Thursday, February 20, 2014

It Came from Beneath the Valley of Seeing through a Glass Darkly.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Cultural blog... right... Hmmm. Well, the Keystone Cops are no longer Keystone. Oh, they're bumbling and accident prone but this raises their lack of professionalism and callous disregard to a whole new level. I'm not going to post the mainstream reportage of the event but... should you wish to see how they handle these things... all of them, without exception from what I saw, make no mention of a Play Station controller, they just say the boy had a gun; didn't say a word, just fired as soon as he opened the door and killed him. His little sister ran to him and was weeping as she held him and the Rottweiler Bitch screamed at her to shut up. "Only in America!" or some other, comparative dark cesspool of a Zionist fabricated Hell on Earth. These are still early days. One thing for certain, the faces behind the hidden hands are coming more and more into view.

The hypocrisy being displayed by Zio-Bots like Obama is breathtaking. Nearly every war zone circumstance of recent years has been brought about by Zionist control of the American government and whatever pawns they have in place to work through. Chalk it all up to the stupidity, greed and cowardice of the public who have been played like Nero's fiddle to the tune of "Bread and Circuses".

As you can see, the critics are passionately responding to the caterwauling dissonance of Little Georgie Sorrows House Band. Little Georgie Sorrows first distinguished himself by betraying his own people. Even as a teenager, he showed promise as the full blown Satanist he is today, although there's the usual numerology of Historical Revisionism in the litany of details, what he did, he did. He feels no guilt and it exhilarated him. These are all glaring evidences of a narcissistic psychopath. It amazes me what goes down while it gets around and I have to remind myself over and over that it is for the purpose of demonstration. Speaking of fertile ground for phrenologists, Little Georgie Sorrows looks the part and getting slapped around is not something this sort of fiend is used to but that is going to become a regular affair for all of them as Mr. Apocalypse continuously intensifies the action. Some of it is going to be extremely humorous too.

It's going on on every level, while governments sink to their lowest level of fully employed iniquities, Nature is reacting. Factor this in with the lack of rain in America's fruit and vegetable state. Factor in the, "I want it now" mentality of Shake 'n Bake America and you got problems. Factor in a large body of the public that is balls to the wall. Factor in the rising wave of reactionary madness, sweeping the globe and whipped into a fury by the same players we have mentioned over and over. They are truly mad and in their game plan it all makes sense but anyone sane can see what they are arranging for themselves but... they are not sane. They have been rendered insane, as a result of their deeds and the unavoidable reaction of their own being to it. They have also been propelled into insanity by the agents of the ineffable, whose task it is to do so, in order that the purpose of demonstration may be fulfilled. It's all a tight orchestration of planned destiny, with what I call 'free will wiggle room' that the bad guys think they are in control of. However, the one who weaves all things defined as good and evil, by relative ping ponging association, is the only one in charge; the only one capable of being in charge and we are with the winds or against the winds of irresistible change. We are driven by demons or guided by angels. All you got to ask yourself is, "what am I generally encouraged to do?"

The interesting feature of this is that if you are guided by angels, you are likely to ask because such people are prone to questioning themselves, because they care about the implications of whatever they are engaged in. On the other hand, those in the thrall of manipulated passions and objectives do not ask. That part of their being has been disabled and only grace or mercy can re-enable it.

One of the greatest enemies of clear perception is that of being 'time conditioned'. This comes into activation as a by product of puberty. It is reinforced by the early regimentation of the education system and the overall agreement of the peer system on what is real. What is supposedly real is taught to you and the objective is to make you a useful pawn in a perverse system that shuttles the haves into Have Land and the have nots into Have Not Land. This isn't publicized or acknowledged, it just happens. The only way out for the Have Nots is sports, entertainment and the arts, with added conditioning; of course, you could win the lottery or simply have fortunate karma. That would be 'the appearance of fortunate karma'. We never know how things are going to work out, do we?

