Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sliding Down an Endless Wall into the Silence

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Sliding down the silence of an endless wall, blowing on a leprechaun’s horn. I don't know if a leper or a khan got their word names tangled together, all I know is that I am in the saucer pod, hovering over the petri dish, a simmering stew it is.

Well there's wars and disorder, they happen to effect our way of life, so... someone causes these to occur. Someone does these things. Can the truth of their activities be uncovered? Yes they can. Anyone curious enough to know, knows that there are fantastic fabrications still, it depends on, if you want to know. If you don't want to know then you should head off yonder to that far country you believe in.

Unless you forget that you have shoes, or feet. Beam me up, Dorothy. Scotty is bent over the pissoir, with his pants dropped down at his ankles, waitng on some local action, while he reads the telephone numbers on the wall in front of him and sees his own number there. Should he call home? Call E.T.? As he slides down the silence of an endless wall into the noise.

Fuck do I know? My problem. Fuck do you know? It's your problem. Some of us like the light shining and then there is the darkness. Who is really behind it, is another matter. Honey, could you hand me one of those insta fresh, false flags, while I slip into something comfortable? Then, I can stick something uncomfortable into you, while you are waiting for me to change, like a steely stiletto; would that be okay?

It's the same guys from the mercenary nations. I guess if youriNation, you could give me that golden shower now. I like it with my clothes on so I can smell them afterwards and share them with my friend, like baseball cards. Hey Joe (cue Jimmi Hendrix), you got gum? You're still too damn dumb. Too dumb to fuck, is really out of luck and there are no hopes for survivors in the aftermath following, I'll be sliding down an endless wall into silence. It's plugugly, fuguly and luvugly, sliding down the other side of an endless wall of noise. Not since Gilbrato conjugated the Latino have we seen shit like this ...which is cool because neither of those cats exist.

So if Molly goes twinkly and Holly go lightly, does the dish run away with the spoon? Your guess is as good as mine. I don't need headphones on my side of where, I be sliding down an endless wall of silence into the room. We're either too true to be false or too false to be true and I agree that we are welcome to what it garners; cue Maverick. This is a cold world we have people and there are all kinds of people, who should be somewhere, other than here . And most of the time, the people are not bad but the system made it so, probably why you hear gangsta rap on the radio, as I am sliding down an endless wall of silence or something into nothing blowing the Leprechaun's horn.

We will all be walking bad roads one day, if the banker are allowed to continue in their way. No, all banks are not bad banks, nor all bankers too, c'ept for the here and the there,. but most of them do, with the badness that causes the madness, where I hear with my eyes, as I slide down that endless wall of slience, blowing on a leprechaun’s horn (cue John Coltrane in a tight green suit) and the black girls sing but it's a bad thing to sing, on the same slavemaster ship that brought you to where, now it's somebody else, so nobody cares.

No I'm not mainstream, few listen to me, but you don't mind the word, heed the call, well my friend, it's just the same old, same old, over and over again. I'm not angry. I'm probably sad. If more of us cared then more we would have. It's not too late to change this, you don't or you do. I'll just keep sliding down that endless wall into the silence blowing on my leprechuan's horn .... bbbbbbwwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhahahahahahahahaha, so long.

End Transmission.......

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Almost A Capella by Les Visible


Anonymous said...

interesting how your moods fluctuate. it happens to me too -- it happens to all of us. what is the reality behind the mood -- does it fluctuate or just the mood?

are you being hit with low wave blue meany energy particles? maybe. if it is possible to target (who knows for sure --certainly not me) then you are a very likely target. but don't you have protection? aren't you immune by virtue of who you work for? you state this in some blogs -- i like to believe it is true. for your sake and mine.

yes, it is a cacophony of screaming bullshit -- amped up and lurid -- the bastards appear to be winning -- but the bastards are always winning -- so maybe it is necessary re-define winning? one of their tricks -- re-definition -- turn it back on them. what is the new winning? steer it in a direction they cannot navigate or even see.

sail above the fray and prepare for the next stop

do we depart when we understand what we came here to learn? is it that simple? probably.

you like to laugh too much to let any of this get you down -- laughter is the lightest point of consciousness -- osho

laughter is the 7th sense -- liz in l.a.

Visible said...

I'm actually fine. I'm a funghi. Weird people asking me like if I'm okay. I couldn't be better except for the lack of being in the company of friends of more friends. I'm not afraid of the things in the shadows.god has my back. what is is, is what is and it's either working but transforming. We do what we have.

preacher said...

There's still hope...

US Presidential Candidate: “Israel Did 911″ Tells Ahmadinejad Zionists Control US Politics (VID)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I choose "too true to be false."

Especially on Ganesha Chaturthi!!!

missingarib said...

