Thursday, February 06, 2014

Lips and Fingertips at the Cosmic, Cartoon Assizes.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Before we internalize into the metaphysical, let us externalize into the physical. As per Mr. Apocalypse's schedule, we are getting increasing revelations. There are more and more uncoverings coming and Mr. Apocalypse is going to be working his way up into the ranks with that, as he proceeds to pull the rug out from under all of those who consider the rug their own private underneath secret's sanctuary. Here's an example. You will note that they mention someone who cannot be mentioned. Would it be someone like this? Mr. Visible's internal revelation machine speaks but his lips are silent. Lips or fingertips ...and... wouldn't that be a nice R&B Pop tune? I shall write it once I am done here.

Yes, this particular feature of the wealthy and power-mad is getting a lot of attention AND as I said, it's making its way to the top of the pitcher of spoiled cream (or had I said that?). Sure, you're asking yourself why it is that those who can afford or command just about anything are so universally attracted to barely pubescent (and even younger) boys and girls. That is simple. It's Satanism. The rise of Satanism in recent times is to be expected. That is because this is an apocalypse and there is sorting out to do and that means the heads of state of the two kingdoms needs to be on the scene. Since either one of them can put on any body that suits them at any time, always dependent on the permission of only one of them, their appearance is in no wise difficult. So it is that Satan is present and moving among the rich and powerful and operating generally through his agents and also whatever shells he may be in habitation of. So it is ...that despoliation of the young is in progress. Not only among the rich and powerful but throughout the manifest, manipulated by the fashion industry and the various media. A particular damnation accompanies this sort of thing and the king of the pit is anxious for a packed house at the end game.

As ever, uncovering is generally also attended by irony, so it is that one of the biggest marketers of sex trafficking and international pedophilia and which is an extension of Israeli policy, which these two other things also are, is hammering out some negative publicity against their biggest competitor, probably because they aren't doing what has been demanded of them. The level of hypocrisy being expressed here is pretty much at the laugh out loud marker on the comedy index. Is there any dark industry that agents of the Dark Tribe are not represented in? Here we have Tribe heroin dealers. Of course, they would be operative in that field of enterprise since the armies that fight 'their wars' are also guarding 'their heroin'; geez Annie, jumping dead Michael Jackson's!!!

Mr Apocalypse is going to be lifting some pretty hoity toity skirts shortly and he's going to be rocking a few boats. We're not just looking at a rash of suiciding bankers, "Oh no precious". Speaking of 'the precious', it hadn't occurred to me that Peter Jackson was a member of horny boys organization but upon further reflection it fits. It certainly fits with his heavy fingerprints upon the release of the West Memphihs 3; keeping in mind that there are two sections of Satanic representatives, the committed and oh so willing and the dupes. It's the same as it is in the higher mysteries, there are the initiates and those used by them and all available teachings tell two different stories, depending on who is reading them. Hoorah!~

As time passes, those in the shadow will slink further into the shadow and those in the light will step further and more firmly into the light. That's how the choreography is set up to dance itself out.

This is why we are now hearing about things that have been operational for some time AND another thing that is about to undergo serious challenge, are massive historical fictions. Some of us already know what those are but they're going to be heading into Exponential County. There are crimes that have not yet met the justice toward which they are inexorably headed. Until that happens, the world will be out of order and Nature will cry out, for those with ears to hear. Those who cannot hear these cries simply experience the discomfort they create, without knowledge of the source.

"It's been a long time coming, (cue Sam Cooke)" Yes, a change is gonna come, a change and changes such as this world has not seen in a long time. How stable will be the ground under your feet? That depends on in what light you are seen by Lady Nature. Those who are in possession of the requisite amount of wisdom, will make it a point at this juncture, to go somewhere into the wild and sincerely ask her forgiveness for offenses, committed in ignorance and ask to be made aware of any forms of behavior that are unacceptable in her sight. If you cannot see or hear her, then something has clouded your vision and that has to be those conferred samskaras from former times. She is inclined to lift those for the contrite of heart. Some of us have encountered her in person, so there is no doubt about her existence and her varieties of personalization. Those near enough- but still blinded for a time- can see her to different degrees with the aid of certain agents, under the right conditions and at optimum times, should they happen to know what that means.

Lady Nature has her powers back and we are presently engaged in an extremely complex unraveling combination game of Go and Chess (similar but extra dimensional and with more pieces) where those so invested in the evils of these times AND other times previous, play against themselves, in whatever form of retribution they have earned and cannot win against or escape.