In the Eastern Tradition there are many tales about practitioners of yoga and mystical arts, who come to a state of capability where they can intentionally change the fortunes of others. Usually there is a master involved who overshadows the actions of his pupil, who has attained to the ability to do things like this. Here's a quick example. The pupil sees a common workman who is in desperate straits. He sees him being routinely beaten by his employer, who is cruel to him at every opportunity He's in big trouble because of debts that he owes and he has a family he can't take care of. The pupil feels a great compassion for this unfortunate so he invokes certain powers and changes the man's situation. The master, being aware of what happened, explains to the pupil that this was probably a bad idea because he is unaware of the man's true nature and what put him in the circumstances he was in in the first place. The master tells him to watch what comes and learn thereby.

The worker is now as well to do as as his former employer and he has servants under him whom he proceeds to treat even worse than he was treated. The man becomes a petty tyrant, abusing everyone that he is in a position to abuse. Of course, this all reflects back on the pupil, who made it possible and becomes his karmic responsibility. Needless to say, the pupil is much chagrined by this unexpected development of events. If you're savvy about things like this then you know that the master set the whole thing up as a teaching lesson for the pupil and it was always his intention to manage the karmic debts of the affair, which he is in a position to do because he operates at a level where the usual laws do not apply.

The master steps in and puts it all right again and the workman is sent back to his former condition and... the pupil learned a lesson. the Sorcerers Apprentice is an example of this, though they don't say anything about the master knowing all along but, of course he did. He could hardly be a master otherwise. He set the whole thing up with the brooms and the buckets and the water.

The point I am trying to make is that once you are in the hands of a master, everything that happens to you is being managed by that master, in order to bring you to greater and greater understanding. I am in the hands of such a master. I only met him once and didn't even get his name. Lately I know somewhat more than I did, since, during a period of telepathic exchange when I was, sort of (grin) going off on him about being an absentee master, he begged to differ, telling me that there has never been a time he wasn't around and of course I would see him again; what kind of a master would he be if I did not? That was comforting to say the least.

Every one of us, certainly everyone who reads here, has an overseeing consciousness at work in their lives, whether they are aware of it or not. Some are more aware than others. Awareness is going to arc up swiftly at some point commensurate with the times. The greater part of everything happening, is happening out of sight. Some of it might be standing in plain sight but it hasn't been highlighted yet, ergo the mechanisms of perception have not been raised to the level of perception.

I wish I had a feature like running LED lights and FX capabilities that makes words get big and vibrate in dynamic ways (grin) because there are certain things that need to be highlighted as of extreme importance, such as the fact that every single event in your life is a special dealing of the ineffable with your soul. Consider what this means in respect of The Reactive Mind. If the preceding statement is true then there is nothing to react to. We only react because we think things are out of sync, not as they should be, or just one more example of life messing with us. We feel like we have to react. How can we define ourselves and our right to whatever ground we're standing on, if we don't piss at the appropriate points on the parameter. The reactive mind ceases to have any impetus to action, if we have come to understand that everything is happening for a reason; even if, as is often the case, we don't know what the reason is. That's where faith comes in. "Faith is the substance of things unseen" and that means the understanding of them as well, because faith takes us out of The Valley of Seeing through a Glass of Darkly and into the light because everything comes out of light and exists as light frozen in form, a temporary expression in time, of whatever the planetary forces have stitched up to express the moment we are in.

Until we recognize that we can be conscious players, we will be played. That's how it works. If you are not in control, you are being controlled. Freedom awaits. Freedom awaits.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

My eyes were immediately drawn to the following words that Visible wrote in the above piece - "Awareness is going to arc up swiftly at some point commensurate with the times. The greater part of everything happening, is happening out of sight. Some of it might be standing in plain sight but it hasn't been highlighted yet, ergo the mechanisms of perception have not been raised to the level of perception." Wow.

I know Visible isn't big on the Apollo moon landings, and the supposed hoax surrounding those alleged events, but I was reading an article the other day which illustrates exactly what Visible mentioned in the quoted portion above.

Now, English isn't this scientist's first language, but he's a Ph.D. and used to be with the Department of Physics and Technology at Kharvkov State University, in the Ukraine. In the following article, he explains clearly, why it is that there is no doubt the Apollo moon landing photographs were faked. After you read it, you'll understand exactly why this is so, and will probably laugh out loud.

The scientist in question utilized a technique known as stereoscopic parallax, to examine many of the Apollo lunar photographs, and, well, what he discovered is really a crystalline example of what Visible discussed above, coincidentally enough (or is that "not so coincidentally enough" - wink), complete with the "running LED lights and FX capabilities that makes words get big and vibrate in dynamic ways", which Visible mentioned he wished he had at his disposal.

