Monday, February 03, 2014

The Stupor Bowl; Dancing in the Hallucination Zone.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

First off, a mention for Philip Seymour Hoffman. "You can only call it stad (Gstad) if you've been there." One of the finer actors, he did an Elvis Presley. Go with god, Phillip.

And then there's the really important news, concerning one of America's most 'can't do without' products and whether your life goal is to get an early head start on lasting obesity, or you just want to clean your battery cables, Coke is there when you need it and, more importantly, when you don't need it. Now, go on... waddle on down to the Shit and Giggles store and get yourself one of the family size 55 gallon drums of Diet Coke and remember, no doubt, Coke messes with your hormones so... if you keep drinking it, you too can show up in one of these Coke ads, just take that next left into Estrogen Alley.

Since this is the cultural blog, it serves that we would talk about The Stupor Bowl. Actually it was a pretty good game, something of a teaching clinic, on any number of levels. Things I noticed; Bob Dylan doesn't have enough money so now he's selling cars. That doesn't bother him so... it shouldn't bother me, 'I guess it's time for my (bootheels) Chrysler Tunabaker to be wandering".

I didn't listen to the ads, except for brief seconds, when I didn't turn the sound down right away but I didn't turn the picture off, which would have been counter-productive because I was watching the game after all. Then there was half time, a half time that the announcers and the people writing the followup today simply gushed over. It consisted of a fifties club band, something you would see at the Copa and of which variations performed at high school proms during that time. It opened with a spotlighted ego trip of the main player trying to give the impression he is a hot drummer. Steve Gadd he is not. Then he went into his bad Michael Jackson imitation or... was that a parody? Then... yes, then, the surprise guests showed up with their shirts off and launched into a testosterone, spittle flecked rap production, not one word of which was intelligible to me. I think to myself, am I being too harsh? No... it was ludicrous. It mostly showed the level of dilution that permeates the entertainment world these days. Now, I didn't realize that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were a white rap group but... that's where the money is because the same people selling you elephant shit Madonnas and Piss Freak Jesus art are also in control of the music business and when your avocation, vocation and passion, is to drag every willing soul down into the bowels of Hell with them, this is the kind of thing you finance for the programming effect and as a heads up to any and all who might want to get into that business. Of course, they closed the production with a blowjob for all of those dying in Israeli Banker Wars.

Any number of celebrities showed up, shilling for one thing or another. Scarlett Johanssen closed out the program with a commercial for Palestinian Genocide Juice, manufactured by the occupying forces in the stolen lands of Palestine. I'm only partially equipped to comment on this because I did have the sound down but WTH, a picture is worth a thousand words. There will be over a thousand words in this posting. Hopefully I can paint the picture. In the Crass Media today is a lead story that appears across the board, wherever you go, it's headlined as, "Five Super Bowl ads you don't want to miss", or some variation. There wasn't anything to really get excited about that I could see. The chihuahua with the head of the Great Dane was moderately entertaining but all this sort of thing is sham hocus pocus and we go to war over this and kill people in foreign lands over this. Were you aware that a few decades ago, Coca Cola had an assassination squad in South America?

Yes, you know the end (of something) is near when soft drink manufacturers employ hit squads abroad. You know the end (of something) is near when you have a wooden marionette for a president. You know the end is near when the most mercantile people on Earth, control every aspect of your government and laugh about it in front of you. Oh... how easily people are led by simple basic desires, into a darkness not easily exited.

