Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Maurice Chagrin on the Grassy Knoll in NYC

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

You can run but you don't know what time it is. You can hide but only if you shoot the dog. No, I didn't want to read it either but that's life in the big shitty and the small shitty, Americun style. It is impressively weird. It is beyond stupid fresh. It is so off the charts, we don't have a chart. We don't have a map and if we did, it would make the cartographers hurl. There may be a tomorrow but yesterday's gone. As I speak, today is climbing through the bathroom window. Word is that it will be around for a few hours, word up. Yes, there is nothing so new around here, as the same old shit and that we got plenty of. How do you shoot 9 bystanders at the same time? Yes, we got mysteries too. I thought the grassy knoll was in Dallas Texas, apparently it is just across the street from the Empire State Building.

Stupid is as stupid does and the land of the Supreme Stupids, nobody does stupid better. Do I have to say the name? Say the name! Say the name! No! I will not say the name. You know the name and it is not Poland. Sorry Poland, that tall ships cock-up still bugs me. I can no longer find the reference, except for me mentioning it. Wow! I hope I wasn't wrong. I remember it was at the same time that they were pissed off about all the Polish jokes and had launched a campaign to get the world to stop bagging on them. Did they scrub the net about this? Is it another conspiracy? Was I hallucinating? If I was hallucinating was I still wrong? This is a serious concern. Did I somehow read it in The Onion. I would be Mr. Chagrin if that was the case and given that I used to go by the name of Maurice Chagrin, this makes all kinds of sense.

I get disappointed in some of my readers sometimes, especially lately, when they want me to know that 96% of the Israelis, supported Operation Cast Lead, especially when I mentioned that myself so many times. I get outraged when I hear that all Jews are bad. They are not. None of us here knows the whole truth about anything. How can this be true when I have known some for decades, who have never been anything but decent and generous human beings? I understand that they have the highest percentage of dickheads around. You can say that the same relative percentages, apply to politicians of any racial stripe, both men and women. The same applies to CEOs of every stripe. The same applies to bankers of every type. The same applies to pornographers, even if only 4% of those are gentiles (grin, I hope).

We must admit the limitations of our knowledge. It's easy to be an armchair general or quarterback. It's another thing to go into battle and get behind center and execute. We know so damn much, until we are called upon to perform in the actions we purport to be informed and talented enough to imagine we can perform. It's the easiest thing in the world to kick someone's ass at a distance and to make any kind of an assumption. It's no trouble at all to say anything anonymously and think you made an impression on anyone, except for being incapable of standing behind what you say and then thinking I group all anonymous into the same category, simply because I disapprove of sniping ambushers. I understand why one would want to be anonymous but I don't understand being a coward when we are all entitled to have an opinion but if you are no one at all, then your opinion doesn't mean anything.

It is ludicrous to say every Jew on the planet is an abomination. I understand they have been kicked out of every country in the world at least once, even though it wasn't every country in the world. I know how that makes it look but that is the proof in the pudding that appearances are deceptive. Things are almost never what they seem to be, simply because they are incomplete.

I'm sick and tired of anonymous, coming around here nearly every day, telling me that Jews are 100% bad across the board because they are not. You make me look bad because I hate to censor anyone but nearly all of you are anonymous. I don't know anyone around like myself, who goes chapter and verse about what I believe, concerning what certain Jews have been up to and I use my real name. My name is Les Visible but some people keep pointing out that I am hiding behind a pseudonym. I put my ass on the line, to say certain things but I make damn sure I know my limitation whereof I speak.

I am begging the reader's indulgence and that they wait until we all know the truth unequivocally, before we state unequivocally anything we insist is true when we just don't know. I try very hard to say only what I am relatively certain is so and to state that I do not know when I don't know. You don't know who I am and neither do I but I do know some things about myself and what little I do know demands that I state only what I know. I know that Israel did 9/11 ( there's all the proof in the world), with the help of compromised, intelligence agencies and high ranking, political, murder junkies, especially including a particular Vice-President, whose own heart keeps attacking him due to it's discomfort over its residence.

You know what happens when we assert that things are a certain way without exception? We become witch burners and inquisitors. The biggest murderers the world has ever known, have all been social reformers. Look it up. I'm not your research assistant.

Maybe I am wrong about this but I would prefer to be wrong and later proven to be right or wrong, rather than to insist that I am right and to later be proven wrong. I am open to changing my mind and to publicly accept that and to admit I am wrong and to change my mind in front of everyone. I've done this before. There's no shame in being wrong. There is all kinds of shame in not being capable of admitting it, or not making it clear that you are willing to be wrong and having the class and balls to say so, when the occasion requires it.

