooodwork over the last couple of days. No big deal but keep your eyes ope for things in the comments section. Remember, there's a whole army of trolls in the pay of the dark lord and they are out there in cyberspace looking to see whom they can discomfit. It won't be me.

dave1010 said...

One thing I've learned here and I'm sure of is that Mr. Visible doesn't need any help when dealing with an unfriendly anon.


Unknown said...

I'm burnt out on cop violence being shoved in my face.
Everyone, including cops, has woken up to this and knows the score. At what point do we stop feeding extra attention and exposure to violence that only pretty much . . .well. . spreads violence.

For what? So this particular fantasmagoria can express its outrage while being reclassified as a terris threat in some psychos endless folder fields.

the post was fantastic


Anonymous said...

Something has changed with my awareness. Since a month i observe a strange phenomenon. Whenever i look at some stranger i meet randomly on the street, they immediatly look into my eyes as if they sense my look. Whenever i get an urge to look into an specific direction there is always someone looking at me. As if i subconsciously sense their look.
What is going on here? Its subtle but it works all the time.

Anonymous said...

" There is no test or challenge before you that cannot be successfully met with the proper mindset and the proper mindset is being formed for the willing, in advance of the need, every time."

I have felt the truth of these words throughout my life - And like so many other pearls here, I have never seen or heard it expressed in such a succinct and effortless way. Thank you Visible!


king of the jews said...

the millions (billions?) that are spent on ziotroll hasbara sayanim ... why dont jews just give that money to the communities of the people they murdered

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

Won't go overboard here, and will try to keep it pithy, and I intensely dislike Bill O'Reilly, so there's the pith of that ideal idea. Anyways, yeah, things aren't getting much more than less sane than before, but the average joe with severe cleopatraitis doesn't much care, given their skull hasn't been cracked by the nearest "servant and protector"...yet, then it'd be a "different story". Ughhh. It is breath taking, like a deep, deep inhalation of reeking cat shit, just how cognitively complacent people are in terms of what they show that care about on social media, and in person to be sure, given I have better conversations with my dog than what that evokes, while a much smaller but growing and passionate minority there scare the unholy fuck out of the unhallowed Dumb Dumbs That Be Going Down who watch it all and sloppily send in the easily spotted, paid and unpaid shills. Yet, as of yet, I get the notion that they directly scoff at the entirety of the notion of anybody trying to authoritatively be good stewards in bad times, without said authority like the gangsters have, which will be a liability in the extreme for both the cornered, scared gangsters and their equally feckless, apathy-driven civilian support squads when it comes to the steeling of the self...or not. I can, pretty much, feel the gangster's fear and frustrated anger that "sumpin's not workin'right, GODDAMN IT". I laugh at both the monstrous gangsters and the idiots who KNOW "it's not that bad, cause that's just crahzee conspurcee theeree tok". It's not so much like, but as a popularity contest amongst the anti-conscientious types to see who can turn, as swiftly as possible, a blind eye to the ever-worsening issues of the world, issue by issue. Day after day, you see people in the minority giving a major shite while the majority fritters away a type of initiative that I guess it's popular to lose and which I strongly intuit they'll never get a decent chance to get back in any commensurate way. Their free willed choice to live out ignorance being blissful, not mine. That being said, I'm no walking, talking encyclopedia Brittanica when it comes to knowledge and the application thereof: wisdom, but I know how stupid I am but try to mitigate against it. Others are dead certain they know everything, unequivocally, and that's that. I'm trying to set up me being disabused about that which I'm wrong about with the same joy as that which I'd be vindicated about in regards to the actual truth, which I'm still looking for.

DaveR said...

Anonymous @ 5:11:00 PM said...

"Something has changed with my awareness. Since a month i observe a strange phenomenon. Whenever i look at some stranger i meet randomly on the street, they immediatly look into my eyes as if they sense my look. Whenever i get an urge to look into an specific direction there is always someone looking at me. As if i subconsciously sense their look.
What is going on here? Its subtle but it works all the time."

Look here halfway down the page:

Rupert Sheldrake - "The Sense of Being Stared At". You're not the first.

galen said...