I was pretty sure of how the game would go and that's how it went. I gained some small satisfaction from that (mostly the sight of John Elway, the very picture of arrogance in his sky booth with the lights shut off so you couldn't see his face. He didn't see that coming.) but overall it was what it was and emblematic of the persistent hypnosis that the general public operates under. That hypnosis is all important to the ones engineering it. Without it how would they sell their cars, their soft drinks, their insurance policies and a vast assortment of sundry others, which includes their wars and international meddling abroad, without any regard for the inhabitants of whatever country they are doing it in? Without the ability to sell more and more junk and more and more empty dreams, all of which are advertised, with beads of spring water, glistening on the ass of a pneumatic blowup doll leaning on an expensive car hood, with a glass of scotch in her hand, only incidentally human in appearance. I close my eyes and visualize her engaged in a sexual act with an incubus. Her hips rotate and rise up and down in the invisible embrace of a four armed demon from the apocalypse. I do not picture myself in that demon's place.

I see the intoxications that manifest out from all of the objects of desire. I have enjoyed a season in these environs, well enough that I can say nothing has been overlooked though some things have been skirted as a matter of choice. The thing is, I have come to understand that these thing just go on and on and on and all pleasure is fleeting and the extreme of enjoyment actually resides in the anticipation of it and all of it is much stronger in the build up and most often disappointing in its conclusion. None of these things remain in any lasting sense and neither do the hungry ghosts, who feed and frolic in their short hour in the mix. These things are cosmic verities and enduring truths that have been defined and and explained across the reach of time, in books, in songs, in demonstrative examples in what we call history. Yet for the most part, all of this is worm squiggles dancing across the pages of an unread book.

The force of the dream web in the hallucination zone is very powerful and the object of all the hoopla and spectacle is the pacification of the objective mind. It is no accident that alcohol is the approved comestible for society. It fuels all of the worst qualities out of the subconscious and into manifestation. It especially feeds those all important emotions that no self respecting corporate police state can do without and these are guilt and regret. It's no accident that the unhealthiest of foods are the most actively promoted, or that tiny splinter demographics are blown out of all proportion to their size and importance, under the guise of political correctness, for the sole purpose of destroying the family unit, upon which the culture is based, but first, first they morph it beyond all recognition.

Well, at least one thing of positive note occurred at The Bowl and that was this now that, that was a cool thing to do! Expect more and more of these sudden Scarlet Pimpernel appearances and disappearances, as Mr. Apocalypse slips up into obliging consciousnesses for the purpose for demonstration. Expect it to happen in groups as well and for waves of collective and momentary happenings to begin to manifest as Mr. Apocalypse cranks it up, all the way to 11 on his Marshal amp, like something out of "Childhood's End".

As the apocalypse tightens its grip on circumstance, the productions from the manipulators will become increasingly more lame and more desperate. The fact of the matter is that they lose, no matter what. The reason that the productions become increasingly more lame and more desperate, is to assist in the public's ability to see what's going on. They need all the help they can get. They would literally kill you at the command of their worst abusers. Consider how clear it all appears to you that the world is riddled by sham and hypocrisy and under the control of Satan's agents. It's as obvious as the nose on Pinocchio's face. Yet... yet, the public cannot see this. Sure, some portion of them know that things have gone wrong but they're not even clear on what the cause is. Republicans insist it's the Democrats and the Democrats insist it's the Republicans. Christians insist that it is the atheists and the atheists insist it is the Christians. The hedonists insist that it's those party pooper ascetics and the ascetics know damn well that the sensation junkies are a big part of the problem. The problem is, source wise, the devil, cause that's his job and secondarily, those who serve his interests. The kicker is that the devil doesn't actually exist and that's why the people who serve him keep inserting that phrase into films like, "The Usual Suspects"; "the biggest trick the devil ever pulled off was in convincing people that he doesn't exist". Well, boys and girls he does and doesn't. The Devil is the way that the wicked see God.