Does anyone think that I like the job I am required to do? Does anyone think I don't count the cost every day to my economic situation, to the state of my career as an artist, given the blackball I experience in every area of my hopes and dreams? Does anyone not realize that I am aware of the danger I put myself in, or the many times what I say and intend is misinterpreted, simply because people don't read carefully or remember what they read, moments before they felt so empowered as to misquote me or take me out of context? Does anyone imagine that it doesn't hurt me when people bear what they hold to be unforgivable resentments against me, when I forgive them and don't even remember their offenses against me afterwards? Do you think I like living in exile and never being able to see my friends again simply because I cannot lie about what I believe to be true and have to state, irrespective of the conditions it puts me in? Au contraire, au contraire.

I give a lot of leeway all the time. I expect a little leeway. Whether my service to you is worth a tinker's damn is one thing but I give most of all of my time, every day to you and ask nothing from you except to carefully consider what I have to say. I work for free and make about a dollar a day for my efforts and that's the way it's been for years. I can't even afford to buy a decent electric guitar, not that I need one. I have to save up a long time, just to buy the tools I use to work for you for free. I think I deserve at least a little understanding for saying certain things and at least that the reader would take the time to carefully read what I say instead of immediately leaping to conclusions and responding to things I didn't say.

I don't appreciate it when certain people come around here pretend to be my friends and then, one day choose to use the language in such a way to seek maximum injury against me, intending to hurt me as badly as they possibly can and then passing it off as a joke and when I react to this, they take off and never come back again because their vanity and ego couldn't handle a little tit for tat, accent on tit (kidding).

I don't know if what I said here will mean anything at all. It will probably mean plenty to the people who already understand what I mean and very little to the people who don't possess the latitude and objective awareness to study and find the essence of what I am tying to say.

Anyway, I've said what I have to say here and can only hope it has some effect, where I am hoping it will have some affect. Wholesaling people and shit canning entire races is not the way to go. Christ was asked by someone, how many times should one forgive those who sin against them; “seven times”? No, “seven times seven”. Blessings all around, whether accepted or not.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thanks for the (kidding)!

Amongst it all is the magical humor!

The King of medicines.

Les Visible prabhu, I say it again ... you are a Prince.

Anonymous said...

they're getting to you

it happens to the best of us

and you are among the best

the hostility in these posts is fundamentally cartoonish

any avatar would laugh

don't let them rattle you with the divisive stances

dear sensitive les visible -- these people do not realize they are your friends. they are unhinged and spouting programming. kali yuga rattling cages.

for what it is worth i have a strong sense of having been Jewish in a very recent past life and i wasn't some victim of abuse -- i was a lively, materialistic hotsy hooligan running wild and loving life -- i've returned this time to go to another level. last life was more 'of this world' than this one and that's why i came back -- to peel away another piece of the onion skin.

same came probably said for many of us here

again -- shine on those goofy diatribes from those who do not know that they do not know.

liz in l.a.

Brad G said...

I rarely comment, but read many of your posts and am here to tell you, you are exactly right. There is never a place to condemn a whole people for the actions of a few, and anyone who does so is either misguided or a paid (or unpaid) troll. It does seem to me that an element from that small country in the Middle East that has such a hard time being friends with anyone is up to their eyeballs in a whole host of badness, from hard drugs to bankster money shenanigans to organ harvesting and sex slavery, to name a few, along with their counterparts in some of the western countries. Wish I knew what to do, but other than spreading the word and pointing out the lies as often as I can, I dont. Your efforts are always greatly appreciated, Les. From a quiet corner of North Dakota.

flying cossack said...

if there was a murderer on your street, walking door to door murdering people, would you:

(a) hide in your basement
(b) give the murderer money, so that he goes after someone else instead
(c) organize a neighbourhood march, with signs "Please Stop Murdering"
(d) organize a neighbourhood barbecue, in hopes the love and compassion of the community will change the murderer's soul
(e) write a poem to warn the world
(f) grab the nearest sharp object or firearm and permanently stop the murderer from murdering

Anonymous said...

Les, I think it's seventy times seven, four hundred and ninety. That's a lot of forgiving.

Mouser said...

Forget the electric guitar - you said you don't need one right now anyway (grin). Your almost thankless job is important to prepare as many as possible for what is coming. Your guesting on Rivero was relevant. He's out there saying pretty much what you are (at least you don't have to pimp NASA ;).
And you even accept commnets leaving yourself open to any sayanim troll on payroll to log on and make mischief.
When all this illusion goes up in flames only the truth will remain. And you Sir are holding and delivering the truth in spades.
Thank you for your work.