You can check the whole piece out right here.

Anonymous said...

So.... If everything is as it should be, then there is nothing for me to actually do. It's all just going to play out kind of like sitting in a theater watching a movie. Is that correct or did I miss it???

If it is correct, then I screw up the script when reacting to and trying to change perfection. (I guess I should say that the script is still perfect even if I react to and try to change perfection because the perfect script was for me to try to change it in the first place... LOL!). Can you believe this paragraph?! :)

The perfection then continues when we realize that we don't have to react to and change anything anymore.??

Yikes, I feel like I just handed in a term paper and I have no idea how its gonna go! But, that's ok! It was supposed to happen that way. :D

I think now might be a good time to say, "I don't know." :)


Unknown said...

Sigh(of relief and gratitude:)


Visible said...

New song, should have sung it in a higher key, among any number of drawbacks I notice by putting them out in this condition.

It was originally called Cherry Delight but that made no sense and it evolved to its present expression Riding with an Angel of Light., in the process of getting it into lyrical shape for recording.

SouthernHungary said...

Re. Anonymous and the Ukrainian prof and moon photos.
At the end his career summary says 'also a Soros student' LOL,read what Les wrote and linked to earlier and learn about disinfo,these guys are masters at creating confusion amongst truth seekers,just to divert you away from the real issues.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What blows me away is that the destroyers of this place seem to forget they live here too. This has become a very unpleasant place to live, and so many seem to be clueless that they are making it far worse, and those that are left, barring the rebuilders are gonna face something that will make Durante degli Alighieri's Inferno look like a walk in the park.

Oh, by the way; Ragnorak is supposed to start Saturday.

PARTY DAY!!!!!!!!!

So do I stuff my face at my favourite restaurant, or hike up one of the steepest hills in town?

Decisions, decisions. . .

Anonymous said...

Yes...just Yes.
Awakening is happening; it's just a quiet revolution for the moment.
Many thanks & much love,

Doug Pearson said...

You described the Israeli/Palestinian situation quite well in your way...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Damn, spelt it wrong. RAGNAROK. I do that all the time.

Visible said...

I am most effective when I get out of my way.

Anonymous said...

It's sickening to fully realize that the U.S. of A. is, for all practical opurposes, an occupied territory. Palestine writ large, with some variations in parameters, emphasis and stylistic details.

Anyone else remember when the WASP ethos still held some sway? They've been assimilated by the zioborg collective. Resistance was futile.


Anaughty Mouser said...


You still spelled it wrong:


Also called Gotterdammerung, means the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology.

Happening this Saturday you say?


Anonymous said...

SoutherHungry @3:40,

That debunker professor's
photoanalytic data might well be a product of photoshop and hence just as phoney as what he claims to be debunking. Who really knows? Odd, too, at this particular moment, that he happens to hail from the Ukraine.

I agree, there's a concerted effort to muddy-up the waters.


Visible said...

Another new tune-

The Following Wind.

Anonymous said...

A friend once got a fortune cookie that told her "You are standing in your own way - please step aside."

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

Lovely song, Vis, thanks.

SJ Palmer

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#12-Thanks. Though I'm not really expecting anything. I did some partying today, 'cause of how pissed I got at circumstances. Battery backup died, and computer when down. Probably just needs a new battery, but I went and and got a new backup, and wondered if I should leave it for the proper owner of the compooter. Anyway, I went down, stuffed my face on some killer East Indian chow, walked home, took a short nap and a Fred Reed comment hit me like a two by four when I woke up. 'IF CHICKS RAN CIVILISATION, ALL WOULD GO FINE UNTIL THE OIL NEEDED CHANGING'. Needless to say I got even more pissed, and put it all together, though I had to wait a few hours for the thing to recharge.


Ray B. said...