Remember not just that statement. Remember the meaning. Tattoo it on your forehead. It's that important, or better yet, engrave it, brand it, on your mind ...because it is absolutely true and you don't just see the devil as God because you are evil. It also happens because of fear and ignorance. These are two of the greatest weapons of the enemy but is there an enemy? Remember the corona of light around the Baphomet and the fact that this absurd caricature conceals the presence of the angel. Remember the prophetic words of one of the early psychedelic voyagers, "Even the devil is transformed into an angel at the given moment, be not deceived". C'mon, it's simple, it's appearances and they lie and the devil is The Father of Lies. You don't need to know any more than that about the world and its tactics. As far as the other... the otherness goes, "Seek and ye shall find". Is that mysterious? Is that somehow difficult to understand because of its complexity? "Seek and ye shall find." "Knock and it shall be opened to you." It's right there. It's right there!!! But... there's a problem? Uh huh, it's a matter of faith, isn't it? That becomes clear when you look deeper into what you have put your faith in. What? Anyone who goes for two weekends of study and a gangbuster four day retreat at the end gets to be a master? Jesus Christ! I don't know if I'm being ironic or attempting to pun here.

It's not for the uncommitted. It's not for the delusional. It's not for the timid. It's not for those who seem incapable of fucking learning anything in the first place. You get out of it what you put into it, only, only in this particular case you get ten times or more back from what you put into it.

I'm going to leave you with something to keep in mind. Everything... and I mean everything you see every day; the homeless person with his cup on the sidewalk, the dog barking, the testy state of someone close to you, the inexplicable event that comes out of nowhere, the way you suddenly feel, anything anyone says... it's all choreographed. The only thing not choreographed, is your reaction and upon that rests the kingdom and the glory, as well as forever and ever, amen, except in the authentic version it's not Randy Travis singing it to you.

You really shouldn't have any questions after this. You really shouldn't.

Yesterday's Radio Broadcast is up now.

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Unknown said...

Carry On and ...Keep On Swinging

Visible said...

One posting is enough. Now let's go see what you are up to.

Visible said...

Okay, that's just music. GEMA won't let me see it. Thanks anyway.

bruce1337 said...

I don't. I've long been suspecting that the cosmos' conductor, should he/she/it exist, must have one quirky sense of humor. Now I know.

bruce1337 said...

On topic of GEMA: There's a Firefox extension called "ProxTube", it routes around most of GEMA's silly roadblocks.

Anonymous said...

Wow! As I read the last paragraph, my dog was barking and my wife began the day upset. My reaction... I'm nervous and worried though I keep telling myself that I should be relying on He who is running this whole thing anyway. Hopefully I will do this enough and balance out the anxiety part. :)

Been outta work for sometime now, but the feeling is that's about to change. When it does, I'm sure I'll trade one type of anxiety for another. I can say I rely on God, but if there's anxiety in the mix, then do I really mean it? Like you say, Vis, maybe if I fake it long enough it will become real. :)

I thought the same thing you did when I saw Elway in the sky booth. I'm no fan of his either, but for a moment I felt sorry for him. Yesterday morning, he was probably thinking what a genius everyone was going to think he was after the Broncos won. Yes, dumping Tebow and signing Peyton was going to bring him a Superbowl trophy. And then the Seahawks showed up.

I always thought Tebow was great! Came off the bench and started winning lots of games. Then got them to the playoffs. Then a championship in overtime with a gigantic TD pass. Then missed the Super Bowl by one game. Then Elway dumps him. Paybacks a bitch, dude! I would've turned out the skybox light, too.

God must love Tebow cause he sure is kicking his ass. His example is amazing, however, and one I think I should follow. His dream got pulled out from under him even after he succeeded. Now he's not even playing anymore and it seems lots of people love to slam him for his Faith. It's not stopping him and he keeps himself in game shape and he's ready to go should a team call him. He doesn't complain about AT ALL and just simply keeps at it, relentlessly.

Yup, thats a good example all right. And now, to try and live it. :)


galen said...

And how about Dylan's somber and pompous Chrysler commercial? If that wasn't a plug for globalization, I don't know what was. Paraphrasing: "Let Germany make our beer, let Switzerland make our watches, but let's make our own cars." Sure Bob, just kill all competition and all striving for greater levels of excellence. And didn't we stop making quality cars somewhere in the early seventies? Nobody wanted what we were sellin' and then Detroit died. Oh Bobby, I was your biggest fan. Now I wonder how much you got paid for that spot.

galen said...