Peace and love

Visible said...

If someone said something to you, would you, A; use hypothetical arguments to make a point that had nothing to do with anything he said? Would you, B; add shit irrelevant to his point? Would you, C; Take him out of context because you couldn't find anything in what he did say that would allow you to use your own racist commentary to make your own point which had nothing to do with is point? Would you, D; present your arguments anonymously, so as not to expose yourself to standing behind what you say for fear that someone might know who you are? Or would you, just simply, E: ignore everything he said, coming around to his site where you don't belong when you belong at Stormfront where, as a hasbara, syanim agent you would fit in but it works better for you to create a shit storm hoping to get others to go along with you, so that you might discredit what the person actually says, by introducing shit that was completely unrelated to anything the person said or implied in his words or would you; F, do all of the above?

walter washco said...

Good post old friend.


katz said...

good post, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Amen and amen.

Thank you, Les.

Anonymous said...

The America people should learn the difference between "Jews" and "Zionists"......and then there won't be one Zionist alive in the world.

Not that the real Jews are not guilty of something or other...

This is Ponce

Anonymous said...

90% of so-called "Jews" are Khazar "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism....being "Jewish" is not a RACE....it is a cult.

the only reason to make this issue front and center for mankind is that 90% of so-called "Jews" don't have to be "Jewish". . .

Conversely 100% of oxymoronic "Judeo-Christians" can stop pretending that they are gonna reap a whole lot of blessings for blessing the "Jews" who are not actually Israelites...

I personally have lived with and among so-called "Jews"...the ones who were not in Palestine or Judea when Jesus was Murdered by the Moneychangers and Pharisees...

most of the so-called "Jews" that I have known have actually been more Christian than most so-called Christians that I have have had the unfortunate opportunity to have known...several family members included....


which is to say, even if the children of the devil can't be forgiven for manufacturing over 300 million murders in the last century, and owning the media, and printing the currency, and do some horrible nasty things all over the world because it is their nature and character, it is my hope that eventually the TRUTH will reach critical mass and the so-called "Jews" who don't have to be "Jewish" can stop being members of the stool sculpture deity cult...and can leave the stool sculpture deity cult compound...and live free of the spiritual bondage of Talmudic Judaism...no one on Earth has to be a "Jewish"....that is the Good news....Jesus was delivering in John 8:32....but it was not a verbal combat conducted in Yiddish.

Matthew 13 -

Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field.

37 He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;

38 The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

39 The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Israel cannot be "Jewish"...because the Truth is Israel has never been "Jewish"....


It is a rather unpopular occupation to be like Elijah the Tishbite....troubler of all Israel, but hey you shoulda been in the studio when I was editing the satellite footage of the synagogue of satan assault with military equipment on my Neighbors the Davidians, who were entitled by Law to Due Process, to be secure in their home, and to have an opportunity to confront their accusers in a court of Law...


Gag & Magag...most of the people who offend me the worst are stupid white people...who are truth dodgers..NO MATTER WHAT !!!


Peace to all those who love TRUTH and demand Justice...



A. Nonymous said...

L.V. a doomster blogger says the glorious USSA is becoming Bulgaria. I laughed so hard at that one it made my day. Isn't it odd that the really gung ho anti-gun crusaders usually come from New York and not just his imperial majesty Doomberg. I thin it is those Arabs that run Hollywood behind all this! Anon is all my browser will let me pick and I like it that way. Have a better one.

Anonymous said...

80% is 80%.
to hell with them, theyve all got to go. Its the only way to make sure.

Where do they go?
Anywhere else, anyhow else.

Art said...

People, no matter their level of sophistication, tend to see the world in a black and white, all or none kinda of way. This is unfortunate but like you say, Kali Yuga. Keep your head up.Peace

B. Bombay said...


"It's the easiest thing in the world to kick someone's ass at a distance and to make any kind of an assumption."

Oh... believe me. I know what you're saying, being black and all. In my case the words animal, thug, parasite and my favorite: animalistic baby maker come to minnd.

You once wrote that a lot of people claim to be awake and immediately followed that with: awake to what? Damn. Did that make me go Hmmmmmm.

What I'm trying to say is: Been there, still there. Done that. Still doing that. Some people just can't let go. To them, people such as I (and Jews and every other minority) are just one big ball of silly putty to be molded into any shape their hatred desires.

Don't let it get to you my man. A lot of people try to make it across the river. Some make it. Some drown. Some can tread water for a long time. I see you have a lot of those treading water coming to your blog. Not to worry. Unless they are willing to change.... they'll eventually drown and you'll be waving from the opposite shore.