Thanks, Vis. We can't look hard enough at what police are doing today. Look what this cop did that only resulted in him getting a slap on the wrist. And this cop still has his job. Makes me sick. And notice the two (used to be real) women commentators at the end. Why aren't they outraged? I don't see these acts of cop-violence as random or just the product of some "rogue cop." What they strongly suggest to me is that this is coming from the top, this brand of training, because it's happening throughout cities nation-wide, and it's becoming more and more common place. That guy is a danger to humanity and needs much, much rehabilitation! At least I'm outraged!!

Police Officer Caught On Tape Violently Slamming a Woman Into a Metal Seat:

Visible said...

I'm on the 5th page of that Amazon link. Man! There is some seriously funny shit there; some excellent comic writing. Some of it is near Vonnegut like- impressive.

Well I'm off to the AFC Championship Game. Go Patriots (grin).

Visible said...

Actually no, you're just pissed because it's so one sided all the time and the exceptions speak for themselves don't they? You're a sniper from the underbrush and not welcome. Put your name on it, or we'll assume the obvious insincerity and impotence.

Yuman said...

What is wrong with the US? Out of 316 million not a single Dieudonné m'bala m'bala? Out of 38,929,319 black Americans not a single talented comic that could match Dieudonné. All we got is this invalid called Jessie Jackson who does not speak for anyone?

Anonymous said...

What to do with your nsa microphone: put it (your cell phone) right next to your computer speakers while streaming Visible and Snordster's works.

Examples of some of many of good ones to loop into the nsa-direct mic while you're doing dishes or whatever:

NSA Spying Never Catches Israelis? by Jim W. Dean, visuals and voice by Patrick W.

or this, my personal, all time favorite A Timely World Declaration! Written by Visible, voice and visuals by Patrick W

... yep - loop these and many others as often as possible - maybe we can wake up and convert an nsa spy or two

Thanks for your works Visible!



Ray B. said...

Reading the article Vis referenced, does anyone see a similarity to Skepticfrog's rationale on how the Polish attack on the German troop column in 1939 ballooned into the start of WWII? (In general terms, of course...)

"Israeli settlers have stormed repeatedly Al-Aqsa Mosque compound over the last two days, and on Thursday even climbed the Dome of the Rock Mosque. The settlers were led by the radical Rabbi Yehuda Glick, who is the former head of the Temple Institute... Witnesses reported that Rabbi Glick returned to storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque twice on Friday, joined by groups of Jewish settlers whom he lectured to about the alleged Temple."
Vis: "For me, [objective awareness] means the capacity to suspend all previous judgments on anything, in order to see whatever it is, isolated as itself and then in it's relationship to whatever is in play around it."

I had an occurrence related to that earlier in the year. A guy and I were in a deep discussion (physically present), and the talk turned to souls. I put my hands at his back in the usual soul location (around the heart area, a few inches in, and a few feet out), making the assumption that his was there, also. It didn't match up as a 'presence' there. Hmmm. So, I shook off my preconception, pulled back, and adjusted my internal 'perception' to view that level of things. Well, well. His soul was up toward the neck and back of the head. First time I had seen it there. (No idea what it means.) A lesson in not making assumptions and being in the present...
Vis, excellent ending paragraphs. Worth reading several times. Very true, in my experience.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Anonymous, January 19, 2014 5:11:00 PM:
"What is going on here? It's subtle but it works all the time."

You are sensing the 'energy pipeline' (some call them threads, strings, etc.) between two connected beings. Congratulations! Let this awareness grow. It leads to all sorts of interesting things... (grin)

Anonymous said...


I Love it.

w h

Visible said...

This weeks radio broadcast is now up.
A little something different this time.

Smyrna said...

The recruitment of violent low-IQ cops reminds me of A Clockwork Orange, where at the end of the movie Alex's former 'droogs' are now policemen.

Visible said...

Exactly! Well said.

Anonymous said...

Look for the hidden instead of the obvious.... Oh man dude. I'm so fucking confused right now.... :(

The obvious tells me it's time to get out of my current situation. Well... The hidden might mean stay right where I am. I now have no idea what to do considering your post.

Maybe that's good... Or not. I don't know. :(

It's not your fault so please don't think I'm blaming you, I'm not. I actually think the world of you, my friend, so... Guess I'll have to figure this one out for myself!