The Chrysler commercial:

Anonymous said...

I missed the Coke commercial, turned off the TV after I saw the Cheerios commercial. Don't care for the NFL but I like Payton Manning and thought I would see how he was doing. By the way that guy that grabbed the mike and said 911 was an inside job was John Elway. You see, the whole Bronco team and management got a hold of the good dope so don't be too hard on them. Blame it on the voters. They got what they deserve. Weed is legal in Seattle too but the quality just isn't there. Has something to do with west coast Fukushima radiation.

Saw a graph of Super Bowl ticket prices one week before each game.
2011 $3500
2012 $3100
2013 $2500
2014 $1500 (and not sold out)
I find this confusing because I keep hearing how the economy is improving. Hell if it keeps on improving in another couple of years I could afford a ticket, not that I would want one.


Visible said...

Whoops! Forgot, Yesterday's Radio Broadcast is up now.

Visible said...

I liked Tebow too.

It was Elway's extreme cockiness that annoyed me all year long. Maybe I was just seeing it wrong.

Anonymous said...

You have been on a roll Visible! Excellent perceptions regarding the outcome of the game. Oh, and your super bowl prediction was spot on! How about that first snap?
I do believe there was a bestiality reference in the commercials before the second quarter was finished. My liberal friend chuckled about how the conservatives would have a problem with one of the commercials where everyone was singing some american anthem in their native tongue. 'Cuz it's America!' Yea, stupid republicans. Never perceiving the deeper layer. That was a chuckle.

On another note, freewill is something I struggle to wrap my head around. Your musings on the subject ring true (as is the case most of the time) If all things around me are choreographed, that means other people's reactions included. How is it that my own reactions are not? Or is it so only if I make a choice to be at the helm? Or is it just one of those irreconcilable dichotomies where the only response can be 'it is and it isn't' ?

Anonymous said...

um forgot to sign on that one


Visible said...

Sometimes we do the right thing and sometimes we don't, happens to everyone until we're only doing the right thing, whenever that is.

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir.


Unknown said...

sorry about the multi post toasting.., i swear SPECTRE was foiling my login.. anyways.. it's ALL just muzic bro, peace in the arena :)

BCii said...

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala: French ‘quenelle’ comedian banned from UK


France’s interior minister, who supported the ban on Dieudonné’s shows, said he was no longer artistic or funny but engaged in the “mechanics of hate”.

We cannot tolerate antisemitism, historical revisionism and racism, and the highest jurisdiction in our country has agreed,” he said.


Israel and its lapdogs love to accuse others of precisely what they are engaged in themselves. The contrast between Dieudonné and these lickspittles is a case of poetic irony indeed.

Anonymous said...

A boy asking his father to tell him a scary bedtime story. The father replies: “The government plans to make mothers have abortions and put the foetus in the womb of another woman who will sell it to a homosexual couple who will decide whether to bring it up a girl or a boy.”

Anonymous said...

Great post. I missed the game last night but that is probably because I don’t watch TV. I like the angle on the Devil, I get a kick out of the expressions on peoples face when I tell them the Devil is in their heads. They think I am nuts and I’m OK with that. I think Christ made a comment about the Devil, something like’ (get behind me Satan), or was it, (Everybody has something to hide except for me and my monkey). I do tend to get confused at times. LOL

Visible said...

Don't we all

kenny said...

Vis, you didn't mention the National War Anthem which had to be one of the best renditions ever. Everyone in the room I was in, including myself, said they got chill bumps even though all are well aware of what the anthem represents. The conditioning runs deep.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"OPINION ... i think that peyton manning and the broncos threw the super bowl ... not only threw it but let the seahawks run up a huge score to beat all odds ... its the last superbowl i ever waste my time watching ... anyone with me on this one ???" -- jim mccanney

Visible said...