Hasbara syanim troll nr. 1913 said...

Definitely F.
Because it is guaranteed to wreck the most havoc at this blog. To trolls there is no truth, or God for that matter, there is just what the system wants vs. what the anarchists want. The truth is imaterial to what trolls do.

preacher said...

I would choose G and have a nice cup of stfu.
But sometimes there floats a foot in it and triggers my fingers instead of my mouth...

The Pentagon and Slave Labor in U.S. Prisons

flying cossack said...

the logic stands on its own

i dont see what it has to do with racism or stormfront

ive had more nails hammered into me than i can count ... whats two more?

preacher said...

The story about the old lady and her dog just broke my heart.

"As you can see in the photo, Duke did indeed suffer, bleeding out throughout the house, leaving a trail of blood in the hallways, stairs, walls and bedrooms, including on the bed where he used to sleep in."

Are they deranged or scared beyond?

Anonymous said...

Great post Vis.


Walter Wasco

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

taunt of the day "Luke, I am your father".
or Blues Brothers (Illenuois Nazis) "What are you going to do about it Whitey?". .. all courtesy of tribe productions. (Harrison Ford too? yegads)
meaning? it boils down to boils on each monkeys own bum.
but be aware to be aware, that each is doing what they are doing and should endevour to be aware, as vice is but a whisper away and Chinese whispers blow an ill wind. (no offense to China)
but there is a power game on Earth, and nothwithanding my own limitations and slackness in general, it goes like "they set up the nazis for their deceptive purpose" so be aware not to take the hate bait, that's "their" specialty and power generation, and justification.
then there's the Moriarty Wizard of Oz thing to not get carried away with, or is that big black round thing a Death Star or (non)Moonshadow?
we shall see.
take yourself into account and be careful about it. (but be a tool).
yadda yadda!
taunt No # 9 No #9 No #9 -
I suppose it has to be "money junkie" from now on and not the "J" word?

Anonymous said...

Cut out your shit about Poland and Poles! How do you know them? From NYT? You twisted minded frick, baptized with a hunting knife!

Rob in WI said...

I understand, appreciate, and respect your blog posts. Thanks.
Busy monitoring enemy#2, the DNC, on national propaganda radio. It is difficult, listening while trying to keep one's dinner down.
Damn, forgot to mention that your humor is refreshing, too. Rob

Anonymous said...

"If any of the quotations in the excerpt above astonished you, remember that for generations venal 'American historians', most of them also Anglo-Saxons, have been as ready as the Fathers of the Church to lie and forge for sweet righteousness's sake, and 'educators' have injected their lies into the minds of school children, who are told about our glorious 'Civil War' and how noble it was to emancipate those darling savages by killing so many of the young men who included the best blood of our race and thus genetically impoverishing our nation and our race forever.

"As a result of that great catastrophe, the level of intelligence in America sank so low that, instead of learning from the terrible Holy War against the South, hordes of nitwits rushed to Europe in 1917 and 1941 to fight more insane Holy Wars and destroy what was left of civilization.

"It is true that the American herds were stampeded into those frantic jihads by the Jews, but let me remind you again that while you may deplore or resent the Jews' manipulations of our people, you cannot reasonably condemn them for advancing the interests of their race by all means authorized by their racial morality. If you belong to a race that is now so far inferior to the Jews that it does not even want to defend itself, it was your misfortune to be born into a species that is joyfully headed for extinction. ..."

-- Prof. Revilo P. Oliver, "By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them", Liberty Bell, August 1985


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the troubles with anonymous. I stopped reading the comments a while back since, and i may be revealing my own ignorance here, i didn't find them as insightful or interesting as the articles. I still love you and hope you don't give in to the stagnant energies abounding, you and we have all come too far. My solar birthday is coming up and i can think of no better gift than to ask my loved ones for your books off of amazon. From the four directions to your heart center, all my love.

Abe in East LA.

Anonymous said...

There are decent, ethical, unfucked-up jews out there, untainted by the lies inherent to the zio-interpretation of this material reality in which we all coexist. In my younger days(young, dumb, full of ...) I had serious relationships with a few jewish women. The father of one of them had been shipped to one of those camps in WWII. I actually liked the guy, he had no pretense or delusion about anthyng. Her family was quite secular, in jewish terms, they didn't give a rat's ass about Izzyland or all the religious jew mumbo jumbo, as they were wont to call it. They had more of a Unitarian/borderline Quaker bent.

These days, the older I get, I find the overwhelming majority of jewish women to be unappealingly predictable, tiresome and annoying if not grating. Just awful to be around, as though an invitable metamorphosis to a brainwashed zio-medusa mind occurs at a certain point. I just can't deal with it and it's not due to a lack of trying.

