Monday, May 16, 2022

"Saturn is Romance's Backhand. It Doesn't Matter What the Romance is, Unless it is With The Divine."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I channel cosmic forces; (what do you mean?) I mean that the archetypes move and act through us if we let them. This is the source of all timeless acting... music... art, and literature. All of these are dead at the moment, but they will come back. What is better? To learn a craft in a workmanlike way... or have the real deal... channeling through you, just by stepping out of the way? This applies in every area of human industry. It accounts for the rise of all temporary technologies and evolutions of culture... and their fall... and their fall. A stage is erected, and the performance is given. The audience leaves, and the stage is torn down and moves to the next town; metaphorically AND Literally.

This happens on a planetary level as well. This happens inside your mind also. Is it not best to have a cosmic drama playing out in your mind... instead of being some form of Mr. Potatohead? And then you wind up in the vichyssoise? Does your thinking cap have a propeller on it? What's your position on chewing gum and taking dictation? You may think these questions are out of line... or you simply don't understand them, but... the time will come when you will get the meaning inside the meaning. Next thing you know, you will have a magic beanstalk in your backyard.

I don't usually get into the technical side of things, but this eclipse is screaming, Mr. Apocalypse(!), without mentioning him. This is a Blood Moon in Scorpio, which rules the 8th house. My 8th house is the most populated in my birth chart, so... I have ground-level (grin) experience of it. The 8th house has to do with death and inheritances, so... it is directly tied to Karma and Reincarnation. If you do not have a firm foundation, this moon is going to shiver your timbers, and rattle your bricks, and... it is opening a door into manifest life that will have palpable effects, by stirring up conditions out of the deep and hidden subconscious; brutally in some cases.

Even if you are not into self-inquiry, it is going to make you look at yourself. As you can imagine this can be a good thing or a bad thing, and... in Times of Material Darkness, shining a light into dark corners can be prone to causing jump scares. You may recall that I mentioned the scorpion, eagle, and phoenix very recently. Depending on which of these you are employing... or pursuing, your specific road chosen is going to provide the context and surroundings for it.

Some evidence of everything being under control is what is demonstrated in the motion of the planets, passing each other in The Heavens. The rubbing against one another in their passing creates The Music of the Spheres... LITERALLY; just because you can't hear it doesn't mean it isn't broadcasting ALL THE TIME. Each planet is an archetypal force. It means things all by itself. When you bring in the other planets and their interactions with each other, you wind up with MANY... MANY possibilities of existence playing out in MANY... MANY different ways. You factor in The Houses of the Zodiac, and... well... you should be getting the picture by now.

Sages, mystics, and sundry... have been studying the stars for countless ages. They have seen the planetary blueprints in the histories of human experience. Keep in mind... the planets are always moving. They rotate around The Sun, but our sun and solar system rotate around something else, that also rotates around something else. Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Rotate on it!” Does it not? Everything circles The Throne of God.

Think of a restless ocean that washes toward The Visible, and then back toward The Invisible. It is all a matter of VIBRATION... the frequencies on The Dial. Tune in to the channel that you find most enjoyable... or meaningful to you. That is what people do. They want the kind of music they dance to, to be playing in their ears, while The Sugar Plum Fairies do the Hully Gully in their heads. So... so... it really comes down (or up) to what you love and value. What attracts you? This determines the sort of music you like. You can hear The Song of the Planets... if you tune the other music out. You also can't put more water into a bucket that is full.

In Times of Material Darkness, people are attracted to coarser engagements. I don't know why this is, but I observe that it is. Not everyone is like this, but many are either like that... or standing in a crowd of confusion; near paralyzed by uncertainty. So the planets move, and they shake things up. They move people into particular circumstances of unique encounters... group-wise, and personal-wise, and The Planets are given their courses and are set in motion by... the ineffable, who has Everything Under Control.

What I am dancing from one foot to the other about, is... pending and dramatic change, fueled by the planets for The Purpose of Demonstration in the form of Realization, Revelation, and Transformation. This means that both the Apocalypse Factor... and The Awakening Factor are going to be front and center everywhere. It will affect different mindsets differently; of course, you would expect that. This is why The Avatar comes to Reward AND to Punish.

I KNOW that what I talk about here, pisses some people off. They don't want to hear about it. Their bucket is already full. Some people cannot be told. They must be shown, and that is The Purpose of Demonstration.

