Wednesday, May 11, 2022

"Some Thoughts on Q, Hitler, and Crowley... And Why I don't Buy the Narratives, Cause I Just Don't Know."

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I remember the halcyon days of psychedelic, world transformation. I remember the Civil Rights struggles and the Vietnam War. I remember not paying much attention to the anti-war protests. I don't think I attended a single one. As for Civil Rights, I grew up on military bases, which were the first integrated environments in this country. I grew up with black friends and never thought one way or another about color. I had a friend named Kelly, who was a lifer enlisted man, He very kindly coached our baseball teams. He knew the game well.

Kelly made some comments to me at times, usually presented with a shrug of the shoulders and a... “that's just how it was, Scout.” I went to Washington DC while still a teenager. I had heard there were 8 women for every one man there. At my age, I liked the odds. I wound up working at gospel missions for a year or so. We served the dregs of society, giving them a room for 3 days each month. I went from there to managing “The Crow's Toe” at 10th and K street. (I think-grin). It was owned by a black man named Terry Portochinco (sp?); from pre-hippie beatnik days. We had nightly poetry readings and jazz artists and performance artists. I did the master of ceremonies thing and read my work. Many of the poets were black.

It was there, sitting in one of the booths, when I asked this black cat why he was wearing dark sunglasses in an already dark room. (and the place was dark, trust me.) He said, “When you're cool, The Sun is always shining.” It was to this fellow that I said, “Socrates is my God.” He replied, “Why not be your own God, man?”

I never thoughts about the dangers of the time. Later on, when I told people where I had been living, I was asked how come I was still alive. Then it was on to DuPont Circle. All kinds of people from every walk of life showed up. That was where I met John Hall, who would later found the group, “Orleans.” We became inseparable friends for a couple of years. I was on the run at some point because of a sting carried out on me, because I fell afoul of Scientology. He told his parents I was wanted. I had been living with them, and they didn't like my influence on their son. I don't think he knows that I discovered what caused me to be arrested there.

He was with me on the night my Kundalini got activated at Terry Jones's (Canadian folk singer) cabin in the Virginia woods. When the kundalini rising happened, everyone was aware of it, though not the cause of it. It terrified them. We drove the 70 miles back to town... five of us... not a word got said. They were shaking in their boots. I was on top of The World because it all made sense to me. None of them would have anything to do with me after that.

I remember running into John in Woodstock a couple of years later. He was famous by then. I was walking up Ohayo Mt. Road and he was walking down. He was not happy to see me there... heh heh. I never let this sort of thing bother me.

The Supernatural was a daily thing for me... but I digress; back to DuPont Circle. You would see Stokely Carmichael there, and H. Rap Brown... others. I spoke to them on occasion. We got along fine. Sometimes Eldridge Cleaver would come around. We all got a kick out of his pants for men only. The World was wide open in those days. You could meet anyone. Everyone was out and about.

I suspect that growing up with black people served me well when I went to prison... so, that... the war... all this was peripheral to me; most especially following the kundalini thing. God was all that mattered. How I got lost for a time, after such a promising beginning... I don't know. It took time to fall. It took time to find my way back. Then... there were those Karmic Commitments we all have. You just have to go through them until you come out the other side.

This circuitous ramble (typical of me) is my long-winded attempt to get around to why I never paid any attention to “Q.” None of these things interested me. I'd had the lie of The World unmasked in convincing fashion. I was past believing in appearances... or Hope. (“wish in one hand”... etc.) Nah... I was and am ever hopeful, but... I've seen through the veil of appearances... thankfully... enough times that it left a lasting impression on me. You can no longer believe in lies, once you have had even momentary and fleeting glimpses of The Truth. You might still not know what it is, but... you damn well know what it is not.

I don't know if what “Q” says is true. I haven't had that much exposure to whoever this is. I've read countless economists... philosophers. You name it, I've seen some amount of it. Now you hear people saying what a great man Hitler was. To me he looked like a force of Nature; an expression of God's wrath, like Attila the Hun. I'm just not attracted to world leaders and social reformers. I'm sure he's not as bad as they say he was, and that he didn't do certain things that I KNOW are not true, and never happened. I KNOW the ones he went after were certainly more evil than him. They STILL ARE.

I don't think of Hitler as being any worse than Churchill, Roosevelt... or any of the rest of them. I do think Stalin was much worse, but it's not my job to grade and compare Evil. Hardly anyone knows what Evil is. I always think of it as something that has not been understood, or... fixed yet. Hitler's evil is in pale comparison to The Collected Works of The Usual Suspects. Is that some kind of anthology?

Evil is often whatever we consider to be inconvenient.

Bad Guys come and go. So do Good Guys (and girls). History turns Bad Guys into Good Guys, and the reverse is true as well. I don't know what the point of “Q” is. All the things we are waiting to see happen... have yet to happen. “Q” is one more of those Hope-Portals. Day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, I have read and listened to lie, after lie, after lie. It's become a reflex action for me now; less than a minute in... five minutes in, I shake my head and say, “They're lying.” Rarely do I ever hear anyone speak The Truth. Everybody's got an angle, and so many are saying what they think people want to hear.