I just want peace, yet it seems I keep choosing war as this world mirrors me... :(.

Please, no more war. We'll see...


Visible said...

Wow! try to find somewhere to sit and just be in the midst. Let it swirl around you instead of you swirling around it. Definitely don't go listen to the radio show.

Visible said...

Looks like I stirred up a wasps nest over at Godlike productions. This link speaks to what is pretty commonly known about that site. Hannah (or whoever that was went there explicitly because of the antipathy that web site has for me for obvious reasons. This isn't the first time they've gone after me.

Visible said...

Now my intuition is telling me that was set up from there. Resident vipers were waiting there to pick up the ball.

We all need to be on the lookout around here. It's going to be happening again.

Peaches said...

Had to stop reading and post comment after the intro because I was laughing so hard re: Obama.

Back to the rest of the article.


Ginnie said...

Shhhhh! Be Vewry quiet! Were Hunting wabbits.

Anonymous said...


Thank You.

You ended my beautiful day with a good hearty laugh. Thanks.

walking hawk

sometimes it's the simple things

galen said...

Wow, what a ride. I just have to revisit the Hannah story. I never expected it to escalate to this degree. I wanted to post the following paragraph at GLP but couldn't figure out how to do it (this is the only blog I ever post on). Anyway, I'll just post it here:

In my entire life I have rarely (I mean almost never) experienced a person as honest as Les Visible, or as unflinchingly willing to bare his soul (scars and all) by sharing the changes his life has taken him through, changes many of us have gone through but would never reveal, sometimes not even to ourselves. Granted, he is not for the timid or the tamed, but he brings a wisdom that the world doesn't want him to bring. Why? Because his message makes us look at and evaluate ourselves. In my mind his contribution is ENORMOUS and I am grateful he is alive and accessible. You who berate him. . . You know not whom you slander.

Vis, I felt somewhat responsible for those attacks on you because I had stood up for Hannah. Yes, we all look through our own lens and have to call 'em as we see 'em. I did not think her original input suggested that she was an enemy. And her story was so original (her single mom cut hair to support the kids). My radar wasn't saying she's lying. And like you, my intuition was also screaming at me: this may be someone in trouble, hurting emotionally. I guess we read it differently. Anyway, she has not yet returned. Is this an admittance of guilty-as-charged. I still don't know. I know it's near time to put this to rest, but if something comes up I consider it. And Hannah, if you're reading this, I wish you hadn't disappeared at such a crucial time.

Anonymous said...

And I'm a fan of GLP. Not for the crazy stuff. News breaks there first before anywhere else and generally speaking some of the gold nuggets I find there are worth sifting through all the dirt.

Haven't posted there in over a year as I believe too that there are many govt agents taking names and numbers for certain political viewpoints.... Some threads are obvious setup s to obtain personal info about those who respond.

PS- thanks for the advice last night, Vis. Needed that. :)


Anonymous said...

You sir are good, but I cannot understand your support of the obviously deceptive Lasha Darkmoon and gang.

Visible said...

Well, thank you Galen. As it so happens, she lied about being in Hawaii, among other things. She is actually in Eugene, Oregon and has been using that IP for the last two years. Sure, her story was well crafted to an extent but not really since it sent up flags for me every step of the way.

As I said, my intuition was screaming at me about her/him from the first. I now know conclusively and without a doubt that she is bogus and came here for the purpose of applying her/his self to what she did.

Once seen through that lens it explains leaping over to one of the most foaming mouth sites on the internet, where, coincidentally there are a small handful of people who seriously hate me. Some of them are Hasbara and the one who calls himself anonymous coward was named by me. I guess he took that as a signal honor.

I was over there last night for a brief period, said a few things, won't go back. It is amazing to me the extent they go to lie about me and just make shit up. They take things I said or did and then they change the details. It's weird.

I now believe this originated at Godlike Productions, especially since anonymous coward has been around lately tossing off ill constructed barbs at me.

As I have pointed out, Godlike Productions has been exposed as a government operation and some number of other negative things are attached to it as well. a cursory web search turns up all kinds of things about them and none of the alternate news gathering web sites will link anything that comes out of there. They have a very bad reputation.