We've all got our jobs to do. We might try not to do them, and we might do them half-assed, cause that's how we learned, BUT... we do them. We cannot fail to do them. We will be forced to do them against our will, like Arjuna, struggling with engaging in the coming battle. Krishna tells him that... like it or not, his own nature will drive him to do it.

People need to get it into their heads. War is a common affair here. It's in our DNA. Especially, if we are of the Kshatriya Caste ( as I am). You can pick your war. I prefer to engage in Jihad on my own shortcomings. I prefer to go to war against Ignorance, and Suffering. I will start with my own.

Yes... there are times of peace, and long, long stretches of shining light, where there is ALWAYS harmony, BUT... even there you can find The Shadow... if you go looking for it. Hey! Just turn your back to The Sun! Well... ages change. The Shadow increases... until it is three-quarters Shadow, like now. Then it all turns around again, as it is on the verge of accomplishing, though even the extreme verge of change can sometimes be measured in years.

The Planets go along their fixed routes. They all move over longer or shorter distances, and this reflects in their character. It is easy to fall in and out of pedestrian attractions. That is why Venus is so close. The after-shocks from the coming and going of The Attractive Force can take longer, and that is where Saturn comes in. Saturn takes longer. Saturn is Romance's Backhand. It doesn't matter what the romance is... unless it is with The Divine.

Many of the astrologers that I have met were a bit screwy. Let's use the term, eccentric. That is a kinder window. It is because of the nature of the science, and the degree of Subjectivity among the practitioners, that extreme Objectivity is the desired benchmark perspective. It can make you wiggy. At least this is what I have seen. I mean no censure or harm in saying this. Every profession has its drawbacks. Look at the people who go full-on New Age. That is a far greater extreme of wiggyness. Look at the people with money and sex addictions. Look at the people who conceal these with other addictions, which only serve to exaggerate the problem. It's a sticky wicket and no mistake about that.

Meanwhile... Mercury is in retrograde during this eclipse and will be for two further weeks. This puts a whole nother face on the matter. Think of it as being like tying one hand behind your back, or holding a hand over one eye; smoking marijuana, WHILE having a few beers. It is a handicap and a hindrance to clarity. What happens to people when they can't see clearly and become frustrated? So... there are possibilities of angry outbursts... loss of temper, saying things you do, and do not mean, heading off in the wrong directions, or misreading the street signs. Yeah...

It's all more complex than this. It's all infinitely variable in it subjective impact, so... obviously, me being me... it's not something I hold forth on. I am neither smart enough nor informed enough. VERY FEW people are. It is one thing to pursue The Limitless, and another thing to ignore your limitations. That I do not know is profoundly useful and helpful in my journey. I can be informed, You see? If I already had all the answers. If my bucket was full, I wouldn't be able to be informed.

There was a time when I had been taking something we called, Plato. It might have also been called Play-Dough by some. It was a lot like an early permutation of MMDA, but it had an intellectual and intuitional component. I really liked it. Now it is adios for that. Anyway... I was in my restaurant; which was communally owned by a core group of players of which I was a member. It was one of those rare times when no one else was there. I took quite the dose; how very like me. Then I experienced something like cosmic Feng Shui... Tai Chi... but... it was a sense of The Planets moving in my body(s). I could FEEL the different planets channeling and interacting, and I was interacting with them. It was amazing.

The Planets are engaged in the pressing and shaping of The Personality IN THE DIRECTION OF THE INDIVIDUALITY. My... 'Self' was the observer. The Planets teach us to understand The Pecking Order. The Personality should NOT be left in charge, and you see why... everywhere. It always devolves into a shouting match or a sullen silence with who and whatever... or it gazes into The Mirror having mistaken The Personality for The Self. They are NOT the same.

That is how I came to the understanding of esoteric astrology. The sense of this has never left me. I see this (for me) as the practical side of astrology. It was something I could use to dance with The Cosmos, to get in a harmonic groove with it, to surf my way on a spiritual slipstream.