I don't know what's more repulsive, a brainwahsed jew or a brainwashed Bible fundie. Not keen to find out either.


Lee said...

Les Visible.

I remember the pain you went through last year because of SOTT.

People you thought were your friends became your enemies.

To be honest, and this is after the moral support you gave when I was depressed, I want to post things that are negative, but I stop and think about all the good you have done. Perhaps if people would think twice about what they are going to post, there would not be this problem.

I will hide behind the "I'm only human" excuse when hurting people.

I just hope some of the readers take this advice of thinking twice before shooting their mouths off.

Now I understand the reason for those breathing techniques that you were teaching here. People need to take deep breaths before jumping on that keyboard.

Sober up and start breathing, people. Your truly, included.

Richie (Dana) said...

Mr. Visible,

You could always ask your friends why they gave you such a hard job. I mean really....You are what I would term a bit more advanced on the path and yet this flute you play invites some deep duality play. If this is your mission, you have my respects but I know that you are aware that there exists the possibility of exit.

We know that is is a game. Vis says it is like movie with players all dressed up and playing their parts. When we watch a movie we know those actors are not really killed now don't we?

Welcome to the ultimate Holodeck Hologram. Only the finest creators in this universe could come up with one this good. It seems so real, you think it's fucking real.

Try this one my friends.
"Everything is always Perfect"
Can you imagine if that were real?
Those who are atheists are just pissed by the fact that God is perfect, hence the rejection. All others are screwed because they know in their Heart that it is true.

The lack of clear site can be indicative of being too close to the picture. One step back and you can see yourself in the play. Acceptance of all things as being perfect is the beginning of freedom.

Many forces try to convince you to become engaged. All those other "bad" people. It's all THEIR fault. Sic em doggy.

What the hell?
I submit it is foolishness, but hey....at the same time I honor those who choose this because I know that everything is perfect.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Sometimes it's difficult to ignore the barbs of your detractors. Sometimes it's easy.

You taught me the value in reversing out of "anonymous-land". You taught me the value of distinction, of exposing who I am and where I am.

I remember you once telling me on the phone that, even though you used your real name to heap scorn on the zionazi's, they never ever bothered you, because you are protected. That is the day I decided to come out of the anonymous cupboard and use my real name... it was exciting and terrifying at the same time, but, after nearly two years, I have more resolve now than ever before to say my piece, but say it with awareness.

As you put it in your above article "We know so damn much, until we are called upon to perform in the actions we purport to be informed and talented enough to imagine we can perform."
Performing as yourself exposes you to limitations, unlike the unfettered whimsical imaginings afforded an "anonymous".

In etiquette, as well as in law, hiring a hit man (your anonymous character) to do the hack job does not relieve you of responsibility.

My name is Patrick Willis and I am un-nonymous.

Anonymous said...

Regarding whether all jews are bad; my contention is this... every jew on this planet should be taking a stance on the present day shenanigans being exposed daily on the net. Not even ONE should be let off the responsibility of action. You are either part of the of the solution or part of the problem and, one fine day, or should I say, one fine judgement day, the sky will blacken with chickens coming home to roost.

If I were a jew, I would want to make sure I was complicit with the right side of history, the right side of universal law.

I do not buy into the " way cool jew who would not hurt a fly" principle, nor the zionist vs jew argument... every jew has to stand up, one way or the other, and be counted, one way or the other, and take a stand, and it is incumbent upon us fellow humans to prick the conscience of those fence sitters and galvanise them into action, one way or another.

Visible said...

I fully agree with you Patrick. That is the one thing that troubles and annoys me more than anything else, that more Jews do not speak out about and against their fellows for their despicable acts. It is the most condemning of behavior. It is what gives fuel to the belief that all of them are bad. Certainly they have payback coming for this. Unfortunately for me (in a certain manner of speaking), I just happen to know certain Jews who do recognize all these things and whom I have known for decades and can't condemn all Jews because of this.

Even besides all of that, it is against my nature to condemn and entire race. I just can't bring myself to do it.


As for Poles Mr, Death Threat knife man, I wish you would read more carefully. I don't know how many times I have said this and as many times, people lacking the needed depth just see what they want to see and get everything all wrong, probably much as they do in real life.

I am actually quite fond of Polish people and the love of my life some years ago was Polish and one of the sweetest and most beautiful women I ever met. Why it is that you can read this whole post and see what the topic is and what I have to say about certain things and completely miss the point of the whole thing is beyond me.