Vis, mornings begin with the dawning of the impression that we awake in a totally counterfeit reality- with no holds barred .
The anti reality is coming into view!

Uncertain sounds, uncertain pictures in the news , discordant moments 24/7 wonky shifting of the earth in quakes - a repetitiveness without any point-is it the age or of the age ? --wow o steady as she goes mate
we hear ya loud and clear, thank God!

live long

Mark said...

Drums keep poun-din a rhythm to the brain…

Now that the world is teetering on the eve of destruction, and a little late to ask just how we got here, I believe it matters to acknowledge one of the main causative factors. Not that people want to hear it, not when the truth hurts. I once posted that it was wrong to spay or neuter your pets; that since we did not create these animals, or make them what they are, we had no moral right to render them sterile for our own convenience. Of course, my post ignited a pocket shitstorm, and I think it's because so many of us have done so, and are incapable of accepting responsibility for doing something reprehensible. That the practice has become so prevalent in our society only means we have been brainwashed into becoming callous human beings. I am not a bit surprised that yesterday some gentleman from a California university suggested it would be prudent to permanently sterilize American males.


I would also have a problem convincing all the parents throughout history who have proudly sent their sons off to fight a war on behalf of the same amoral group of beings behind our present straights, that they as parents made it all possible. Yet wars were never possible but for the willing young men ready to fight them, and their willingness stems directly from their upbringing. There is a high profile yahoo running amok who deems it necessary to attack Iran, an act which would most likely precipitate WWIII, and snuff out most if not all life on earth.


Without the muscle we as parents have always provided them, none of those wars would ever have been fought. I wonder what the world would be like now if we had just said no.

And the beat goes on

Anonymous said...

Hi Les Visible,
Are you in control of the dish or still them?
I am still chewing gum. What's the deal? Are you coming or not? Or should I come to you? Or are you again coo coo kachooing? People may be still dying? Tv is still lying?

preacher said...

Yes the beat goes on...
And on, and on...!

@Mark 10:27:00 PM
Your talk send me to memory lane. A strange thing happened to me: I met sometimes this Israelian vet student, that kept hammering me about removing the uterus from my dog, because "it could be letal", she said.
I believed as you do, so I didn't. She died at seven from cancer to the uterus and I still don't know if I did the right thing.
I don't keep dogs anymore...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And the good news is the evil B of A is laying off 16,000 by Christmas. The better news is that if people wake up, they can destroy ALL the vilest corporations via boycotts, but I'm probably dreaming, huh?

insiam said...

i find your post somewhat obscure:)

v 1: make les(s) visible or unclear; "The stars are obscured by the ....

So let me take the opportunity to post something very clear - at least for me. I have made this point over and again.

Surely a one eyed man on a galloping horse can see ...

the gardener said...

Smoke from big fires all over the great Northwest. Sun ripped off another solar stream-headed our way approximately Equinox date.

I'm managing to keep my chin up but only with great efforts. So much to do and knowing that my timing is perfect -always two steps ahead.

of the scales and the scythe.

the gardener

shining the light---the Sun coming and going is all red. That does suffice.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

excellent link, Preacher, I just hope his party doesn't take Rothschild money like Hitler - or if turncoating later on after opportunistically taking money from them, doesn't fall into their cunning plan (eg Holocaustic Isreali Genesis) .
Miller there saying "we've got to get back" to where we once belonged, I wonder how far.
almost 100 years ago, Ford at least had the power, some free press, and the guts to tell it like it is. he also had the intelligence to frame his brilliantly written The International Jew

vis, you've probably read it, there are bits there that you've said before (often on partially deaf ears like mine), esp. wholesaling.

I always have in mind the controlled opposition, hedge betting scenarios though. that's the tricky thing, apart from the Cosmic element which contains All.

that's the thing too, the more that a few find out just a little of how they've been lied to / propagansized, the more they will question. some few will then go on to question those lines of inquiry and the meaning of it all.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(correction/evolution/learning)

ok, according to this then the Nazis didn't want the Jews to get their base camp on top of Palestinian blood.

"The Germans did not want the Jews within the German living space or lebensraum; in addition, they did not want them in Palestine. In fact, the German foreign office's terms for sending Jews to Britain or releasing them via Switzerland included an insistence that they must never be transferred to Palestine, since the Arabs rejected the Jews just as strongly as did the Germans."

ps Vis your link to "Israel Did 911" doesn't work for me the last days.

Anonymous said...

You can lose some of your collected energies through masturbation, also, the flute, can make you feel sexually arosed to the point of tempationous masturbation, so, if one is to masturbate, one on you pathm must keep it minimal and clean, although to ever express the seed, one can lose collected energies.
Depends what ones goal is for completion, i myself, have differnet objectivites to complete.
Therfore for now i serve others as myself.
LH Ld Elon

Mouser said...