After a while, all these subjects that I put so much time into all ran together... and lost the importance of their distinctions. What I mean is that there is ONLY one subject worth the attention, and it illuminates and explains all of the other possible components. There is only one force worth the time and energy of pursuit and understanding. That is Love. As Love becomes more rarefied, it rises out of The Carnal Theater and enters the blessed sphere where time has no weight. It approaches The Throne of God. It lifts you up. It dusts you off. It puts you in a resonance with Heaven, and in harmony with all life.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

"As Love becomes more rarefied, it rises out of The Carnal Theater and enters the blessed sphere where time has no weight. It approaches The Throne of God. It lifts you up. It dusts you off. It puts you in a resonance with Heaven, and in harmony with all life."

And he says he's not a guru. (wink)


Guy Reid-Brown said...

My goodness, Les, I am so glad you are there with these postings.

I suffered a sort of internal - but externally expressed - mini-apocalypse last night.

I don't pretend to understand all the references here, but, my goodness again, this makes good sense of it at the current moment.

Visible said...

I'm sorry to hear that. You seem like a really good guy, but... who else do these things happen to? (grin) I should mention that I feel like I should be wearing a Flak Jacket after the eclipse last night. There is a wave of incomprehensible and inexplicable gremlins out of the lower astral plane tumbling and roiling about invisibly and making a malicious nuisance of themselves. This is the sort of thing that happens when major changes are lining up in the hopper. It takes adjusting to. Once again, a difficulty at the beginning sort of thing.

Keeping an even temper is my main focus. I don't want to give them an opportunity to make me angry, which is... the objective. It used to be they would press, and press harder, and press harder until I lost it. Then... everything was fine again. I am no longer in the mood to play that bait-the-visible game. Sometimes one just has to outwait the press, because the current will surely change in time.

The final objective... is to come to a state of balance and resonance with the higher mind; so as to be completely undisturbed by the action.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I wasn't expecting an answer at all, but that is an absolute GEM! Thank you 😁

M - said...

Saturn Retrograde (in Scorpio) resides in my 11th house. You can get a full read out of your houses from, but suffice to say that Saturn shows where we limit ourselves due to fear or insecurity. Saturn is also known as the "Task Master".

For the past 6 months I've been keeping track of how the phases of the Moon affect me. New Moons kick my butt - low energy, foggy brain, etc. I react just the OPPOSITE with Full Moons. So naturally I look forward to them...

I was going to do a Post about last night's Full Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse (which I was able to see around 9pm last night - it was beautiful) but as I pulled a Tarot card, thinking I would tie the two together, it actually related directly to something that happened last Tuesday: Jupiter entered the sign of Aries where it will stay for one year...

Fortune smiles on those born under the sign of Aries

For every sign of the zodiac, with Jupiter in Aries we can attract the best fortune when we take the lead, initiate, inspire others, and demonstrate enthusiasm and courage. Faith in ourselves can bring about positive circumstances or good luck during this transit.

And here you are talking about the planets and astrology. (We've had quite a lot of very interesting celestial happenings these past two years, haven't we?)

Perhaps many of us are on similar wavelengths these days. ≋;>

(and if I had to choose between the scorpion, eagle, or phoenix I would pick the latter. Being "of Fire" myself this makes the most sense.

Anonymous said...

Ketu's appearance and short stay was eerily quiet and soft. The sky dark and thick with haze, the Moon giving a cool glowing luminescence like a lamplight covered with a velvet shroud. A unique and wonderfully surreal lunar sky in a foreboding primordial way.

Ketu: The Most Mysterious and Powerful of Planetary Influences

Guy Reid-Brown said...


Fortune smiles on those born under the sign of Aries '

Oh goody, thank you M! ☺

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up, as usual. Off topic, but thank you for the link to the Cold Mountain poetry. Wow! It's some of the best I've read, though I still don't think anything can beat The Masque of Anarchy. (Percy's my favourite poet these days. Byron is close behind in his art, though I think George had much to be desired in the personality department.)

Visible said...

The Cold Mountain poems are a marvel, written by a Taoist sage. Once again... those works, written by the hand of The Master, through whatever vehicle he employs, contain all one might need to know, or... at least where to look for it. People just rush by. That is what they do. I'll take care of it later on they say... but never do because that is how it goes. It goes. One has to arrest it and fix it through the power of the channeled will which... by the way, can fix or make ANYTHING.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It's a Casual Fuck and Forget Monotony of Anonymous Bodies, Tumbling Through an Ever-Deepening Darkness. "



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