My broadcasts come courtesy of so none of that was included. It comes on when the players take the field.

Visible said...

My broadcasts come courtesy of so none of that was included. It comes on when the players take the field.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't see anything about the Super Bowl at Jim McCanney's website, but yeah, the NFL is all rigged. The mind is a funny thing. The believers will always see what they want to see. And if a believer believes, it doesn't matter what you tell them, or show them, or explain to them. And sports is very much like religion in that regard.

Visible said...

By the same token, people will say as a total absolute that this is how something is but... they will never be able to provide concrete facts and when you get to the bottom of their premise it just assumptions. I personally don't know one way or the other and until I do, the jury is out. The idea that the Broncos threw the super bowl is absurd.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Time and the River do not Stand Still.

Anonymous said...

"By the same token, people will say as a total absolute that this is how something is but... they will never be able to provide concrete facts and when you get to the bottom of their premise it just assumptions." How silly of me. And here I was, thinking, well, only a suicidal ass would cite chapter and verse about how, and why, and when, certain sporting events are rigged. I mean, who do you think controls this shit, Visible? It ain't Mr. Apocalypse. There are ample reasons why nobody, period, would ever try to "prove" that sporting events are rigged, if they knew it were the case for certain. The top one being not wishing to wind up in a pair of concrete shoes, all for misguidedly trying to wake up people who will never, ever, be able to see the truth about it, let alone profit from it. You either know it's true, or you don't. I mean why would anyone want to "prove" what they know about that particular subject, Visible, if they knew it for sure? Think about it. The person might as well put a bullet in the chamber and shoot it into their forehead. For someone who is so awake on so many levels, you are incredibly naive about a whole lot of things, as well as being hopelessly out of your depth, at least on this particular issue.

Visible said...

This... this, I take it is your confirmation of the claim that the entire sports system is rigged? I rest my case and thank my provident stars that I don't know.

There are tell all books about everything, including the CIA, the NSA etc; never mind.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis...

divine souls are truthful, honest, caring, loving (true love not lust), peaceful, joyous, and these creatures know that...and they bank on exploiting that is when one is awakened and repulsed by these creatures that stops the flow into their agenda...and instead now sustains the divine being within and this energy is what is going to sustain the awakened until these creatures finish self destructing....when these demons speak of god it is Satan they speak of….so be very careful….

don't comprise for anyone...stick to your inner voice stay focused, stay cleansed, and avoid these energy vampires like the plaque...they will take any soul they can with them without hesitation...they will spiritually assassinate anyone....they don't care they need the energy to continue their sick agenda...these fcks are going Terminally MAD and those that are easily programmed are going to go MAD right along with them....this dimension has been condemned and will end with the cutting out of this sickness like a cancer from the face of creation...creation cannot and will not allow this sickness to contaminate any further....creation is huge we are just one little lowly dimension run by a bunch of demented demons going insane....

once one can face the fact that this dimension is demonic and those of the divine are trapped here and being spiritually assignated unless one awakens and STOPS the madness....many souls have been made inert during this time....Satan knew when he took over this dimension it would be short lived and that time is near...and they know deep inside they are doomed...look at their faces....can you not feel the negative energy radiating from their putrid insides...i sure can...i want nothing to do with these creatures except EXPOSE them and explain they are of PURE EVIL...they have no souls and come the bowels of HELL...sick and sicker is their motto...they offer NOTHING TO LIFE...and must be allowed to self destruct for that is all they know...

i don't see more than a decade left of this hold on tight and watch the display of sickness and evil come to its final death spiral...

Lots of LOVE

Anonymous said...