Back on the hamster wheel again. Around and around i go, money in money out. What is richness? Not money that's for sure. Love , yea love. But what is love. That all illusive truth and light we all long for in our heart of hearts. Something that only can be reached when we go though whatever our concept of god is.
Oh how i thirst for true love.
Please give me a cup of water.

peace and love

Visible said...

anonymous 1:33:00 AM

Since I don't know who you are, I can't answer that question. Ergo, coming to you would be impossible and coming to me I wouldn't know anything about. These days a lot of people are coming to me and I am also going to see a lot of people. Here is the church and there is the steeple. Open up your hand to show all the people.

Anonymous said...

They hate us because we kill them.

What part of that is hard to figure out?

Main stream media - go fuck yourselves!

Anonymous said...

"If one examines the phenomenon of the SSRI drugs, their history in the 1950s in Switzerland, and the path way to their discovery, it is possible to formulate some very interesting questions, if not conclusions. Such as, why do almost identical chemicals appear in the Soviet Military Criminal Psychiatric system in the 1940s where they were used in an effort at 'chemical population control'? Why do so many of the 'doctors' who worked on, or in support of early western Big Pharma anti-depressant (rational medicines movement) development have ties to the Soviet psychiatric establishment?... "

-- Clif High, "America Is So Great"

Anonymous said...

"You've Lost That Oven Feelin'"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", by the Righteous Brothers.)

You never talk 6 million dead
When we tour the camps
And there's no human skin, like before
On the shades of lamps
You're trying hard not to show it (baby)
But I know it

You've lost that oven feeling
Whoa-oh, that oven feeling
You've lost that oven feeling
Now it's gone, gone, gone
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa...

Now there's no Zyclon B, like before
Down at old Dachau
And where'd the corpses go -
Does Khazaria have them now?
It makes me just feel like crying (baby)
'Cause, baby, something beautiful's dying

You've lost that oven feeling
Whoa-oh, that oven feeling
You've lost that oven feeling
Now it's gone, gone, gone
And I can't go on
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa...

Baby, baby, I'd sell a fake Rolex for you
If you would only mindfuck me
Like you used to do, yeah
We had an oven, an oven
An oven you don't find every day
So don't - don't - don't
Don't let it slip away

I said a baby (baby), baby (baby)
I beg you please (woooo)
Please (woooo)
I need your oven (I need your oven)
I need your oven (I need your oven)
Now it bring it on back (bring it on back)
Bring it on back (bring it on back)

You've lost that oven feeling
Whoa-oh, that oven feeling
You've lost that oven feeling
Now it's gone, gone, gone
And I can't hold on
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whoa...

Erascible said...

Hey Les,

People don't half post a load o'shite in these here envrons.
I just want to say I think you do us great service and are much appreciated.

Cheers brother,


Clarity said...

Nice job on those lyrics...

Can anyone give me a good link, an address, a goo-gull map location - any legitimate piece of information pointing me to the US consulate in Benghazi? I have been searching and searching, and all I can come up with is one in Tripoli.

Mouser - do what you can to get that love. It is so worth it.

anon@11:06 - SSRIs are nasty business. Withdrawal symptoms are severe if you don't do a gradual reduction over time. Too quickly, and you're in trouble - likely to go back to them just to ease those symptoms. I imagine they were designed that way. If anyone needs info. on a withdrawal program I found that looks good, email me at

*Use @ for AT


Anonymous said...

pierre said....

Clarity, for your
. ie what embassy? see sattellite map further down this page.

Anonymous said...

First hand ready for figure head shake. One for any. Short and sweet, shake and see. First shake first see.n

david griffith said...

Wish I had more to offer than ‘best wishes’.

You’re the voice that I look forward to hearing. Sometimes you express the way you personally feel and that isn’t always ‘sweet’..... but it’s honest.

Patience isn’t something we’re born with. ‘Groaning under the yoke’ isn’t a comfortable position. To some degree, it’s our common lot.

I read your words yesterday and wanted to give you a hug - and a million bucks. You stayed with me all day - as your words invariably do - and, while it felt momentarily a bit silly, I beamed you that love.

Perhaps most of your readership are materially poor but I’d think that I’m not alone in beaming you ‘support’.

Wish I had more to offer....... you’re a very good brother, Visible and I’m delighted you exist - warts an’ all.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

If money means anything at all anymore (it doesn't to me) then this podcast may be of interest to someone ...

It wasn't so much the 9.3 trillion dollars that caught my ear but the chance that IF this is true and IF this goes the right way, then MAYBE, just maybe, the dam will burst and the damn Zionists will be washed away to where they belong -- (insert your favourite lowdown location here). Let's just say I will be watching events as they unfold (IF they unfold) and hoping for the best outcome.