I'll point out that we have the capacity to pinpoint the location and identity of everyone who comments here and comments like yours are the sort of thing that can find themselves routed onward to those who take an interest in those kinds of statements. I'm not a snitch and I avoid that kind of thing at all costs but I cannot speak for everyone who works around here; word to the wise.

In any case, you are wrong and should dig yourself and pay more attention as well as not be so immature as to be ruled by nationalism, that's just another form of the racism that sets you off but which you don't see in yourself.

Anonymous said...

The fake satanic Jew has always been happy to watch his fellow brethren burn to death,knowing that he will profit from the burning,,,,
The same as any greedy psychotic compulsive liar,,,
This fake anti life death cult has infected a large portion of the worlds population,,but because it is fake unnatural and completely evil,,as soon as anyone questions that fake unnatural anti life evil of the fake Jewish psychopath,,,things start to turn around and after a while a living world view manifests itself upon the energetic structure of the true self
I know a couple of Jew fake Jew people who are completely pro life and will not subscribe to any evil that there anti life brethren that condone seriously sick stuff on a nonsense journey to take over the world do,,,,,
Israeli people really need to put Netanyahu and the others in jail,,,,,,they will burn you to death,,,happily

Get out of their Israeli people,,,come back and join life

Good post lord visible,,,i stand by your side ......respects neil

Erica said...

Hi Vis,Haven't commented for a while-nothing significant to add to the discussion.Just want to thank you again for being an oasis of sanity in an insane world.

Lee said...

Correction. I meant I will NOT hide behind the "I'm only human" excuse when hurting people.

Pardon my error.

Anonymous said...

Lord Visible - I must admit that this comment of yours took me aback:

"I'll point out that we have the capacity to pinpoint the location and identity of everyone who comments here and comments like yours are the sort of thing that can find themselves routed onward to those who take an interest in those kinds of statements. I'm not a snitch and I avoid that kind of thing at all costs but I cannot speak for everyone who works around here; word to the wise."

This makes no sense to me. Can you clarify - which I think you should be able to do, unless it's a matter of "national security".

Question 1) Why would you have the capacity to pinpoint the location and identity of everyone who comments on your blogs?

Question 2) Who are the people you are speaking of, when you wrote, "those who take an interest in those kinds of statements"?

Question 3) Who is "everyone who works around here"?

Question 4) Where exactly do you work, and with whom, Lord Visible? I thought you were a one-man operation, for the most part.

Also, it is puzzling to me why would you think, even for a minute, that routing someone's locational information to what seems to be some sort of government agency, would serve your purposes as a freedom fighter? This boggles my mind, I must admit. But perhaps you meant you would route that information to somebody totally unrelated to the existing governmental apparati of the world. Please clarify.

I look forward to your reply on this matter. I'm sure I'm not the only person reading this thread who did a double-take on this one...

Visible said...

Good grief! I'm not going to explain that. If you can't track the comment this relates to then there's no point in doing what I have to do all the time here which is explain things over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

No, this is not a one man operation. I have help keeping the place up and only a fool doesn't keep track of who comes and goes when they mean you ill. As for everyone else I don't pay any attention. Fuck! the amount of suspicious, high demand people who insist that I and everyone else adhere to their standards and met their criteria when they pay nothing, provide nothing, contribute nothing just blows my mind.

I don't have to explain myself to anyone. Take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - this is an edited duplicate - that last post of mine had a typo in it:

It just occurred to me that there are three basic paths which we can choose in this life - the Material Path, the Spiritual Path, and the Psycho Path.

Anonymous said...

Israeli people,do you realise your country was built by a fake Jewish colonial banking cartel,that has indoctrinated you into a severely evil form of racism that is fake,delusional
And insain.......

Your leader Netanyahu is as we speak,is planning to burn you to death.....

What are you going to do,,,,

Anyway peace,,,,Neil

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami-

Quo Vadis Echoing in the Darkness.

Miguel Grande said...

Les believable!!

Jolly Roger said...

Take a vacation, Mr. Visible. It's an endless, and thankless job you're doing that will never earn you a dime, and always get you attacked.

Don't let the fools burn you out. You need to ignore them and move on quickly because there are too many of them, and dealing with the idiots in a civil manner will only frustrate you, and possibly cause you to develop a hatred for all humanity.

Remember that there ARE people who respect and appreciate what you do, and these are the only people you should be dealing with.

Visible said...

Thank you Jolly Roger. I am mindful of these things and in today's Origami I attempt to explore the thing. I'm actually doing quite well. I often do things and present in a certain way for a reason that is not always the seeming reason. Given the life I have had, this is not likely to overly distress me (grin). Besides, what I have up ahead is a far more compelling focus.