Mr Apocalypse is going to Rock the Casbah. Mr Apocalypse is going to Put it to the Ritz. Mr. Apocalypse demands that you drop your cocks and grab your socks. Mr. Apocalypse is going to be handing out the cosmic Seconal for those destined to sleep with the fishes. Mr. Apocalypse is going to be Death Dancing with the Stars. Mr. Apocalypse is going to be materializing in top hat and tails, twirling his walking cane. Mr. Apocalypse is going to go to town while London Banks are burning down. Mr. Apocalypse is going to make a lasting investment in Off the Wall Street. Mr. Apocalypse is going to put some Vitamin D in your serenity, while he twelve steps the worthy through the gates of their particular heavens. Mr. Apocalypse is the conductor of that train that is coming, where you don't need no ticket and you just thank The Lord. Mr. Apocalypse is gonna bob and weave and "move like a butterfly and sting like a bee." However, for some, Mr. Apocalypse is going to make it difficult to pee. Mr Apocalypse is going to ride in on a unicorn and ride out on a dragon's tail and catch starlight in a bottomless pail. Mr. Apocalypse is going to kick ass and take names, he's going to unravel plots and put an end to games.

Mr. Apocalypse, my future 'tis of thee. Mr. Apocalypse is beautiful for lightning skies and Emerald Cities where the wizard is wise. Mr. Apocalypse is going to radiate heat and run his hand up your thighs, should you be the sort who find such activity to be a fitting end to mortal dreams. Mr. Apocalypse is going to stretch it all so thin that you can see right through it and make the way clear, so you can walk right to it. He's going make the cash registers sing Stormy Monday and Ruby Tuesday while you're Waiting for Wednesday and then rest up on Thursday for Black Friday, cause he will be Dancing on Saturday Night. Yes, Mr. Apocalypse is going to dry every tear, while he makes a whole lot of people cry. He's going to tap dance on the Formica and turn it into centipede grass. He's going to be a wonder in the heart and a pain in the ass. Mr. Apocalypse is going to be looking at you through his ineffable bifocals that magnify on one side and micro size on the other. He's going to look at the shine upon your skin and into the dark marrow of your bones and you will never feel so crowded and all alone, never feel so connected and separated at turns, while the tundra freezes, the desert burns and the cities on the shore are pulled to the bottom of the sea, all while everything is shining in the light of Mr. Apocalypse's eyes.

He don't miss nothing, our pale rider, our maestro of 'tag you're it', our master for and of all occasions and all disguises. He's the presiding judge at The Cosmic and Cartoon Assizes. He's the jailer and the liberator and the second part is hard, when so many captives have laced their arms through the cell bars out of fear of their release. Backwards and Upside down are the duo who called him to the stage. He's going to gig with them until they are no longer Backwards or Upside down AND... won't that be something! Won't that be something, presssssszious? Won't that be something?

Yes, we're all gonna be down wind and up river. We're going to be waving in the breeze just as pretty as you please, cause Mr. Apocalypse is going to stand everything on its head, until it wakes up and gets out of bed because reveille is blowing through the cloud of unknowing and nothing is ever going to be the same old same old again.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Change is gonna come, huh? Like radioactive 'snow'?


If only it dayam snowed here more than once every 5 or 6 years! Is this cool, or what?

Now why do I have to be stuck in the sardine can HELL-HOLE I'm in? No freezing temps, no hurricanes, hardly ever get tornadoes, and no fake radioactive snow!

Oh, wait a minute! We're having a drought of the millenia! We're gonna be an inferno this summer! Forgot about that.


I just can win, can I?

Anonymous said...


I repent! Really!!!


Visible said...

It's brilliant sunshine here like I've never seen before, day after day and soon February will be gone and Spring has come to this part of this country in February before. Nice.

Jenny said...

we are longing for spring down here in the a-hole of the nation....where the big 'ol Mississippi enters the gulf just a few hundred miles east. Between us and that spot are hundreds of "plants" churning out toxic crap for us to buy. Funny I was raised by a man and his wife- who was a who's who of the chemical industry. So proud of his contribution to agent orange....Roundup. How he always told me it was just a harmless salt. He is gone now.
Moving from Chicago to cali. to here in chem land as a youth....I grew to hate chemicals and all they bring. I now know why my life's training was to teach me how these chemicals- and our own bodies wonderful chemical factory- work in nature. Lady nature has been a great teacher- these days- I am learning big giant lessons. I love is living. Teach on Mr. A! This student is learning much!-jen

David V said...

Out of curiosity, would one manifestation of Lady Nature be the Green Lady encountered by those who partake of Salvia Divinorum? Anyone here who has had that experience and wants to confirm or deny?