For those who haven't 2 hours to spare, go to the last part of the second hour or read the teaser written below. It has most of the relevant and revealed information. Things just get curiouser and curiouser.

preacher said...

What I get from this article is, that the consulate was temporary and just a strenghtened villa...

But what can you believe these days?

Anonymous said...

The end of the road
Broken spectacles
Lies and propaganda
The vampires tenticles
Rothschilds loss
Pikes inebriation
The collapsing dominion
Of evils desolation
World war dreams
The corporations death
Goodbye monsanto
And the war machines effects
Back into the silence
Sliding down the wall
Back into the pit
Where satan falls


Anonymous said...

Clarity I love you,,,,,neil

Anonymous said...

Grand living high
An open testament
Songs made of sea shells
Bindings of the elements
Vibrations through eternity
the message in a heart
The birds of living Tao
Courses on the path
emanating paradise
Fire and the wind
Essence of the universe
A fountain within
The calling of our nature
Wandering in dreams
Flowers in the garden
Mother nature beams

Anonymous said...

as a favor to all who yearn for peace....Justice in Palestine and all Good Faith inhabitants on Earth ...

would you PLEASE record the song You've lost that Oven Feeling...?


I would stand in line for that

one of your devoted fans

Anonymous said...

Mounting tension
Uncontainable division
Collapsing empires
Impoverished provisions
Illusive claims
Degenerated royalty
The path of destruction
Misconstrued loyalty
Useless avenues
A flash in the pan
Colonial dates
Devestated plans
Masonic frustration
NO where left to turn
Surrounded by eternity
Where evil burns


Anonymous said...

Pickles in the foyer
Mayonnaise on the wall
Eating fruits and vegetables
Makes a boy grow tall

Boddhisatvas talking
Bow my head in thought
Singing little singy-songs
Makes a boy think naught

Gandhi's on the front lawn
MLK's out back
Granny's in the double-wide
Smoking up some crack

I love the earth and sun and moon
I want to see your shaven poon

Fireflies, fireflies -
A pinch of fairy dust
An earthen bonnet on my head
The rain it cannot rust

- The End
Thank you for watching. Amen.
Peace. Love. And lotto tickets for all!

Anonymous said...

Wings of silver
Beating down upon
A soulless beach
The ocean rising
To the call of
The pulling moon
Wild apples
Green in taste
Free of GMO
So good with porn
Netanyahu speaks
My dog vomits
Flecks of okra
In a pool of goo
ADHD beckons
Look at the moths!
What was I thinking
Time to vote
Yes - and go to church
Easter bunny coming
To save us all
I cannot wait
My bags are packed
I will play the harp
At Jesus's knee
And Popeye will dance
With Mayor McCheese
As the dish runs away
With the spoon

Anonymous said...

Ok got the message,,,, neil

the gardener said...

RE: david griffith -what he said. I check in first thing every morning hoping there is some soul jerkey for me to chew on the rest of my day whilst all yoked up.


Having quite the little pet party so early on this Saturday morning...'Baby Girl's' 11th birthday and a loving mama cat teaching by chirps, and even head hold draggins around, her babies how to eat solid food for the first time, followed by drinks of water.

PS-"Baby, baby, I'd sell a fake Rolex for you" rotflmao

Visible said...

A New Visible Origami-

The Meaning of Life is the Meaning of Ourselves.

est said...

yes neil
i hope the message you got
is that people that have no

talent of their own like to mock
those that do, in their own style

consider it a form of flattery,
even though misguided

never let this stop you
from expressing yourself

WarmZephyr said...

To Anon the Troll-on: How does it feel to be a washed-up cynic? Leave Neil alone - you're not even in the same league.

This article shows that - try as they may to steal human energy from the astral - the parasitic demons ARE FAILING!

Their efforts are reaching desperate levels though...THEY ARE ATTACKING VEHEMENTLY which explains the widespread apathy, burn out, and depression witnessed by many long-time truthseekers and genuine leaders of the movement.

~The mood on the bogs is downright broody lately.~

The archonic consortium will not succeed though because there seems to be a built in "fail-safe" mechanism to keep them from ever being able to succeed at this total heist! Lord, how they've tried...

**Just as simulated Lavender needs to borrow from the real Lavender molecule (in order to fill in/round out the other molecules) to make synthetic the ersatz human beings' essence needs to be stolen from -- in order that the aliens' "bullsh*t NWO world" comes into being. BUT...uh oh...IT AIN'T WORKING!

Gleeful rejoicing - SHOTS ALL AROUND...chink chink!

Me and countless others luvs you dear Visible ~ thanks for the wistful memories of home. ;-)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

The Nitrous Zone of the Rapture of the Deep.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

a new radio show too, if I may.



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