Anonymous said...

endless amounts of forgiveness. the people who have done the worst, are in the most pain and need the most love. an eye for an eye, and we will all be blind. love.

and in answer to one of the above questions. id write a poem.

Tyler said...

Actually "race" isn't an issue here. There is no Jewish "race". No more than there is an American race or a Catholic race, or a hippy race. Judaism is a religion and a culture. And what we see here is the result of delusions of superiority. The fact that the chosen ones consider themselves to be superior to others automatically leads to this sort of blue-meany behavior. This is not about hate except for those who hate the truth, and they whole-sale themselves when it comes to their collective silence and apathy over what we see taking place in Palestine, not to mention all of their major wars. Some people rather use the word Jew than Zionist. The more I learn the less blame anyone who wishes to take a closer look at Zionism as an extension of Jewish thinking, which is what it is what it is. They have historically brought the hammer upon themselves for the way they treated everyone around them. These are facts, it doesn't mean I advocate killing the self chosen.

Visible, you claimed that quote

"Well... first there are Jews and then there is Israel and they are not the same animal, even though you would think they were."

'Israel' is a Jewish state, hence the name 'Israel.' Zionism is a diaspora issue, it's not even discussed in Israel. I'll assume you already know that I don't know, but I know someone who used to... this is what Jews living in Israel today call the Zionist entity, along with the vast majority of Jews around the globe. That is the opinion of the founders of this usupring "Jewish homeland". If you took the time to read Atzmon's article An Ex-Israeli Jew which I quoted in your previous post, he states quote "Zionism, and Israel are actually primarily ‘Judeo-centric’ to the bone." Is he lying? What is true today might not be operative 10 years from now. Visible, you have from time to time come across as though you were wholesaling the masses, the entirety of America. As I see it, the self chosen whom have far less compassion than you or any of the aforementioned do, needn't be treated any different. I realize what happened to Jesus, Hitler, Kennedy, Gaddafi, Assad, Ahmadinejad, Palestinians and the endless list of others. My compassion remains with the dead and oppressed and I as a mortal being do not have the authority to determine whether an individual or group of people deserves what is happening to them because of "karma" from "past lives."

I hope this made some kind of sense, and I wish you and everyone here much love, peace and unity.


Tyler said...

Here's to you vis, Israeli/Jewish People: Sheep being Lead to the Slaughter (With Ken O'Keefe)

Unknown said...

Nulle Bastardo Carborundum

neal said...

All this talk of Jews is like when the math guys sit around and talk about what they see, when presented with certain hypercubes, and tetra this, and that, and those.

Being hunted and somehow married to that is just what it is.

Surfing is relative, not so much to any self, no fault, just compassion runs around all of that, it is OK to be afraid, but you will really have no place left to go, after that tells what to do, and where and when to go. Everyone else is pretty much OK with, or without that stuff, but that is not really preservation, not really dangerous enough to be something else.

Last thing you can do really works with stuff that is to come, maybe not the place you want to go, that is some service to transport. What was, and what is, and what is yet to be, that is what it is, you can show up most any time.

I do not know how everyone mostly wants the Here and Now. If you do mot feel invited, that cannot last, in this place.

WarmZephyr said...

Vis, where's Stella? What the hell happened? Stellaaaaaaaaah!

PATRICK, thank goodness you aren't anonymous anymore because you're TOO powerful to hide behind a door...plus your vOiCe is a GOD GIVEN TRUMPET to blow the doltz out of the few that can HEAR...but for most - the hair will flutter on the other side other side of the EAR...oh DEAR. :(

As for you, 'Visible-Siam'...take it from one who has 'married into the mob' so to speak...you've got to expect this kind of heckling from the 'genetic narcissists' of the human-tribe...most know not what they do, and could not help themselves to a clearer view if it saved their lives...boo hoo!...Repetitive indocrination [PROGRAMMING] from birth s*cks!

But as we all know - THEY'RE SMAAARTAH THAN ME AND YOU. And there you have it! Expect self-review from only a few -- the rest -- WWII post traumatic stress - are defensively, clinging for all their worth to what they HAVE BEEN TOLD to be theirs...a beautiful patch of sand in the desert surrounded by age-old enemies (presented on a silver-domed platter) by Satanic Das Haus Rothchild!)

They've been played also, by the devil... with their weakness used against them, and the rest of us! Don't expect much turnaround from that quarter. (((in the quickening, conserve your energy - and use that which you have left, for maximum effect)))

I know that I speak for others too when I say, thank you, Les Visible from the bottom of our Earth-weary hearts for blowing Reveille every other day for the bedraggled, punch-drunk spirit-warriors!