On the Moon Landing:

Sigh. I thought we'd sorted the 'hoax' out over a year ago. There are three (of many) concrete facts that showed the Apollo program landed people on the moon. First, the capsules were tracked all the way to the moon by many industrialized nations via a variety of position-locating technologies (some whom would have gained politically by blowing the whistle on a scam). Second, several Apollo astronauts left fancy mirrors on the moon's surface to facilitate determining the moon's distance from earth via earth-based-laser-beam reflection. They are still working to this day; all astronomers must be part of this deception. Third, several modern spacecraft in lunar orbit have directly-imaged the abandoned Apollo descent modules (and rovers). So, all current-day space-faring nations must be in on the hoax.

How far do you want to push it?
Vis: "They are truly mad and in their game plan it all makes sense but anyone sane can see what they are arranging for themselves but... they are not sane."

Along that line, this long paper is the single scariest thing that I have run across on the internet. It is a report by Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army. You may have seen it already; I mentioned it a year or so ago. I do so again because it is important. (It is from 1999.)

Especially, MOST especially, check out Appendix A estimates.
Vis, your 'Master and Pupil' reminded me of this old Zen story:
There was an old farmer in a remote village in China. He was the envy of his village because he owned the only horse in the village.

“This is good,” said his neighbors.

“Could be good, could be bad,” said the old farmer, “I don’t know. It just is.”

One day the horse ran away.

“Oh, this is bad,” said the neighbors.

“Could be good, could be bad,” said the old farmer, “I don’t know. It just is.”

The next day, the horse came back, bringing another horse with him.

“Oh, this is good,” said the neighbors.

“Could be good, could be bad,” said the old farmer, “I don’t know. It just is.”

The next day, the old farmer’s son tried to ride the new horse, but it threw him and the son’s leg was broken.

“Oh, this is bad,” said the neighbors.

“Could be good, could be bad,” said the old farmer, “I don’t know. It just is.”

The next day, the Chinese military marched into town and rounded up all the young men for military service. Because of his broken leg, the old farmer’s son was the only one spared.

“Oh, this is good,” said the neighbors.

“Could be good, could be bad,” said the old farmer, “I don’t know. It just is.”

And so on...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you've come to look upon me this way.
As you see I long for home, yearn not to stay.
For demonstration, my image and writing on the wall.
I am certain, sad, the pride came before the fall.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Day:

"...The team at Watkins Books in London has published its début list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People on the Planet. Did they get it right? Check out the full list here – and to give you a taste, this is the top 10:

1. Eckhart Tolle
2. Dalai Lama
3. Dr Wayne W. Dyer
4. Thich Nhat Hanh
5. Deepak Chopra
6. Louise L. Hay
7. Paolo Coelho
8. Oprah Winfrey
9. Ken Wilber
10. Rhonda Byrne..."

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

"Who was gonna believe a couple o' nuts: Elvis and Jack Kennedy explainin' that Kemosabe was gunnin' for a mummy in cowboy duds?"


SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

Dear Dog Poet,

Watching "Bubba Ho-tep" (funny movie!) reminded me of this image of the Great Sphinx as the Dog God. It makes perfect sense that the loyal guardian of the dead would watch over the necropolis of Giza. Also, you probably know that Diogenes was often called a dog (because he valued the natural way), and so people would toss bones to him - which he would often throw back in their faces.

SJ Palmer

bigloner said...

We're gonna Rok,Rok,Rok around the clock,

We're gonna Rok, Rok, Rok and Ragnarok.

Since we're doing a lot of movie talk these days, and why not, movies are great for demonstration!

Got me flashbacking to guilty pleasures....yes...released June 1958....'The Vikings'. Ernest Borgnine (Borgnino), Kirk Douglas (Demsky) & Tony Curtis (Schwartz). Trio of Tribesman at height of Nordic power.

Borgnine is Ragnar, Douglas is Einar and Curtis is Erik. Don't forget Janet Leigh as Princess Morgana, (her part was done between Welles' 'Touch of Evil' and Hitchcock's 'Psycho'). Wonder if Jamie Leigh, er, Lee Curtis, DOB 11/58 'got her start' on location????

And a mighty location it was too. The scene where the biker bruisers (all home grown/local extras)were running that humongous wheeled ram against the English castle keep/drawbridge was incredible, as were the full size replica ships built for the movie. Nothing digital to see here folks,so don't keep moving 'cause it's all old school analog.

Then whilst & between getting run thru by English arrows, the bearded brutes manage to throw enuff hatchets on the drawbridge for Kirk Douglas to have fun doing his own climbing stunt work.