Visible, even when you are completely wrong, you still deludedly think you are right. You honestly believe that nobody out there knows more than you do, about any subject of which you voice a strong opinion. You believe your omniscience is sacrosanct. And I think this is one of your most endearing attributes. Which says a lot about you. Discussing things with you is like beating one's head against a wall. Once you stake out your opinion and belief, it doesn't matter if you're dead wrong. You will keep clinging to it, no matter what. You'd go down with the ship, clinging to those arguments, out of sheer pride. Is it also a bi-polarity thing? Who knows. It's just...sad. And alienating to nearly all who encounter it, eventually. You appear to have quite a bit going for you, but you are your own worst enemy, hmm? Forever tilting at windmills, endlessly, poor Visible. Has to pretend he's the smartest guy in the room, long after everybody has left the room, due to being oh-so-very-tired of his never-ending hypocrisy...well, a guy's gotta eat. Crow. Over and over. While you tell everyone it's really pheasant. Such is your lot.

Visible said...

Now... let me see what we have here. First you were able to provide zero evidence for a claim you made and, in my responses I said, "I don't know" and then, though I was reasonable and only wanted some kind of proof or confirmation from you, you, under the 'craven' cover of anonymity then launched into an attack on me. Have I about got that right?

What puzzles me is how you think this screed is going to influence anyone who sees this exchange? Sure, you're probably frustrated with impotence and the inability to establish yourself in ways that some of us have and you think somehow that you elevate yourself by trying to tear someone else down. I understand the psychology. So... maybe that's it.

You're negative commentary has no impact on me because I can see you for what you are and so can anyone else who comes around here and that is why you are anonymous too. Far be it from you to ever stand behind what you say or be responsible for it. You must live a very tedious and unfulfilled life. I hope things improve for you, at least to the point where you can improve your behavior.

Anyway, provide proof or don't make outrageous unsupported claims. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Anonymous said...

Best comment ever!

Unknown said...

at the poster who proclaimed that all nfl games are fixed. I wouldn't doubt that some are. but to suggest that the entire bronco team was on the take makes no sense. they were beaten in every phase of the game. I don't think you can get to 53 players.

Visible said...

Yeah...that is extremely unlikely.

Anonymous said...


It sure is interesting when we can look (see) at Life in this manner, eh?

Good comment and Additude.

walking hawk

Ray B. said...

Unknown, February 04, 2014 4:58:00 PM

"I don't think you can get to 53 players."

For some reason, this reminded me of the scene in the second 'new' Sherlock Holmes movie where (spoiler alert) Sherlock's lover was meeting with Moriarty in a crowded restaurant for her safety. Then, Moriarty gives a signal, and the entire restaurant population - staff and clientele - moves out of the room. A breathtaking scene...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

"I'm going to leave you with something to keep in mind. Everything... and I mean everything you see every day; the homeless person with his cup on the sidewalk, the dog barking, the testy state of someone close to you, the inexplicable event that comes out of nowhere, the way you suddenly feel, anything anyone says... it's all choreographed. The only thing not choreographed, is your reaction and upon that rests the kingdom and the glory, as well as forever and ever, amen..."
is what keeps me coming here daily--sometimes several times a day, to follow comments,too. Reading your blogs is one way I stay grounded and adds to my ability to bear it all, knowing Who is in charge of it all.
Thank you for all you do and for your integrity to tell it like it is. Your work is much appreciated!

JackB said...

says right there: you´ve never been so easily entertained. indeed you haven´t. reminds me of the eulogic "this species has entertained itself to death" i stumbled upon the other day. is the way out of the fukushima mess the southern half. is that where they´re heading? luckily we´re not alone, all exactly where we´re supposed to be and the women are getting into must survive at all costs mode. good. i guess. greetings from bohemia, always a joy to be here :)

JackB said...

oh, sorry, it was mr waters and the right quote would have been "this species has amused itself to death" - myself i´m not so amused, still stuck in shock and awe. how could we let it come to this. we can move mountains but not encapsulate a disaster site. really. i guess i have to become more accepting. or just do what´s planned for me. die. early. what a heinous invisible war. good to have this paine. i want to see, so thanks for making it visible.

Visible said...

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