I recognize that there is an pulling attraction to places like that where people behave like hyperkinetic monkeys with a case of red ass who like to throw shit in all directions; hmmm, maybe then technically they would be baboons.

But I have evolved (thank god) to the point where I am no longer curious about such things and even when I know people are talking about me I don't bother to look. I've yet to read Spadgett's rant against me and probably never will. It doesn't matter what some people say about anyone. What matters is if it is true or not. What also matters is the quality of support in relation to the quality of the detractors.

My particular theme. The particular perspective, or sunlight variant has a caustic side to it, for useful technical reasons. However, it attracts resistance and resentment as part of the course. I recognize what that's about and accept it. What really upsets these people is that try as they might they have no real effect on me or on the people who enjoy coming here. That frustrates the Hell out of them. I guess I would call that a perk (grin).

Once again, thank you for the eloquent and supportive words.

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading that thread on GLP....

Good God in Heaven!

I've never seen such hate and outright slander of someone's character! I guess you're right, when you speak the truth, the cretins come out of the wood work to destroy you. There were a few good souls defending you there, but the hate monsters shouted them down. Ugly...

Gotta ask myself why I would want to spend anymore time over their? Doesn't seem to be a good reason that I can come up with.


Visible said...

Hey! There's always the entertainment factor. It's all win win for me. The quality of the opposition is a compliment and then there's the obvious and provable lies.

The reason for so many outrageous lies is that there's not much in the truth to go on to build a case. Sure, you could say I was rude here and there. I get high sometimes and anal retentives don't like that. I have behaved a tad erratically on occasion, though I had definite reason to (or thought I did). There's just not much there there so they have to fabricate and it doesn't help that they come off like a pack of snarling animals, devoid of all restraint and eloquence.

As long as one makes the right people angry and the right people happy, it's win win. That site has a hardon for me and that's a lot better than if they were supporting me. That would be bad (grin).

I recognize the desire to do something about it and that it's not right and that it's unfortunate they are allowed to get away with outrageous slanders that bear no resemblance to reality but the best thing is just to let them rant and rage. Obviously my work has an impact on them, heh heh.

The place is a traffic accident so there is a kind of fascination that attends it, like celebrity gossip sites and bizarre sexual forums, none of which I spend any time at but I've seen most things in passing. It's entertainment, not unlike reality TV shows. It's the Jerry Springer version of websites and sometimes it can be funny to watch emotional and mental defectives act out. What makes it most interesting is that they have no idea how they look.

We'll see some kind of new end run in coming days. I'm on full alert now (grin).

Ginnie said...

Well, I have been happily "banned from GLP" and I don't know why nor do I care. I have never written a response there and never posted there, yet I have been banned unless I do an "upgrade" and register with the site. Unless someone copy/pastes the info I will never know what was said re: Visible! All I know is GLP has shown it's ugly face to me and I am not required to look at it. I guess because I only read the good stuff!
And Jesus had a devil...don't ya know! Same guys...same slander!

Just think how many people will come to check you out who just might get their minds changed!

Unintended consequences!

wiggins said...

Smyrna....Crikey! I missed that, maybe had too much libation because I watched the film on TV. It was banned in the UK for years - didn't want the 'naughty boys' getting any ideas.....

tobeover said...

Oh my, haven't posted on GLP in years. Every time I did I was eventually banned: once for referring to the owner(s)as ZioMods and another time for answering a trolling question about the name of of the 9/11 operation. I said it was called "Operation Just Cause". I of course meant it from the perspective of the real perps. They, of course, assumed that I was probably a Middle Eastern terrist, with all their accusatory questions.

Probably banned about a half dozen times before eliminating the site from further visits.

Visible said...

I take it you are related to those particular animals in Animal Farm? I know you are related to that disinfo site that's looking to provoke me. Tell your friends we're seriously uptown from there and it's unlikely you could get in here. You lack the proper breeding and manners. Maybe in another life.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Many Splendored Opportunities of an Abundant Life.

tobeover said...


The post of yours below mine (#37- 1/21, 9:40AM), was that directed at me?


Visible said...

It wasn't directed at anyone here because the comment it was directed at didn't get published.

Hope that clears it up

tobeover said...

It does. Thank you Les Visible.




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