After brother kills brother, Erik & Morgana become fruitful and multiply happily everafter. A great family film for a seven year old.

But I digress...have a safe and sane Ragnarok!

Ray B. said...

On reflection, I want to add a bit to the Zen Story posting above. (Oh, no! -grin-). That story could be taken pessimistically (Why bother?), as opposed to just not making a judgment as good or bad. One could turn passive, and just sit in a corner through life.

I prefer to see the old farmer as the passive end of one of the great dualities: active vs passive. The active end might be making decisions and carrying them through, even if there is no good or bad in the long-run of the ineffable. Here, the choice is between making ego-driven decisions and listening to our intuition for decision-making.

Gad, it's hard to talk about 4-D (+) in 3-D terms...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

Don't know if you're a Star Trek dork like I am, but even if you're not, the message of this fan show episode will resonate with you nonetheless.

SJ Palmer

Visible said...

I don't go near things like the Moon Landing or Jim Stone's sensational theories about Fukushima. I always figured it happened and if it didn't, heck, it is certainly in the realm of possibility, technically speaking.

I continue to be amazed at people who pay attention to Bejamin Fulford, Sorcha Faal and David Whathisname (can't even remember at the moment)

I know a lot of people are into all that Anannuki and Sitchen related stuff. I don't know one way or the other and don't think it's likely I will, at the moment. Therefore it has little bearing on my situation, Maybe I, like anyone, have my sector of enterprise and that's where I focus.

I don't like to keep a lot of stuff in my head. I love it when my head is empty, which is most of the time.

Once again, this is no criticism of what other people are attracted to, or interested in; that's their sector of enterprise.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Second Coming and the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

David 'Will Cock'. A long time ago you posted it as Wilcox, which through me; but I only read a couple of his things a long time ago before thinking, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!! There' is a long list of writers who are on my 'IGNORE THIS LINK' page

I have no 'cloo' on why the others are so popular, either. I guess people just don't like truth. But you know that, huh? They love garbage, or The National Enquirer and all that would never have gotten started, and TV would be dead already.

Visible said...

Yes, correct (richtig), Wilcox

Anonymous said...

Speaking of movies: 'Quintet' a post apocalyptic yarn starring Paul Newman directed by Robert Altman. It really bombed on it's first run back in the late 70's. In the story the Earth is suffering an ice age which is ending human civilization. People pass the time away playing a game called Quintet. One version of the game has people killing each other for no other purpose than that the winner can say he/she won. And interesting movie with lots of great dialogue and philosophy. Every time I watch it I seem to discover something new about the story.


Anonymous said...

Your song, 'The Following Wind' is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Ray B:



Anonymous said...

The moon hoax thing is a long way from dead. As time goes on less and less people believe the thing really happened according to polls I have read. The 3 examples of concrete evidence that Ray B put forth could be plausibly explained by other theories. For instance the russians put reflective mirrors on the moon without the help of manned flight.

Did men land on the moon? I don't know but there are a lot of good reasons to doubt they did. Consider the source of the story; that being an entity known for mendacity.


Anonymous said...

I agree, McCob (about mendacity, and about there being reasons to doubt). In fact, the more you examine the awe-inspiring tale of our good old American know-how and ingenuity sending those heroic, red-blooded flyboys a quarter of a million miles (in three days), and back, what - five times? seven times? with nary a hitch (and with an awesome dune buggy, no less), in a craft made of aluminum foil and vacuum cleaner parts, the more ridiculous it begins to sound. This was at the height of protests against Vietnam, when we 'mericans needed to feel good and superior about something.

One of the most damning things about the whole tale is that no one's been able to do it again - in almost fifty years. And NASA admits that until they solve the radiation shielding problem, we still can't do it.


The whole thing could be about as real as 9/11, Sandy Hook, or the Boston Marathon bombing.

SJ Palmer

Anonymous said...

I'm a retired engineer. I worked on the Apollo project. There's been nothing like it since. There was a feeling of complete dedication to the project among the guys I worked with, and I think generally. It was a bigger-than-life project. It was first motivated by a way to show off to the world that the US could catch up to and then surpass the impressive accomplishments of the USSR. Then, after JFK was assassinated, it was also motivated by a desire to carry out his vision of leapfrogging over the USSR. There was also a rumour that JFK hoped to divert defence spending to something more benign. The same companies that had been making weapons were now making spacecraft.