One thing you'll never hear on the news is the fact that the rate of cancer goes way up near paper mills and chemical factories (probably some other such industries too). Now they're talking about a looming "tidal wave" of cancer that's coming, worldwide. How would they know that in advance, hmm? Maybe radioactivity or GMOs or something like that? I've also read that USGov knows that GMO is killing all the bees here (not happening in non-GMO countries, that is, pretty much the rest of the planet) -- and we'll be "fresh out" of bees by 2035.

With any luck, I'll be off-planet by then.


Visible said...

Well Green Tara is also Lady Nature. When I met her she had freckles and was wearing a green dress and had lustrous deep red hair (auburn?).

Visible said...

I watch myself closely these days. As I said over at my Facebook page, ever since I decided, unless the cosmos undecides it, that I was going back to Maui, I can hardly shake it out of my head the livelong day. All sorts of negatives show up and all sorts of positives. Yes, it's expensive but yes I have all kinds of ways to make money there.

Anyway, I let those I've been in and out of contact with know I was going to be coming and most of them responded and in the affirmative. Two didn't respond at all and that was strange since I had heard from the one only days before. It puzzled me for a bit. Then the thought leapt into my head; "Do they think I might want something from them?"

I've never asked either one for much of anything over the years I have known them so such a presumption would have no history.

Still, the thought won't go away. This comment isn't about them though, it's about me, the only subject I am mostly familiar with.

I had asked these two a series of simple questions about how things were on the island these days.

One thing I have nearly almost learned is to not put definitions on shit I don't have evidence concerning. One of these people is a friend and the other an acquaintance I guess I would call him, that I met through an employment scenario. He might e a friend, it's hard to say. I am a friend of his but I don't know about the other way around. I wouldn't want to test it and I never would.

I have to go somewhere. there are a lot of places available but some are too dicey and require learning yet another language when I'm not all that good at this one,. which is why I don't want to stay here because of negotiating the complexity of this country without being fluent.

I thought of England where I do know a lot of people but nothing jumped out at me so... why not go back to where I've been, where I was happy and where the elementals of Nature are more active than anywhere else I've been, with the exception of Italy and Italy has a lot of drawbacks for me personally.

It seemed like the right decision and still does. So... why does it jump into my head all the time The ineffable told me not to worry about it at all. I am covered and just because everything isn't neat and tidy, well, it's not time yet. I hear this and I have a track record of trust being verified. It does puzzle me and that's why I'm talking about it. Now I'm going to go take a nap and it will be there as soon as I lay down (grin). So it goes.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Are you sure you wanna move back to the u.s.?


They call THIS law 'enforcement'?

Dude, shite like this is making Zimbabwe look like paradise!

galen said...

Sometimes friends distance themselves because the ones they are distancing from are too radical, too radically truthful, so to speak. It takes great courage to remain close to and in affinity with those who don't hold back and repeatedly put themselves on the line. I have found that the distancing is usually born of fear or courage yet dormant.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Mike Rivero still has up the same "warning" lead-in on his site - namely, that he is in the hospital recovering from pneumonia, and expects to be released on Sunday. Sunday was four days ago. Hmm. Now, why hasn't he updated his situation, I wonder? I would imagine his PayPal donations have spiked since his health revelation. The longer he waits to update people on his health situation, the more money he will rake in...pretty smart move on his part. Either that, or it's just a coincidence. (Wink.)

Anonymous said...

98 percent of white people are fake, shallow, stupid, and just plain evil people.

Aren't the Jews doing god's work by killing off whites thru multiculturalism and inciting racial hatred against whites?

I'm white and I hate whites. White men are faggots and white women are whores. I hope the Jews kill off every last white person on earth.

Flecker's Magick said...

Thanks for posting that video, "Love to Push Those Buttons."

No doubt geo-engineering is the most serious, important issue of our time, as it is continuously affecting everyone, all the time.

Appreciate it.


Visible said...

I posted that one troll bait comment for the general entertainment and against all expectations that person is... heh heh, anonymous. thing is, I know, nobody is going to be moved one wit by that person, spinning their wheels in their own private Hell.

Visible said...

Tomorrow's Origami is up this evening-

Being Resident in Through a Glass Darkly Land.

kenneth said...


policemen handcuffing firemen. need I say more.


Anonymous said...

Kill off all the white people. Well, I think that's an interesting idea. The Asians would definitely take over if that happened, and this would put a new slant on things, although it would be pretty hard for the inferior races to get oriented.

Visible said...

well, a link would have been nice (grin)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Neurosis in Search of Psychosis and a Purgatory of Perversity.

George said...

Anonymous said...


Spoken like a rider!
the top-hat persona-nongrata feels strange..vibrant, still...Virgo/androgenue is not clear to some. Spectacle is harder these days of $$$ generated hallucinations...



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