We love you and need you. Your words - shrouded in satire - are the perfect astringent tonic to the crushing deceptions pressed upon us from every angle. You've outshown every mid-level truthseeker-hack like a phospohorous flare does to sulphur. You keep many from despair...is this not enough?

TyrannyNews said...

Hello Les.

I think it was Lou the cop on the Simpsons that said, "It doesn't affect you...you're not human."

My comment is for PatrickW though.

"...every jew on this planet should be taking a stance on the present day shenanigans being exposed daily on the net. Not even ONE should be let off the responsibility of action. You are either part of the of the solution or part of the problem..."

This resonates with me, and I want to refine it just a bit. It may be harsh to some jews, like those in my family who, when asked their stance on Israel reply, "Who?"

Let's forgive those who take no action to denounce their fellow-Ittenblobs, of the mentally dark persuasion. It's their choice, so long as they keep their mouths shut when I'm doing my good guy stuff!!

Let's face it, the issue isn't waking up to the Zionist conspiracy...it's waking up to the truth of every damn thing in our world!

When Les mentioned his split from former friends, it wasn't because of this or that. It was because they devalued truth for some reason. It's rarely a conscious decision.

So, is evil really just ignorance?

Naaahh! Evil is your drug dealer asking you to pick up some Pampers on your way over.

Be seeing you.

Anonymous said...

Anon and Proud of Being Smart Enough to Hide!
We now have, in our Masonic County,
a Spaneesh Judge, Sheriff, and Uniform
spit-shine idiots, who now got a Helicopter, so
now, they can snoop the gardens in folks'
backyards, and arrest and hassle GOOD people,
while we are truly infested with criminal
sub-standard miscreant demons of the
proud-and-doomed idiot cultura.
Love, Love Love. You can't get any sleep
because the Sub-Woofers proudly rattle the
walls of entire neighborhoods any time.
There is no dignity, no authority, no sanity.
This is the result of "toleration" forced on us
by the communist, masonic, mafia, idiot
notions of "equality" enforced upon us.
It is nearly Over, Halleluyah!
Les! When anticipating a loss of expected
normal fuel supplies and economic collapse,
it is Wise to go ahead, and Use your
Equipment to prepare some deep Graves.
No Joke. Talking basic sanitation. Graves dug
by hand are too much work.
Mass Graves in the desert, but the gasoline
runs out, and there you are stuck with
stinking disgusting carcasses in your camp.
This is real management planning.
Dig some Graves in intelligent locations.
Anon but also, Jack Squatt, Jack Schick.
We have openly hostile Spaneesh who think
they are smart enough to rule. They're Not.

Tyler Vincent said...

Of course not all Jews are evil people, but I'm concerned about the majority who are or go along with the rest.

"I’d like to suggest here, that for an academic study of anti-Semitism to be scholarly and comprehensive, and if we are to even begin to understand the roots of anti-Semitism, then primary attention must surely also be dedicated to the considerable body of anti-Gentile views expressed within the Torah, Talmud, and within contemporary Jewish ideology and politics (Zionist and Jewish anti-Zionist alike).

The institute’s scholars would also be well advised to elaborate on Jewish cultural supremacy, and Jewish political lobbying, from Purim to AIPAC.

For a study of anti-Semitism to become scholarly and valuable, instead of merely a form of hyper-emotional hysterical ranting, the researcher would also be advised to first assume that, perhaps, anti-Jewish feelings might well have root causes which could be rational, and could be explained and understood—yet not justified—in terms of causality and reason.

Instead of assuming that the Goyim are just a bunch of crazy blood thirsty lunatics that periodically just went mad again and again throughout history in their dislike for Jews, the scholars would rather be advised to look for the root causes that may well have lead to an anti-Semitic event, ideology or text.

Such a study then, would surely be academically and socially valuable, and I believe it would also be crucial for Jews and Israelis, so they may be enabled to understand the world they live in, and to grasp their role in it."

“Like many, I am concerned by the recent upsurge in violence against Jews around the world and I plan to address these concerns,” said Samuels the head of the new Yale Anti-Semitism research centre.

Might I suggest that Samuels should be far more concerned with the upsurge in violence that is committed by the Jewish State in the name of the Jewish people. Samuels should look into the role of AIPAC in shaping American and world affairs.

Will Samuels be courageous enough to do so? I do not know Samuels, but, somehow, I find it hard to imagine.

Gilad Atzmon is an Israeli jazz musician, author and political activist.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Be Smart as Paint..



Joseph Brenner

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