Of course none of this proves the flights were made. When I'm told no one has landed on the moon, I reply by saying I don't believe anyone has set foot on Antarctica. In fact, I don't believe Antarctica even exists. In fact, I could say the same thing about Hackensack, New Jersey. At some point it becomes a matter of faith, and I believe because I was lucky enough to know first hand how much talent was available for that magic decade. One more thing. Anyone who was actually present for the launch of a Saturn V will vouch for an unspeakably powerful machine working every single time because you could see it with your own eyes and feel the thunder in your chest. (By the way, the missions were not without problems, Apollo 13 being the most salient. There were lots of other problems, but none significant enough for total mission failure.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, no one has sent men to the moon since the last Apollo mission because it is damned hard to do, requiring exotic and expensive hardware. (Also it was partly, maybe even largely, a grandstanding operation, and you don't get points for being second.)

As for the radiation, that is a big variable, depending a lot on the state of the sun. The astronauts were exposed to high energy cosmic rays for a few days. I've talked to a couple of them about it, and they report seeing flashes, even with their eyes closed, just as you'd expect if a high energy particle traverses the brain. A long-term presence on the moon would be a very different matter.


Ray B. said...

McCob, February 21, 2014 5:33:00 PM

McCob: "As time goes on less and less people believe the thing really happened according to polls I have read."

That is because the generations that DID IT are being replaced by the generations who only HEARD about it. Think about it...

McCob: "For instance the Russians put reflective mirrors on the moon without the help of manned flight."

So, we are supposed to believe that the Apollo astronauts made it all the way to low lunar orbit (which is VERY well documented) and then sent down an unmanned lunar descent module to robotically set out mirrors and return? How ludicrous...

SJ Palmer, February 21, 2014 6:29:00 PM

"In fact, the more you examine the awe-inspiring tale of our good old American know-how and ingenuity sending those heroic, red-blooded flyboys a quarter of a million miles (in three days), and back, what - five times? seven times? with nary a hitch (and with an awesome dune buggy, no less), in a craft made of aluminum foil and vacuum cleaner parts, the more ridiculous it begins to sound."

If you are not a troll on this subject, you are truly, truly ignorant. READ UP. Yes, our engineers and technicians were really that good in that time. Millions upon millions of man-hours were put in to make it right. And even then, we lost three astronauts semi-uselessly in the Apollo 1 fire and almost lost the crew of Apollo 13. And yes, 'we' were at the very limits of being able to achieve it, weight-wise. So, the lunar module walls were made out very lightweight material. Every possible ounce was saved, because it was needed. Again, take a year out and delve into all the engineering details of that time, not just internet chatter. Please.

You do an immense amount of people dishonor. It is taking every ounce of my fortitude not to just call you an uninformed jerk (on THIS subject)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Ageless Wisdom and... Everything Else

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ray B – a large number of people are dishonoured by discounting Apollo.

It’s fun to take some aspect of Apollo that seems to make the whole thing impossible, then look into it to see how it was actually solved. There were very many arcane engineering challenges that were not front-page, such as, how do you make the bearings for a 55,000 HP single-shaft fuel/LOX turbopump the size of a refrigerator, one for each of the five F-1 engines? Never been done before. How far from the injector plate do you form the fuel-oxidizer convergence to keep an F-1 engine from blowing up due to combustion instability? Never been done before. And on and on...

Has this type of thing been done before? Sure, the pyramids are one example. “See what a bunch of humans can accomplish if they choose to work in concert!” Are these things important? No – none of the avatars suggests taking a little time off from the spiritual path to go work on the pyramids. Our real purpose is surely to raise our level of consciousness, and working on a pyramid or on Apollo is not likely to do that. (Well, except for the astronauts themselves. Several of them underwent significant transformations as a result of their journey. For me, that’s almost proof enough – that’s just what you’d expect, and it would be a little hard to fake.)

When I encounter an Apollo sceptic, my response is always the same – pity. There’s no point in arguing because there’s no way of proving that humans have walked on the moon. But the sceptic denies himself the satisfaction that for at least a little while our kind was able to focus on the stars rather than annihilation.