Meanwhile, I am grateful to the courageous people who have exposed so many of the lies. Then they run off trying to be rock stars. A guy gets the Nobel Prize, and now he's working on becoming all things to all men (and girls) because of The Lure of Fame. Fuck fame. Fame is a curse (usually). Podcasts...Tik-Tok and YouTube channels... influencers... Pop-Tart, and pop-up celebrities. They all want the long green. They can have it. Fuck wealth and influencers. Fuck all these things that leave people heartsick and bankrupt where it counts.

We all long for something. I long for Cold Mountain, but... I'm okay where I am. Cold Mountain is a state of mind, as much as it is a place. People can go there... and not see or feel it. They pass right on through. So... all these issues. They come and go. Not much good has come from so many of them. People are even angrier with others now, because... they are angry with themselves. Their lives have lost meaning, (if they ever had any) and it is absolutely someone else's fault. People are twitchy now. They are constantly startled by something they can't see... that flies in and perches on their shoulder.

What it is... is... once again, The Fruit of Materialism. It creates more and more emptiness that we fill up with Stuff. Stuff can't love you back. In the end, (and the beginning too) Stuff is Stuff. The homeless crisis is a sickness that is caused by Materialism. Some of us are very good at manipulating and profiting from Materialism. One might say they were born to it. It's what they do. You can't blame a wolverine for being a wolverine. That is its nature. You can steer clear of them.

Hitler was certainly right about some things. So is “Q.” These days there is a big movement to rehabilitate Hitler's image. People go on and on about Crowley. I suspect they don't know that much about him, or how he was before, and then... after Choronzon. People think Warhol was a great artist, not an opportunistic sociopath who celebrated the fleeting joys of Materialism.

Art has been shit for some time now, and so has music and all else. It should embarrass them, but they are not able to be embarrassed. They keep pressing forward. They want it all. They want to die with the most toys, BUT... these days are not like other days before. This is a Grand Apocalypse. Humanity is going to awaken... is awakening, and... this does not bode well for those who have been deceiving everyone else for the purpose of gain. People think wealth, and their contacts will protect them. This is not a good time to be rich if you can't handle it like a good steward.

I realize that Hitler is not what others (for their own reasons) have painted him as. It's a many billions of dollars industry to maintain Hitler's rep as it is. He's not my concern. War is not my concern. Making everyone equal in a world where that cannot possibly happen, is not my concern either. God is my concern, as is every life form he disguises himself in. I don't have to like what people are, but I am compelled to love them.

I don't know about “Q”, White Hats... and Trump with the long-range secret agenda to save The World. I AM NOT saying these things are not true. How can I when I don't know? I cannot say they are true either when I don't know. It all seems like a continuation of Benjamin Fulford's bizarre fantasies that also never come true; he of the multi-colored ninjas.

What I do know is that The Avatar is coming, and he cannot be far away. In the Advent of The Avatar comes Apocalypse and Awakening. These two precede his arrival. I also know that one age does not fully transition to the next until he has come and gone. Everything is in a holding pattern until he shows up. He might not even show up as a single persona this time, given how many of us there are. He might simply appear in every heart that has prepared a place for him.

The Age of Aquarius is The Age of Brotherhood, so... it makes sense for him to arrive in various personalities, to set the tone for The Golden Age to follow. I don't know. The Details are not my concern. My concern is to Practice the Presence of God. Everything else will take care of itself.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I long for Akashic Library, and ends of the Nose-iverse. Or would that be Nostrilverse. Well, what ever. I can't wait to be an eternal tourist of all that is, and create the coolest galaxy ever. Cold Mountain's good though, even if it is in NC. As long as it ain't Carthage. Beats Bay Area, but I wouldn't insult fruits and nuts by referring to my local area as the land of. . . I mean, I like most fruits and nuts. Gotta have a couple of kiwis later, and I wish I remembered all the time we have a bag of filberts, walnuts, and Hell knows what else sittin' on the table somewhere. (Don't ask.)

People think their wealth and contacts will protect them? Tell it to the people in Beverley Hills who are getting robbed. Tell it to JFK and the other assassinated politicians of recent and distantly past times.

Nostrils up, of course.

Visible said...

It looks like all of my sites got shut down. Don't know what to tell you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I clicked on several links on the side bar and got 'em. Your blogs are accessible, gab is up, so I know not what specifically you speak of. I've also lost sites for several days and then I can access them again, so. . . I can get the Real History Channel now. Hopefully whatever your issue was gets worked out.

Visible said...

A few minutes after I contacted The Elf it cleared up. I've noticed this before. If someone can fix something it usually doesn't break down when they are around. As soon as I contacted The Elf, they took their foot off the shutdown button.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Robot Mind of Zombie Allegiance, to The Glitter and Glow of The World, is a Timeless Affliction."



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