David V said...

I've been back and forth on the moon landing thing but, as a red-blooded American, I want to believe it happened. I've read most most of the arguments against it, and have either read good rebuttals of same, or have formulated my own. The only real sticking point for me is the radiation problem. They supposedly had some kind of honeycomb/sandwich material that took care of that, but apparently have forgotten how to do it? Oh, another thing is how ALL of the original film/video footage has been "lost" -- WTF? And a lot of the moon rock samples have been lost too? For all of the blood and treasure spent getting them, you'd think they would have built a Fort Knox for moon rock samples!

Anyway, I well remember my chest swelling with pride as I watched the live moon walk footage on a little B&W TV that our grade school teacher set up for the occasion. Yes, this was in your classic little two-room scholhouse, the way it was in the good old days and the way it still should be.


Ray B. said...

John, February 22, 2014 2:54:00 PM

John, thank you for your two postings. They were very even and wise.

(I see you were on the propulsion side. I almost switched from aero to propulsion, thanks to a very good propulsion professor. You make me wonder about 'alternate realities'...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Regarding radiation:

Earth's atmosphere provides the bulk of the protection against radiation. High energy primary cosmic rays nearly always strike an air molecule high in the atmosphere and create a shower of more diffuse, lower energy particles that contribute to the background level at earth's surface. In addition, solar ionizing radiation is diverted by the earth's magnetic field, which is why aurora are seen mostly at high latitudes. Leaving the protection of the atmosphere increases exposure to radiation. Even flying in a commercial airliner at 41,000 feet results in around 12 microsieverts per hour, with estimates of 100 microsieverts per hour for polar flights during times of very high solar activity. See:

(By comparison, the background level where I'm sitting now is only 0.14 microsieverts per hour. [Which is a little higher than it was 5 years ago, by the way.])

Occupants of the International Space Station suffer considerably higher radiation than we do on earth, yet individuals continue to spend time there. Living on a lunar base would increase exposure even more, since there's effectively no magnetic field and no atmosphere. I don't know what the level would be, and it would vary as the sun's activity varied. The total dose is the average rate times time, so it all depends on the length of time one is exposed.

Would I be willing to spend a month on the moon to experience an extreme change in perspective and, as a result, possibly a change in consciousness? You bet!


Anonymous said...

Ray B-

Thank you for your kind comments.

Re-reading my posts I realize that I've misrepresented myself. My degrees are in EE and engineering physics. I did work on Apollo, but only for less than a year, and part time at that. (Nonetheless, I think of it as a highlight of my career. "Those were the times my friend, we thought they'd never end." We were goin' places...) I never met any Apollo astronauts professionally - only informally after presentations, and once at a book signing.

I guess the physics side of me has been fascinated by the mechanical challenges more than by the electronics challenges, and the engineering side has now been subsumed by matters of consciousness and why so many of us seem to be stunted.

By the way, a smaller scale project from long ago was the SR-71. So many things were brand new technology - all the thermal problems among other things. And done with a small team and without computers...
I've seen the one at Dayton, but I've never seen one in the air. They claim it took to the air 52 years ago but no other country has built anything that can match it. Maybe it never flew! Why don't people think it's a hoax?


Anonymous said...

Ray B:

Regarding your remark about alternate realities - you might have a glance at this book:

Barbour describes his idea in very non-mathematical terms. Even so, it's pretty far out and took me a couple of readings to get it. He stays well away from anything spiritual, but the spiritual implications are there, and if his notions are correct, the meaning of a statement such as "Judge not, lest ye be judged" becomes trivially obvious.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I've seen several SR-71, both on the ground and flying. I spent time at Nellis and Bergstrom where a lot of transit aircraft came in and also NATO pilots and the occasional celebrity like the Shah's boy, etc. Saw the second landing of SST in the US, at Bergstrom AFB. Wow! What a beauty. Big and fast. Most people don't realize the SST could easily outfly any fighter jet as it could 'super cruise' all the way across the Atlantic. This, many years before the F-22.

Never saw the TR-3B 'Aurora' but I did see the TR-3B 'Astra' one time.
It was flying. It was absolutely gigantic, visible with the eye way way up there must have been 70,000 feet and still visible it is so big. It was moving at probably mach 7-8-9. It covered the whole distance from when I spotted it at about 1:00 position to out of sight/horizon in seconds.

I've seen a lot of aircraft.
I never saw anything like that, before or since.


I also saw a tubular shiny metallic cigar outside of Memphis at around 8:00 am. It was on my left, hovering over a valley as I climbed a long gentle sloping hill. At first glance I thought it was an American Airlines 727 (not real big) due to the shiny metal. The first thing that popped into my mind was "where's the airstrip, that thing is mighty low!" Then, after it registered, I got a perfect look at it for 15-20 seconds before it just disappeared. It was not moving, had no tail, no wings and four or five glass portholes. About 200 feet away. Maybe closer.

I checked my watch every ten minutes the rest of the day. (;>)

Ray B. said...

Thanks for the fascinating replies, John. I'll look at the book.

In 'echo' to your experiences, I had a couple interesting ones. When I was a shavetail lieutenant at Robins AFB, GA, I rotated through 'Officer of the Day' duty. It was mostly boring, but someone had to be there in case of a real emergency. One of our duties was to formally-greet VIPs passing through. Well, one day I go down to the flight line, snap a salute as the mystery VIP comes through the door, and it is an Apollo astronaut! Wow... (Piloting a T-38.)

Earlier, I was a cadet who had scarfed up a USAF invitation to go tour Cape Kennedy (about 1968). On the way down, we stopped in at this hanger where an aircraft was surrounded by curtains and guarded. We got to go up to the second floor walkway and look down at it. Impressive! Much later, I learned it was a SR-71 Blackbird...

On that same trip, we got the full tour of the NASA facilities. (A much more 'innocent' time.) We got to wander inside the Vehicle Assembly Building where they were assembling future launchers (a huge inside-space), get almost-under the engine bells of a Saturn IB already at the pad, and inspect the huge 'crawlers'. What was so striking was that everything was so large-scale. Ahh, memory lane.

Post 9-11, we did a tourist trip down there, and never got remotely-near anything interesting. I got to pat the mission-capable Saturn V displayed at the museum, that Tricky Dick decided not to use after Apollo 17 (one of two such). Grrr...

John: "...and the engineering side has now been subsumed by matters of consciousness and why so many of us seem to be stunted."

Me, too. Now, on to meditation... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

We're good at bending tin and massaging silicon - not so good at emptying minds.

Ray B: Have a look at that paper referenced above by the Ukrainian professor - interesting.

Also, if you wish, I think I could summarize what I see as the spiritual implications of "The End of Time" in a few paragraphs, if OK with Vis to use this blog for that purpose. Let me know. I'm out of the country until next week, however - difficult to do on the road.


Visible said...

such things are always okay.

Anonymous said...

"So I fin'ly rode away but I'll never forget that day
'Cause when I reached the valley I looked way down cross the way
A giant boat from space landed with eerie grace
And came and taken all the dead away..."

- Jimi Hendrix


Ray B. said...

John, please summarize-away, from my side. You should probably post it on whatever blog page is current as of your posting, so the electrons are not just lost. (Or post it here, with a link on a current page back to your post, once its up.)

via homer..:

Synchronicity again. Thanks. I am reading my first UFO book in a long time, "Triangular UFOs" by David Marler (2013). It is a little dry, being descriptions so far, but makes the hairs stand up with those encounters where the UFO was hovering silently across the street below treetop level - or directly over the car. Damn. And thanks again for the encounter description!

It would be interesting to do a large-scale poll with your description and ask about the last line, to see what percentage of the populace is clued-in... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

To John, Ray B., et al.,

I'm sorry, I mean no disrespect to anyone. I don't know either way about the moon landings, I only meant to stress that there are reasons to doubt. And I know I came across in a mocking tone, so again, I'm sorry for any disrespect.

SJ Palmer

Ray B. said...

John, I leafed through the Ukraine
paper. Very interesting. Unfortunately, image processing is not my area of expertise, so I cannot really form any judgment. I would love to see a 'panel' of three imagery experts - NASA, an independent, and this professor - dissect these pictures.

On a different angle, Keith Laney has identified a possible hidden mission for Apollo 17, based on stated objectives versus the actual rover-trip. Worth checking out...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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